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August 7th, 2011, 11:45 PM
So here's something that I've been curious about. What exactly has Japan's friends over the ocean been doing to counter their share of vampires and the supernatural. After all, we've seen that Vampires and Magic don't care about silly things such as borders or geography and America, unlike Britain or France, is a rather new country with its own ideals and policies on how to solve problems. Well, lets see shall we?

Fate/Stay Night: The Shadow Wars

By: Vigilantia

Unexpected Guest


The midnight black van stopped in the parking lot just a block outside the industrial park.

“Alright chaps, you’re walking on foot from here out” said the driver.

The squad of soldiers piled out of the black van. Each man in the squad of 4 was armed for war with each carrying a MP5 sub-machinegun or M1014 combat shotguns. Clad in heavy military grade body armor, the men slipped into the darkness heading towards the office building that served as the staging area for this mission. The area was covered in darkness with only the full moon to light their way.

“Red Lead to Overwatch 1, sitrep?” said the leader as he led the squad towards the target building.

“Situation has been silent. No movement by the targets since the perimeter’s been setup 3 hours ago. Surveillance has confirmed 8 known hostiles entering the perimeter with high possibility of more already inside” replied Overwatch 1 on the radio.

“Any civilians?” he asked.

“Negative, area has been cordoned off. Its a gas leak this time, Lieutenant” said the voice over the radio.

Walking with the other soldiers, they entered the main entrance to the office building which revealed a staging area filled with maps and charts of the area. Blue team was already assembled and drawing up entry plans on the warehouse blueprints.

“Kits, you’re late as always” said Lieutenant Fevrier dryly as he looked up from the warehouse map.

“You know how I love making an entrance, Danny” replied Lieutenant Dwight Kitsridge.

“Well, Ike, the more time you waste the more people we’ll have to neutralize. The Dead don't sleep remember?” said Daniel Fevrier. The two officers locked eyes as both stared at one another with hate in each other’s eyes. A slight cough interrupted the standoff and diverted their attention before anything more serious happened.

“And you would be? Miss?” asked Kits as he looked at the blonde stranger standing at the table.

“Agent Sable. I’ll be overseeing this operation. High Command has a special interest in the target this time around” replied the woman in the business.

“Special interest?” said Kits as he stared at the warehouse map, “I don't see why. Its just another corpse hunt. Same shit different night.”

“That might be because the Tier 2 they’re sending this time is special. He’s on loan from our contacts in Japan,” she replied, “Command had to do a special pickup for him to get here tonight. ETA 20 minutes.”

“And I was just starting to warm up to Father Anderson” muttered Kits under his breath.

“Sorry to waste him the trip then, ma’am. Odds are he wont even be needed. Red Eyes never show themselves on the first raid. Odds are it’ll be another four days at the least before this one shows its face” said Lieutenant Fevrier dismissively.

Agent Sable crossed her hands over her chest as she looked at the two squad leaders with a worried face. “I really hope you’re right.”


The target this time was an old abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the cities industrial park. He supposed it could have been worse. It might have been in a school or active office building. That would have meant witnesses and a migraine worth of cover ups. The warehouse itself was only 1 story with its main loading/storage area and a side office area for what once had been file keeping and orders. Of course, this was all before its recent economic troubles.

“All units, all units, this is White Collar Actual, operation is a go. Out.” said Agent Sable over the radio.

Two muffled explosions signaled the beginning of the attack.

The explosive charges had blown the entire door off its hinges and made a nice wide entrance. He followed his men into the bottom warehouse entrance. Working like a well oiled machine, Red Team meticulous cleared each room in the abandoned office.

“Blue Team 1, contact enemy forces!”
“Blue Team 2, contact enemy forces!”

Gunfire rang out above them as Blue team engaged the Dead that were on the main warehouse floor. Red team had been posted on the other side at the warehouse offices.

Kicking open a wooden door, he saw his first enemy of the night. If he hadn’t known what to look for, he might have mistaken it for a real man. His movements, however, were jerky and irregular as if he were being controlled by a puppet. There was also the fact his skin was deathly white like the moonlight and he had a gaping wound on the side of his neck. Sighting down his gun, he pulled the trigger and the MP5 gave off a staccato of fire. Its body twitched backwards but remained standing despite the deadly wounds it received. Giving off a guttural groan, it lunged at Ike. The Lieutenant held down the trigger this time.

Round upon round ripped through the things torso and turned its inner organs into ground meat. Behind it, chunks of flesh were blown out onto the concrete floor as the 9mm rounds exited its body. Gasping its final breath, The Dead collapsed onto the ground and began to evaporate into dust.

“Enemy neutralized” he said.

Reaching for a new magazine, his NVG showed another Dead entering the room and lunging straight at him. Letting his empty MP5 hang, he dodged to the left and reached for his sidearm.

According to the technicians back at base, they’d taken great care to provide the best anti-supernatural weapons they could obtain. Each bullet was methodically ingrained with the holy cross, blessed and bathed for over a week in holy water. Greyson at the armory had said they'd had to melt down holy artifacts to coat these .45 bullets in particular. Ike hoped it’d be enough.

At almost a meter away, he pulled the trigger on his 1911 handgun and fired off a trio of rounds. The Dead stopped in its tracks as if he’d hit a wall. Looking down, it watched impassively as the three bullet holes began to enlarge and eat away at its flesh. Gushing out smoke, the hole were quickly growing to the size of fists.


The roar of a shotgun put an end to the spectacle and propelled the corpse backwards onto the ground where it vaporized into ash.

“Just making sure,” said Sergeant Dubbins as he continued clearing the room.

As they moved through the next room the heard screams through the walls.

“What the fuck?” asked Dubbins.


His radio crackled to life. “RED EYES!!” the voice screamed before the radio cut off.

Dubbins stopped moving and looked at Ike. That call sign meant only one thing: Vampires.

“Red Team, lets move!” he ordered.

Immediately picking up the pace, the four man squad made quick time through the remaining office rooms. Barrelling through another wooden door, they entered the warehouse’s main floor.

The area was completely covered with bullet riddled clothing; most likely all from the Dead that Blue team had turned to dust. The area was lined with thin concrete pillars that held up the warehouse roof. What was left of Blue team was lying motionless on the floor. The floor was littered with crimson splatter and in the middle of it all stood a single figure. Clad in a midnight black trenchcoat she stood there, holding Lieutenant Fevrier by the neck against a pillar. His front armor was shredded in the shape of an X with blood seeping through the wound. The moonlight fully revealed her pale features and her ruby red eyes.

Ike reached for the third weapon on his back. If this was a true flesh and blood Dead Apostle then regular bullets wouldn’t cut it. Dead Apostles were highly resistant to regular damage. If the night was a full moon, as it was tonight, then you’d need something special to keep one down. Something the Hydra triple-barrelled shotgun could bring. That is, if it hadn’t gotten stuck.

“Shit, not now” Ike thought.

Noticing their presence, she moved Fevrier into their line of fire and rushed them. Unable to fire on their own, Red team moved to get a better angle. Closing the distance, she kicked Fevrier with enough force to send him flying directly towards the group. Finally freeing the shotgun from its holster, Daniel looked back to see Fevrier collide with him and they both fell backwards through the office door he’d just entered. Gunfire resounded through the warehouse once again as Red Team engaged their inhuman enemy. Trapped under Fevrier’s body, Ike could hear the screams of his team.

“Sorry, Danny” said Ike as he roughly shoved Fevrier off himself.

Drawing his sidearm, he opened the battered wooden door and re-entered the silent warehouse. It hadn’t been more than a dozen seconds since he’d been knocked back. More splashes of blood marked the remains of Red Team’s fight with the vampire. Both Altman and Dubbins lay motionless on the floor, huge gouge and slash marked their torso; their ceramic armor having been torn open like tinfoil. Dalton, their fourth member, was currently lying in a wide pool of his own blood. Everything above the neck had been viciously torn off. The only sign of their resistance were the still smoking barrels of their weapons.

He hastily picked up his dropped Hydra and looked around. There was nothing. He scanned along the collapsed walkways and the skylight that made up the ceiling. Looking all around him, the vampire had disappeared. Yet if that was true, then why was there still an overpowering sense of dread hanging over the air?

“I need that Tier 2 here now. Red and Blue Team are down” whispered Ike over the radio. Agent Sable’s response was cut short when his head received a hard roundhouse kick to the temple. Despite the quarter inch thick metal and Kevlar padding that had blunted the attack, his vision still spun as he tried to push himself from the floor. Strong arms lifted his neck and pushed him against the concrete walls.

“So you’re the miserable insects that have been disturbing my nighttime fun” said the raven haired vampire as she lifted his full three hundred pound body with her one hand.

“How annoying. Be gone from my sight” she said; as if they were nothing more than trash stuck to her boots. Her grip tightened on his throat and his sight narrowed once more.

This was it. He was going to die now. The darkness closed around his vision. All he could see now was her ruby-colored eyes.

Four shots rang out and he was dropped to the ground. He gasped as he breathed in the cool night air. Behind the blood sucking witch was Fevrier, smoke rising from his now empty revolver. A vacant smile was plastered on his lips as he collapsed back onto the ground unconscious. She turned around to face the new threat. That would be the last mistake of her life.

Not wasting any time, Ike grabbed the Hydra from the ground, pointed it at the vampires back and pulled the trigger. The barrel on the left was loaded with silver pellets each made from the blessed melted remnants of a silver cross. That was just an appetizer. He pulled the trigger.

The barrel on the right was loaded with a shotgun slug gold plated from melted holy artifacts. On the inside was an alchemical concoction made their Magus and Church branches. All he knew is that on contact with tainted flesh the mixture would combust and spread outward, consuming the heretic in purifying fire. That was just the side dish. He pulled the trigger.

The barrel loaded in the middle held a silver stake with a blessed quicksilver core. Travelling at terminal velocity, the mercury would explode outward and mix within the vampires blood and burn it from the inside out. The final finish, however, was the stake. Intricately engraved with laser pinpoint accuracy were prayers and sayings from holy texts. Each one condemning the vampire’s unworldly existence. The ultimate rejection from the land of the living. This was the main course. He pulled the trigger.

Her chest exploded into smoke and fire. She screamed an ear piercing scream as she desperately tried to rip her chest off and stop the spreading fire. But that was impossible as it was already beginning to melt into ashes. The mercury and holy fire had already spread past that limit. This was truly the end of her unnatural life.

She continued screaming in impotent rage. Unable to stop her own death, she sighted Ike in her vision. Her red eyes smoldered with unfulfilled vengeance. She redirected all her rage towards him.

“Die!” she screamed. The deterioration of her throat gave her voice almost an ethereal raspy tone that sent shivers through his spine. Transforming her hands into claws that could rip through tank armour, she swung with all her might. Ike brought his hands up instinctively to shield himself. However, the blow didn’t come.

Looking up, he saw the vampire staring at her own hands minus her claws. Still stupefied at the loss of her limbs, she didn't even move when she was vertically cleaved in two. Collapsing onto the ground, she scattered into dust and disappeared from an unfelt wind.

His savior stood in front of him offering him a hand. In his other hand held a great sword that was brilliant gold and definitely not made for someone of his regular stature; and yet he was holding it with little to no effort. To put it lightly, he looked funny to be involved in all of this deadly supernatural activity. He was definitely young; maybe barely past the age of 20. He wore a blue and white cotton sweater with matching blue jeans. Around his neck he wore a chain holding an unnaturally large ruby pendant. On top of that he wore a navy blue combat vest that was two sizes too big for him that extended past his hips and over his crotch. Perhaps it was a sign of his will overreaching his ability.

“The will is strong but the flesh is two sizes too small?” thought Ike humoursly.

Behind him was Agent Sable and the backup teams running through the Warehouse’s main entrance. The cavalry, as usual, was late again.

“Always wanted to be the Big Damn Hero didn’t you?” said Ike in perfect Japanese as he took his hand and pulled himself up.

“I believe it was you who said ‘I love making an entrance’, Kitsridge-san” replied the man; the sword he held in his hand de-materialized from whence it came.

“Haha. Indeed. Emiya Shirou” said Ike.

“Welcome to North America’s Shadow War, its good to have you with us.”

[B]Author's Notes: Well, this is my first entry on BL. How's it look?

August 7th, 2011, 11:45 PM
Too dark

August 7th, 2011, 11:46 PM
I'll wait for a bit more backstory before passing judgment, if you don't mind. :)

August 8th, 2011, 12:13 AM
Guns and lead is always good.

August 8th, 2011, 03:51 AM
Um. Why are the letters completely white? Can't read on this background. I mean, I can highlight them, so I can in fact read them, but why are they hard-to-see in the first place?

August 8th, 2011, 01:21 PM
Um. Why are the letters completely white? Can't read on this background. I mean, I can highlight them, so I can in fact read them, but why are they hard-to-see in the first place?

I'm still a newbie in BL so I'm not used to formatting my text like everyone else. Essentially, when I C&Ped the story from Google Docs it went by its own format and showed up as black (on the BL black background). Since that doesn't really work I decided to just change the text to white as a quick fix. Anyone know how to change it so it stays in that "Black while editing, white while viewing" format?

August 8th, 2011, 01:26 PM
Just use the non-WYSIWYG editor and remove the "colour" tags....

August 10th, 2011, 01:20 AM
This is going to sound ludicrous, but I think you should go read On Four Legs (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5979513/1/On_Four_Legs), a Kim Possible fanfic by Gabriel Blessing. It's... the basic premise is that Ron is an apprentice-level shaman and he ends up fighting a Yee Naldlooshii (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skin-walker), a particularly disturbing kind of human-turned-monster thought up by the Navajo. It's 25k words and it's a lot more, erm, grisly than his FSN stuff. I guess my point is, I think you should go for a different "feel" for the monster than "(another) Dead Apostle."

Anyway this story... I'm intrigued by the idea that the mage societies of the Americas are tremendously under-equipped to deal with all the monsters running around, but I think assigning the responsibilities of hunting the Dead to pseudo-soldiers is kinda cheesy. It feels like they're a bunch of toy soldiers that exist to get knocked down.

August 10th, 2011, 02:10 AM
I am intrigued... continue.