How did this happen?

  1. Kieran
    I'd started work on this, then changed my mind and cancelled it until I could get some more details on how to do it properly - how did this end up here? And with a member, no less?
  2. Dark Pulse
    Dark Pulse
    Voodoo, apparently.
  3. MrTags
    It's maaaaaagggiiccc.

    With 5 members no less.

    It's Lunacy I tell you Lunacy!
  4. Kieran
    Appropriate. The five members, I can explain - I've invited everyone I can remember who had an OC or second-gen on the original board (and is here - Burnout, obviously not, despite qualifying). Still a few more I haven't heard from., and I'm debating whether or not to open it up to just fans of the characters - by posting a thread on the Fan Club board, as well. Thoughts?
  5. Kieran
    *blinks* Nerroth had a reply here - I remember it. Where did it go?

    . . . I'm starting to think this group is being haunted - but by what?

    EDIT: OK, sorry I think I get it - we lost Nerroth . . . And appear to have gained Inugami?

    Strange days, apparently.
  6. MrTags
    Burnout is back if you're looking for him ^_^

    OOPS, he's right there already joined *bonks head* lol...
  7. Kieran
    Never hurts to remind me of things - I'm still getting used to this. I've never done one of these groups before.
  8. Cascade
    I don't have any pictures of my characters... I guess I should try and draw them.
  9. Burnout
    I've used multiple CGs from different sources to represent various characters. It's hard to find the appropriate ones, of course.
  10. Kieran
    Yeah, I know how that can be. I really need to start working to do something with this . . .
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