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Thread: Questions, questions and more questions (READ THE OP FOR ANSWERS)

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    Quote Originally Posted by castor212 View Post
    My initial impression is that imaginary space is just a name for a type of space. Like, there is 1 big imaginary space where we dive into with papermoon, there are smaller ones created by magi but unconnected to the big one, but can be connected anw. Like, first time i read the info on it i thought its like water. There is an ocean, there is this glass of water i have on my desk, both is currently unconnected but both is water.
    yeah thats a good way to put it
    Quote Originally Posted by Canon View Post
    On You's tombstone it will read
    Quote Originally Posted by You View Post
    That's exaggerating my point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Urameshi Yūsuke View Post
    So Archer took off 7 lives off of Berserker right?
    He took off 6, Rin took off another, and Saber & Shirou took off 7 with Caliburn.

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