With or without glasses

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  1. KENTA
    Is Senpai really Senpai without her glasses?

    I'm gonna go with yes.
  2. willyvereb
    She's cuter with glasses. Yet Ciel is kicking ass the best without them.
  3. Knight of Rider
    Knight of Rider
    That's the good thing about senpai, you can have both!!! But I think I'll have to agree with willyvereb.
  4. lantzblades
    Is she really Senpai without them? nah but I think the separation of time paradox badass and supportive upperclassmen is important. it gives her breathing room to express both sides of herself.
  5. RedisSupreme
    Personally I never cared for the glasses
  6. Ergast
    We need her with and without glasses. Personally I can't have her without one of her sides. Badass Ciel and Funny Ciel, you know you just need both.
  7. willyvereb
    Well, she can actually look cuter without her glasses. Just watch her scene in the True Ending:
    Although Ciel sure isn't the same without her glasses. I still prefer her without them because it symbolized her being true to herself.
  8. Tesculpture
    Maybe Ciel could compromise and wear a monocle instead!

    But then that leaves the debate of left or right eye...dammit.
  9. Kotonoha
    With. Obviously.
  10. willyvereb
    I say it again. Ciel's glasses were symbolizing the 'mask' she was wearing.
    Guess why we see Ciel cry without them in the end. To show her honest side. That's why I prefer Ciel without glasses.
    Funny Ciel with glasses is still great. But I think she can be like that even without them.
    Her glasses aren't the same as Touko's which supposed to alter her personality.
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