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Thread: Melancholy of One (A Grail Works. LTD. Story)

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    Quote Originally Posted by pureauthor View Post
    And... unfortunately, one thing (person?) I didn't handle as well as I could have was Arcueid. I ended up cutting a bunch of stuff for the sake of expediency, and as a secondary character she lost a lot of stuff she was supposed to do from the original draft. I also won't deny that near the start of the story I wanted to write Shiki/Arcueid as being a lot more overt but later on I decided to dial it way back for the sake of a 'shared' setting like Grail Works and I don't want to step on toes. As a result it sometimes came across that she didn't have a lot to do. If I had a chance to try again, I'd have her more involved with the main plot, or end up reducing her pagetime even more, I'm not sure which.
    Yeah, unfortunately that is a problem of the "shared setting" aspect - though as a general rule, I just go with, "so long as it's not too out there, whatever is said first, goes, unless someone can reasonably change it."

    So, if I were to sum it all up, if I had to chance to do it again, I'd write the second half pretty differently.
    I know that feeling. *Looks at Legacies of Fate*

    Hey wait, maybe I could write the CCC version of this story!
    Well, technically . . .

    Haha. Nah, probably not.
    . . . Darn.

    But that's how it is. I'll probably take a break (or just write a couple of relatively fluffy Kara oneshots) before I try my hand at another 'major' work.
    Seems reasonable.

    Once again, thanks so much to everyone who kept up with this! Thanks for your comments and your advice and suggestions! I'm really glad I was able to share this journey with you.

    So am I, trust me.
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    Shiki v. Shiki and Artoria left the strongest impression, but I’d enjoy myself throughout. It was a very Shiki wish and Kara joining them is <3

    As a fan, I truly appreciate that you stuck with and finished the story. All the best for you, and, as always, looking forward to your future work. CCC! CCC! CCC!


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    Its fluffy and stereotypical of me, but I could have sworn I read ‘Master. Shiki- I lov...’ :v

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