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October 3rd, 2017, 11:21 PM
The Sons Always Rise

A Sellsword RP

Hear ye! Hear ye!

The explorer Francisco de Veranza has return'd from his voyage eastwards to the Ravaged Lands! He brings tales of mountains of molten gold, and fields brimming with sweetgrass, the lost lands of the old Imperium remain, preserved by the unknown workings of the Last Empress!

The Lord Regent of the New Empire has declared the lands rightful property by right, contested by the Marshal-Elect of the Cleoni, citing warrants of military government in the lack of Imperial Authority. The Doge of Ostrania, however, claims first right, being the backers of honorable Francisco, and have already begun filtering in supplies and peasantry.

To this land, forsaken Helradia, you have come, sworn Men (and women) of the Revenant Sons, a storied band with annals stretching to Imperial days, be you born into the Sons, or having taken bread, salt and bloodied gold, you're a brother all the same, and together with your fellow brothers, you march into this lost, forsaken land in the search of gold, legend, or bloody vengeance, for in these disputed lands, there is no lack for work.

Bloody hands for bloody deeds, and you lot don't lack for either.

So come then! Make yourself known, for a glorious destiny awaits!


As you may have gathered from the above, this is a Fantasy-based RP, with an average tech basis of maybe the mid 1500s, you, that is, the characters you will create, are members of a mercenary band known as the Revenant Sons, having journeyed across the continent to set up shop in what is wildly considered to be a fucking smorgasbord for fighting men.

The RP is set to be a mixture of skirmish-based mass combat that I will likely do awfully or by obviously ripping people off, or, more comfortably, a small group of suckers trusted individuals running out to murderhobo around in the monster-infested lands.

All the local squabbling nations around are dog-piling on this sweet, sweet pile of loot, lore and sweet sweet shinies. However, primarily what they are looking for is ancient Runelore.

Runes, according to legend, are a language stolen from the gods, they were the words used to shape the world from primordial chaos, Calatine's Empire build itself on the backs of that runelore, inscribed armors, enchanted weapons, infastructure of mind-boggling complexity, and the titanic Runed Golems of yore, maintained and greedily hoarded by the carrion lords.

Helradia, the centre of the old Empire, was the nexus for this information, lost and abandoned, ravaged by rune-wrath in the wake of hubris that brought down the wrath of heaven.

So say the reports from that period, at any rate.

Perhaps you will find the secrets within this forsaken land? Many dangers await you, monsters, bred, captured, created by indulgent Citizens, rival warbands hungry for power, generals and warmongers of all nations and color, foreign and domestic.

It's sure to be an interesting time.

Now then, on to the meat and potatoes.

Calatine's Empire
Inspiration - Byzantium, British Empire

Once, the great Imperium was great and mighty, uncontested in its majesty. Carved from the wildlands by the Warrior-Queen Calatine and her Iron Legions, the empire wrought from the words from ancient times sprawled across the continent, brushing against the Slithering Sea to the west and the dark-skinned desert lords of far Araby with their strange magicks.

They reigned for a thousand years, and one, and the rising of the Great Calamity brought upon them the Dark Age, where thousands upon thousands died in the chaos of the reeling empire's collapse, the Last Empress in her madness damning the Old Capital and bringing upon it a curse that scourged all life for a hundred leagues.

Now, the Empire is less, the great legion wrought from runescript and darkened iron lost to time, lands brimming with revanchism and rebellion, sneering secessionists laughing in their victories, old enemies plundering and molesting the rotted corpse of a giant.

But it is not dead yet. The Regent-Lords still reign from the New Capital, hardened legions still march against the foe-man, runic script still adorns their plate, their white-steel helms.

Holy States of Cleon
Inspiration - Both sides of the Crusades

The border state, in the years of the old Empire, far from the majestic spires and sweet scents of the cities, they stood alone, without the runic constructs or fine armor, they had steel, but that was all.

So with steel in hand they saw off the Scourgers, the screaming hordes, Greenskins and other monstrosities, and they took it with souls like iron, blades like wind.

But iron can break, wind fades. What is left, when there is no aid to come, only ruin and desolation as far as the eye can see?


Not much is known of their prophet-warrior, Cleon, but he somehow rallied the flagging defenders and whipped them into a frenzy, zeal prevailing where discipline had faltered, but no frothing madmen were these, no.

Faith is the soil in which strength is grown.

Today, the Sultanate is derisively looked upon as a nation of zealots, mongrels and madmen by the more 'civilized' nations around it. The Cleonites being merely the first and most known of a tangled tapestry of religions and faiths.

For a nation born of zeal and wrath, it has been tolerant in victory, and their chivalrous warriors are respected for their integrity and mastery at arms across the continent.

Confederation of Ostrania
Inspiration - Italian States, particularly Venice

In the wake of the reeling shambles of what was once Empire, there were those who saw opportunity, Cataline's heirs had not always been kind to those less fortunate, many practices now deemed foul were practiced in the Gilded Age, chatel slavery chief among them, in a mass uprising, the underclass rose up in revolt as the confused establishment attempted to regain control in the wake of catastrophe.

The succeeded, and took the northerly coastlands of the Theme of Ostran in conquest, marshaled in quick, precise guerrilla actions chiefed by the men of the marsh and their finely crafted longbows and supplemented by purchased auxiliaries and Dogs of War, the Confederation was where the Revenant Sons made their emergence proper, among dozens of their ilk.

There was a brief surge of outrage and war from the Empire, which faded into a white peace as the zealots of Cleon surged westward from the border-regions, filled with righteous urging from their warrior-prophet.

Even now, the merchant lords finger their arrows thoughtfully as they gaze down at the knotted hydra that calls itself Empire, casting their spiteful, greedy gaze to the forsaken, lost places of the world.

[Possible more to come if I feel the need]

Name - This could be a real name, or an assumed one, Sellsword isn't typical a profession of renown, and perhaps certain people of certain inclinations would do certain things to certain people if certain names were revealed, if you catch my meaning, ser.

Gender - Now, okay, just tell me what's between your fucking legs, no need to make this hard.

Age - If you're old enough to carry a knife and be reasonably confident in killing something with it, you'll probably be alright.

Origin - Where are you from? See above for nation details, or make one of your own, if you don't care, you can also just put none, or Son-born! It's for flavor, really.

Background - Where'd you come from, why're you here, what do you want to do. Any shadowy nemeses, ancient prophecies, heroic lineages or thrones you're heir to or not go here as well.

Personality - Just tell me about you.


What follows is a list of five skills, and they will be ranked as follows, with a brief description to give you an idea of what you'd be capable of.

With Fourteen (14) points available to you at the start.

- (0) - None, no skill at all, you're basically blindly fumbling in the dark here, the sort of person who's never picked up a sword in their life, and holds it by the wrong end, just embarrassing.

E (1) - Mild skill, you've swung a sword around, and you've a reasonable idea of your capabilities in this area, a student-level ability. You're not the worst the Sons have seen.

E+ (2) - Getting somewhere now, you can be trusted with sword in hand at this level, you're not going to stand out, but you're not 'bad'. Talented for a conscript.

D (3) - Solid knowledge, a worksman's ability, any given regulars of any military is going to be at about this level of capability, solid, not flashy.

D+ (4) - Some expertise shows itself, you're a cut above the rest of your band, and murmurs of your name and ability have begun to spread among the company, talented.

C (5) - Now this is where things get interesting, you're not just talented, you excel at your area of expertise, in swordsmanship, you'd cut down five, no, ten men for every one of you.

Here, you gain what's called your Legend, your area of focus in your given ability, it pushes ahead in leaps and bounds, and you get a Legend Perk of that skill, which grows and adapts with your character.

That's right fuckers, growth is a thing.

But now, Morm, you say, why are there no ranks beyond C, well, my good friend, that's because you can't take ranks beyond that to start with.

You're just a mercenary, if perhaps a particularly powerful one, but here in this land, you have to survive if you are to thrive.

The list of abilities are:

Physique (PHY) - A measurement of your overall capability with physical tasks, running, swimming, and, most importantly, melee combat. Characters with high aptitude with this skill are characteristically masters of some sort of martial skill, and are likely to know a good deal about the body.

Marksmanship (MRK) - The ability to hit what you are aiming at, typically from some distance away. Governs your degree of knowledge or ability to intuit about weaponry not equipped with an edge/skull interface. In addition, due to the number of factors and the degree of focus that go into such a skill, characters with high skill are typically far more perceptive and cool-headed than their comrades.

Armory (ARM) - Not only your ability and experience with armors, but your skill on the defense, shield-craft, for one. While this skill is typically associated with defensive maneuvers, it can be applied to a wide variety of uses, such as getting through defenses, or breaking through a line of men.

Leadership (LED) - Now, this, you might say, will only really be useful to those seeking to command their fellow man, and to an extent that is true, but ability in Leadership says something about a person, about their strength of Spirit, their mien and ability to sway the hearts of their fellow man, to stand staunch in the path of unspeakable horror. Leadership is not to be taken lightly, for that solidity of soul will come in handy when times are dark.

In addition they also get neato tactical moves.

Runecraft (RUN) - The magic of the setting, even a workman's knowledge won't let you say, cast fireball, this ability takes a great deal of investment, while runic fieldcraft is relatively common among the soldiery, true, earthshaking talent lies beyond, in the realms of the Speakers, those who command the universe to bend to their will, godlings in mortal flesh.

Lastly, there is the matter of:


Mostly an extension of your character's backstory, tell me what your character has done that makes them more than Random Grunt #5.

That is not, however, a disparagement of Sergeant Grunt, the last of his five trueborn brothers, each having heroically and valiantly given their lives for the Sons, may they rest peacefully.

Your talents, the sort of thing that, if you reach C Rank, would become your Legend, the things you want your character to excel at.

You get a maximum of three, and, by the way, Legend Traits count as one of your three, as, in backstory, they likely evolved to become Legend Traits from your basis.

Basically, as a summation of the differences, a normal trait is a description of something you're talented at, something you've worked hard at, and might eventually become something fuckin awessome.

A Legend Trait 'is' something amazing, it's wank material, it's anime bullshit, albeit low-level anime, if people see your face, or hear your name, they'll know you by that thing.

Now then, while I can appreciate a bit of levity and goofball shenanigans, if you could give these sheets some firm ground to stand on, I'd appreciate it.

In addition, if there are any questions that you would like to ask me about the setting proper, please go ahead, I've been working on this one for some time.

Any newcomers to this Roleplaying Section are more than welcome, if you're afraid you won't measure up to the RP Shadow Cabal, don't worry about it, I don't either. :V

October 3rd, 2017, 11:34 PM
I will be the best murderhobo

October 3rd, 2017, 11:35 PM
I will be

a revengehobo

October 4th, 2017, 11:16 PM
Right then, since some people wanted some more information about the various races available, I will give some information, mostly cause I fuckin forgot!

Humans - Those that came from across the sea, with their Warrior-Empress, settled the land, tamed the people, made it sensible, reasoned, logical, like the Gods before them. They are called Earthborn, Tomb Raiders, Word Thieves, they who stole Fire from Heaven. Their origins across the sea have faded with the passage of time, the records burned with Calatine's decree. They are vagabonds, conquerers, settlers.

Fadeborn - Those that carry the lineage of those from across the loom, Sidhe-blooded, changelings, elves, the mingling of the earthen blood of Man and those called Free Folk was begun in the early days of the Empire, for proper study of those born of the Wyld that may remain solid and unchanging. Those children born of the union bred true, and now those called 'Fadeborn' are strew across the continent.

Scholars maintain that addressing the most wide-spread subspecies of the greater collective of Wyld-born unions as the sole bearers of 'Fadeborn' is a wide generalization, but the name stuck.

Greenskins - Desert-dwellers, proud and clannish, fellow earthborn sons much like Man, but native to the continent, proper Imperial research has failed to properly identify their origins or true nature, as the then-called 'barbarians' refused to allow trained Imperial scholars to examine their soul structure. Now, they linger in the lands of Cleon, the prophet having won a number of the nomadic people to his cause.

They practice an animistic faith, venerating the land and honoring the souls of lost ancestors rather than adhering to any particular god, just another one of the thousand faiths that lie in Cleon.

They are typically associated with brutish thuggery and baseborn savagery, let it not be said the Empire was without bias, or spite.

Prometheans - Constructed and willed into life by runic sorcery, the flame of life fuels their soul, Promethean is not so much a species so much as a catch-all term for constructed beings given life by runecraft, naturally, most of them linger in Imperial lands, loyal to the old Empire that gave them honors and rights, and even now are treasured artifacts of days gone by.

Tainted - A crude slur directed towards those whose blood has lingered with beings less popular. Baseborn children born of assault by tentacular fiends, a descendant of a union between Man and Uplifted Beast, horned men born of cursed lineages, carrying the scent of saffron and soot with them. They are the flotsam and jetsom, the many myriad souls adrift through the ages, nameless and alone.

October 5th, 2017, 03:25 PM
Shit I Forgot

Right then, as this is a ~Living Document~, I will be providing more information so that it gets out of my head and onto wherever people can see it.

This is probably going to be wherever I'm going to store things I talk about so I don't forget them.


If you would like a piece of special magical equipment or some ancestral weapon some sort, A CUSTOM MODEL if u will, it would probably be a Trait, unless it's like a Longsword of Fuckyourself + 1, that's probably just a good modded weapon gotten through a decent RUN score.

Firearms are typically restricted to the arquebus, wide-spread proliferation being somewhat limited in the face of sufficient runecraft, but more advanced models do exist.

As firearms are made up of many diferent components and, thus, are a fair deal more complex than your average sharp bit of metal, they're expensive to maintain, though, obviously, quite potent if prepared correctly.


12:03:56 AM RacingeR actually
12:04:01 AM RacingeR what's known about the calamity?
12:04:15 AM Ark|phone Warpstone go boom?
12:04:29 AM Morm the Last Empress learned to Speak
12:04:51 AM Morm what she uttered from the pavilion is unknown to all
12:05:18 AM Morm but the Empire collapsed, wyld incursions ravaged the lands, the Old Empire sundered into myriad pieces
12:05:32 AM Morm and the capital province remained a forgotten wasteland
12:05:37 AM Morm UNTIL NOW
12:06:05 AM Morm everyone has their own thoughts on what exactly happened
12:06:13 AM Morm but the above is the most widespread


The rough governments of the nations are as follows:

Calatine's Empire - Really an 'Empire' in name only, rules more in the manner of the Roman Republic, elected gentry (landowners) are selected to represent their interests on the Regency Council. To be eligible, one must present proper ownership of a household of a certain total worth, leading 'Rightful Heirs' to be very common in the less combed-over hinterlands of the vestigial empire.

Confederation of Ostrania - A chaotic mass of varying governments and electoral policies, ranging from Democratic to Autocratic, the heads of state meet in conclave every two months, barring emergency meetings, to discuss matters of trade and policy, among them, an Operator is selected to chair the meetings for six sessions, and there is no limit to re-election. Naturally, politicking is common.

Holy States of Cleon - The Thousand Faiths commune with their gods or respective faiths to crown a leader when the time is deemed right, there is no really succession, a new leader in either peace or war is selected when it is deemed most proper, research from afar typically has the leaders be charismatic and pious and welcoming, in keeping with traditional Cleoni values.

Beyond that, the selection seems purely random, but their reigns are typically competent, so who are we to say?

In terms of their culture, the Cleoni are the most accepting of those called Tainted, Imperial biases remain, and despite the foreign cosmopolitian Confederation, where Kings rule every mile, there are many places unwanted souls will not find peace.


Starmetal, bits of Wyld-Stuff mired with Earthflesh, Earthflesh being the stuff of Creation you see around you, is among the most potent materials in weaponry and armor, typically requiring some runework to stabilize and shape the wyld-stuff to an intended purpose, harnessing that inherent power and link to the realm of potential to garner some of it for the weapon itself. Starmetal gear is extremely potent, it is unlikely any of you have even held starmetal, even the Captain doesn't have Starmetal, just Adamantium, and even then, only a breastplate he took off a Paladin's body.

Warpstone is specially treated Starmetal, consecrated in consentric circles of runework to create a stable link to the Wyld itself, siphoning that plane of infinite potential for boundless energy, the Old Empire used it to power their gargantuan constructs, infastructure and the like. Helradia was Warpstone central, and now that it's opened up, everyone and their fuckin mother is running into to get some of that stuff.

Notable Persons of the Revenant Sons

The Captain (https://gbf.wiki/images/9/98/BlackKnight_A.png)

Faceless Phantom

Many rumors flit through the air of the Son's mysterious commander, clad in black plate with an ever-present full helm, their Captain has led the band to many victories, and is well respected for their tactical acumen and voiceless charisma.

Their Captain has not spoken, ever, in fact, no one has ever seen them speak, one Samuel Swordsworn, penitent of the Iron Brotherhood, believes that the Captain is a disgraced Paladin of some forgotten god, sworn to a vow of silence, possibly CLeoni heritage would explain the Captain's inexplicable ability to rouse the hearts of men, it was agreed.

Hector Two-Teeth however, cites that while coming back from a late night piss break, he saw the Captain standing, helm off, but, he says, leaning closer, there was no head within the armor!

Frightful rumors of witchery and possession aside, the Captain, though communicating mostly through written word and pantomime, is well regarded by most of the band.

Lieutenant Eva (http://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2873375?tags=armor+helmet)

The Living Blade

A type of Promethean created as a sworn sword, a living blade to guard the maker's side at all times, typically in high society, as the Bladeborn Maidens are quite fair to look upon both near and far, however, no master is beside her, for her to guard and obey, leading to much speculation as to her purpose here.

Like her fellows, she is fearless in combat, as they were not created to feel fear, but the fire within her burns cold, and she spurns companionship in combat from all but the Captain, to whom she appears almost fond of.

Her armored skin is runeworked steel, her divine spark shining from within her chest for all to see, leading some more chivalrous Sons to avert their eyes, complaining that it is like she walks around nude at all times.

Hector Two-Teeth (http://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/967963?tags=jecht+solo)
Beast Breaker

A thug, a vagabond and ad-hoc Sergeant, the sun-tanned mercenary is Ostranian born and bred, inhumanly strong and uncommonly clever, he gained his nom de guerre through charging a line of Imperial Wardogs, beasts as large as ponies, and emerging the other side with two of the beasts latched on tight.

He mockingly calls them his 'suckling babes' and sobs tears for their loss over many a drink, quick with a laugh and quicker with a knife is Two-Teeth, but there isn't a better man for knowing the mood of the men.

Bird of Hermes
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Tempting, I might put in a sheet.

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He will shield you.

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Something else also rises ; )

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Is there a deadline for sheets?

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Something else also rises ; )

literally had to use all my constraint to not making the dumb pun

and then someone else goes and does it

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To be a kitsune (https://i.imgur.com/koTV90P.jpg), an orc (https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/362576935269957632/363121717763244032/509e252775c2985f6ed04ed96178a78c.jpg), or a magic robutt (https://i.pinimg.com/564x/0e/5a/c4/0e5ac46d95999957dc1edc574ab79a8c.jpg), that is the question.

October 5th, 2017, 08:08 PM
literally had to use all my constraint to not making the dumb pun

and then someone else goes and does it

It's sort-of Hemingway, that makes it classy!

October 5th, 2017, 10:10 PM
The sheet deadline is currently set for the 15th, if i get enough rad dudes, it might be before, or if I'm waiting on some people, I may extend the limit a few days

but lets go with 10/15 for right now

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Follow your heart janx go for the fox butt!

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Will finish sheet today

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Afraid I'm going to have to give it a pass, I had to prep for may new job starting soon.

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that's fine

the deadline was extended for a few days anyway because i got horrible food poisoning

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I'll try and have mine done tomorrow.

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I see, so that’s what happened… well, I wish you a swift recovery.

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hey losers you have until 8:00 PM CST to get ur shit in or i'm going to call you names

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dedline clos nao

pls w8 4 resalts

October 24th, 2017, 01:09 AM
hey y'all

it's me, ya boi

Let it be known to all, that these noteworthy Sons are worthy of esteem above all of their brothers, take heed!

Venn Albuz, from our brothers in the Confederation, we salute you, and grant you a position in the Vanguard, rise, Sergeant, and be recognized.

Farrah Glenholm, from our fathers in the Empire, we salute you, may you be the line against which all breaks, rise, Sergeant, and be cheered.

Knight Mordred, you, of a long lineage of chivalry, honor us, we salute you, may you be the Iron within our souls, rise, and be honored.

Runesmith Gunda, stand, with your wisdom and genius, you honor us, may your craft guide us to what lies beyond the horizon, rise, and be known.

Lyr Fairfield, of our own, stand, though you walk in the darkened places, know that your strength carries us all, you honor us, rise, and be praised.

Wise Lorraine, rise, with your breadth of knowledge and warm heart, you guide us through the shadows, you honor us, rise, and be applauded.

Though there yet remain warriors who may go unnoticed, unremarked, take heart, for as long you possess the will, you too, can become legend.

Though we walk in shadowed places, take heart, for as long as you are with us, you will never fall.

For the Sons Will Always Rise.

Oh, and I'm recieving a note, it's apparently Alboz, not buz.

Whatever, you mute bastard.

You probably spelled it wrong when you got here anyway!

October 24th, 2017, 01:31 AM

"Don't make me shoot you; you're literally not worth it."

October 24th, 2017, 12:04 PM
Farrah Glenholm

"Some people say casualties are unavoidable; I respectfully disagree.
Watch each other's backs, leave no one behind. We finish this job together, or not at all. Let's move!" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEv2xA-cHSk)

October 24th, 2017, 01:43 PM
Venn Alboz

​ https://i.imgur.com/mTlQQFG.png?1

"..." (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7WEslOpcyo)

*Glares at the Herald and does a decapitation gesture*

October 31st, 2017, 10:14 PM
Lyr Fairfield


"I've sworn upon my holy blade: One day I shall have my revenge, no matter what!"

November 1st, 2017, 12:21 PM
Sir Mordred


"Come I hear a foul dragon has kidnapped a innocent maiden and how could a righteous knight let this stand! Now has everyone remembered to make their lunches, bring a change of clothes and pack their bags? You haven't!? This cannot stand but have no fear for it is a knights duty to protect now let us go get that change of underwear so we can set off on our noble quest."

November 6th, 2017, 10:55 PM

"I understand you're all illiterate, but bear with me when I say don't fucking touch that!"

November 18th, 2017, 04:13 AM

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Sorry it took a while to get this out, things weren't comin together.

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that sucked

Guess I'll just call this one dead.

Tune in in a couple months when I demonstrate my insanity by trying again.

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Wait, what happened?

December 4th, 2017, 12:02 AM
RP's takin too long to get off the ground, people not posting. Momentum's kinda died, mixture of bad timing and just not being exciting enough, I suppose.

Plus I'm leaving for the military in a month, so, probably not the best idea in the first place

but im made of bad ideas ayyyy

December 4th, 2017, 12:27 AM
Okay, I don't really know what I can say to that other than best of luck.

That said, when you get back you should post that somewhere else to see if anyone else might be interested.
I know bad ideas, and while this was no work of genius, nor a triumph of rulebook-making effort like Fort 2, it was most certainly not a bad idea. It's worth trying again. Just… maybe all it needs is a different venue.