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Thread: Questions, questions and more questions (READ THE OP FOR ANSWERS)

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    Whats fuckable about cosmology anyway

    You have a unique fetish
    Quote Originally Posted by mewarmo990 View Post
    you don't need to think about it that hard
    Quote Originally Posted by castor212 View Post
    I dont get it
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    nothing makes sense

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpoonyViking View Post
    Buidhe should be better at that specific effect than the others, though.
    It is. As pinpointed out when compared to Gae Bolg. It also has no healing and yet it's effects isn't as dramatic when compared to Buidhe. Like Gae Bolg's curse could be healed by Avalon and you can still repair the body even tho the curse remains if you are a Servant. That's not the case with the yellow spear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by You View Post
    should but its not considering achilles spear literally has the same effect when he's a lancer sadface
    This, this should be what makes Buidhe sad.

    Well if anything Dearg is more unique and is the better spear between the two anyway. If Diarmuid had that when he was fighting the boat he wouldn't have been killed.
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