Nasuverse Marriage Prospects: Fujimura Taiga

  1. Squall
    Fujimura Taiga

    Looks: quite pretty, for an older woman, well developed body, toned from years of martial arts. brown hair and an open, honest face. shapely breasts and hips, kind of a free spirit so does not seem to take much interest in her looks and dresses utilitarian

    Smarts: Currently works as a teacher, which is surprising, since she comes off as quite giddy. probably has a more responsible outlook when dealing with people closer to her own age group. highly dedicated in martial arts suggesting her teaching abilities stem from patience and hard work as opposed to natural talent
  2. Squall
    Personality: very happy, very motherly. probably willing to help with any problem, but will take outrageous advantage of any favors owed, somewhat self absorbed, but in a small, friendly way. very nosy, and very protective of what she feels her rights/responsibilities are. once challenged a girl to a match when she felt she was being usurped as a ward's guardian

    Cooking/Home Economics: Very low stats here, likely. constantly sponges off a charge for feeding, and is fed by him on average of at least once a day, sometimes considerably more. this can perhaps be forgiven as that charge is a truly gifted cook and enjoys feeding her, so cant be considered an overlarge burden. stated to be somewhat helpless for looking after her self
  3. Squall
    Fighting Skills: suffers the problem of being a Bad-ass Normal in a world of Bad-Ass Abnormal. trained in kenpo to the 6th degree and winner of several contests, in several anime and the real world, Taiga would be a major character, even a heroine. however, the abilities of everyone else in her genre outstrip her to the point where she would be easily defeated by almost any foe

    Special Abilities: Has the ability to be an attractive non-blood related motherly figure to the hero of an H series with nearly zero sexual tension. also spent days interacting with a girl known for being able to generate massive amounts of les-yay just by her very presence with no notable effects. quite possibly has a nearly inhuman level of self control.

    Competition: doesn't appear to have dating prospects, unless she has a secret is likely open season.
  4. Squall
    In-Laws:Hang out with her and you will likely eat like a king, but be wary of hurting her or suffer severe pain. family has ties with the mob, so i would suggest being very polite at Christmas dinner if you want to avoid a garrote.

    Economics: poor stats here. very willing to indulge herself, has a kittenish personality and little in the way of long term planning ability, it seems. holds a steady job herself so probably brings in a certain amount of money, but will almost certainly spend all of it herself and as much as yours as she can get away with, though would probably be happy to demonstrate her gratitude in pleasing ways.

    Sex: difficult to quantify. self indulgent behavior indicates would enjoy a sexual experience, but between that and a mercurial set of mood swings indicates it would probably be on her times and terms.
  5. Squall
    Children: I suspect kids would calm her down, at least a little. has a warm, motherly personality, so seeing her move into the friendly, if perhaps a little smothering mother type is not a stretch. has several friends who would be happy to help with housework and helping with the child, so earns very high marks here

    Overall: Good for someone preferring a fun loving woman over a more dependable personality. has hints of being very dedicated and absolutely loyal to a lover despite her free spirited nature, and very warm and caring. combined with good marks in attractiveness and sex, this makes her a perfect match if you yourself are a strong, dependable type she can rely on to help balance her out.

    by tobias
  6. Tobias
    dude, where did you find this, I actually spent like an hour on google cache trying to get this after old BL died!

    good on you mate!
  7. Neir
    Taiga would be the ultimate mother. And most likely amazing in bed.
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