Seo Akira's Alcohol Tolerance

  1. alfheimwanderer
    Exactly how does everyone in Tsuki or Fate rank in terms of Alcohol tolerance? I know that Seo can drink quite a bit, given her family's business, but what of the others?
  2. Usandru
    Akiha has been known to drink. Hisui and Kohaku have kept her company, but I don't remember how good they were at keeping up. Shiki was pretty average if I remember. No data on Arc or Ciel, but presumably pretty high due to being what they are. Arihiko would probably be higher than Shiki given his hobbies. Ichigo higher again. Satsuki would probably depend on pre or post vampirification, but likely not very well. No clue about Sion. Nrvnqsr would probably have no problems. Roa depends on host. SHIKI is likely pretty good. No clue about Ren, Souka, Hanei, or Tokie. The old doctor is probably pretty good. Aoko is probably pretty good as well.

    Well, or so I guess at least.
  3. alfheimwanderer
    I remember that Hisui pretty much got tipsy and passed out - from only one glass, I think.

    So lowest to highest...?
  4. Usandru
    Presumably... An upper tier of "Can Drink Like Mad" consisting of: Akiha, Kohaku, Akira, Nrvnqsr, Aoko, Doctor Jinan, Ciel and Arc (going by inhuman metabolism=deals with alcohol well).

    A mid tier of "Normal Drinkers" consisting of: Shiki, Arihiko, Sion and (probably) Tokie.

    And a bottom tier of "Extreme Lightweight" consisting of: Hisui, Hanei, Satsuki and Arc (going by what would be funniest)

    With Souka, Ren and SHIKI/Roa being unknowns. The tiers could probably be further subdivided if you really wanted to but...
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