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March 21st, 2017, 10:00 PM
So, I think there's a problem some people might have noticed by now that's going on with the RP Forum.

Things have changed.

It used to be that everyone in here would have a lot of time to post and explore their imagination, and to a degree most of us try to stick to that old standard when it comes to posting for role-plays. But no matter how much people may say it's a matter of time and effort, there's no way around saying this- We live in a different time, and for most of us the time we spend to roleplay is a very real, tangible issue.

For some this might not be so, and many may disagree with what I'm saying, so from now on I'll speak for myself- It's hard for me to keep up with the rhythm of a play by post RPG, and I'm tired of seeing ideas and RPs I'm involved with die because I can't work up the effort to actualize them on time. But there's not much I can do about it, not in the current format.

I'm not in high school anymore. I face days where I often have to stay 10 hours to study and need 8 to sleep, leaving me with a scant few to manage my daily issues and handle free time (which involves a lot of stuff from games, to anime, to exercising, eating, bathing, cleaning, etc.). Only in the weekends do I have a broad schedule but even then RP posts are taxing when they take so long for little reward, as the game barely advances due to PbP's pacing issues.

So, I decided, maybe I should take a different spin on things... That's when I started experimenting with IRC Roleplaying.

I've already achieved promising results after 15 sessions of GMing a Rance setting campaign for a bunch of anons on /vg/ (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J7iCJ0B98rdpiQTxBYSx2GgJiLttqMm7ePzFo6UYmXU/edit?usp=sharing). While I can say that the RPers themselves could use more practice, the campaign has still been satisfying for all parties involved and we're almost at its climax.

Given that it's nearing its end, however, I decided that it was finally time to take this idea to BL, and see if this couldn't change things up.

So what's this about?
I'm going to organize and GM a campaign based wholly on IRC, with sessions run and set only during specific time periods determined beforehand by interested players. These RPs will be nothing like the ones you're used to- They'll be fast-paced, often require active input from the players, and aren't afraid to skip people's turns if they show inactivity. Battles will be less monologuing and more people actively trying to kill each other, and it's all-around a different experience.

Another thing that is interesting about an IRC RP is the fact that player parties can be explored in a different way to PbP and that you can have dynamic player slots- Scenes are unlikely to hang because a player suddenly had to quit or hasn't joined the channel- Scenes involving PCs will often wrap up before the session is ended and even when they don't then the session will simply move out without them.

Conversely, if another player joins in the middle of a campaign it's possible to flexibly add them into the party without worrying about an increasing toll on the GM as they will always be updating for the whole group at once.

What's the campaign about?
That's up to the players. I have several settings I'd love to try out in IRC format, so it'll depend on what people want to play out of the settings I'm willing to run.

To name a few, I have made plans for a SMT roleplay in the style of Devil Survivor, a Spirit of Eternity Sword RP that's a spin-off from Eternals, an RP based on the Ranceverse (for the sake of repetition) and the spiritual successor to Oretards.

So how are you doing this?
I made a channel on IRCHighway which I will be using for these RPs, and I'll use its topic to keep all the information necessary for the RP: status bars, a makeshift HUD, links to the campaign sheet, among other stuff. Like stated before all sessions will take place during a pre-established time period, one to be hammered after I collect the availability of all those interested in exploring this different path in RPing.

I will need anyone who is interested in joining one of these RPs by posting in this thread, together with what they would be interested the most in playing and what time period they are most available at. For the sake of sanity make sure that it is listed under EST (https://www.timeanddate.com/time/zones/est).

I am not interested in weekdays as everyone is busy during those times, so be aware that I will only be available during the weekends.

More specifically, these are the times where I am game for having these sessions take place:

Anywhere between 4PM EST to 1AM EST (after that I go to sleep)

Anywhere between 5AM EST to 1AM EST (yeah all day pretty much)

Anywhere between 5AM EST to 6PM EST (dinner then sleep)
-However, Sunday mornings and Saturday late night (8PM+) is suspended because I am currently wrapping up the aforementioned campaign, which will end soon.

That's pretty much it. If you have any questions you can voice them here in the OOC thread or take them up with me in #regalia, on the IRCHighway server. Oh and you'll have to learn how to use IRC at a very basic level at least. It's not too hard.

Looking forward to everyone's replies.

March 21st, 2017, 10:07 PM
pls no joke RP

March 21st, 2017, 10:14 PM
why the fuck not

i'll try anythin once

Fridays I'm usually good from about 3:00 PM (this may change depending on when I haul my carcass to the gym) on to about 9:30 PM or so, then I'll be back in about an hour and be free for the rest of the night.

Unless I go out to eat, upon which I'll be gone for maybe an hour and a half to two hours at about 6:00 PM.

Saturdays I'm good any time after maybe 11:00 AM or so? It's my day off, so I'm inconsistent.

Sundays I dunno it depends, probably same as Friday barring something crazy.

also, i'd be interested in SMT stuff or possibly Rance, but i'm up for most things really.

March 21st, 2017, 10:28 PM
I'm up for trying, I work saturdays until the evening to sunday or fridays are better. As for rp ideas its a toss up for me between devil survivor and eternals (actor forever lives in my heart).

March 21st, 2017, 10:46 PM
As you already know, I'm always up for erepees. Friday night is the most comfortable timezone for me, so is Saturday noon/night.

March 21st, 2017, 11:21 PM
I'd give the SMT a try.

- - - Updated - - -

I guess Saturday's would probably work best for me…

March 22nd, 2017, 01:51 AM
I'm hella interested in a consistent and schedule-y RP, so count me in. Either Devil Survivor or Eternals will work for me, though just like Morm I think I'm up for anything really.

As for the time, I am usually free and available mostly on Saturday. Because of 12-hour timezone differences, I'll be available from 8AM EST to 2PM EST, after which I go to sleep, and 8PM EST to 1AM EST. While I'll try my damn hardest to be available during these times, there is also the possibility of having dinner / breakfast out with my family, so expect a margin of error within an hour at worst.

For Friday I can manage 8PM EST to 1AM EST.

Finally for Sunday, I'm available from 10AM EST to 2PM EST.

March 22nd, 2017, 09:19 AM
Sunday is the only day I don't work ;_;

March 22nd, 2017, 09:25 AM
To be honest, I'd probably be pretty inconsistent, considering that it tends to depend on whether someone else is using the device I normally use. I could probabay do Friday evenings, and most Saturday mornings provided I can remember to wake up.

Sunday would strictly be from 1pm to 5pm because reasons…

March 22nd, 2017, 09:27 AM
and so, blrp falls...

March 22nd, 2017, 09:30 AM
Let's not despair just yet. There are still plenty of RPs going on.

March 22nd, 2017, 06:49 PM
Sounds a lot easier to try, actually. I also have a bigger workload and more stuff going in, so it would be fun to try this, with a dedicated time slot. They all sound pretty interesting, but the Spirit of Eternity Sword one could be a lot of fun.

March 23rd, 2017, 10:25 PM
Okay then, I'll start a tentative session tomorrow at 6PM EST, that's 8PM in my timezone and probably some bizarre hour for someone else. Note that even though it starts a bit early for some that doesn't mean that joining sometime later isn't valid, especially since this session will be mostly to discuss availability, setting and maybe character creation.

I'll see you guys in #BLRP, a channel on IRCHighway I registered for this.

March 24th, 2017, 08:11 AM
I'm taking bets on how long it will last before it (d)evolves into cybering

because of settings, not irc

i think chat rp is way more successful than forum post

March 25th, 2017, 03:35 AM
Hello! It is I, Morm, the People's Hero, here once again to bring you logs, and by logs, I mean:

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Conqueror

Dramatis Personae

Palad1n, as Shiratori Hana (https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.d20.io/images/30614995/pt_ja7PBY3xOA7kPXu3pVg/med.jpg?1490403704)
Katie, as Kanzaki Hane (https://i.imgur.com/d2qTyhQg.jpg)
RacingeR, as Takeshi Julia (https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.d20.io/images/30614995/pt_ja7PBY3xOA7kPXu3pVg/med.jpg?1490403704)
Bloble, as Takeshi Thomas (Tommy) (https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.d20.io/images/30614767/p-g5KeTW-dtXaobUEHtryw/med.png?1490403061)
Mormarth, as Yoshimoto Tetsuo (http://imgsrv.roll20.net/?src=safebooru.org//samples/1952/sample_140fc92732343f361977be9ac837c26ad8f56573.jp g%3F2037650)
Vritra, as Kuzunoha(?!) Hikaru (https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.d20.io/images/30605584/jqmh4g_GyIgMbIV_Zq3Nng/med.jpg?1490392168)
Draconic, as Ryumori Kazuma, aka 'Sir Who Unfortunately Could Not Appear In Today's Session'.

And Erlkonig, as our fabulous Game Master and voice of many things.


The year is 20XX, and the world is at peace. Humanity has made great advances in the information industry, and nowadays the sight of man goes hand in hand with that of technology.

The city of Tokyo, Japan, is one such metropolis of technological advancement. Countless devices are made every year with new properties and qualities that allow people to explore the limits of the human imagination, submerging humanity in a new level of augmented reality.

One such device is the COMP SSX (just called COMP), the first device with the ability to make holographic projections.

With the dawn of holograms upon the modern world, the lines between that which is real and fantastic have blurred in the eyes of man. With each step that the children of Adam take forward in this road, the closer they get to the ground where their Creator lies...

However, while the light of progress might bring advances, like all things great, it is subject to corruption... And dangerous if used with hubris.
Little does man know, that the devices which promised to ascend them to a new level of reality...

All they would accomplish, would be to cast them into the void.

But of course, that doesn't matter to you. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMMlK6eqe_o)

Music blares into your ears from all around, beating in tune with the flare of the lights and the jumping of all the people around you.

The heat of their bodies and the smell of alcohol, sweat and smoke pervades the air as everyone jumps and cries towards the stage in the distance.

"Yeah, let's hear it Tokyo! The night is young and we ain't sleeping tonight!"

The DJ's voice is followed by cheers from the mass of people, somehow even louder than the music around you.

As you look around, moving through the mass of jumping people, you quickly catch a sight that steers your direction. Finally, you had found your friends. Having organized what one of your friends could only call 'the most amazing night of your goddamn lives', you had decided to start things off by reserving tickets for the biggest concert in the city.

As for your feelings about the matter... Well...

I. Our Story Begins.

Lucia Ferikawa (http://imgsrv.roll20.net/?src=safebooru.org//images/1750/8d4740e6da572f109f7a33044cd82ea61e94066a.jpg%3F183 1128): "Hey guys." Lucia greeted you as you got together, her hands already busy with work as usual. One of them clutched a bottle of beer, while the other was softly patting the back of Kazuma, whose face looked green with sickness.

"I think Kazuma-kun's had just about enough of tonight... Geez, I warned you not to try and eat in the middle of the concert!"

"Anyways, I do believe the plan wasn't to stay all night in this concert, yes?" Lucia smiled at everyone. "I think it's about time we headed to the usual spot."

As far as you all knew, by the way, the plan was to start off the night by headbanging some in the concert, and then heading out in Lucia's car to grab drinks and dinner and head to your hangout

yes Lucia has a car, her dad's minivan actually

Tommy Takeshi: "Yer an angel, Luce." replied Tommy in English as he greeted her. "Once I've got a car we'll pay you back for all the gas money."

"Ey, this thing got tunes?"

Hikaru Kuzunoha: hopefully something that isn't classified as noise polution
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Maan, Kazuma-kun, an' here I was thinkin' you were the straight-laced type," Tetsuo chortled, "Hey, try ta not get it all over my shoes. Just bought em a week ago."

Julia Takeshi: "And by that you mean that you'll pay her back, right Bro?" Julia, sitting at her brother's side, asked, calling Tommy 'Bro' in english as she always did as a sort of mocking jab.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: oh how I miss mika-chans angelic voice
Lucia Ferikawa: "Hm?" Lucia looked at the stationed car as the group crowded around it, and grinned. "Of course, what do you take me for?"
Hana Shiratori: "You're a life-saver Lucia." Hana said whole-heartedly as she eyed the sick Kazuma. "Definitely enough for the night."
Hane Kanzaki: "That's what a lightweight gets for being overambitious..." She says, glancing at her phone. "Thanks for the ride."
Tommy Takeshi: "Put on some Dir en Gray," he suggested after lightly elbowing Julia in the ribs. "These guys were good but not nearly hard enough."
Erl K. (GM): As everyone buckles up in the car, Lucia quickly takes out a device from her purse. It immediately catches the eye of Hikaru, who recognizes it for what it is.
As the rectangular device boots up and displays a rectangular screen on thin air, they quickly realize that Lucia's gotten her hands on of the very first COMP devices to be out on retail.

Hikaru Kuzunoha whistles
Erl K. (GM): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpKn1M6L7NM
Hikaru Kuzunoha: somebody has been up to no good
Erl K. (GM): (Bloble's recommendation)
Hana Shiratori: "Wow..." Hana muttered in awe. "Lucia, you already got one? But it's just out!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Yo, that thing for real? Where'd you get it," Tetsuo shot a knowing look, "Know a guy who knows a guy?"
Hane Kanzaki: "What's out now? New laptop or something?"
Julia Takeshi: "Hmm?" Julia had been looking at her phone when she noticed the device on Lucia's hands. "Oh hey, a COMP. I didn't know they were out already!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "It's that new hologram thing, a COMP, yeah."
Lucia Ferikawa: After setting the music, Lucia turns to the party to smile. "You could say that. My Dad's been involved with the Futsunushi Group, and they gave him a pair of COMPs as a gift for past negotiations."
Tommy Takeshi: "Radical."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: hot damn that's nice
my envy knows no bounds
all my dad gives me are lectures about proper bahaviour
Lucia Ferikawa: "But, really, I just asked for one from him because I was curious about them..." She smiled, pressing a button and causing the image of a strange looking creature to surface in the middle of the car.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Shit, look at that."

Tetsuo Yoshimoto whistles
Lucia Ferikawa: http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/megamitensei/images/a/a5/Centaur_SMTIV.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20130906164719
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy blinked. "It's like the concert's special effects..."
Lucia Ferikawa: "Isn't it incredible, for the ideas of people to take real form?"
Tommy Takeshi: With the guttural screeching in the background, its like a performance in their car.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hopefully less of the backstage antics I hear about, ah?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: if by incredible you mean jrpg reject then sure
Hane Kanzaki: "Can't people think up of prettier looking things?"
Julia Takeshi: Julia merely stared at the strange creature with interest. "So what's that supposed to be anyway?"
Hane Kanzaki: "Ahh, he stole my joke, in a nerd way."
Hana Shiratori: "Um..." Hana paused, unsure of what to say. "It is amazing, but if I may ask what hologram is that supposed to be...?"

Julia Takeshi pats Hane
Tommy Takeshi: "Siamese unicorn twins, prolly."
Julia Takeshi: "It's okay, there'll always be more dumb jokes to make"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "It's a two-headed horse guy, clearly."
Lucia Ferikawa: "Oh, you don't know? It's one of the models they released as samples together with the COMP's first app. What was it called...? Ah, yes, if I believe correctly, it was called the Lemegeton.."
Tommy Takeshi: He peers closer. "Got anything Satanic in there? Y'know, demons 'n shit?"
"This thing's a bit... well, prissy."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: ...its a book that's a horse that's a silly design suuuuuuuuuuuuuuure
truly long gone are the days of original names
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Lemeg- Fuck kinda name is that? Supposed to be a reference to something?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: its the name of solomons monster book or so
Julia Takeshi: "Let... me... get... ton?" Julia slowly spoke in english, trying to make sense of the weird word. "Wait, ain't that that one religious or mystical book or some shit?"
Hane Kanzaki: "If we conjure up some freak horrror show in the car I might as well just take the train."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: jus look it up
Hana Shiratori: "You guys are amazing." Hana said. "I don't recognize the name at all."
Tommy Takeshi: "Same."
Lucia Ferikawa: "Hmm..." Lucia smiled. "How about this, then?"
Hane Kanzaki: "Can't we play show and tell with our freaky monsters when we're actually at the hangout?"
Lucia Ferikawa: She presses another button, revealing a new figure. (http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/megamitensei/images/0/09/MaraSMT.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20080707022820)

The party quickly reacts.

Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Haaaaah."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: eh you play a couple games or read a few manga and you just pick up names
Hane Kanzaki: "Classy."
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy snorts.
Hana Shiratori: "U, Um..."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: itsadick
Tommy Takeshi: "NICE."
Julia Takeshi: Julia just starts laughing out loud
Hikaru Kuzunoha: thanks for that...
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "The future, everyone."

Hana Shiratori blushes at Hikaru's comment
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "It's dicks, surprise."
Tommy Takeshi: "Think of the prank videos, man."
Lucia Ferikawa: "Hahahahahahahaha!" Lucia giggles. "Alright, enough gawking at it-" She shuts the COMP close, and the image fades away.
"How about we get this show on the road?
Hana Shiratori: "Tetsuo!" Hana chided as she lightly punched him int he arm.
"Please do so."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Ehehe, sorry."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: let's go party bus
Julia Takeshi: "Shit we definitely need to use this, Bro. Imagine unleashing that shit on the annoying neighbours?"

Tetsuo Yoshimoto is clearly not sorry.
Hane Kanzaki: "Be careful when you wake up in the morning, Hana. Never know what you'll find next to your alarm clock, you know?"
Erl K. (GM): As the party continues their chatter, Lucia starts to drive into the night of the road.
Lucia Ferikawa: "So... Where should we go?"
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy leans back. "Neighbours? Imagine what it'd do to the old farts."
Lucia Ferikawa: "I'm sure there must be a McDs open at this time, but I'm not sure Kazuma-kun can take it..."
Tommy Takeshi: He claps his hands together. "Pizza."

Hikaru Kuzunoha shrugs
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Sure why not pizza is always nice."
Tommy Takeshi: "I've got some Pepto, Kazuma's gonna be fine. C'mere, man..."
Julia Takeshi: "Oh yeah, Pizza." Julia nods. "And some beers."
Hana Shiratori: "I guess we can take the dinner to our hideout so Kazuma can rest."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Could go to a local place I know, I'm good buddies with the bartend, quiet sorta place."
Lucia Ferikawa: "Alright then, any preference or do I hit the closest hut we can get our hands on?"
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy is too busy force-feeding Kazuma some weird pink shit to comment.

Hikaru Kuzunoha raise an eyebrow
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Could prolly get discount stuff at my place, it's just down the road here."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "You two need a room there."
Hana Shiratori: "Anything goes for me."
Julia Takeshi: "I guess we can just go hit Tetsuo's place, then."
Hane Kanzaki: "As long as lightweight over here doesn't throw up on me at any point, I'm down with whatever."
Hana Shiratori: "Though I'll request a mineral water as my drink."
Lucia Ferikawa: "Tetsuo's it is!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (It's For Pete's Sake)
Erl K. (GM): The party stoppped by Tetsuo's place, greeting the student's old man in the meantime.
Lucia Ferikawa: "It was really kind of your dad to give us such a huge discount!" Lucia said as everyone helped her unload the food into the minivan.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Thanks as always man."
Lucia Ferikawa: "Lesse, the one with no toppings is for Kazuma-kun and someone else, the full course is for our boys, and this one's for me!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Yeah, he's a real softy," Tetsuo hefted a large bag into the back, "He runs the joint for some other guy back in the States, doncha know."
Hana Shiratori: "Just hang in there for a little longer, Kazuma."
Lucia Ferikawa: Lucia held a large pizza dripping with barbecue sauce and spicy tobacco, licking her lips at the infernal-looking pizza.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "..."
"Sometimes I wonder about your taste buds."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "My kinda pizza right there."
Tommy Takeshi: At this point, Tommy's already stuffed one slice into his face and is considering adding another.
Hane Kanzaki: "Is that even safe for consumption?"
Lucia Ferikawa: "H-hey, wait! Come on!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Well she hasn't burst into fire yet so maybe."
Julia Takeshi: Julia starts eating her pizza, already accustomed to Lucia's strange tastes.
Tommy Takeshi: He still manages to add a thumbs up.
Erl K. (GM): While the commotion escalated, Kazuma and the others popped open a few beers for the trip.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Glorious alcohol here I come."
Erl K. (GM): A few minutes later, several of the group had bottles on hand as Lucia drove them to the hideout, passing slices between seats and laughing along.
Hana Shiratori: "Just make sure not to drink too much." Hana advise as she took a bite from a normal pizza.
Hane Kanzaki: Hane herself is currently nursing a beer instead of eating anything.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Sure thing mom."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hey, Hikaru, cheers." Tetsuo holds up his beer.
Erl K. (GM): The 'hideout', as it were, took some time to drive to. Tokyo was a very busy, very large city, and a proper hideout could only really be found in the suburbs.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Cheers brow" clinks the glasses

Tetsuo Yoshimoto clink
Hikaru Kuzunoha: bro*
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy sneaks his glass in there.
"You guys are alright."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "More the merrier, brother-man."
"Love you too."
Hane Kanzaki: She gives a small clap.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Yeah not so bad, occasionally."

Tetsuo Yoshimoto makes exaggerated kissy-face
Hane Kanzaki: "I'm moved."
Erl K. (GM): The hideout itself had been found thanks to one of the group's parents, who managed construction works and had clued the party into one patch of land that had completely abandoned with no plans of being demolished in the future due to its poorly placed location.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Home sweet home."
Erl K. (GM): However, as Lucia's van closed in on the hideout, she began to slow down...

II. Shit Starts to Get Real

Hikaru Kuzunoha kicks back and relaxes
Hana Shiratori: "? Something the matter, Lucia?"
Lucia Ferikawa: "...Something's wrong." Lucia whispered then.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Whoa, what's up?
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy looks fondly on that place. It always had good acoustics, and nobody ever sent them noise complaints.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Eh? You feeling queasy too?"
Lucia Ferikawa: "Don't you guys see it? There." Lucia pointed towards the darkness of the abandoned building that was their hideout.
Erl K. (GM): At that moment, the party noticed it.
Hane Kanzaki: "You sure it's not just all the beer?"
Julia Takeshi: Julia was just finishing her beer when the minivan stopped. "Something's wrong? What do you mean?" Julia narrowed her eyes with a dangerous air as she looked towards the hideout.

Hikaru Kuzunoha squints
Erl K. (GM): Like the faint light of sundown... An orange haze flickered in the shadows of the building.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Eh," Tetsuo squinted into the dark, "Don't see anything,"

He reached into his pocket, fishing out his phone, then flicked on the light, peering around.
Erl K. (GM): The haze of dimly lit fire.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Uhhhh."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Well shit."
Hana Shiratori: "... Is that..." Hana began, unsure. "Fire?"
Julia Takeshi: "Oh shit."
Lucia Ferikawa: "I think someone's home." She whispered, eyes narrowed.
Hane Kanzaki: She immediately tries to force her way out of the car.
Tommy Takeshi: "Shit, is it fire?"
Hana Shiratori: "Hane-san, wait!" Hana called the older girl.
Julia Takeshi: Julia grabs Hane before she gets off the car. "Wait up! This can be dangerous!"

Hikaru Kuzunoha: "I think i'm going to have to make someone regret some decisions they made tonight."
Lucia Ferikawa: "Think it's some squatters?" Lucia said, kicking the door of the car open."

Hikaru Kuzunoha cracks his knuckles
Tommy Takeshi: "Lucia, wait. Turn the car around."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hell yeah! Let's have a look-see!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Could be dangerous."
Hane Kanzaki: "Are you just going to take this lying down?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Dangerous for them maybe. Ain't nobody messing with my home base."
Hana Shiratori: "Everyone, please calm down. We must be careful!" Hana advises as she, too, stepped out of the car.
Julia Takeshi: Julia fished off from somewhere in her outfit her fingerless gloves. "Who said that? You just keep behind me, Hane."
Erl K. (GM): At the moment that Tommy said that...
Julia Takeshi: Saying that, Julia stepped out of the car as well.
Tommy Takeshi: "Man, it's just a shitty building. It could be the Yakuza or something. I ain't drunk enough..."
Erl K. (GM): "Nooooooooo-!" A muffled scream echoed faintly from the building.
Tommy Takeshi: He couldn't unbuckle his seatbelt fast enough.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Shit." Tetsuo moves towards the building quickly.
Hana Shiratori: "!" At that moment, Shiratori Hana felt a shiver goes down her spine.
Lucia Ferikawa: "Wait, guys." Lucia stopped the party before they rushed forwards.
Julia Takeshi: "Oh fuck." Julia dashes towards the building, but is stopped by Lucia.
Lucia Ferikawa: She tilted her head towards the back alley close to the hideout.

Hikaru Kuzunoha get's out of the van and starts moving cautiously but fast towards the building
Hana Shiratori: "Tetsuo, wait!" Hana yelled as she chased her friend.
Lucia Ferikawa: "Let's grab some protection first."
Hana Shiratori: "Protection?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Ah, er, right."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "You got a nailbat in there or something."
Tommy Takeshi: "What he said."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Could go for a nailbut..."

Tetsuo Yoshimoto glances around for any pipes.
Erl K. (GM): From the alley, Lucia quickly brings out several tools after the party helped her push aside a garbage container.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: bat*
Hane Kanzaki: "Please tell me you stashed a fire extinguisher or something..."
Tommy Takeshi: He scratches his head.
Erl K. (GM): Within the gap were several cold weapons, from aluminium bats to an iron pipe, to a crowbar, an actual knife, and...
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Dibs on the pipe."
Tommy Takeshi: "Wait, were these here the whole time?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hey, back-off. Pipe's mine."

Hikaru Kuzunoha practices his baseball swings
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Too slow."

Hikaru Kuzunoha yoinks
Lucia Ferikawa: "Alright," As if it were the most natural thing, Lucia's hands made the blocky device on her hand click together as she cocked the gun and aimed with one eye at the air. "Let's go."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Bah, whatever, not enou- whoa hold up."
Hane Kanzaki: "Quit fighting over--how the hell do you have a gun?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Uh."
Hana Shiratori: Normally, Hana would firmly ask for them to stop. This is just too dangerous. But after hearing the scream, she couldn't just stop them from going in. So she merely watched silently as the group grabs some weapons.
Tommy Takeshi: "This ain't the US, Luce."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Hana stay with the lightweight."
Hana Shiratori: "Wait a second, Lucia... how?"
Hane Kanzaki: "If we get caught with that we're all going to jail!"
Julia Takeshi: "Huh? The hell?" Julia stares at the tools surprised. "Wait, what's up with you?" Julia asked even as she equipped two iron fists.
Tommy Takeshi: "Julia, I don't even LIVE here and I know your gun laws are tighter than a fucking straitjacket."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo made to pick up a bat, swinging it carefully, judging the weight with the air of someone who knew what he was doing. "Hana-chan, stick behind me."
Lucia Ferikawa: "Gift from dad's relative. He's a JSDF general."
Tommy Takeshi: "Ugh..."
Lucia Ferikawa: "I'm not going to shoot anyone, so don't worry."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "That's one over protective dad..."
Tommy Takeshi: He takes a baseball bat, feeling it strange in his hands.
"Tell me he at least took you to the range first..."
Hane Kanzaki: "Owning one is a felony, just..."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Please don't get sent to jail I don't hate you it would be a shame to see you go."
Julia Takeshi: "I... ahh fuck it, guys, time's ticking, let's go rescue whoever was screaming and worry about this shit later." Julia said, noticeably not satisfied by the explanation.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Tommy, swing it out, both hands."
Hana Shiratori: "... If you say so..." Hana replied, unsure, as she got behind Tetsuo.
Julia Takeshi: "Shit, this sucks." With these words, she takes the lead.
Lucia Ferikawa: Lucia smirked. "He didn't need to. I have an american grandad."
Tommy Takeshi: "Right..."

Tetsuo Yoshimoto claps Tommy on the back.
Tommy Takeshi: He has to be drunk. This isn't making any sense.
But he only had one beer...
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Well let's go clear out the troublemakers I suppose?"
Erl K. (GM): The party quietly approached the building.
(By the way, everyone please write down your current weapon in the Bio)
(Also, add the Attribute: Weapon Attack 10 to your sheets)
Hane Kanzaki: ( was there even enough for everyone )
Erl K. (GM): (yes)
Tommy Takeshi: (tommy would've taken the gun if he could lol)
Erl K. (GM): (character creation
(You'll get guns later)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (where do we add attribute?)
Erl K. (GM): In the Journal.
click on entry, attributes and abilities
Add attribute
Weapon Attack
value 10
I mean taking the weapon is optional I guess
Vri: fill anything in for max?
Erl K. (GM): no
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: got it
Hana Shiratori: (Hana takes no weapon)
Erl K. (GM): (even if you take no weapon)
(add Weapon Attack 0)
So you dont mess up damage formulas)
Tommy Takeshi: "Hana, maybe you should stay back and call 911 or something..."
"Or is it 119 here, I dunno.
Julia Takeshi: "No." Julia speaks firmly. "Hana is probably safer staying with us..."
Hane Kanzaki: "It's 119."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Just stay behind someone."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "No reason she can't do both."
Hane Kanzaki: "And get us caught with a gun?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Aw, shit."
Erl K. (GM): The party entered the building, noticing that the light was not coming from within but from the courtyard further in the back.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Yeah, that's no fire."
Hana Shiratori: "But if it's not fire, then what is it...?"

Hikaru Kuzunoha tries to stealthily get a look
Tommy Takeshi: "Maybe some other guys decided this place was cool..."
But that didn't explain the scream.
Julia Takeshi: "I don't like this."
Erl K. (GM): They crept along, sneaking through the darkness of the hallways, until before they could turn the corner to the double doors that led to the foyer-
At that moment, Lucia who was at the front reached out with one arm to halt the party.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: Whispering "What do you see."
Lucia Ferikawa: "By the doors, two of them. Those don't look like squatters to me."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hope it's not a ghost."
Tommy Takeshi: "Which one called for help?"
He tries to peer at the figures.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Strictly it was a 'noooo' not 'help'."
Julia Takeshi: Julia remains at Lucia's side, ready to protect the party if anyone attacks from the front.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Thank you that changes everything."

Hikaru Kuzunoha rolls his eyes
Erl K. (GM): In the dim darkness, the figure's shapes were revealed.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Happy to be of service."

Tetsuo Yoshimoto smiles beatifically.

Hikaru Kuzunoha rolls his eyes harder
Julia Takeshi: Julia lightly knocks both of them in the head to try and get them to stop making so much noise
Erl K. (GM): They looked like something taken straight out of a cheap movie- Standing side by side by the doors, the two figures were clad in cloaks black as the night, hiding their faces behind cowls even though they should be alone.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "..."
Erl K. (GM): A strange amulet adorned their necks, and when the party glanced at their hands they realized that they gleamed with something sharp like steel.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: Whispering to lucy "Seriously?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Wicked..." he can't help but be impressed.

Tetsuo Yoshimoto narrows his eyes.
Julia Takeshi: "Did our hideout get taken over by some bathsit cult?" Julia asks out loud.

Tetsuo Yoshimoto knocks Julia in the head belatedly.
Tommy Takeshi: "Satanists," he concludes. "Or some other Pagan shit."
"Or they just like Slayer."
Hana Shiratori: Hana could felt cold sweat on her face, silently hoping her friends know what they are doing. This is simply too scary and dangerous...

Hikaru Kuzunoha pats hana on the back
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo reached behind him with an open hand, not looking.
Lucia Ferikawa: "There has been a rise on cults lately..." Lucia whispered faintly. "Some claiming that technology will end the world, others more nihilist in nature..."

Hana Shiratori grabs Tetsuo's hand for reassurance
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "If they're worried about grey goo they sure picked weird outfits for it."
Lucia Ferikawa: "There's even one that says humanity should return to its virgin state, shedding themselves of all technology... But these don't look like tree-huggers to me."

Tetsuo Yoshimoto squeezes once, then withdraws.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Militant Luddites?" Tetsuo hissed.
Hana Shiratori: "Thank you." Hana quietly muttered at her childhood friend.
Tommy Takeshi: "If that's a cult..." He paused. "Virgin sacrifice?"
Lucia Ferikawa: "Let's take them out." Lucia said. "Who's most confident in their speed out of the group? We need someone to stun them before they can scream."

Hikaru Kuzunoha raises hand
Hane Kanzaki: "Cultists this, cultists that... It's just like that suicide cult in the papers back in the 90's..."
Lucia Ferikawa: "Then we need two people strong enough to wrestle them down and knock them out without them having a chance to struggle."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Gotcha."
Erl K. (GM): (The person who chooses to leap to stun them will gain +1 Ag, and the ones who wrestle them will obtain either +1 St or +1 Vi)
Julia Takeshi: "Cheap movie cult or not, these guys just don't look normal." Julia cracked her neck. "Alright, I'll rush second towards the one at the right. I bet I can knock him out with a single punch." She said, slowly showing a wild smile.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Good knock in the right place'll knock any culty loser out."
Erl K. (GM): Vri, Morm, and Race it is
Julia Takeshi: (I'm chosing to wrestle)
Erl K. (GM): Alright
Tommy Takeshi: "Wait, Juliea, you sure...?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (I'll stick with stun)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Tommy, watch out for Hana."
Lucia Ferikawa: Lucia quickly raises her hand. "On the count of three. I'll cover your backs in case anything goes wrong."
Hana Shiratori: "Please be careful." Hana whispered.
Lucia Ferikawa: "3, 2, 1... Go!" She whispered harshly.
Julia Takeshi: "Heh, don't worry, Nii-san. Your cute little sister is accustomed to this bullshit." Julia laughed, but the fact she had called Tommy Nii-san showed she was being fully serious.

Hikaru Kuzunoha dashing in to swing
Hikaru Kuzunoha: Didn't win kendo matches by being a turtle let's show these idiots what I can do
Lucia Ferikawa: (this is better)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (sorry)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (aw yiss)
Hana Shiratori: (yess)
Julia Takeshi: (waiting for morm to rush out)
Erl K. (GM): Hikaru rushes from the corner like a bullet, causing the two cultists to startle.

Tetsuo Yoshimoto dashes, sweeping to the side.
Erl K. (GM): However, they barely move to react before Hikaru jumps and immediately clothelines both of them, making their words die in their throat and knocking them to the floor.
Now's your chance for an all-out attack!
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy steps back towards Hana, preparing to do... something, if this somehow went south.
Julia Takeshi: Julia dashes in after Tetsuo, aiming a right hook towards the side of the head of Tetsuo's target.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Awright, let's wreck 'em!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (I've been waiting for this)
Tommy Takeshi: (pls tell me you didnt just YELL that)
Julia Takeshi: "Let's crush these fuckers!"
Tommy Takeshi: (facepalm.jpg)
Hane Kanzaki: ( jesus )
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (it's all out attack you gotta do it)
Julia Takeshi: (nah, she didn't yell lolol)
Tommy Takeshi: (b-but sneaking mission...)
Julia Takeshi: (She just muttered it)
Hana Shiratori: (obligatory (http://media.tumblr.com/d1e447924efdf06dde605066c3605167/tumblr_inline_mpot3mdVwF1qz4rgp.png))
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (alright i whisper-yelled)
(it's one of my 108 special skills)
Julia Takeshi: (yelled iit within your soul)
Erl K. (GM): A storm of dust surrounds the two cultists as Julia and Tetsuo dive towards them, and they quickly wrestle them, using their weapons to break their arms and force them to drop the strange knives they were wielding.
They quickly follow that up with a twin chokehold them, which they only release a good many seconds after the cultists finally slump into unconsciousness.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (dang, brutal)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (its what they get for messing with our hideout)

Hana Shiratori cringed at the brutality
Hane Kanzaki: "We are doing so many illegal things right now."
She sighs.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "cheating is only cheating if you get caught."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Hane's role in the party is to hate fun and fun-havers)
Julia Takeshi: "It's okay as long as Lucia disposes of that gun afterwards." Julia starts examining the strange knives.
Lucia Ferikawa: "There's the guards down." Lucia said, waving to the rest of the group to come forwards but then quickly gesturing for them to come down.

Hikaru Kuzunoha collects the weapons of the fallen
Hane Kanzaki: ( if hana meekly protests "no that's wrong" hane's job is to complain about it )
Tommy Takeshi: "Brutal..."
Erl K. (GM): Julia's examination of the knives reveals them to be seemingly normal knives, but there is something 'odd' about their shape

Tetsuo Yoshimoto bends to inspect the amulets.
Erl K. (GM): They look like the kind of knives used for skinning, thin but sharp like scalpels, and their hilt is engraved with devilish symbols that cause those who stare at them to grow unease.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Guys I get the investigation but we should probably keep going. I don't think these clowns were here to sightsee."
Tommy Takeshi: "Whoa. I'm keeping this."
Erl K. (GM): The amulets bear a similarly sickening aura, and furthermore have a gem the color of solid blood encrusted on.
Tommy Takeshi: This shit would look dope hanging from his wall.
Julia Takeshi: "Hey Hana, maybe you should grab one of these knives, I dunno..." Julia looks at her with concern, then at the strange weapons. "I just don't like the idea of you being defenseless."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Let's get movin, still haven't found the crier."
Tommy Takeshi: "And one of those."
He snatches up an amulet and weird knife, now completely into it.

Tetsuo Yoshimoto looks at Hana with concern.
Hana Shiratori: "Ah, but..." Hana looked at the knives, unsure. "I don't think I can..."
Tommy Takeshi: "Take the bat. Just like, flail or something if anyone gets close."
Lucia Ferikawa: "Alright, then..." Lucia quietly opens the doors to the courtyard. "Let's see what our satanic squatters are doing..."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Should probably keep the dangerous sharp objects out of unskilled hands."
Tommy Takeshi: "Just gotta point it the right way. How hard could it be?"
Hane Kanzaki: "Yes, give Hana the demon knife." She moves closer to Hana. "Don't feel pressured, alright? They'll take care of it."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Well we move from assault to murder."
"That's what could happen."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Hikaru smash, Hana look pretty, were all good at something don't sweat it hana."
Tommy Takeshi: He pauses. "Okay, maybe stick with the bat..."
Erl K. (GM): The party advances into the grassy courtyard, keeping their heads low and moving behind the trees that are planted to the side of the wide field.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Really hope this isn't some fucked up LARP..."

Julia Takeshi sighs
Julia Takeshi: "Yeah that was a dumb idea, sorry." She says lightly and keeps advancing.
Hana Shiratori: "Okay..." Hana muttered quietly as she took the bat. At the very least she couldn't hurt someone unintentionally with it.
Erl K. (GM): As soon as they exit into it, they glimpse the sight of several figures shadowing the fire which they had glimpsed before. Keeping caution, they sneak along to get a closer view.
Tommy Takeshi: "LARP? I knew a guy back in the states, big power metaller, came back from one of those missing an ear."
He's babbling a bit. Nerves.
Hane Kanzaki: "The heck is a LARP, you nerds/"
Erl K. (GM): But when they finally come close enough to witness the truth... They are met with a scene that should only come from horror.

III: Shit Gets Real.

Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (oh boy)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (please no human sacrifice bullshit)
Hane Kanzaki: ( it's all over now )
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (BUT THE CRRYYYYYING)
(also >Bible Black BGM)
Julia Takeshi: (welp.jpg)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (HIDE THE WOMENFOLK)
???: "My kindred!" The robed cultist standing on a pedestal shouts towards the other cultists, his arms extended as if embracing the sky.
One of his hands bears the same ritualistic knife as the guards, while the other bears an amulet that looks considerably more regal than the others.
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy nudges Hana. "Get this on video. With your phone," he whispers.
???: "The time we have been waiting for has come! Generations of waiting, centuries of patience as each and every one of our efforts to achieve greatness were barred from us!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: Whispers "So uh we just going to sit here or are we gonna sneak attack these clowns?"
Hana Shiratori: "A-alright." Hana, as quiet as possible, took out her phone and starts recording after making sure to silent her phone and null the flashes. Evidence for the police.

Tetsuo Yoshimoto tries to get a lock on the number of cultists
???: "The resurfacing of the Lemegeton has finally come to pass! The words of prophecy that Our Lord announced all those generations ago, when magic disappeared from our world, have been proven true after all!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Are you fuckin' serious."
Julia Takeshi: "My thoughts exactly."
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy blinks. The COMP? The COMP!
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (Nice speech stolen from a C rate movie asshole)

Tetsuo Yoshimoto side-eyes Lucia extremely hard
???: Before the party's bewildered eyes, the head cultist lays down the knife in his hands and passes it to another cultist, who in turn hands him... Yes, he hands him back a COMP device.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Yeah, okay, time to move in."
Tommy Takeshi: "Wait, no."
Hane Kanzaki: "No?"
Tommy Takeshi: "They're morons. They think a hologram is the real thing."
Hana Shiratori: "W-wait, Tetsuo. Don't be reckless."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "I vote with Tets."
Tommy Takeshi: "They're gonna make that thing show up and wave it around and pat themselves on the back."
Julia Takeshi: "..." Julia remains silent, staring at the cultists.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "All I know, is that if some fuckers are doin' some nefarious shit, you don't sit there and let 'em do it," Tetsuo hisses.
???: The head cultist, bearing the COMP in his hands, steps down the altar and approaches the fire. As the crowd of cultists part around the man, the party gasps as they see the figure the cultist is approaching.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "We still haven't seen who screamed and if these wannabe's are following the script then we should probably stop this charade now."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "..."
???: It's a woman- A girl, young adult by the looks of it. She has been stripped naked, and to everyone's horror her skin is bloodied, lines and patterns carved into her body in tune with the emblems around the cultists.
Tommy Takeshi: "..." It's not a joke.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Called it."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Fuck it, fuck it fuck it all."

Tetsuo Yoshimoto stands up.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "After you."
Tommy Takeshi: "Hana, 911, now."
???: She has been tied to a cross with ropes, and the fire behind her lights her naked figure as if it were sunset.
Julia Takeshi: "Lucia." Julia says, pointing at the gun. "It's time."
She stands up as well.
Tommy Takeshi: He stands next to Tetsuo.
Hana Shiratori: "Oh my god..." Hana looked, horrified as she covered her mouth with her right hand, her left shaking even as she continues to record what is happening.

Hikaru Kuzunoha axe throws his lead pipe at the cultist leader
Hana Shiratori: "Y, yes."
???: "Now, the time of Judgement has come! The dawn of-"
Hana Shiratori: Hana dialed the police with shaking fingers.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Go time."
???: Feeling the whistling of the air, the cultists cry out in alarm and the cultist barely turns in time to see the pipe flying at him.
It hits him on the shoulder, but not on the one holding the COMP.
He staggers, dropping the amulet, but growls.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (tch need to work on my throwing)
???: "Intruders! Protect the catalyst!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "YO FUCKERS COME GET SOME!"
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy passes Hikaru the knife from earlier.
And then charges, screaming like a lunatic.
Julia Takeshi: "Cover me!!" Julia roars, and charges ahead, unleashing an uppercut on the closest cultist.

Hikaru Kuzunoha charges and begins striking the cultists while positioning them so they can't gang up
Lucia Ferikawa: Lucia moves her gun to aim at the head cultist's arm, but a group of cultists quickly circles the girl and the head cultist while the others throw themselves at the band.

Tetsuo Yoshimoto moves, swinging his bat directly into the legs of the closest hooded freak.
Lucia Ferikawa: "Tch!"
"It's no use! I can't shoot!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "You could fire into the air maybe that will spook them."
Tommy Takeshi: (ok how are we having this conversation)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (unclear)
Hane Kanzaki: ( what does the fight look like )
Tommy Takeshi: (lets try to at least be realistic)
Hana Shiratori: "Please answer, please..." Hana pleaded as she waited for someone on the other side of the phone to answer, still staying hidden.
Tommy Takeshi: (and wait for erl to update)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (my bad)
Hane Kanzaki: ( are we just mashing faces against each other )
Julia Takeshi: (maybe in-between punches, but yeah, we need to stop for a bit)
(and let erl describe things)
Erl K. (GM): The party attacks the cultists, quickly engaging in a brawl against the cultists in a struggle to get to the girl.
The party is weary of the knives being wielded by the cultists, but it quickly shows that they lack fighting experience compared to Julia, Tetsuo and Hikaru, who are the ones who fight the most aggressive of them.
Still, in the end, they are just people fighting other people and doing their best to hold back from inflicting a lethal wound.
There was no way that they could stop the head cultist from trying whatever it was he was going to do.
Expecting a murder attempt from the cultist, the party cried out as he approached the girl-
-But to their shock, the man instead raised his COMP into the air.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "What."

Julia Takeshi: "For real..."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Goddamn crazy assholes."

Hikaru Kuzunoha punches harder
Tommy Takeshi: Aim for the hands, aim for the hands, don't let them get close... it's all Tommy can do to hold in his lunch in the fray.
Erl K. (GM): In a second, the comp flashes with light and a holographic figure appears in the air. (http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/megamitensei/images/4/4a/Chernabog.png/revision/latest?cb=20090630221503)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (oh boy here we go)
"The fuck is this Cenobite-looking thing?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Less talking more hitting."
Erl K. (GM): The figure rises like a giant, causing the party to stagger from the sight of a fifteen feet tall being appearing out of nowhere.
Tommy Takeshi: He's starting to get tired. Regretting joining choir instead of the soccer team.
Erl K. (GM): The image looks silently, lifelessly at nowhere, only to be expected from a mere hologram.
But... At that moment...
Julia Takeshi: Julia savagely strikes down a cultist, only to see the gigantic figure appear. Instinctively, she backs down. "Something, is wrong here."
Erl K. (GM): The girl yells.
And her wounds start to glow with green light.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "UM."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "FUCK."
Erl K. (GM): It happens like the strike of lightning.
The party's eyes are imprinted with the sight of a gushing green torrent of light flowing in tendrils from the girl into the COMP, causing it to sparkle with green lightning.
And at that moment-
-A massive shockwave knocks everyone, cultist and student alike, off their feet and to the ground.
Chernobog: I... have awoken...
Julia Takeshi: Julia coughs as her face meets the ground. She rolls on the ground, and stares upwards towards the monster.
"What. The. Fuck?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "The hell... is ...this shit."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hey, uh, do holograms come with voice-support?!"

Hikaru Kuzunoha struggles to his feet
Tommy Takeshi: Hologram. Just a hologram. Has to be a hologram.
Chernobog: Before the head cultist and the girl, who has fallen to the floor from the cross she stood on being shattered, a black figure descends.
Tommy Takeshi: "Hikaru! While they're down!" he half-pushes himself up and points to the girl.
Hana Shiratori: "Kyah!" Hana screamed as she fell, though she managed to keep her phone in her hands. But the moment she heard the voice, she is immediately frozen in fear.
???: The Head cultist, completely ignoring the girl, prostrates himself beofre the dark being with an expression of elation on his face.
Vri: brb a quick sec
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy pays it no mind. While all the cultists have been knocked down, the way's open. He'll just run in, ignore the hologram, grab her and run-!
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Shit," Tetsuo rushes in to support Tommy.
Hane Kanzaki: She stares in shock at the monster, before looking around to see if there was an easy way out when everything was done.
Julia Takeshi: "Damn." Julia runs after her brother
???: "Lord Chernobog! We are the ones who have awakened you! Look...!" The head cultist quickly grabs the amulet and raises it to the Dark God, gesturing to it all the while.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Oh no you don't shitlord."

Hikaru Kuzunoha tries to tackle and wrestle the amulet away
Chernobog: "..." Chernobog takes one look at the cultist, then looks at the students who are rushing towards the girl.
"I see... So you are the one who has summoned me..."

Tetsuo Yoshimoto gets ready to move quickly.
???: "Yes, so heed me, Chernobog!" The cultist notices Hikaru rushing towards him and draws back, but at the last moment something stops Hikaru from moving, feeling him with a primal fear of death.
The cultist glances back at the Dark God. "We have summoned you to be our champion! Yours will be the right to dominate this world! We have granted you the power to do so, so serve us in return!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (welp)
Chernobog: "Indeed... You shall serve... But only after this is done."
???: "What-"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (oh dear)
Julia Takeshi: (I knew it)
Erl K. (GM): It is at that moment, when Tommy kneels down to pick up the girl in his arms, that it happens.
Chernobog: Chernobog split the enemy with a darkness clad blade!
rolling 4d12+40+45*2+25*2.25

= 218.25
Silence chance(vs Vi)
Chernobog: rolling 1d100+18
= 61
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Oh fug)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (splat it seems)
Erl K. (GM): The party freezes before a sight that should be impossible.
The Head Cultist, is for some reason hanging in the air.
Floating as if he were flying.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE)
Erl K. (GM): But it is after the light of the fire reveals him, that they realize why he is airborne.
It is because Chernobog's sword has run him through, the large blade dripping a gushing flow of blood into the ground.
And at the next moment-
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (don't think I needed that horror night gore fest in my life)
Erl K. (GM): There is a pulse of darkness, black as the void, and the head cultist crumbles into a pile of ash identical to a human being and pulsing with black flames, which is then swallowed into the monster's cape.
One moment the cultist is there, the next he isn't.
As far as you could tell, that scene... Was unmistakeably real.
Tommy Takeshi: Not a hologram. NOT A HOLOGRAM.
Julia Takeshi: "Oh my god this is really happening." Julia stops cold, eyes open wide... and then she screams out: "RUUUUUN! NOW!" She orders the party.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Heh, haha." Tetsu numbly laughs to himself, "N-no muss no f-fuss."
Tommy Takeshi: "aaaaaAAAAAAAAA-!"
Hana Shiratori: "Ah..." Hana let out a silent whimper, too terrified and scared to truly react to everything that has happened so far.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Wasn't the girl ...didn't see that coming."
Chernobog: "Yes... I shall become the champion... But for that I must first gather strength... Feel worthy, children of man..."
The creature turned towards the group.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Awww, fuck."
Chernobog: Towards student and cultists alike, it spoke-
"You shall become my sustenance."
And then-
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Suck a big fat hairy dick."
Chernobog: Chernobog used Mamudoon! The power of darkness swallows their opponents...
Death (DC45)
rolling 1d100
= 25
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I'm not gluten-free!"
Chernobog: (Kazuma resists)
Chernobog used Mamudoon! The power of darkness swallows their opponents...
Death (DC45)
rolling 1d100
= 44
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy holds the girl and runs.
Chernobog: (Hane resists)
Chernobog used Mamudoon! The power of darkness swallows their opponents...
Death (DC45)
rolling 1d100
= 48
Chernobog used Mamudoon! The power of darkness swallows their opponents...
Death (DC45)
rolling 1d100
= 79
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (oh nooo)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (please don't be the only one who dies)
Chernobog: Chernobog used Mamudoon! The power of darkness swallows their opponents...
Death (DC45)
rolling 1d100
= 28
Chernobog used Mamudoon! The power of darkness swallows their opponents...
Chernobog: Death (DC45)
rolling 1d100
= 75
Hane Kanzaki: ( jesus i cut it close with the 44 )
Chernobog: Chernobog used Mamudoon! The power of darkness swallows their opponents...
Death (DC45)
rolling 1d100
= 14
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (I regret not punching harder)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "HANA, NO!"
Julia Takeshi: (welp.jpg)
Erl K. (GM): In a second, before Tommy's eyes, his sister collapses bonelessly to the grouond as a wake of darkness washes over the party.
Tommy Takeshi: He stops.
Erl K. (GM): So does Hana, and so does Hikaru.
Tommy Takeshi: Drops his cargo.
Erl K. (GM): Their bodies quickly become pale, and lose all life.

Tetsuo Yoshimoto rages
Tommy Takeshi: Looks blankly at the monster before them.
Erl K. (GM): For Darkness has taken them.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (I leave all my anime to my ghost)
Tommy Takeshi: And when he wants to rush in and end everything... the clarity of rage lets him remember.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "H-Hikaru..."
Julia Takeshi: (I will haunt chernobog forever)
Chernobog: "I am the Night God, Chernobog... I command Life and Death, and harbor the power of destruction."
Hane Kanzaki: She tries to shake Hana, as if it'll make her wake up, to no avail.
Tommy Takeshi: "You... mother... fucker..."

Tetsuo Yoshimoto screams wordlessly
Tommy Takeshi: Something knots tightly in the pit of his stomach.
Chernobog: "Children of Man... Resistance is futile."
Tommy Takeshi: He runs, but not at the monster.
"LUCIA!" he roars.
Julia Takeshi: (think what Julia would've done)
(that's right)
(punch chernobog in the dick)
Vri: (tets punch him in the junk once for me)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (gotchu fam)
Lucia Ferikawa: "! you're right!" Lucia quickly turns, aiming her gun at the COMP lying on the floor.
She fires.
The COMP is torn to bits by the successful shot, but like a nightmare refusing to fade... Chernobog remains there.
However... His expression just curls then.
Tommy Takeshi: "No..."
Hane Kanzaki: "Pull out your own, damnit, and do something!"
Chernobog: "You fools, what have you done!?"
"Wait... The woman has such a device?"
Hane Kanzaki: ( me and my big mouth )
Chernobog: The Night God turns towards Lucia, and immediately his focus has been lost from everyone in general to the group in particular.
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy realizes it instantly.
If one COMP can summon this thing, than another...
Erl K. (GM): The cultists immediately take that chance to run away.
Tommy Takeshi: "No!" he yells. "I'm the one that has it, you fucking.... MUSHROOM HEADED FUCK-FACE!"
Chernobog: The Night God frowns.
"Your soul speaks truer than your words, human. I have no time for your foolishness."
And then... Like a cruel god, the Night God raises its arm and gathers a typhon of energy in his hands.
At that moment-
Chernobog unleashed the power of Megido! The enemy was scathed by a terrible force!
Chernobog: rolling 4d10+40+45*2+18*2
= 182
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "MOVE!"
Hane Kanzaki: ( PLOT TPK )

Tetsuo Yoshimoto is blasted into the wall.
Erl K. (GM): The world becomes nothing but white.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "S-should'a taken my own... advice..."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (cutscenes are a cruel mistress)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: bleh


"Oh dear... It seems we have a lot of guests this time, don't we?"

IV: Hope in Azure Velvet

Hikaru Kuzunoha: "..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "W-what the..."
Hana Shiratori: "W, where..."

Hikaru Kuzunoha pinches Tets
Tommy Takeshi: "Julia... you were..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Ow."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "We dreaming?"
Julia Takeshi: "W-what..?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "No, fuckhead."

Tetsuo Yoshimoto punches him in the gut.
Hane Kanzaki: "If this is what the afterlife looks like, I..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "That's what you get fer dyin' on me, you shit."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Shame this would make a stupid-"
"I'll punch your lights out assface."
Julia Takeshi: Julia walks towards Tommy, and grabs his shoulder, with a serious look.
"Tell me... did you punch that mushroom headed fucker in the dick?"
Hane Kanzaki: "Hey, old man, are you here to pass judgment?"
Tommy Takeshi: "N-no."

Hikaru Kuzunoha clicks his tongue at himself
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hana-chan, you alright?"

Tetsuo Yoshimoto looks over, concerned.
Tommy Takeshi: "But, mushroom-headed fucker... I called him that before we died, I think."
Julia Takeshi: "Damnit, America has made you too soft!"
Hana Shiratori: "Y, yes..." Hana replied.
Julia Takeshi: "That's better."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "So what do you want goblin man?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Good," Tetsuo starts, "Er, sorry sir, little distracted, uh, who're you, what's this place?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Wait, where's Lucia?" Tommy looked around. "Maybe she made it..."
Igor: "Welcome... To the Velvet Room."
"This is a place tied to humanity's subconscious. A place where the souls of men can be found."
Julia Takeshi: Julia says nothing but once she notices her brother is mentally back on his feet, she nods satisfied and looks towards Igor.

Tetsuo Yoshimoto purses his lips.
Tommy Takeshi: This dude. Looks suspicious as FUCK.
Igor: "As for yourselves, it seems that you have met with a terrible fate at the hands of one of 'them'... It is quite unfortunate, indeed."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (bet he's laughing inside)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "By 'souls of men', do you mean.... are we dead?"
Hana Shiratori: ""Shh." Hana tried ti silence Tommy.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: 'Nah this is just the emergency ward genius."

Tetsuo Yoshimoto stomps on Hikaru's foot without looking.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Surprise we got prank-"
Julia Takeshi: "I... was covered in darkness and woke up here..."
Igor: "Well... Yes, and no. Normally, you would be moving on someplace else by now- But you see, when it comes to Demons, the lines of life and death are blurred."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Kiiiiiiiiiiil yooooooooou."
Tommy Takeshi: "So it really was a - fucking demon."

Hikaru Kuzunoha throws a lazy haymaker at tets

Tetsuo Yoshimoto catches it, frowning.
Tommy Takeshi: He blinks. "Wait, no. Demon's are supposed to be like, big, red, with horns and shit. That guy looked like he had a bad fungal infection."
Hana Shiratori: "Demon..." Hana muttered, remembering the towering entity... and the cold embrace of the darkness. She shivered.

Hikaru Kuzunoha stomps on tets foot as he goes to catch it
Igor: "Indeed... Though it might seem unreal to you, the creatures who you call 'Demons' or normally just 'monsters' are more real than you could believe."

Tetsuo Yoshimoto winces
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Payback jackass."
Julia Takeshi: Julia walks towards Hikaru and Tetsuo, and puts her arms around both their shoulders, smiling dangerously. "Maybe we should pay attention to the big-nosed man."
Igor: "However, it could be said... That they have only just become as real as they once were."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "I can multitask thank you very much>"

Tetsuo Yoshimoto ignores Julia and continues paying attention to Igor like he was doing before.
Hane Kanzaki: "So we're being held here because...?"
Igor: "How curious... You are the first to have fallen to this new age, and yet you have been brought before me not as victims... But people still full of will."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Those cultist guys, they did that weird ritual, mentioned a lord, so they're trying to make demons a thing again?"
Igor: "Ah, no, you are not being held here."

"Indeed... If My Master has summoned you to this place, it is because he holds an offer for you."

Julia Takeshi: "Hah. That's just a matter of course." Julia says to Igor in a boasting tone, but her yees are deadly serious.
Tommy Takeshi: "OH! So this is a near-death experience, right!? We're still alive! Because it's blurred!"
Julia Takeshi: "As if any of us would rest before punching that motherfucker in the dick!"
Hana Shiratori: "An offer...?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Your 'master', huh?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Oh joy deals with suspicious people after what feels like death, always wanted to live the anime life..."
Igor: "No, no, you have indeed died. Your bodies, at least, are mostly nothing but dust now."

Hikaru Kuzunoha curses
Tommy Takeshi: His sudden excitement dies just as fast as he did.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Well, at least I didn't shit my pants," Tetsuo mutters.
Igor: "If I were to let you go right now, your souls would likely proceed to move on."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Small victories."
Hane Kanzaki: "Nobody would know if you did, Tetsuro-kun."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Fuck no."
Tommy Takeshi: Shit. That means... he'll never see Nozomi again...
Igor: "However... If that dissatisfies you, my Master offers a way for you to return."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "I want to punch that sonofabitch until he's nothing more than paste."
Julia Takeshi: "So it's deal or death, huh? So what's that deal about?"
Tommy Takeshi: "I"ll take it!"
Igor: "The deal is simple."
Tommy Takeshi: "...I mean, I'll hear it!"
Igor: Igor places seven papers on the table, exactly the same number as the people before the man.
All of them read the same line:
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (game over nerds)
Igor: "I accept full responsibility for the actions I will take here onwards."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Ominous."
Hana Shiratori: "..." Hana silently agreed with Tetsuo.
Tommy Takeshi: "...wait a sec." At first glance it sounds not too bad. After all, everyone is responsible for what they do. But then...
Igor: "That is all. There is no other thing that can be asked of humans, after all." Igor quietly laughs to himself.
Tommy Takeshi: "Your Master's not one of those demons, right?"
"I'm not gonna go to hell or anything if I sign this?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: What exactly were we going to be doing...?
Hane Kanzaki: "...Do you have a pen?"
Igor: "No... My master, Philemon, fancies himself as a guardian of humanity."
Julia Takeshi: "Hah. I've always lived my life this way." Julia says out loud, and advances towards the table.
Hane Kanzaki: "We don't have any other alternatives, you know. either you have faith or you don't."
Julia Takeshi: "I'll take it."
Tommy Takeshi: "Julia, you can't just-!"
Igor: "For many eons, he has watched over the collective unconsciousness of humanity, working behind the scenes to ensure that humanity can journey to find their answer."
Tommy Takeshi: "Can't leave you alone for one second-!"
He catches up to her and snatches up his own paper.
Igor: "However... Humanity is truly impressive. To think that they could use the power of the unconscious to call forth a true netherworld..."
Julia Takeshi: "Heh. Not quite that soft, eh, Bro?" Julia laughs silently
Igor: "In any case, I digress."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "We sign the paper, we get the deal."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Go go shitlord humans." Hikaru says in a monotone voice
Igor: "If you sign this contract, I shall unlock the potential hidden in your subconscious."
"The same potential that the humans you met used to bring forth the Demons."
Tommy Takeshi: What, like ESP?
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "So where the not dying part come into play."
Julia Takeshi: Oh boy I hope I get lightning
Igor: "Something like that... It uses not psychic energy, but something called 'Magnetite', the very flow of existence."
Tommy Takeshi: "...sounds brutal."
"I'm in."
Hane Kanzaki: "...Isn't that the same thing the cultists mentioned?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "That thing the cultist mentioned. What he used to summon tall dark and murdery."
Igor: "Indeed... The power that lies behind your subconscious is also the one that the Demons seek."
Julia Takeshi: "Yeah, it got that magnetite from the girl... wait, was that girl still alive when you grabbed her, Bro?"
Tommy Takeshi: "I owe that mushroom-head a punch to the hyphae for mercing my lil' sis."
"We'll see when we get back."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hope this isn't gonna be one of those 'you've been dead for however many years' scenarios."
Igor: "That is why they will devour, or enslave men to their nature and ideals... So that their 'Domain' will grow to consume the world."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "The question would more likely be would she still be alive after shitlord was done with us."
"Gonna bet no."
Igor: "But I have spoken too much. It is for the best that you find out about the world you are heading into through your own journey."
Tommy Takeshi: "Wait, what about Lucia?"
"There was one more of us."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Yeah, actually."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Guess she got lucky."
Tommy Takeshi: "She's just as hard-headed as I am!"
Julia Takeshi: "If she's not here... maybe she survived?"
Igor: "Lucia? I... I do not know. My Master has not told me of such a person."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hmm."
Igor: "I am afraid I cannot answer."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Ya don't say..."
Hana Shiratori: "We can only hope she survives."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Wonder what that means."
Tommy Takeshi: "...she's gotta be alive, then. If she died, she'd definitely end up here too."
Igor: "Well then, what shall you do?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hopefully, but, to the point at hand."
Igor: Igor clasps his hands, and waits for everyone to answer.

Tetsuo Yoshimoto picks up a piece of paper.

Hana Shiratori: "It's not like there is any other choice."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "So to be clear is this come back from the dead with powers not get power in the next life shit right?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Always been going on a roll of the dice, might as well charge full-steam ahead."
Hana Shiratori: She couldn't die yet. Not when there is still so much more to do.

Igor chuckles
Igor: "Indeed."

Hikaru Kuzunoha clicks his tongue
Tommy Takeshi: "I'm in. Do we gotta sign it in blood or something? I think I still have that knife..."
Igor: "No, no."
Hane Kanzaki: "I hope we aren't that barbaric."
Igor: Igor gestured to seven quills that have appeared on the table.
Tommy Takeshi: "It's not barbaric. It's metal."
Igor: "Simply sign with your full name."
Hana Shiratori: "This is it then..."
Julia Takeshi: "Of course I'm in, I've already said it." Julia simply states with full confidence, and is the first to sign with her name.
Tommy Takeshi: "This is... well, classy, I guess."
Hane Kanzaki: She hastily takes the quill and signs.

Hana Shiratori signs her name.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "If this turns out to be a shitty rigged deal i'm coming after you next."

Hikaru Kuzunoha signs

Tetsuo Yoshimoto picks up his quill and signs.
Tommy Takeshi: He grabs a quill and scribbles it down in blocky English letters: Thomas Takeshi
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Also a tip for the future if your going to run some stupid jrpg with its head so far up its own ass it can see out its own mouth at least get a cute girl in a sexy outfit buddy."
Tommy Takeshi: "So, Igor... what's this Philemon guy expect from us?"
"You said he's a guardian of humanity, right? He want us to fight the demons, or something?"
"Cus I'm into that, too."
Igor: "Only that you fulfill what is in the contract."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "That we be responsible for our actions."
Julia Takeshi: "Can you get a master at punching demons?"
Igor: "We cannot give you any other mission... For it is part of the Journey that you find your own."
Tommy Takeshi: "Oooooh, I get it. Just be human, right?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "I hate responsibility and that shit."
Hana Shiratori: "To be responsible then..."
Hane Kanzaki: "Can you not sound like sexist trash, Kuzunoha?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Cus it was humans that caused this mess."
"And humans gonna fix it."
Igor: "Yes... Be human. That's the best answer you could find."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "It's a mental problem, be kind."
Hane Kanzaki: "Ah, well, these are kind terms."

Igor laughs.
Erl K. (GM): So did everyone sign?
Julia Takeshi: "Heh. Well then..."
Tommy Takeshi: (ye)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (mhm)
Hana Shiratori: (indeed)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (yeyeye)
Hane Kanzaki: ( yes )
Erl K. (GM): Let's get with character creation then
Julia Takeshi: "I hope this time I do a better job of protecting my friends." She mutters bitterly to herself.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "You should try those kinds of outfits Hane it would do wonders for your popularity."

V. It Might Be a Weird Sex Thing

Igor: "Very well then, step forward... Tetsuo Yoshimoto."

Tetsuo Yoshimoto makes sure that Kazuma signs.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Ah, oh, okay."
Hane Kanzaki: "Shut your mouth before I strangle you."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Try it."

Hikaru Kuzunoha blows raspberry at Hane
Igor: "I shall proceed to read your subconscious, and find the potential dormant inside of you..."
rolling 3d20
= 18
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Please don't be a weird sex thing
Hana Shiratori: (oo)
Hane Kanzaki: ( im literally gorssed out rn )
( i just want fair treatment )
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (he's just gotta get all up inside you))
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (I hope that's not terrible)
Igor: Igor proceeds to reach for a deck that suddenly appears on the table, and closes his eyes in concentration.

Hana Shiratori pats Hane while shooting Kuzunoha a look
Igor: The next moment... With a flick of the wrist, three cards lie on the table.

Hikaru Kuzunoha makes faces at the girls
Igor: http://megamitensei.wikia.com/wiki/Priestess_Arcana
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (i'm da besto)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (tfw death)
Julia Takeshi: Julia pats both Hana and Hane's shoulders. "Don't feed the troll."
Igor: "Oooh... The Wheel of Fortune, The Priestess, and the Death Arcana..."
Tommy Takeshi: "Hikaru, dude, this is grade school shit..." He does his best to ignore what's going on with Tetsuo, and hopes it's not some weird sex thing.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (hey tets did you know that your dead? Guess what your super dead!)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Not as dead as you, loser)

Igor: Igor's eyebrows raise. "For your potential to have three different paths... Is this the onset of human possibility that Philemon saw?"
Igor gestured at the cards left on the table.

Tetsuo Yoshimoto peers closer.

Igor: "You must pick one of these three cards. They shall be the ones to determine the strongest power you will awaken to."
"If you wish, I can explain to you their meaning."

Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hm, it's been awhile, so, go ahead, don't wanna get any preconceptions."

Igor: "The Wheel of Fortune... It is a card that speaks of the ability to defy fate itself. It belongs to a human who has faith in luck and the possibilities they can bring about. A card of miracles and misfortunes alike... Powerful, but at the same whimsical as fate itself."

Erl K. (GM): Choosing Fortune will give you the Hero Aid trait, effective immediately, which will boost your Crit Chance by 25% for ANY ability that you learn, physical or magical.
It will also allow you to unlock useful passives that boost EXP gain, recover HP and MP after critical hits, as well as a unique line of skills that allow you to consume Macca to bring about powerful but random effects.
EXP and Macca gain*
As for elemental affinities, the wheel of fortune is strong in wind, fire and light, but weak to Dark.

Igor: "The Priestess... A card that represents untapped power and boundless wisdom. With its power, you will become a beacon to nurture and safeguard the party. A strong guard, but one that depends on the power of others."

Erl K. (GM): Choosing Priestess will give you the High Heal Pleroma trait, which doubles the power of your healing spells. It will also make you resistant to status ailments.
The Priestess unlocks useful support and healing abilities, and has a unique line of spells that allow her to change the resistances of allies, reducing their weaknesses and safeguarding them from having their flaws exploited.
As for elemental affinities, the Priestess is strong in Fire, Ice and Light. but moderately weak to Phys and Gun.

Igor: "The Death... A card that represents Death, as well as a sudden and inevitable transition in your life. Picking Death means embracing the inevitability of change, but also learning to live with it and in turn attaining great strength from it."

Erl K. (GM): Choosing Death will give you the Deathless trait, which grants 100% immunity to instant death spells and allows you to endure with 1 HP once after taking a lethal blow.
It also allows you to learn passives that boost the success rate of instant death attacks, passives that let you harvest HP and MP from fallen foes, and a unique line of Almighty-based spells that can inflict instant death.
As for elemental affinity, Death is strong in Dark and weak to Light.
Igor: "Well... What do you choose?"

Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo taps the table, looking over the cards thoughtfully, the Priestess, well, he did have a soft spot for... certain people, and maybe he liked lookin after 'em, but it didn't really sit well, picking that.

Death, looking at the skull on the card made him nervous, unconsciously, reminding him of the hungry darkness that had sucked away his friend's lives, no matter how he waved it off, it stuck in his head, but to gain power from that...

Fortune, he smiled, he'd always been fond of Fortune, a roll of the dice, leave it up to Fate and charge on ahead. Miracles and Mistakes alike.
"I'll," He swallowed, fuck it, "I'll go with Fortune," he tapped the card. "It's served me this well, might as well acknowledge it."
Igor: Igor nodded solemnly.
"Then it is done."
"Now, come forward... Hikaru Kuzunoha."
rolling 3d20
= 42
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "So what'cha got man."
Igor: rolling 1d20
= 9
rolling d20
= 2
Igor flips the cards once again.
"The Chariot... The Hermit, and the Priestess. Three cards once more!" He exclaimed.

Hikaru Kuzunoha motions for an explanation
Erl K. (GM): (Imma just skip the Igor verbose shit)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (prolly a good choice)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (boop)

Erl K. (GM): Choosing Chariot will instantly grant you the Overlimit trait, which allows you to enter a state of superheated strength where your physical attacks ignore resistances and you deal more physical damage and hits while it is active, but it only works for 3 turns every battle.
It also consumes HP every turn.
The Chariot will allow you to learn passives based on keeping up a relentless barrage of physical attacks, keeping your HP up to burn you stamina at the enemy and giving you ways to overcome those more densely protected against physical attacks. It also unlocks a unique line of skills that deal several hits to all enemies at once.
As for elemental affinity, the Chariot is Strong against Phys and Gun, but has poor magical defense.

Choosing Hermit will grant you the Ailment Pierce trait, which allows you to inflict ailments upon enemies even through their reistances to it.
The Hermit will allow you to learn passives based around resisting ailments and recovering MP, as well as inflicting more damage to enemies inflicted with ailments. It also unlocks a unique line of skills that inflict several ailments at once.
Erl K. (GM): As for elemental affinity, the Hermit is strong in Wind and Dark, but weak to Phys.

Igor: "Now then... Make your choice."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: Staring at the cards silently, he can't help but let his nervousness show on his face. A quiet moment of fidgeting passes until he finally snatches the card. "Fuck it always wanted a sweet set of wheels."
(forgive me i'm standard)

Igor: "Then it is done."
Hana Shiratori: (erl can I change the star to priestess)
(nevermind erl, I'll believe the dice)
Igor: "Now, come forth... Hana Shiratori."
rolling 3d20
= 53
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (check em)
Igor: rolling 1d20
= 5

Hana Shiratori looked closer at the cards
Igor: "The Star... The Devil... And the Hierophant.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (sexy devil hana go!)
Hana Shiratori: "So... what do they mean?" She asks, nervously glancing at the devil.
Erl K. (GM): Choosing the Hierophant gives you the Wiseman skill, becoming immune to all mind-affecting alignments (Charm, Silence, Confusion, etc.).
The Hierophant allows you to learn strong support passives, buffs and debuffs as well as healing spells. It also has a unique line of spells that can supercharge the entire party's attacks at the cost of some tradeoffs.
As for elemental affinities, the Hierophant has no weaknesses but slightly resists Dark.

Choosing the Star gives you the Mana Yang skill, halving the MP cost of all magic spells.
Erl K. (GM): The Star allows you to learn MP support passives, including ones that can restore the entire party's MP over time. It has a unique line of spells that inflict almighty damage with lasting effects over time.
As for elemental affinities, the Star is strong to Light and Dark but weak to Fire and Phys.

Choosing the Devil gives you the Tyranny (uguu) trait, which fully recovers your HP and MP after slaying an enemy. It also increases your ability to negotiate with Chaos-aligned demons.
The Devil learns passives that boosts the power of Darkness and shields against its anathema, and has a unique line of spells that deal damage while also debilitating foes in numerous ways.
as for elemental affinity, the Devil is strong with Dark and Ice but weak to Wind.

Igor: "Now then... Make your choice."
Hana Shiratori: Hana looked at all three cards. Wisdom, Hope and Temptation... She wondered what that means for her as a person. She doesn't want The Devil, that much is clear, but which should she choose between Star and Hierophant?
Soon, however, the answer becomes clear.
It is hope that always made one able to go on with life. Without hope, then all might as well be lost and meaningless; and in this time of uncertainty, what she and the others need are hope, more than any other.
And that's why she answered: "The star. I pick The Star."
Igor: "Then it is so."

"Now, step forth... Julia Takeshi."
Julia Takeshi: Julia steps forwards confidently, only pausing to nod at Hana before strolling towards the table. "C'mon, show my draws." She said almost giddily.
Igor: rolling 3d20
= 24
"Strength, The Hanged Man... And the Empress."
Julia Takeshi: "Niiice."
Tommy Takeshi: "You don't even know what they are."
Julia Takeshi: "But they sound cool! That's what matters, silly."

Erl K. (GM): Choosing Strength will grant the trait Unstoppable Warrior to the character, changing all of their normal attacks to the Phys/Almighty element and increasing the power of Phys and Gun skills.
Strength allows one to learn passives that increase the effectiveness of physical and gun skills and critical hits, abilities that reduce the defense of foes and strengthen themselves, and gain a unique line of Phys/Almighty skills.
As for elemental affinities, Strength is strong in Phys and Gun but lacks magic defenses, and is weak to Ice.

Choosing the Hanged Man will grant the Enlightened Shield trait, effectively giving them a 'Resistance' effect to all attributes except almighty, but including ailments and instant death.
The Hanged Man grants abilities that sacrifice the user's stats to debilitate those of others, and grants a unique line of abilities that allow one to make enemies temporarily weak to a random element.
temporarily weakened*

Erl K. (GM): The Hanged Man is strong in Ice and Dark, and has no weaknesses.
Choosing the Empress gives the Captivating Presence trait, effectively granting a buff effect to all of the party's characters after the end of every turn that the Empress remains alive. It also increases the power of healing skills and charm-based spells.
The Empress learns passives that boost the effectiveness of Charm, Healing and Ice, recovering HP and MP for the entire party over time, and has a unique line of abilities that inflict Almighty-damage layered with Charm.
As for elemental affinities, the Empress is very strong in Ice but weak to Lightning.

Igor: "Now then... Make your choice."
Julia Takeshi: There was a long moment of silence as Julia's eyes darted first at the Empress card, then at the Hanged Man card, and finally at the Strength card.
She was smart enough to understand that these three cards, in a way, defined her.. In a way, this was akin to asking her what path she would choose to pursue, and she had decided her path a long time ago.
The way she sought to protect her friends in this new, insane world was...
Igor: "Then it is so."
"Now then, come forth... Tommy Takeshi."
rolling 3d20
= 11
Erl K. (GM): >triple magician
yeah ok
Tommy Takeshi: Hesitating, he steps forth.
Erl K. (GM): guess whats coming
Tommy Takeshi: (wait wat)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (fucking wizard)
Hana Shiratori: (sasuga)
Tommy Takeshi: (i dont understand)
Igor: "The Magician, the Hermit, and..."
Igor's eyes linger on the final card, his eyes wide
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (fffffffff)
Igor: http://megamitensei.wikia.com/wiki/Fool_Arcana
Hana Shiratori: (OOOOOOOOOHHHHH)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (son of bitch)
Tommy Takeshi: (that sounds bad)
Hana Shiratori: (Tommy is the mc confirmed)
Julia Takeshi: (oh my)
Igor: "The Fool... The sign of infinite possibilities..." Igor muttered.
Tommy Takeshi: "Eh?"
Igor: "Marvelous..."
Julia Takeshi: "The fool? Very fitting for him!" Julia joked in the distance
Igor: "Yes, boy! The Fool Arcana! To you, it may look underwhelming, but this card... It is the zero."
Tommy Takeshi: "S-shut up, Julia, it's only one of three!"
Igor: "Empty, yet full of possibilities... The void from where all cards originate."
Tommy Takeshi: "Wait, what?"
Igor: "Even I cannot predict what powers the Fool will bring you..."
Erl K. (GM): Choosing the Fool will grant no special trait nor will it grant any weaknesses or strength.
However, the Fool is able to learn any skill that his allies, demon or man, have learned, excepting for unique skills.
He can only hold so many at once, however.
Eventually, the Fool may reach its true power...
Tommy Takeshi: (for the sake of posterity lets pretend im not auto picking the fool and tell me what the magician does)

Erl K. (GM): The Magician grants the trait Awakening, which sharply increases the damage of all magical spells.
Choosing the Magician grants passives that boost the power of Fire magic, empower magic, recover MP, and unlocks a unique line of spells that deal Fire damage which becomes a weakened Almigthy spell if resisted.
The Magician is very strong in Fire, but weak to Ice.
Tommy Takeshi: (see i'd have picked that normally but)
"Aw, hell..."
He doesn't wanna be a dumbass, but...

The Hermit and the Wizard sounds so LAME. An old bearded dude and someone that lives alone all the time? Like hell!
"Uh, well, t-the Fool, I guess..."

Igor's eyes shine. "I am glad you made that choice."

"Now... Come forth, Hane Kanzaki."

Tommy shuffles back in line, sulking. Everyone but him got something cool-sounding.
He glares at Julia. "Don't, even."

Hane Kanzaki: "Well, let's see..."

Igor: "The Moon, the Hierophant... And the Empress."

Julia Takeshi: "It's okay bro, I won't mention nothing about you being a zero!"

She playfully elbowed him.
Tommy Takeshi: "M-my marks aren't even that bad..."
Erl K. (GM): Choosing the Moon will grant the Lunatic Edge trait, which adds a portion of one's Magic to physical damage and viceversa, and allows one to cast spells with HP should MP run out.
The Moon grants passives that boost MP and HP recovery, increase the effectiveness of Ice and Gun attacks, and grants a unique line of abilities that deal Physical and Elemental damage at the same time, hitting whichever is weakest.
The Moon has no weaknesses, but is strong in Gun.

Igor: "Now... make your choice."

Erl K. (GM): Choosing the Empress gives the Captivating Presence trait, effectively granting a buff effect to all of the party's characters after the end of every turn that the Empress remains alive. It also increases the power of healing skills and charm-based spells.
The Empress learns passives that boost the effectiveness of Charm, Healing and Ice, recovering HP and MP for the entire party over time, and has a unique line of abilities that inflict Almighty-damage layered with Charm.
As for elemental affinities, the Empress is very strong in Ice but weak to Lightning.

Choosing the Hierophant gives you the Wiseman skill, becoming immune to all mind-affecting alignments (Charm, Silence, Confusion, etc.).
The Hierophant allows you to learn strong support passives, buffs and debuffs as well as healing spells. It also has a unique line of spells that can supercharge the entire party's attacks at the cost of some tradeoffs.
As for elemental affinities, the Hierophant has no weaknesses but slightly resists Dark.

Hane Kanzaki: She pauses for a long while, finger on her lip.

"The Moon."

Igor: And Igor simply nods.
"Then it is so."

And that was our first session, so to speak, cutting out a lot of chaff and leaving out the rather large "Pre-Game" as it were, we hope you've enjoyed this experience of what might be a Sentai Team of incredibly sassy people who fight demons with no healers because we're cool dudes.

March 25th, 2017, 03:40 AM
Holy shit, this is beyond good. You're the real hero morm, so thank you for your hard work!

March 25th, 2017, 04:33 AM
when nobody heals

everyone does damage

March 25th, 2017, 04:36 AM
well combat is two sides of an equation

if u subtract on one side (damage)

then it's like adding on the other (healing)

this logic is flawless and i will hear no word against it

March 28th, 2017, 09:02 PM

VI. The New World Fools

"So you have all chosen your paths, then..."
"Ah, I almost forgot. Now that the moment of tension has passed, allow me to introduce myself."
"My name... Is Igor."
"The place which you see before you is the Velvet Room, a place where the collective unconscious of humanity can be accessed. A place detached from space and time... A world beyond, so to speak."
"Should we meet again, it is likely that your issues will be addressed by one of my subordinates.
"Now then... It is time for me to fulfill my part of the deal."
Igor: Igor stood up, and moved towards the gates that stood behind him.
With a flick of his fingers, the entire room shuddered to a stop. The same moment, you realized you had been inside an elevator all this time.
"This is where you get off. It is not your final stop, but rather the first step that you must take in your new journey."
"Come now, don't be shy. Step through the gates, whenever you are prepared."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Thanks for the lift, uh, Mr. Igor. Give my regards to your boss." Tetsuo offered his hand.
Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma stumbles, slightly jarred as the elevator comes to a stop. It didn't really look like one. It was definitely disconcerting.
Julia Takeshi.: Julia didn't lose any time in idle chatter, just nodding at Igor before quickly moving towards the door, anxious and curious.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Thank you, Mr. Igor."
Hana Shiratori: Hana looked at the gates of the elevator, determined to stay hopeful no matter what lies ahead of them all.
"Thank you, Mr. Igor. For everything."
Igor: "It is not me you should thank, child. You signed the contract, after all. This too, is something you must hold yourself responsible for."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I'd tip ya, but I don't seem to have any change."

Tetsuo Yoshimoto winks, and then sets toward the doors.
Igor: "And thank you all, for showing me such wonderful potential. I look forward to see what you will do with your lives."
Hana Shiratori: She then looked at Tetsuo before she followed after him.
Igor: Igor shakes Tommy's hand, smiling all the while.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Thank-- er... sorry."
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy blinks. "Oh, uh, yeah, thanks."
Igor: "Until we meet again... Do try your best to survive."

Kazuma Ryumori is somewhat uncomfortable but he offers his hand for Igor to shake.
Tommy Takeshi: "Be seeing ya. But maybe under better circumstances next time."
He shuffles forward and steps through the gate.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Sorry about my sorry appearance when I came in by the way. This is why I avoid alcohol."
Igor: After shaking Ryumori's hand, Igor claps him on the back.
"Now, now. You'd best get going as well."
Kazuma Ryumori: He heads through the gate after the others.
He gives Igor a single nod.
Erl K. (GM): And so, the party stepped through the gates.
Kazuma Ryumori: Somehow, he seemed less frightening.
Igor: "..."
Igor watches as a blue butterfly flies through the room.
"What is your grand plan in this, Master...?"

Lucia Ferikawa: On that day, the world changed.
The reality which Man had built, where they continued to build marvels that drove them close to the realm of God, awakened that which should not ever be awoken.
They reaped from the Fruit of Knowledge, and opened the gate to a world beyond their understanding.
Yes... In their hubris, Man roused the beings that sleep between the stars in the sky, those that lurk beneath the shadows, and those that hail from the depths of the earth.
A time of trials will soon fall upon the Children of Man, the same kind as those that took place milennia ago.
Will they reject the coming tide once more, at the price of a terrible Catastrophe?
Lucia Ferikawa: Will they seek refuge in the Kingdom of Saints, and in the time of need reinvent themselves before the Lord?
Or will mankind surpass what their creator expected of them, and bring about a world of their own make and rule?
The world that these humans will create...
...I cannot wait to see it...

Erl K. (GM): begins here.

Erl K. (GM): As you woke up, the light of the sun greeted your eyes, morning having dawned on the world.
However... The world before you... Was one that you didn't recognize.
It was the same hangout. The same furniture, the same scorched remnants of the cultists and their ritual, the same dilapadated building...
But the buildings around you, all of them in various states of destruction or damage, were DEFINITELY not in the same state.

Kazuma Ryumori: "What... what happened to everything...?"
Tommy Takeshi: "...how long..."
"How long were we out?"
Hana Shiratori: "Is this... supposed to be the same...?"
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy looks at himself.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Uh... Well, um."
Tommy Takeshi: He should be ash, right?
Kazuma Ryumori: "Mom, Dad!"
Tommy Takeshi: He blinks. "Nozomi..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He pulls out his cell, checks for reception.
Hana Shiratori: While she is definitely glad all of them make it out alive, this sight... this sight is definitely something she didn't expect
To stay hopeful... might be a bit difficult if the state of the world is like this, but...
Kazuma Ryumori: His parents were the first thing Kazuma thought about. Were his family even alive? What was going on?! He broke into a run, making for the stairs.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: As he taps through the display, he has to force himself not to shake.
Kazuma Ryumori: He had to know.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hey! Don't run off by yourself!"

Kazuma Ryumori: "How can you say that?! Look at all this!"
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy looks around. What about the cultists? What about Lucia? The girl?
Hana Shiratori: Hana Shiratori, for now, closes her eyes and take a few deep breaths. She needed to be calm in a situation like this.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Yeah, I am, and that's why I'm sayin' we gotta stick together, idiot!"
Tommy Takeshi: Are they the only ones...?

Kazuma Ryumori: "I can't see any people! Are our families even alive?!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Runnin' off like a chicken with it's head cut off is gonna change anything, is it?!"
Hana Shiratori: When she opened her eyes, she already see her friends bickering.
"Please calm down, you two."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I-I..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I'm perfectly calm."
Kazuma Ryumori: "You're right. I... I have to think about this rationally. It's just..."

Tetsuo Yoshimoto forces himself to chill out, though.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Sorry."
Tommy Takeshi: "I'm kinda in that state where I'm either calm or completely fucked but it kinda evens out."
"Everyone alright at least?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Looks that way."
Hana Shiratori: "I think so."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Guessin the whack-jobs didn't get the same deal we did."

Kazuma Ryumori tries to shop shaking, but can barely keep his heart from trying to beat its way out of his chest.
Tommy Takeshi: "Kaz, your head cleared up? I got some Advil if you need it."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I. I have no idea what I am..."

Tetsuo Yoshimoto skirts around a scorched corpse, face tinged with green.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "You're alive, and that's what matters right now."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I know..."
Thanks Tetsuo.
Hana Shiratori: "Let's just adjust ourselves for the moment... rushing out without any plans or ideas won't help us accomplish anything."

Tetsuo Yoshimoto is trying to get a call out.
Tommy Takeshi: "Yeah, you're still the same dork." He claps a hand on the boy's shoulder. That's being supportive, right?

Kazuma Ryumori checks his phone and dials his mother's cell number.
Hana Shiratori: Come to think of it, she recorded the happening of that night in her phone... Does she still has it...?
Erl K. (GM): Suddenly, Tetsuo's eyes catch glimpse of something.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "!"
Erl K. (GM): Lying on top of one of the courtyard's worn tables, tossed along with some of the cultist knives and amulets that remained there, is a single white page looking like it belonged to a diary.
But more importantly, he recognized the handwriting as Lucia's.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "The hell is this...?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Tetsuo, what are you looking at?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He picks it up, examining it.
"S'a diary page, looks like Lucia's writin' too."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Lucia's?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He looked around, "Maybe she got out okay."
Tommy Takeshi: "She must've made it!"
Hana Shiratori: "Really?" She walked closer to Tetsuo, curious for the page held in his hand.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He shows it off openly, squinting at the writing.
Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma hurried over to Tetsuo and Hana, and looks at the page.
Julia Takeshi: Julia, who had remained silent until now, also walks over to look at the page
Lucia Ferikawa: "I managed to escape. Somehow, I did it. That bastard... He turned them all to dust, right before my eyes... I couldn't do anything, I- Hikaru- (the writing becomes unintelligible for a moment)"
"...This is the place where that monster appeared. I am leaving this here in hopes that someone may learn from what I have seen that night, and the two other nights I have spent amidst this nightmare."
Tommy Takeshi: "Two nights?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "TWO NIGHTS?!"
Tommy Takeshi: "We've been gone for two days??"
Julia Takeshi: "It's been... two days...?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "And... Turned to dust...?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Three nights, countin' the first."
Julia Takeshi: "Damnit... Tommy, this is bad, we need to... find our folks..." Julia sounds shocked and dispirited, perhaps for the very first time as she looks around to the ruined downtown.
Hana Shiratori: "Lucia..." Hana muttered, wondering what the girl might be feeling. Left all alone, seeing her friends die...
Kazuma Ryumori: "What is this?"
"What in the hell is this?!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hopefully not Apes running the world."
Hana Shiratori: "But if this happens in merely two to three nights..."

Kazuma Ryumori almost laughs despite himself.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "It's more likely to be Shoom-Head and whatever else he dragged out of the pit with 'im."
Erl K. (GM): The letter continued.

Tetsuo Yoshimoto spat.
Tommy Takeshi: "They'll be fine." he says firmly, more to himself than Julia. "Our folks are a bunch of stubborn fuckers that won't die even if you scream at them to. They'll have evacuated for sure."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hush up, there's more."
Lucia Ferikawa: "...If you are reading this letter and aren't one of 'them', then you either already have what you need to survive... Or you have spent all this time running in fear or seeking shelter."
Hana Shiratori: "... Them?"
Julia Takeshi: "Demons?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Don't tell me zombies."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Probably demons."
Kazuma Ryumori: "If it's zombies, I'm out."
Tommy Takeshi: "...demons can read?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Who's to say that both ain't true, though."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Demons, I've seen now. I think I can handle a couple more..."
Tommy Takeshi: "Well, I guess there's no reasons they couldn't."
Hana Shiratori: "Does that mean the demon from that night could turn people to demons?"
Julia Takeshi: "... I'm just thinking out loud but... I know we're all worried about our family, but searching for Lucia might be our first priority" Julia blinks, as she slowly starts regaining her bearings.
Kazuma Ryumori: "If they can read, maybe some of them can be reasoned with?"
No, the mere notion was ludicrous. But the thought was already out of his mouth.
Tommy Takeshi: "That's radical - I mean, aw fuck, that's bad."
Julia Takeshi: "I mean, she probably knows the most about what's going on... and more importantly, she has a COMP."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Let's not make any assumptions."
Erl K. (GM): The letter continued.
Lucia Ferikawa: "For those of you who are in the run, let me give you advice. The creatures which have invaded our city, just like the monster that killed my friends, are known as 'Demons'."
"They are creatures taken straight from fantasy and myth, with powers as diverse as they are terrifying. More importantly, the weapons of mortals are mildly to completely ineffective against them."
"If you wish to survive this world, even if for example you traveled to a police station and found survivors there, there is no guarantee they would be able to help you. Rid yourself of the common sense of your old life- It will not serve you here."
"There are only two ways to deal with Demons. Hopefully, none of you are part of the first choice, if so this letter has fallen into the wrong hands and I will regret having written it."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "First choice?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "That sounds... bad..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Maybe Hana was right..."
Julia Takeshi: "Survivors..." Julia said, voice shaking. That sounded like the goddamn apocalypse had happened.
Hana Shiratori: "Still, all of this is really detailed."
Tommy Takeshi: "Goddamn it."
Erl K. (GM): (I'll wait a bit)
Kazuma Ryumori: "Hikaru, you're all right!"
Tommy Takeshi: "If we'd just capped that cult leader, this wouldn't have happened."
Kazuma Ryumori: "We... we found this letter."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Lucia wrote it, shit went down, demon's an shit, yo."
Julia Takeshi: "Not like we could've done anything, Bro." Julia sighed depressedly. "The other cultists got in the way before we could do anything..."
She looked around towards the rest of the group. "Are we all in agreement that we should search for Lucia?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'm in favor."
Tommy Takeshi: "Yeah."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "You got anywhere to look?"
Tommy Takeshi: "She wrote that letter right? So she's probably still around here somewhere."
Hana Shiratori: "She does seems to be the most reliable person... besides, she might be all alone out there."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I was thinking we go and try and check on our folks, try and get the lay of the land before anything else."
Tommy Takeshi: He scratches his head. "It's a letter. Not like it's post-dated or anything. We might be reading it like, a week after she wrote it and left it here."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Maybe find some 'survivors', see if they've heard of her."
Tommy Takeshi: The idea's not a pleasant one.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I mean, for all we know, she might not even be in the city anymore."
Julia Takeshi: "There are no guarantees, but... at the very least we should search the house and see how the condition is in the street before anything else."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Sounds like a good step forward."
Hana Shiratori: "I agree."
"Oh, and are we sure the letter is finished?"
Erl K. (GM): The letter continues (but I'm waiting on Vri)
Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma nods in agreement. He hadn't been in his right mind up until a few moments ago, so he'd just follow the others' lead for now.

Tetsuo Yoshimoto clears his throat
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "oh cute lucy thought of me score."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Seriously?"
Erl K. (GM): I laughed
Kazuma Ryumori: "That's what you got out of this?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "We've all got our priorities."
Julia Takeshi: Julia stares at the note and tries to glean how old it is through the ink.

Tetsuo Yoshimoto rolls eyes
Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma just shakes his head.
Hana Shiratori: "Somethings just never change it seems..."
Tommy Takeshi: He can't help but snort. At least Hikaru's still himself.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Time and place for mackin' on ladies, my dude."
Kazuma Ryumori: "That's our Hikaru, though."
Hana Shiratori: At least it brightens the mood, Hana thought to herself.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "You'll never stop me."
Erl K. (GM): The letter continues.
Hana Shiratori: She shot Hikaru a look of gratitude before she continue to read the letter.
Lucia Ferikawa: "Your first choice is to offer yourself to a Demon Lord. These are Demons that have become strong enough to forge a Domain for themselves. If you are lucky, the Demon will find value in your soul and allow you to keep your life and sanity at the cost of your free will... Giving you the power to survive by his side as an eternal slave."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Welp."
Hana Shiratori: "So that's how it is..."
Tommy Takeshi: "Fuck that."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Oh, god...
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "You think if we beat up demons we can pull the same kinda jazz?"
Lucia Ferikawa: "If found wanting... Then you will likely just become a mindless thrall, no more than a repugnant creature to feast on other humans' Magnetite to be returned to your Lord, alongside your own."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Cuz I ain't taking orders from anybody."
Tommy Takeshi: "I mean don't get me wrong it'd be metal as FUCK, but I ain't touching Mushroom head with anything but a fucking chainsaw."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He reads on, nonetheless.
Julia Takeshi: "Oh come on, the manly thing is to just punch it." Julia replied to her brother, clenching her fist and totally not noticing the irony in her words.
Tommy Takeshi: "Oh I'll do more than that. When I find that bastard..."
Lucia Ferikawa: "Finding a Demon Lord should not be difficult... They love to announce their presence and mark their territories, and the fights between their followers are anything but subtle. Be wary of nearing those locations, however. These Demons are not called 'Lords' over nothing."
Hana Shiratori: "That leaves us with the second option." Hana said quietly. "Thankfully it should be much better than the first, if what Lucia wrote is of any indication."
Tommy Takeshi: He knows it's just posturing. The letter made it clear normal humans stood no chance. Maybe if someone dropped a nuke... but nah, Japan didn't need any more of those.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "That doesn't sound hard."
Lucia Ferikawa: "But I will speak no further on that account. Unless you are truly desperate, do not seek to join the ranks of Demons. Were I given the choice, I would sooner die."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: Muttering under his breath "Like i'm letting any of my friends die on my watch again.'
Lucia Ferikawa: "As for the second choice... If you wish to survive in this world without surrendering your soul to a more powerful being, you have only choice."
"Rise to their level, and conquer the dangers of this new world."
"Become a Devil Summoner."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Well then."
Draconic: "Okay, I'm all for that... but, uh..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Okay, I'm all for that... but, uh..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hopefully we don't have to get a virgin sacrifice an' all that."
Kazuma Ryumori: "How exactly do we DO that?"
Julia Takeshi: "Sounds metal."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Let's hope she included instructions."
Hana Shiratori: "Devil... summoner?" Hana said with uncertainty. "Just like that cult leader...?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Yeah, but we'd need a COMP."
"That's how the cultist dude summoned mushroom head."
Julia Takeshi: "I was thinking about that before yes, its like Bro says."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "I don't think we want to get killed by our demons so not quite like that cult leader."
Tommy Takeshi: He frowns.
Julia Takeshi: "It's not like you can just run into COMPs just by roaming the streets..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Tetsuo. If you decide to do that, I just want you to know that I want you to keep at least five feet away from me at all times."
Tommy Takeshi: "Lucia's dad's company makes 'em, right?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "I know, you just vetoed, but still."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Well might be best to find lucy then, maybe she has more."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He leers at Kazuma ghoulishly.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Nothin."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Let's find her then. For Hikaru."
Hana Shiratori: "Maybe that's why Lucia knows so much about all of these."

Erl K. (GM): The letter continues.

Kazuma Ryumori edges away slightly.
Lucia Ferikawa: "By becoming a Devil Summoner, you will obtain the ability to summon Demons that will fight by your side, striking down your foes in your name."
"While it should normally be impossible to command a Demon without another Demon, there is a way to obtain a Demon who is neutral in the struggles between Lords without any power at your side."
"In order to do this, you must possess one of the infamous COMPs, and download the 'Key of Solomon', also called 'Summoning App'."
Tommy Takeshi: "Fuck, I knew it."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Wait, Goetia?"
Hana Shiratori: "Technology is amazing..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "That sounds, well, kind of spectacular."
Tommy Takeshi: "Couldn't just make a contract, draw a ritual circle in blood and start talking terms and conditions. No, had to be all tech-y and shit."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "So the future is dicks and magic instead of just dicks."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I like dicks and magic more, to be perfectly honest."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Wonder who programmed Demon Summoning, must be a bitch to code."
Julia Takeshi: "Welp, I guess that's what we need to do."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "..."
Tommy Takeshi: "Well you know what they say. There's an app for everything."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: 'I'm not going to comment on that line."
Hana Shiratori: "Language..." Hana muttered, shooting a look at all three men.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He stuck out his tongue.
Tommy Takeshi: "Hana, dicks are a thing. Loosen up."
Julia Takeshi: "I'm just not gonna comment on that line, Bro."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Actually, I'm kinda sorry I said that now..."
Hana Shiratori: "Let's just continue reading." Hana said with a tone of finality.
Tommy Takeshi: "Wait no, I didn't mean it like that-!"
"I'm not Tetsuo!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "We know."
Lucia Ferikawa: "But I am sure that you already knew that COMPs had something to do with the Demons, after all. There's no reason the Demons would covet the devices so much, right?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I'm gonna be the bigger man and not comment."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Bigger man huh."
Kazuma Ryumori: "That was a complement, Tetsuo."
Hana Shiratori: "Shush."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Also, Hikaru, that's gross."

Tetsuo Yoshimoto bobs his eyebrows.
Tommy Takeshi: "Oh. So demons want COMPs too? Then they might have some."
Julia Takeshi: "Let's continue reading, okay?"
Lucia Ferikawa: "If this is old news to you, you might be disheartened. After all, COMPs are vanishingly rare and the chance of finding one in this city without being killed would be difficult."
"However, it is for that reason that I have written this letter. To you who has been running away and hiding from the terrors of the night... I have come to bring you the Light you seek."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Don't tell me..."
Lucia Ferikawa: "Outside of this building, by the streets, my car should still be there. I have placed several sealing wards on it, ensuring that Demons will be wary of accessing it and will be scathed should they try to force the doors open."
"They were a gift meant for my friends, but... If these COMPs can save just another human being, then that is enough for me."
Tommy Takeshi: "Lucia..."
Hana Shiratori: "Oh lucia..."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Someone got her chuuni on."
Julia Takeshi: Julia says nothing, but her hands tremble slightly.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Lucia, we're going to find you. We promise."
Hana Shiratori: Gratitude doesn't even describe the feeling she had towards Lucia at the moment.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo coughs, then looks off to the side.
Julia Takeshi: "Alright I guess we have an objective now."

Hana Shiratori nods
Tommy Takeshi: "The car. If nobody else got to it..."
Lucia Ferikawa: "*As for how to get rid of the wards, this is what you have to do..."
(The Letter follows with step by step instructions that range from things mundane to outright latin chanting.)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Didn't know IKEA did Demon Summoning."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Well then..."
Tommy Takeshi: "This is a hell of a lot better than some of the shit I've downloaded of the net."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Tell me about it."

Hana Shiratori: Hana wondered how Lucia know all of this, but shelved it to the back of her mind. What is more important is that Lucia had left it for them.
Lucia Ferikawa: "In the rare chance that we meet in this city, I shall tell you my name. I am Lucia Ferikawa, Devil Summoner. And I will not rest until I have seen the murderer of my friends crushed before me."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Wait... if she knew this... did she bring us to this building intentionally? Did she know what was going to happen?!"
Tommy Takeshi: "No way."
Hana Shiratori: "So that's why."
Lucia Ferikawa: "Good luck in your travels, fellow Survivor... Let us show these Demons what we humans can do."
Erl K. (GM): The letter ends there.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Well, we have our heading."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Okay. We know what to do now."
Tommy Takeshi: "If nobody's touched the letter, the car's probably still fine."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Onward we must rescue the princess."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Get the COMPs, summon some demons, whoop some ass."
Hana Shiratori: "In that order."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'll take point."
Tommy Takeshi: "She's not even here and she's basically rescued us already..."
Julia Takeshi: Julia takes the letter, and neatly folds it, before it disappears somewhere in her outfit.
"Yeah, that she did, we really are indebted to her." She gives her brother an odd look and doesn't say anything more.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (nice metaphor for hiding it in her bust!)
Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma slowly starts heading in the general direction of Lucia's car.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Alright, let's shove off, people." He starts moving back towards the front of the building.
Hana Shiratori: Hana nods, and immediately followed behind Tetsuo.
Julia Takeshi: Julia starts walking at the head of the group.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Everyone fighting to be first how cute."

Hikaru Kuzunoha jogs along
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo just pinches his nose and sighs.
Kazuma Ryumori: Julia wasn't going to get in Julia's way if she was intent on going first. He held step with Testuo and Hana.
Draconic: Dammit...
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy's content to stay at the back. Let the big guys (and girl) handle the heavy stuff.
He'll just... watch the back.

Erl K. (GM): The party found Lucia's car, as written in the latter. To their surprise, what looked like claw marks had been traced over the surface of the car and the windows were cracked,
but somehow nothing in the car had broken.
Tommy Takeshi: "Alright, let's see these instructions..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Claw marks... That's reassuring."
Erl K. (GM): Faintly glowing runes were traced over the surface of the vehicle, with a great sigil placed right on the middle of the double doors at the back of the minivan.
Tommy Takeshi: "Lemme handle the Latin chanting. I did a mean 'Ave Maria' back in high school."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Klaatu Barada Nikto."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Go ahead, I guess."
Tommy Takeshi: He's not gonna mention how he tried to summon a few demons back in the day himself.
The old fashioned way.
Kazuma Ryumori: "That's from The Day the Earth Stood Still. It's not gonna work."
Hana Shiratori: "Let's follow the instructions carefully."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hey, y'never know."
Tommy Takeshi: "Let's see here... Aeria Gloris... Infundibulum... Secundus..."
Kazuma Ryumori: Klaatu is dead. Leave.
Julia Takeshi: "Alright" Julia remains back this time, casting a vigilant eye towards the street

Hikaru Kuzunoha relaxes as he waits
Erl K. (GM): As the party follows the procedure, the runes flash-
Once, twice, thrice.
Julia Takeshi: (btw Erl, can we know how old the note looks?)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (and also if there is cell reception)
Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma shields his eyes.
Tommy Takeshi: "Mana du vortis!" he bellows.
Erl K. (GM): Until slowly, with a creaking noise that could even inspire anticipation, the doors creak open.
(Yeah it looks new)
(Like she just dropped it there)
Hana Shiratori: "Good job Tommy."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Not bad."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Bet it was me."
Tommy Takeshi: "There's actually a bit here that translates to 'Open Sesame'."
Julia Takeshi: Julia declines to mention recording Tommy dorkily chanting in latin for future amusement.
Kazuma Ryumori: "It totally wasn't. Sorry, man."
Erl K. (GM): The party quickly heads inside the van to examine the contents within.

Kazuma Ryumori immediately bumps his head on the ceiling and gets shoved out of the car.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Ow..."
Erl K. (GM): And true to her words, inside a large bag that looked like it was dumped there, they found seven different COMPs.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Are they color-coded)
Erl K. (GM): (yes)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Dibs on the red one."

Hikaru Kuzunoha snatches
Hana Shiratori: (I bet they are)
Tommy Takeshi: "Dude, c'mon."
"You're obviously teal."
"I'm red."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Mine's the green one, right?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Not anymore sucker."
Julia Takeshi: Julia silently takes the golden one.
Tommy Takeshi: "Janken that shit, man. Only way."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Hey!"
Erl K. (GM): (mfw KT gets hot pink)
Tommy Takeshi: "Oh, fine. Black's okay too."
Erl K. (GM): (can he be any more of a girl)
Tommy Takeshi: He takes the depressing one.
Hana Shiratori: "Everyone's so excited..." Hana murmurs as she took the blue one.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "An' I was all ready to Janken."
Erl K. (GM): (Tets u should tell Tommy to grab the pink one)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He takes the white one.
Hana Shiratori: Hana makes sure to give the pink one to Hane.

Tommy Takeshi: Tommy boots the COMP on, half-expecting it to be out of batteries.
Erl K. (GM): In a moment, everyone had their COMPs. However, as they recalled Lucia's instructions, they remembered they had to do another step.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Alright, let's see here, "Key of Solomon"..."
Erl K. (GM): As Tommy boots up the COMP, it immediately displays the winking face of a strange creature, which takes over the background.
Hana Shiratori: "Hold up, Lucia notes we had to do another step-"
Tommy Takeshi: "What the-."
He squints.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Damn it Tommy."
Hana Shiratori: "You did it too, Tetsuo."
Erl K. (GM): Similarly, all the other COMPs had a background that displays a creature of some sort on the background, all of them rather cutesy.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Lies and Slander."
Erl K. (GM): Was this Lucia's personal taste at work?
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Mine's different, see?"
Draconic: "Well, I guess I'm orange."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Somebody sure put effort into mascot characters..."
Julia Takeshi: Julia boots her gold COMP and takes a look at her own desktop

Tommy Takeshi: "That's Japan for you. Making shit cute when it should be badass."
Hana Shiratori: "I guess this is rather cute." Hana admits, especially when she remembered the creatures - demons - that Lucia showed them back at the van days ago.
Draconic: "Mine has some sort of imp...?"
Draconic: "Thank you, COMP... You're very polite."

Hana Shiratori ooh
Kazuma Ryumori: "I like the jingle it plays."
Julia Takeshi: "Alright, next step then." Julia starts looking for the program they had to download.

Hikaru Kuzunoha glances at the instructions and follows along

Kazuma Ryumori follows suit.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Let's see, here..."
"App store, app store..."
Tommy Takeshi: "Okay, Star of David's fine and all, but the five-pointed one is clearly better for demon summoning. C'mon."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Isn't that the star on the Israeli flag?"
"Magen David I think?"
Tommy Takeshi: "This shit ain't nearly satanic enough."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Honestly, I could do without Satanic..."
Hana Shiratori: "Lemegeton. There's that word again."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "That sounds like a name..."
Tommy Takeshi: "Sounds like Armageddon but lamer."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "weird way to write that."
Kazuma Ryumori: "A demon's? Or maybe a concept?"
Tommy Takeshi: Still, he taps on the app.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Guess it's already DL'd."
Julia Takeshi: "I vaguely recall Lemegeton is something related to mysticism and occultism. The kind of term that gets used by chuuni novels everywhere." Julia mutters as she taps on her app and unwittingly confesses reading chuuni novels.
Hana Shiratori: For now, Hana taps on the Key of Solomon.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "You should hang with Hikaru, he loves that stuff."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Isn't that half the reason we keep him around?"
Erl K. (GM): Before your eyes, the COMP suddenly starts processing hundreds of lines of code.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "No shit computer."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Woah..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hack the planet."
Erl K. (GM): The screen goes black, while at the same time countless lines begin to scroll down as the console tries its best to report the feedback of what the machine is trying to do
Hana Shiratori: "I hope we didn't break it..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Do you think it's already summoning something?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Nah, this is the part where it charges us 10 bucks a demon."
"50 for the big dudes."
Julia Takeshi: "I call demon gacha."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Ugh, please no."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Oh GAWD FORBID!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Fucking gachas, nothing but rip offs."
Hana Shiratori: Hana could only agree with Tetsuo and Kazuma.
Kazuma Ryumori: "If it's a gatcha, that's practically condemning us to death right off the bat..."
Erl K. (GM): After a few moments, the COMP freezes-
Tommy Takeshi: "Tetsuo's got Fortune. He'll carry us."
Erl K. (GM): -And all of a sudden, a new screen appears.
Julia Takeshi: "At least there is something everybody agrees to"
Kazuma Ryumori: "True."
Erl K. (GM): "Select your Navigator."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Eh?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Navigator?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Come on hot girl option."
Tommy Takeshi: "Like the voice on the GPS?"
Erl K. (GM): That same choice appears in a single hologram before all of you, the COMPs displaying an image on thin air.
Kazuma Ryumori: "If it's asking us who's our leader, Isn't it Tetsuo?"
Erl K. (GM): The image displays two figures, emerging from cards in the air.
Kazuma Ryumori: "He's the most main-character-y I think."
Tommy Takeshi: "I don't believe in leaders."
Erl K. (GM): One if a well-dressed male, and the other is ditzy-looking female.

Hana Shiratori: Let's focus, guys."
Tommy Takeshi: "Uh..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Um. Okay...?"
"Male, I guess?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "..."
"Fuck it, the bunny chick."
Tommy Takeshi: He's conflicted. On one hand, cute girl. On the other hand, Nozomi would kill him if she - when she found out."
He flips a coin. 1, girl, 2, guy.
rolling 1d2
= 1
"Girl it is."
Hana Shiratori: "I guess the male one."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Welp bunny time."
Julia Takeshi: "Oi, the man ain't bad looking, but the bunnygirl is cute-looking..." Julia thinks for a bit. "I guess I'll go with the girl."
Erl K. (GM): Looks like girl wins.
Tommy Takeshi: "Julia, is there something you're not telling me?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Cute's cute. My man."
Draconic: "That's true."
Kazuma Ryumori: "But I consider myself a dignified, classy indivipppphhhhh!!!"

Kazuma Ryumori cracks up.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Nope. Couldn't say that with a straight face."
Julia Takeshi: "I dunno bro, I ain't the one who flipped a coin to decide between boy or girl there."
Kazuma Ryumori: "So, what now? I really hope I don't turn into this guy..."
Tommy Takeshi: "It's a navi, man."
"She's gonna give us instructions on how to work this thing."
Tico: "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii there everyone!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hi."
Kazuma Ryumori: "EEEK!"
Hana Shiratori: "hello."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Uh... hi?"
Julia Takeshi: "Sup"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Yo."
Tico: "Like, is that how you guys are gonna greet your bestie? Put more enthusiasm into it!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Alright, gimme a sec."

Tetsuo Yoshimoto clears his throat.
Tommy Takeshi: "Aw hell no."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Um..." okay, enthusiasm...
Tommy Takeshi: "Is it too late to switch to the guy?"
Tico: A girly voice emerges from all the COMPs at once, as a holographic figure takes shape before all of you, cocking her hips.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Honk?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Well, howdy ho, Tico-chan! How you doin!"
Tico: http://safebooru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=812368
Tommy Takeshi: This cutesy bullshit it too bubblegum sweet to stand.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Psst, thanks Tetsuo..."
I hang my head in shame...
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I sacrifice myself for the many."
Tico: "Yay! I love you, Tets-chan!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Lucky you..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Ehehe."
Hana Shiratori: Internally, Hana thought of her as too revealing and provocative, but the guys seems to think of her as cute...
Tico: The holographic figure moves to hug the man, but sadly passes right through.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Why do you get all the girls, man?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Kaz, she's not real. He's flirting with a computer."
Kazuma Ryumori: "That's true, actually."
Julia Takeshi: "Hahahaha, choosing the girl wasn't a mistake." Julia laughs at Tommy's and the men's reactions.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "This computer summons demons, let's make any assumptions."
Tico: "So what's up with you guys!? Seven COMPs at once!? You lucky devils!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Say, I didn't notice earlier, but what's with those stripes on your arm?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "And thus tetsuo embarked upon a great quest to bring his 2d waifu into the real world."
Tico: The floating 'Navigator' floats back, smiling at you.
Hana Shiratori: And somehow, seeing the girl being all flirty with Tetsuo so openly made her feel uncomfortable.
Tico: "So, what can I do for you?"
Hana Shiratori: "Ah, we hope to know how to summon a demon..."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Help us conquer the world."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Shh, not today, Hikaru."
Tommy Takeshi: "I wanna rule over Hell and Heaven alike."
Tico: "Wow, Kazuma-kun! Are you saying these are, like, weird? You shouldn't say that to a woman!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Oh sorry were we still keeping that a secret my baaaaaaaad."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Soon."
Tommy Takeshi: "How do I get the demons."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Not weird! I was just curious."
Tico: "Ooooh!? You're gonna conquer the world!? Sounds like fun!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "We're lookin' for the demon summoning app, mind givin us a hand?"
Tico: "Demons? Oh, getting Demons should be easy squeezy for you guys! I mean, you've already awakened, haven't you?"
Julia Takeshi: "Yeah we wanna summon something strong to go beat some mushroom-headed jackass."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "We sure got upclose and personal with an old man yeah."
Kazuma Ryumori: "With a very sinister grin but a friendly disposition."
Julia Takeshi: "And a long nose..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Is that why you were lagging behind, Hikaru? My, my."
Tommy Takeshi: "If by awakened you mean had a wacky palm reading done, then yeah."
Tico: "An old man? You mean, like, a geezer?" Tico blinks, tilting her head. "I don't know who you're talking about, but he sounds funny!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Did anyone take a picture?"
"Oh, wait..."
Julia Takeshi: "You should meet him, Tico. I bet you would get along." Definitely not sarcastic
Tico: "But no, sillies, I meant awakening your Magnetite! You're already using it, dummies!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "That so?"
Julia Takeshi: "Huh...?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "If you say so..."
Tommy Takeshi: "Magnetite? Like the pokemon?"
Kazuma Ryumori: Magnetite? Wasn't that a pokemon?
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo is just taking this all in stride so far.
Hana Shiratori: "It's life energy that Igor explained to us."
Kazuma Ryumori: Wait, no.
Tommy Takeshi: "Not that I play pokemon or anything. Kid's game."
Julia Takeshi: "Wait, that Igor talked to us about Magnetite."
Kazuma Ryumori: That was magnemite.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "No, dumbos, the thing Igor mentioned, the thing the cultist guy used to summon Shroomy."
"That stuff."
Tico: "I can give you the summoning app, but... Um... You guys won't be able to do anything with it until you get a Demon, you know?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Right... I feel like an idiot..."
Julia Takeshi: Julia leans towards Tommy. "So how's your collection going? I remember someone was bragging yesterday he only had five pokemons more to go..."
Hana Shiratori: "Huh?"
Tico: "I mean, like, I could /totally/ summon one for you guys... But that would be dangerous. I mean, you have no Macca or anything right?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Macca?"
Julia Takeshi: "Macca?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (metal gear?)
Hana Shiratori: "Macca...?"
Julia Takeshi: "... Macca?"
Hana Shiratori: That's definitely a new word...
Tommy Takeshi: Another elbow.
Tico: "If you guys hadn't like, awakened, summoning your first demon would be okay, but it'll be kinda dangerous if I do it now!"
Tommy Takeshi: "I don't get it."
Tico: your first demon to awaken you*
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "So what now its time to shake down some demons for their pocket money?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Eh?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Might be that this 'Awakening' made us a bit more appetizing."
Tico: "Umm... Geez, explaining's tough. Gimme asec."

Kazuma Ryumori: "Maybe we should have picked the other one?"
Tico: "Okay, here goes. You guys, being humans and all, have Magnetite flowing through your body."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Actually, no."
"You're kinda charming now that we've been chatting a bit."
Tico: "That magnetite is, like, super food for the Demons! It's really delicious, and it's what they need to get stronger and bigger and scarier! Grr!"
"Normally, when one of you guys gets the App, they haven't awakened and their magnetite is all, like, pure! You can do pretty much anything to it!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "bow chica wowwow."
Kazuma Ryumori: "No."
"Bad Hikaru. Bad."
Tico: "What Her Highness did when she made the app was allow normal humans who got it to, like, 'awaken' their magnetite and use that initial BAM that happens when they go all magic and stuff to create a link with another Demon!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Her Highness, ah?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Uh her highness?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Wonder if that's Lucia."
Hana Shiratori: "I guess Lucia."
Tommy Takeshi: "It's probably her mom or something, she's what, 20?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "You never know."
Hana Shiratori: "I don't know, the image somehow fits..."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "If it was lucy is moving up in the world. From suit wearing girl to queen of magic."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Maybe she's one of those cases where she looks eighteen but is really six thousand?"
Julia Takeshi: "Well, she is definitely a bit suspicious..." Julia mumbles.
Tico: "It's like, really confusing, but basically it works the same way that those evil Demon Lords go telling people what to do, only you end up the boss instead, yay!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Kaz, this is Lucia we're talking about. The same one that got shitfaced and argued with me for like an hour about Dio."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "That was cute."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Who, by the way, did everything wrong."
Tommy Takeshi: "Okay, so what happens if you awaken and miss the chance, like us?"
Julia Takeshi: "I think I know where this is going..."
Tommy Takeshi: "I mean, it's not like every demon can be picky about used goods, right?"
Tico: "But, like, that's not all you can do with the App. Once you contract with a Demon, you can do all sorts of stuff like buying skills and good stuff to use on it! Just, like, a, GAME!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Dio from JoJo? Or Virtue's Last Reward?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Put the demons in a head lock until they cry uncle probably."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Well, if we don't get a freebie, might have to go out and earn it."
Tommy Takeshi: "RJD, Kaz. Literal legend."
Tico: "But yeah, anyways, did you guys even, like, notice that you awakened?"
"You're all magic and stuff!"
Hana Shiratori: "Really?"
Tommy Takeshi: "...uh."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Noticed a bit of weirdness."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I did feel a bit more limber than usual."
Julia Takeshi: "I, uh, that probably happened while we.... were dead?" Julia said
Tico: "Yeah, just- Gimme a sec, I'll use Her Highness' app for this!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Um... yes?"
Yeah, that was about as convincing as a blender saying it's an antelope.
"Although, you've got a point."
Erl K. (GM): At that moment, the COMP screens flicker, before the party is suddenly faced with what looks like their own portrait, with several numbers and bars overlayed to the side.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "..."
Hana Shiratori: "Whoa, this is..."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "look ma, i'm in a rpg."
Tommy Takeshi: "Oh god this is like one of those JRPGs Andrew used to blabber on about..."

Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Fortune, huh?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "I... didn't realize I had anything against toucans with god complexes... But now that I think about it..."
Julia Takeshi: "Okay, if I'm start wielding gigantic fuck-off swords, just kill me again."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Guess that tarot shit was important."
Tommy Takeshi: "I am NOT in over my head."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I picked The Sun.
Tico: "So, yeah! You guys are really something! Having all powers and stuff without contracting a Demon, isn't that, like, amazing?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Seems pretty neato mosquito."
Tommy Takeshi: "We did contract with... well, something that's not a Demon, I guess."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Why yes tico flatter me more ~"
Tico: "Ohh, I see! So you guys made a contract?"
Julia Takeshi: "Yeah, with that long-nosed guy."
Erl K. (GM): As the party explains their dream in the Velvet Room, Tico nods to herself.
Tico: "Well, it sounds to me like you guys are Devil Summoners already! All you need to do now is get Vassals!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "How do we do that?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "So, we gotta go out, punch some demons in the head til they get we're the boss?"
Julia Takeshi: "Say no more, we're going to go have to punch demons into submisison right?"
Tico: "Well, basically, let me put it this way. The Demon you get when you awaken is, like, the Lord."
Tommy Takeshi: "But we got no demons, so does that make us the Lords?"
Tico: "The Lord is the one you get powers from and, like, boss around so that he gets other Demons to join you!"
"Those are the vassals, and they're pretty much goons that fight for you so you'll feed them your Magnetite! Ah, but that doesn't mean they're weak or anything!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "So this Lord? He won't... resent us, or anything? Right?"
Tico: "It'd be, like, super awesome if you got a Vassal that was stronger than you. Though it sounds hard..."
Julia Takeshi: "So its like we're becoming demon banchous"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Demon Conquerors, if you will."
Tommy Takeshi: "Okay, I think I get it."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (haha title drop)
Tommy Takeshi: "Then... okay, I want Beelzebub, Asmodeus, uh, maybe a few imps..."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Time to get my bancho on."
Hana Shiratori: "I think those are lords Tommy."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'll take something smaller...."
Tico: "Anyways, just come back to me when you got a Demon that wants to become your vassal, k?"
"I'll take care of things riiiight away!"
Hana Shiratori: "We must start from the small ones."
Tommy Takeshi: "Oh. Wait, how do we know if a demon wants to serve us?"
Hana Shiratori: "And thank you Tico, for the explanation."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "You could ask?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Thank you Tico."
Tommy Takeshi: "Dude, it's a demon. You can't just talk to a demon."
Julia Takeshi: "Wait Tico, then Bro's guess was right? We're the Lords?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Thanks tico>"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Sure you can."
Tico: "Umm, well, like, all the Demons know about the vassal and lord system, so I guess they'll let you know?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "We were talkin to Shroomy just fine."
Tommy Takeshi: "You can!?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Told ya."
Tico: "And oh yeah you totally can talk to Demons! Some of them are really fun, like Her High- OOPS!"
Tico covered her mouth.
Hana Shiratori: "......."
Tico: "Aaanyways, good luck out there guys! Bye!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Okay, totally not suspicious."
Hana Shiratori: "Wait-"
Tommy Takeshi: "..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Wonder what that could mean."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Now what?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Sure..."
Tommy Takeshi: "So I'm thinking, a demon made this app and put it on the store."
Erl K. (GM): Tico disappeared, and the COMPs returned to the Desktop.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Well, so, new heading."
Tommy Takeshi: "And a bunch of cultists downloaded it and blew up Tokyo."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Are we entirely sure she's actually a computer program?"
Hana Shiratori: "Maybe 'her highness' is not Lucia after all."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Go find some demons."
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy scoffs. "Of course not. Lucia's our pal. She can't be a demon."

VII: Things are Fairy Different Now

Erl K. (GM): At the same moment that Tetsuo said that...
Julia Takeshi: "Yeah, I guess we'll roam the street like some sort of Mad Max gang."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Lemme get my mask from the stash-"
Erl K. (GM): "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!" A voice echoed through the ruined street.
Hana Shiratori: "!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hero time."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Oh you just had to say it, didn't you?!"
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy stashes the COMP in his jacket.
Julia Takeshi: Julia instantly sprung out from the van.
Tommy Takeshi: "COMING!"

Hikaru Kuzunoha cracks his knucles
Tommy Takeshi: He dashes after Julia.
Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma runs in the direction of the voice.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo jogs off towards the yell, stashing his COMP.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "race you there."
Hana Shiratori: "Oh dear..." Pocketing her COMP, Hana quickly follows.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Hana, keep behind me and Tetsuo!"
"And Hikaru, take this seriously!"
Hana Shiratori: She could only hope they won't die like last time. She doubt they'd get another chance.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Less talkin', more movin'!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "It just had to be zombies...."
"But.... what are those other things?"
Tommy Takeshi: "More importantly... who asked for help?"
Hana Shiratori: "Where did the scream come from?"

Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma sees the girl surrounded by... things.
Then he notices something off about her.
"Uh, is it just me? Or does that girl have wings?
"Also, why are more just spawning out of the damn woodwork? Because this is totally fair..." I growl, brandishing my knife, the only weapon currently on my person. It wasn't much, but it was something.

Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Whoa, what the..."
Tiana: "Eeeek!" Before your eyes is a fantastic sight. At first you think it's just a trick of the eyes, but
Tommy Takeshi: "That's not a demon. That's a fairy."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Doesn't matter what she is, she's in trouble."
Hana Shiratori: Hana couldn't help but agree with Tommy.
Julia Takeshi: "Tch." Julia clicks her tongue, clenching her fists, already equipped with brass knuckles. She doesn't care if the girl has wings or is an human or anything like that. It is evident she is in dire straits and needs help.
"Hey! Get off her, assholes!" She shouts at the nearby demons.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Whatever she is, she's in trouble."
Tommy Takeshi: "THEN GET OVER HERE!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Save the cute girl I guess."
Tiana: You realize that the floating girl is not an illusion, but rather real.
Tommy Takeshi: He ran forward, waving around his baseball bat and trying to look threatening.
Hana Shiratori: "But how do we...?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Tommy, you look the part, but you act like a total wuss when it comes down to it, you know."
Tommy Takeshi: The dog-people looked scary, but the ones on the right were half-dead already.
Tiana: Despite having a form that looks like a teenage girl, the fairy is short enough to pass for a child, and she is currently making a fearful expression as the Demons close in around her.
Hana Shiratori: Last time they go against a demon, all of them ended up dead. So they shouldn't rush ahead without any plans...
Erl K. (GM): The moment you enter the scene, the demons that were chasing her around turn around towards you.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Hey! You! With the teeth! Pick on something that deserves it!"
Hana Shiratori: "Tico said we have awakened and filled with magic... But how do we actually use it?"
Tommy Takeshi: "FOOD? I'LL EAT YOU, DOG-BREATH!"
Julia Takeshi: "Like you?" Julia replies to Kazuma, as she stands in the front, ready to fight.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Yeah, guess again!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Time to break faces."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Sorry, but we have other plans."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Better get ready to hunt some big game, small fry!"
Tiana: The fairy looks at the humans with a confused stare, but seeing them confident before the Demons her eyes dawn with realization.
"I-if you help me, I'll make it worth your while, Devil Summoners! I promise!"
The fairy shouted.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Deal."
Tommy Takeshi: "DON'T SWEAT IT!"
Julia Takeshi: "Got it!"

Julia Takeshi: With these words, Julia charges forward into the fray, a wild and wide grin in her mouth. "It's been a loooong while since I could go all oouuut!"

Kazuma Ryumori: "I was going to help whether you repaid me or not. Don't worry about it."
I flash the winged girl what I hope is a reassuring grin.
Tommy Takeshi: (we need a turn counter)
(or everyone's gonna attack at once)
(and itll be a mess)
Erl K. (GM): kk
Julia Takeshi: (agreed with blobs)
Tommy Takeshi: (erl, decide who goes first)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Divide and Conquer sound good?)
Tommy Takeshi: (i recommend basing it on AGI)
Kazuma Ryumori: I recommend that the coward go first so that we don't all get shafted when he bails.
Tommy Takeshi: (who's the coward now)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (wowow fightin words)
Erl K. (GM): Hikaru first
Hana Shiratori: Hana shook her head. There is no use in confusing herself. She just needs to face ahead and follow whatever her mind and instinct told her to.
Kazuma Ryumori: (I don't care)
Julia Takeshi: (Rip vri)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (more like rip demons)

Hana Shiratori: (Go vriii)
Julia Takeshi: (I'm trying to recall my SMT knowledge, I think we gotta punch out the kobolds and magic up the zimbambos)
Tommy Takeshi: (vri, remember, target with the ruler)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: oh k
Hikaru Kuzunoha: Target that slime and swing with iron pipe
Erl K. (GM): uh
can do that actually
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (you can use the macro son)
Tommy Takeshi: (you have a button for it)
Hikaru Kuzunoha:
Hikaru Kuzunoha attacked Slime with a lead pipe!
Damage (Phys) 60
Erl K. (GM): (also tell me when you want to OL)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (was doing that)
Hana Shiratori: (OL?)
Tommy Takeshi: (overlimit)
(your chariot thing)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (okay)
Kazuma Ryumori: (Yep)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (I'll hold off on suicide for now)
Erl K. (GM): The party is suddenly amazed when Hikaru darts forward at a speed that would make an olympic runner jealous, and cleaves through the slime with a powerful swing that actually causes dust to lift up from the floor, together with the splatter of slimey fluids everywhere.
The slime cries in pain.
Erl K. (GM): Julia's turn
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Welcome to the home run ya gooey fuckface!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (that doesn't even make sense)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (shut up)
Kazuma Ryumori: (LOL!)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (git gud at trash talk)
Kazuma Ryumori: (too late, man)
Julia Takeshi: Julia dashes towards the nearest Kobold, still smiling as she draws her fist into an uppercut. "Hey, ugly! Say bye-bye to those teeth of yours!"
And with these words, she punches the demon with all of her strength.

Julia Takeshi:
Julia Takeshi attacked Kobold with a pair of brass knuckles, surging with unstoppable power!
Damage (Almighty) 62
Kazuma Ryumori: (Now that's trash talk!)

Erl K. (GM): Just like Hikaru, Julia dashes with extreme speed and clocks the Kobold right on the face. To everyone's surprise, the moment she does so her fist explodes with energy and half of the Kobold's body is burnt by energies that glow almost purple with intensity.

Julia Takeshi: "Shit, Bro, quick, gimme a word that's good enough to describe this!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Arright, let's go."
Tommy Takeshi: "DOG STEAK!"
Erl K. (GM): (Julia achieved her dream)
Erl K. (GM): (she became a fighting game character)
Julia Takeshi: "Hahahaha!"
Hana Shiratori: Needless to say, Hana is left gobsmacked at all the stunts her friends are pulling off.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo dashes in to finish off Julia's hapless victim.

Morm: (let's live dangerously)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto lunged at Kobold!
Hit (DC50) 59
Crit(DC25) 65
Damage (Phys) 63
Crit Damage 86
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (daanga zone)
Kazuma Ryumori: "Nice one Yoshimoto!"
Erl K. (GM): (Congrats on being the first to use a Skill)
Tommy Takeshi: (is that a 50% hit rate and 75% crit rate)
Morm: (Fortune boiz)
Hana Shiratori: (rip kobold)
Morm: (prolly coulda just hit the other guy but w/e)
Erl K. (GM): Unlike the others, Tetsuo did not simply dash forwards. Instead, he remembered what Tico said about the powers within, and looked upon himself to gather energy from his soul.

Erl K. (GM): At that moment, his body lowered into a stance, his muscles tensed and filled with power, and he leaped towards the Kobold so fast that he left an explosion of dust behind him.
Before anyone could react, his weapon struck the Kobold with such power that its head was reduced to a bloody pulp, the Demon's blood and viscera fllying for a brief moment- Before turning into ashes.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hell yeah!"
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy feels just a bit queasy now.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Dayamn son!"
Julia Takeshi: "Niiice one."

Tommy Takeshi: "Y-yeah, that was brutal."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Yeah, wanna back off? We can let you live if you do."
Erl K. (GM): The demons become more wary of the party.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Probably..."
Erl K. (GM): The fairy uses this chance to retreat from their group!
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "What's wrong? Thought you wanted a nice meal? Don't tell me you jerkoffs are gonna dine and dash?!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "I think that might've been their plan."
"Some people are just lousy like that."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo grins ferociously, eyes alight.
Hana Shiratori: Seeing all her friends remaining brave and fearless in front of the demons, who are getting wary and closer, helps Hana to stand her ground.
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy forces himself to laugh confidently. "You scared yet? Better just give up before we do even worse!"
Please back off, please back off...
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (might wanna hit that slime, it's weakened)
Hana Shiratori: (Go Tommy)
Tommy Takeshi: "Alright, hard way it is." Seeing no takers, he swings at the already wounded slime.
Tommy Takeshi attacked Slime with an aluminium bat!
Damage (Phys) 56
Erl K. (GM): The slime is crushed and reduced into a puddle of goo by Tommy's relentless swings.
Hane Kanzaki attacked Slime with a knife! The weapon glows with lunar light!
Damage (Phys) 51
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Alright, Tommy!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Hehe!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (Did all the hard work)
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'll be honest, I thought you were going to run for a moment there, but that was pretty amazing, to be honest."
Tommy Takeshi: It feels good, but not really. He did just kill something, even if it was a demon.
Hana Shiratori: "N-nice, Hane!"
Erl K. (GM): Hane dives forward and attacks with her knife at the slime, her knife glowing with a strange white light.
Tommy Takeshi: "Man, I ain't no chicken!"

Julia Takeshi: "Good job Bro!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (tommy is the other white meat)
Kazuma Ryumori: "Hmph, these freaks are gonna wish they never met any of us. Or that girl."
Tommy Takeshi: "I haven't run front a fight even once!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "But this is really gonna suck..."
Tommy Takeshi: Granted, he's never actually BEEN in a fight before, but no need to tell Kazuma that.
Kazuma Ryumori:
Kazuma Ryumori used Agi! Slime was set ablaze by a surge of flames!
Burn (DC75) 83
Damage (Fire) 48
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (whoosh)
(make sure to use the ruler)
Tommy Takeshi: The hell!? Did Kazuma just get wizard powers!?
Erl K. (GM): (who did he target)
Kazuma Ryumori: I'm not entirely sure where the word comes from, but it arrives automatically.
"Agi!" I shout, a surge of fire erupting in the slime's general direction.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (I assume the same one Hane hit)
Kazuma Ryumori: "Burn you slimy bag of bones!"
Erl K. (GM): The slime screeches as it is set ablaze, the fire spell especially effective as it reduces the Slime's digestive fluids to a foul-smelling pile of cinder that melts away in the wind.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Ugh, gross."
Kazuma Ryumori: "And for the record, yes. I did."
"That's a lie. Honestly, I have no idea how in the hell I did that!"
Hana Shiratori: Hana took a deep breath. She can do this, she can do this...!
Tommy Takeshi: (psst, anything not in quotes isnt being said out loud)
Kazuma Ryumori: "You've got this, Hana."
Hana Shiratori:
Hana Shiratori used Bufu! Slime was struck by a freezing blast of ice shards!
Freeze (DC80) 46
Damage (Ice) 57
Tommy Takeshi: "Whoa. Even more wizard shit."
Erl K. (GM): 85.5
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Nice one, Hana-chan!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Sweet!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (WEAK)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Nice slimsicle."
Hana Shiratori: "T-thank you."
Julia Takeshi: "Well done, Hana!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Alright, dog guys. There's only two of you left. You gonna apologize for attacking Miss Fairy like that or are you gonna run with your tails between your legs?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Nah don't run I'm not finished yet."
Erl K. (GM): Hana's power surges from her body in the form of a frigid gust of ice shards, that the moment they come into contact with the Slime cause it to freeze like a sculpture and shatter.
Julia Takeshi: "Yeah don't run, there's something more I wanna try!"
Kobold: The Kobolds take a single step back, but their faces quickly show rage at being taunted.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Rip 'em apart Julia!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Hey, dog breath! Last chance to run!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Shit, get ready Hikaru!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Take your best shot roadkill."
Kobold used Agi! Hikaru Kuzunoha was set ablaze by a surge of flames!
Burn (DC75) 6
Damage (Fire) 31
Kazuma Ryumori: "Got nothing to say?"
Hana Shiratori: "Look out!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Hikaru!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: Ow
Tommy Takeshi: Shit! They get wizard powers too!?
Kazuma Ryumori: "Are you okay?"
Erl K. (GM): Hikaru doubles back as the flame burst hits him, singing his clothes and causing his body to light up with pain.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (buster wolf)
Julia Takeshi: "The fuck?"
Erl K. (GM): However, where the flame should've swallowed him and consumed him, the flames somehow dissipate and he remains standing, albeit wounded.
Kobold lunged at Tommy Takeshi!
Hit (DC50) 81
Crit(DC50) 41
Damage (Phys) 39
Crit Damage 59
Tommy Takeshi: "Eh-?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Tommy!"
Erl K. (GM): Similarly, a Kobold lunges for Tommy with its bat raised, and Tommy attempts to dodge the reckless charge.
Kazuma Ryumori: "That was too close..."
Erl K. (GM): However, the Kobold's maul catches by the shoulder, and Tommy is sent flying by the brutal impact.
Tommy Takeshi: "GAH!"
It feels like a wrecking ball, but he's still alive somehow.
Julia Takeshi: "You fuckeers!" she immediately flies into a rage.
Erl K. (GM): Despite this, he quickly gets to his feet when he finds his strength, although he clutches his bleeding shoulder.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (and now julia will murder that kobold)
Erl K. (GM): And at the moment that the Kobolds attack...
Tiana used Zan! Kobold was blasted by a whirlwind!
Damage (Wind) 40
Kazuma Ryumori: "Whoa!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Urgh... this is what I get for trying to be nice..."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "mind your skirts girls."
Julia Takeshi: "That dogface... is.... MINE!"
Erl K. (GM): One of the Kobolds is knocked back by a wave of wind that sends him flying, crashing against one of the concrete buildings with a sickening noise.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Also, dogs? Guys? Honestly, please run. For your own sakes."
Erl K. (GM): Somehow, he stands back up, but his expression is furious.
Hana Shiratori: "This wind... is it from the fairy's?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "That's the spirit man."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I mean, you guys suck, but Julia is going to turn you inside out."
"And that's sugar coating it."
Hana Shiratori: Still, Hana bit her lip. She wanted to do something for the injured, but as it stands she simply doesn't have the means...
Tiana: "Eeek!" The pixie tries to fly away from the Kobolds.
Kazuma Ryumori: "She didn't send us, you lousy goblin!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Urgh... leave the fairy alone..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "What do you guys call yourselves anyway? I don't really feel like calling you dogs."
Julia Takeshi: Julia is going berserk to the side
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Looking at the wrong person, YOU SHOULD BE LOOKING HERE."
Erl K. (GM): At that moment, Kazuma's COMP vibrates.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Eh?"
Erl K. (GM): Curious, the boy lifts the COMP to look at it, and at that moment like a camera, the screen turns to focus on the Kobold, before revealing something.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Kobolds..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Good-natured my ass."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Kinda cool actually. My kind of demon..."
"Hey, you if you just let this go, maybe we could do you a solid?"
Kobold: The Kobolds are too angry to listen.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (can i go now?)
Kazuma Ryumori: "Darn."
Julia Takeshi: "Hahahaha...." Julia suddenly laughs, staring at Kazuma with bloodshot eyes.
"They. Are. Already. Dead."
Erl K. (GM): (yes vri)
Kazuma Ryumori: "Yeah, they're dead.
Hikaru Kuzunoha:
Hikaru Kuzunoha cleaved Kobold with a whistling slash!
Crit(DC90) 36
Damage (Phys) 66
Crit Damage 114
Tiana: "S-save me, please!" The fairy says, as she runs from the demons chasing her.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "You ain't got nothing to worry about girlie."
"The red ranger has arrived."
Kazuma Ryumori: "She's all yours Hikaru."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: Tch that hurt and I was the one doing it
Kazuma Ryumori: "I mean, you've been pretty gung ho about saving her, after all."
Erl K. (GM): Almost gallantly, Hikaru jumps on one of the kobolds and hits him with a whirling roundouse kick, that for some reason glows with a golden light.
The kick shears the Kobold head to toe, killing him instantly.

Kazuma Ryumori cheers and gives some mild applause.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Jesus, dude, calm down."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Also, wow, that is gross.
"And gonna leave a stain."
Hana Shiratori: "That's some paradoxical reaction..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Aww. They look adorable together."
Julia Takeshi: "Hey, DOGSHIT!" Julia suddenly dashes with great force, causing cracks to appear on the already ruined street as she appears between Hikaru and the last kobold. "YOU TARGETED THE WRONG MAAAN!"
Julia Takeshi cleaved Kobold with a whistling slash!
Crit(DC90) 27
Damage (Phys) 74
Crit Damage 112
Erl K. (GM): OHKO
Hana Shiratori: (Sasuga)

Kazuma Ryumori looks away from the resulting blood explosion extraordinaire.
Kazuma Ryumori: "That was really cool.
And really, really gross."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Not bad julia, someday you might be as good as me."

Erl K. (GM): With a single swing of her palm, which glows with the same golden light as Hikaru's, Julia backhands the monster and sends him flying through the window of a building, leaving a bloody trail behind.
Erl K. (GM): The Kobold disappears soon after.
Kazuma Ryumori: "I think she could break you in half by flicking you in the shoulder, to be perfectly honest."
Erl K. (GM): Victory!
Tommy Takeshi: "Yeah... that's my sis..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Woot!
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Woo, go team!"
Tommy Takeshi: He doesn't sound as happy as he should.
Erl K. (GM): Obtained 80 EXP, and 200 Macca.
Julia Takeshi: "Hah, I was taking dojos down when you were still receiving your mommy's milk, Hikaru!"
Knowing Julia, that was probably true.
Hana Shiratori: Hana is just glad the battle is over without worse consequences.
Tommy Takeshi: "Hey fairy, you alright?"
Hana Shiratori: "You two alright?" She asked to Tommy and Hikaru with concern.
Erl K. (GM): The party has reached Level 2!

Hikaru Kuzunoha: "So any wounds yo?"
Julia Takeshi: "Oh yeah, you alright fairy girl?" Julia approached her with concern, showing no traces of her earlier rage.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Thought I strained something for a minute, but it worked itself out."
"You cool, little miss?"

Tommy Takeshi: "Shit, did my jacket get torn?"
It's a bit bloody and sore, but he can still move alright.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: Adrenaline rush got to him duh
Tiana: "Th-thank you, humans!" The fairy beams at you, flying excitedly between your ranks, cautious at first, but happily when you don't move against her.

Hikaru Kuzunoha messes her hair up
Hana Shiratori: "Hikaru, please be polite."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "It's nothin', just trying to help."
Tiana: "U-um, what are you doing...?" The fairy looks confused.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Never"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hikaru quit being a creep to someone you just met."

Hikaru Kuzunoha shrugs
Tommy Takeshi: "He's being a creep, feel free to zap him with wind if he tries something weird again."
Tiana: "A-Ah, you're wounded!" The fairy smiles. "I shall heal you, my saviors. A Demon's Oath demands it!"
The fairy's hands suddenly glow as she directs them at Hikaru.
Tiana used Dia! Hikaru Kuzunoha was healed!
HP restored 85
Tommy Takeshi: "Oath?"
Hana Shiratori: "Demon?"
Tommy Takeshi: Man, everyone has wizard powers now.
Tiana used Dia! Tommy Takeshi was healed!
HP restored 84
Julia Takeshi: "D'aaww you're so cute!" Julia starts laughing as she pats the fairy as well.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: '...Thanks."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Don't tire yourself out, now."
Tommy Takeshi: "Sweet! Even fixed the jacket!"
Tiana: Before the party's eyes, Tommy and Hikaru's wounds vanish as if they were never there.
Tommy Takeshi: And the bloodstains are gone, too!
Hana Shiratori: Hana looked at the fairy, amazed, as she saw her healed Tommy and Hikaru.
Tommy Takeshi: "Wait a sec..." he frowns. "You're a demon?"
"I thought demons were supposed to be like, monsters."
Julia Takeshi: "Duh." She doesn't seem bothered by that fat.
Hana Shiratori: "I guess there are different kind of demons."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "No one ever said all demons had to be big scary monsters. Some are probably perfectly cool."
Tiana: "Yes, I am Tiana! A Pixie of the Fairy clan."
Tommy Takeshi: "Scary monsters ARE cool."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Oh, I'm Tetsuo, nice to meet you."
Tommy Takeshi: Pixie, Fairy... before Tommy's eyes, his dreams of a Metal world are dying.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Hikaru Kuzunoha."
Tommy Takeshi: "Tommy."
Hana Shiratori: "I'm Hana. Nice to meet you, Tiana."
Julia Takeshi: "Name's Julia Takeshi, nice to meet'cha"
Tommy Takeshi: "Why were those dweebs after you?"
Tiana: She looked briefly saddened. "I thought I could work with those Kobolds since they are also of my clan, but they told me that to live here I had to pay a toll of Magnetite."
Tommy Takeshi: "What!?"
That does it.
Tiana: She puffed her cheeks. "As if! Why would I be looking for a place to live in if I knew where to get Magnetite from!?"
Tommy Takeshi: There's only one thing worse than death... and that's TAXES.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Shakin you down for cash, ah? Guess something's are universal."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Well been through one guess we gotta fight the second next."
Tiana: "I, uh, may have also insulted them and their progenitors when they refused to let me live in."
Tommy Takeshi: "You get it from humans, don't you?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Pffffff."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "That may have added to the problem."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: Nice
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Maybe."
Julia Takeshi: "To think these evil Kobolds would attack someone as cute as you!" Julia starts getting angry once again. "Well, don't worry about it Tiana. This Nee-san will protect you from now onwards!"
Hana Shiratori: "You should be more careful with your words next time, Tiana."
Tiana: "I'm a Pixie, I can't help it! Mocking a bunch of dumbasses is just base instinct!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Aw snap. Well whatever, dog-faces are dog-faces."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Fair enough."
Julia Takeshi: Julia decides ahead without even thinking about it.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "So, you were looking for a place to crash? Can't you hang with some other Pixies or something?"
Tiana: "U-Um, what do you mean...?" Julia blinked. "Could it be... You are Devil Summoners!?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "So it would seem."
Tiana: Julia looks around, confused. "But where is your Lord?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Hell yeah we are."
"You're looking at him!"
Julia Takeshi: "Uh... sorta?" She shrugged. "We're new to this thing to be honest."
Hana Shiratori: "Should we call Tico now?"

Hikaru Kuzunoha poses.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Well, either he's some weird guy, or we're our own bosses."
"Little unclear, didn't exactly work out the typical way."
"Involved dying."
Julia Takeshi: Julia takes out her own COMP and examines the program to see if anything new popped up.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Turns out that the light at the end of the tunnel is an old man not a train."
Tico: "SSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssserendipitious!"
Tommy Takeshi: He blinks. Wait a second. If this fairy's a demon...
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Yo tico."
Hana Shiratori: "And there she is."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Thank you captain slow."
Tiana: "W-Wah!"
Tiana backs away as Tico emerges from the COMPs.
Tommy Takeshi: "Chill, it's just a hologram."
Tico: "Yaaaaaaaaaay! You did it guys! You got your super duper first Demon that isn't trying to kill your guts! Congratulations!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Don't be mean to Tetsuo's virtual girlfriend."
Tommy Takeshi: He squints and pokes at Tico's arm.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "It's all lights and sounds 'til someone gets impaled."
Hana Shiratori: Hana nods, remembering how Tico passes through Tetsuo when she tried to hug him.
Tico: Tommy's finger passes right through.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Tommy, don't finger in public."
Tico: "P-pervert." Tico withdraws teasingly.

Tetsuo Yoshimoto ducks away from the incoming swat.
Julia Takeshi: "Pffft"
Tommy Takeshi: "W-what!?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Tets has competition I see."
Hana Shiratori: "Guys, please."
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy fumes and backs up.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Ain't you a lucky girl Tico."
Tommy Takeshi: His elbow misses Tetsuo completely and he nearly falls over.
Julia Takeshi: "I should teach you how to pick up girls, Bro."
Tiana: "..." (I don't like how this old hag just stole all the attention away from me...)
Hana Shiratori: "Tiana looked frightened here."
Tommy Takeshi: "I already have a girlfriend... probably..."
If she's still alive.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Gotta stay loyal to that girl of yours you keep ramblin' about."
Julia Takeshi: Julia frowns upon hearing Tommy's words, suddenly remembering that fact. Her face clouds over and she falls silent, thinking about something.
Tommy Takeshi: "Rgh..."
"Tiana, feel free to say no if you want, but."
Julia Takeshi: (Maybe we should search for Tommy's girlfriend soon...)
Tommy Takeshi: "We've got seven people's worth of Magne-whatever."
Tico: "Anyways, if you guys wanted me to come out so much, then I guess you want Miss Fairy over here to join you, right? That's, like, epic!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Wanna tag along with us?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Still not convinced she's real" Hikaru whispers to tets.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (This is what I was suggesting earlier)

Julia Takeshi: (the parenthesis there just were Julia's thoughts)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (TELEPATHY)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (maaaaaaaagic)
Julia Takeshi: (I guess I should change the thought format to just no "s)
Tico: "Whaddya say, fairygirl!? Want to become one of these young, strong studs' Vassals?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Don't scare her off now."
Tiana: "Hmm..." Tiara floats down, taking the girl's comment seriously.
She eyes the party, and for some reason the cute girl from before seems to recede as she eyes the lot of you like she was sizing up a prime beef.
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy suddenly feels nearly as self-conscious as he did when his pimples started coming out in middle school.
Tiana: And after a minute that air fades, and she's smiling innocently. "Sure! If you'll have me!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo puffs out his chest, returning to familiar territory.
Hana Shiratori: "So, what do you say Tiana?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "The more the merrier, I say."
Tommy Takeshi: "Sweet. Tico, what do we do now?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Sure welcome to the club."
Julia Takeshi: "Yeah, we'll be thankful to have you with us!" She nods welcomingly
Tommy Takeshi: "Ritual circle? Blood sacrifice?"
"...virgin sacrifice? I know Kazuma's still available..."
Tico: "Well first you need to decide who'll be the one to contract with her, silly! You can't pact with her all at once."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hm."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Soooooo?"
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy crosses his arms. "Go ahead and pick, Tiana."
"But, uh, not me. I'm taken. Sorry."
Julia Takeshi: "Let Tiana decide." Julia says
Tico: "Wow, Tommy! You already have a demon? Amazing! Where's he at?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "HA HE."
Tommy Takeshi: "She's... probably terrorizing a high school."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Love you Tico."

Hikaru Kuzunoha thumbs up
Tommy Takeshi: "I know the old dude powered me up, but Nozomi could probably still kick my ass."
Tiana: "Well, I wouldn't mind sharing, but... Does that mean that none of the others have a Vassal?"
Julia Takeshi: "... Oh god, she probably could..."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: 'Nope."
Julia Takeshi: "Indeed, none of us have a Vassal. As far as I know."
Tiana: Hmm...
Tiana squints...

"You!" Tiana suddenly flies towards the pink-haired girl, hugging her chest.
"You smell the most delicious."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Must be the perfume."
Hana Shiratori: "Hane it is then."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Incoming lez scene next I see."
Hana Shiratori: "Hush Hikaru."

Hikaru Kuzunoha giggles to himself
Julia Takeshi: Totally not jealous. "I-I hope the demon I get is this cute as well..."
Hane Kanzaki: "Delicious?" She looks vaguely confused, but brushes it off with a smirk.
Tommy Takeshi: "Cotton candy-head," he offers helpfully.
Vri: Sorry gotta run
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (seya Vri)

Tico: "Alright then, time to form the pact then!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (smooch her)
Tico: "You're alright with her becoming your vassal, right Han-chan!?"
Hane Kanzaki: "Yeah, of course."
Tico: "Awesome! Then I'll just do this and-"
Erl K. (GM): After mumbling to herself, Tico suddenly steps back as a voice speaks from the heavens.
Tiana: "I do, O heavenly judge." Tiana vows solemnly, before huffing. "Jeez, just get this over with!"
Hane Kanzaki: "Yes, I shall."
A link of light briefly forms between Hane and the Fairy, before disappearing after a few seconds.
Tiana: Tiana twirls.
Hane Kanzaki: "Is that gonna happen every time one of us does this now?"
"S'really formal."
Tiana: "I'm in your care, Master~!" She says giddily, before her eyes widen as her body lights up with energy.
"Oooh, I can feel it! This Magnetite! It's so pure and strong! So good~"
The fairy buzzes around excitedly, filled with newfound vigor.
Tiana has become Hana's Vassal!

VIII: Shopping's just dead around here, geez

Hane Kanzaki: "Glad to know you're feeling energetic!"
Tommy Takeshi: "We're not gonna run out of this stuff, are we?"
Erl K. (GM): You can now control her Token, KT
Hana Shiratori: You're feeling alright, Hane?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Like, it's our soul or something."
Erl K. (GM): She acts on the same turn as you
Hane Kanzaki: ( gotcha )
Hana Shiratori: "No headaches or anything?"
Julia Takeshi: She says nothing, but she stares worriedly at Hane.
Hane Kanzaki: "Yeah, I'm feeling fine. Thanks for the concern."
"I'll tell you guys if something iffy happens."
Tico: "Well," Tico said. "No, not normally. But, like, there's a limit to the number of Demons that you can pact with depending on how strong you are!"
"if you're like, a super badass, you could even rule an army!"
Hana Shiratori: "That makes sense." Hana nods.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "An army, huh..."
Hana Shiratori: Though she wonders what kind of person could have an army of demons at their disposal...
Tico: "Oh, and there's a difference in the number of demons you can have in stock, and the ones you can have summoned though."
Julia Takeshi: Her eyebrow shoots upwards. "An army you say?" There's badly disguised excitement there.
Chances are that Tokyo is about to be taken over by a delinquent demon army.
Tommy Takeshi: "Hm..."
Hana Shiratori: "In stock...?"
Tico: "Sorry, but right now the Summoning App only lets you summon up to 2 Demons... But for some reason you guys can only summon one right now! WHOOPS!"
"Maybe it's because you're all bunched up together?"
Tommy Takeshi: "One, or one each?"
Tico: "One each, of course!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Huh. Well that's alright. We'll figure it out as we go. I feel pretty great anyway."
Julia Takeshi: "Damn, my plans for world conquest..."
Tico: "Anyways, lemme explain how Summoning works!"
Hana Shiratori: "I don't mind. We should start out slow so we can familiarize ourselves with it."

Erl K. (GM): ---TICO'S SUMMONING APP 101---
Each character has a 'stock' of Demons, which limits the maximum number of demons they can contract with.
That number is 2 for now, but might go higher after new Summoning functions are implemented.
Demons that aren't summoned remain in the stock, which is based inside the COMPs which the players carry around.
If the COMP is damaged, the Demons come out, though if they are dead and the COMP is destroyed they are lost forever (don't let that happen)
Summoning and unsummoning a Demon is a free action, you can still act after summoning a Demon.
Erl K. (GM): The demon can't act on that turn, though.
The Macca you have obtained can be used to upgrade your Demons, through various functions that will be implemented as the story progresses.
Be careful of Macca management, as the entire party shares it.
Demons will also level up naturally, so don't worry about someone being left behind because you're stingy with money.

Tommy Takeshi: "So it's like a pokeball...?"
"Hey, Tiana, what's it like in a COMP?"
Tiana: "Well, I've never been in one before! If I had a Lord before, I wouldn't have been wandering around like a useless dead weight!"
Julia Takeshi: "I think the important thing is that... COMPs are basically our lifeline right now. If they break, we're pretty much dead, right?" She said out loud.
Tommy Takeshi: "We should get cases."
Hana Shiratori: "I guess that's true..."
Tommy Takeshi: His phone case is too small, though.
Hana Shiratori: "We must be careful not to lose it."
Hane Kanzaki: "I'm sure someone's made tacky apparel for these things."
Tommy Takeshi: "Tacky? I thought phone straps would be right up your alley, Hane."
"Oops, Kanzaki. Sorry, still getting used to talking JP all the time."
Julia Takeshi: "Also, Tico... what happens to the demons inside a COMP if it is destroyed. Would they die?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (didn't she answer that)
Erl K. (GM): yo i just said that
Hane Kanzaki: "Phone straps used to be my thing."
Julia Takeshi: (sorta, she said lost forever, but doesn't quite cover it)
(ie it could mean they're released)
(although ur right, the forever part implies death)
Erl K. (GM): (they're released if they are alive)
(if they are dead and there's nowhere to hold them, they vanish)
Tommy Takeshi: "They're still good." He's got one for Dio, one for Slayer, a Disturbed Guy, a pentagram, an Illuminati symbol, some snakes, a skull...
Tico: "Anyways, I'll jump right back to you guys whenever there's something new on the App, okies?"
"See ya later, toodles!"
Tico vanished.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Well, that was enlightening."
Hana Shiratori: "So where should we go now?"
Tiana: Tiana watched the woman vanish, blinked, then turned her eyes towards her summoner, cutely swinging her body in the air while her hands were behind her back.
"So where to next, Master?"
Julia Takeshi: "Well, I had a few ideas" Julia speaks off, trying to call everyone's attention.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Well, we could look for more demons, we could try and find our people..."
Tiana: "Are you looking for anything in particular, Master?"
Hane Kanzaki: "Hmm..."
Tommy Takeshi: "We'll run into plenty of demons whether we like it or not. What's up, Julia?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Could also wander around tryin' to find Lucia."
Tiana: "I've been flying over this area for a while, so I've seen some stuff!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Oh! Have you seen any humans?"
Tiana: Tiana flied high into the air, and puffed up her chest.
Hane Kanzaki: "Oh, have you?"
Tiana: "I'll spot anything you want! Hah!"
Hane Kanzaki: "Yeah, what Tommy said."
"People would be nice."

Hana Shiratori agrees.
Julia Takeshi: "You see, I doubt Bro's gonna calm down until we can confirm his girlfriend's safety. Also, the note Lucy dropped is very recent, so maybe there are chances she's still around here somewhere."
Tiana: "Humans...?" Tiana blinked, before humming and thinking to herself.
"Ah, there were those, but...!"
Julia Takeshi: "So... maybe we should split up. Tommy and me will go check out his gf's status, while you guys search the surroundings for Lucy."
Tiana: Tiana made a frightened face, looking fearful for a moment before she turned angry.
Tommy Takeshi: "Nozomi's gonna be fine. I'm not panicked or anything."
More like he's afraid to find out.
Hana Shiratori: "I think splitting up is a bad idea."
Tiana: "Jeez, those assholes almost shot me because I flew up to them suddenly!"
Hane Kanzaki: "I'd rather us be together... splitting up only makes us wor-"
Tommy Takeshi: "Seriously? I mean, I could understand it if you were one of those dog-faces, but you look harmless."
Tiana: "I don't want to hang out with brute limp-dicks like them!"
Julia Takeshi: "Shot you say?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Might be the self-defense guys."
Tommy Takeshi: "...okay, not so harmless."
Julia Takeshi: "Could you describe them to us?"
Tiana: "Yeah, these humans who were all funny looking! They were wearing these blue suits and funny hats, and were with some other humans."
"But they looked REALLY scary."
Julia Takeshi: "Probably the cops, yeah..."
Tiana: "Shooting at me with those guns..." Tiana grumbled.
Hana Shiratori: "Sounds like SDF or the police."
Julia Takeshi: "Tell us, Tiana, have you seen a blonde suit-wearing girl?"
Tommy Takeshi: "So there are survivors!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "No, duh."
Tommy Takeshi: "We gotta at least check out the police. They can put us in contact with our folks."
Tiana: "Suit-wearing?" Tiana frowned, thinking deeply.
"Nah, I don't think so. Seen a lot of men with suits, but no one that looked cute like me!
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Well, there's a dead end on that for now."
Hane Kanzaki: "I guess we'll have to talk to those militants..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "May as well go check out the weird guys."
Tommy Takeshi: "I don't think splitting up is TOO bad of an idea, actually."
"There's seven - eight of us."
Julia Takeshi: "Yeah, checking the police might be the rational thing to do right now..."
Tommy Takeshi: "If the cell phones are working, we can even stay in touch."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "No guarantee they'll be any help, though..."
Tommy Takeshi: "And those baddies earlier weren't too bad."
Hana Shiratori: "But Tommy, we're facing demons." Hana argued. "We never know how dangerous it could be...
Julia Takeshi: "Hmm...." Julia checks if her phone works by calling Tommy, but then... "Actually can't we keep contact with our COMPs?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo is reminded of Lucia's note to abandon typical common sense.
Hane Kanzaki: "Yes, because people call 119 with their email."
Tiana: "Eeeeh?" Tiana looks shifty. "You really want to go get those humans? Grrr..."
Tommy Takeshi: "Demons can also be tiny and cute and we can talk to them."
Tiana: "Fine! If it's Master's command..."
Tommy Takeshi: "Nah, how about this."
"Hane, you go look for Lucia.
"Julia and I will go talk to the police."
Erl K. (GM): (Do you guys have any way to communicate)
(Have you considered that there is no signal at all)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (if we can't use the COMPs, not really)
(splitting up seems like a fuckin awful idea tbh)
Hana Shiratori: "I stand by my point."
Tommy Takeshi: (awful ideas are my specialty)
Hana Shiratori: "I don't think it's a good idea at all."
Draconic: I think I'm back.
Tommy Takeshi: "Urgh... well, we could all stick together, I guess."
Draconic: For a little while anyway.
Tommy Takeshi: "Tiana, you could stay in the COMP while we talk to the police."
Julia Takeshi: "Was talking about keeping contact between us Hane." Julia sends a mail to Hane.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Here's my pitch, we sidle up to where those weird guys might be, take a look at what's up with them, and if they're sketchy, we move on."
Hane Kanzaki: ( do comps have signals )
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Try not to draw attention."
Hana Shiratori: "Sounds reasonable."
Julia Takeshi: "Also I guess I agree with Tets."
Tommy Takeshi: "They don't need to know anything about us being Devil Summoners."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I vote putting Tetsuo in charge."
Hana Shiratori: "We must be careful to keep Tiana out of sight from them."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hey, now, c'mon..."
Tommy Takeshi: "Kazuma, I'm telling you, leaders are not a thing."
Erl K. (GM): (Hmm)
Tommy Takeshi: "Everyone gets an equal say."
Erl K. (GM): (Lets say they do have phone functions, but no signal for the time being)
Hane Kanzaki: "That is not what we are talking about right now, Kaz."
Julia Takeshi: (In DeSu COMPs worked despite everything else not working, which is why I tried lol)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "After that, for better or worse, we should go on the look-out for other survivors, people we know, Lucia, etc."
Julia Takeshi: "Yeah no signal on the COMPs either."
Erl K. (GM): (Yeah but in DeSu 2 they didn't)
Tommy Takeshi: "And food. We should look for food."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Maybe see about getting some vassals for the rest of us too, ah?"
Erl K. (GM): (it was just a magic App)
Tommy Takeshi: "Demons might be able to survive on Magnetite, but I can't."
Hana Shiratori: "Tommy raises a good point."
Julia Takeshi: (DeSu 2 used normal phones iirc)
Tiana: "Alright!" Tiana agreed with Tommy's suggestion, before grumbling again.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Fair enough."
Tiana: "I still have to guide you, though..."
Tommy Takeshi: "Hm..."
Tiana: "Let's go, Master!" She said to Hane. "I'll show you where those Humans went."
Hana Shiratori: "Thank you Tiana." Hana said appreciatively.
Hane Kanzaki: "You won't be hidden for long, I promise."
Erl K. (GM): As Tiana guides you through the streets, you catch sight of many things.
Homes that have been abandoned, cars that have been left open... Windows shattered, and children toys left on the street.
Julia Takeshi: "Thanks, Tiana."
Erl K. (GM): A scene straight out of the apocalypse.
Julia Takeshi: "Uh wow, what happened here? How did the city collapse this fast?"
Hana Shiratori: "This is horrible..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "It's definitely unsettling…"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Demons, I'll guess."
Tiana: "Hm? Ah, that's probably due to the nastier Demons rampaging around when they were summoned."
"We at the Fairy clan can be pretty awesome and badass, but we usually keep to ourselves unless someone pisses us off."
"This was probably the work of Fury demons, maybe even Tyrants or Fallen."
She doesn't look very concerned by the loss of human life.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Just for my personal peace of mind… uh… we aren't going to just… I dunno, run into Cthulhu or Nyarlathotep, or something, right?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Well, we are now.
Tommy Takeshi: "If we do, we'll kick its ass too. With our wizard powers."
Julia Takeshi: "I swear I'm going to feed you to the tentacles first."
Hana Shiratori: Hana doesn't say anything. Tiana is a demon, no matter how cute or human she looked, so she's bound to have a different common sense from them.
Julia Takeshi: "At least we ain't schoolgirls anymore..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Dman it, Tetsuo's right. I might've jinxed us."
"I really hope I didn't."
Erl K. (GM): As Tiana continues to guide the party, a few times they are set on edge by what feels like a hostile presence drawing near, but Tiana helplfully steers the party away from said trouble by scouting ahead.
Thus preventing them from wasting the rest of the day fighting against Demons.
However, the path to where Tiana found the humans is still a tricky one.
The city seems much larger when one has no access to cars, trains, or any means of transportation other than their feet.
Tommy Takeshi: "If we do run into Demons..." Tommy muses as they walk. "Let's try talking first."
Erl K. (GM): Before you know it, an entire hour has passed, and some of you feel hungry.
Kazuma Ryumori: "I agree."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "May as well give it a shot."
Tommy Takeshi: "If Tiana's nice, there have to be more decent ones."
Hana Shiratori: "That is an option..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "That's true. Maybe even the Next Kobold's won't be complete dicks."
Tommy Takeshi: "No."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Praying I'm right."
Tommy Takeshi: "Kobolds are all evil."
Erl K. (GM): It is at that moment that Tetsuo catches sight of a grocery store that appears surprisingly full.
Tommy Takeshi: "No mercy."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Don't be racist, Tommy."
Tommy Takeshi: "What!? I'm not-!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Heyo, lookie what we got here."
Tommy Takeshi: "Uh..."
Hana Shiratori: "A grocery store?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Just because I guy smells bad when you throw water on them is no cause to discriminate."
Hana Shiratori: "And it's surprisingly full."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Anyone else feelin' a bit hungry?"
Tommy Takeshi: "It's just, I mean..."
"We've killed three of them."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Do they have kosher bacon-flavoured chips? I think those are a thing."
Hane Kanzaki: "Let's hope not everything is expired."

Hana Shiratori silently raises hand
Erl K. (GM): Feeling the pang of hanger, the party enters the grocery store...
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "And we'll probably kill more."
"No reason to hold it against the whole species."
Erl K. (GM): But rather than their appetite rising at what they found... It drops sharply.
Kazuma Ryumori: "But that doesn't mean that all Kobolds are friends."
Tommy Takeshi: "If they're all sentient, that means we just murdered three - maybe even six people."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Who would've killed us."
"And eaten us."
"For lunch."
Tommy Takeshi: "I guess. Maybe this is the common sense Lucia said we have to abandon."
Erl K. (GM): One laying over the counter, their body mangled by what looked like huge slash wounds.
another laying on the floor, half ripped apart.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Ah jeez."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Oh god..."
Hane Kanzaki: She gags.
Hana Shiratori: Hana immediately turned away, a hand over her mouth.
Erl K. (GM): At least half a dozen corpses were lying on the grocery store, their foul smell attracting insects which preyed on the human bodies.
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'm… I don't think I'm hungry anymore..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo holds his nose and breathes through his mouth, grimacing.
Tommy Takeshi: His guilty thoughts evaporated with his appetite.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Then he continued forward into the store.
Tiana: "Hmm..." Tiana fearlessly dives into the store, looking over the rows and grabbing a bag full of donuts still in good shape.
"These look delicious!"
Tommy Takeshi: "..."
Kazuma Ryumori: Against his better judgement, Kazuma feels the urge to check the bodies to make sure than he can't identify anyone. He prays that none of the bodies aren't anyone he knows.
Tiana: "Hm? Master? Everyone? Is something wrong?" She blinks, before noticing the bodies.
Hana Shiratori: Sometimes she envy Tetsuo's drive.
Tiana: "Ah."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Grab some granola bars or something, probably don't wanna get stuff that'll spoil."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Hey, Tiana, maybe be a little more— actually, never mind…"
Tommy Takeshi: "Tetsuo, you're already-?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "What?"
Hane Kanzaki: "We've got to live, after all," she says, trudging forward into the market to grab supplies.
Tommy Takeshi: "You too?"
Gah. This is terrible.
Hane Kanzaki: "We can't feel sorry for every dead person on the streets or we'd be stuck here forver."
Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma looks through the isles and gathers some canned pasta.
Tommy Takeshi: He pulls his shirt up over his nose and braves the store, doing his best to avoid looking at the bodies.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He grimaces, "I'm sorry about the people, but there's nothin' we can do for them now, all we can do, is survive."
Hana Shiratori: "I'll... stay here." Hana muttered, standing at the entrance.
Hane Kanzaki: She looks at Tommy, not with a cold look, but a nervous one.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Good idea, Hana, keep a look-out."
Hana Shiratori: No matter how hard she tried, she still couldn't find the drive and courage to march on.
"yes, I'll do that."
Anything to distract her from the gruesome sight.
Tommy Takeshi: He lasts maybe a minute, grabbing the first fresh-looking thing on the shelves and booking it as fast as possible.
He only bothers to actually look closely when he's out next to Hana, breathing heavily.
A jar of pickles.
Hana Shiratori: "... Are you okay, Tommy?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Prolly not."
Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma returns to the entrance with the canned food.
"I don't blame you."
Hana Shiratori: She merely nods at that before resuming her watch duty.
Kazuma Ryumori: "This is a pretty brutal sight."
Erl K. (GM): With a heavy heart, and thoughts on what has happened, the party continues to be guided by Tiana.
They eat, but their hearts aren't in it.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo's stomach roils, but he looks through the store carefully, granola bars, some peanut butter, some water, what he can carry.
Erl K. (GM): It finally dawns on them, how fortunate they have been to have been able to survive up to this point, having cheated Death itself.
Why them, and not the humans on that store?
Why were they chosen?
The words in Igor's contract resound ominously.
Perhaps the burden of life is greater than they might think...

Kazuma Ryumori: "Maybe canned food is a mistake actually," said Kazuma. We shouldn't travel heavy after all."
Erl K. (GM): As the party continues, the sky starts to darken and the sun beings to set.
Tiana: "Ah!" Tiana blinks. "This is it!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "This is what?"

Tiana: "This is where the humans were!" Tiana said, flying across the street and pointing at the crossroads the party stood on.
Hana Shiratori: "I suppose they must have moved on."
Tiana: "Hmm... I think they were heading that a-way-" Tiana turned to the east, pointing with her finger-

March 28th, 2017, 09:14 PM
IX: Legion of The Not-Quite Unconquerable Damned

But at that moment.
She pales.
"Uh oh..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (suddenly matador)
Kazuma Ryumori: "That's not a good sign…"
Hane Kanzaki: "Eh?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I don't like 'uh oh's."
Tiana: "Um... Humans don't like fire, right?"
"And they probably don't like Demons..."
Tommy Takeshi: "For the most part..."
Hana Shiratori: "Fire...?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Yeah, fire tends to make humans become dead…"
Hana Shiratori: The memory of that night immediately came back.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Most things, really."
Hane Kanzaki: "Fire is definitely not good."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Wait, fire… demons…
Erl K. (GM): As the party rushed towards Tiana's position, they realized what she was speaking about.
Further down the street, they could see the orange glimpse of a fire in the distance.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Please tell me we're not dealing with a magma monster…"
Erl K. (GM): And as they approached... They began to hear the faint voices of what sounded like people, together with other strange sounds...
But what really convinced them they weren't hearing things-
Tommy Takeshi: "Oh no.."
Erl K. (GM): -Was the sound of gunshots, which erupted thunderously across the street
Kazuma Ryumori: "Not good!"
Kazuma dives to the ground.
Tommy Takeshi: "Duck!? Guns mean good guys!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Not necessarily!"
Tommy Takeshi: He runs forward.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (aw fuck)
Hana Shiratori: "But Lucia's notes says normal weapons are ineffective against demons...!"
Tommy Takeshi: "They were effective two hours ago!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "What if they've become vassals of a demon Lord?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Tommy, wait up!"
He runs after him.
Hana Shiratori: "No, wait!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Shit! What does he think he's doing?!"
Hana Shiratori: "Don't be so reckless!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Stop!"
Kazuma runs after Tommy and attempts to tackle him.
Draconic: What do I roll for this?
Tommy Takeshi: (you won't need to)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Ohhhh, shiit."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Son of a……"
Hana Shiratori: Hana's face immediately went pale.
Hane Kanzaki: "The hell is that?"
Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma steps back slightly, nearly tripping over his own feet.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Well, it's, it's uh, probably a demon."

Tommy Takeshi: "..."
Erl K. (GM): (oops)
Tommy Takeshi: His fists clench.
Erl K. (GM): didnt notice the guy there)
(thats just the background
Kazuma Ryumori: "Hello…" he whimpers
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (shh)
Tommy Takeshi: (oh, so no demon?)
Erl K. (GM): yes demon
but not that
Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma does as he's told.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (by the by, before we get into a fight, how much is Drac's regen)
(don't think it showed up last fight)
Tommy Takeshi: (did our max HP and MP just go up?)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (we did level up)
Julia Takeshi: (back)
Tommy Takeshi: (my profile still says level 1)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (look at this helpful police officer)
(look at attributes)
Hane Kanzaki: ( wait did the max HP and max MP values on my sheet get screwed up )
( didn't see a formula )
Tommy Takeshi: (they oh they increased slightly)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (YOU HAD TO SAY ZOMBIES)
Draconic: I just spent my stat point on Vitality.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (that is quite a lot of zambambos)
Hane Kanzaki: ( just want to confirm with erl incase shit accidentally got screwed up )
Kazuma Ryumori: "Tetsuo, if we make it out of this, punch me in the gut. I deserve it."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hell, I'll punch you in the head."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Um… that's okay… I'm good. I think…"
Julia Takeshi: "Oh hey look! There's enough for everyone!" Julia said, looking at the number of zombies.
Tommy Takeshi: "Why did I say zombies..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I believe this is called a Target Rich Enviroment," He joked.
Julia Takeshi: Then Julia looked past the zombies to what was floating behind them.
"Uh. That one uhhh... looks pretty freaky. And stronger."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Oh hey i didn't see Legion)
Kazuma Ryumori: "Well, you never know, if we're lucky they're the slow and stupid kin—Oh hell no!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (it's titan all over again)
Kazuma Ryumori: "Ugh, that thing is so gross…" Kazuma retches, then abruptly, "I wonder if I can get info on this thing by checking my COMP?"
Hane Kanzaki: "More ugly things?"
Erl K. (GM): you guys
can take a break while I set things up
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (ah, okay)
Hane Kanzaki: ( k )
Tommy Takeshi: (figured that'd be the case)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (brb dog)
Kazuma Ryumori: "My COMP says it's called Legion."
Julia Takeshi: (kay)
Hana Shiratori: (It's now 5:30 AM)
(I am torn between going all in or if I should go to sleep...)
Draconic: Sorry for keeping you up for so long Pala.
Julia Takeshi: (a true man goes all-in!)
Hana Shiratori: (Nah, this is my choice)
Julia Takeshi: (aka sleep if u need to lol)
Draconic: I'll be back in two hours or so.
Erl K. (GM): im almost done
in any case
Draconic: "Okay, don't kill me. At least not until I come back. And don't play nice with Legion. That's an important rule: Never be nice to giant flesh abominations.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (back)
Erl K. (GM):
Nemeria scratched at random foes multiple times!
Hits 2
Crit(DC90) 15
Damage (Phys) 70
Crit Damage 92
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: catte
Erl K. (GM): ready over here
how bout there?
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (sure)
Hana Shiratori: (ready)
(I've decided to go all in)
Hane Kanzaki: ( poor lad )
Cop: "-!? Sir, it's a bunch of kids!"
Detective Kurosawa: "What!?"
The party freezes before the sight of the man that's standing amidst the uniformed cops. Having stopped shooting at the approaching horde of undead to turn his sight to the party, his eyes widened when he saw their number as well as their age.
"What the hell are you doing!?" He shouted. "Why are you getting closer in a situation like this!?"
Detective Kurosawa shot Zombie with a 9mm handgun!
Damage (Gun) 87
Tommy Takeshi: "'Cus you're in trouble, and we're here to bail you out!"
Detective Kurosawa: "Wha...?" It's at that moment that the suited man catches a glimpse of the fairy floating by Hane's side. "You guys are-!?"
Cop: "Another demon!?" One of the Cop yells, but his protest is quickly silenced by a figure that slithers from between the men, smiling impishly.
Julia Takeshi: (back)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Looks like we got another Devil Summoner."
Nemeria: "I sense power in these humans... Mmm, Master, why don't you accept their help? I'm sure these aren't like the ones that need your protection..."
Detective Kurosawa: "Tch... Fine!" The Detective looked at the humans. "If you guys can help us out clear this horde, I'll pay you guys back later!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Sounds like a plan, Mr. Gumshoe!"
Hana Shiratori: "Let's do this, then."
Julia Takeshi: "You got yourself a deal!" Julia said, grinning.
Hane Kanzaki: "Good as done."
Erl K. (GM): Vs. Zombie Horde
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (WE DO IT)
Erl K. (GM): (35 Zombies remain...)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (o-oh)
Hana Shiratori: (Dang those numbers)
Hane Kanzaki: ( > 35 )
Erl K. (GM): (Go go go)
Hane Kanzaki: ( btw erl you saw my thing in irc right )
Hana Shiratori: (Which means we gotta take out the demon, not the zombies)
Erl K. (GM): (they're made of paper)
Julia Takeshi: (Vri's first)
Hane Kanzaki: ( its bothering my autism )
Erl K. (GM): (ah right)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (WWHD)
Julia Takeshi: (so you should roll for him)
(btw can we move our tokens for positioning?)
Erl K. (GM): (yes)
(You are encouraged to do so)
Hikaru Kuzunoha cleaved Zombie with a whistling slash!
Crit(DC90) 84
Damage (Phys) 68
Crit Damage 105
(34 zombies remain...)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (we got any multi-target stuff?)
Erl K. (GM): (not yet)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (hm)
Hane Kanzaki: ( no because we're scrubs )
Julia Takeshi: "Alright, let's go!" Julia shouts as a zombie is cleaved in half, and she jumps in, deliering a right hook towards the nearest zombie.
Julia Takeshi attacked Zombie with a pair of brass knuckles, surging with unstoppable power!
Damage (Almighty) 72
Erl K. (GM): The zombie is pulverized to bits.
Detective Kurosawa: "Not bad, Kid!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Awright, here goes!"
Erl K. (GM): 33 Zombies remain.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hrrragh!"
(fuckin thing glitched again)
Julia Takeshi: (I guess Tiana attacks during Hane' turn, or...?)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto:
Tetsuo Yoshimoto attacked Zombie with an aluminium bat!
Damage (Phys) 49
Crit 100
Crit Damage 62
Erl K. (GM): (yes)
Tommy Takeshi: (try going to your profile and checking the macro bar thing)
Erl K. (GM): (Hane can actually tell her what to do and has control)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (erl that's regular)
Erl K. (GM): The... Zombie... dodges Tetsuo's swing.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (are you fuckign kidding me)
Hane Kanzaki: ( regular attack miss chance??? )
Erl K. (GM): Oh
(I thought he lunged)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (not lunging on some scrubs)
(waste of HP)
Tommy Takeshi: "The Walking Dead... IS A SHIT SHOW!"
Tommy Takeshi attacked Zombie with an aluminium bat!
Damage (Phys) 45
Julia Takeshi: (I think drac's afk too)
Hane Kanzaki: ( okay does tiana have any normal attacks or am i locked into SP spam )
Erl K. (GM): (Yeah I'll puppet him)
(she does
just updated her)
Hane Kanzaki:
Hane Kanzaki attacked Zombie with a knife! The weapon glows with lunar light!
Damage (Phys) 66
Erl K. (GM): (she needs to get close to attack though)
(who did you target)
32 zombombos remain...
Hane Kanzaki:
Tiana attacked Zombie with her legs!
Damage (Phys) 28
Julia Takeshi: (Erl, wanted toask, is Tiana Hane's Lord?)
Hane Kanzaki: ( 2 8 )
Erl K. (GM): (no)
(She's a vassal)
Hane Kanzaki: ( maybe i should zan spam )
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (we don't have lords)
Erl K. (GM): (you guys are like
Julia Takeshi: (k got it)
Erl K. (GM): (even if you lose the COMP)
Julia Takeshi: (we're basically our own lords)
Erl K. (GM): (you keep your powers)
(big guy here is fucked if he loses the COMP or his demon dies)
Hane did you attack the zombie with no HP
Hane Kanzaki: ( yeah )
Erl K. (GM): imma assume yes
Julia Takeshi: "Let the cops handle the damaged zombies, we'll take down the other ones!" She's not sure if the cops' guns can actually hurt them or not, but the detective's firearm did work just now.
Erl K. (GM):
Kazuma Ryumori used Agi! Zombie was set ablaze by a surge of flames!
Burn (DC75) 35
Damage (Fire) 45
30 Zombies remain
Hana Shiratori: "Alright..."
Hana Shiratori used Bufu! Zombie was struck by a freezing blast of ice shards!
Freeze (DC80) 75
Damage (Ice) 62
Erl K. (GM): 31
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (strong to ice it seems)
Hana Shiratori: (Seems so)
Erl K. (GM): (yeah has freezing a dead body ever hurt it)
Cop shot Zombie with a 9mm handgun!
Damage (Gun) 40
Julia Takeshi: (weak to fire, strong vs ice, makes sense)
Erl K. (GM): 29 zombies left
Cop shot Zombie with a 9mm handgun!
Damage (Gun) 36
28 zombies left
Cop shot Zombie with a 9mm handgun!
Damage (Gun) 35
Detective Kurosawa boosted every ally's attack!
Attack Up +1
Nemeria scratched at random foes multiple times!
Hits 4
Crit(DC90) 106
Damage (Phys) 60
Crit Damage 102
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (pfff)
Erl K. (GM): 24 zombies left
Tommy Takeshi: "Whoa, you're pretty good for an old timer!"
Hana Shiratori: "But they're just keep on coming-!"
Detective Kurosawa: "You're not half bad either."
Julia Takeshi: "Just crush them all, I doubt they're infinite!"
Erl K. (GM):
Zombie attacked Detective Kurosawa with its rotten body!
Damage (Phys) 23
Zombie lunged at Nemeria!
Hit (DC50) 61
Crit(DC50) 37
Damage (Phys) 29
Crit Damage 50
Zombie lunged at Nemeria!
Hit (DC50) 2
Crit(DC50) 87
Damage (Phys) 26
Crit Damage 47
Zombie lunged at Julia Takeshi!
Hit (DC50) 2
Crit(DC50) 75
Damage (Phys) 15
Crit Damage 39
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (I know that feel zombro)
Erl K. (GM):
Zombie lunged at Tetsuo Yoshimoto!
Hit (DC50) 53
Crit(DC50) 39
Damage (Phys) 19
Crit Damage 36
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (ow)
Erl K. (GM):
Zombie lunged at Tiana!
Hit (DC50) 31
Crit(DC50) 32
Damage (Phys) 33
Crit Damage 48
Zombie lunged at Hane Kanzaki!
Hit (DC50) 2
Crit(DC50) 61
Damage (Phys) 28
Crit Damage 35
Julia Takeshi: "That stung!"
Erl K. (GM):
Hikaru Kuzunoha cleaved Zombie with a whistling slash!
Crit(DC90) 91
Damage (Phys) 75
Crit Damage 104
Hane Kanzaki: ( ow )
Erl K. (GM): 23 zombos remain
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (welcome to zombocom)
Julia Takeshi: (u forgot to update our lifebar)
Erl K. (GM): but u didnt get hit
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Katie u didn't even get hit)
Hane Kanzaki: ( oh wait it has a hit chance )
( im a dork )\
Hana Shiratori: (Go juliaaaa)
Julia Takeshi: "Not nearly enough!" Julia yelled as she grabbed the head of the zombie that had attacked her with incredible strength, and then kicked with incredible strength at its body.
Julia Takeshi attacked Zombie with a pair of brass knuckles, surging with unstoppable power!
Damage (Almighty) 64
Erl K. (GM): 70.4
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (the strength is incredibly u gaiz)
Erl K. (GM): 22 zombies remain
Julia Takeshi: (I got an idea for my next turn)
Tommy Takeshi: (erl theres a dead zombie in the middle)
Julia Takeshi: (I'm gonna grab a zombie and use it to club other zombies)
Tommy Takeshi: (ah)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Okay, let's kick it up a notch"
Erl K. (GM): not dead
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (LIVING DANGEROUS)
Tommy Takeshi: (race i, dont think it works like that)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto:
Tetsuo Yoshimoto lunged at Zombie!
Hit (DC50) 106
Crit(DC25) 47
Damage (Phys) 70
Crit Damage 98
Julia Takeshi: (rip)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (and that's back to full HP for me)
Julia Takeshi: (brb dinner, just have me spam ultimate attack erl)
Tommy Takeshi: (this might be a broken build lol)
"RAAAAGH!" Tommy thrusts his bat forward like a lance.
Tommy Takeshi attacked Zombie with an aluminium bat!
Damage (Phys) 50
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (excuse me im lancer)
Erl K. (GM): The batlance pierces through the groin of the zombie to hit the one behind.
Hana Shiratori: (ouch)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (real cold fish that one)
Erl K. (GM): 19 zombos remain
I think
Hane Kanzaki:
Hane Kanzaki attacked Zombie with a knife! The weapon glows with lunar light!
Damage (Phys) 67
Erl K. (GM): 18
Hane Kanzaki:
Tiana used Zan! Zombie was blasted by a whirlwind!
Damage (Wind) 42
Erl K. (GM):
Kazuma Ryumori used Dia! Detective Kurosawa was healed!
HP restored 81
Hana Shiratori: "If Ice doesn't work..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (time to s u c c)
Hana Shiratori:
Hana Shiratori used Life Drain! Zombie was stripped of their life force!
Damage (Almighty) 53
Erl K. (GM): oh it was at that one?
Cop shot Zombie with a 9mm handgun!
Damage (Gun) 34
Cop shot Zombie with a 9mm handgun!
Damage (Gun) 37
Erl K. (GM):
Cop shot Zombie with a 9mm handgun!
Damage (Gun) 44
Tommy Takeshi: (are you factoring in our +1 attack buff)
Erl K. (GM): also I forgot to do atk up
can you guys
use it by yourselves?
Just take the result of your roll
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: just *1.1
Tommy Takeshi: (sure)
Erl K. (GM): and do this [ [ roll number * 1.1 ] ]
Detective Kurosawa used Zio! Zombie was shocked by falling lightning!
Shock (DC80) 93
Damage (Elec) 66
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (sure boss)
(hey there's Zio)
Erl K. (GM): 14
Nemeria scratched at random foes multiple times!
Hits 2
Crit(DC90) 24
Damage (Phys) 64
Crit Damage 98
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (sorry if i'll be a little slow, food just got here)
Erl K. (GM):
Zombie lunged at Tommy Takeshi!
Hit (DC50) 53
Crit(DC50) 5
Damage (Phys) 34
Crit Damage 36
Zombie lunged at Nemeria!
Hit (DC50) 9
Crit(DC50) 67
Damage (Phys) 26
Crit Damage 32
Zombie lunged at Nemeria!
Hit (DC50) 28
Crit(DC50) 17
Damage (Phys) 25
Crit Damage 48
Zombie lunged at Julia Takeshi!
Hit (DC50) 2
Crit(DC50) 83
Damage (Phys) 24
Crit Damage 41
Zombie lunged at Hikaru Kuzunoha!
Hit (DC50) 94
Crit(DC50) 38
Damage (Phys) 29
Crit Damage 29
Erl K. (GM):
Zombie lunged at Tetsuo Yoshimoto!
Hit (DC50) 16
Crit(DC50) 58
Damage (Phys) 32
Crit Damage 42
Zombie lunged at Hane Kanzaki!
Hit (DC50) 87
Crit(DC50) 15
Damage (Phys) 32
Crit Damage 44
Tommy Takeshi: "Gr....!" They're not gonna infect you, they're not gonna infect you...
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (ofc i get crit in the face)
Erl K. (GM):
Zombie lunged at Tiana!
Hit (DC50) 75
Crit(DC50) 92
Damage (Phys) 26
Crit Damage 38
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Agh, shit!"
Hana Shiratori: "Tetsuo!"
Tommy Takeshi: (no, they missed you)
Tiana: "Ah-!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (oh so he did)
(this keeps happening kek)
Erl K. (GM):
Hikaru Kuzunoha attacked Zombie with a lead pipe!
Damage (Phys) 67
Detective Kurosawa: "We're almost there, don't let up now! I can see his ugly mug already."
Tommy Takeshi: "Can't you guys just shoot that thing directly??"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Ugly mugs, plural."
Hana Shiratori: "Too many zombies in the way to get a clear shot, I suppose."
Erl K. (GM): (there were so many he couldnt aim well blobs)
Hana Shiratori: "I can't aim at the demon directly either..."
(Race is afk, he wants you to spam his strongest move erl)
Erl K. (GM): kk
oh rihgt
I forgot
dracs pc
heals everyone every turn
Erl K. (GM): depr
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (hence why i asked beforehand...)
Tommy Takeshi: (its getting complicated...)
Erl K. (GM):
Julia Takeshi cleaved Zombie with a whistling slash!
Crit(DC90) 23
Damage (Phys) 82
Crit Damage 114
well normally
It should be drac who handles it
but xd
remember the atk buff
Erl K. (GM): also
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (aight)
Erl K. (GM): this is nothing compared to the titan fight
Hana Shiratori: (Where do you insert the formula)
Erl K. (GM): where you had to keep track of every goddam buff
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (just 1.1x final calc)
Erl K. (GM): do this do this [ [ roll number * 1.1 ] ]
but without the spaces
between the [[
you know
i'll just
have Drac cast the regen at the beginning of every turn
Erl K. (GM): and give it a macro
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Let's try somethin' a little fancy..." Tetsuo muttered as he lined the closest Zombie's head up the next one, then he leaped forward and hauled off with a big home run swing!
Tetsuo Yoshimoto lunged at Zombie!
Hit (DC50) 117
Crit(DC25) 101
Damage (Phys) 55
Crit Damage 81
Tommy Takeshi: 89.10000000000001
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (thanks blob)
Erl K. (GM): its ur turn blobloble
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy settles for just hitting it as hard as he can.
Tommy Takeshi attacked Zombie with an aluminium bat!
Damage (Phys) 45
Hane Kanzaki: ( thanks multipliers )
Hane Kanzaki attacked Zombie with a knife! The weapon glows with lunar light!
Damage (Phys) 74
Julia Takeshi: (Back)
Hane Kanzaki:
Tiana used Zan! Zombie was blasted by a whirlwind!
Damage (Wind) 50
Tiana used Zan! Zombie was blasted by a whirlwind!
Damage (Wind) 39
( whoops double clicked )
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: rolling 74 *1.1
= 81.4
Erl K. (GM):
Kazuma Ryumori used Dia! Tiana was healed!
HP restored 79
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: rolling 50 * 1.1
= 55.00000000000001
Detective Kurosawa: "Alright fellows, wipe them out!"
Cop: "Yessir!"
Hana Shiratori: "Here goes..."
Erl K. (GM):
Cop shot Zombie with a 9mm handgun!
Damage (Gun) 40
Cop shot Zombie with a 9mm handgun!
Damage (Gun) 36
(oops forgot about her turn)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (u forgot Hana)
Erl K. (GM): disregard me
Julia Takeshi: (raaahhh now I have to go look at logs)

Erl K. (GM) bullying
Hana Shiratori:
Hana Shiratori used Bufu! Zombie was struck by a freezing blast of ice shards!
Freeze (DC80) 106
Damage (Ice) 55
Erl K. (GM): [[55*1.1/2
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (we got corpsicles)
Erl K. (GM): 30.250000000000004
Hana Shiratori: (Purrgive me I'm bad at this)
Erl K. (GM):
Detective Kurosawa shot Zombie with a 9mm handgun!
Damage (Gun) 71
The zombie shatters into pieces!
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (aha)
Erl K. (GM):
Nemeria scratched at random foes multiple times!
Hits 4
Crit(DC90) 34
Damage (Phys) 62
Crit Damage 89
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "There's the big boy himself."
Tommy Takeshi: "There it is! The big fucker!"
Hana Shiratori: "Deep breath... you can do this..."
Julia Takeshi: (also erl I wanted u to spam my normal attack, which is called Ultimate Hit lol)
(ah well)
Legion used Maragi! A group of enemies was set ablaze by a surge of flames!
Burn (DC75) 8
Damage (Fire) 63
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (wowiewow)
Tommy Takeshi: "Gah-!"
Hane Kanzaki: ( RIP COP )
Tommy Takeshi: (wait what are the cops that flimsy)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (normal hoomans)
Hana Shiratori: (Normal humans are weak to magic I assume)
Julia Takeshi: "Fuuuuck" She screams as the flames scorch her, burning her flesh.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (prob around the same as zomboids)
Legion: A storm of fire engulfs Kurosawa and his demon, as well as Tommy and Julia, dealing severe damage.
Tommy Takeshi: This was no joke. He almost suffocated on the smoke alone.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Shit, guys you okay?!"
Erl K. (GM): Welcome to the real SMT
Tommy Takeshi: (drac aura pls save me)
Julia Takeshi: She coughs as she nearly falls, but manages to force herself to keep standing up. "Nii-san, move back! You are too damaged!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Fuck that!"
Hana Shiratori: Hana covered her face; even from distance she could felt the heat. "Julia, Tommy!" She cried out in concern.
Tommy Takeshi: But his body says otherwise, trembling from pain and fear.
Julia Takeshi: (how many zambinos left?)
Erl K. (GM): 3
Julia Takeshi: "Hikaru, Tetsuo, we'll take down the zombies! The rest of you, focus fire on Legion!"
Tommy Takeshi: "I'm not retreating... until you do!"
Hana Shiratori: "G-got it!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Got it."
Julia Takeshi: "Hah, at least you got backbone..." Julia laughs, recovering her spirit somewhat.
Erl K. (GM): Suddenly, Hikaru cries out!
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (ibs habbenin)
Erl K. (GM):
Hikaru Kuzunoha attacked Zombie with a lead pipe! He struck with all his might!
Damage (Phys) 98
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (OVAHDORAIVU)
Hane Kanzaki: ( rip zambono )
Hana Shiratori: (ayy mass destruction)
Julia Takeshi: "Tets, I leave the last zombie to you!" Julia yelled as she jumped towards Legion. "I'LL MAKE YOU PAY, YOU MULTIFACETIC FUCKWAD!"
Julia Takeshi cleaved Legion with a whistling slash!
Crit(DC90) 105
Damage (Phys) 86
Crit Damage 139
Erl K. (GM): In an instant, Hikaru sends two zombies flying into pieces!
Tommy Takeshi: 152.9
(over 150, phew)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (j-just run on ahead)
Legion: "I-Impossible! That damage... Are you even human!?"
"I-Impossible! That damage... Are you even human!?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (he got so spooked lost his format)
"Alright, like late-night workin at the shop, time for a clean-up!"
Julia Takeshi: "Who gives a shit?!" She answered. "Human or Demon or whatever! Just die already!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto:
Tetsuo Yoshimoto lunged at Zombie!
Hit (DC50) 27
Crit(DC25) 13
Damage (Phys) 53
Crit Damage 99
Tommy Takeshi: (missu)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (o f c)
Erl K. (GM): Zombie smirks
Julia Takeshi: (Zombie pats Tets' shoulder in understanding)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN)
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy laughed at the demon's distress. "She's a bigger monster than you, tentacle-face!"
Julia Takeshi: (they become bros through shared suffering)
Tommy Takeshi: He slashed a finger across his throat.
Hana Shiratori: Fortune is a fickle thing... Was what Hana thought as she saw Tetsuo missed his lunge.
Tommy Takeshi:
Tommy Takeshi debilitated Legion's defenses!
Defense Down -1
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (the lungebro's suffering ;_;)
Tommy Takeshi: And something in the air cracked in response.
(now it's number 1.1 1.1)
Julia Takeshi: (Kt I think u should heal bloble and take down the last zombie)
Tommy Takeshi: (multiply it by each in turn)
Hane Kanzaki: ( ok )
Tommy Takeshi: (i think)
Hane Kanzaki:
Hane Kanzaki attacked Zombie with a knife! The weapon glows with lunar light!
Damage (Phys) 61
Tommy Takeshi: Having said that, he understood how the monster felt. What a monstrous little sister...
She might as well be unreachable.
Hane Kanzaki: "I'll clean up this time."
Tiana used Dia! Tommy Takeshi was healed!
HP restored 95
( overheal )
Tiana: "There you go, funny human!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Thanks!"
Julia Takeshi: (The new light novel, How Can My Little Sister Be So Manly?)
Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!} {{HP restored=19
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (text so bright gotta wear shades)
Hana Shiratori: (It's The Sun after all)
Tommy Takeshi: "Back off, police dudes! We've got this!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (thatsthejoke)
Detective Kurosawa: "Heh... That's kind of you kids, but we're the ones who have to clean up our own messes."
"So, Legion? Feel like going home to your Lord yet?"
At that moment, Legion's eyes flashed.
Legion used Marin Karin! Attempted to dominate Cop!
Charm (DC60) 82
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (MARIN FUCKIN KARIN)
Hane Kanzaki: ( woah )
Detective Kurosawa: "Wha-!?"
Tommy Takeshi: (both at once??)
Hana Shiratori: (Noooo)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (shit damn)
Detective Kurosawa:
Cop shot Detective Kurosawa with a 9mm handgun!
Damage (Gun) 48
Cop shot Detective Kurosawa with a 9mm handgun!
Damage (Gun) 39
Julia Takeshi: (Quick Hana, use Moe Eyes on them!)
Detective Kurosawa: 95.7
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (oh boy)
Detective Kurosawa:
Legion used Agi! Detective Kurosawa was set ablaze by a surge of flames!
Burn (DC75) 48
Damage (Fire) 61
Hane Kanzaki: ( i just realized if we try to counter they die instantly )
Hana Shiratori: "Detective-!"
Hane Kanzaki: ( oh shit is cop man dead )
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (almost)
Detective Kurosawa: Kurosawa falls to his knees.
Julia Takeshi: (can we aim to knock them out, ie hold back?)
Tommy Takeshi: (heal this man)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (better heal that bhey)
Tommy Takeshi: (we're gonna have to kill some cops)
Julia Takeshi: "Shit! Hey, catgirl, carry him out of here!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Think we should focus fire on region)
Nemeria: "Master!" Nemeria cried out, before turning to Legion with a fierce expression. "You bastard..."
She hesitates between Legion and the cops, before moving towards them-
Detective Kurosawa: "DON'T!!!"
Nemeria: "Tch-! You... I'LL KILL YOU AND FEED ON YOUR GUTS!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Aw fuck nuggets."
Erl K. (GM):
Nemeria scratched at random foes multiple times!
Hits 3
Crit(DC90) 108
Damage (Phys) 63
Crit Damage 104
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (well that'll be in my nightmares)
Hana Shiratori: Hana glares at Legion, drawing spiritual power to attack it. This demon... must perish!
Tommy Takeshi: (focus fire boys)
Erl K. (GM): The cat-like woman jumps towards Legion a brutal series of slashes that leaves the party stunned at her power.
Hana Shiratori:
Hana Shiratori used Bufu! Legion was struck by a freezing blast of ice shards!
Freeze (DC80) 29
Damage (Ice) 52
Erl K. (GM): and unleashes*
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (oh i thought she was gonna cop kill)
Erl K. (GM): (gonna need to be careful with multi-hit, gotta nerf it xd)
Julia Takeshi: "Just kill that monster! Focus everything on them!"
Erl K. (GM): 94.38000000000002
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (hikaru smash)
Erl K. (GM):
Hikaru Kuzunoha cleaved Legion with a whistling slash!
Crit(DC90) 13
Damage (Phys) 68
Crit Damage 117
oh wait
wrong slice
Hikaru Kuzunoha cleaved Legion with a whistling slash! He struck with all his might!
Crit(DC90) 64
Damage (Phys) 123
Crit Damage 185
Hane Kanzaki: ( 1 8 5 )
Erl K. (GM): (should've made legion strong to phys)
Tommy Takeshi: (jesus)
Hana Shiratori: (Sasuga Chariot)
Tommy Takeshi: 1851.11
Erl K. (GM): 148.83
Tommy Takeshi: (oops)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (he didn't crit)
Tommy Takeshi: (still good)
Hana Shiratori: (It's all yours Julia)
Julia Takeshi: "I'm glad you have so many faces..." She said as she endured the pain, looking completely monstrous with her singed clothes and skin, charging forwards with all of her might. "SO I CAN PUNCH YOU IN EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEEM!"
Julia Takeshi cleaved Legion with a whistling slash!
Crit(DC90) 76
Damage (Phys) 92
Crit Damage 117
Tommy Takeshi: [921.11.1]
Legion: "H-how could this be..." Legion moans. "For me to be defeated..."
"Forgive me... Lord Bifrons..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Over the cliffside with ya."
Hana Shiratori: "We did it..."
Erl K. (GM): The party obtained 500 EXP and 1000 Macca.
Everyone reached Level 3!
Tommy Takeshi: "Haah..."
Julia Takeshi: After dealing the final hit, Julia falls on her knees, bearing with the intense pain. While she's not actually that hurt, truth is that being burned alive is something extremely hard to endure.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (and 4)
Tommy Takeshi: "Oy, geezer! Hang in there!"
Erl K. (GM): Everyone reached level 4!

Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Yo, Kazuma, let's give him a hand."
Hana Shiratori: "Hane or Kazuma, please heal him!"
Julia Takeshi: She sits down on the floor and rests her body against the wall for a while.
Erl K. (GM): As the party rushes to Kurosawa, they freeze when the sound of gunshots erupt behind them.
Cop shot Cop with a 9mm handgun!
Damage (Gun) 51
Cop shot Cop with a 9mm handgun!
Damage (Gun) 44
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Y'all right Juli-"
Cop: "All hail... Lord Bifrons..."
Hana Shiratori: Hana's eyes widens in shock.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "O-oooh."
Tommy Takeshi: "Oh fuck."
Detective Kurosawa: "DAMN IT!"
Hane Kanzaki: "No way..."
Hana Shiratori: The scene she just witnessed is simply too brutal.
Julia Takeshi: "No... the spell wasn't broken when the thing was slain.." Julia can't believe her mistake when she thought it was all over.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo turned his head, shut his eyes for a moment, and carefully emptied his stomach away from everyone else.
Tommy Takeshi: There's nothing he can say.
Detective Kurosawa: "I fucking hate this world so much..."
"Thanks... Kids... Shouldn't you be looking for your parents or something, though?"
Tommy Takeshi: "We are."
Detective Kurosawa:
Kazuma Ryumori used Dia! Detective Kurosawa was healed!
HP restored 103
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "That's the plan, chief."

Detective Kurosawa sighs...
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy helps Julia up.
Detective Kurosawa: "You guys should come to my apartment. It's the only thing that's halfway decent in like two miles."
not apartment
Tommy Takeshi: "We figured, the cops would know who made it or not..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "It's a place to crash for the night, much obliged."
Detective Kurosawa: department*
"And anyways, I have the extra space now, I guess..."
Julia Takeshi: "Sorry Bro, I just... need to rest a bit." Julia's complexion doesn't look very good, probably more due to the shock than then wounds.
Right now, she's feeling responsible for not having stopped the cops.
Tommy Takeshi: "You'll be alright."
Hana Shiratori: Hana didn't object. So many things happened today that she won't say no to a place to stay the night.
Tommy Takeshi: "Just rely on me for a bit."
"Hey, Detective... they're your men, so I thought I'd ask, but..."
"Could I take one of those?" he points the gun one of the corpses is clutching.
"I lived in the states all my life. Went to the range a bunch of times with my dad."
Julia Takeshi: "Right... we should take their guns..."
Tommy Takeshi: "I know it's against the law, but... the common sense of our old world doesn't seem to apply anymore."

Detective Kurosawa chuckled.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo grunted, "Don't like guns."
Detective Kurosawa: "Sure. I actually have more back in the office. Wouldn't mind giving them to you. God knows its not kids with guns that we have to worry about now."
Tommy Takeshi: "..." There's no sense of happiness in the feeling of the weapon on his belt.
Security, perhaps, but nothing more.
Julia Takeshi: Julia takes one gun as well, making sure to put the safety on before stuffing it in her pocket. "Anyone wants the third one?" she asked, finally recovering a bit of her stability.
Hana Shiratori: Hana simply shook her head.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "No."
Detective Kurosawa:
Julia Takeshi shot Hane Kanzaki with nothing!
Damage (Gun) 51
Tommy Takeshi: "...sorry, guys." He closes his eyes and... well, not exactly prays, but close, over the bodies of the fallen cops.
Detective Kurosawa: just testing
Erl K. (GM): (just testing)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo looks at the gun with a surprising amount of distaste.
Julia Takeshi: (lel)
Hane Kanzaki: ( tfw im about to get shot )
"I'll take it, I guess..."
Detective Kurosawa: Hane Kanzaki: ( tfw im about to get shot )
(by nothing at that)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo leans up against a wall, and is quiet.
Julia Takeshi: Julia hands Hane the third gun without making any comment.
Hane Kanzaki: ( maybe my gun affinity will come in handy )
Julia Takeshi: (tfw finger pistols)
Hane Kanzaki: ( nobody can shoot me in the back now!! )
Julia Takeshi: (did I have gun affinity?)
Tommy Takeshi: (lunar bullets)
(not as good as lunar edge)
(erl, want me to do my level up manually?)
Detective Kurosawa: "Alright, sun's about to come down."
Tommy Takeshi: (ill change the stats and level myself it doesnt look too complicated)
Detective Kurosawa: "Follow me, kids. Trust me, you don't want to sleep outside."
Tommy Takeshi: (less work for you)
Detective Kurosawa: hold on
Tommy Takeshi: "Lead the way, uh, sir."


Tommy Takeshi: "Yo," Tommy taps Tetsuo on the shoulder as they walk alongside the detective. "You don't like guns?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "No," The normally exuberant man says laconically.
Tommy Takeshi: "What for."
Julia Takeshi: While the boys start chatting, Jullia approaches Hana. "Hey, Hana, are you doing alright?"
She examines her with a worried face.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo sucks at his teeth, looks at the sky, "Saw a guy get shot with one, gut shot. Real bad."
Hana Shiratori: "I'm... alright." Hana replies quietly. "I'm not hurt even once, so don't worry." She finishes with a small smile.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Decided it was a no-go."
Tommy Takeshi: "Damn."
Hana Shiratori: Though of course, that smile seems a little bit forced.
Tommy Takeshi: He takes his new acquisition out of its holster and looks at it.
"Just a hunk of metal though, aint' it?"
"Would be just as bad if you took a knife to the gut."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Sure," He agreed, "You can shoot all you want, I got no complaints."
"I don't use guns."
Erl K. (GM): So I just realized
that despite being afk
Draconic still MVPed with heal
Hana Shiratori: (healers are important)
Tommy Takeshi: "Mm."
Erl K. (GM): gonna grab dinner
Tommy Takeshi: He drops it back in its holster.
Julia Takeshi: "Hmm..." Julia examines her face, and sighs, putting her arm around Hana. "Y'know you don't need to put a front with us, right? We know that you are... strong. So we won't think any less of you."
Tommy Takeshi: "I was gonna try to say something even grimier," he suddenly admits.
Draconic: Oh, I'm back.
Tommy Takeshi: "But we just saw something that doesn't really happen."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Mm."
Draconic: Let me just see what I need to help with.
Tommy Takeshi: "Mm."
Erl K. (GM): So yeah
how was today guys?
im amazed we kept it up for so long
Tommy Takeshi: (great)
Hana Shiratori: "Julia..." Hana looked at the older woman, the big sister figure of the group, before she looked up to the sky. She decided to speak.
Kazuma Ryumori: Oh, we're finishing up?
Hana Shiratori: (Great fun erl)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (aside from a few stutters, was solid)
Hane Kanzaki: ( pretty good )
Julia Takeshi: (It was great erl, it was pretty fun in general, my only regret is that a lot of the party had to be afk at times)
Kazuma Ryumori: (It was great, I wish I'd been her for the big finish though.)
Hane Kanzaki: ( normally on sundays i have my dnd game so this timespot is pretty awkward for me though )
Tommy Takeshi: (well drac, wanna get some social linking done consolation prize, and tommy's got a bone to pick with kazuma anyway)
Erl K. (GM): (In any case)
Julia Takeshi: (sunday timespot seems hard to keep up, I agree. Plus I gotta study sometime lol)
Erl K. (GM): Good luck surviving the first day intact
I seriously expected a death during that boss
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (It was over pretty simply)
Tommy Takeshi: (i thought i was fucked)
(then i thought detective was fucked)
Julia Takeshi: (fairly sure I'd have died if it threw Agi at me again)
Hane Kanzaki: ( same i thought detective was donezo )
Draconic: If there'd been a death, Kazuma would never have gotten over it.
I'd have totally been guilty.
Morm: Well don't worry, Drac.
Two cops killed each other under Marin Karin.
Hana Shiratori: "You know I wanted to be a doctor." Hana began. "To help people. I don't want to hurt them, and I never thought the day would come that I hurt someone."
Draconic: Marin Karin?
Morm: Charm.
Tommy Takeshi: (mind control)
Draconic: So, Legion being a dick....
Blob: When you try it, it's useless.
When the enemy uses it, you're fucked.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (wanna keep goin w/ SL blob, or u good?)
Hana Shiratori: "I know they're demons, and I know they're for self-defense." Hana quickly said before Julia could get the wrong impression. "I understand that it was necessary." She said as she cast her eyes downwards.
Blob: (tommy doesn't have much to say)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (s'okay, I do)
Blob: (go ahead)
Draconic: (Does anyone else have demons?)
Blob: (just kt)
Erl K. (GM): also
how did the mood feel
did I manage to make it smt enough
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Y'know what the worst part about that was, though, for me, at least?" Tetsuo said, suddenly. "It wasn't the guns, or the demon, or the zombies, it was that thing it did, that mind control shit."
He spits.
Blob: (it was about right)
Hana Shiratori: "But when my friends are hurt... when the detective nearly died... I couldn't do anything." She said bitterly. "While you guys risk your life, I merely stand behind someone else, unable to help."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Takin' away a person's will like that, just, 'no, fuck you, you don't get to make this choice', it, it fuckin PISSES ME OFF!"
He slams his fist into a wall.
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy nods slowly.
"It's bad enough using a weapon, but..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He breathes, slowly.
Tommy Takeshi: "Turning someone into a tool, treating them like a gun or a sword."
"That's a special kind of evil."
You don't use people to hurt other people.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Mm."
Tommy Takeshi: "No matter if you're a demon or a human."
Detective Kurosawa: "Sorry, mind if I butt in for a sec?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Sup."
Tommy Takeshi: "Aye, sir."
The 'sir' came on its own and decided to stay.
Detective Kurosawa: "It's best that you throw away any common sense regarding your old life values."
"This world... It doesn't play by the same rules."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Just cause it don't play by the old rules, that doesn't make it right."
Kazuma Ryumori: "We shouldn't allow these things to just screw with our world."
Detective Kurosawa: "I'm just saying, Demons won't think like that."
Tommy Takeshi: "Y'know... the rules of the old world didn't just pop up outta nowhere. Someone made them."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "That's the way it is, feh. Fuck that line of thought."
Detective Kurosawa: "So keep an open mind, because you're stuck with them."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I don't think we are."
Julia Takeshi: "...." Julia remained silent as she heard Hana out. To be honest, her words made her reflect on herself for the first time in quite a long time. She herself was heavily desensitivized to violence, as she had gone through many fights and hurt many people. Her fists had sent quite the many thughs to the hospital, and in one case when she had caught a delinquent trying to force himself on a kouhai, she had broken both of his arms and hospitalized him for three months. However, that didn't meant she was okay with all the death.
Detective Kurosawa: "Still though, that's the right attitude to have."
Kazuma Ryumori: "if something's broken, you fix it."
Tommy Takeshi: "So we're still here. This fight isn't just between humans and demons. It's a fight to see who decides the 'rules' of this world."
Detective Kurosawa: "You're alright, kid."
Nemeria: "Well put."
Nemeria approached lazily.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Very well said, Tommy."
Nemeria: "The one who's victorious, in the end, decides what is right."
Tommy Takeshi: "Eh?" He blinks. Is it getting crowded in here?
Kazuma Ryumori: "Then we just have to win."
Julia Takeshi: When she had seen the corpses in the store, she had been silent, but had been able to deal with it somehow. But when those three cops had died in that horrible way... that had been different.
Nemeria: "That's why you've stayed her to fight against Bifrons, haven't you Master?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Is what I'd like to say…"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Legion's boss, keep up."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Oh, right."
Detective Kurosawa: "...I'm just tired of running away. Everywhere's the same no matter where you go. Well, I heard some rumors but... I can't just leave the people here alone."
"And yeah, Bifrons is the Demon Lord that's taken over this area."
"You could say that our objective in all of this... Was to usurp his seat of power."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Do you think that if we all got our own demons, we could defeat him and take the city back?"
Tommy Takeshi: "That was your offensive?"
Detective Kurosawa: "Really, when you're a copper your first instinct when shit goes down is to make things right, but..."
Julia Takeshi: She hugged Hana, and then spoke to her. "You were not useless Hana. You stood with us and fought with us, and even went against your nature to fight against the demons. That... takes a resolve that even I am not sure to have." She said. "Don't lose that mindset and that resolve of yours... you being yourself is something... precious." She wondered to herself when she had lost what Hana seemed to possess in spades.
Detective Kurosawa: "No... That was an attack."
"Legion is... Was one of Bifrons' attack dogs."
"Those zombies were probably people it picked up along the way."
Kazuma Ryumori: "That was what passes for an attack dog?"
Tommy Takeshi: "And when Legion doesn't report back, he's probably gonna attack again."
They got wrapped up in a real mess.
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'm almost afraid to find out what their version of a policeman is."
Tommy Takeshi: "Why not ask? Hey, Cat lady, who's the law in demon land?"
Nemeria: "Law?" Nemeria made a disgusted face.
Hana Shiratori: Hana hugged the older girl back, taking comfort in the warmth of another's body as she silently let out a few tears. She let go not long after that, and though her eyes are still a little bit red from the tears, she flashed her a genuine smile.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Aren't demons chaos?"
Nemeria: "That would be YH-#!*()_H's Angels, of course."
Hana Shiratori: "Thank you, Julia."
Tommy Takeshi: "...oh."
Detective Kurosawa: "She means Yahweh, by the way."
Tommy Takeshi: Angels were a thing?
"God's a thing?"
"I never went to church on Sundays..."
Detective Kurosawa: "...As far as we know. I've only heard from her, as well as rumors."
"Rumors of a place called the Kingdom of Saints, where the Angels take in refugees no matter their origin, and keep the peace..."
Hana Shiratori: Having her spirits lifted a little, Hana proceeds to listen in to the conversation the rest are having.
Detective Kurosawa: "But I don't buy it. It doesn't add up with this nightmare."
Tommy Takeshi: "If demons are a thing, angels have to be a thing too."
He hopes.
Kazuma Ryumori: "So, Miss Nemeria, rather than police, maybe…what passes for an enforcer in the demon world?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Whoever's strong enough, I'd guess."
Julia Takeshi: Julia patted Hana's head. "Don't worry about it, it's my duty as your fake nee-san." She laughed warmly.
Detective Kurosawa: "Angels, Demons... I'm not gonna wait for some fairytale being to come rescue the people that Bifrons is enslaving."
Kazuma Ryumori: "But what in particular."
Detective Kurosawa: "Whether I like it or not, this is what I'm paid to do."
"And that's what I'm gonna do."
Kazuma Ryumori: "We need a way to prepare for this."
Detective Kurosawa: "Heh... I'm just the lucky guy that bought a COMP for his daughter."
"But with great power, comes great responsibility."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Whatever you say, Uncle Ben."
Kazuma Ryumori: "About it not adding up… you aren't suggesting… that angels are just the opposite end of the spectrum and hate humans too?"
Detective Kurosawa: "What?" The detective laughed. "Well, it's possible."
"But I just straight up find it ludicrous that after all this time, only now is God coming down to help us."
Hana Shiratori: "But... aren't angels supposed to be good?" Hana asked, uncertain. "If they take in any refugees..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Well, I'm glad that you at least weren't implying that."
Tommy Takeshi: "They're good. Let's just assume they're good."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Settin up their own turf, though."
Kazuma Ryumori: "What's Miss Nemeria's take on it?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "No helpin things that're already here."
"Sounds like those Demon Lords a bit."
Nemeria: "Good? Evil?" Nemeria raised an eyebrow.
"Those are human things. I can't understand them."
Tommy Takeshi: "Except for the whole 'helping people for free' thing."
Tiana: "I know, right!? These humans are soo weird~"
Hana Shiratori: "..."
Detective Kurosawa: "Told you."
Hana Shiratori: She hasn't even consider that.
From the perspective of angels and demons, is there even such a thing like good or evil?
Tommy Takeshi: "Aw man..."
Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma thought on this.
So there was no good and evil?
What else could Angels and Demons be?
He wondered what this could mean. Were they another sort of balance?
Tommy Takeshi: "This new common sense is so fucked..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "That's it! I think I get it!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Out with it, Holmes."
Kazuma Ryumori: "It's Order vs. Chaos!"
Demons are the epitome of the unpredictable!
Tiana: "Hey! What part of me does it look like I'm chaotic!?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Kazuma that sounds dumb."
Tiana: Tiana crossed her arms.
Tommy Takeshi: "Yeah, I don't buy it."
"Tiana, you like cute shit, right?"
"You can count on her to keep liking cute shit."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I don't mean it in a bad way."
Tommy Takeshi: "I.E predictable."
Julia Takeshi: Julia pats Tiana. "Yeeah, she doesn't seem that chaotic to me."
Tiana: "Well if by cute you mean myself then-"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Chaos is just, unpredictable."
"Like how those kobolds are supposedly good natured, but the ones we met were violent thugs."
Detective Kurosawa: "Kobolds?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I think you're making a lot of assumptions, brother-man."
Erl K. (GM): As the party explains how they met Tiana, the detective laughed.
Julia Takeshi: "Dog-faced thingies with clubs"
Kazuma Ryumori: "You're right, I probably am."
Julia Takeshi: "We kinda uh, ran over them."
Kazuma Ryumori: "We have them on our COMPS."
Julia Takeshi: "So to speak."
Detective Kurosawa: "She must've REALLY pissed them off."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Yeah, some dog-dudes, beat 'em up along with some Slimes when we helped out the little miss."
Tommy Takeshi: "And some slimy skeleton cat things, but we don't really know what they're called."
Kazuma Ryumori: "A profile."
Tommy Takeshi: "What, are they normally harmless or something?"
Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma shows Kurosawa the picture and blurb on his COMP.
Tiana: "I just called them a bunch of stinky flea-ridden mutts that couldn't share a rat's ass of what they have because they're so fucking pathetic."
"What's so wrong about that?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Perfect."
Julia Takeshi: "Pffft"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Well, definitely the ones who attacked you."
"Picking on pretty girls isn't cool."
Hana Shiratori: "That's..." Hana trailed off. "... Colorful."
Nemeria: "Oooh, I'll save that one for later."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Maybe they were jealous of your looks."
Hana Shiratori: Don't judge a book by it's cover indeed...
Tiana: "Hehehehe! You think so~?"
Julia Takeshi: "And you ain't very good at picking up girls, Kaz." Julia cringed a bit. "Too obvious..."
Tommy Takeshi: "Not you too, Kaz..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "It's not a pick up line."
Tommy Takeshi: "Well no, maybe that's subtle by demon standards."
Detective Kurosawa: "Yeah and I'm not a cop."
Vri: "Everyone wants to be the new adam."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "You're a detective."
Hana Shiratori: "I think we can get a clearer image after meeting more demons and actually seeing the angels." Hana concluded. "It's too early to tell just from the few we met."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (blargh wrong state)
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy can't help but chuckle a bit.
Kazuma Ryumori: "It's not that hard to be prettier than a thing that can't open it's mouth without drooling. Not to say that you're only a step above that. You've been pretty cool since we met you, Tiana."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo mimes a mic drop.
Tommy Takeshi: Shit's fucked, but at least people are still people.
And demons are... well, kinda like people.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Just punch the assholes in line."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'd kinda like to meet a few more personable demons like you and Nemeria."
Detective Kurosawa: "Personable, he says..."
Julia Takeshi: "Da~mn, I hope that when I pick up a demon it ends up being this cute. I mean, someone like me surely deserves a cute monster to accompany her, right?" She said twirling.
It was startingly easy to imagine the silhouette of some sort of multi-armed demon god behind her.
Tommy Takeshi: "What, did you two end up attacking each other at first sight or something?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Cute as Gojira, maybe."
Detective Kurosawa: "Nah, I summoned her straight up, she's my Lord after all."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "A gorilla would fit i'm sure."
Hane Kanzaki: ( had to afk, what did i miss )
Kazuma Ryumori: "You'd get some macho thing. Totally."
"At best."
Detective Kurosawa: "But... You saw that, didn't you?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Well, uh, no."
Tommy Takeshi: "Oh. Well."
Julia Takeshi: "Well I bet you'll end up with a zombie!" Julia snapped back. "Your attack methods sure were similar."
Detective Kurosawa: "She was about to kill those cops because they inconvenienced her."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I'm so hurt, oooh. Come back with a better comeback, muscle-queen."
Nemeria: "How could I let an attack against my Master go?"
Julia Takeshi: "And I bet you'll end up with a slime and Hikaru with a Kobold." She said pointing at Kaz.
Nemeria: Nemeria examined her claws.
Kazuma Ryumori: "I suppose…"
Julia Takeshi: "Hmph."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I can think of worse fates than a kobold."
Detective Kurosawa: "See, that's how most Demons are. They only care about themselves... And their Summoner, to an extent."
Kazuma Ryumori: "A slime…"
Detective Kurosawa: "The stronger you make them, the more loyal they are... But you're where the loyalty stops."
"I'm sure your fairy friend feels the same way."
Hana Shiratori: "I see..."
Tiana: "How rude! I like all of these funny humans!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'm sure that can't be entirely true. I'm sure that a demon can be selfless to an extent."
Tiana: After that though she dived straight at Hane to nuzzle her chest.
Kazuma Ryumori: They just need to want it."
Tiana: "But I won't deny that Master's the bestest ever!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I'm sure you need to stop assuming things."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Tiana, don't be a perv."
Julia Takeshi: "D'aww, you sure got a good friend Hane."
Hane Kanzaki: "W-wait, what're you doing!"
Hana Shiratori: (God why is Tiana so funny)
(And cute)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "I foresee a garden of lilies beginning to bloom."
Tommy Takeshi: "Goddamn it Hikaru."
Hane Kanzaki: "Well, I can't complain about someone being friendly, I suppose."
Tommy Takeshi: But he's still laughing.
Hane Kanzaki: "Could've started out with something way worse."
Kazuma Ryumori: It was totally adorable and kinda sexy, though. Kazuma couldn't bring himself to protest further.
Hana Shiratori: "I think she's pretty adorable, after all is said and done." Hana admits as she see the demon nuzzling Hane's chest.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Though, he thought to himself, what kind of demon would he prefer?
Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma was having the same thought.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He grinned at the imagery in his mind's eye.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Hey, uh Tiana, not to interrupt, really, I mean it, but… are there dragons by any chance?"
Tiana: "Ew, what's that laugh it's gross."
Tommy Takeshi: "Oooh, that's pretty metal, Kaz. Nice choice."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Hey, it's in my name isn't it?"
Hana Shiratori: Still, her own demon... to be honest, Hana couldn't really imagine or visualize anything at the moment. She'll just wait and see.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Well, I guess you'll never ever find out."
Tommy Takeshi: "Wait, what am I saying? This isn't like shopping for clothes."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Ever."
"Because you're so rude."

Hana Shiratori looked at Tetsuo
Tiana: "Grr... Now I just HAVE to know!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Nah, it's too late now."
Hana Shiratori: "This is just a guess, but you're not imagining a succubus or anything right?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "You missed your chance."
Tiana: "Master~ Please convince the mean human!"
Hane Kanzaki: "Please don't bait her, Tets..."
Julia Takeshi: "Tets, don't bully the cute fairy."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Tell her Tetsuo."
"Do it."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I refuse."
Kazuma Ryumori: "You want to anyway."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Its funny to watch though."
Kazuma Ryumori: "You know you do."
"Don't be a tease."

Tiana grins into Hane's stomach
Hana Shiratori: Hana pouts as Tetsuo proceeds to ignore her, before proceeding to focus on walking to their destination.
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'll bet Hana gets some sort of creature with feathery wings. I guess demons can't be angels, but she'd get something close."
Hana Shiratori: *her question
Tommy Takeshi: "You can't just pick friends out of a hat!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "I don't plan to."
"I'm just hoping. Seriously though, Tiana, are there dragons?"
Hane Kanzaki: "I think we're too far on the 'monster collecting' train of thought..."
Julia Takeshi: "Oh my, I guess if Tetsu is imagining something lewd, he won't need our cute little Hana anymore..." Julia smiles teasingly and moves besides Hana.
"I guess I'll just take her away..."
Hana Shiratori: "W-what do you mean by that Julia...?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Go ahead, I'll just die alone and miserable."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Naughty things hana, Naughty things."
Tiana: "Dragons? Yeah, there are."
Julia Takeshi: "Who knows?" She said, winking at Tetsuo as she slooowly drags Hana away.
Tiana: "But they're kinda powerful you know? Like REALLY scary. I don't know if you guys can deal with those."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Uh, if you need some sort of shield, I can just…put myself between you and—Oh, SWEET!"
Tiana: "So, uh, I wouldn't go after them. It'd be bad if you guys died and Master became lonelier."
Hane Kanzaki: "You're on your own if you want a reenactment of How to Train Your Dragon."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Powerful and scary though, you've got a point. If we run into a dragon, we, well, run."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "G'bye Hana, have fun."
"I'll just hang back here."
Julia Takeshi: "Aww, you're no fun." She lets Hana go.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Thus tets died alone, goodbye person who wasn't as cool as me."
Kazuma Ryumori: "If Tetsuo ends up contracting with a succubus, I will eat my shirt."

Hikaru Kuzunoha shed a tear for a fallen friend
Kazuma Ryumori: "Or a lilith, or a dryad, or a nymph…"
Hana Shiratori: Hana giggled before patting Tetsuo on the back.
Detective Kurosawa: "Alright alright guys, I'm a cop you know? I can arrest people for harassment."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Or a fairy. Even one less pretty than Tiana."
Hane Kanzaki: "Can you lay off the man?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Then arrest the fairy, she's been sexually assaulting Hane this whole time"
Hane Kanzaki: "Joke's already ground dead into the dirt."
Hana Shiratori: "Alright guys, let's stop there. We don't want to be arrested, don't we?"
Hane Kanzaki: She sighs.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Yeah, point."
Julia Takeshi: "Yeah yeah, too much. Let's move on." Julia added. "Sorry if I went too far there Tets."
Detective Kurosawa: "You know, kid, I find it pretty funny that you're teasing the guy for being a lecher and yet you know the names of so many female Demons."

Detective Kurosawa grins.
Tommy Takeshi: "He's got you man."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'm just quoting Akumajou Dracula names."
Tommy Takeshi: "Suuuuuuure."
Tiana: "Hahahah! Kazuma's a player! He plays all the time!"
"Is... Is that the word?"
Julia Takeshi: "I think someone is too excited with the idea of meeting female demons."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "If you must know," Tetsuo sniffed, "I was thinking along the lines of Lady Benten."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Yup totally Tiana, totally."

Hikaru Kuzunoha snerks
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'm more excited by the prospect of meeting something cute and furry. Or majestic and reptilian."
"And yes…Tiana…" Kazuma goes red all the way down to his collarbone "That is definitely the right word."
Tiana: "Is... Is that what humans like to see?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Nah, he's just weird."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Not all of us."
Tiana: "Master, I'm scared." She whispered to Hane.
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'm only a closet pervert."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I'm an open pervert and unashamed."
Tommy Takeshi: "I'm a fuckin' gentleman."
Hane Kanzaki: "I think we're dealing with deviants here, Tiana."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Oh, oh you wanna call out deviancy?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "And Tiana, I don't touch girls without their permission, you don't have to be frightened of me unless you hit me."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "After what you've done?"
Tommy Takeshi: He says, sporting a bunch if piercings, red hair, leather, and spikes.
Julia Takeshi: "I... am the most normal person here..." Julia said, looking depressed and scared.
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'm with Testuo on this one…"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I'll open that box, you watch me."
Hane Kanzaki: "Say one more word and I will end your life."
Julia Takeshi: One could imagine the soul of Legion screaming internally.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo cackles.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Julia, I'm pretty sure that Hana is the normal one here."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I dunno about that, Hana's got her own little dark side in there," Tetsuo nods knowingly, "There was the Peroxide incident back in 7th Grade."
Tommy Takeshi: "Nah, she's hardcore repressed. It's always the quiet ones."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Oh boy let the dark stories begin, I love dark story time."
Tommy Takeshi: "Right Tets."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'm going to veto that idea."

Detective Kurosawa is just quietly laughing to himself and smirking along.
Hana Shiratori: "Now now Tetsuo..."
Detective Kurosawa: (Kids...)
(I wonder how Haruka is doing at the office... She's probably worried...)

Hana Shiratori sealed Tet's lips with her index finger
Hana Shiratori winked

Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo laughs nervously, "I-I'll be good."
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy puts a hand on Tetsuo's shoulder.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (whip-cracking noises in the background)
Tommy Takeshi: His face shows... solidarity, and pity.
Julia Takeshi: Julia feels so proud of Hana right now.

Hikaru Kuzunoha giggles at the scene
Hane Kanzaki: She snickers.
Hana Shiratori: "Then we understand each other!" She giggled before walking to where Hane and Julia are.
(Alright going to bed now)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Yup a perfect understanding of how things are."
Hana Shiratori: (See you guys)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (night pala)
Erl K. (GM): The Devil indeed
Hana Shiratori: (It's been fun)
Kazuma Ryumori: "I think I've failed to understand anything that just happened…"
Detective Kurosawa: "So what's up with you guys?"
"Why's only one of you got their Demon out?"
Julia Takeshi: "Ah, we're kinda... fresh at this whole devil summoner thing." Julia replied.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Well… we don't have any, to be perfectly honest."
Detective Kurosawa: "What-!? No Demons?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Our method of doing it was unorthodox, you could say."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "She likes to show off."
Detective Kurosawa: "But then- How..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Is there a way we could get them without… you know, meeting them and having tea?"
Hane Kanzaki: "I lucked out, what can I say?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Good old fisticuffs."

Hikaru Kuzunoha punches the air
Kazuma Ryumori: "We beat the crap out of some slimy bones."
Detective Kurosawa: The Detective stares at the group with disbelief.
(Are you telling me they have powers without a contract?)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Why yes I am awesome thank you for noticing."
Detective Kurosawa: (But that's impossible...)
"You guys... What are you...?"
Julia Takeshi: "Well, you see."
Detective Kurosawa: "Are you human at all?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I'm an 18 year old college student and asskicker."
Julia Takeshi: Julia starts telling Kurosawa about everything that happened the first night.
Tommy Takeshi: "I'm from America," said Tommy, as if that explained everything.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Sorry I don't have a card on me."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'm pretty sure we are."

Detective Kurosawa listens.
Hane Kanzaki: "Well, before this all happened, I could tell you that with 100% certainty."
Detective Kurosawa: "I see... Strange, but I can't refute it after seeing what you did."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Oh, wait, because we…"
Detective Kurosawa: "Heh. You're an interesting bunch, alright."
Hane Kanzaki: She roughly elbows Kazuma in the gut.
Kazuma Ryumori: "ERK!" he squeals, and doubles over.
"I'm okay."
"So, how did you meet Nemeria, Mr. Kurosawa?
Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!
HP restored 22
"Just in case. Better safe than sorry."
Detective Kurosawa: "I summoned her."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Wait, just like that?"
Julia Takeshi: "Ah, that's right. Mr. Kurosawa, did you meet a blonde suit-wearing girl more or less our age? Her name is Lucia, and she's our friend. She has helped us a great deal."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "The usual way, grabbed a COMP, and because he's not weird, it just worked out like the lady said."
"We're weird, so we have to go out and find some demons to join the cause."
"Whatever that cause is."
Detective Kurosawa: "Well, I booted up the COMP, some strange dude asked me if I wanted a dude or a chick, I picked the dude because the girl looked like an immature brat, and then a really posh guy explained to me what Demon Summoning was about."
strange voice*
Kazuma Ryumori: "Hey, uh, Tiko, anything you'd like to say to this guy?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "There's no need for that..."
Julia Takeshi: "Yeah, we ended up with the chick. She's funny."
Tommy Takeshi: "I don't need to see two navis flirting..."
Erl K. (GM): Tommy's COMP buzzed.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Actually, that sounds kind of funny."
Tico: "I'd NEVER flirt with my bro!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Fuck."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Guess they're related."
"What a world we live in."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Aaaaaand this just got really awkward."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Way to go, Kazuma, you made it weird."
Tetsuo shook his head.
Erl K. (GM): A voice buzzes from Kurosawa's COMP.
Julia Takeshi: "I blame Kazuma."
Kazuma Ryumori: "It is totally Tommy's fault!"
"He suggested it!"
Tommy Takeshi: "So hey, Tico." He looks at the COMP, turning it around. "Got any tunes on this thing?"
Erl K. (GM): "Tico, you are not supposed to reply unless specifically prompted by the users..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Play Freebird!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Fuck that, play Raining Blood."
Tico: "Well excuse me, one of them WANTED to hear my sweet voice! Not like your old grumpy master!"
Tommy Takeshi: "And I'm telling you Kaz, keep messing with the bull and you get the horns."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Let them fight..."
Tommy Takeshi: He throws up the horns with his free hand.
Tico: "Pfffbrbrbrb!" Tico blew a raspberry over the COMP.
Kazuma Ryumori: "You weren't prompted just now, were you, other Navi?"
"Practice what you preach."
Erl K. (GM): "Touche, sir."
Tommy Takeshi: "Fuck the rules."
"Talk all you want."
Erl K. (GM): The Navis went quiet.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Psst, hey Tico, what's your brother's name?"
"I don't want to be rude."
Tico: "Tico, of course!"
Julia Takeshi: "Hmm, I wonder what they are..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "WHAT?!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "It's Tico and Tico, what's weird about that."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Okay. So that's a thing…"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Don't judge, broseph."
Tommy Takeshi: "I knew a guy and a girl called Taylor. They dated each other."
"And broke up cus it got too infuriating."
Detective Kurosawa: "So, young man."
Julia Takeshi: "Seems like a tailor-made relationship."
Detective Kurosawa: The Detective suddenly took a hard stare at Tommy.
Tommy Takeshi: "Eh?"
Detective Kurosawa: "Should I be worried about you keeping a girl in your pants?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Wait, wasn't that a celebrity couple?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Dohoho."
Tommy Takeshi: "C'mon, man, not you too.."
Kazuma Ryumori: "We all are, actually>"
We're very worried."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I got mine in my jacket."
Tommy Takeshi: "Anyway, I've got a girl. She's just... I dunno what she's doing right now."

Detective Kurosawa winced.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Gotta take a girl out to dinner first."
Tommy Takeshi: "Probably kicking some Kobold's ass."
Julia Takeshi: "... even I fear Sister-in-Law..." Julia said meekly.
Detective Kurosawa: "Oh right, you asked me about a blonde girl in a suit right? Lucia..."
"Can't say I've heard about her, but-"
"No, I shouldn't ask you that..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Might as well, out with it."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Now we're curious."
Julia Takeshi: "Ask us what? Don't leave us bouncing man."
Detective Kurosawa: "Bifrons... He's got a lot of humans locked up in his Domain."
"Keeps the ones with the most Magnetite to fuel his power."
Kazuma Ryumori: "…"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Thinkin' she might be in there?"
"Well, even if she isn't, should do it anyway."
Tommy Takeshi: "So what you're saying is, we know where to look."
Detective Kurosawa: "She might be in there yeah... Or at least someone who knows something about her."
Kazuma Ryumori: "We have to go rescue her."
Detective Kurosawa: "Absolutely not."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "People don't need to be locked up."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I know. Not right now."
Detective Kurosawa: "You kids will stay out of trouble."
Tommy Takeshi: "Time to topple a tyrant. Always wanted to stick it to the man."
Julia Takeshi: "Well, we were planning on kicking Bifrons' ass anyway."
Detective Kurosawa: "Leave the risks to the grown-ups."
Tommy Takeshi: "We signed up for trouble when we picked up these COMPs."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "That's a great time to be pullin' that after we iced Legion."
Detective Kurosawa: "You were just trying to survive."
Tommy Takeshi: "No, even before that."
"I ain't looking for survival."
"I know exactly what I'm doing."
Julia Takeshi: "This isn't a world were one could survive without taking risks, Mr. Kurosawa." Julia replied seriously.
Detective Kurosawa: "And you saw what happened with Legion."
Julia Takeshi: "There's such a thing as a pre-emptive strike."
Detective Kurosawa: "What happens if one of you gets hit by the same..."
"As an officer of the law, I can't just..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Then… well…"
Julia Takeshi: "And... we took Legion down. Do you think he'll let us go that easily?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Somehow, some-when, I'm gonna go up to Chernobog... and make him feel exactly what we felt three days ago: absolute despair."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I'll just kill the bastard and be done with it."
Detective Kurosawa: "..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Gods like that don't belong in this world."
Kazuma Ryumori: "This is why I like Tommy: He says the best things."
Detective Kurosawa: "No, you guys have a point. I can't use the common sense of the old world on you..."
Julia Takeshi: "See? My bro has a spine." Julia said, clapping Tommy's shoulder.
Tommy Takeshi: "Try it, sir."
"Survival's just treading water."
"Try fighting for something."
"And you'll feel alive again."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I always pictured Chernobog as a giant devil in a volcano. Probably Disney's fault."
Detective Kurosawa: "I do fight." Kurosawa stated. "It's what I've been trying to do, to rescue people from Bifrons..."
"To be honest, there was a time where I just ran."
"Even with Nemeria, I just kept running... Because I had to protect my daughter."
"But now I regret it, I regret running during those days."
"So I thought I could try and take this Demon Lord on... Guess I fucked that up too."
Draconic: Hate to be a buzzkill, but Hikaru died again…
Detective Kurosawa: "Shouldn't have asked Andrew, Derek and Bruce to come with me..."
Julia Takeshi: "Is your daughter..." Julia asked, afraid of threading a topic she shouldn't.
Detective Kurosawa: "She's alive, thank God."
"I don't know what I would do if she wasn't."
Tommy Takeshi: "Well it's not over. The counterattack is just starting."
"Legion was probably one of Bifrons' big lieutenants."
Kazuma Ryumori: "The others you mentioned…" Kazuma said uncertainly, "Are they captured, or…?"
Tommy Takeshi: "He'll be feeling that in the morning."
"And we've got what, eight COMPs now?"
Detective Kurosawa: (Andrew etc. are the cops)
Tommy Takeshi: "That's eight times the firepower, eventually."
Detective Kurosawa: (You know)
(The ones that died)
Tommy Takeshi: "Your guys didn't go down for nothing."
Detective Kurosawa: (Oh you were gone=
"Save those words for after we've won, kid."
"But I'll hold you to that."
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy grins.
"...oh, right, I'm an idiot."
"Sorry guys, I just said a bunch of stupid shit."
"Without asking what you think."
Julia Takeshi: "Nah it's okay, I think you spoke for the whole group here."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'm all for it."
"I won't give up until everyone's safe. I may act kind of silly, but that's the only reason I'm not a mess right now."
Julia Takeshi: "By the way Tiana, I wanted to ask you some things."
Tiana: "Yes?"
Julia Takeshi: "You've mentioned a Clan... well, a few Clans. How do those work?"
Tiana: "Well, every Clan is like a family of sorts. You know how you humans say you have a bunch of stuff that's ok and not ok to do?"
"Some Clans have rules like those, but they're pretty much born that way."
"We Fairies tend to have large and complicated organizations and a whole bunch of ranks and stuff!"
"We also have a King and Queen, who are the strongest Fairies ever and everyone looks up to them."
Kazuma Ryumori: "They aren't named Titania and Oberon, are they?"
Tiana: "Yes, that's exactly what they're called!" Tiana smiled, but then squinted at him suspiciously. "How did you know, though?"
Tommy Takeshi: "He's a geek."
Kazuma Ryumori: "There was this great poet a long time ago."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Yup geek."
Julia Takeshi: "Def geek."
Kazuma Ryumori: "He wrote a play and it featured Titania, Oberon, and another fairy named Puck."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "NEEEERD!"
Tommy Takeshi: "This could not be less metal."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Oh shut up. At least I understand Shakespeare. You guys didn't even laugh when Hamlet was making fun of Polonius."
Tiana: "Anyways, there's a huge number of Clans."
"You have the Goddesses, the Divines, the Heralds, the Fallen, the Tyrants, the Furies, the Jaki, the Beasts, the Fairies, the Elementals, the Heroes, the Genma, the Dragons, the Vile, the Snakes, the Drakes, the Ladies, the Night Clan
Kazuma Ryumori: "Drakes?"
Tiana: The Kishin, the Deities, wew... There's just too many of them."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Sounds complicated."
Tommy Takeshi: "Alright, Tyrants sound pretty metal."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Some of those seem redundant..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Do they claim to be dragons until the actual dragons show up?"
Julia Takeshi: "Kishin sounds hella metal too."
Tommy Takeshi: "Kaz, please."
Tiana: "Yeah, like, it's dumb."
"Some of the clans are basically just a better version of another clan."
Tommy Takeshi: "If we grill her for info we'll be stuck here all day."
Tiana: "I think they separated themselves because they felt smug or something."
Tommy Takeshi: "Let's just figure it out as we go along."
Julia Takeshi: "Yeah, I was just curious."
"Some of those clans sound like we should be wary of them. Vile, Fallen..."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Just put them in a headlock and make them cry for mercy."
Tiana: "It helps big time though. Knowing about the Clans can help you know how to avoid pissing off the wrong Demon... Or knowing when to run away from one!"
"Like... The Fiends..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "What was Legion?"
Tiana: Tiana makes a terrified face, legitimately pale with horror even at just mentioning that name.
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'm sorry…"
Tiana: (No not Legion)
(The Fiends)
Julia Takeshi: (Fiends are superbosses in SMT Drac)
(well not quite superbosses)
Kazuma Ryumori: (oh)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (or just Matador)
Tommy Takeshi: "You just tell us if we're barking up the wrong tree, Tiana, no worries."
"After all, you're part of the group too. You get a say."
Julia Takeshi: "Yeah, you're one of us now!"

Kazuma Ryumori nods.
Tiana: "Hehehe! Thanks!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "You get a membership card and a complementary gift basket."
"Once we make those."
Tiana: "Awww! You got my hopes up!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "If we can find any…"
"Although Tiana did find those donuts…"

March 28th, 2017, 09:37 PM
So here's a little information on what happened during our last session, which stretched on for a good time so even a summary is going to be a little long. Hopefully Morm will provide a more complete dump on it:


"So you have all chosen your paths, then..."
"Ah, I almost forgot. Now that the moment of tension has passed, allow me to introduce myself."
"My name... Is Igor (http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/megamitensei/images/9/9a/IgorPersona3.png/revision/latest?cb=20141103082542)."
"The place which you see before you is the Velvet Room, a place where the collective unconscious of humanity can be accessed. A place detached from space and time... A world beyond, so to speak."
"Should we meet again, it is likely that your issues will be addressed by one of my subordinates.
"Now then... It is time for me to fulfill my part of the deal."

The party is surprised as they realize that the Velvet Room they were in had been some kind of gate all along, as with a snap of fingers Igor causes the doors behind him to open wide for the players to pass through.

After hanging behind to give Igor their thanks for saving them from certain demise, the party ventures through to the gates that will take them to the waking world once more. However, the world that awaits them is not in the form that they expect...

"On that day, the world changed.
The reality which Man had built, where they continued to build marvels that drove them close to the realm of God, awakened that which should not ever be awoken.
They reaped from the Fruit of Knowledge, and opened the gate to a world beyond their understanding.
Yes... In their hubris, Man roused the beings that sleep between the stars in the sky, those that lurk beneath the shadows, and those that hail from the depths of the earth.
A time of trials will soon fall upon the Children of Man, the same kind as those that took place milennia ago.
Will they reject the coming tide once more, at the price of a terrible Catastrophe?

Will they seek refuge in the Kingdom of Saints, and in the time of need reinvent themselves before the Lord?
Or will mankind surpass what their creator expected of them, and bring about a world of their own make and rule?
The world that these humans will create...

...I cannot wait to see it..."


"As you woke up, the light of the sun greeted your eyes, morning having dawned on the world.
However... The world before you... Was one that you didn't recognize."

The party awakened to find that they were still in the hangout, but while things there remained much the same, the same didn't apply for the rest of the entire city. They quickly grew disoriented and panicked. One of them screamed about their family. Others remembered their missing companion Lucia Ferikawa, and immediately asked of her whereabouts.

However, as they started to search for the hideout for clues of the missing girl's whereabouts, Tetsuo discovered something extremely surprising on one of the tables of the hideout:

A letter.

"I managed to escape. Somehow, I did it. That bastard... He turned them all to dust, right before my eyes... I couldn't do anything, I- Hikaru- (the writing becomes unintelligible for a moment)"
"...This is the place where that monster appeared. I am leaving this here in hopes that someone may learn from what I have seen that night, and the two other nights I have spent amidst this nightmare."
"...If you are reading this letter and aren't one of 'them', then you either already have what you need to survive... Or you have spent all this time running in fear or seeking shelter."
"For those of you who are in the run, let me give you advice. The creatures which have invaded our city, just like the monster that killed my friends, are known as 'Demons'."
"They are creatures taken straight from fantasy and myth, with powers as diverse as they are terrifying. More importantly, the weapons of mortals are mildly to completely ineffective against them."
"If you wish to survive this world, even if for example you traveled to a police station and found survivors there, there is no guarantee they would be able to help you. Rid yourself of the common sense of your old life- It will not serve you here."
"There are only two ways to deal with Demons. Hopefully, none of you are part of the first choice, if so this letter has fallen into the wrong hands and I will regret having written it."
"Your first choice is to offer yourself to a Demon Lord. These are Demons that have become strong enough to forge a Domain for themselves. If you are lucky, the Demon will find value in your soul and allow you to keep your life and sanity at the cost of your free will... Giving you the power to survive by his side as an eternal slave."
"If found wanting... Then you will likely just become a mindless thrall, no more than a repugnant creature to feast on other humans' Magnetite to be returned to your Lord, alongside your own."
"Finding a Demon Lord should not be difficult... They love to announce their presence and mark their territories, and the fights between their followers are anything but subtle. Be wary of nearing those locations, however. These Demons are not called 'Lords' over nothing."
"But I will speak no further on that account. Unless you are truly desperate, do not seek to join the ranks of Demons. Were I given the choice, I would sooner die."
"As for the second choice... If you wish to survive in this world without surrendering your soul to a more powerful being, you have only choice."
"Rise to their level, and conquer the dangers of this new world."
"Become a Devil Summoner."
"By becoming a Devil Summoner, you will obtain the ability to summon Demons that will fight by your side, striking down your foes in your name."
"While it should normally be impossible to command a Demon without another Demon, there is a way to obtain a Demon who is neutral in the struggles between Lords without any power at your side."
"In order to do this, you must possess one of the infamous COMPs, and download the 'Key of Solomon', also called 'Summoning App'."
"But I am sure that you already knew that COMPs had something to do with the Demons, after all. There's no reason the Demons would covet the devices so much, right?"
"If this is old news to you, you might be disheartened. After all, COMPs are vanishingly rare and the chance of finding one in this city without being killed would be difficult."
"However, it is for that reason that I have written this letter. To you who has been running away and hiding from the terrors of the night... I have come to bring you the Light you seek."
"Outside of this building, by the streets, my car should still be there. I have placed several sealing wards on it, ensuring that Demons will be wary of accessing it and will be scathed should they try to force the doors open."
"They were a gift meant for my friends, but... If these COMPs can save just another human being, then that is enough for me."
"As for how to get rid of the wards, this is what you have to do..."
(The Letter follows with step by step instructions that range from things mundane to outright latin chanting.)
"In the rare chance that we meet in this city, I shall tell you my name. I am Lucia Ferikawa, Devil Summoner. And I will not rest until I have seen the murderer of my friends crushed before me."
"Good luck in your travels, fellow Survivor... Let us show these Demons what we humans can do."

Needless to say, the party was shocked by the contents within. The notion that the world could have been taken over by Demons seemed laughable... But after their encounter with Chernobog, they could no longer deny that their friend's words were the truth.

The knowledge that Lucia had decided to leave these COMPs, which as far as they knew were priceless in value, in hopes that they would reach someone who needed them moved the party, but the instinct of survival moved them before that.

The party rushed towards the place where Lucia's minivan had been parked, and they sighed in relief upon finding it intact- The wards had done their job. Tommy worked to open the wards which Lucia had planted, and fortunately succeeded without much trouble.

Within the van, they found them- Seven different COMPs, each painted a different color, likely one for each of Lucia's friends.

With almost excited haste, the party proceeded to each take one COMP for themselves.

Hikaru Kuzunoha jumped first at the chance to get the Red COMP.
Tommy Takeshi settled for the depressing Black COMP.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto, in contrast, took the White COMP.
Hana Shiratori timidly grabbed the Blue COMP.
Julia Takeshi took her Gold COMP without much of a fuss.
Hane Kanzaki frowned in annoyance as she grabbed the Pink COMP.
Finally, Kazuma Ryumori acquired the Green COMP.

(SMT Super Sentai assemble!)

Upon booting up the COMP, they were greeted by Lucia's questionable taste in humor as the COMPs contained the silhouettes of small-looking demons as their background, no doubt trying to inspire some kind of misguided cuteness.

It did not take them long to find the 'Key of Solomon' spoken of on the letter- The big blue Star of David was the only cue they needed to realize the location of the app.

However, upon starting the app, the party was surprised by the COMPs suddenly coming alive together in a phenomenon that they most definitely had not expected:




"Hiiiiii there everyone!"

A holographic figure manifested itself before the party, introducing herself as the beautiful and marvellous Tico, first thanking the party for choosing her and then exclaiming how wonderful their time together would be.

Calling herself the party's Navigator, she informed them all they needed to know about the Summoning App, but gave them sad news- They wouldn't be able to summon a demon automatically using the App, because their bodies had already awakened to power by forging a contract with a Lord-like existence.

It was at that same point that Tico explained how the party differed from true Devil Summoners. A Devil Summoner was one who formed a symbiotic relation with the first Demon they summoned. The Demon, which automatically obtained the title of 'Lord', could feed directly on the user's Magnetite through an enhanced link that empowered them greatly, and the Summoner obtained a (mostly) loyal follower who would protect them from the other predators in the world, as well as awaken powers similar to their own in their Summoner.

However, without any 'Lord' to call their own, the party had no choice but use their own minds and newfound abilities to obtain Demonic servants of their own. These lesser Servants, who obtained power from their Summoners and offered only their servitude in return, were known as 'Vassals'. To obtain a 'Vassal', they would have to convince Demons on the wilderness of the city to heel before them and swear loyalty, either by persuasion or by force.

They did not have Lords, for the one who had pacted with them had left them to govern themselves. They were Lords in their own right, commanding the power of their souls to fight against the Demons and establish the domination of Man over the creatures of the night. Yes...

They were...


With that announcement, Tico vanished before the party, but not before telling them that new features would be added to the summoning app after they performed a successful pact with a Demon and strengthened said Vassal. She told them to summon her once more once they acquired a Demon willing to join them.

Thanks to Tico's explanation, the party found a new objective- Find Demons to claim as their own, and recruit as allies in order to survive the world.

It would not take them very long to find exactly what they wanted.

"H-hi there, humans! You wouldn't mind helping me out, would you?"


Barely an hour into their journey, the party was faced with their first battle.

Awakening to their powers, the party used the abilities Igor gave them for the first time to destroy the demons in the way, though they were also surprised and terrified by the abilities that the monsters brought to bear.

After the battle, Tiana approached the party with stars in her eyes and expressed her desire to join the party as one of the group member's Vassal. She looked at the whole party, and ended up settling for Hane, whose smell she found the most delicious.

After forming a pact with Tiana, the party questioned her about Lucia Ferikawa and other humans, and while the former inquiry ended as a bust the latter revealed promising information, revealing that the Pixie of the Fairy clan had indeed spotted humans before she was attacked by the Kobolds.

The party went off to search for the survivors, but while they would achieve their objective, their reunion would bring anything but relief to them...

(And I'll cut it off here since Morm has all the important info)

- - - Updated - - -

Also, here's the other Session 2 characters that showed up and FCs for them:


Tiana, Pixie of the Fairy Clan

Detective Kurosawa:

Nemeria, Nekomata of the Beast Clan:

April 1st, 2017, 05:43 PM
Here we are, the RP Logs for March 31st.

XI: New Friends

Detective Kurosawa: You guys getting bored over there?
We're almost there, station's only a few minutes away from here.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Are we there yet."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Just a whole lotta walkin, not much goin' on right now. Can't say it's worth complaining about though, I guess."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Oh, thank you so much! I've been resisting the urge to say the words 'are we there yet,' for ten minutes!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Such impatience from the youth these days."
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy's been fiddling with his COMP the whole time.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Like you're any better. Tetsuo."
Erl K. (GM): The trip to the station had been full of conversation from both the Detective and your group, as the Detective had spoken of his purpose for lingering in the area while you had revealed to him the strange nature of your powers.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo, despite his laid-back appearance, is drumming his fingers on his leg rapidly.
Tommy Takeshi: "Yo. Tico." he whispers. "Got any secret functions? Y'know, the stuff you don't show to little kids?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "HEY, TOMMY, WHATCHA DOIN!"
Erl K. (GM): You could see that while there was sadness in his gaze at the death of the officers, he was also anxious to get to his base.

Kazuma Ryumori: "WHY ARE WE SHOUTING?!"
Tico: "Hmm... That's a secret~!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "You know if you want to look at porn by yourself you can just say it."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Tommy's trying to foist porn."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Did Tico just say something?"
Tico: "Why don't you, like, get stronger before asking again? I'm sure it'll be awesome when you do!"
Tommy Takeshi: "I'm not an idiot! Everyone's knows all the porn's on the internet, and the internet's gone!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "She said she's the cutest."
Tommy Takeshi: "Oh come on... I just wanna get some music onto this thing before my phone runs out of batteries."
Kazuma Ryumori: "So, you imply that she is the porn…"
Tico: "Actually, like, you should be getting a chance to do that really soon!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Well, she'd be the foremost authority on 'erself, wouldn't she? So she'd know."
Tico: "Now."
Kazuma Ryumori: "WHAT!!!!"
Erl K. (GM): At that moment
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Don't shout in my ear before I sock you."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (this is the dude hour)
Erl K. (GM): The sound of an explosion echoes through the ears of the group, coming from a nearby street.

Detective Kurosawa curses
Detective Kurosawa: Let's go!
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Was gettin' a bit bored!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Time to probably hurt things ~."
Kazuma Ryumori: "On it!" Kazuma lets his whimsical mask drop.
On to business.
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy frowns at his COMP. "This ain't over," he promises. "One day you'll be screaming Metallica lyrics."
Julia Takeshi: "Welp."
Tommy Takeshi: Then he shoves it in his pocket and replaces it with a gun.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Who…? Who are they?"
"And what are those?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Looks like we got someone in trouble."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Imaginary people."
Tommy Takeshi: "C'mon, Kaz, be less cliche."
Julia Takeshi: "O-oni??" Julia harkens from a traditional family and quickly recognized the mythological imagery.
Setanta: Fear not, young miss! I shall break through these dire foes in no time at all!
Tommy Takeshi: "They're demons, and these guys are waiting to be saved."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Need some backup?!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Dunno sounds like chibi wants to solo this."
Adaleiz Kimura: "If you say so."
Alice: Hmhmhm~ These misters look fun! Hey, Big Sis! Let's play tag with them!
Tommy Takeshi: "Wait, these Oni guys look kinda badass."
Kazuma Ryumori: "You want to contract with one?"
Personally, their mouths are a bit too freaky for me.
Tommy Takeshi: "I mean, never hurts to at least hit 'em up."
Centaur: -!?
What is this!?
Tommy Takeshi: "Seem like the sorta dudes that can apprecaite some good tunes.
Centaur: Human intruders, in Lord Bifrons' lands!?
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hey, it's some two-headed-horse-guys."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I dunno."
Centaur: Fools! What are you doing!? Do you notice the humans at your flank!?
The Centaurs shout at the group of Oni.
Tommy Takeshi: "YO!" Tommy waves.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Pay no attention to the human beings behind the curtain."
Julia Takeshi: "Oh hey, more fodder."
Oni: "Ah!?" Some of the Oni turn away from the Demon being surrounded to look at the party.
Kazuma Ryumori: "I don't think they do. I don't they're the type to appreciate help, either, horse-guys!"
"Hey, redface! you like fire?"
Tommy Takeshi: "You guys work for Bifrons!?"
Oni: "Hah! Did ya bring these humies as yer help, Setanta!? Didn't know ye became such a pussy!"
Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma prepares to cast Agi.
Nadja: The Nadjas giggle.
"You've really let yourself go this time, Hero!"
Setanta: "Blasted followers of the Fallen Lord-! If I had only a fragment of my full power, my dark power would destroy you all!"
Setanta speaks proudly, but to an astute observer, they could see that his knees were shaking somewhat.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Oh boy, he's one of 'those' types."
Tiana: "Ohhhh! I know that guy!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Eh?"
"What, he some kinda oversized fairy?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Setanta sounds a little familiar."

Tiana: "He's Setanta, of the Fairy Clan! The young reincarnation of the legendary Cu Chulainn!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Oh, right, that guy."
Tiana: "But... He looks kinda weak. What's with that..." Tiana snorts. "He looks so shabby!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Oh, yeah, of course, Cu Chulainn, that guy. Right."
Tommy has no idea who that is.

Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "He might have some Incan gold on him."
Adaleiz Kimura: "So are you going to commense with the breaking?"
Oni: "Anyways, doesn't matter if it's one humie or ten! As long as we have Lord Bifrons' power, yer all going down!"
"We'z having humans for dinner tonight!"
The Onis cheer.
"And why not start with this lil' girl over here...?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Honestly, I'm a little offended that all of these demons are just interested in my body."
Alice: Alice looks up at the Oni innocently.
"Do you want to play a game, mister?"
Julia Takeshi: "The perils of being a male sexual object, huh Tets?"
Oni: The Oni laughs.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Bet the game is betting on how long he lasts."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "It's agonizing."
Tommy Takeshi: "Uh, shouldn't we be... saving her?"
Julia Takeshi: "I bet fifty on the little girl"
Oni: Sneering wider than a human can, the monster raises its glaive in preparation for an attack.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Gettin' a weird vibe from her..."
"But you're not wrong."
Tommy Takeshi: "Yeah, no, this ain't happening."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Well just pull out that pokedex and check."
Oni: "Sure we can, missus. Here's my favorite game... I call it BLOODBOWL!"
Julia Takeshi: "Yeah we gotta move now."
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy draws the gun from its holster and aims.
Julia Takeshi: Julia does the same as her brother
Oni attacked Alice with his glaive!
Damage (Phys) 40
Tommy Takeshi: Just remember how to shoot. You've done this before. Go for center mass, just like dad said-!
Too late!
(if this wasnt cutscene mode i'd have just shot first...)
Alice: "Ow-!" Alice cried out, taking the Oni's attack head-on. The party watches in horror as the cleaver cuts through the girl, splitting her in two halves...
...Or rather, that's what should have happened...
"Hehehehehehehehehehe." (bold)
Julia Takeshi: "Oh fu-"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Well that's a laugh isn't it, chibi's seem to not be made of paper."
Alice: Before the party's eyes, the open wound that carves through Alice's body mends almost as fast as the Oni swings, leaving only blood on the floor and an immaculate girl standing over the Oni's weapon.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Bad vibes, man!"

Alice smiles.
Alice: "That was a cool move, Mister~"
"It's my turn now, right?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "That ain't no girl."
Alice: A dark aura emerges from the girl.
Oni: The Oni takes a step back. "Wai-"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (I wonder if I could knock her out if I put everything into it...)
Julia Takeshi: "I hope it's not a giant super mecha."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Nah is just a trap."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "That darkness...."
It was like the one that had killed his friends.
Alice used Die For Me!
Death comes...
Julia Takeshi: (death is lewd)
"RIP deathflag Oni. We'll always remember him in our hearts." Julia says solemnly
(aand I gotta dinner. Blob, wanna control Julia while I'm gone?)
Alice: In an instant, an infinite darkness like that of the void and emerges the Oni, leaving only his screams as the infinite darkness swallows everything and leaves only empty air on the world.

Adaleiz Kimura just watches dispassionately.
Julia Takeshi: (as in, her attacks)
(or erl can do it either way gotta bounce)
Tommy Takeshi: (uh)
(erl should do it)
Alice: "That was fun! ...But I don't think any of the misters want to play anymore with me... Guess I'll leave it to you, Big Sis!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo's grip tightens on his bat.
Detective Kurosawa: "What the hell is that girl..." The detective mutters with a pale face.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Gone, just like that."
Adaleiz Kimura: "That's if you haven't already taught them a lesson"
Tommy Takeshi: "Just like one of those awful cartoons..."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "So are we still going to help?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: She was a monster, of course. A cute face over something out of a nightmare.
Tiana: "Th-that girl, she can't be..."
Adaleiz Kimura: "Try not to wander too far"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Course we're gonna help, scary or not, changes nothing."
"We're the heroes, after all."
Setanta: Setanta notices that the party has decided to fight.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Well then let's roll out."

Adaleiz Kimura pets Alice's head.
Setanta: "Well met, heroes! A stellar time for you to appear!"

Hikaru Kuzunoha starts striding towards the enemies

Tetsuo Yoshimoto gives a cheesy thumbs-up.
Setanta: "Let us dispatch these villains with great haste! Aid me in this knightly task, and I shall owe you a debt!"
Tommy Takeshi: "...I guess it's power metal, if you stretch it."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "I shall accept to doing everything you say!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Sounds swell, little dude!"
Erl K. (GM): Bifrons' forces move in to intercept you.
It's a fight!

Erl K. (GM): remember you guys have to move your tokens
Kurosawa are moving to reinforce Setanta and the others
Hikaru Kuzunoha: say when your done
Erl K. (GM): ok
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Well some meatheads and some others so since those Oni look like bitches I'll start with you."
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy's glad for the gun, because it gives him a reason to stay in the back line.
Hikaru Kuzunoha:
Hikaru Kuzunoha released a volley of sharp energy needles at Nadja!
Crit(DC90) 97
Damage (Gun) 73
Crit Damage 108
HP Cost 14
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (pfff)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (go go me)
Oni: "Not so fast!"
Standing in the line of fire, Oni intercepted the blow!
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Tch."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (n e w t e c h)
Erl K. (GM):
Julia Takeshi devastated an area with shockwaves of unstoppable energy!
Crit(DC90) 13
Damage (Almighty) 87
Crit Damage 144
HP Cost 38
Draconic: Okay, back
Erl K. (GM): Julia's body moved, then released a devastatitng discharge of physical energy that damaged the enemies!
(Dia so useless for enemies)
(gonna have to rethink this turn order)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Alright, Ponyboy, let's dance!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto lunged at Centaur!
Hit (DC50) 48
Crit(DC25) 99
Damage (Phys) 74
Crit Damage 99
Erl K. (GM): (ow)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (fuck my life)
Erl K. (GM): (forgot to buff)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (literally fuck everything)
Tommy Takeshi shot Centaur with a 9mm handgun!
Damage (Gun) 79
Kazuma Ryumori: (Why can we see the centaur's HP bars?)
Erl K. (GM): (maybe cuz I didnt look at permissions right)
Tommy Takeshi: "KEEP IT PG"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "WHATEVER CHOIR BOY."
Adaleiz Kimura: "You're going to to attract more of them with all that yelling."
Erl K. (GM):
Hane Kanzaki used Bufu! Oni was struck by a freezing blast of ice shards!
Freeze (DC80) 75
Damage (Ice) 75
Kazuma Ryumori: "This is how it all ends. Two Banchos arguing like a pair of old ladies."
Erl K. (GM): 112.5
Tiana used Zan! Oni was blasted by a whirlwind!
Damage (Wind) 48
(yep definitely need some HP buffs)
Kazuma Ryumori: "Please stop yelling. You're making my ears ring."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "WHAT DID YOU SAY SPEAK UP."
Erl K. (GM): ur turn drac
Kazuma Ryumori: "Hi there, red dude."
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy may have just deafened himself.
Just a little.
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'll give you one chance to back down, and I'll let you go. Otherwise, you go the same way as your friends there."
Erl K. (GM):
Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!
HP restored 19
(before I forget, auto regen)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Since when were we taking surrenders."
Tommy Takeshi: "Kaz, they're with Bifrons! No mercy!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Fine."
Kazuma Ryumori used Agi! Oni was set ablaze by a surge of flames!
Burn (DC75) 60
Damage (Fire) 45
Erl K. (GM): 22.5

Oni: The Oni laughs.
Erl K. (GM):
Hana Shiratori used Halley! A small heavenly fragment strikes Oni, burning away their defenses!
Damage (Almighty) 82
Enemy Def -1
Janx ur turn
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Hoo our cute little Hana learned a cool trick."
Adaleiz Kimura: Adaleiz Kimura used Mudo! The power of darkness swallows Oni...
Death (DC75)
rolling 1d100
= 36
Adaleiz Kimura: "...."
Setanta: "Vile scum! Your time is up-"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Nice. Hey, dude, you're looking a little pale. Your head's gone all pink. You want a glass of water or something?" Kazuma jeers.
Setanta cleaved Oni with a whistling slash!
Crit(DC90) 61
Damage (Phys) 73
Crit Damage 121
HP Cost 16
"And mine is now!" [john cena here]
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (you can't see him)
Erl K. (GM): 36.5
Kazuma Ryumori: (I was talking to the one)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (resistance strong)
Oni: "That all you got, Setanta!?"
Setanta: Setanta visibly flinches.
Detective Kurosawa: "How about you worry about yourself first?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "When in doubt chibi hit it more."
Detective Kurosawa:
Detective Kurosawa used Zio! Oni was shocked by falling lightning!
Shock (DC80) 41
Damage (Elec) 74
Nemeria scratched at random foes multiple times!
Hits 4
Crit(DC90) 31
Damage (Phys) 56
Crit Damage 71
Kazuma Ryumori: "Oh, I guess you probably can't hear me anymore."
Nadja: "Sh-shit! These humans are way too strong!"
The Nadjas look at each other.
"Smell ya later nerds!"
The enemy escaped!
Centaur: "Wait! Come back here, harlots!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Why you little-!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Tch little shits."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Who the heck were you guys, even?!"
Erl K. (GM): The two Centaurs grimly stay and fight.
Centaur decreased every foe's defense!
Defense Down 1
Tommy Takeshi: But secretly, he's relieved. Shooting something that looked human would've been... difficult.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Gotta admire them for their balls, at least."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "We can make their deaths quick in honor."
Centaur used Bufu! Kazuma Ryumori was struck by a freezing blast of ice shards!
Freeze (DC80) 76
Damage (Ice) 44
Kazuma Ryumori: "Dammit!"

Tommy Takeshi: "Are you guys insane!?"
He can't help but yell.
Tommy Takeshi: "There's only two of you!"
"Your friends got wiped out instantly!"
Centaur: "We give our lives for Lord Bifrons!"
Tommy Takeshi: "So why are you... still... here!?"
Erl K. (GM): (PC turn again)
Kazuma Ryumori: "You would rather die, than run and live? Why?!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Ssssh tommy appreciate the fact that the idiots are willing to throw their lives away. It makes our jobs easier later."
Hikaru Kuzunoha cleaved Centaur with a whistling slash!
Crit(DC90) 51
Damage (Phys) 77
Crit Damage 117
HP Cost 14
Erl K. (GM):
Julia Takeshi devastated an area with shockwaves of unstoppable energy!
Crit(DC90) 96
Damage (Almighty) 82
Crit Damage 123
HP Cost 38
Julia Takeshi: (back)
(wow I missed the hwole battle)
Erl K. (GM): U just
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Pfff someone sure wants to show off huh."
Erl K. (GM): meme'd 2 enemies
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (and Tetsuo's self-esteem died a little more that day)
Tommy Takeshi: "..."
Julia Takeshi: "Meh, not a big deal" Julia dusts her jacket off.
Tommy Takeshi: This wasn't nearly as satisfying as fighting Legion.
Erl K. (GM): Victory!
The party obtains 100 EXP!
Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma walks up to one of the dying centaurs. "You know, we did away with Legion, your equestrian demoninesses. We could have protected you if you just switched sides."
Erl K. (GM): The party obtains 500 Macca!
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Shut up, Kazuma."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Hell no."
Tommy Takeshi: (they're dust, drac)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Not interested in protecting a bunch of trash like that."
Alice: "Hehehehehehe! That was fun, Misters!"
Kazuma Ryumori: (Uh oh)
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy casts his eyes on the three they rescued.
Alice: "You're amazing! You all look so fun!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Ayy, you alright, kid?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "That's because we're the best."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "That's not a kid, Tommy."
Tommy Takeshi: "Oh, right."
Alice: Alice smiles wordlessly at the punk-styled man.
Tiana: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"
Adaleiz Kimura: "How astute."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "....Only just remembered."
Tommy Takeshi: "But..." he frowns.
"You're a demon?"
"But you don't look scary at all."
Alice: Alice curtsied.
"Hehehehe! Thank you, mister. Alice is really happy you feel that way!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Tiana doesn't look scary and she's a demon, seems rather obvious that they come in all shapes and sizes."
Julia Takeshi: "Uh... hi?"
Draconic: "Uh, by fun… you mean in the fun but you don't plan on killing us, right?"
Tommy Takeshi: "I keep forgetting..."
Tommy Takeshi: "Oh, right, what about you two?"
He glances over at the others.
Julia Takeshi: "Oh shut up Kazuma." Don't provoke the crazy demon girl, damnit.
Alice: "Kill you?" Alice's smile widens. "Killing does sound fun! Would you like to die, mister?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Maybe later."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'd rather not."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Only if you'll die for me first."
Detective Kurosawa: "Back off, miss."
Tommy Takeshi: He walks up to the little boy, grinning.
Detective Kurosawa: "Only bad girls kill people."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Its a personal policy you know."
Tommy Takeshi: "Not bad, shrimp. Maybe when you grow up you'll be some kinda badass."
Alice: Alice puffs her cheeks.
"Alice is not a bad girl!"
"Right, Big Sis?"
Alice turns towards her Summoner.
Julia Takeshi: "Alright people, all of you calm down." Julia moves towards Alice and kneels besides her. "Hey Alice, name's Julia, how are you?" She smiles kindly at the girl demon and isn't scared at all nope.
Adaleiz Kimura: "Alice is a good girl. You've made big sis proud today."
Alice: "Hehehehehehe!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "I mean, she's really scary, but I'm pretty sure you're on our side, right, Alice?."
Nemeria: "How can she speak with one of the Fiends so recklessly... Is that woman human at all?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "She's on her summoner's side."
Alice: "Umm... Your side? What do you mean, mister?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "We aren't really sure, Miss Nemeria."
Alice: "Are you playing with someone?"
Kazuma Ryumori: Julia is Julia."

Adaleiz Kimura pats Alice's head.
Tommy Takeshi: "Oh come on, cat lady. She may be a demon, but a little girl's a girl no matter where you go."
Kazuma Ryumori: "That's her scientific classification."

Alice blushes.
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy can't imagine being scared of someone so dainty.
Julia Takeshi: "uuuu I got ignored." Julia just sulks on the side.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Tch."

Alice too absorbed in headpats to notice.
Tommy Takeshi: (this is a clusterfuck of a convo lol)
Erl K. (GM): yeah ok

Hikaru Kuzunoha pats julia on the head
Erl K. (GM): follow my lead people
And dont just go off tangent
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (whatever)
Erl K. (GM): Keep it cool
Kazuma Ryumori: (okay)

Julia Takeshi: Yeah we were kinda stepping on each other here, anyway lets just
move on
Detective Kurosawa: "Anyways... Is this... Fiend, your Demon, Miss?"
Adaleiz Kimura: "She's my little sister."
Alice: "Yep!"
"Me and Big Sis will be together forever!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Like, your actual sister?"

Alice looks angry by Kazuma's comment.
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'm sorry."
Alice: "Of course I'm her real sister! You poop-head!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "I take things literally sometimes."
Julia Takeshi: "... Kazuma, just stay silent over there okay."
Tiana: "Hahahahaha! She said poop-head!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Well, I'm glad they're getting along."
Julia Takeshi: "Uhm, anyway, Mr... Setanta was it?" Julia finally approached the other demon.
Tiana: "I... I'm Tiana, my lady! I like you!"
As Tiana chats with Alice, Setanta turns towards Julia and kneels.
Setanta: "Fair lady! You were most valiant when you vanquished the villain Bifrons' goons!"

Setanta kneels down to kiss Julia's hand.
Adaleiz Kimura: "So unfaithful..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Bad luck against those Oni, brother, good hustle, though."
Alice: "What's unfaithful, Sis?"

Tetsuo Yoshimoto gives a thumbs-up.
Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma looked on appraisingly. This Setanta fellow seemed to be a very formal individual.
Julia Takeshi: "..." Julia has literally no idea of how to respond to being treated so gentlemanly. "I-I was just helping a little bit." She scratches her head a bit confused.
Setanta: "Thank you, good brother!"
Tommy Takeshi: "WHOA NOW"
Setanta: The Fairy Knight smiled at Tetsuo.
Tommy Takeshi: "Alright kiddo that's cute but back off for a bit."
Setanta: "Aha! My apologies!"
Adaleiz Kimura: "He seems eager to impress everyone..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "It means that he's being disloyal, Alice, but your big sis is joking, I'd say."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Kazuma cool your tits, arright?"
Setanta: "I did not know you were courting this lady, human."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "He said it, not me."
Setanta: "If I have infringed upon your customs, I apologize."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Why does everyone pick on me…?"

Tetsuo Yoshimoto holds up his hands, stone-faced.
Tommy Takeshi: "Tets, have you been making moves behind my back?"
Julia Takeshi: "Pffft" Julia starts laughing immediately at the misunderstanding. "Ah, don't worry, Tommy is just my big brother."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Why? Jealous, future brother-in-law?"
Tommy Takeshi: "...wait, no, that makes no sense. Tetsuo doesn't care about being subtle."
Setanta: "But I must say, I am impressed with how quickly you dispatched those foes!"

Tetsuo Yoshimoto flutters his eyelashes.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Thank you. You weren't a slouch yourself."
Setanta: Setanta approaches the party with an eager smile, his eyes sparkling over his scarf.
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy flips him the bird and turns back to the kid, who he's eyeing with a critical gaze now.
Setanta: "Humans..."
Setanta suddenly yells.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Don't be mean, Takeshi."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Ah?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Uh…"
Tommy Takeshi: "I ain't done nothing - eh?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Well, sure, okay."
Alice: "Hey! Don't shout, mister!"
Setanta: "A-Ah, forgive me for that."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Take your pick of the lot."
Tommy Takeshi: "Uh, kid, I like your guts, but..."
Julia Takeshi: "Eh...?" Julia is surprised for a moment. "Well, if you want to, I don't see why not."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "'Cept pinkie at the back. She's spoken for."
Tommy Takeshi: "You're a bit young to be fighting, aren't ya?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "I think he's more capable than you are."
Setanta: "But I cannot help but wish to join your party! Such a strong group will surely let me achieve my true form in no time!"
"Ah, I see that my form causes you doubt!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "And what would that be?"
Setanta: "However, make no mistake! I bear the blood of heroes in me!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "True form, so you wanna get stronger so you can become like a true man or something?"
"True demon, I guess."
Tommy Takeshi: "That's pretty power metal."
Julia Takeshi: "True Deman?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "He's de man."
Setanta: "One day, I shall be reborn as the one and only Cu Chulainn, wielder of the all-powerful Gae Bolg!"
Adaleiz Kimura: "...."
Julia Takeshi: "Haha yeah, that sounds pretty metal, Setanta."
Kazuma Ryumori: …
Tommy Takeshi: "W-wait." He chuckles. "Gay Bolg? Really?"
Julia Takeshi: "Yeah I got no issues with you joining in. You can pick whichever master you like." She elbows Tommy.
Vri: screaming into the void this is the sound of my dying soul
Tommy Takeshi: "Ow-!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "You would notice that, Tommy."
Kazuma Ryumori: "You don't know what that is? Tommy, that's the Heart-Seeker."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "He's still seeking because he misses all the time."

Hikaru Kuzunoha ba dum tishs
Kazuma Ryumori: "It's a spear that unfailingly kills its target."

Setanta squints his eyes at the party.
Tommy Takeshi: "We can't all be walking encyclopedias..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I just like mythology."
Erl K. (GM): rolling 1d4
= 1
Julia Takeshi: "Or otakus." Julia says shamelessly
Setanta: "I choose you, Fair Lady!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Looks like you made a friend, Julia."
Setanta: "You are no doubt the strongest one amongst this group!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Try not to give your brother-in-law an ulcer."
Kazuma Ryumori: "You got that right."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Kids blind I see."
Tommy Takeshi: "Wait! I mean, yeah, that's true, but wait!"
He points.

Tetsuo Yoshimoto guffaws
Tommy Takeshi: "No making any moves!"
Setanta: "Hmm... But how shall I fight if I can make no moves?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "He's right you know."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "With your mind duh."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Can't be a man unless he makes the moves."
Tommy Takeshi: "Uh..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Her brother's just worried you'll make her fall in love with you. He's very insecure."
Adaleiz Kimura: "So sis, ready to go?"

Alice giggles.
Julia Takeshi: "Hahaha. Very well, Setanta!" Julia bursts out laughing, but for some reason, her laughter sounds quite heroic. "I accept! I shall show you the path to become a true man!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Kaz I swear to god if you don't shut up-!"
"Wait, noooooooooo!"
Alice: "But... I want to stay with these people, Sis!"

Tetsuo Yoshimoto sighs.
Alice: "They're fun!"
Julia Takeshi: One can almost see the aura of macho martial artists appearing behind her.

Adaleiz Kimura sighs.
Julia Takeshi: Her manly aura is overwhelming.
Tommy Takeshi: "Aw, crap."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (almost)
Setanta: "Master!" Setanta's eyes glitter.
Adaleiz Kimura: "Maybe for a short while..."
Tommy Takeshi: He's repelled by the aura of manliness.
Erl K. (GM): For some reason, Julia suddenly feels a chill crawl up her back, along the sound of something distant snapping.
Erl K. (GM): ???: -That no good pupil of mine, calling another his Master! That dog...
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (pfff cat fight)
Julia Takeshi: (uh oh)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (I smell some grape jelly)
Erl K. (GM): (this is not hearable by the party btw)
(its meta)
Tommy Takeshi: (that means you drac)
(no talky)
Kazuma Ryumori: (Have I said anything?)
Julia Takeshi: "Hmm? Must have been a sudden cold breeze..." Julia shrugs
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (no bully blobbo)
Erl K. (GM): Setanta has struck a pact with Julia Takashi.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (duh)
Erl K. (GM): Setanta joins the party!
Kazuma Ryumori: "Welcome aboard."
Erl K. (GM): Alice is stalking the party! Adaleiz tags along!
Kazuma Ryumori: (that's encouraging…)
Julia Takeshi: "I have finally acquired my demon!" Julia smiles victoriously... then she goes over what she said... and suddenly falls on the floor, sulking.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Well, that was a nice detour, let's keep moving."
Julia Takeshi: "I-I am not that manly..."

Adaleiz Kimura pat's Julia's head.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "So manly your a trap mhm."
Kazuma Ryumori: "You're not manly at all. You're just tougher than any of the buys here."

Hikaru Kuzunoha makes faces at julia
Kazuma Ryumori: "That includes me."
Julia Takeshi: Julia flips Hikaru the bird
Kazuma Ryumori: "Regretably…"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Love you tooo ~."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "If you need some tips on being manly, I might know a thing or two."
Tommy Takeshi: On the other side of the party, Tommy is sulking identically to Julia.
"She's not that manly..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "As long as I don't have to flirt with everyone, I'll take you up on that."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: magic
Erl K. (GM): 30 min break guys
Hikaru Kuzunoha: rip
Erl K. (GM): gotta make dinner and shuffle the scene
Hikaru Kuzunoha: see ya later

Vri rolls around
Tommy Takeshi: (we can use the chance to get janx intro out of the way)
Erl K. (GM): Yeah
Kazuma Ryumori: "So, how did you meet your big sister, Alice?"
Julia Takeshi: (yeah sounds like a good idea)
Erl K. (GM): Talk freely
Julia Takeshi: (we prolly shouldnt involve NPCs since Erl's afking)
Kazuma Ryumori: (Oh, right.)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Willing to bet she found a COMP and things happened from there."
Adaleiz Kimura: "My uncle got me one as a gift."
Tommy Takeshi: "Don't think we got your name."
Kazuma Ryumori: "And Alice was the demon who came to you?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Your uncle someone important, Miss...
Adaleiz Kimura: "I suppose so."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Neat."
Adaleiz Kimura: "As for my name....it is Adaleiz Kimura"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Hikaru."
Tommy Takeshi: "Wow. You from outta country too? I'm Tommy Takeshi."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Tetsuo."
Hane Kanzaki: "Hane."
Raci I.: "Julia."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "An' he's Kazuma."
Kazuma Ryumori: "My full name is Butt Monkey, apparently…" Kazuma said, deadpan.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (nailed it)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Glad to see you've accepted it!>"
"That's Hana by the way
Erl K. (GM): (You know acknowledging that you get called a butt monkey, something which IIRC only happens OOC)
Kazuma Ryumori: "I will END YOU Hikaru… One day."
Erl K. (GM): (only makes it worse right drac)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Come at me I'll break you like a twig."

Adaleiz Kimura adjusts glasses.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Don't mess with him, he's like Ivan Drago if he was a pathetic loser with no life."
Adaleiz Kimura: "And people wonder why things got like this..."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "You mean the greatest person with no life."
Kazuma Ryumori: (meh… I've come to accept it. Besides, eventually they'll learn to appreciate me.)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "You can be anything you want, you NEET loser."

Tetsuo Yoshimoto noogies him.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Fine, you could break me like a twig, Hikaru. I agree."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Sure I'll be the guy who hands your ass to you."
Kazuma Ryumori: "But I can turn you into toast."

Hikaru Kuzunoha starts grappling with Tets
Erl K. (GM): ok
what do you guys think about this
every 4 PC actions
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Oh no, Hikaru-kun, yamete~"
Erl K. (GM): the enemies take a turn

Tetsuo Yoshimoto swoons
Erl K. (GM): could make battles more fun
Draconic: Sounds fair.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (sounds ok)
Raci I.: We would need to give it a try
to see how it works out
Tommy Takeshi: (seems a bit arbitrary and gives enemies more turns than us)
Kazuma Ryumori: Blob's got a point.
Erl K. (GM): only when theres a big difference in number
Vri: we can try that and if not lower the counter
Tommy Takeshi: (i'd go for a mixed turn system where agi decides move order)
Erl K. (GM): or its, like, a bsos
Tommy Takeshi: (like DnD but no initiative)
Erl K. (GM): yeah I guess that could also work
Julia Takeshi: (tbf I agree with bloble, should be mixed agi system)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (i would also not object for obvious reasons)
Julia Takeshi: (I guess a single boss could have multiple actions, thats def a thing in SMT)
Tommy Takeshi: (for both enemies and allies obv)
Draconic: Bloble's thought this out pretty well, I'd say.
Erl K. (GM): I just have been
Tommy Takeshi: (and multi-action bosses can obviously be a thing)
(also this allows for ambushes and the like)
Erl K. (GM): (oh you can add turn multiple times)
Erl K. (GM): (guess I know how to roll bosses then)
Adaleiz Kimura: "So I guess I should ask...where am I being dragged to?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Police Station."
Tommy Takeshi: "Yeah, don't worry. Shady dude over there is a cop."
"He's dependable."
Erl K. (GM): wait
I got it

Adaleiz Kimura shrugs.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "It's a place to hold up for the night."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "First the police station and then demon castle until finally the wooooooorld."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hikaru we agreed not to talk about that until things are in place."
Erl K. (GM): rolling 7
= 7
Adaleiz Kimura: "It's good to know the amount of insanity in the world has not changed"
Julia Takeshi: Julia puts an arm around Adaleiz. "We're taking over the world." She deadpans.
Erl K. (GM): rolling 6
= 6
rolling 6
= 6
rolling 7
= 7
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Isn't it?" He agreed, "Nice sense of consistency."
Tommy Takeshi: (erl what are you trying to do)
Erl K. (GM): rolling 10
= 10

Adaleiz Kimura is a bit surprised by the gesture.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (mad sorcery)
Kazuma Ryumori: "It's also a place for Tiana to continue getting in touch with her aggressive obsession with Hane's chest."
Erl K. (GM): rolling 10
= 10
rolling 8
= 8
check turn order
Tommy Takeshi: Fist, meet the top of Kazuma Ryumori's skull.
Erl K. (GM): adding people's to the turn
people's ag*

Kazuma Ryumori ducks.
Tommy Takeshi: "Learning."
Erl K. (GM): rolling 7
= 7
rolling 5
= 5
Kazuma Ryumori: (so, Tetsuo is the fastest one here?)
Erl K. (GM): hold on
gonna install a script
and see if it works
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (vroom vroom)
Adaleiz Kimura: "So, you all have your own...."

Adaleiz Kimura gestures in Alice's direction.
Hane Kanzaki: "...Not all of us."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "No."
"We're blue collar summoners, so we have to go out and find demons."
Adaleiz Kimura: "Truly the Alexanders of our time..."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "We're pokemon trainers in short."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo glances around.
"Not sure I like the new version."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'm holding out until we find an agreeable dragon. Not for real though."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Pokemon dooooooooooom."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'll take the demon who decides he or she likes me."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "What's the other? Pokemon Despair?"
"Pokemon Destruction?"
Tommy Takeshi: "You don't gotta put it like that. Pokemon's so lame..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Says the guy who caught all 150."
Tommy Takeshi: "I was 9!"

Kazuma Ryumori nods sagely.
Tommy Takeshi: "Kids are dumb!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "You were clearly more grown up back then."
Tommy Takeshi: Another swing.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Now now, there are girls present, Tommy." He said chidingly.
Kazuma Ryumori: "You're never too old for Pokemon.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He ducks out of the way.
Tommy Takeshi: "One of these days..."
Adaleiz Kimura: "Only the child is afraid of being childish"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "You sound like an old man."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I think she's just too smart for us."
Julia Takeshi: "Sage words from our new companion." Definitely not admitting to anything.
Tommy Takeshi: "I bet you read that in a book somewhere," he says triumphantly.
"Doesn't count if you're quoting an old dead dude."
Julia Takeshi: "Reading books ain't a crime, Tommy."
"You should try it."
Tommy Takeshi: "It's a crime against passion is what it is."
Adaleiz Kimura: "They tend to be less disfunctional"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "I think his brain would explode."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Nah, Tommy's a smart guy, I'm sure he could handle a good book."
"Like See Spot Run."
Julia Takeshi: "Really?" Julia shows a conspiratory smirk. "I heard that nowadays bookish, smart guys are all the rage..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Okay, give him a break."
Hane Kanzaki: "Think that still has too many words for him."
Tommy Takeshi: This time he feints a punch and goes for a low kick to the shin.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (i'm really tempted to have Tetsuo fall on the ground and get hurt and have Tommy feel like an ass)
Kazuma Ryumori: "If they are, I'm clearly not getting the reverence I supposedly deserve."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (but nah)
Tetsuo takes the blow in stride, wincing.
"The truth is painful."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "I think your question answers itself duh."
Tommy Takeshi: "Why you little..."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Gotta be awesome like me, or no cigar."

Hikaru Kuzunoha poses
Julia Takeshi: Julia pats Hikaru with pitying eyes.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "When's the last time you showered."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Aw i'm touched thanks gorilla."
Tommy Takeshi: It's official. He's seen some gnarly shit in this demonic world, but it's this that managed to finally put Tommy Takeshi in a bad mood.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Tommy, one day, you'll find a story that you just can't put down. Just because book reports ruined literature for you doesn't mean you can avoid them forever."
Julia Takeshi: Julia grabs Hikaru's skull and starts exerting pressure.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Alright, alright. He's had enough."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Just be sure to stop before you kill him. Julia."
Julia Takeshi: "Yeah stop bullying my Bro,"
Adaleiz Kimura: "I fear for the human race if this is what remains of men."
Tommy Takeshi: "This ain't real bullying," he grumbles.
Kazuma Ryumori: "What did I do?!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Well, we're all probably going to die in a couple of generations if the world's like this, due to genetic shit."
"Might as well enjoy it while it lasts."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Providing we survive this hell."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Please if we were bullying him we'd get him to jump and extort some change."
Julia Takeshi: "Probably nowhere near enough of a genetic pool left, yeah."
Tommy Takeshi: "Nah, you're not thinking broad enough."
"Countries with no COMPs, or rural villages and shit."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Who knows, maybe there's some magical thing out there that'll make the world better."
Tommy Takeshi: "They'll probably be mostly fine."
"It'll be the cities that get hit hardest."
Hane Kanzaki: "We only know what's gone on in Tokyo, so, there's still a chance other places might not be nearly as devastated."
Tommy Takeshi: "So this is probably the worst of it. Ground Zero and all."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Let's hope so."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Like I said, if the rest of the world is like this."
Julia Takeshi: "To be honest I'm surprised the demons were able to just murder humanity so fast here." Julia thinks for a moment. "I mean, given their speed, they probably already spread through most of Japan, I'd say."
"Dunno about other countries tho. I doubt the US would fall that easily..." Her face becomes dark and gloomy as she contemplates the apocalypse.
Tommy Takeshi: "They're not organized enough to take over shit."
"These guys were skirmishing over a few blocks."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Let's hope this wasn't the real version of the Seven Hour War. I don't think I could handle Demon Half-Life."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Here's another thought, how are so many demons poppin out? Were they all summoned by people with COMPs? Can they just summon themselves?"
"Things to ponder."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Maybe some demons can summon other demons?"
Julia Takeshi: "We should ask Tiana how she got summoned here later."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Have it on my desk by tomorrow, no late entries."
Tommy Takeshi: "Faust used magic circles and Kabbalistic formulas. But we needed the next-gen tablet and holograph tech to do it."
He holds up his COMP. "It's all in this thing."
Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma looks to Tiana to ask but she appears to have fallen asleep with her face in Hane's chest.
"Dammit. Why is she such a perv…?"
Julia Takeshi: "Formulas..." Julia seems to think of something and falls silent."
(Uhhh Drac)
(not controlling NPCs plz)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (drac pls)
Tommy Takeshi: (thats godmodding)
Hane Kanzaki: "If demons could summon other demons, wouldn't everything be way worse?"
Julia Takeshi: "Dunno, does it get worse than tbis?" She asks, pointing at the burnt ruins of the city.
Adaleiz Kimura: "That assumes they all want to summon more demons."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Well we could be dead."
Kazuma Ryumori: "We have to assume that Bifrons can, at least."
Tommy Takeshi: "That's a stretch."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Really?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Yeah. Only thing we've seen summon a demon is a COMP."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "So maybe demons are getting COMPs?"
Kazuma Ryumori: So, you think that someone summoned Bifrons?
Tommy Takeshi: "But can they use 'em?"
Julia Takeshi: "We really haven't seen if he can replenish his troops, but maybe it isn't that much of a stretch."
Erl K. (GM): gimme a sec
Adaleiz Kimura: "If they can't use them, they'd have to have a steady supply of fools summoning his minions."
Kazuma Ryumori: Oh… uh, Hikaru, you're still hurt."
Kazuma Ryumori: (Can I use regent?)
Julia Takeshi: (we're back to full HP)
Hane Kanzaki: "When we... when we got separated from Lcuia, wasn't Chernobog surprised about the fact a COMP summoned him?"
Kazuma Ryumori: (Not Hikaru. Look closely.)
Hane Kanzaki: Lucia*
Julia Takeshi: "Huh?" Julia turns towards Hane. "I was kinda... dead. What happened afterwards?"
Adaleiz Kimura: "Chernobog?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Well no shit he'd be surprised. These things are brand new. Mushroom head was probably expecting a ritual circle and some dead chickens."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Giant demon badass, sort of killed us."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "There's a mushroom god rolling around killing people."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "We got better, obviously."
Hane Kanzaki: "I mean, we all died, but I said a bit too much...."
Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma pulls out his COMP and shows Adaleiz the profile on Chernobog.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo is studiously not thinking too hard about the whole 'dying' thing.

Hikaru Kuzunoha slaps tetsuo on the back
Adaleiz Kimura: "Maybe you all had too many mushrooms..."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "If you die just punch death and get better."
Kazuma Ryumori: I assure you, we didn't.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Well, I dunno, that was a pretty wild party."
Julia Takeshi: "Enough mushroom for the rest of my life."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "No but kaz here had to many drinks, that was pretty funny to watch."
Kazuma Ryumori: "That was definitely food poisoning."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Maybe it was 'Mushroom' poisoning?"
Adaleiz Kimura: "...."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Don't quit your day job..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Actually, hell, I have a low alcohol tolerance. It was probably both."
"But it couldn't have been one or the other, I was sick as hell.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "It's a night job, not like you'd know."
Tommy Takeshi: "Maybe you're still sick. Having a fever dream."
Kazuma Ryumori: "That'd be nice."
Kazuma Ryumori: "If only."
Tommy Takeshi: "Yeah, no. Fuck that."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Maybe we're all dead and this is purgatory, like that shitty American show."
Tommy Takeshi: "Fuck that even harder."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Please, no smoke monsters."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "PFFHAHAHA all hail superpowers dude."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Maybe this is all in someone's head as they stare at a snowglobe."
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy's already forgotten that there are two kids here.
Adaleiz Kimura: "Maybe you're all figments of my imagination and i've finally lost it."
Kazuma Ryumori: "That'd be better than smoke monsters at least."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "So i'm the man of your dreams huh, why thank you."
Kazuma Ryumori
Tommy Takeshi
Hana Shiratori
Julia Takeshi
Tetsuo Yoshimoto
Hane Kanzaki
Hikaru Kuzunoha
Adaleiz Kimura
Erl K. (GM): There we go
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "I'm touched."
Erl K. (GM): sorcery
at its finest
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Maybe we're all dancing daydreams in an unfathomable idiot god's mind, and one day he'll wake up, then- poof."
Tommy Takeshi: (how did you calc that)
Erl K. (GM): (scripts)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (the fuck is that)
Erl K. (GM): (worth every buck)
Julia Takeshi: "Calm down Nyarlatothep."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "It's Azathoth, you plebeian."
"Nyarly is actively malevolent."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Gazuntite."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Also racist."
Detective Kurosawa: "Ah."
"There's the station."
Hane Kanzaki: "I thought we were done with nerd talk..."
Adaleiz Kimura: "...no my imagination couldn't be like this."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Yeah, Nyarlathotep's the one that comes after humanity."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hey, I need something to talk about, some people are really into that stuff."
"Bullshit philosophy and crap."
Julia Takeshi: "Do you mean shitty light novels."
Tommy Takeshi: "You read shitty light novels?"
"Come the fuck on."
Julia Takeshi: "Haha of course not."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "She says, looking away."
Julia Takeshi: "I just know a bunch of people who do1"
Adaleiz Kimura: "....."
Hane Kanzaki: "That's a pretty specific thing to deny, Julia-chan~"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Joooooooooin meeeeeeeeeee."
Kazuma Ryumori: "So, Tetsuo, which would you least want to run into right now? A Mi-Go, or an Elder Thing?
Julia Takeshi: "... At least I ain't as nerdy as Kazuma."
Tommy Takeshi: "Alrigh, Tets, gimme the man card. I'd understand Kaz but you've got no excuse to be this geeky."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'm proud to be a geek."
Tommy Takeshi: He won't mention that he knows all this shit too.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "How bout you come take it, smartass?"

XII: Sanctuary

Erl K. (GM): At the entrance to the station, the party is greeted by a group of figures.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Wouldn't you have to be the one to give up your man card first?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Hey, I'm perfect."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Nah I think that card belongs to your sister."
Adaleiz Kimura: "My, what fine enforcement officials."
Tommy Takeshi: "You guys just need to see me in my element. Japan's too small a country for someone like me."
"What the-?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "That's not even up for discussion. Your sister is the badass."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Affirmative action's taking off."
Gozuki: "HALT!"
Julia Takeshi: "Yeah there ain't a country big enough to contain your nerdi- oh damn."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Gotta be progressive in the new times."
Kazuma Ryumori: "So, we've got a bovine and an equestrian…"
Mezuki: "FOOL!"
The horse suddenly jump kicks the other Demon.
Adaleiz Kimura: "....maybe i'm the one on mushrooms."
Mezuki: "Do you not see that the Detective is with them, you incompetent brother!?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "I like this horse."

Julia Takeshi pats Adaleiz
Kazuma Ryumori: "He's got style."
Cop: "...Good to see you back, Boss. Between your girl, the refugees and the scary missus, we've had our hands full-"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Refugees?"
Tommy Takeshi: He perks up at that.
Julia Takeshi: "Scary missus?" Julia starts to get scared.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Scary girl?"
Tommy Takeshi: "You never mentioned..." he half expected an empty station.
Yozora Shiranomi: "Hoh? Who's the scary girl?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (fucking cops)
Yozora Shiranomi: A girl appears out of thin air behind the cop, making him jump to the air.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo quietly makes an appreciative noise.
Yozora Shiranomi: The two Demons immediately kneel.
Julia Takeshi: Julia sighs in relief. If it was Sister-in-Law that'd have been scary.
Yozora Shiranomi: "Yeah, yeah, good boy I guess. Did he give you too much trouble, Mezuki?"
The girl approaches lazily, bouncing a katana over her shoulder.
Julia Takeshi: "Nice sword."
Mezuki: "Of course not, Master. I am an expert at handling this buffoon."
Tommy Takeshi: "Longswords are better."
Gozuki: THWACK
Tommy Takeshi: He ain't impressed.
Yozora Shiranomi: "He means you, buffoon."
Julia Takeshi: "Oh shut up you unrepentant westaboo, everyone knows katanas are cooler!"

Detective Kurosawa chuckles...
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo shrugs, "I got no dogs in that race."
Tommy Takeshi: "That's exactly what a nationalist anime geek would say!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Folded a thousand times under the heat of the rising sun mhm."
Julia Takeshi: "Hmph, you traitor to the yamato spirit."
Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma looks up at the horse demon, Mezuki apparently. "I feel for you. Really, I know exactly how it feels to put up with well, 'people' like your brother."
Detective Kurosawa: "Everyone, meet miss Shiranomi. Age 18, still in high school... Or should be, at least."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Heya."
He waves
Yozora Shiranomi: "I may have been skipping a bit..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Hi there."
Tommy Takeshi: "Yamato's died with salary man culture and we all know it."

Yozora Shiranomi waves.
Yozora Shiranomi: "Sup.'
Julia Takeshi: "Hi!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Yo."
Adaleiz Kimura: "..."

Hikaru Kuzunoha yawns
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Fought some demons, saw some spooks, sup with you?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'd be a lot more trusting of police officers if they'd just stop leering at me for, like one minute."
Tommy Takeshi: "Kaz, that's no good."
Yozora Shiranomi: "Well my ex thought that he could buy me back if he gifted me a COMP or something, heh... I was gonna throw it away, but I'm glad I didn't now."
Hane Kanzaki: "Maybe you just act suspicious?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "You're no better."
Tommy Takeshi: "American police are heartless pigs, but the Japanese ones do alright."
Kazuma Ryumori: "That's true, actually."
Yozora Shiranomi: "Still, you could say that I was in deep shit until Mr. Detective over here saved my bacon."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Police suck no matter the country."
Julia Takeshi: "I see you've already got two demons."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Guys thinkin' they can just buy women like that," He shakes his head, "I'm Tetsuo."
Yozora Shiranomi: "I actually got both of them at once with my first summon."
Hane Kanzaki: "Am I really all that suspicious, Kaz? Have I ever done anything wrong?"
Yozora Shiranomi: "Guess these guys just can't leave the other alone..."
Tommy Takeshi: "Don't hate the player, Hikaru, hate the game. It's all the old people government's fault our boys in blue get a bad rep."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "They seem pretty loyal, so I guess you lucked out."
Julia Takeshi: "Did they come in a package?" Julia can't help but to be curious about the phenomena.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Maybe they just have a bonded myth or something."
Kazuma Ryumori: Oh, sorry, Hane, I was talking to Tommy.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Convincing."
Mezuki: "I will not even deign that bait with a comment."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Suppose you could do worse than a duo out of Osaka like these two."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Hey, Mezuki, I just want to say, I admire your patience."
Detective Kurosawa: "Anyways, guys... Get settled in. Base is yours, feel free to explore or use the rooms on the third floor, that's where we keep the staff in."
Tommy Takeshi: "Is there a list of refugees?"
"I'm looking for a few names."
Detective Kurosawa: "First and second floor is for the refugees."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "All hail me!"

Detective Kurosawa nods.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Are my parents here?!" Kazuma asked desperately.
Detective Kurosawa: "Tomogawa! Get me the list of refugees!"
Cop: "Yessir!"

Hikaru Kuzunoha goes to find a swivel chair as he waits for everyone else."

Tetsuo Yoshimoto leans up against a wall, digging a coin out of his wallet.
Cop: "Here it is, sir."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He looks at it for a moment, turns it over, then flicks it into the air.
rolling 1d2
= 2
Kazuma Ryumori: "Oh, right, Tiana, we wanted to ask you whether demons can summon other demons?"

Detective Kurosawa silently passes the list to Tommy.
Julia Takeshi: "..." Julia closes her eyes, caredul to not build up any expectations. Given the situation, chances are her family is dead, but... there will be no way to confirm it.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Tch, tails."
"Bad luck..."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: Hmm this looks like it'll take a while and it would be rude for everybodies glorious leader to go on ahead guess I'll just mess with my comp.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He pockets it again.
Tommy Takeshi: He fiddles with the COMP.
Julia Takeshi: She then peeks at the list from Tommy's shoulders
Detective Kurosawa: "Don't get your hopes up kid. We only have 50 people in this building, including our personnel."
Tommy Takeshi: He finally summons the courage to look at the list.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Oh…"

Adaleiz Kimura goes and finds a spot in a corner with Alice, though she seems to be focused on a book from her bag.
Erl K. (GM): The Detective's words hit home the depressing nature of your situation.
A city such as Tokyo had dozens of millions of inhabitants.
Something like 50 people... It was like a speck of dust in the desert.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (ha depressing)
Erl K. (GM): Of course... Tommy does not find anyone related to him in the list.
Be it family... Or Nozomi.
Detective Kurosawa: "Do your folks even live by this ward, kid?"

Tetsuo Yoshimoto looks at the list closely, looking for the name 'Yoshimoto'.
Tommy Takeshi: "They're in the older district."
Kazuma Ryumori: "No, no they don't. You're right. Mom and dad… they wouldn't be here…"
Tommy Takeshi: He wordlessly passes the list to Tetsuo.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He grunts, and takes the list.
Detective Kurosawa: "Well, this place is much more 'ghetto' than something like a place for big-wigs, so I'll doubt you'll find someone like that."
Tommy Takeshi: "Nozomi goes to school in one of the other wards, I think. Nowhere near downtown. But she might've been here shopping on her day off..."
Julia Takeshi: "Don't give up hope, Tommy. We... we should go search for Nozomi by ourselves...." She really doesn't know what to say.
Tommy Takeshi: "Mm."
He's not the type to break down.
Instead he just... becomes still.
Detective Kurosawa: "There's always the chance that place with the angels is keeping her."
"Don't give up, kid."
Kazuma Ryumori: "If you want to go looking for someone, I'll join you. I may be a goof, but I do want to help. If you want to find this girl, I'll do everything I can to help."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He looks down the list steadily, the piece of paper, quietly, on the edge of hearing, begins to shake, ever so slightly.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Oh, right, Tiana?"
Tommy Takeshi: "It's fine."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He then passes it off, smiling wryly, "Guess I should'a known, ah? Bad luck, seems to be the day for it."
Tommy Takeshi: "Let's worry about what's in front of us."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Still, his smile seems empty.
He goes back to the wall.
Kazuma Ryumori: "If you're sure, Takeshi. But we'll keep an eye out."
Julia Takeshi: Julia closes her eyes and plops down on a chair. It is hard to say what she's thinking.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Kaede...)

Yozora Shiranomi approaches the group.
Yozora Shiranomi: "So."
"You guys fought demons, then?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Yeah."
Julia Takeshi: "A few times."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "So it would seem."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "More like crushed them."
Hane Kanzaki: "We've done a bit."

Yozora Shiranomi whistles.
Julia Takeshi: (did we level up from the onistomping btw?)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (nah)
Yozora Shiranomi: "Well, that's a mighty party you have there. I'm not surprised."
Julia Takeshi: (kk)
Yozora Shiranomi: (it was easy so no)
Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma then spotted a swivel chair and something strange came over him. He walks over to the seat and sits down.
Then he reaches over to the side of the desk and spins himself around several times.
"Okay, glad I got that out of my system."
Tommy Takeshi: "You been fighting too?"
"...on your own?"
Yozora Shiranomi: "Well someone has to stand guard while the Detective goes rescue people."
"Not an easy job, but I owe him big time."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (Sounds like a stay at home wife)
Haruka Kurosawa: "Dad!"
Hane Kanzaki: ( she's dead )
( guarantee it )
Haruka Kurosawa: A young girl suddenly glomps the Detective.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Well, look at those two guys she's got, Takeshi," said Kazuma getting out of the chair, "One's a minotaur, and the other's a horse that does drop kicks."
Detective Kurosawa: "Ey there, princess." Kurosawa kneels down to lift up his daughter. "Were you good while daddy was off beating the bad guys?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "More like being a damsel in distress."
Tommy Takeshi: "Mm."
He doesn't feel much like joking at the moment.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Hikaru, play nice…"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Never."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo doesn't say anything, but he smiles, a bitterness to it.
Haruka Kurosawa: "Of course I was! I stayed close to Yo-chan all day!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "She's, like, twelve!"

Yozora Shiranomi smiles awkwardly, scratching her cheek.
Kazuma Ryumori: "You're gonna pick on a kid?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Ha cute awkward."
Haruka Kurosawa: "Who are these people, daddy?"
Haruka's eyes stop by Alice, and the girl smiles shyly.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "We're the local Sentai team. We fight demons."
Alice: Alice smiles back, with a softer edge than normal.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Captain awesome nice to meet you."

Hikaru Kuzunoha spins around in his chair
Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma observes this change in Alice's demeanour.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I'm Tetsuo."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'm Kazuma."
Tommy Takeshi: "Black ranger Tommy. Transform and roll out."

Adaleiz Kimura looks up from her book.
Detective Kurosawa: "Just some kids helping me out with the bad guys, Haruka." The Detective affectionately rests a hand over his daughter's head.
Julia Takeshi: "I'm Julia."

Haruka Kurosawa smiles.
Haruka Kurosawa: "Nice to meet you, everyone!"
Julia Takeshi: For once, she doesn't participate much in the generalized horsin around.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Likewise."
Haruka Kurosawa: "Does that mean they have superpowers too. Dad?"

Detective Kurosawa laughs.
Detective Kurosawa: "Sure they do."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "The strongest superpowers."
Julia Takeshi: "Oh yeah we definitely do."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Well, all of us except Hikaru."
Alice: "I have superpowers too!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Hikaru just thinks he does but it's been Tommy and Tetsuo making him think he's cooler than he really is."
"Alice though is the real deal."
Yozora Shiranomi: "...Oi." Yozora's expression breaks from her normally loose face. "When did she get there?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Bonk."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Boy, you just love startin' shit, doncha?"
Julia Takeshi: "Alice does whatever Alice wants." Julia deadpans.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Hikaru's been totally asking for it for an hour."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "A natural punching bag."
Kazuma Ryumori: "And right that she should, no one can stop her."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "...
Haruka Kurosawa: "W-Wow, that's amazing!" Haruka claps at Alice's movements, making the other girl laugh.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: Tiana how much energy do you have to spare for healing?"
Alice: "I like you. Want to be my little sis?"
Detective Kurosawa: "Uhhhhhh..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo twitches.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Well is she makes her a little sister she probably won't eat her soul."
Detective Kurosawa: "Sorry girl, she's taken."
Julia Takeshi: "It might be better that way..."
Alice: Alice puffs her cheeks.
Hane Kanzaki: "Well, Hikaru, if I let you torture Kaz, what do I get out of it?"
Alice: "Fine, be that way. But she's my friend anyways!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "What do you want?"
Alice: "I'm Alice! We're friends, right?"
Haruka Kurosawa: "Of course!" Haruka smiled without fear.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Insurance that I don't blab her deep dark secrets."
Alice: Alice smiled wider.
Tommy Takeshi: "Hikaru. He's The Sun. He'll keep healing on his own."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Hey detective, do you have a riot shield I could borrow?"
Tommy Takeshi: (oh wait is that OOC knowledge)
(if so nix it)
Detective Kurosawa: "Oh, about that, kids."
Kazuma Ryumori: "That doesn't mean I want to get hurt though."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (I mean we did regen so probably obvious)
Detective Kurosawa: "I think this is a good time."
"Shiranomi, mind helping me hook these guys up to the Amala Network?"
Julia Takeshi: "The what"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "The what now?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Same."
Tommy Takeshi: "You guys got Internet!?"
Tico: "Like, time for an explanation!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "That sounds like an internet for cultists."
Adaleiz Kimura: "....?"
Hane Kanzaki: "An actual connection?"
Tico: Tico bursts out from the COMPs.
Julia Takeshi: "We might prevent Kazuma dying from abstinence."
Yozora Shiranomi: "Oh... It's you."
Adaleiz Kimura: (no one ever picks the male option)
Tico: "Yo-chan! Geez, why haven't you called me in so long~"
"Your BFF is angry, you know!?"
Yozora Shiranomi: "Yeah..." Yozora cringes.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (bunnies will die of loneliness and that would be horrible)
Kazuma Ryumori: "You're cheating on us, Tico?!"

Hikaru Kuzunoha snerks at the exchange
Julia Takeshi: (Choosing TIco wasn't a mistake)
Tico: "Course not! Tico is, like, everyone's BFF! Except the real bad guys, those guys are like, gross."
Julia Takeshi: "Well, I guess Legion was gross as hell."
Tico: "You betcha!"
"Anyways, explanation time!"
"The Amala Network is a lot like you guys' old internet, but like, TWICE as epic. See, after all your fights, your COMPs have been collecting the loose bits of demons you've killed and like, stuffed them inside, giving you loads and loads of Macca!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "The internet is dead people huh..."
Julia Takeshi: "The internet being hell would explain many things."
Tico: "You can use that Macca to buy whatever you want! Demons, skills, weapons, loot, it's awesome!"

Yozora Shiranomi snorts.
Kazuma Ryumori: "That sounds, kinda fun, to be honest."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "The power of capitalism is mighty indeed."
Yozora Shiranomi: "If by 'Demons' you mean that horribly expensive gacha, then you might as well count it out."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "G-gacha..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Please no…"
Julia Takeshi: "It's over. All hope is lost."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Gacha... truly the internet is hell."
Tommy Takeshi: "Ugh."
Kazuma Ryumori: "We're dead."
Tommy Takeshi: "This world is haunted by a spectre... The spectre of capitalism."
Tico: "But that's not just it! If you get hooked up to the Amala Network, you guys can also, like, call each other with your COMPs!"
"As well as anyone else you've met before and added as a contact!"
Kazuma Ryumori: Tico, is Capitalism a demon, and can we kill it?"
Tico: "Isn't that, like, amazing?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Could we call lucy?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Not really. We figured that out ages ago."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Don't kill capitalism, you dirty red."
Tico: "Err..."

Tico Tico freezes up.
Tommy Takeshi: "Well, the calling bit."
"Not the whole magical gatcha thing."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Now look what ya did."
Tico: "Sure. if you ever meet your friend you can!"
Julia Takeshi: "I dunno, her COMP was already there with the other ones, so her number might have been registered..."
Tommy Takeshi: "Capitalism is evil, mate."
"Corporations and shit, stomping on the little guy..."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Met before or after the demon fun party started?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Is there a way to cheat the gotcha?"
Tommy Takeshi: "If there's one good thing about the apocalypse its all the companies and shit got blown."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Blah, blah, blah, Man's inhumanity."
"Who gives a shit."
Julia Takeshi: "And here I thought you were the yank one, Tommy."
Tico: "Anyways, we doing this or what!?"
Julia Takeshi: "Aren't ya guys supposed to be all about the capitalism?"
Tommy Takeshi: "I'm American, not dumb."
Julia Takeshi: "Yeah we're doing it, of course."
Tico: Tico turns to the other two Devil Summoners.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Yeah, I guess.
Adaleiz Kimura: "Yes."

Hikaru Kuzunoha waves for tico to continue
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Fine, fine."
Tico: "You guys wanna add them?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Yes, definitely."
Tommy Takeshi: "Not gonna rant about PMCs and the free market and repressing individuality when that shit's dead and gone."
Yozora Shiranomi: "Sure. They don't seem like they're the 'ambush then loot you' kind."
Detective Kurosawa: "Might as well. We're all allies in here, aren't we?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Add away, Tico."
Tico: "Alright then, here it goes!"
Tommy Takeshi: "...wait. Nobody's recording our calls on this thing, right?"
Julia Takeshi: "Ugh... now that you say that there's bound to be some stupid humans trying to loot and shit..."
Tommy Takeshi: "The Amala Network is Net Neutral, right?"
Adaleiz Kimura: "I met some the other day."
Tommy Takeshi: "I don't want some shady-ass dude spying on me through this thing..."
Hane Kanzaki: ( oh boy shops )
Erl K. (GM): How shops work:
Julia Takeshi: (Hane def looks like the type of girl to love shopping)
Erl K. (GM): You can shop at any time outside battle. Skill Shops directly infuse a chosen Demon with the skills you buy, but be mindful of the fact that a Demon may only hold up to 8 different active skills at once.
Weapon Shops and Armor Shops will open a portal to the Netherworld trader, who will drop your order at your location in defiance of all laws of space and time.
It works the same way as the Weapon/Armor Shops.
Adaleiz Kimura: (is there free shipping?)

Kazuma Ryumori subtly flirts with Gozuki just because he probably won't catch on.
Erl K. (GM): The Weapon/Armor/Item shops are all ran by the Netherworld Melchiom Branch, and guarantee free shipping across all domains barring the plains of Eden.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (why)
Kazuma Ryumori: 'Psst, Mezuki, what doesn't your brother understand?"
Mezuki: "Many things. Too many to count."
Erl K. (GM): Anyways, it's shopping time for you guys!
Kazuma Ryumori: "Do you mind if I try to confuse him? I wouldn't want to cause trouble for you."
Erl K. (GM): Chat a bit and see if there's anything you want.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Looks like we all got one account to share."
Adaleiz Kimura: (is my macca tracked somewhere?)
Erl K. (GM): (is my macca tracked somewhere?)
check Macca & EXP
I'm using a global variable to simplify things
Vri: gnome amulet...
Tommy Takeshi: "Alright, the actual evil shit here is."
Tommy Takeshi: "What kinda sick fuck puts a sentient being in a fucking GACHA?"
Erl K. (GM): oh right
Tommy Takeshi: "..."
Erl K. (GM): You have
11 Stat points, Janx
Tommy Takeshi: "Well wait, they're demons."
Erl K. (GM): Check your sheet
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Probably a demon."
Erl K. (GM): Attributes and Abilities
you have a stat points attribute
Tommy Takeshi: "Right, all lawyers go to hell and all that..."
Erl K. (GM): from which you can take points to add to your St, Ma, Vi, and Ag attributes
Hane Kanzaki: "C'mon, there's nothing wrong with a little gambling..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "You got something against lawyers?"
Erl K. (GM): St increases physical power and HP, Vi increases HP and eventually reduces damage taken
Ma increases magic and SP
Kazuma Ryumori: "Why would there be a gatcha," Kazuma moans.
Erl K. (GM): ag increases turn speed
Tommy Takeshi: "Come on Hane, this isn't Granblu or Candy Crush or whatever stupid phone games you've got."
Erl K. (GM): people with 30+ Ag also
Adaleiz Kimura: (oh, so i can distrribute those?)
Erl K. (GM): get to act twice per round
(I just decided this)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (nyoom)
Erl K. (GM): (if I can implement it that is)
Kazuma Ryumori: (Okay, Tetsuo, we need to get you that Swiss Cutter. All in favour?)
Adaleiz Kimura: (i dont see macc or exp stats at all)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Gacha's are evil but they always have so many nice and shiny things in them..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (it's under demon skils)
Erl K. (GM): there Janx
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (for whatever reason)
Julia Takeshi: (1700 for the whole party?)
Tommy Takeshi: "Well whatever. Julia, you get my share. I ain't touching these damn shops."
Erl K. (GM): (welcome to Jew SMT Race)
Julia Takeshi: "Uhhh, I guess we should divide the macca between the eight of us first."
Erl K. (GM): (Better get ready to sidequest for them bux)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "We're a bit light on scratch, so let's only get what we n-"
Erl K. (GM): (but for now you're poor)
Julia Takeshi: "So we get... 212 each?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "...
Tommy Takeshi: "I dont need Macca. Divide it by seven."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: Being broke fucking sucks."
Julia Takeshi: "Yeah I'd say to just grab some medicines and stuff for now."
Erl K. (GM): yeah Janx
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Get some Patra Stones."
Erl K. (GM): you added 6 to your Ma
so now you have to remove 6 from your stats
oh you finished leveling
Kazuma Ryumori: (I'll give my money to Tetsuo for now, because while my knife is fine for now, that Swiss Cutter would help Tetsuo a lot.)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Those weapons looks so cool though, especially that legion one. Nothing like turning your enemies into trophies."
Erl K. (GM): >Ma/Ag build
oh god dual shadow spam
Tommy Takeshi: "Hikaru, I'm seriously worried about you."
Adaleiz Kimura: (=D)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Petra is probably the smart option though."
Kazuma Ryumori: Tetsuo now has 424M.
Adaleiz Kimura: (when you have not one but two death spells, why not go ma? :P)
Erl K. (GM): you guys just
hand me the final shopping list
when you're don
I'll make one for it
Julia Takeshi: "Let's use Tommy's share for a revival bead."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Sure."
Erl K. (GM): there
all of you can edit that
Tommy Takeshi: While the party squibbles over >capitalism, Tommy saunters over to Yozora.
"Yo. Got a question, if you don't mind."
Kazuma Ryumori: Seriously, the Swiss Cutter… give Tetsuo megapowers.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (How about we don't)
Tommy Takeshi: He holds up a stick of grape-flavored gum.
"And a bribe."
Julia Takeshi: (Swiss Cutter is way too costly by this point)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (I'll miss all of them anywayyy)
Kazuma Ryumori: "It gives you 3x the chance to hit."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Hahahaaaaa)
Julia Takeshi: (Like OOC-wise I think we're better off buying med supplies for now, we aren't really lacking in damage.)

Yozora Shiranomi smoothly takes the bribe.
Yozora Shiranomi: "Ask away."
Tommy Takeshi: (tommy's mostly gonna be support so his stats dont matter much)
Kazuma Ryumori: The important thing is that it makes Tetsuo more likely to hit.
Julia Takeshi: (Tommy should nab Dia at some point)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Erl, how does the knife work, is it like the scratch and it's all one to-hit?)
Adaleiz Kimura: (so my mana goes up right?)
Tommy Takeshi: "You're high school, right?"
Julia Takeshi: (what did Tarukaja do btw?)
Yozora Shiranomi:
Adaleiz Kimura used Mudo! The power of darkness swallows Detective Kurosawa...
Death (DC75) 38
(don mind me just testing)
Tommy Takeshi: "Ever see a girl with black hair and red highlights, like mine?"
Julia Takeshi: (sudden betrayal)
Tommy Takeshi: "She'd be about your year. Not sure if the same school, but..."
Yozora Shiranomi: "Hmm... Well, yeah. But I know like three of those."
"Ah, same year?"
"Sorry, I got nothing."
Tommy Takeshi: "No prob."
Yozora Shiranomi: "You know..."
"Your best bet is probably asking a Demon>"
Tommy Takeshi: "..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Anyway, what I'd rec is at least one of each healing item, don't need weps or armor)
Tommy Takeshi: "I figure, if she ran into a Demon..."
Julia Takeshi: (so yeah I'd say one or two beads, the rest on meds and dis-stuff)
Tommy Takeshi: "Either it's dead, or she is."
Yozora Shiranomi: "Naw, I mean."
"Some Demons can grant wishes and stuff."
Tommy Takeshi: He blinks.
Yozora Shiranomi: "And scrying is not that hard, if you're looking for a normal human at least."
Tommy Takeshi: "Seriously?"
"Like the genie from Aladdin?"
Yozora Shiranomi: "That's probably a Demon somewhere."
Julia Takeshi: "By the way Setanta, did you run into someone like what Tommy describes? Or a blonde suit-wearing girl?" Julia asks as if just remembering that
Tommy Takeshi: "...huh."
Yozora Shiranomi: "I mean, I heard that the reason Bifrons even went to a shithole like this, was because he was running from a Demon called Shiva."
"Sound familiar?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "The god?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Uh... some kinda Indian, six-armed dude? With blue skin?"
Julia Takeshi: "The biggest badass in hindu mythology?"
Detective Kurosawa: "Oh yeah, the term Demon is much broader than you would expect."
"I haven't seen anything other than a monster, but if the rumors are to be trusted..."
Kazuma Ryumori: Speaking of; Tiana, can demons summon other demons?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Hm..."
Suddenly that gacha seems more appetizing.
Tiana: "Well, yeah. Demon Lords have Vassals, you know?"
Tommy Takeshi: If he can get a demon with scrying powers...
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Called it!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Damn."
Tiana: "Our Queen and King command an army of Fairies, after all."
Julia Takeshi: "Shit, I guess we really gotta go for the head."
Adaleiz Kimura: "That explains the number of demons local to bifron"
Tiana: "The Fallen Clans... They're like, presidents of Hell or something."
"They have a lot of manpower to burn through."
Nemeria: "Close but not quite."
Julia Takeshi: "Hey Tiana, if I may ask, how did you get summoned here on the first place?" (I actually don't remember if we already asked her)
Nemeria: "It is true that the Fallen have a lot of influence, but there are also lords of hell amongst the Tyrant clan that are plenipotentiaries of their domains."
Tiana: "Hmm? I don't remember."
"I guess... I was called?"
"It was something like a song..."
"When you guys connected to that Amala Network thingie, I kind of heard it again..."
"Maybe the one who made it knows what happened?"
Tico: "Aaaand that's my cue to leave. Ta-ta!"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Later tico."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Alright threw up a list)
(Check it over and shit)
(we need to move through this or this'll never get done)
Erl K. (GM): seems good
no skills?
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (This is why I said for other people to check)
Erl K. (GM): (Well)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (I got no skills, so they should speak up)
Erl K. (GM): (I say save)
You guys are getting more demons in a bit
Hikaru Kuzunoha: I guess that seems fine
Erl K. (GM): lets move on
Tommy Takeshi: (tommy wont use it on principle so im staying out of this convo entirely)
"Well, thanks anyway."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (This is tentative people fucking say something jesus)
Tommy Takeshi: He hands over two more sticks of gum.
For the bozos.
Kazuma Ryumori: seems like a good list.
Tommy Takeshi: (i'd personally invest in status cure skills)
Julia Takeshi: (uhm)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (if people have any ideas)
Julia Takeshi: (I think our budget is 1700 macca so that list goes over our limit)
Erl K. (GM): (it does not)
(he spent 810 macca)
Julia Takeshi: (ergh, my bad)
(I counted things the wrong way)
(I say list looks good tbh)
(is what I'd buy)
(skills a bit too costly, I'd say to put Dia on Tommy or something like that maybe?)
Tommy Takeshi: (he wouldnt use it)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Well, I thought skills were demon only)
(to buy at least)
Erl K. (GM): Skills demon only ya
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (this is why I didn't buy any)
Julia Takeshi: (oh k)
Erl K. (GM): Ok
Advance plot now y/n
Kazuma Ryumori: Tiana could probably use Dis if she doesn't have it.
Adaleiz Kimura: yyyyyy
Tommy Takeshi: (y)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (please)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: Need to go to bed
Kazuma Ryumori: [y]
Julia Takeshi: (y)
Detective Kurosawa: "Alright, you guys should get some rest. Tomorrow you can decide what to do."
Vri: well maybe I have some more time
Hane Kanzaki: ( tiana does have dia )
Kazuma Ryumori: okay.

Detective Kurosawa hurries everyone towards their rooms.
Julia Takeshi: (maybe giving Patra to Tiana?)
Yozora Shiranomi: "Oh right, third floor gets to use their own showers."
"Don't wanna share with the refugees after all."
"Come on, I'll show you to them."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Lead the way."
Adaleiz Kimura: (do we get our own rooms or do we share?)
Erl K. (GM): (You'll have to share somewhat)
(like 3 per room?)
Tommy Takeshi: As she leads the way, Tommy pulls out his COMP and starts fiddling with it again.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Patra cures charm?! that could be really important down the road.
Julia Takeshi: (I guess Julia, Hane and Hana will share a room then)
Tommy Takeshi: This thing's just too damn weird.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: tommy, hikaru and tets?
Tommy Takeshi: (sure)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (I'll sleep in the room farthest away from Alice)
Tommy Takeshi: And now he knows the shop, it's even weirder.
Erl K. (GM): >Kazuma bunking with Alice
Tommy Takeshi: Plus Tico being all evasive... yeah, this isn't a free sword.
Erl K. (GM): this cant end well...
Tommy Takeshi: It's got an agenda behind it.
Kazuma Ryumori: [!]
Adaleiz Kimura: (LOL)
Erl K. (GM): Guess we're making it rooms of 4
Janx go with the girls
Alice can sleep with you =3=
Adaleiz Kimura: (that's less hilarious, but sure)
Erl K. (GM): Suddenly, something happens.
not suddenly
Yozora Shiranomi: "Ok, stop there boyo."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (oh no Setanta)
Draconic: I actually am almost curious as to what would happen in I were forced to sleep in the same bunk as Alice, but I also don't want to die.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Little Lancer Jr. all alone)
Setanta: "...? I s something the matter?"
Yozora Shiranomi: "Yeah, like, there are girls there. Only girls. Who are going to sleep."
Julia Takeshi: "Huh, that's right..."
Setanta: "Rest assured, I am not bothered by this. I shall keep watch vigilantly over my Master."
Tommy Takeshi: "Can't you sleep in the COMP, Kid Kool?"
"Or is the pokemon comparison wearing thin."
Yozora Shiranomi: "No, no... You're not the one who's supposed to be bothered by it..."
Julia Takeshi: "Ahem, Setanta." Julia speaks in a more authoritary tone. "Why not go with Tommy and company? It's bound to be more fun for you there. Also, it is an order."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "I think the comparison still works."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Yeah, you can bunk with us."
Tommy Takeshi: "Geh-!?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Man this room is going to suck."
Setanta: "I could slumber within the COMP, indeed, but I shall not refuse an order from my Master!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Brothers-in-arms and all that."
Setanta: Setanta walks over to the males.
Tommy Takeshi: "R... alright, pal, you're with us."
"This is the manly room for dudes with 'tude."
Setanta: "What ho, brothers! Do not worry, my spear shall keep you company on this cold night."
Tommy Takeshi: "..."
Julia Takeshi: "Pfffft"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Ahaha."
Kazuma Ryumori: "O…kay…"
Tommy Takeshi: Tetsu, you bunk with him."
Yozora Shiranomi: "Damn... That's kinda cute..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Fine, fine."
"Means you gotta bunk with Hikaru or Kazuma."
Tommy Takeshi: "Oh I'm joking, c'mere kid."

Detective Kurosawa covers Haruka's ears.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "It's my victory."
Julia Takeshi: "I make the best decisions."
Tommy Takeshi: Better anyone than the geek and the mad man.
Adaleiz Kimura: "Your decision making skills do seem above the rest here."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Laugh all you want. When we get out of this, you'll be on my payroll."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "An' I'll either be dead in a ditch or King of the Known World, let's focus on now."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Well, that just means I get a bed to myself."
Tommy Takeshi: "Yep. Lucky you."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: 'Suuuuuuuuuuuuuucks."
Tommy Takeshi: Discreetly fiddling with the COMP, he sends a test message to Julia: [You're evil.]
Kazuma Ryumori: "No, lucky you. I tend to grab onto things in my sleep."
Julia Takeshi: [Aww, you make me blush :)]
Erl K. (GM): Night dawns, and slowly the party begins to succumb to slumber...
Tommy Takeshi: (what, no midnight heart-to-hearts)
Adaleiz Kimura: (however will i confess my undying love for Julia)
Hane Kanzaki: ( that's pretty touchy feely )
Erl K. (GM): you guys can do it now
if you want
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (Tets... now that we're alone I have something to tell you.)
Erl K. (GM): while I upload some bgms
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (?)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (These beds suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (They're not great)
Tommy Takeshi: (i actually do have a thematically appropriate thing to talk to lil-cu about lol)
(but it can wait)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (first thing we do when we conquer the world is get amazing beds)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Probably not water beds, though.)
Kazuma Ryumori: ("Let's just make sure there's a world to go home to first.…")
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (You aren't invited to this secret whisper party)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (Just because things got a bit smashed doesn't mean the world disappeared idiot.)
Adaleiz Kimura: (is this some sort of collective unconcious dream-chat?)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (I assumed it was whispering)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: nah we're just hudded under the blanked in our secret pillow fort
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: [I could also just do text talk]
Julia Takeshi: (What are all of you doing here anyway)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: totally
Kazuma Ryumori: ("I'm not saying the world disappeared. I'm saying that we should make plans for what happens if the world stays like this.")
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: ("The plan is punch the demons, save the people, go from there.")
Hikaru Kuzunoha: [Take it over, bam easy peasy]
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: ("See how it works out.")
Hikaru Kuzunoha: (Hope lucy is okay...)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: [I'm sure she's fine, tough broad.]
Hikaru Kuzunoha: ("Just worried she would decide to do something stupid without us around.")
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: [Met a few in my time, and let me tell ya, she's one of the toughest.]
Kazuma Ryumori: [If you plan on being some sort of tyrannical dictator, I'm going to stop you.]
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: [Who said anything about tyranny?]
Tommy Takeshi: (fuck that. anarchy)
(no money, no worldy problems, everyone shares)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: [Anarchy is stupid and for fucking idiot morons]
Hikaru Kuzunoha: [I'll be whatever the hell I want to be]
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: [You want Mad Max? That's how you get Mad Max.]
Tommy Takeshi: (if movies were real, then we'd all be serving skynet right now)
(whatever sticks it to The Man, that's what I'll go for)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: [There's always a Man.]
Hikaru Kuzunoha: [Looks like the demons beat it to it]
Tommy Takeshi: (hopefully our Man got fucked nearly as hard as tokyo did)
Kazuma Ryumori: [The Man is gone. The demons ripped Him to pieces.]
Tommy Takeshi: (but probably not. am i the only one that's feeing weird about trading away dead demon bits to an unknown over the demon internet in exchange for weapons?)
Hikaru Kuzunoha: [Its kinda weird...]
Kazuma Ryumori: [Did you have to make it weird?]
Hikaru Kuzunoha: [Not sure we can do much else though.]
Draconic: LUCIO!!!!
Tommy Takeshi: (oh and that gacha? thats literally slavery)
Oni: "Oi, yo! What are ye doing!?"
Tommy Takeshi: (like, whoever's running that shop is clearly not a good person-)
Kazuma Ryumori: [That's something I can agree with you about]
???: "Demons... Blocking the pathways where men used to travel?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: [Dunno demons seem like an odd lot]
Blob: (okay lets shh here)
Oni: "You got that right! This land belongs to our Lord now! Anyone who goes through has to pay the tax!"
???: "There is no toll which you can offer mankind for traversing the land they have been entrusted with by God."
"But I see... I shall humor you for the moment. What would this tax be?"
Oni: "Yer life, of course!"

Oni attacks!
???: "Heh..."
The mysterious figure parries the Oni's blows, without even drawing a single sword from his sheathes.
"I see... So this is the kind of hospitality your Lord offers..."
"It seems that this blade of mine must be drawn again, so that mankind will avoid suffering..."
Oni: "Wha-"
???: There if a flash from the man's hand, and at that moment the world is enveloped in light.
"Brothers... If you can hear me across this vastness..."
"Do not lose hope for tomorrow."
"Though the darkness before you may be vast, do not cast away the hope that beats in your heart, the pride of your humanity and sanctity of free will."
"Those who hold true, and have faith in the light... Shall be welcomed in His Kingdom without doubt."
Erl K. (GM): With those words, your dream ends.


April 1st, 2017, 08:47 PM

Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Yo, we got any grub around here?"
Detective Kurosawa: "I had the weirdest dream last night..." The Detective groans, as he pours himself coffee.

Vri grumbles about beds and cramped rooms
Hikaru Kuzunoha: whups
Kazuma Ryumori: "Ugh… I don't want to go to school today…" Kazuma moans as the sun shines through the window onto his face…
Detective Kurosawa: Seeing you descend, he turns his head up.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Same, some weirdo with a sword."
Detective Kurosawa: "Coffee, guys?"
Palad1n .: "Good morning everyone..." Hana said as she rubs her eyes.

Detective Kurosawa stiffens.
Tommy Takeshi: "Morning. Yes please."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "If you're offerin'."
Kazuma Ryumori: "zzz"
Detective Kurosawa: "Wouldn't happen to be a guy that was shedding light everyone, would it?"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Sure why not let's kill my tastebuds."
Tommy Takeshi: "Yeah. Makes sense."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Yup glowy sword man."

Adaleiz Kimura groggily grabs coffee.
Tommy Takeshi: "I mean, we just learned Angels were a thing yesterday."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Seems like. Schooled a couple of Oni, talkin' bout a Kingdom, something about brothers."
Hane Kanzaki: "I don't like this shared dream stuff..."
Julia Takeshi: "Yeah weird angel dude..."
Tommy Takeshi: "Of course we'd subconsciously want it to be true."
Yozora Shiranomi: "No kidding? We all had the same dream?"
Cop: "Sir... We saw a dream like that as well..."
Julia Takeshi: "I... is there any tea around here?"
Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma heads downstairs.
Hana Shiratori: "It's weird, but weirder things have happened..."
Tommy Takeshi: "Julia. Coffee."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "I would say that's strange but fucking magic so whatever."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Not enough of a personal touch to be one of my dreams, so must'a been a special case."
Tommy Takeshi: "It's just a dream."
Detective Kurosawa: "Well shit... Guess we'll be wondering what that was all day."
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy doesn't really care.
"It's all subconscious, guys. Dreams don't mean shit."
"I mean unless you're a musician tripping to get inspiration."

Detective Kurosawa starts making coffee for the party.
Julia Takeshi: "I can't say I give much of a shit." Julia has never been much of a morning person, so she's sporting less of a filter right now.
Hane Kanzaki: "Don't you need it then, Tommy?"
Julia Takeshi: "Dreams are dreams, it'll matter once we run onto the angel guy or something."
Hana Shiratori: "But see, angels might be on our side after all."
Kazuma Ryumori: "None for me thanks… waitasecond…"
Tommy Takeshi: "Nah, always been able to get on fine without it."
"I ain't mediocre enough to need a boost."
Hana Shiratori: "And because he mentions a kingdom, then I guess what the detective said was true."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Oh… right. The end of the world happened… sonofabitch…"
Detective Kurosawa: "Which is it, by the way? Black? Cream? Sugar and Cream? Or do I just surprise you?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Same.
Tommy Takeshi: He pauses. Frowns. Brain working slowly.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Go with the last."
Tommy Takeshi: Steps back.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I need to live dangerously."
Julia Takeshi: "We should go loot some clothing, can't wear the same thing every day..." She starts grumbling to the side.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Do not surprise me."
"Do not give me coffee."
Tommy Takeshi: "Too early for this shit, pinky."
Hana Shiratori: "Cream please."
Detective Kurosawa: "Coming right up, Madam."
(ok enough memes)
Tommy Takeshi: (that was a bonk for hane, not kaz)
Adaleiz Kimura: "C-cream"
Julia Takeshi: "I-is there no tea here... well, I guess straight up black coffee will do."
Tommy Takeshi: "Black, sir."
"Like my COMP."
Phew. Saved it.
Erl K. (GM): While the party sits by a table to have breakfast, Kurosawa looks up from fussing over his daughter to look at you.
Detective Kurosawa: "I think it's about time we discussed Bifrons."
Tommy Takeshi: They coffee's hit by this point, and Tommy nods energetically.
Hana Shiratori: Hana immediately straightens up when she heard that.
Tommy Takeshi: "Right. We're beating up that fucker."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Demon Lord in charge of the area, real shit-heel, gotta die."
Julia Takeshi: "Right... We need all the intelligence about him we can get our hands on."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Has a lot of people captive."
Detective Kurosawa: "Not just that, but he's got a small army of Demons at his beck and call, and may even have a human Vassal."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Let's talk game plan, we gonna do this piece-meal and take out his lieutenants?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Nah, fuck that. I'm not pussyfooting around."
"We charge right in and kick his ass."
Detective Kurosawa: "That can only do so much, I'm afraid. Bifrons' castle is the most heavily reinforced area, and most of lieutenants live in there."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Probably best to do at least some of that and knock off that human if it turns out true."
Detective Kurosawa: "Woah, hold on."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo sips at his coffee, stops, peers at it, then sips some more.
"Damn good coffee."
Hana Shiratori: "Don't be overconfident tommy."
Detective Kurosawa: "You don't want to do that... Not with the Demon allies we have right now."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "So we go around and start trouble then?"
Detective Kurosawa: "See, there's this plan I've been having for awhile.
Tommy Takeshi: He folds his arms..
Detective Kurosawa: cooking*
Julia Takeshi: "WE're all ears."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Figured, with the way you were goin' on."
Hana Shiratori: "Let us hear it, then."
Detective Kurosawa: "You guys know what a Demon Lord is, right?"

Hikaru Kuzunoha nods
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "They're badass demons that've carved out a spot of land for themselves."
Hana Shiratori: "To an extent."
Tommy Takeshi: "Yeah. Head Honcho."
"Big Boss."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Like feudal lords, but worse."
Tommy Takeshi: "The Man."
Hana Shiratori: "Good analogy, Tetsuo."
Detective Kurosawa: "They're Demons that can establish control over a Domain, and summon Demons all over the area to hijack the Magnetite of beings that come into it."
"But not all Demon Lords are like that."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "We got a good Samaritan?"
Detective Kurosawa: "The most important thing about Demon Lords is that they are rulers. They hold command over other Demons, and an unleashed Demon Lord can control an entire army."
Tommy Takeshi: "What, like loyalty, or like mind control?"
Detective Kurosawa: "No, it's more due to the Clan loyalty."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "No reason it can't be both, though."
Julia Takeshi: (told ya the clan thing was gonna be important)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He sips some more coffee to hide his grimace. Those poor officers...
Julia Takeshi: "Well, Lucy's letter said they can mind control humans somewhat."
Detective Kurosawa: "In any case, I'm digressing."
"There's a shrine close to this ward, one that's been taken over by a Demon Lord that supposedly commands its own soldiers."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "So we go greet the neighboors?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "What's so special about it?"
Detective Kurosawa: "My objective is to get that Demon Lord's help, and use its cannon fodder to soften Bifrons' defenses."
Hana Shiratori: "....Can we even be sure that the demon lord will help us?"
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy frowns.
Detective Kurosawa: "No... Which is why I'm talking with you guys now."
Tommy Takeshi: "Well either it's friendly and we make a deal, or it's not and we kick its ass."
Adaleiz Kimura: "Of course..."
Detective Kurosawa: "I need you to go out and gather Demons until each of you have one to call your own."
"With any luck, that Demon will be of the same clan as the Demon Lord, and we can reach an easy arrangement."
"If we're unlucky... Well, you'll have the firepower."
Julia Takeshi: "What clan is that demon lord?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Let's start up a list, we need clothes, food, demons..."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Dibs on lucifer."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He pats his pockets.
Detective Kurosawa: "I'm not sure." (Read haven't planned that far yet)
Tommy Takeshi: "I'm not gonna waste time level grinding."
Kazuma Ryumori: "You can have him."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Anyone got some paper?"
Tommy Takeshi: He stands, incensed.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "There should be some around here somewhere, it had offices after all."
Hana Shiratori: "There must be some lying around here."
Tommy Takeshi: "Every minute we waste, Bifrons gets stronger. We can't afford to throw away a day looking for pokemon."

Hikaru Kuzunoha goes off to search
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "And what the hell are you gonna do, ah?"
"Run in there, swinging you dick around?"
Adaleiz Kimura: "So you're going to throw yourself at him powerless?"
Vri: erl there's paper right?
Tommy Takeshi: "We're plenty strong enough like this."
Erl K. (GM): yes vri
Tommy Takeshi: "We kicked Legion's ass. A lieutenant."
Adaleiz Kimura: "...that'd be a sight"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I don't think we are."
"Your sister almost died last night."
Hana Shiratori: "Tommy, have you forgotten that night?"
Tommy Takeshi: "..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "The Detective almost died that night."
Hana Shiratori: "That night when we..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "That's a yes…"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Those three officers DID die that night."

Hikaru Kuzunoha waltzes back in and drops a stack in front of tets
Hana Shiratori: "Biffons might be as strong as that."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Bastard…"
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Bam, I'm magical."
Tommy Takeshi: He sits back down and sighs.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Listen, I'm right there with you."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Always a smart idea to win a fight before it even begins."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "People are in trouble, and some fucking shit-head demon FUCK, is sitting thinking he's hot shit."
"He's got normal people, INNOCENT people."
Julia Takeshi: "Bifrons is probably much stronger than Legion, just saying."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "People who don't deserve that shit."
Hana Shiratori: "It's not like I couldn't understand your feelings." Hana said with a sigh of her own. "I just want to make sure we really have a chance of winning if we do it."
Julia Takeshi: "If we go running in without a plan we're just going to die."
"We might win, we might be strong enough to win, but at what price, Bro?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "If you wanna take down the Man," He smiles, "You need the power of the people, right?"
Julia Takeshi: "How many of the people here would die?"
Tommy Takeshi: "..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "So let's round up a posse and run him outta town."
"Ol' West-style."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Sounds like a plan."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Recon ho."
Adaleiz Kimura: "Well, I hope you all have fun."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo holds out his fist.
Julia Takeshi: "I agree with Kurosawa, at the bare minimum each of us should have a demon to get a shot at this."
Tommy Takeshi: Reluctantly, Tommy meets it with his own.

Kazuma Ryumori fistbumps.
Tommy Takeshi: "In that case."
Alice: "Let's go, sis! I wanna see who wins when they play with each other!"
"Besides... You're gonna play with them too, won't you?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Let's do recon on that other demon lord Kurosawa mentioned."
"Chances are we'll run into demons of its Clan in its territory."
Adaleiz Kimura: "Well.. I guess I could use a change of clothes..."
Tommy Takeshi: "Oh, Adaleiz."
"You don't have to come with us. We just picked you off the street. Don't feel indebted or anything."
Yozora Shiranomi: "...Who's the Master again?"
Julia Takeshi: "Also, I know this sounds selfish but... we might want to scout the surroundings to see if we can find anyone we know..."
Hana Shiratori: "I think that is normal, Julia."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "And hey, we can actually do that splitting up thing now."
Yozora Shiranomi: "Well... Good luck on that guys. We'll be holding the front."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "If we're doing that we should divy up the healers and work out who stays on base defense."
"Nm solved that issue."
Tommy Takeshi: "If anyone stays, it should be someone with a demon."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Agreed."
Tommy Takeshi: He perks up. "Julia, you got pretty beat up yesterday. Wanna take a break?"
Detective Kurosawa: "I guess if you guys need me, I can come along with one team."
Julia Takeshi: "Nahhh, I'm plenty fine now. It's kinda weird actually."
Adaleiz Kimura: "the power of acquiring a young man."
Hana Shiratori: "... Are you sure?" Hana asked, worried.
Hane Kanzaki: "I can stay behind if you want someone to hold the fort."
Tommy Takeshi: He deflates slightly. "Demon magic. Right."
Kazuma Ryumori: "We'll be fine, sir. Besides, think of your daughter. She needs you more than we do."

Tiana looks nervous.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Hane you have a healer."
Tiana: "Um... I'm not sure I should go without Master..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Course, demons stick with their buddies."
Julia Takeshi: "I mean I got all burned up but I was fine later..."
Tiana: "I mean, if what that bunny hag said is true, then I'll die if I'm not close to a COMP when I get killed!"
"That's awful!"
Julia Takeshi: "Right, we'll be keeping the demons with their masters."
Hane Kanzaki: ""Hmmm..."
Setanta: "Death would be most terrible indeed."
Alice: "Death sounds like fun!"
Julia Takeshi: "I guess we should let Kurosawa and Yozora hold the fort, and we can divide in two groups of four humans."
"But first, what would each group do?"
Tommy Takeshi: "One scouts Bifrons' territory, one scouts the other Demon Lords'."

Adaleiz Kimura pats Alice.
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "A group to recon the surrounding territory and a group to go scout this lord?"
Tommy Takeshi: "And we try to nab a demon of the Lords' Clan."
Hane Kanzaki: "I guess I do have to come with, then."
Tommy Takeshi: "...I don't like that word."
"Talking about collecting demons like they're a new pair of pants or something."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'll check out the other Lord."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Convince them of the righteousness of our cause."
Tommy Takeshi: "This shit is why I stopped playing pokemon..."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Just think of it like shounen, FRIENDSHIP
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Or just the strength of our fists."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: ."*
Kazuma Ryumori: "Sure it is…"
Erl K. (GM): So
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Whatever works."

Adaleiz Kimura sighs.
Erl K. (GM): move your tokens until you have 2 teams
if you are splitting up
Kazuma Ryumori: Which team is which?"
Adaleiz Kimura: (to be totally meta we should have an an offensive demon each team)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (oh yeah)
Tommy Takeshi: "I'll investigate the other Lord. If I go to Bifrons' territory I might be too tempted to just rush the castle."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (one healer for each sounds good too)
Tommy Takeshi: "Who's with me?"
Julia Takeshi: "I guess I'll have to go with my bro."
Tommy Takeshi: "Really, Kaz? I thought you didn't like me much."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'll come with. But you realize this is a recruitment mission, right?"
"We don't get along, true, but I know the value of these things."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I'll go scope out Bifronzino's place then."
Tommy Takeshi: "Aight."
Hana Shiratori: "I'll come with you."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Sounds good."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "I'll go punch some of bifrons demons I guess."
Julia Takeshi: (I think Hikaru and Julia should go on different teams cause they got a similar focus and similar offensive power)
(that works)
Adaleiz Kimura: "Each team having an offensive demon would make sense."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (that was my thought too)
(but now we have no healer...)
Erl K. (GM): (switch Hane and Hana)
Tommy Takeshi: "Hane, you and Tiana should go with Tetsuo's team."
Erl K. (GM): (or move Janx to Lord team)
Tommy Takeshi: "Alright, book girl. Tommy's gonna teach you why literature is obsolete and music is the future."
Kazuma Ryumori: "You really need both…"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Raining Blood is shit!"
Julia Takeshi: "What do you think inspired power metal, dummy?"
Hana Shiratori: "Language, Tetsuo."
Tommy Takeshi: "You. Me. Roof. Later."
Kazuma Ryumori: "It's not shit. I just can't stand it."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Fight, fight, fight."
Kazuma Ryumori: "I hate it, but I will not judge it."
Tommy Takeshi: "...alright. If anything happens, we're keeping in touch via COMP."
Detective Kurosawa: "Well... Good luck guys. Remember to turn back the moment you're wounded."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Sounds good, here, I'll test."
Julia Takeshi: "Right, we should keep in contact."
Detective Kurosawa: "Just come to the base and we'll heal you right up."
Kazuma Ryumori: "If you start fighting, even the minotaur will be smarter than us, so do not fight."
Erl K. (GM): From now on, you can always return to the base after a battle to rest fully, but that will automatically cause time to pass.
Tommy Takeshi: "Oh right, Detective. That shop was selling Kevlar Vests. Don't you guy have any of those?"
"Or is that like, JSDF stuff."
Julia Takeshi: "Right, there are guns here, people who haven't got one could just grab one..."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: [Test, might as well be serious]
Tommy Takeshi: "And a baton would probably be better than this dented bat...'"
Detective Kurosawa: "We do have a few... But not many in stock. Lots of cops running around with them a few days ago... Lots of dead cops lost on the street."

Detective Kurosawa goes to check
Detective Kurosawa: "...Yeah, we have one vest remaining."
Hikaru Kuzunoha: "Well we might be able to get it off their bodies."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Give it to Hane.
Or Hana, actually.
Detective Kurosawa: (Hane resists gun already lol)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Whoever doesn't want to get shot the most."
Tommy Takeshi: "You guys hold onto it, then."
"It's only the two of you and some cops here, right?"
"If someone attacks, you'll need it."
Julia Takeshi: (does our group have a healer?)
Kazuma Ryumori: (Me)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (you've got Drac)
Detective Kurosawa: "...Thanks."
Julia Takeshi: "Yeah, you guys will probably need it more, at least we can disengage if things go wrong)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (he's the regen guy)
Julia Takeshi: (right)
(how are u handling splitting up erl?)
Erl K. (GM): And so, the teams split up.
Kazuma Ryumori: (you can count on me.)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (maybe just a general city background, but a line splitting)
Erl K. (GM): (split screen)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (might be a bit awkward if we both get into combat, but w/e)
Hana Shiratori: (Maybe take turns?)
Erl K. (GM): (we can do the combat simultaneously)
(it doesn't really matter)
( I can only focus on one thing at once)
(so probably better that way)
oh right
while I get working on a sheet
Erl K. (GM): have this music
Tommy Takeshi: (so erl we're in some kinda shrine-y woods-y old-y area right)
Kazuma Ryumori: "Anyway, if anything attacks us, I suppose Alice can just… uh… play… with them."
Tommy Takeshi: "Alright, hold up."
"Alice, you shouldn't be fighting. You're a kid."
Kazuma Ryumori: "She's probably older than you, and she's stronger than all five of us put together."
Tommy Takeshi: "Kaz, she's a kid."
"A thousand year old kid's still a kid."
Adaleiz Kimura: "I don't believe social norms really have a place in this world now."
Kazuma Ryumori: And she also got cut in half, but she didn't seem to mind.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Alice? What's your take?"
Erl K. (GM): (busy atm
Hikaru Kuzunoha: Sorry I was already tired and i've stayed up far to late I need to call it
I'll be free all sunday though
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (g'night Vri)
Kazuma Ryumori: (g'night)
Hana Shiratori: (Nightie vri)
Julia Takeshi: (back)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo sighs.
"I hope my sister's alright."
Julia Takeshi: "Man..." Julia cracked her neck. "I think that if that makes you feel any better, Alice can just attack from a distance."
Hane Kanzaki: "Yeah, she was real nice..."
Tommy Takeshi: "It does, actually."
Julia Takeshi: "Either way, this big sis is gonna protect Alice."
Kazuma Ryumori: "If only Alice were more into brothers… I'd feel a bit safer…"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "I don't like talkin' about that stuff too much, and it's been awhile since we've really talked, but, I just want her to be okay."
"I'm not the best brother in the world."
"Or the best son."
Adaleiz Kimura: "....."

Adaleiz Kimura hugs Alice.
Erl K. (GM): ok
I'm done
lemme test one thing
Fallen Asuka attacked Dokkyo with a sword of pure darkness!
Crit(DC90) 30
Silence (vs 5) 19
Hits 1d2
Damage (Phys) 166
Crit Damage 248
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (WORRY)
Erl K. (GM): (wow ok damage op)
Tommy Takeshi: >5
Kazuma Ryumori: (Let's hope that thing doesn't attack us.)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (he'll probably be over here)
(or her, I suppose)
(Bifrons is a Fallen, I believe)
Erl K. (GM):
Fallen Asuka attacked Dokkyo with a sword of pure dark plumes!
Crit(DC90) 48
Silence (DC 60) 67
Hits 2
Damage (Phys) 117
Crit Damage 167
Fallen Asuka attacked Dokkyo with a sword of pure dark plumes!
Crit(DC90) 76
Silence (DC 60) 83
Damage (Phys) 121
Crit Damage 161
that seems fine
buckle up
Erl K. (GM): cuz its SMT time
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (my body might be ready)

XIV: Split Paths

Erl K. (GM): ---PARTY ONE--- (Consisting of Tetsuo, Hane (and Tiana), Hikaru and Hana.)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (toot party party)
Hana Shiratori: (We're party one, huzzah)
Erl K. (GM): Hikaru's party advance through the city, looking for Demons.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (>Hikaru)
Hane Kanzaki: ( > dead man )
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (orz)
Hana Shiratori: (Ayy)
(Sad there will be no snark between Tets and Hikaru)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (it's okay, Hane can pick up the slack)
Erl K. (GM): The party wanders around, but despite crossing many streets the followers of Bifrons are nowhere to be found.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Wonder if we should be shaking a bag or something..."
Erl K. (GM): It is not unsurprising, then, that the party would be caught off guard when a voice approached them.
Sherah: "Looking for something, handsome?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (aw yis)
Hana Shiratori: (gratz tets)
Kazuma Ryumori: (Oh, this'll be good.)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (wait no Hana's here)
Julia Takeshi: (I'm cheering for Hana)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (have to act carefully)
Julia Takeshi: (go get the succubus, you devil girl)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (ENGAGE COVERT OP)
"Maybe, who's askin'?"
Kazuma Ryumori: (be very, VERY careful.)
Sherah: (also)
(look at lilim)
(doesn't she look a lot like hana)
(wavy hair, blue, same eye color)

Tetsuo Yoshimoto sweating
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (not IC ofc)
Kazuma Ryumori: (Oh god)
Sherah: "Hmhmhm... Well, I guess I am."
The demon approaches Tetsuo, sidling up to him and running her dainty fingers over his chest.
Hana Shiratori: "..."
Julia Takeshi: (MENACING)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo, with long experience in his current profession, doesn't react too much and smiles, although he feels a dark presence at his back.
Kazuma Ryumori: (Hana is totally over you Tetsuo)
Hane Kanzaki: She eyes the situation warily.
Sherah: "You smell good, human... As if the Devil's own luck is around you..."

Sherah licks her lips.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (incoming doom meteor)
Hana Shiratori: "So, who might you be, miss?" Hana asked politely.
Hane Kanzaki: [ Are all demons obsessed with smell? ]
Hana Shiratori: Surpressing any dark thoughts she might have.
Sherah: (They are obsessed with magnetite)
"Hmm?" The demon girl cranes her neck to stare at the girl standing behind Tetsuo.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Must be the new cologne," He remarked idly, "I'm Tetsuo, and may I have the pleasure of your name?"
Adaleiz Kimura: (hana and tet a thing?)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He smiled charmingly.
Sherah: Her eyes twitch slightly, and then her smile widens.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (They got childhood friend flag)
Kazuma Ryumori: (They were at the very beginning)
(It's been getting less and less likely though.)
Sherah: "Oh, I am Sherahette, a Lilim of the Night Clan... We are known for visiting men at night and showing them things out of this world."
"You, human, though... Can call me Sherah~"
Kazuma Ryumori: (PPPPPPFFFFTTTT!!!)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Tetsuo using that Host experience)
Erl K. (GM): Before the situation can escalate to meteoric levels, however...
Oni: "Thar she is!"
Kazuma Ryumori: (What is he a whaler?)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (it's a bit earlier to use the proper turn of phrase)
(hurr hurr)
Oni: "Oi, ya bitch! Ye drained my Magnetite out, but ye didn't even return the favor after ye said ye would!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Ah?"
Sherah: "Ahhh!" Sherah quivers at the intimidating cry of the Oni.
Hana Shiratori: "Demons...!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo notes the Oni's words carefully, but steps up.
Sherah: "Help me, Tetsuo! These brutes want to use my body like a blow-up doll!"
Oni: "We want to wha-"
Hane Kanzaki: "That's something I didn't expect to hear today."
Kazuma Ryumori: (Like you don't want to use his in a similar way…)
Sherah: "They want to grip me by the ears like they were handlebars, and take out their meaty co-"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "-ntrollers, and play video games, all night long."
Centaur: "ENOUGH! Foul harlot, you will repent for stealing from Bifrons' treasure!"
Hana Shiratori: "Biffron's... treasure?"
Sherah: "He means Magnetite, obviously."
"I can't help it, okay? A girl's gotta feed..."
Julia Takeshi: ('treasure')
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Lady knows what she wants."
Julia Takeshi: (brb)
Sherah: "Huhuhu... I like you."
Erl K. (GM): It's a fight!
---PARTY TWO--- (Consisting of Kazuma, Tommy, Julia (and Setanta), Adaleiz and Alice)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Anyway... So, you guys workin' for Bifrons? Great! We've got a special offer."
Kazuma Ryumori: (I suddenly wish I were in Party One)
Erl K. (GM): Tommy's party advance through the mountain grove, inspecting the surroundings of the mysterious shrine.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (wish vri was here ;_;)
Kazuma Ryumori: "No you don't. He'd rip you apart.)
Tommy Takeshi: "Man, this is like the grandparents' place."
"All peaceful and nature-y and shit."
Kazuma Ryumori: (Your relationship with Hana would be history)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Yeah but I have no one to banter with)
Kazuma Ryumori: (you have me. In spirit)
Hane Kanzaki: ( okay i can play the sexual harassment game )
Tommy Takeshi: He snaps a picture with his COMP and mails it to Tetsuo: [GETTING MAD LEAVES ALL OVER ME U JELLY YET]
Dokkyo: "Hmm? Humans?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Huh?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Eh?"
Dokkyo: From the bushes, a Demon emerges!
Kazuma Ryumori: "Eek!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Yo!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo quickly slides his COMP in Sherah's direction and takes a picture, sending it without comment.
Tommy Takeshi: He waves.
Dokkyo: "Wow... It's really humans! The first I've seen since I got here!"
"Hmm... A little shabby, but..."
Adaleiz Kimura: "...."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Holy shit! Takeshi!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Hey! Got a moment?"
Dokkyo: The Demon bumps a fist with her palm.
"Alright, I can feel it! You guys are Summoners, aren't you?"
She puffs up her chest.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Yeah."
Dokkyo: "I'll give one of you the incredible privilege of being my Master!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Why?"
Tommy Takeshi: "Sweet!"
Adaleiz Kimura: "Pass"
Tommy Takeshi: He hands her a printout.
"We're recruiting!"
Dokkyo: "Bifrons? Who's this?"
Tommy Takeshi: "A jackass!"
"We're gonna go beat him up!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: [Remind me to get working on those membership cards]
Kazuma Ryumori: "Whoa, when'd you make that? Not bad!"
Hane Kanzaki: ( why am i not here to insult this graphical piece of shit )
Tommy Takeshi: "About five minutes on a police computer," he says proudly. "I did all the posters for my band in high school."
Dokkyo: "Hmm... I don't really get it, but if that's the kind of thing my Master's gonna run around doing, it's my duty as their wife to help them out!"
Tommy Takeshi: Not that they'd ever been popular...
Kazuma Ryumori: "I mean, it's nothing special, but it works."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (gwahaha)
Tommy Takeshi: He ever-so-subtly steps behind Kazuma.

Dokkyo circles around Kazuma.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (GWAHAHA)
Tommy Takeshi: "Uh..."

Dokkyo sniffs Tommy
Hana Shiratori: (kazuma got a waifu)
Tommy Takeshi: "Hey, I dunno how to say, this, but-."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (but he's already got a GIRLFRIEND)
Fallen Asuka: "...Foolish."
Tommy Takeshi: He glances at Julia and silently begs for help.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (oh hey i was wrong)
Julia Takeshi: (back)
Kazuma Ryumori: "You have a cute girl with tails admiring you Tommy, do NOT mess this up… I would give anything to be in your position right now!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Kaz."
"Shut your trap."
Fallen Asuka: "So... You are the ones..."
Tommy Takeshi: "...eh?"
Kazuma Ryumori: (Uh oh…)
Fallen Asuka: "The ones who have been attacking my Lord!"
Adaleiz Kimura: "I think foxwaifus are the least of our problems"
Tommy Takeshi: "Oh! Hey!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (wuh oh)
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy waves the poster.
Erl K. (GM): Sensing a terrible energy, the party dives for cover!
Tommy Takeshi: "Wait-!"
Erl K. (GM):
Fallen Asuka used Maragi! The battlefield was set ablaze by a surge of flames!
Burn (DC75) 40
Damage (Fire) 73
Tommy Takeshi: "WHOA-!?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Okay, I was almost cooked, that wasn't fun…"
Julia Takeshi: "Uh, Tommy... I don't think he liked your poster._
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (or is it she)
Kazuma Ryumori: (She)
"Who are you?"
Fallen Asuka: "Hear me, enemies of Lord Bifrons. Mine given name is Asuka, and mine true name is Fallen, for the Clan blood that flows through my veins."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Oh, must be one of those minion types)
Tommy Takeshi: "Your what-!?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Well, I don't give a damn who you are. You tried to hurt my friends. You're a problem."
Julia Takeshi: "Hear me, bitch of Bifrons. Mine given name is Julia, and mine true name is FIST, because that's what is going to end up imprinted on your face!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Whoa wait, wait-!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (FIST JULIA)
Tommy Takeshi: "Alright, lady, just chillax for a sec."
Fallen Asuka: The expression of the Human Vassal darkens.
Tommy Takeshi: "Have you considered..."
"NOT serving Bifrons?"
Julia Takeshi: "fuck that, she tried to burn us alive."

Fallen Asuka laughs.
Tommy Takeshi: "I mean, he's a dick."
Julia Takeshi: "She doesn't seem like she'll be open to reason."
Fallen Asuka: "Why would I NOT serve him?"
"Look at the power of he has given me! My soul! My blood! My very heart beat with the power of Demons!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Okay! Okay! Good question!"
"Fair point!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "She's beyond reasoning with. She's sold her soul."
Fallen Asuka: "His will is my will!"
Julia Takeshi: "Because you're now looking edgier than the new Power Ranger movie?"
Fallen Asuka: "His enemies are my own!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Counter offer-!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "She doesn't have any free will."
Julia Takeshi: "Hah. Want power?"
"Want superpowers?"
Tommy Takeshi: "The power of METAL!"

Adaleiz Kimura puts her glasses in her coat pocket.
Julia Takeshi: "Maybe I should show you some superpowers."
Fallen Asuka: "And you, who interfere in his grand plan, are nothing but nuisances!"
Adaleiz Kimura: "i guess its time to play"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (TIME TO PLAY THE GAME)
Alice: "Hmhmhm... This'll be fun."
Kazuma Ryumori: "So, Asuka, I'd run. Fast."
Julia Takeshi: "I will show you what true fear looks like!"
Dokkyo: "I-I'll help! I don't like this woman!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "I wasn't planning on sparing you," Kazuma says, "But Alice probably won't leave you in recognizable pieces."
Erl K. (GM): It's a fight!
Tommy Takeshi: "It might be dangerous. Get behind us."
Erl K. (GM): Calculating turn order...
Kazuma Ryumori
Tommy Takeshi
Hana Shiratori
Julia Takeshi
Tetsuo Yoshimoto
Hane Kanzaki
Hikaru Kuzunoha
Adaleiz Kimura
Adaleiz Kimura: (alice doesnt have init?)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (this thing is weird)
Julia Takeshi
Tetsuo Yoshimoto
Kazuma Ryumori
Hikaru Kuzunoha
Hana Shiratori
Hane Kanzaki
Adaleiz Kimura
Tommy Takeshi
Erl K. (GM): Oops Im doing things
Tommy Takeshi: "Okay, okay," he's still not mentally prepared to the fight. "How about-?"
Kazuma Ryumori
Tommy Takeshi
Hana Shiratori
Julia Takeshi
Tetsuo Yoshimoto
Hane Kanzaki
Hikaru Kuzunoha
Adaleiz Kimura
Erl K. (GM): ok
rolling 1d20
= 3
Alright, now we can begin.
(Asuka acts twice per round)
( So I had to add another turn for her)
Erl K. (GM): (manually)
Adaleiz Kimura: (i think it ate alice's turn)
Fallen Asuka: (I ate it)
(Alice wont do anything in the fight)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (you need more gym badges, janx!)
Fallen Asuka: "Humans, you cannot even begin to comprehend the power of my lord..."
Draconic: "We kicked Legion's multiple asses."
Tommy Takeshi: "Come on now, he can't be half as scary as Chernobog-."
Fallen Asuka: "Become Ashes!"
Fallen Asuka used Agi! Tommy Takeshi was set ablaze by a surge of flames!
Burn (DC75) 95
Damage (Fire) 65
Kazuma Ryumori: "You look like piecemeal compared to that."
Tommy Takeshi: "WHOOOOOO--AAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (and now tommy is on fire)
Tommy Takeshi: He staggers backwards.
Fallen Asuka: (Tommy will suffer 10 damage on every of his turns.)
Julia Takeshi: "Oh shut up, stop bragging about your shitlo- SON OF A BITCH I'M GOING TO BEAT YOU TO DEATH WITH YOUR OWN FUCKING SKUULL!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Get the hell away from him, you bitch!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (good thing we bought some burn heal)
Erl K. (GM): Party one, Tiana's turn
Kazuma Ryumori: "Incidentally, I didn't know you watched, Red vs. Blue, Julia."
Julia Takeshi: (Erl, what did Tarukaja do?)
Julia Takeshi: "Blue vs wha-?"
Erl K. (GM): (attack up for whole party)
Tommy Takeshi: (i've got the attack up and defense down skills)
(you just worry about punching)
Julia Takeshi: (k we'll do a double buff on first round)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Katie)
Tommy Takeshi: (do the skills stack?)
Julia Takeshi: (to maximize ass-kicking)
(iirc they stack up to 3 in SMT games)
Tommy Takeshi: (no i mean can i use it 3 times in a row)
Hana Shiratori: (erl what does halley do)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (takes away defense)
Erl K. (GM): (Almighty damage and DEF down to an enemy species)
Hana Shiratori: (an enemy species?)
Erl K. (GM): (I couldn't code individual buffs for mooks)
(It judges them based on the character ID)
(not tokens)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (i think katie's gone)
Erl K. (GM): well
Erl K. (GM): Yeah
I'll act for him instead
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (fug)
Hane Kanzaki: ( back )
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (ok nvm
Hane Kanzaki: ( sorry mom called me )
Erl K. (GM): NVM
Hana Shiratori: (speak of the devil)
Tommy Takeshi: (kt how was my photoshop)
Erl K. (GM): (oh right)
Hane Kanzaki: ( do we know the weaknesses on the oni btw )
Tommy Takeshi: (i worked very hard on it for 3 minutes)
Erl K. (GM): (fair warning Janx)
Hane Kanzaki: (blob pls )
Kazuma Ryumori: (you're up KT)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (they're strong to Phys iirc)
Tommy Takeshi: (no thats janx)
Erl K. (GM): (Asuka Nulls Dark and is immune to instant death)
Tommy Takeshi: (kt is hane)
Kazuma Ryumori: Tiana is also KT
Tommy Takeshi: (oh, unless we're doing both fights at once)
Adaleiz Kimura: (oh, sadface)
Tiana used Zan! Oni was blasted by a whirlwind!
Damage (Wind) 46
Erl K. (GM): which oni was it
wasnt looking
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (remember to ruler)
Tiana: ( the one in front )
Julia Takeshi: (we have no idea of what Adaleiz can do btw)
Erl K. (GM): oh maybe this was too much HP
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (she's got mudo)
Hane Kanzaki: ( jesus erl )
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (oh boy)
Tommy Takeshi: (lol janx you went to the wrong fight)
Adaleiz Kimura: (apparently)
Julia Takeshi: (do you have anything else Janx?)
Adaleiz Kimura: (im a minion slaughter, not a boss killer)
( i have more insta-death, and some zappy thing)
Julia Takeshi: (we can't see your sheet for some reason)
(I guess u'll have to zio ur way through)
Erl K. (GM): Ur turn Janx)
Adaleiz Kimura: "Blah blah blah...Zio"
Erl K. (GM): (Why cant you see Janx sheet)
Adaleiz Kimura:
Adaleiz Kimura used Zio! Fallen Asuka was shocked by falling lightning!
Shock (DC80) 13
Damage (Elec) 57
Erl K. (GM): (I just showed it)
Adaleiz Kimura: (my spells arent on my sheet)
Julia Takeshi: (oh nvm)
Erl K. (GM): Morm
ur turn
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (yep)
(alright then, uh)
Hane Kanzaki: ( morm pray we can kill these in a reasonable amount of time )
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (this is kind of a bad match-up lol)
Julia Takeshi: (we're so going to get our shit kicked by Asuka)
Erl K. (GM): (go for the centaurs then)
Kazuma Ryumori: (Hey, you've got me)
Tommy Takeshi: (kaz pls heal)
(be my healslut forever)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo swings around to the side, going for the softer target of the centaurs in the back, praying in the back of his mind to NOT. MISS.
Kazuma Ryumori: "I don't even need to do anything for that to happen."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (pls no missorino)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto:
Tetsuo Yoshimoto lunged at Centaur!
Hit (DC50) 63
Crit(DC25) 79
Damage (Phys) 62
Crit Damage 98
HP Cost 11
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (i deed it)
Erl K. (GM): a singular strike!
Julia Takeshi: (Its more an issue of dealing v little damage lol, going by the hp bar this bitch got a solid 1k)
Erl K. (GM): (the damage will climb up once you debuff her
Kazuma Ryumori: (I don't have any debuffs)
Tommy Takeshi: (i am the debuff, it is me)
Erl K. (GM): waiting on kt.jpg
Hane Kanzaki:
Hane Kanzaki used Bufu! Oni was struck by a freezing blast of ice shards!
Freeze (DC80) 102
Damage (Ice) 80
Adaleiz Kimura: (i have the best debuff)
Erl K. (GM): damn
Adaleiz Kimura: (sadly she's immune)
Hane Kanzaki: ( i am furiously clicking )
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (good shot)
Erl K. (GM): 120
Kazuma Ryumori: (Oh, then healing you is the order of the day after all)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (weak to ice then)
Hane Kanzaki: ( SPAM BLIZZARD IT IS )
Sherah: "Can't we just get along?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (remember to have fairy use Zan, it does additional damage)
Sherah used Marin Karin! Attempted to dominate Oni!
Charm (DC60) 103
Kazuma Ryumori: (Blizzaga saga!)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (here comes marin karin)
Hane Kanzaki: She sighs in relief when she realizes she froze it solid.
Tommy Takeshi: (MARIN)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (MARIN FUCKIN KARIN)
Tommy Takeshi: (FUCKING)
Hane Kanzaki: ( jesus )
Tommy Takeshi: (KARIN)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (figured, with null charm)
Hana Shiratori: (MIND CONTROL)
Kazuma Ryumori: [SWEET! That NEVER works in the real games!]
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (he got distracted by the sex)
Kazuma Ryumori:
Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!
HP restored 16
Tommy Takeshi: (kaz she will oneshot me)
Sherah: that was a free action Kaz
Erl K. (GM): that was a free action*
You press Regen at the beginning of every turn
no matter what
Then you do whatever

Kazuma Ryumori used Dia! Tommy Takeshi was healed!
HP restored 100
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (well ok)
Hane Kanzaki: ( overheal boys )
Hana Shiratori: (I guess I'll attack the centaurs )
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (you could finish off the oni up front)
Erl K. (GM): use ruler pls
Hana Shiratori: (Isn't he mind-controlled)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (no, pink dot is)
(blue is froze)
Hana Shiratori: (ah)
Erl K. (GM): pink dot is MC
Hana Shiratori: (kk)
Erl K. (GM): blue is freeze
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (I also have Zan, btw)
Hana Shiratori:
Hana Shiratori used Halley! A small heavenly fragment strikes Oni, burning away their defenses!
Damage (Almighty) 81
Enemy Def -1
Erl K. (GM): 121.5
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (ded)
Hana Shiratori: (definitely ded)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (almighty v strong)
Erl K. (GM): RacingeR
Come on
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (she's doinge it!)
Julia Takeshi: "Die painfully." She spits as she just walks towards Asuka, projecting a massive aura of aggressivity and then just straight up punching her in the face with all her might.
Julia Takeshi cleaved Fallen Asuka with a whistling slash!
Crit(DC90) 56
Damage (Phys) 83
Crit Damage 127
HP Cost 17
Adaleiz Kimura: "How manly"
Kazuma Ryumori: "You set her brother on fire. You're dead."
Julia Takeshi: "Fuck you."
Erl K. (GM):
Centaur decreased every foe's defense!
Defense Down 1
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (can't someone use that burn heal on him)
Erl K. (GM):
Centaur released a volley of sharp energy needles at Sherah!
Crit(DC90) 58
Damage (Gun) 60
Crit Damage 93
HP Cost 14
Oni cleaved Centaur with a whistling slash!
Crit(DC90) 73
Damage (Phys) 60
Crit Damage 77
HP Cost 19
Kazuma Ryumori: "Hey. dude, I'm standing in front of you for a reason. And stop screaming in my ear!""
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (K A R I N)
Erl K. (GM):
Hikaru Kuzunoha is pushing his body to its limits!
Overlimit ON
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (hikaru time)
Erl K. (GM):
Hikaru Kuzunoha invoked the Chariot's power and pummeled Oni with lightning-fast blows!
Crit(DC90) 29
Damage (Phys) 66
Hits 1
Crit Damage 97
HP Cost 30
Hana Shiratori: (ooooh)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (pffff)
Hana Shiratori: (lol)
Tommy Takeshi: (whiff)
Erl K. (GM): Race
Do u control Setanta
Or do u want me to take care of it?
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Mass Destruction meme failed)
Julia Takeshi: (I'll do it)
Setanta boosted every ally's attack!
Attack Up 1
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (man that Sherah/Hana resemblance is spooking me)
Fallen Asuka: "Despair, those who have raised their hand against Lord Bifrons..."
Hane Kanzaki: ( much spook )
Fallen Asuka:
Fallen Asuka attacked Julia Takeshi with a sword of pure dark plumes!
Crit(DC90) 59
Silence (DC 60) 76
Damage (Phys) 109
Crit Damage 165
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (ow)
Fallen Asuka: 54.5
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (not so much ow)
Tommy Takeshi: (julia has that good of a phys resist???)
(i thought it was only 20%)
Hane Kanzaki: ( resist is always 50% )
Erl K. (GM): Oh it was 20%?
Hane Kanzaki: ( wait )
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (pff)
Tommy Takeshi: (you said there were soft and hard resists)
Hane Kanzaki: ( not even our gm knows )
Erl K. (GM): (no its Resist Phys)
Tommy Takeshi: (but im not sure which she has)
Erl K. (GM): She takes half damage
Draconic: "Hey, Asuka, my friend looks surprisingly alive for a dead girl."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (we just don't know)
Fallen Asuka: Oops
Erl K. (GM): I clicked twice
Draconic: "Maybe you're just pathetic?"
Erl K. (GM): Its your turn tommy
Tommy Takeshi: "Urgh....."
Tommy focuses his spirit for a moment, and shuts out the pain.
Julia Takeshi: "Is that all?" Julia spits blood. "That all? I'VE TAKEN BIGGER HITS FROM SHITTY THUGS, BITCH!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (doesn't she know you always shoot the medic)
Tommy Takeshi: "Hey... demon lady... you might wanna hide... cus this is gonna get pretty fuckin' metal."
Julia Takeshi: (uuuhh drac, looking at your HP)
Tommy Takeshi:
Tommy Takeshi debilitated Fallen Asuka's defenses!
Defense Down -1
Julia Takeshi: (You might uh, want to step off the frontlines)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Tommy gained the status [Ninja Immune])
Draconic: I can't be 1-hitted.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (it's true)
Dokkyo: "Hang on, everyone!"
Dokkyo boosted every ally's defense!
Defense Up 1
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (b u f f b o i s)
Julia Takeshi: (btw, silence means I can only use ultimate hit right?)
(and shoot)
Dokkyo: (yes)
Tommy Takeshi: (and no battle cries ;-;)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (rip)
Oni cleaved Tetsuo Yoshimoto with a whistling slash!
Crit(DC90) 52
Damage (Phys) 68
Crit Damage 104
HP Cost 19
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hurf!"
Oni boosted every ally's attack!
Attack Up 1
Hane Kanzaki: ( not like this )
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo staggers back and doubles over, gagging.
Fallen Asuka: "You think your cooperation gives you strength... But the power of my Lord is stronger!"
Fallen Asuka decreased every foe's stats!
Stat Down 1
Adaleiz Kimura: "Do you really need to give yourself the constant pep talk?"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Your lord is weak, and you're a helpless little girl."
Hane Kanzaki: ( heal you morm? )
Adaleiz Kimura: "That's pretty savage coming from you"
Julia Takeshi: "Oh, just shut up, bitch"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (may as well)
Tommy Takeshi: (shhhh)
(silence means no talky)
Hane Kanzaki:
Tiana used Dia! Tetsuo Yoshimoto was healed!
HP restored 84
Kazuma Ryumori: "She's getting on my nerves too…"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (ah, hm)
Hane Kanzaki: "Don't die on me, yet!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (forgot about crit-heals for a minute)

Adaleiz Kimura sighs.
Adaleiz Kimura: "Zio"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (it's fine)
Adaleiz Kimura:
Adaleiz Kimura used Zio! Fallen Asuka was shocked by falling lightning!
Shock (DC80) 56
Damage (Elec) 58
Kazuma Ryumori: Also, she set one of my friends on fire!
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Just like back in High School!"
Adaleiz Kimura: (is the dc for zapping stuff supposed to be as high as insta-kill?)
Fallen Asuka: (zapping is a paralyze)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (oh it me)
"Arright, let's keep at it!"
"Tch, gettin' in the way?"
Julia Takeshi: (what does heat wave do erl)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Fine, I'll smack ya down!"
Erl K. (GM): Phys damage to an area
instead of single foe
Tetsuo Yoshimoto:
Tetsuo Yoshimoto lunged at Oni!
Hit (DC50) 48
Crit(DC25) 26
Damage (Phys) 71
Crit Damage 98
HP Cost 11
(every time)
Erl K. (GM): (how quickly the tide turns)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (it's always by like two)
Julia Takeshi: (I think that lunge needs a better hit chance)
Hane Kanzaki:
Hane Kanzaki used Bufu! Oni was struck by a freezing blast of ice shards!
Freeze (DC80) 70
Damage (Ice) 85
Erl K. (GM): 127.5
Hane Kanzaki: ( just a bit short on the freze )
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (if i hit him, he'd be dead...)
(womp womp)
Sherah: "Muah~"
Sherah used Marin Karin! Attempted to dominate Oni!
Charm (DC60) 59
Kazuma Ryumori: (AWW!!!)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (my luck is contagious)
(clearly meant to be)
Tommy Takeshi: (do i debuff more or start shooting)
Hana Shiratori: (that was close)
Kazuma Ryumori:
Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!
HP restored 17
Erl K. (GM): (she'll counter buffs with debilitate
Julia Takeshi: (given bitch debuffed our stats, I'd say to debuff her more)
Erl K. (GM): (so debuffing to -3 her defense is the best choice)
Kazuma Ryumori: What's Sol?
Erl K. (GM): Sol deals Medium Light/Fire damage
and ups your atk
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (praise that sun)
Tommy Takeshi: (shes prolly weak to light)
Kazuma Ryumori: "Hey, Asuki, or whatever your name is? How much do you want to bet that I could reduce Biffy to a snivelling little girl with my little finger?"
Kazuma Ryumori used Sol! Fallen Asuka was smote by the power of the Sun!
Burn (DC50) 27
Damage (Fire/Light) 103
Own Atk Up +1
Julia Takeshi: "That line was horrible, dude."
Kazuma Ryumori: (But it's sure to provoke her…)
Julia Takeshi: (who is Biffy even)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (i-i don't know)
Kazuma Ryumori: (She's obsessed with Bifrons)
Erl K. (GM): 154.5
Julia Takeshi: (oh)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (big damage)

Fallen Asuka turns to stare at Kazuma.
Kazuma Ryumori: So I gave him a cutesy nickname to piss her off.
Tommy Takeshi: (also, heal us)
Fallen Asuka:
Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!
HP restored 24
Tommy Takeshi: (lol burn countered)
Julia Takeshi: (he already had rolled the regen)
Kazuma Ryumori: I already used Regen.
Hana Shiratori: "Tetsuo, try to not be so reckless."
Fallen Asuka: (oh)
Tommy Takeshi: (oops)
Fallen Asuka: (well you regen'd more now)
Julia Takeshi: (not complaining lol)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Bah, a man's gotta go all out!"
Hana Shiratori:
Hana Shiratori used Bufu! Oni was struck by a freezing blast of ice shards!
Freeze (DC80) 41
Damage (Ice) 76
Fallen Asuka: (I like how party 1 is having fun)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Even if it's counterproductive!"
Fallen Asuka: (meanwhile party 2)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Especially then!"
"But yes you're probably right."
Fallen Asuka: 114
Adaleiz Kimura: (i should prob go to sleep)
Hana Shiratori: "We're a party after all, so don't take it all upon yourself."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Party 2 has menacing boss music)
Julia Takeshi: Julia flips the bird at Asuka, then pimpslaps her across the face.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (we're over here jamming to mass destruction)
Julia Takeshi:
Julia Takeshi attacked Fallen Asuka with a pair of brass knuckles, surging with unstoppable power!
Damage (Almighty) 64
Hane Kanzaki: "She has a point, you know, we all gotta take turns crushing them."
Fallen Asuka:
Centaur decreased every foe's defense!
Defense Down 1
Julia Takeshi: (Erl are you sure the debuff is having any effect?)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Tch, this might sting.)
Kazuma Ryumori: Not good)
Julia Takeshi: (because we're basically hitting the same amount of damage)
(Erl are you sure the debuff is having any effect?)
(it definitely is)
Hana Shiratori: (Erl does my bufu not kill the oni)
Fallen Asuka: (I can check out the rolls if you're worried)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (it should)
Fallen Asuka: (it has 19 HP hana)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (o-oh)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (so he's gone)
Fallen Asuka:
Centaur used Bufu! Tetsuo Yoshimoto was struck by a freezing blast of ice shards!
Freeze (DC80) 8
Damage (Ice) 44
Oni attacked Centaur with his glaive!
Damage (Phys) 57
Adaleiz Kimura: (night folks)
Tommy Takeshi: (bye)
Fallen Asuka:
Hikaru Kuzunoha cleaved Oni with a whistling slash!
Crit(DC90) 33
Damage (Phys) 123
Crit Damage 201
HP Cost 14
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hooh, freezer b-b-burn..."
Hana Shiratori: (night janx)
Kazuma Ryumori: (G'night)
Fallen Asuka: (Setanta goes first)
Julia Takeshi: (was gonna say)
(fuck it bugged out)
Setanta cleaved Fallen Asuka with a whistling slash!
Crit(DC90) 10
Damage (Phys) 71
Crit Damage 105
HP Cost 16
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Tommy's red part is now fire, btw)
Fallen Asuka: "Death to those who bear the power of Light!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (oh noo)
Fallen Asuka: Asuka's black wings suddenly spread and she rises into the air, diving for the the back of the party!
Fallen Asuka attacked Kazuma Ryumori with a sword of pure dark plumes!
Crit(DC90) 109
Silence (DC 60) 68
Damage (Phys) 117
Crit Damage 176
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (oh jeez)
Tommy Takeshi: (WAT)
Julia Takeshi: (I told you bro)
Julia Takeshi: (I told you dog)
Tommy Takeshi: "Rrrrgh-!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (he's got 1 HP)
Hana Shiratori: (wow)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (because he has endure)
(otherwise one shot)
Julia Takeshi: (he got one-shotted)
Fallen Asuka: (I recommend)
(an item)
Hane Kanzaki: ( gotta brb )
Kazuma Ryumori: "HAH! That all you got" Kazuma staggers. backwards. Maybe it hadn't been a good idea to provoke her… but he did what he set out to do: He distracted her from Takeshi.
Fallen Asuka: (actually dont)
Tommy Takeshi: Kaz is near death. Kaz, that stupid, creepy, awkward dumbass, is hanging on by a shred of life.
Fallen Asuka: (I think u might be screwed)
Tommy Takeshi: Rage.
Julia Takeshi: (yeah we're fucked)
Tommy Takeshi: (if this was dnd I'd go for a grapple lol)
Julia Takeshi: (we're better off using a bead on him if he croaks)

Alice frowns.
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy lunges forward, jamming his gun into the strange girl's stomach, and pulls the trigger.
Julia Takeshi: (but again, bitch has like 1k hp and we're hitting on the sixties)
Kazuma Ryumori: "Don't… worry about me!"
Julia Takeshi: (I think)
(you went overboard)
Tommy Takeshi:
Tommy Takeshi shot Fallen Asuka with a 9mm handgun!
Damage (Gun) 64
Julia Takeshi: (especially since she's slapping me for like one third of my HP)
Tommy Takeshi: "FUCK. OFF."
Dokkyo boosted every ally's defense!
Defense Up 1
Kazuma Ryumori: "Beat her down…! If she knocks me out, then just fix me up later…"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Stop drawing attention to yourself…"

Julia Takeshi makes rudes gestures on Asuka's direction
Tommy Takeshi: "I WON'T!"
Oni cleaved Oni with a whistling slash!
Crit(DC90) 53
Damage (Phys) 68
Crit Damage 104
HP Cost 19
Tommy Takeshi: "ME!"
Julia Takeshi: (for the record one third of my hp is like the entire hp bar for most people here)
(I think)
Fallen Asuka: "And now-"

[There was an attempted mercy by our GM here that has been erased from time.]

Fallen Asuka:
Fallen Asuka used Maragi! The battlefield was set ablaze by a surge of flames!
Burn (DC75) 35
Damage (Fire) 69
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (rip kazuma)
Julia Takeshi: (cause as is this fight is unwinnable)
Tommy Takeshi: (pls)
(what happened to tommy provoking her)
Fallen Asuka: (she used AoE)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (well she hit him, didn't she)
Fallen Asuka: (she's allowed to do that)
Tommy Takeshi: (awwwwww)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (she's also salty as hell at light damage)
Tommy Takeshi: (well, pop the bead)
Kazuma Ryumori: (hey you've got a res bead.)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (KazumaDiesToUnfittingMusic.mp4)
Kazuma Ryumori: (lol)
Erl K. (GM): (yeah)
(I think the problem is that this boss)
Tommy Takeshi: (wait, erl)
Erl K. (GM): (was meant for full party)
(and not for 4)
Tommy Takeshi: (you said)
(a demon lives in a COMP right)
(so can it be transmitted from one to the other)
Hane Kanzaki: ( skip me i am busy atm )
Erl K. (GM): (huh...)
Tommy Takeshi: (pls give fairy)
Erl K. (GM): (It can)
Julia Takeshi: (I guess it'd make more sense for full party)
(but as is it ain't mathematically possible)
Erl K. (GM): (well if you guys lose)
Tommy Takeshi: (we can win)
(if we can get tiana here)
Erl K. (GM): (then think of this as your obligatory scripted loss)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Wait where'd that fairy go?"
Julia Takeshi: (I'm not satisfied with an obligatory loss after I mouthed off like that tbh lol)
Kazuma Ryumori: (Between me and Julia we can win)
Tommy Takeshi: (same, im gonna win out of pure salt)
Erl K. (GM): Using the COMP, Tommy transfers Tiana to his group!
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Did those assholes over there steal her?"
Hana Shiratori: "Tiana, where are you...?"
Erl K. (GM): (well then what do you want race)
(you wont let me change the HP)
Julia Takeshi: (idk)
Tommy Takeshi: (we're gonna WIN)
Julia Takeshi: (lets see how this goes)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Fucking Tommy, he would grief like this."
Tommy Takeshi: (THAT'S WHAT)
Kazuma Ryumori: (could use a rez)
Julia Takeshi: (I mean, I'd say to change her total hp to something rational, not just gm cop-out reduce it because alice saving us is just as bad lol)
Erl K. (GM): (I dont get it, I try to make something smt level hard and then people shit on me, try to make it too easy and they say its way too easy)
Julia Takeshi: (this isn't SMT hard)
Tommy Takeshi: (no, you dont need to change anything)
(we can win this fight at this level of difficulty)
Julia Takeshi: (this is- blargh lets just continue)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (i'm having a fine time over here)
Kazuma Ryumori: Seconded!
Let's GO!
Erl K. (GM): (who do I heal)
(You're in command blobs)
Tommy Takeshi: (can you cure silence??)
Erl K. (GM): (yes)
Tommy Takeshi: (do it)
Erl K. (GM):
Tiana used Amrita!
All ally status ailments removed
Kazuma Ryumori: (Me next and I'll do another 130)
Julia Takeshi: (*him)
Tommy Takeshi: "GAHAHAH!" He's mad with pain and anger.
Erl K. (GM): (actually)
Julia Takeshi: (rip you lose the turn unless Adaleiz uses the bead)
Erl K. (GM): (you're going to skip your turn)
(you're dead right now)
(and your turn is in 4 steps)
Julia Takeshi: (unless Adaleiz uses the bead to rez)
Erl K. (GM): (ohwait)
(use the item janx)
Julia Takeshi: (which she should cause she can't do jack with Zio tbh)
Tommy Takeshi: (he left )
Julia Takeshi: (Janx is gone)
Tommy Takeshi: (you have her drag him out of the way and bead up)

Adaleiz Kimura uses Revival Bead!
Adaleiz Kimura: 89.5
Kazuma Ryumori: "Sorry about that guys… but you have to admit, It bought you some time…"
Erl K. (GM): (also kazuma)
Julia Takeshi: "It didn't"
Erl K. (GM): (get the hell out of her range)
Tommy Takeshi: (setanta can tank)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Alright, let's go for a synchronized attack."
Erl K. (GM): (now that people know she can fly they can stop her from doing it)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Big guy here is friendly for the minute, so let's squash his friend."
(should I YOLO or safe)
Erl K. (GM): always YOLO
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (thinking YOLO)
Hana Shiratori: (safe)
(Hana always recommend safe)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (420 YOLO$WAG IT IS)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto lunged at Oni!
Hit (DC50) 83
Crit(DC25) 91
Damage (Phys) 66
Crit Damage 116
HP Cost 11
and it's good
Erl K. (GM): 58
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (does my crit damage come from inflicted or totaled at the end)
Hana Shiratori: (oooooh)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (crit heal that is)
Erl K. (GM):
Hane Kanzaki used Flamberge! Centaur was set ablaze and cleaved in twain by a blade of elemental rage!
Crit(DC90) 58
Burn (DC50) 28
Damage (Phys/Fire) 118
Crit Damage 180
HP Cost 23
Tommy Takeshi: (kaz, i recommend self-heal)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (sry)
Tommy Takeshi: (also, the real OP is)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (emasculation station that's the place to be~)
Tommy Takeshi: (this boss will never run out of mp)
Kazuma Ryumori: (Retreat, regen, then Sol)
Erl K. (GM):
Sherah used Zio! Centaur was shocked by falling lightning!
Shock (DC80) 45
Damage (Elec) 53
Tommy Takeshi: (retreat behind setanta)
(and heal to fuck)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (HEAL TO FUCK)
Erl K. (GM):
Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!
HP restored 22
Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!
HP restored 20
Tommy Takeshi: (more back)
Kazuma Ryumori:
Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!
HP restored 17
Julia Takeshi: "Adaleiz, you should call the other group for reinforcements!"
Tommy Takeshi: "Tiana is... our reinforcements..."
Kazuma Ryumori:
Kazuma Ryumori used Sol! Fallen Asuka was smote by the power of the Sun!
Burn (DC50) 62
Damage (Fire/Light) 96
Own Atk Up +1
Julia Takeshi: "We need more."
Tommy Takeshi: (OH, THE BURN)
(but wait no why now you'll get oneshotted again)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (it keeps happenin)
Erl K. (GM): 144
Tommy Takeshi: (THATS A THIRD)
Erl K. (GM): (actually yeah)
(lets reduce her MP to what she originally had)
(giving bosses infinite MP is not fair0
Hana Shiratori:
Hana Shiratori used Halley! A small heavenly fragment strikes Oni, burning away their defenses!
Damage (Almighty) 100
Enemy Def -1
Tommy Takeshi: (lol ok)
(told you debuffs work)
Tommy Takeshi: "Hey... I bet you're feeling a bit... crispy, huh?"
He laughs, painfully.

Fallen Asuka snarls.
Julia Takeshi: "I guess bitch saw the light."
Tommy Takeshi: "Oh hey, I missed your voice..."
"You were always a good singer..."
Julia Takeshi cleaved Fallen Asuka with a whistling slash!
Crit(DC90) 9
Damage (Phys) 92
Crit Damage 143
HP Cost 17
Fallen Asuka:
Centaur used Bufu! Hana Shiratori was struck by a freezing blast of ice shards!
Freeze (DC80) 13
Damage (Ice) 69
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Hana you okay?!"
Tommy Takeshi: (hana's weak against ice??)
Fallen Asuka:
Oni cleaved Oni with a whistling slash!
Crit(DC90) 29
Damage (Phys) 80
Crit Damage 109
HP Cost 19
Hana Shiratori: "I-I'm okay..."
Tommy Takeshi: (jesus this SMT)
(i love it)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (no she's not!)
Hana Shiratori: "Urk..."
Fallen Asuka:
Hikaru Kuzunoha released a volley of sharp energy needles at Centaur!
Crit(DC90) 31
Damage (Gun) 69
Crit Damage 108
HP Cost 14
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (She's weak to fire!)
Fallen Asuka: 103.5
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (And being punched!)
(I checked!)
Julia Takeshi: (Setanta aims to keep her from taking flight)
Setanta cleaved Fallen Asuka with a whistling slash!
Crit(DC90) 42
Damage (Phys) 65
Crit Damage 102
HP Cost 16
Setanta: "Foul villainess! You will rue the day that you challenged we brave few!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (what a hero)
Julia Takeshi: (Tommy also got to retreat back)
Fallen Asuka: "How can this be... For my strength to be deplenished this much...!"
(Also see race)
(It wasn't impossible)
(just hard)
Tommy Takeshi: (i love playing on hard mode)
(this is like that one dnd oneshot we had)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Erl, why'd Hana take damage that big)
(she's not weak to ice)
Fallen Asuka: (Oh she isn't)
Julia Takeshi: (dude that's still way too much, this fight is okay for full party, for half party it was impossible)
Tommy Takeshi: (where we ended up with half the party dead, one character with 1 HP, and a wizard with no spells)
Fallen Asuka: (I derped)
Hana Shiratori: (My vit is really low I guess)
Tommy Takeshi: (BUT WE WON)
Julia Takeshi: (we needed Tiana to save us lol)
Fallen Asuka:
Fallen Asuka used Maragi! The battlefield was set ablaze by a surge of flames!
Burn (DC75) 45
Damage (Fire) 63
Julia Takeshi: (also janx needs to step back too)
(why are the distance attackers getting so close to heer)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (I shall house-rule this as Hana thinking she was impaled by ice and then Tetsuo just picks it out of her shirt)
(or something)
Tommy Takeshi: (tommy's an all rounder)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (or Hane)
Julia Takeshi: (right now we need him to keep debuffing)
Tommy Takeshi: "Urgh-!"
Julia Takeshi: (so get the hell back)
Tommy Takeshi: He stumbles back. That last blast of flame was dizzying.
Tommy Takeshi debilitated Fallen Asuka's defenses!
Defense Down -1
Tommy Takeshi: "You've been down too long... in the midnight sea..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "That's a good line."
Fallen Asuka:
Dokkyo boosted every ally's defense!
Defense Up 1
Julia Takeshi: "I'm naming my next attack Holy Diver"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (I should really use Fortuna, but it never seems like a good time)
Oni cleaved Hikaru Kuzunoha with a whistling slash!
Crit(DC90) 61
Damage (Phys) 78
Crit Damage 117
HP Cost 19
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (that's 39, right)
Fallen Asuka: (fairly sure Hikaru had less HP tho)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (he's got strong to phys)
Fallen Asuka: "Kuh-!
Fallen Asuka attacked Tommy Takeshi with a claymore!
Damage (Phys) 80
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (oh fug)
Tommy Takeshi: "Urk-!"
Is that inside him?
Erl K. (GM): you actually survived
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (how much HP)
Tommy Takeshi: No, it just came out the other side.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (wowiewowow)
Fallen Asuka: "How... How are you still alive-!?"
Tiana used Dia! Tommy Takeshi was healed!
HP restored 91
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (it's because he's an idiot!)
Tommy Takeshi: "I'm too metal... to die here..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Unlike you, he's not a little bitch!"
Fallen Asuka:
Adaleiz Kimura used Zio! Fallen Asuka was shocked by falling lightning!
Shock (DC80) 82
Damage (Elec) 75
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (SHOCKU)
Tommy Takeshi: (YOU WA SHOCK)
Fallen Asuka: P A R A L Y Z E D
Julia Takeshi: "You bitch... you are going to suffer so much you'll be begging for mercy... I'm going to drag Bifrons before you and rip his innards out and torture him to DEATH IN FRONT OF YOU!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (edgy)
Julia Takeshi: (she got super pissed off)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (i mean yeah fair)
Julia Takeshi: (though she's also mostly provoking her)
Kazuma Ryumori: Julia's our resident edgelord.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (still edgy)
Julia Takeshi: (so she'll focus on her already)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (oh it's me again)
Erl K. (GM): (how quickly the tide turns)
(see race)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: "Right, time to finish this off, hopefully!"
Erl K. (GM): (S E E )
(one lucky paralyze)
Julia Takeshi: (I still maintain what I said)
Erl K. (GM): (game is deeper than you think)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto:
Tetsuo Yoshimoto lunged at Oni!
Hit (DC50) 62
Crit(DC25) 33
Damage (Phys) 71
Crit Damage 128
HP Cost 11
Julia Takeshi: (she's not even at half HP dude lol)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (and i end at full hp)
(smellin like roses)
Julia Takeshi: (Tets went all FUS RO DAH)
Erl K. (GM):
Hane Kanzaki used Bufu! Oni was struck by a freezing blast of ice shards!
Freeze (DC80) 64
Damage (Ice) 81
Kazuma Ryumori: (She will be in a moment. Interrogate the charmed Oni while he's still in love!)
Erl K. (GM):
Sherah used Energy Drain! Oni was stripped of their power!
MP Absorbed 13
Damage/HP Absorbed (Almighty) 48
Kazuma's turn
Julia Takeshi: (drac heal)
Kazuma Ryumori:
Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!
HP restored 19
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (can we ask him stuff erl)
Kazuma Ryumori:
Kazuma Ryumori used Sol! Fallen Asuka was smote by the power of the Sun!
Burn (DC50) 94
Damage (Fire/Light) 138
Own Atk Up +1
Erl K. (GM): (yes)
Tommy Takeshi: (OOOOOOH)
Julia Takeshi: (...)
Erl K. (GM): (the power of)
(Max atk buff)
Julia Takeshi: (well whatever, damage is damage)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: ( 420 PRAISE IT)
Erl K. (GM): (and max debuff)
Kazuma Ryumori: "PROMINENCE SPIRE!"
Kazuma Ryumori: (Have I worsened her burn?)
Erl K. (GM): (yes)
Tommy Takeshi: (wait a sec, was that FREE?)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (probably looks pretty oh my)
Tommy Takeshi: (as in, no mp cost at all?)
Julia Takeshi: (yes)
Erl K. (GM): (oops)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (aha)
Kazuma Ryumori: (nope)
Tommy Takeshi: (lol)
Erl K. (GM): (ive been forgetting to substract his MP)
(25 MP left)
(he used it 3 times IIRC)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (alright gang, what do we ask)
Julia Takeshi: (now I wish ranged people would leave her range before she maragis 4 of us to death)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (we have a reasonably complaint prisoner)
Erl K. (GM): Ok
Kazuma Ryumori: Arden!Awww. I can only use it one more time…
Erl K. (GM): lets just say party one won
Hana Shiratori: "So this is what everyone is feeling..." Hana muttered, shaking from the cold and pain she just endured. Tears threatened to get out, but she held it back, focusing on the last oni remaining instead.
Tommy Takeshi: (pls dont edge out on us guys)
Erl K. (GM): And get to finishing party 2's fight
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (sounds good)
Erl K. (GM): go race ur turn
Hana Shiratori: (agreed)
Julia Takeshi: "Hey bitch, die!"

Tetsuo Yoshimoto shakes pom-poms from a distance.

XV: The End of the Struggle.

Julia Takeshi:
Julia Takeshi cleaved Fallen Asuka with a whistling slash!
Crit(DC90) 80
Damage (Phys) 99
Crit Damage 161
HP Cost 17
Kazuma Ryumori: "Simple, but it gets the message across."
Julia Takeshi: This time she punches her in the solar plexus

Kazuma Ryumori busts a move.
Fallen Asuka: "You...!"
Tommy Takeshi: (pincer attack-!)
Julia Takeshi:
Setanta attacked Fallen Asuka with his spear!
Damage (Phys) 63
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (how lewd)

Fallen Asuka recovers from Paralyze! Skips her turn!
Tommy Takeshi: "That's my sis..."
(she's max debuffed right?)
Fallen Asuka: (-2 I believe)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (ay how bow dat)
Tommy Takeshi: (not sure if debuff or shoot)
Hana Shiratori: (you can do it guys)
Julia Takeshi: "Keep your distance and either weaken or shoot at her!"
(plz leave maragi range thx)
Tommy Takeshi: (or maybe zan, would she take extra damage from the burn ailment)
Kazuma Ryumori: "how do you like that deep… penetrating…
lance contact?"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (Zan would b good)
Tommy Takeshi: Time for him to bust out... the least metal move in his arsenal.
Tommy Takeshi used Zan! Fallen Asuka was blasted by a whirlwind!
Damage (Wind) 54
Fallen Asuka: ohwait
Tommy Takeshi: (decent)
Fallen Asuka:
Dokkyo boosted every ally's defense!
Defense Up 1
Julia Takeshi: (what's her total HP even)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (hahaa)
Julia Takeshi: (kek)
Tommy Takeshi: (nice)
"Come at me... bro..."
Julia Takeshi: (rip)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (good thing we got those revival beads)
Tommy Takeshi: (THE SPAM)
Kazuma Ryumori: "Oh COME ON!"
Fallen Asuka:
Fallen Asuka used Maragi! The battlefield was set ablaze by a surge of flames!
Burn (DC75) 62
Damage (Fire) 47
Tommy Takeshi: (least it was a low roll)
Julia Takeshi: "Even in death, I flip the bird at thee"
Fallen Asuka: (Tiana has a different debuff0
(So I have to reroll for her)
(and Uh)
Fallen Asuka used Maragi! The battlefield was set ablaze by a surge of flames!
Burn (DC75) 37
Damage (Fire) 72
Julia Takeshi: (ok Drac, you either heal us or we die)
Fallen Asuka: 108
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (oh noooo)
Tommy Takeshi: (WHY)
Julia Takeshi: (facepalm)
Erl K. (GM): Tiana's ashes vanish into the COMP, and are returned to Hane's COMP.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Did Tiana actually…"
Hana Shiratori: (Tiana won't forget this)
Tommy Takeshi: "WE CAN BRING HER BACK!"
Erl K. (GM):
Adaleiz Kimura used Zio! Fallen Asuka was shocked by falling lightning!
Shock (DC80) 25
Damage (Elec) 75
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'm going to kill you, you sick, little WHORE!!"
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (good timing)
Kazuma Ryumori:
Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!
HP restored 17
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (maybe heal tho)
Kazuma Ryumori: Then who?
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (well)
Tommy Takeshi: (me prolly)
Kazuma Ryumori:
Kazuma Ryumori used Dia! Tommy Takeshi was healed!
HP restored 83
Erl K. (GM): (500 HP left)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (also, remember, we have meds)
Erl K. (GM): (I was gonna say keep attacking)
Tommy Takeshi: (because everyone else is either out of range or can survive)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (you can heal yourself)
Julia Takeshi: (well if Tiana was around we could heal both, now one of us is gonna croak next turn)
(but its k)
Tommy Takeshi: (julia is fine)
(shes tanky)
Julia Takeshi: (I got a strat)
Tommy Takeshi: (triangle race)
(three way pincer)
(no, closer)
(she cant get near drac)
(unless... oh, i see)
(race, you have setanta and julia at once)
Tommy Takeshi: (DOUBLE ATTACK)
Julia Takeshi: Julia takes out her gun and shoots Asuka in the leg.
Julia Takeshi shot Fallen Asuka with a 9mm handgun!
Damage (Gun) 103
Erl K. (GM): (damn son)
Fallen Asuka: Asuka reels from the blow!
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (BOOM HEADSHOT
Julia Takeshi: (and now I'll have Setanta take her place and tank while keeping her away)
Tommy Takeshi: (wait, did that just scale with strength?)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (she punched the boolit)
Tommy Takeshi: (i thought guns scaled with agi)
Fallen Asuka: (they scale with St thus far)
Julia Takeshi:
Setanta attacked Fallen Asuka with his spear!
Damage (Phys) 58
Fallen Asuka: (otherwise gun mult-hit builds would be godlike)
Tommy Takeshi: (but... how...)
Kazuma Ryumori: Hell yeah! More deep penetrating lancing."
Julia Takeshi: "Keep her there, Setanta!"
Setanta: "You shall not pass, villain!"
Kazuma Ryumori: "Setanta, you're my new best friend!"
Julia Takeshi: (son of a bitch)
Fallen Asuka used Maragi! The battlefield was set ablaze by a surge of flames!
Burn (DC75) 93
Damage (Fire) 48
Tommy Takeshi: (uh oh)
(its okay guys, kaz counters burn!)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (BANNING)
Tommy Takeshi: "Gh..."
Kazuma Ryumori: She's on fire too, don't forget.
Tommy Takeshi: "UWUOOOOOOH!"
Julia Takeshi: "Uugh..."
Kazuma Ryumori: "Gah!"
Setanta: (I stand by the decision this was a good fight)
Setanta: (isn't it fun when you are pushed like this)
Julia Takeshi: (I stand by saying it needed some tuning down lol)
Tommy Takeshi:
Tommy Takeshi shot Fallen Asuka with a 9mm handgun!
Damage (Gun) 74
Julia Takeshi: (or at least should've given us some more clear boss bheavior to exploit)
(it ended up working out so meh)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (aw shit)
Dokkyo used Agi! Fallen Asuka was set ablaze by a surge of flames!
Burn (DC75) 24
Damage (Fire) 73
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (now watch as she enters DESPERATION MODE)
Julia Takeshi: "Tommy, why... do you keep... getting closer to shoot her...?"
Fallen Asuka: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!"
Julia Takeshi: (welp, one of us goes down now)
Fallen Asuka: "Die, Die, Die, DIE! JUST DIE!"
Tommy Takeshi: "NEVER!"
Fallen Asuka:
Fallen Asuka attacked Tommy Takeshi with a sword of pure dark plumes!
Crit(DC90) 80
Silence (DC 60) 70
Damage (Phys) 81
Crit Damage 124
Tommy Takeshi: "NEVE-!"
Julia Takeshi: (phew)
Fallen Asuka: (dude)
Tommy Takeshi: He is suddennly without his voice.
Fallen Asuka: (buffs)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (rucky)
Fallen Asuka: (dont underestimate them)
(everyone has Rakukaja 3)
(thats 30% less damage taken)
Tommy Takeshi: Which is a shame because he'd belted out a pretty good rendition of the power rangers theme a second ago...
Fallen Asuka: (fox is the MVP in this fight)
Adaleiz Kimura used Zio! Fallen Asuka was shocked by falling lightning!
Shock (DC80) 14
Damage (Elec) 71
(like I said race)
(game is deep...)
Julia Takeshi: (doesnt counter my earlier points)
(can you stop doing that already?)
Tommy Takeshi: (NUKE THAT BITCH)
Erl K. (GM): finish her
Tommy Takeshi: (with a cool speech)
Kazuma Ryumori: "Hey, call for Bifrons. Call him and maybe he'll come and save you," Kazuma snarls as he approaches her. "Beg for mercy! BEG!"
Erl K. (GM): what was your earlier point Race
Let's argue it
Kazuma Ryumori:
Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!
HP restored 19
Tommy Takeshi: (okay less edge more cool)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (boi he bout to do it)
Kazuma Ryumori:
Kazuma Ryumori used Sol! Fallen Asuka was smote by the power of the Sun!
Burn (DC50) 63
Damage (Fire/Light) 146
Own Atk Up +1
Tommy Takeshi: (jesus)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (mother of god)
Hana Shiratori: (THE SUN)
Kazuma Ryumori: (I am a boss)
Fallen Asuka: "A-Ah... The power of Light... It is..."
"Consuming me..."
Asuka disappears into dust, leaving behind her sword and armor.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (loot)
Kazuma Ryumori: I use a sword.
Hana Shiratori: (Victory Fanfare)
Erl K. (GM): Victory!
Tommy Takeshi: (its yours)
Erl K. (GM): The parties obtain 2000 EXP!
Julia Takeshi: Julia shoots one more time, the bullet burying itself in the ground as she spits out a mouthful of blood.
Erl K. (GM): The parties obtain 2000 Macca!
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (cash money)
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy tries to say something, but finds himself still silenced.
Julia Takeshi: "Don't worry. I'll send your lord to follow you in hell soon enough."
Tommy Takeshi: He settles for a thumbs up.
Erl K. (GM): anyways race
what were your earlier points
you said
And I quote
it was "mathematically impossible"
without Tiana
Kazuma Ryumori: Kazuma picks up the sword, but barely manages to make it two steps before he collapses to the ground.
Erl K. (GM): I bet without Tiana you would've still won
Kazuma Ryumori: "That… was dicey…"
Tommy Takeshi: Tommy offers Kaz a hand.
Kazuma Ryumori: "Thanks Takeshi."
Tommy Takeshi: "Nah..." he says.
"You were... like, 100% Dragonforce."
Julia Takeshi: (My point is that the fight was still badly balanced. It was still mathematically impossible and relied on Tiana being bs'd into our side to save our bacon or we'd have died when Kaz went down)
Tommy Takeshi: "Through the fire and the flames, we carried on."
Erl K. (GM): It was not mathematically impossible
stop using that word
Julia Takeshi: (because we'd never would've had time to recover that way)
(ok lets go with mathematically improbable)
Tommy Takeshi: (race, stahp)
(it was a Hard Mode fight)
(which is fien)
Erl K. (GM): Did you predict the buffs would work the way they did?
By the time rakukaja ramped up
Kazuma Ryumori: "Dragonforce… Hehe…"
Erl K. (GM): she was much more manageable
Hana Shiratori: (Seems par the course for SMT for me)
Tommy Takeshi: (this is a good difficulty IMO)
Julia Takeshi: (meh whatever, I just hope that maybe I can do anything more than scratching at the boss next fight.)
Tommy Takeshi: (keep it like this)
Julia Takeshi: (I'm done arguing, brb.)
Erl K. (GM): (.-.)
(that's how SMT boss fights are)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (meanwhile back at the ranch)
Erl K. (GM): (You wear the boss down)
Kazuma Ryumori: (Can I see my loot? I have to go in a sec.)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (we're all kind of hanging around wondering what to do about this oni)
Hana Shiratori: (we finished him)
Erl K. (GM): You want the sword and armor Kazuma?
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (well yeah, basically)
Erl K. (GM): Kk
Asuka's claymore has 40 Weapon Attack and adds a Silence chance to your normal attacks
Julia Takeshi: (He did all the hard work, it should go to him)
Tommy Takeshi: (kaz earned it)
(its his)
Erl K. (GM): Asuka's armor grants Null Dark
Tommy Takeshi: (oh, hm)
Erl K. (GM): and resist Fire but you already have that
Tommy Takeshi: (well he already has resist dark doesnt he)
Erl K. (GM): nope
he resists light
Tommy Takeshi: (then let him have that too)
Kazuma Ryumori: https://gbf.wiki/images/thumb/c/c7/Bahamut_Sword_Nova.png/600px-Bahamut_Sword_Nova.png
(Let's just say it's that…)
Tommy Takeshi: "Dude... you need to come up with better speeches."
Panting, hands on knees, he breathes heavily.
"You gotta make it... flow. Like a stream or a waterfall or a really great line."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (also, that's a couple of levels)
Erl K. (GM): Yes
one sec
Tommy Takeshi: "Oof."
"Hey, um... sorry for getting you involved in this."
Erl K. (GM): The party has reached Level 5!
Kazuma Ryumori: "I'm not good at coming up with awesome lines on the spot… But thanks."
Erl K. (GM): The party has reached Level 6!
Tommy Takeshi: "You too... sis..."
"I mean... c'mon... you could've insulted her better than that..."
Julia Takeshi: "... Let's go back to the station. Oh, and you should take the foxgirl, Tommy."
Tommy Takeshi: He shakes his head.
"Listen, uh... you were great, really. But I've got a girl."
Julia Takeshi: "And getting a demon ain't the same as getting a girl."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (well what if it's a demon-girl)
Kazuma Ryumori: "And I can't take her. She's…well… I'm a bit… too into fox girls. I couldn't handle it."
Julia Takeshi: "You need help man, you've been getting torn the hell up in every fight."
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (TAKE THE GIRL ALREADY)
Kazuma Ryumori:
Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!
HP restored 18
Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!
HP restored 23
Kazuma Ryumori recovers HP for the whole party!
HP restored 17
Hana Shiratori: (It's a cute fox-girl, there is no better deal)
Erl K. (GM): hold up
I'm doing things
Julia Takeshi: "I can't even tell which part of your hair is dyed red and which part is on fire anymore."
Kazuma Ryumori: (unless it's THIS fox girl: https://www.google.ca/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=imgres&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwix5PCczoLTAhWJ7IMKHVKTCpIQjRwIBw&url=http%3A%2F%2Ffategrandorder.wikia.com%2Fwiki%2 FTamamo_no_Mae&psig=AFQjCNFSUFU4j2Nlq1-5ejyI5qXVDI_YkQ&ust=1491113884957176
Erl K. (GM): There
everyone at level 6
level up yo stats
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (wonder if I should pump more AGI or get some muscles)
(or invest in magic)
(hum hum)
(fuck it time to speed)
Tommy Takeshi: (1 in ma, 1 in st)
(still going balanced)
Hana Shiratori: (Guys, should I raise Vit)
Tommy Takeshi: (prolly a bit)
Erl K. (GM): also ending the session now
We'll wrap things up tomorrow
Tommy Takeshi: (kk)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (no session tomorrow? Alright)
Julia Takeshi: 1 in St, 1 in Vi
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: 2 into ag
Erl K. (GM): (I mean)
(I can do a session tomorrow)
(but last time I didn't)
(or did I)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (i think you did)
Erl K. (GM): (Oh)
(well we can do one yeah)
Julia Takeshi: you tried
but it didnt work out due to various factors
I mean we can try tomorrow as well
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (if people are up for one, I can be here)
Kazuma Ryumori: (Only one stat point per level?)
Erl K. (GM): Also sorry race
there was no way to know how the fight could have turned up
but I was just feeling bad
Kazuma Ryumori: I'll be around from morning to 5:00
Erl K. (GM): Because first you guys were bragging about how easy the fights were
Raci I.: I'll talk to you in a bit through PMs
Erl K. (GM): so I wanted to make them for like SMT
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: ah, no
Erl K. (GM): more*
so I got angry when that wasn't good enough either
Kazuma Ryumori: But for now… I've gotta take a nap. Like…forever.
Raci I.: nah your approach wasn't bad, you just needed to do some fine-tuning
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (i'm gonna go put a point into ST)
Raci I.: I just got pissed off when u went all "SEE, SEE" on me
Erl K. (GM): Well I was happy
You normally go SEE SEE here when a turnaround happens
Raci I.: Admittedly I spoke too soon since we had no previous experience to measure buffs and debuffs
Erl K. (GM): and you know it
Draconic: I just got a fab new sword, so both Ma and St where before it'd just be Ma…
Erl K. (GM): if it happens in uragay
it probably happens there too
Draconic: g'night all.
Raci I.: It didn't come across with that meaning.
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (what time tomorrow?)
Tommy Takeshi: so hey, it was just a bit of miscommunication
misreading intentions
no big deal
Erl K. (GM): god your like that uni friend I have
that thought I was attacking him
Palad1n .: What bloble said
Tommy Takeshi: tbf its hard on the internet
to read intent
this is known
Erl K. (GM): but yeah anyways
Draconic: I'll just… show up tomorrow morning or such…
Erl K. (GM): not sure who fox waifu is going up
Tommy Takeshi: add to that cultural slang and sayings and how they translate and you get a clusterfuck
Erl K. (GM): going to*
Palad1n .: I'll raise MAG and VIT
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: roll at random
Erl K. (GM): I guess I will
Tommy Takeshi: tommy would take her, at least temporarily, if she gave him a cute face or something
Tommy Takeshi: i initially wrote him to be the magician best friend who has terrible luck with girls and probably gets fucked over
but i guess unintentional romantic hijinks is fine too
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (also i will laugh and also be a little salty if after all this the semen demon goes with hana)
Palad1n .: erl won't do that
he'll give hana a white knight
Erl K. (GM): did you know that Lilim can take the form of their target's ideal woman
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: worry
Erl K. (GM): Now look at how Sherah looks like
Tommy Takeshi: o shit
Erl K. (GM): I think someones in the closet
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: ....
Raci I.: lol
Tommy Takeshi: hana is a lewd girl
Erl K. (GM): what I mean is
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: that's not what in the closet means
Erl K. (GM): sitting under a tree
Tommy Takeshi: no way, i thought it was
Erl K. (GM): Oh
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: yeah same
Erl K. (GM): lmao
Tommy Takeshi: or perhaps
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: I was really confused
Erl K. (GM): yeah sorry
its 3 30 AM
not in the best of mental states
Tommy Takeshi: gotta say tho
really mad hype
Erl K. (GM): remember that I RP until late morning and spent 100 bux on this

Erl K. (GM) died for your RPing
Tommy Takeshi: true hype is not merely given to you, it is something you must take for yourself
Palad1n .: And I thank you for that erl
Tommy Takeshi: to sieze victory from the jaws of defeat... to truly get gud... there is no greater satisfaction
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: go the fuck to sleep and we'll pick it up at sometime around noon maybe
Tommy Takeshi: now sleep erl
Erl K. (GM): hopefully yeah
Tommy Takeshi: we'll talk more tomorrow
Erl K. (GM): night
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: g'night
i'mma go walk doge
Tommy Takeshi: im out too
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: and then try and do DATABASE DATABASE
Erl K. (GM): realtalk that was mad hype though
Palad1n .: I'm ready for another long-ass session
Erl K. (GM): I was on the edge of my seat
Tommy Takeshi: yeah tbh erl when i told you to put it back
i was running on pure salt
i had no plans to win lol
Raci I.: I.. tbh I think the one emoment I had fun was later on when the buffs actually let us fight back and I could pull stuff like the setanta switcharoo
Palad1n .: Okay, gonna have lunch now
Erl K. (GM): now
Raci I.: otherwise it was okay, took a bit to get me going
Erl K. (GM): imagine what it would have been like
if you went to fight Bifrons
without leveling up
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (i was a little put-out that you guys got the big huge boss fight, but it's okay)
Tommy Takeshi: oh this fight was definitely a slice of humble pie for tommy
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (but also yeah maybe don't do that)
Palad1n .: And before I go, gonna say Hana totally doesn't know what to feel about Tetsuo
Tommy Takeshi: expect lots of emotions
and maybe a bit of manly tears
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (#TetsWasRight)
Tommy Takeshi: and/or inelegant blubbering
Raci I.: I just hope Julia telling him off has some effect
Tommy Takeshi: tommy's an idiot so
he had to learn with his body
Palad1n .: The recap session is gonna be something isn't it
Manly tears and comforts everywhere
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (also this might be a time to mention it)
(but i looked up the Priestess card)
(and it says (love-wise) there will be an important woman in your life that you may not be able to get)
Hane Kanzaki: ( apologies, for my lack of responses today, had family problems )
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: (it's coo katie)
Palad1n .: (oooo)
Tommy Takeshi: the magician card literally has
"you will not get the girl"
"and horrible things will happen"
Palad1n .: (I already have in mind what the devil means for Hana)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: course I have Fortune and Death
which is basically
Palad1n .: (CHANGE FATE)
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Fortune is #Destiny the card
Tommy Takeshi: i wrote tommy with the intent on him getting mindbroken and his girlfriend dying in horrible ways but now that he overcame his fate and turned into the fool it's completely different
and i have no idea where it'll go
Raci I.: we'll see if Nozomi's still alive
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: Tetsuo doesn't like talking about his family, but is very worried about his sister
so much that it's starting to crack his shell
I'm trying to characterize as sort-of Naoto-esque in that he's trying to have a handle on the situation and be reasonable and cool-headed
but he's only human and there are times when he gets close to losing his shit
Tommy Takeshi: im characterizing tommy as desperate and terrified, so he's just trying to do something and anything and do as much as possible as fast as possible without stopping to breathe
because if he stops he wont be able to move again
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: He still hasn't quite recovered from watching Hana and Hikaru die.
That hit him hard
Tommy Takeshi: characterization yo
its good shit
now im out for real
Tetsuo Yoshimoto: yah
g'night yall

April 21st, 2017, 10:50 PM
I'm a bit late to responding to this, but I'd be interested in possibly joining future RPs.

I'd need to have definite times to work around my work schedule, but any of the days are doable for me if I have enough prior warning.

April 28th, 2017, 08:27 PM
Your world of peace is over.

The tranquil days of normality you once experienced shall never come back. The moment you woke up, you knew this in your heart.

And yet, it is within human nature to yearn for what is lost.

We all desire for a place to belong. Some trample upon others to attain it, others do so through kindness.

There is no doubt that only suffering awaits you if you also chase such a naive dream. Yet, you raise your head to the sky nonetheless.

So you'll fight, then...?

Hmhmhm... Very well, then. It is time, then, for the story to begin.

Of a fool who dreamed of a endlessly distant world, and chased after it to infinity...


It's FUCKING happening.

In case you don't know what this is, Titanomachy (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/4451-Titanomachy-%28OOC%29) is one of the (if not the) best RPs out there in the forum, and what this is is an attempt to bring it over to the Roll20 platform. Me and Race will be co-GMing this, which means that I'll be the one that works through most of the code and he'll be the one that handles the setting aspects.

Together, we will make magic happen.

We will take a total of six PCs, three for each group. One group will be GMed by Race, the other by me. Unlike most other RPs, coordinating backstories for this one is either discouraged, or it's encouraged for the relationship between the PCs to have some kind of flaw or hostility between them. This is because trusting your companions is a big part of the theme of this RP.

The genre of this game will be Survival/Battle RPG, with an attempt to break even between the two fields. What does this mean? It means that while you will be able to fight your way through problems, the RP will place a high emphasis on the weight of making decisions, and the need to manage your resources properly. Failure to do so may even cause that due to a lack of preparedness some of the PCs might die.

If this interests you, then read on.

If you want to apply, then all you have to do is fill this simple sheet with your character's information:

Name: The character's name. Self explanatory.
Age: Minimum age is 14 because anything less would be kind of awkward.
Backstory: Give us a brief story of your character's life before they were cast off into the warped world. What did they do for a living? Family? Friends? What were they doing when they suffered from the translocation? Did they have any troubling antecedents or did they live with their head down? List everything that comes to mind.
Personality: How is your character like? Who does he like? Who does he hate? What values does he uphold? Try to be as creative as you can, interesting people have interesting things happen to them.
Appearance: Faceclaim. You know what's up.

Stat Distribution:
Spiritual Rank: This is Titan's equivalent to a 'Level', it's set at '2' by default. Provided you survive, you'll see it going up a fair bit.
Health Points (HP): This is calculated by us, so I'll just give a short explanation to know what it is. When your HP hits 0, you don't immediately die. Instead, you get knocked into a sort of 'critical' state where depending on the situation you might die in a few turns if not healed or you'll get knocked unconscious.
Spiritual Power (SP): This is calculated by us as well. It measures the amount of spiritual energy you can muster before you suffer from exhaustion and can no longer make use of your Spiritual Power.

And now for S.S.E.E.E.S

Strength is your physical power. Among other things it determines the weight you can lug around, your ability to punch things to death, and the ability to use heavy weapons. It also boosts your HP.
Endurance is your staying power. Stamina as well as resilience, it largely determines your initial HP and it slows the rate at which you become exhausted. It also makes you take less damage from physical attacks.
Spirit is your ability to channel spiritual forces. The bigger your Spirit, the more SP you have and the more your magical attacks hurt. (The meme god stat).
Existence is your innate talent to repel spiritual forces that attempt to interfere with your self. The bigger your Existence, the harder it is for enemy magic to affect you. It also boosts your SP a little.
Skill affects your ability to land hits, aim accurately, and boosts your ability to learn practical skills such as learning how to use a weapon or maneuvering through difficult territory. It also boosts your HP a little.
Evasion amplifies your ability to run from battle, greatly improves your initiative in the turn order, and makes it easier for you to dodge enemy attacks. (The other meme god stat).

You have 70 points to distribute over these stats. Keep in mind they will later be boosted but other factors, but the main thing you need to know is that a 10 in these represents the average person, a 15 represents someone who has trained themselves to an exceptional degree, and a 20 represents an olympic level of performance in that field. You can go all the way down to 0 and all the way up to 20 in every stat (I wouldn't recommend zeroing anything, seriously don't.)

Perks are those special characteristics and abilities of your character that are representative of him or her, that define what they can do. They can range from very precise, to very broad, although the individual power of the perk will also vary with its scope. You can take a maximum of 3 perks of your own invention. The uses and effects of the perk will be determined by the GM, but ideas from the own players are considered. Take in account that while I allow slightly supernatural perks, like a sort of danger sense, instincts, or stuff like that, I will also not allow those who badly surpass the extremes of normalcy.

One of your three perks will be your focus perk, a specialty that allowed you to succeed where others failed. This perk will be both slightly stronger than the other two and those who you might obtain during the course of your adventures, and also have slightly better growth.

Furthermore, every character starts with this perk, gained due to the Unbound starting attribute.

Fate-Breaker [Unbound Trait]
As an human being, transported to the Warped World, highly malleable by spiritual abilities, you possess an unique trait between the many kinds of creatures and monsters that inhabit these accursed lands. More than anything else, humans posses the singular ability to stubbornly resist the currents of fate, and with great effort, be able to even win against this force. You gain a single use ability to alter an inevitability, and gain a chance to change destiny. Do remember, though, that the usage of this ability only gives an opportunity. If trapped in a situation where survival seems impossible, the usage of this ability will provide a small chance of survival that will have to be grasped by your own effort, and won’t magically solve the challenges or problems that present themselves before you. Furthermore, once this ability is used once, it will be gone for the rest of the RP, although there may exist methods to regain it, or even to develop your skill to fight against fate...

Awakened Power

Congratulations, you've got superpowers! Well, you've got one superpower, but it's a really good one. Unlike the original Titan RP, we no longer limit Spiritual Powers according to an Offensive, Support, or Defensive use now. You get to be a powerful All-Rounder!

Keep in mind that Spiritual Powers often split their abilities between these three roles. Luckily, your power is one that should be strong in every aspect, but it doesn't hurt to know what said roles are, so you can decide where you want to steer yours.

Offense: The ones in charge of dealing the damage during battles. A very straightforward specialty. Normally those who focus in offense prefer to not overly attract the attention of the enemies in group engagements, and their own survival is focused on doing big amounts of damage with their power to the enemies to quickly eliminate them before they become a threat.

Defense: The ones in charge of absorbing enemy damage during battles. Generally staying in the frontlines, seeking to attract the most attention of the enemies towards themselves, and serve as a shield for teammates during group engagements. Their own survival is focused on outlasting the enemy using their defensive power.

Support: Utility, the ones in charge of supporting and using many kinds of useful abilities in battle. The control towers of the team, that in group engagements usually stay behind or in the sidelines, focusing on increasing the performance of their teammates, and even commanding and coordinating them to increase the overall efficiency. Their own survival relies on the intelligent use of their own abilities to increase their sustain and drag the enemies down to their level or below.

Spiritual Power: The supernatural ability awakened by your character in the Warped World. Unlocked via unknown means, this is the main crutch of your character that will help them survive the oncoming events. What this ability can be is only limited by the player imagination, although there are some things to take in consideration.

First, the ability itself will start somewhat weak, but it will be flexible and grow alongside your character. Second, the GMs will not allow abilities that are obviously overpowered, or can be used to break the system. Third, like with perks, the overall power of the ability will be affected by its scope. For example, imagine the case of a character having a space manipulation ability, and another having a teleport ability.

Although the one with space manipulation may obtain more effects or uses out of his ability, including a teleport of some sort, their own teleport will never be as efficient as the one whose ability and its uses are based solely on his power to teleport, and might never develop some of the tricks the other will end up having access to.

This is your trump card. Your last resort, your finishing technique, what you use when things have got too dangerous for you to handle with your normal power, and need to go beyond your limits to survive. The invocation is a single ability that is an extremely powerful expression of your normal spiritual power, taken to another entire scale. However, unlike your spiritual power, your Invocation must have a single, concrete use, one that exchanges flexibility for power. This very powerful Last Resort can only be used once per day, and will burn away a considerable amount of SP, so it must be used wisely. If you don't have enough SP left to use it, it is possible to cast it anyways at the cost of reducing your SP to 0 as long as your SP is not below 10%.

We will announce the deadline after reviewing our schedules. For the time being, feel free to get started with your brainstorming.

May 7th, 2017, 08:21 PM
Deadline for Roll20 Titan's sheets is the 18th.

May 9th, 2018, 03:36 PM
Now that Morm has returned--again, welcome back by the way--I was wondering if anyone was interested in continuing SMT? (provided that Erl's available)

Since this thread hasn't been touched in almost a year to the day, I'm unsure whether anyone will even look at this.
Anyway, we might be able to meet up in the #BLRP room to to discuss this prospect further unless KT would be willing to allow me into #regalia if all eight of you are in the room and I'm in #notes.

Anyway, let me know either here or, if I'm in #notes, you could alert me there too.