Shinji's EXCELLENT!!! Adventure

  1. ItsaRandomUsername
    This is a game. We tell a story through individual posts, and everyone takes a turn, in a similar vein to the old "Let's Have an Adventure!" thread back in BL 1.0.

    Let us begin...
  2. ItsaRandomUsername
    It was just another day for Matou Shinji. He had put his annoying sister in her place, studied the forbidden arts of magic obsessively, kicked ass and chewed gum in spite of the lack of gum, eaten a breakfast burrito and acquired several new members of his harem of nameless background characters - all before school even started.

    Just an average day for the man named Matou Shinji.

    Sometimes, the most extraordinary of times starts with the most average of mornings.

    On his way to grace the school with his glorious presence - truly a gift from God to humanity - he came across a peculiar person. Wrapped in a cloak stained with the colors of blood and shadows, his hood was up and his face concealed tantalizingly with a domino mask. In his hands were an archaic looking grimoire, one that was clearly filled with dark, powerful knowledge...the other hand was holding a rubber chicken.

    "Who the hell are you?" Matou Shinji incredulously inquired.

    "I? I, am..."

    [/your turn!]
  3. Ivan The Mouse
    Ivan The Mouse
    "...Superman!!! The sexiest man alive~!" The cloak in the domino mask boasted, as he reveals his shirtless and muscled body and flexed it right before Shinji.

    "Wait-what?!" Shinji exclaimed out of bewilderment and surprise upon the cloaked man's flexing.

    The self-proclaimed Superman then laughed heartily. "You heard it right, young man." he said in his baritone voice. "I am the sexiest man alive. Or at least a sexy man. Whichever you want to call me."

    "Wha-what." His reply only gave out the puzzlement he felt as he confronted this man.

    "And don't you know, young man. I could make you as sexy as me, if you learn the magic I used to make my body like this!" He offered, whilst flexing his muscles.
  4. Tobias
    At that point Shinji felt utter contempt for this self styled superman. He was probably just another 'roid head who traded muscles for testicular functiom

    Shinji could immediatly tell he had more sex in two weeks then this man would ever see in his life, the flexing of muscles just a sad attempt to cover up his failings.

    Shinji was just about to tell the loser off when
  5. Erlkonig
    The loser was vaporized by a pillar of sheer magical energy. From the remnants of the man, a figure appeared suddenly. Wavy blue hair that fell to his shoulders, and a handsome face with eyes that had seen it all. The man was dressed in black and blue armor, and his blue eyes stared into Shinji's own.

    "Wh-wha-" Shinji's eyes widened.

    "There you are, you fool." The man beckoned to Shinji, sheathing the black sword he had been holding. "Come with me. It is time for you to awaken your inner badass."

    Shinji stared in shock at the man who looked so much like him, only as an adult. "Wh-who are you?"

    The man smiled, and three women that were behind him fainted. "...I am Matou Shinji, of course. And you are a foolish idiot who doesn't know which are the finest pieces of ass in the world." He throws an arm over Shinji's shoulder. "I'm going to make sure you don't fuck up and get killed, ok?"

    Shinji stares confused at the man. Should he believe him? Finally, Shinji-
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