Sacchin Route Discussion

  1. aquamarine39
    We all know that Nasu had a Satsuki route before he scrapped it out for reasons unknown to man. Here are references from TM works about the immaterial and missing route:

    1) Tsukihime Plus+Disc

    has a short skit featuring Satsuki and Neko-arc about development of Satsuki and her route. Unfortunately, some parts are probably jokes, so we can't be sure what's actually true...

    part 1:
    part 2:

    2) Melty Blood

    Apparently (source?), parts of Melty Blood follow Satsuki's Normal ending. From the game, we notice that:
    • Satsuki becomes quite powerful as a dead apostle.
    • Reality marble - depletion garden.
    • She can suppress her blood thirst, but still needs blood. (But how?)

    (Manga is not canon!)

    So... what is your take on Satsuki route? It can be either what's probably canon or what you wish, since we have little definite info about the route.
  2. Marth
    Huh, just noticed this group topic...

    As for the Satsuki route that never was, I can only hope and pray that someday it actually happens. Until then, I'll keep playing my MUGEN with Satsuki in it.

    Also, is there any concrete info on Depletion Garden? What it does, etc?
  3. sabata2
    Satsuki Route discussion? Well I certainly know one thing that no one will debate:
    We need one.

    And IIRC Depletion Garden forcefully removes all the mana inside her reality marble.
  4. SaiyanPirate
    I just hope for Satsuki to finally find the love and happiness that she deserves. I do like the sound of the normal end apparently used for Melty, however.
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