The Story

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  1. Guy
    The thread is for arguing aspects of the story.

    It will be crack right?
  2. Xamusel
    Maybe, maybe not, depends on NT's ideas.
  3. Nacho the Doritosedge
    Nacho the Doritosedge
    Yeah, it depends. besides, it can have multiple genres. we can switch between humor and badassery rather easily
  4. Guy
    It should really over the top IMO, if not it will make like we are trying to make a bunch of Marty Stus.
  5. Nacho the Doritosedge
    Nacho the Doritosedge
    Alright, got a plot Idea. but first, we have to choose our masters.

    I'd like something random, but we can't really do that.

    Choices are:
    Caster's shitty master(Will die, and you get to choose who your master is)
    Ilyasviel Von einzbern

    And here's where things get fuzzy, so i'll do the honor and pick a random side Character

  6. Guy
    Tsundere GET.
  7. Xamusel
    Could you switch Caster for Bazzet? As I'm the Caster-class Servant, I don't think I can summon another Servant, to be honest.

    Also, I call Sakura, just because.
  8. Guy
    Question, is it gonna be a story on which we are heroic spirits or just some regular dudes who were summoned?
  9. Nacho the Doritosedge
    Nacho the Doritosedge
    yeah, i'm thinking that we all have whacky stories that made us heroes of convenience.

    I know i'm putting Cthulhu in my story, oh yes. Shooting Excalibur into Cthulhu's face was never this arm-removing before.
  10. Nacho the Doritosedge
    Nacho the Doritosedge
    Yeah, the story would have us all pretty much trying to fulfill our own objectives.
    I don't care what happens, because suffering brings me joy.
    as for you guys, you need to tell me what you want, so I can make this story better.

    we already know Zouken wants AM, and we know Kotomine wants to see the world burn, and has gilgamesh support to do it with. Ilya wants to gut shirou (at the beginning) and Rin wants to win. Shirou wants to stop the fighting.
    We could evilify some of our servants to make more villains, but I need to know your points of view first.
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