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June 3rd, 2011, 07:13 PM
Okay the title looks lame. Anyway let's get this over with before someone else does this.

Leon4281 here, bringing you guys info of a game you might have heard of. I just thought this would at least have some attention. We're all familiar about Soul Calibur, a continuing tales of two swords, and the fighters involved with them. A 3D fighting game with weapons of course, Fighters such as Taki, Mitsurugi, Siegfried (who was once called Nightmare, but is now a separate entity in physical form.) and Sophitia.

Soul Calibur II, I have along with the third title (which now has problems loading thanks to my cousin mishandling of it.) Besides the usual graphic which should be damn beautiful, the gameplay is just fine. And the fact that SC3 had a tales of souls (story mode) to at least make this more intresting with the character you've chosen that puts up through scenarios and you make a choice of where that character wants to go, you know branching paths that takes you somewhere else and deal with various scenarios in the story that is the result of that choice. You make you might even end up with a special battle that when beaten unlocks a character, stage, or whatever. That and another mode (Chronicle of the Sword) that allows you to make an army and you progress through the levels taking over fortress, citadels, and other territories. It had a bit of RPG/stategy which is cool.

I could go at this all day with Soul Calibur, Soul Edge, and the likes but let's just get to the point of where it stand. Everything about 4 was just fine, it wasn't bad in my case it was just fine. It's just that Soul Calibur 4 only lacked a bit what 3 had, particularly just a story mode with the options that lead you to branching paths of a different destination that put the character into a different kind of scenario, as a result of that choice. There wasn't another mode like chornicles of the sword that could be more intresting, Then again there was a mode that you fight special fights to earn stuff, but there could have been some kind of mission mode and a tournament mode. COTS combined some RPG elements in the game, which is a good idea. I thought 4 would had a mode like that but it didn't. And the addition of Star Wars characters, although cool, was something out of the ordinary that I think couldn't fit for some reason.

Everything just felt off with the fact that the so called story mode had you going in teams the entire mode. I mean there should be a separate mode or something to fight along with Arcade and Story mode, usually it's a one on one fight, but not in 4, unless your in Versus mode. At least there is some intro involved story involved of each characters i.e. Siegfried out to deal with Soul edge once and for all and redeem himself, Sophitia had to go fight on the evil side for a time due to Tira's messing around with her children and one of them was influenced by the Soul Edge, that kind of thing. 4 doesn't have various scenarios happening in each chapter with the characters and what's going on with them in the story as it goes from the beginning to the end in story mode .

That's assuming at least one person here has been through Soul Edge and Soul Calibur games all the way. It was a slight turnoff to me at times that there is no interaction between the characters at a certain point in the game, what they say to each other when the meet. the only interaction between the characters is just small talk or the usual battle cry before the battle starts, but no real conversation before like 3. And more additional characters other than the Star Wars still doesn't save SC4 from not being the game it was supposed to be. I mean 4 is just fine, it's good with the characters, stages, and at that mode that you fight special battles in to unlock various stuff. I just didn't have a good story mode that's all. In my opinion, it was a bummer that the story mode lacked branching paths, and the resulting reaction and consequence as a result. Plus the QTE events. That's all.

Soul Calibur 3 had a new character called Zasalameal that wanted both swords to do something with his curse from what I've heard and become vulnerable to death
Now 4 dealt with Algol and the catalysmic reaction that was happening in the world, due to the clash of the two swords. That's a bit all I know with some plot.

Now there's a number 5 and guess what? THIS GAME TAKES 17 YEARS AFTER 4. Meaning some of your favorites have aged quite a bit. And to add things more to this, Sophitia's children, Pyrrha and Patroklos are now confirmed as playable, along with Siegfried as always as well as Mitsurugi who is now in his late middle ages, well to be quite frank, he's an old man of at least 46 years old. Seeing as I main fighters such as Xiaghua and Talim. Obviously, I see them growing up very much in 5. Someone did the math on Talim that last time I visited a wikia and if I'm right Talim, if she's confirmed, will be 32 years old, with Xiaghua being 37. Wow. Then again, timeskips aren't surprising anymore to me. Well there had to be something going on for the whole thing between Soul Edge and Soul Calibur to last 17 more years.

Right now, there's only about two teaser trailers that's out that don't reveal much but it will overtime as they develop the game. But damn when it comes to timeskips, the fact that my favorite character Talim, is about to be an adult with, dare I say it, a well decent bust size, especially if the character designs have the B's in them to do it, which they most likely will, shocks me quite a bit. Well once she's confirmed and her official artwork shows up I'll see for myself.

My thoughts on this game is as alway it better be as good as 4 and have cool modes like 3. And they got to do it right because 4 was a bit lacking in some parts, and more characters doesn't save it as some people think. And what about the story, I'm a bit eager to know what happened to Sophitia and her children with the crap they went through with Soul Edge thanks to that crazy girl Tira. I mean it has to be the kind the game that Mortal Kombat 9 (2011) is. I know full well there is a lot of characters to count, and given the timeskip, there is few words to say about each and every one of the fighters I could say.

Hey I know some Type-Moon fans might not be too fond with Soul Calibur, especially when Namco although it was a good game, didn't make 4 more impressive than it should be with at least the story mode like 3. That's what I think. Well because three had at least a good story mode with branching paths, I thought 4 would be more better with the story mode, but it's just battles and nothing else, no words, no interactions, no branching paths of each character, no special battles as a result of decisions made at points of a branching path and some other requirement, not to mention it was a few short chapters. I played the game with a friend a few times and he let me burrow it.

But at least give your thoughts about this game, and what what do you expect with it. What kind of mode you think the game needs to make it the game that can be played non-stop? I know they need to bring back the Tales of Souls mode, along with that Chronicle of the Sword mode too, or something along the lines, they also have to do something to improve more playability online, truthfully I didn't have the chance to play it online so I don't have much thoughts about it on 4.
It has to be more than what even Marvel vs Capcom 3 should be, that Mortal Kombat is right now already. Project Soul needs to take the time and do what they did for 3 but much better, how they do that I hope they can get it right.

June 3rd, 2011, 07:22 PM
So, I read through it, and I'm a tad bit confused. What exactly do you want us to (first) talk about? The time difference, the characters, the plot, how 5 will hopefully be better than 4? How 4 seemed like a letdown? How 3 was actually pretty good (this one is just my opinion)?

Cus I am a Soul series fan. I loved 3, and I think Algol is awesome. I like most of the characters, though I do find the gameplay in general a bit taxing. And the plots are intriguing. But I want to know where to at least start to discuss first.

June 3rd, 2011, 07:35 PM
Hmm... I did it again, I always make this more confusing than I try to make sense off. Well I need to edit this a little. I rushed trying to get this up since it took me awhile to know what I wanted to put up first. I know that 3 had the decision you make in Tales of Swords mode, leading to branching paths before the end. There was also a mode for missions to do, hidden characters to fight and unlock, adding to the replay value. 4 did had some of those but the Story mode lack the branching paths made by a decision by the player to do one or the other. And the plot of that 3 also involved Zasalameal who had plans for the two sword of his own, he was a new character at the time. 4 had the same causing some cataclysmic reaction that cause various disasters to happen, also involving Algol.

Well I'm not gonna panic, this just happened one time. I just need to take my time filling in the little holes I've left out.

^^ Alright I edited it.

Verg Avesta
June 3rd, 2011, 07:42 PM
Not impressed with the little we have seen. Seems too much SC4-type of sucky, instead of SC3-type of awesome.

Plus the fact that they can't seem to be able to COME UP WITH NEW LEVELS FOR GODS SAKE. I mean, wow! How many times we have seen those ships, or that cage, already?

June 3rd, 2011, 07:49 PM
I do wonder why they made such a step down from SC3. That story mode was cool, and the Tales game was fun.

Verg Avesta
June 3rd, 2011, 08:05 PM
The one fact I hate about SC4 is that every character, and I mean every, looks like it was made in the Character Creation mode. Which sucked too, in comparison to SC3.

June 3rd, 2011, 08:25 PM
I left the part about how 5 should be better than 4. FIRST OF ALL, it needs to have well put story mode, with every detail, of every scenario that happens with each characters, plus bonus challenges that can be triggered with the right requirements. Branching paths also obviously to add to it. There should be more modes like a mission mode. Think about Mortal Kombat 300 challenge tower, something at least something a bit similar to that to do something different. Character Creation must have at least something most people could work with you know a variety of faces, mouth, nose, ears, control their height, weight, easier option of skin color, etc.

June 3rd, 2011, 08:33 PM
Honestly, now that MK's story line was SO GOOD (seriously, it was), SC has got to boost it up on the story. I personally find myself liking it if they did sort of like what happened in BlazBlue, with it's Visual Novel-esque story.

June 3rd, 2011, 08:44 PM
Oh hey, the gaia avatar guy made a thread.

It's just that Soul Calibur 4 only lacked a bit what 3 had
Like gameplay you could take vaguely seriously.
Granted, even 3 is not up to the level of balance I've come to expect from Namco since Tekken 5. SC is basically a comedy fighting series with mostly just T&A and guest characters to its name these days. I take it about as seriously as I take MK (Not at all.) but still more than I take Smash Brothers. (Not a fighting game.)

Talim, if she's confirmed, will be 32 years old
... And the lolicons sighed in misery.

Basically, all I expect from a fighting game is that it has a lot of content for home release and is properly balanced. As long as they can make it better balanced than a Capcom fighter, they're good. (Really not that difficult.) I don't play in tourneys really, but gameplay imbalance in anything is one of my biggest pet peeves.

I assume they will still have create a character mode. It'd be nice if some of the original styles used for SC3 came back and were more extrapolated/fleshed out like what they did with Amy.

Honestly, I don't care much about the story mode, so long as it's about on part with 3's. That was basically about good enough for me.

June 3rd, 2011, 09:02 PM
Oh hey, the gaia avatar guy made a thread.
... And the lolicons sighed in misery.

Well seeing as 17 years gone by, Talim is an adult by that point. Sorry for the lolicons out there. As far as anyone knows Talim could have had a daughter and she could be in 5. Assuming if Talim's daughter is at that age to join in 5. Otherwise it will just Talim herself in 5 storywise.

And I just know for a fact that a lot of guys out there in japan will start going to town with more doujinshis of Talim in her adult years.

June 3rd, 2011, 09:57 PM
...Sophitia's son is the protagonist now?

June 3rd, 2011, 10:04 PM
From what I hear, yeah.

But there's still no info yet about what was going on with Sophitia's story after IV, since one of her children, her daughter Pyrrha, was exposed by the Soul Edge in IV. Not that I should be complaining about that, but I hope the come up with what happened because her children can indeed be corrupted by Soul Edge. The earliest memory I could come up with in Soul Calibur is that Sophitia was wounded and had some shards in those wounds which was taken out earlier by Taki. That's before she gave birth to her children. Come around SCII, she finds her children fighting over a piece of the Soul Edge. Something was wrong, she had to go out on another journey. That's all I know.

I just don't know why in all that is gaming, did Tira mess with her children. I kinda hated her butt a bit.

It would hurt Sophitia that much if anything bad happened to her children after being involved with that sword, after she had to fight on Nightmare's side for a brief time, definitely sucked.

When I played her story and read a bit into it, my reaction was only this


June 4th, 2011, 07:04 AM
Frankly, to me, Soul Cali has gotten worse with each number. I loved Blade and the first Soul Cali, but each one following has been more and more a disappointment to me. IV was borderline terrible, so I'm pretty skeptical about this one.

June 4th, 2011, 10:11 AM
I'm sure you're not the only one, the fact that IV took a step back all of a sudden, along with the previous titles slight problem with the combat system that's unbalanced, smart AI that can kick your butt before you even make move...i.e. SCIII AI Setsuka going to town on player giving them a lot of trouble...she did that to me and it sucked, and a few problems to count, Despite the few awards as Best Fighter game, the series problems has still not been resolved.

June 4th, 2011, 10:25 AM
SCIII AI Setsuka

The things I had to do to unlock Olcadon...

June 4th, 2011, 11:42 AM
Oh, not to mention the Soul Calibur III's infamous File Corruption problems. I was a victim in which it took away most of my data, I had all characters, stages, arts,etc. unlocked.

Chronicles of the Sword was a neat feature, yet if any other data you have in your memory are moved or deleted, or just darn old, that's where it starts file corrupting your COTS data, which sucked, and i was almost done with that mode.