The castle-residence of Her Majesty

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  1. Keyne
    Welcome and have a seat at the Round Table. Share your tales with us, hero. Talk, eat and drink to your heart's content.

    (The last thread went to Hell)
  2. Erlkonig
    Sir Keyne, I trust we have successfully moved the bystanders from the previous battlefield (Beast's Lair) to the pristine, untouched land without casualties?
  3. Keyne
    Undoubtedly. All of those knights had been given directions. However, the messengers had to traverse long distances to get to them. That said, we're still assembling.
  4. Erlkonig
    It won't be long before the Glorious Knights of the Round route all former Knights into this Utopia. Hail, Brother!
  5. Keyne
    Hail! Glory to our King!
  6. Erlkonig
    Glory to the king!
  7. Hoster
    I am sorry I am late, I was upheld by my duties as a servant of the people. tedious as they are.

    All the same! For the king!
  8. Keyne
    The meat is already being roasted and the beer is being cooled. The feast is about to begin. With haste, Brothers, with haste!
  9. Erlkonig
    *During the feast*
    A toast! For these new lands which our King shall rule in a fair and just manner!
  10. Flame
    Hail Sir Lancelot.

    Sir Mordred spoke of lies and I gave him a swift kick to his groin before sending him to a cell. Might you inform his Majesty of his deeds?

    Hahah, oh wow. I can't believe I actually said this.
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