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August 18th, 2011, 09:15 AM
So, for those of you who have played Warcraft III, you've more than likely heard of and/or played DotA at least once. Whether you loved or hated it, the fact remains that the custom game grew into having a larger following than the game it was designed for, Warcraft III, and now the sequel's (or perhaps better stated, original standalone game) inaugural tournament is under way at Gamescom in Germany. The tournament is running until Sunday, with a live stream for the games as they are played, and replays for them will be posted a few hours afterward.

16 teams from Europe and Asia are competing for prize money, the winning team receiving $1 million in cash.

As for the game itself for those who have no idea as to what Defense of the Ancients is, you can look towards other games that were spawned from it, such as League of Legends. The premise is that a team of 5 players compete against another team with a central base, and minions spawn from barracks on three sides and automatically advance towards the other teams base along three central paths. The heroes kill these minions and the opposing heroes in order to level up, obtain gold, and through them to buy better items to kill even more efficiently.

There is a ton of strategy involved right from the setup screen where the teams take turn ban/pick which heroes to remove/play, and all in all the game is extremely fun, at least from my perspective.

For those interested in this inaugural tournament, head to www.dota2.com (http://www.dota2.com) to catch live stream, check the tournament schedule, replays of previously played tournament games, or check out the teams themselves. Also, here's the trailer: http://www.dota2.com/trailer

Note this also: The game is still in it's alpha stages technically, as the beta hasn't come online yet, but it will be avaliable on Steam whenever it does. Therefore, I know I will be getting it if my computer allows me to run it (I hope it will!) and I'll hope to see some of you guys play it!

August 18th, 2011, 10:19 AM
I am impressed, awed and really REALLY pissed off at this.

Impressed and awed because this is a pretty big event for gaming. Seriously. One million dollars. Holy shit. For a game that's not even been released yet. Not even in beta yet!

And then comes the pissed off part. Being there when DotA: Allstars slowly and surely nudged almost all other games off the custom map list was... interesting. I was very critical of the game in the beginning because it edged out maps that were 10x the game that Allstars was. Today, it has barely closed the gap. Of all the Aeon of Strife maps out there, it had to be this one. *sigh* But you're right. Its undeniable the popularity of that game.

Whether or not I get it depends on whether or not I can bite back my bitterness. I don't know if the day will come when I can play DotA and not think "This could have been Tides of Blood/Eve of the Apocalypse".

But enough with the bitter old man routine. The fact that they're reusing almost everything is interesting. It'll be a familiar transition for all veteran DotA players I suppose. It looks decent enough as well. Maybe I'll play it one day and become extremely addicted. As it is now, its just mostly on my radar as something to check out.

August 18th, 2011, 11:32 AM
...Jesus Christ, just watched the latest match between GG.net and MiTH-Trust. My GOD that Morphling was rape. I haven't seen one that dominant in a long time.