School Uniform or Casual Clothes?

  1. DragoZERO
    So, which do you prefer Akiha to wear?

    I am on the fence a little, but I think the blue from her school uniform suits her quite well.
  2. Vermilion Raven
    Vermilion Raven
    Akiha-sama looks awesome in whatever she wears; wrestling outfit included.

    This one is hard though. I like red, but I also like legs... But in the end I think her casual clothes match her personality better so I'm going to go with those.
  3. Kohisui
    Oh my :O seems like someone also likes the legs of Akiha..and color red.
    and well...I prefer Akiha to wear...her casual clothing as well I just like it on her.
  4. Dark Pulse
    Dark Pulse
    I think she's attractive in both of them as well, personally.

    That said, given the choice, I'd go with her casual clothes as well.
  5. Cecilia
    Definitely casual clothes. Even though they might look a bit bland, they do fit her personality. Plus I love her new boots.
  6. alfheimwanderer
    I prefer her in a kimono, but if that's not possible, then her casual clothing. It goes well with her marvellous red hair when she inverts, after all...
  7. DragoZERO
    I guess I'm in the minority on this one. I forgot about the school uniform having a long skit, but I still like the blue.

    The kimono is very nice though. Good call, alfheimwanderer.
  8. Rylin
    Causal Clothing as stated before, it goes well when she inverts. However that gym uniform from KT...yes please.
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