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July 13th, 2017, 06:57 PM
Some people are unaware that the translation project for F/SF is arbitrarily carried out in GD (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/378) instead of Translations, so here's a mirror of sorts for the now up-to-date OP in case people look for it in this subforum.

Manga thread (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/5828-Fate-Strange-Fake-manga)

Original Translation thread (http://forums.nrvnqsr.com/showthread.php/703-Fate-Strange-Fake)

Nakulas' full translation of the original April Fool's (http://nakulas.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/fate-strange-fake.html)


Extra 1 and the first six Prologue chapters are essentially the appropriate chapters from the April Fool's publication (http://nakulas.blogspot.gr/2013/07/fate-strange-fake.html).

An exception:
OtherSideofSky - Francesca (post-Caster prologue)

Mew - Extra 2: Observer; or, Character Creation

Mew - Act 1: The War Begins

Mew - Prologue VII: Visitor & ●●●

Food - Gilgamesh vs. Enkidu (http://knkdictionary.pbworks.com/w/page/91781184/Fate%20Stange%20Fake%20Gilgamesh%20VS%20Enkidu)

Reiu - Clan Calatin

OtherSideofSky - Afterword

OtherSideofSky - Kinoko Nasu's commentary


OtheSideof Sky - Complete Vol. 2 e-books

Mew - Interlude

OtherSideofSky - Act 2

OtherSideofSky - Act 3, part 1

OtherSideofSky - Act 3, part 2

OtherSideofSky - Act 3, final

OtherSideofSky - Act 4

OtherSideofSky - Act 5

OtherSideofSky - Act 6

OtherSideofSky - Afterword and Servant Profiles

Arai - Faldeus summons True Assassin

Arai - Gilgamesh/True Archer/True Rider 1/3

Arai - Gilgamesh/True Archer/True Rider 2/3

Arai - Gilgamesh/True Archer/True Rider 3/3

Arai - Jester Vs Hanza

Arai - Jester Vs Hanza 2

Mew - Afterword (Enkidu's stats)


All translations by OtherSideofSky unless otherwise indicated.


Interlude: The End of Escape

Prologue VIII

The Passion of the Nameless Soldier

Chapter 7: Day 1, Afternoon (1): The Canon of the Demigods

Interlude: Watcher

Chapter 8: Day 1, Afternoon (2): The Wandering King's Rock'n'Roll

Chapter 9: Day 1, Evening: The Horse Is Not Yet Pale, the Mud Has Yet To Erode

Prologue IX: The Star Performers' Banquet (Part 2)
Interlude: The Trials Begin
Bridge: One Day, In the City


You - Alkeides' Corruption

All translations by OtherSideofSky unless otherwise indicated.

Table of contents

Interlude: The Membrane of the Commonplace

Chapter 10: Day 2: Separate Mornings, Separate Pasts I

Interlude: The Boy Does Not Believe In God

Chapter 11: Day 2, Morning, The Gods Return From Twilight

Interlude: Backstage at a Third-Rate Comedy

Chapter 12: Day 2, Daytime: Genius Was Not Built in a Day; All Magecraft Leads to Disaster
Interlude: The Parade of Treachery

Chapter 13: Day 2, Night: At Last, a Second, and a Third…

Bridge: One Day, Above the Sky


Berserker/True Caster profiles

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