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  1. Gundam Meister
    Gundam Meister
    Discuss what you like about Kiritsugu
  2. Erlkonig
    I like his fighting style. Combining Magic with Technology successfully is something most Magi refrain from due to the huge sticks up their asses, but Kiritsugu is somebody who uses any means to achieve his objective of saving the innocent, which makes him a fearsome enemy.
  3. Gundam Meister
    Gundam Meister
    ^ that the same reason i like him for and also for being an awesome character
  4. B.B. Rain
    B.B. Rain
    A childish dream of being a Hero of Justice who could save everyone proved infeasible.

    So he adapted, and became a killer, an assassin who chose his targets and jobs with some vestige of personal morality. And thus, he would save the many, sacrificing the few.

    He reached for the power of God, to reshape the world as he saw fit, and both found the power unfit, and his own attempts self-defeating.

    And when that power offered itself to him, and deemed his failed methods acceptable, he spurned both, and sought to destroy them.

    And when he found himself alive afterwards, rather then falling to despair and lashing out upon those within his reach, he sought to atone for his mistaken path, and still tried to leave the world a brighter place before he finally left it, in whatever small way he could.

    How could I not admire such a man?
  5. rajvir
    (Not sure if I should do anything cause it is so old) (Why not it's not like this had omakes)
    I like him because of how he realistically tried to reach his dream.
    And how in the end he was willing to do ANYTHING to achieve it.
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