Touko's research

  1. willyvereb
    I think everyone who read Kara no Kyoukai knows that Touko is trying to create the original body of humans.
    In the Nasuverse Humanity was once a race with greater physical and magical qualities than what we have in the modern world. The first human was said to have close connection to the origin. But thanks to mutations and the diversity of gnees Humanity gradually lost their connection to the origin and thus became their present weak selves.

    Touko was trying to reach Akasha by recreating the original perfect body of humans. Some people say that KnK and Tsukihime re incompatible with each other because if Touko would live in the Tsukihime verse she must've heard about Arcued and the True Ancestors.

    But I ask: Are the True Ancestors really are what Touko seeks?

    I would like to hear your opinions.
  2. LunarLegend
    I think that - given what we've seen of Gilgamehs's appearance and capabilities, yes.

    Red eyes, gold hair, capable of physical feats which can defy common sense - that's pretty much what encapsulates Arcueid and Gilgamesh in a nutshell. Gil is among the first humans; Arcueid's race was based on the first humans. Access to one or the other would provide Touko the template she needed for a physically (and spiritually) perfect creature.
  3. hayate
    True Ancestors...

    I recall a story in Fate/Zero where Emiya Noritaka has a powder essence containing a Dead Apostle remains.

    Not far from what Touko - san is doing research about, if the claim on True Ancestors being the first human is correct.

    also, an Archetype Earth is more suited to be a first human rather than Gilgamesh. She's much closer to the human side rather than Gilgamesh who is 2/3rds god.
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