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Thread: Questions, questions and more questions (READ THE OP FOR ANSWERS)

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    Well in one of fragments cd, there was a conversation between Moses and ozy. Ozy said he saw what he was going to be because he had a vision of himself in the future due to his connection and as an avatar of ra. However, Moses saw what he couldn’t come to conclude after his battle with the hittites he saw what he would become a person so great that would change the shape of the world.

    Then ozy response was you saw what I couldn’t see then they argue about Christian God stuff. Then Nefertari tells Ozymandias to apologize to his brother because he should be glad that he told him that.

    furthermore ozy fail in his life even though he became the most prosperous person in the world and led Egypt to a golden Age, he died not reaching his ideal self that Moses saw. In prototype he said something about how he failed the gods.

    Moses clairvoyance is from Christian God whiles Ozy clairvoyance is from him being the child of ra and his vessel.

    Another feat that is shown ozy using his clairvoyance was when the moment Arthur and Arash activated their noble phantasm. It said he saw the battles demise, the great king had a premonition about the battles end, so he exchanged the god killing heat which was “Ra’s Truth” that shine at the open seas for a thunderous roar that echoed through the complex to end the battle with a divine punishment lightening beam.

    He knew he was going to lose the moment he they activated their noble phantasm because he saw it. Further in his second interlude he says for the silver knight to hide from where his eyes do not reach and mentions all this tuff about him, then he clarifies that for the first time their battle was by chance but the second time it happened by fate. But since he can’t perceive where Arthur is his clairvoyance is failing him and for the third it is yet to happen.

    so I don’t know he seems to happen to have a powerful clairvoyance even able to see the plans of Goetia and the truths and lies of others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadupo01 View Post
    then they argue about Christian God stuff.
    that would seem like the most important lore drop to me

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    Clairvoyance is like, basic Archer shits these days

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    It was always meant to be basic Archer shits
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    anywhere than here

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    Clairvoyance is very goofy for me.
    At rank C you can have telescopic eyes, then it took a massive leap at rank B as you suddenly can see the future.

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