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Thread: Create your own Modern Fiction Servants

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    This took a lot of time, for some reason or another, and due to the specific game the character it's Servant-izing is from, I am still really, really wary of posting it. Either way... well, here, have a thing.

    This sheet is focused, in its entirety, around a pivotal spoiler character for the videogame UNDERTALE. If you haven't already played the game, and don't want to spoil it for yourself, scroll all the way down.

    Chara Dreemurr

    Royal Heir, The First Fallen Child, The Demon That Comes When You Call Its Name
    ALTERNATIVE CLASSES: Berserker, Avenger Lily
    SUMMONING CATALYSTS: Their golden heart locket
    ALIGNMENT: True Lawful
    LEGEND: The Future? (Toby Fox — UNDERTALE)
    REGION: North America

    STR: **** C
    END: ***** C+
    AGI: ***** A+
    MAG: ***** D
    LCK: ***** D
    NOBLE PHANTASM: ***** A+
    STR: ***** B
    END: ****B+
    AGI: ***** A++
    MAG: ***** C
    LCK: **** E

    STR: ***** D
    END: **** D
    AGI: ****B
    MAG: ***** C
    LCK: **** C
    NOBLE PHANTASM: ***** A++

    SEX: Indeterminate
    HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 140cm / 33kg
    ATTRIBUTE: Earth
    LIKES: Loyalty, responsibility, fairness, family, chocolate
    DISLIKES: Prejudice, cheating, betrayal, unwarranted compassion
    MORTAL ENEMY: Humanity, themself
    ARMAMENT: The “Real Knife”
    Avenger Lily only: To have a chance to redo their life
    Otherwise: None

    Class Skills:
    Presence Concealment — D

    The signature Skill of an Assassin; one's ability to hide themself from anyone, even other Servants. At this rank, Assassin is capable of masking their presence from ordinary Magi, but cannot hide from Servants that are consciously looking for other Servants. When preparations are made to attack, this Skill is sealed.

    Assassin is not known for subtlety; at least, not in combat. Their physical prowess, as unusual as it is for an Assassin, makes up for it.

    Personal Skills:
    Charisma — C++

    The ability to lead armies, win hearts and sway opinions. At this rank, the Servant is capable of leading a large army, and may have been trained to rule; additionally, they were quite popular, in life.

    As the one-time Human Heir to the Kingdom of Monsters and something of a natural manipulator, Assassin possesses a remarkable silver tongue. They're no monarch, but they were once destined to become one, and it shows.

    Assassin excels most particularly in one-on-one relationships— more specifically, in emotional manipulation. In that context, this Skill is much more effective, for better or worse.

    Battle Continuation — A
    The ability, quite simply, to continue acting even after receiving lethal damage. At this rank, Assassin can sustain themself in spite of lethal damage (even to their spiritual core) for a duration of nine minutes before dissolving, and — through use of their second Noble Phantasm — may even be able to heal the damage and continue onwards in the face of literally being bisected.

    In life, Assassin endured a very, very long fall down a very, very deep hole, took over twenty-four hours to succumb to being poisoned with an extremely lethal plant and remained spiritually attached to their grave for a century after their death, eventually resuming life inside the body of another fallen child. They undoubtedly qualify for this Skill, if only through sheer willpower alone.

    Aptitude for Slaughter (All) — C
    The ability to take any object and make it into a tool solely for murder. Any object wielded by Assassin in combat gains a mild Anti-Human effect, making it anathema to anything Assassin is likely to fight. This does not make any object Assassin wields into a Noble Phantasm, as with the Noble Phantasm of a certain Knight of the Round Table; they can still be broken, they can still be outmatched, and they will never match up to Assassin’s own Noble Phantasm, but they can still do quite a lot of damage.

    Assassin is not experienced with using anything as a murder weapon, but has shown to be capable of slaughtering defeating genuine monsters, including one whose strength had grown to be on-level with a Heroic Spirit, with ballet shoes, a frying pan and a book; such a bizarre feat earns them this Skill singlehandedly. Whether through knowing where to cut or simply applying enough brute force, they can make anything deadly.

    Weak Constitution — C
    A Skill reflecting one’s frailty in life, complicating both battles and peacetime alike. With regards to Assassin, they experience echoes of buttercup poisoning at all times, causing them to feel intense pain in their hands, mouth and throat, be short of breath at inopportune moments and be subject to extreme dizzy spells if disorientated enough. If hit hard enough, it is possible they may also be overcome with a bloody coughing fit. All symptoms (excluding the pain, which is always present) occur only when Assassin’s Luck fails them; as their Luck is rather low, this can be often.

    Assassin’s first life ended at their own hands; buttercup poisoning, which slowly killed them over one day and one night. Symptoms of this nauseating sickness continue to appear in their body, even now.

    Class Skills:
    Mad Enhancement — C

    The defining Skill of the Berserker, exchanging sanity for physical might. A Servant with this Skill will have all parameters except for Luck and Noble Phantasm ranked up, at the cost of loss of reason. Berserker is not actually very insane with this Skill active, but is inexorably focused on becoming stronger and stronger. They can act normally, even holding long conversations without the slightest hint of hostility— but inside, they have become completely sociopathic. Even their Master holds no real value to them, and can be discarded at a moment's notice.

    Even in the depths of insanity, Berserker maintained their composure and retained their remarkably impenetrable speech patterns, only ever smiling during murder to let their madness be known. Such an unsettling psychosis must surely also manifest in the Mad Enhancement, as well.

    Personal Skills:
    Aptitude for Slaughter (All) — B

    The ability to take any object and make it into a tool solely for murder. Any object wielded by Assassin in combat gains a powerful Anti-Human effect, making it anathema to anything Assassin is likely to fight. This does not make any object Assassin wields into a Noble Phantasm, as with the Noble Phantasm of a certain Knight of the Round Table; they can still be broken, they can still be overpowered, and they will never match up to Assassin’s own Noble Phantasm, but they can still do quite a lot of damage.

    Assassin is not experienced with using anything as a murder weapon, but has shown to be capable of slaughtering dozens, including several immensely powerful Phantasmal Beasts, with ballet shoes, a frying pan and a book; such a bizarre feat earns them this Skill singlehandedly. Whether through knowing where to cut or simply applying enough brute force, they can make anything deadly.

    Battle Continuation — A+
    The ability, quite simply, to continue acting even after receiving lethal damage. At this rank, Assassin can sustain themself in spite of lethal damage (even to their spiritual core) for a duration of ten minutes before dissolving, continuing onwards in the face of literally being bisected.

    When faced with imminent, desired death, Berserker’s body refused to die for a full day and night. When faced with the return to 「 」, Berserker’s Soul remained in the world for a century before it could latch onto a new body and return to life. When faced with an immovable foe, Berserker kept attacking until it broke under the strain, fighting on even through death itself. In all regards, they qualify for this Skill.

    Eye of the Mind (True) — B
    A heightened capacity for observation, created and refined solely through training, discipline and experience. A danger-avoidance ability that utilizes the intelligence collected up to the current time as the basis for predicting the opponent’s next move and changing the circumstances of an engagement. At this rank, Berserker is capable of calm analysis of battle conditions even when in danger and deduce an appropriate course of action after considering all possibilities to escape from a predicament.

    It is hard to say precisely where Berserker obtained the combat experience that is necessary for this Skill; nonetheless, they have it, allowing them to nearly instantaneously check their surroundings and deduce new information about their opponents through minor details — and use it to turn the tide.

    Independent Action — D
    The ability for a Heroic Spirit to remain in the world even while rejecting a Master’s Magical Energy; Servants with this Skill may remain manifested into the world even if they have neither Contract nor Master. At this rank, Berserker may remain in the world for half of a day, even without a Master.

    Without a body to keep it attached to the world, Berserker’s Soul should have returned to 「 」; but it did not. It should not have been able to latch onto the Soul of the person who awoke them, but it did. And, most importantly, it should not have been able to subsume the original Soul entirely and become the true owner of that body... but it did. The presence of this Skill is guaranteed, although it is noticeably lackluster.

    Class Skills:
    Avenger — D+

    Hate and fury fuel the Avenger-Class Servant, and are easier to incite in their presence. At this rank, Avenger Lily naturally inspires minor amounts of hatred in their foes; where this Skill truly shines, however, is in their own self-hatred, which perpetually fuels them and their desires in a fashion similar to Self Replenishment (Mana). This Skill has the side effect of perpetuating that self-hatred.

    Avenger Lily is a hateful person, but does not actively desire to be hated; the majority of this ability, therefore, goes into fueling their own self-hatred — which fuels them, in turn.

    Memory Correction — A
    Humanity can forget many things, but Avenger Lily refuses to. If Avenger Lily makes use of a forgotten detail in combat, all damage dealt as a result of said detail is increased by 50%. (‘Forgotten details’ can include Memory Correction itself.) At this rank, Avenger Lily’s refusal to forget reaches supernatural levels. Even memory-altering Skills or Noble Phantasms are incapable of making them forget things (with the Information Erasure Skill in particular requiring a rank of B or better to take effect at all).

    Avenger Lily’s desire for vengeance lasted through death itself, binding them to the world when their body failed; they never forgot the source of their old scars, even after half a century of sleep in a grave beneath the earth.

    Self Replenishment (Mana) — B
    Until their revenge is attained, Avenger Lily will not stop fighting, Master or no Master. Avenger Lily generates reasonably large quantities of Mana per turn, reduced significantly with the use of a Noble Phantasm or their other, non-replenishing Skills. In many ways, this functions similarly to Independent Action, but it can also bolster a Servant that already has a Master.

    Between their own refusal to die and the aspects of their Soul that are more firmly grounded in Magic in their current form, Avenger Lily generates remarkably large amounts of Mana at all times.

    Personal Skills:
    Aptitude for Slaughter (All) — D

    The ability to take any object and make it into a tool solely for murder. Any object wielded by Avenger Lily in combat gains a minor Anti-Human effect, making it anathema to anything Avenger Lily is likely to fight. This does not make any object Avenger Lily wields into a Noble Phantasm, as with the Noble Phantasm of a certain Knight of the Round Table; they can still be broken, they can still be outmatched, and they will never match up to Avenger Lily’s own Noble Phantasm, but they can still do quite a lot of damage.

    Avenger Lily is not nearly as skilled at combat as their elder Assassin and Berserker counterparts, but retains this Skill nonetheless because it is a hallmark of their legend.

    Charisma — C
    The ability to lead armies, win hearts and sway opinions. At this rank, the Servant is capable of leading a large army, and may have been trained to rule; additionally, they were likely quite popular, in life.

    Avenger Lily possesses a remarkable silver tongue, as befitting of the one-time Human Heir to the Kingdom of Monsters. They're no monarch, but they were once destined to become one, and it shows.

    However, as they do not have as much exposure to normal human emotions as their elder counterparts, the bonuses this Skill receives when used for emotional manipulation are not present for Avenger Lily.

    Hybrid — C
    A Skill denoting one’s status as a being of mixed lineage, generally those born of both a human and a Phantasmal Beast; this can provide a variety of powers, most particularly enhanced Mana regeneration. This Skill does not usually fall below EX rank, but the peculiar nature of Avenger Lily’s “hybrid” status has provided an exception.

    Avenger Lily’s final moments in life were spent sharing a body with a Phantasmal Beast, itself a hybrid between man and monster; their Soul in their current form bears echoes of that symbiosis, most prominently shown in a boost to their Magic stat, the increased efficiency of Self Replenishment (Mana) and Avenger Lily's physical form having horns.

    Real Knife
    The Demon's Absolute

    Rank: B (A as Berserker)
    Max. Targets: 1
    Chara’s favored knife is a terrible thing, festering with enough killing intent to match an entire army. When imbued with enough Magical Energy, this can be weaponized, releasing a short, paper-thin wave of energy that tears through physical objects like a flaming sword through butter. Servants will not be completely pierced, but will be heavily injured if the wave hits them; only sufficient Magical Resistance (B-Rank or better) can completely negate the damage. (Berserker's variant of this Noble Phantasm, however, cannot be completely blocked.)

    It is hard to determine how long Chara has possessed the weapon they so reverently refer to as a "real knife;" they do not appear to be inclined to tell, themself, but the blade is invariably stained with murder, no matter which variant of them is summoned. The Berserker variant claims to have committed genocide with it; it is not hard to see why, considering that it is so much more powerful in their hands than it is in Assassin's or Avenger Lily's. But that does not explain the others...

    The Power To Play God

    Rank: A
    Max. Targets: 1
    A Noble Phantasm embodying Assassin’s unrelenting force of will; permitting them to even overcome death itself in order to claim victory from the jaws of defeat. Upon invocation, a glowing, golden six-pointed star will appear in the air in front of Assassin, manifested from a combination of Mana and sheer willpower. Whoever first touches the star will be healed of all wounds, except for those that cannot be healed by any other means — a limb severed by the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, for instance, will not be regenerated. After that single use, it will disappear.

    In life, Assassin could (alongside the owner of their second body) use these stars to warp time itself, undoing their mistakes and rendering defeat impossible. That is, needless to say, heinously broken; so that aspect of this Noble Phantasm has been completely and permanently sealed.

    Every Kill Makes Me Less Human

    Rank: B
    Anti-Unit (Self)
    Max. Targets: 1
    A Noble Phantasm embodying the monstrous transformation Berserker undergoes during their slaughter, making their Mad Enhancement infinitely stronger with every kill they make. Every Servant Berserker kills will rank up their Mad Enhancement, increasing all parameters except for Luck and making them even more psychotic until the Skill blows straight past the EX marker. Berserker, after killing four Servants, will be virtually unstoppable... and uncontrollable.

    This Noble Phantasm possesses a unique secondary effect, unknown to Berserker but known to the Masters who view this Noble Phantasm: if a being manages to overcome Berserker's Mad Enhancement by any means, eliciting compassion or mercy in the field of battle, this Noble Phantasm will force Mad Enhancement to rank down, beginning a “downward” spiral that may potentially end with the Skill being sealed entirely. Their Mad Enhancement steals their compassion, not their sanity; regaining it can only be accomplished at the cost of their physical prowess.

    (Without Mad Enhancement, Berserker’s parameters are similar to their Assassin counterpart’s. The Real Knife is still Rank A, though.)

    The Angel That Has Seen The Surface

    Rank: A
    Max. Targets: 500
    A Noble Phantasm that does not represent (as the True Name implies) Avenger Lily’s fallen brother, but rather the horrific transformation the two of them underwent upon beginning to share a body: a massive abomination of incredible power, akin more to the true form of a Beast than an actual Noble Phantasm. It would take an astonishingly powerful Servant or several strong Servants at once to defeat Avenger Lily in this form, if they hold nothing back.

    However, this transformation is a double-edged sword. While in this form, an echo of the consciousness of Avenger Lily’s brother — the Noble Phantasm’s namesake — will form inside Avenger Lily’s own, providing them with a conscience that will force them to refuse to fight Servants of a Neutral or Lawful Good alignment. In the face of such a foe, Avenger Lily will flounder and invariably receive lethal damage if they do not flee immediately.

    Due to the terrible memories associated with this Noble Phantasm, and the impracticality of using it against Good opponents, Avenger Lily will generally refrain from using this Noble Phantasm unless forced by Command Seal.

    ”Heroic Spirits are anomalies in a sea of aberrations. They are not proof that Humanity is good. They are not evidence that Humanity is sacred. All that they accomplish... is evince the fact that exceptions occur for all laws. Even that of nature itself.”

    In spite of their age, Chara is a very mature person, and a very, very empty being. On the surface, they are an unsettlingly computer-like person, speaking softly and often with only the barest trace of emotion in their voice; they use unusually long words, break up sentences into fragments and regard all things with a cold impassivity, in the same way a scientist might behold a new test subject. Their entire personality seems to convey a sense of superiority.

    Beneath that mask, they are much the same, if much more complex. Chara is what could be referred to as a disempathic sociopath, capable of empathizing only with specific things; all other things are tools, at best, and utterly worthless at worst. They are cruel, selfish and manipulative; but when something earns their sympathy, they will devote themself to it almost slavishly, providing utmost loyalty and an obsessive protectiveness. Betrayal by something they love, in turn, will be met with fury matching that of the usual Mad Enhancement, turning even the perfectly sane Assassin into a raving beast from Hell. (There is, interestingly enough, no limit to the scope of something they may empathize with; depending on the variant, they still truly love the kingdom they were royalty of, and, regardless of the variant, were at one point willing to die for it.)

    They heavily disdain those who abuse their authority or their powers, as well; to believe you are above consequences, as is befitting of someone possessing the exact same mental disorder as Chara themself, is to earn their enmity. They, themself, have to constantly evaluate their every action, consider every single word they speak before saying it, and deliberately distract themself (sometimes painfully) in order to keep their natural impulsivity from rearing its head; to see someone freely indulge themself without expecting anything to go wrong, spitting in the face of all their efforts, will infuriate them. No one is above consequences.

    Suffice to say, Chara does not like Gilgamesh.

    “I... do not understand why I am also considered a “Heroic Spirit.” I am not a hero. I am a demon. I am not the one who— who freed all Monsters from the mountain. I am not... a good person.”

    And yet, in spite of all of this, what they are at their core is broken. They do not view themself as being above anything, even though narcissism is one of the most notable symptoms of sociopathy — their worldview may center around themself, yes, but they easily view anything that defies their remarkably low expectations (that is, anything that possesses basic compassion) as being better than them. Their extensive vocabulary, their constant facade of implicit superiority, even their lust to become more and more powerful — it is all driven by an inferiority complex that matches the ego of the King of Heroes himself in how much it shapes their personality.

    Humanity, in their eyes, is evil at its core. Therefore, they, themself, are a horrible person — even when they prove themself to be perfectly capable of empathy, compassion and love. It is what drove them to commit suicide, and it taints their worldview even as a Heroic Spirit. They want to be better— and in so doing, sabotage their pre-existing virtues. They want to be loved— and in so doing, make themself a very hard person to love. They want to protect those they love— and in so doing, become willing to commit senseless murder, simply to become stronger.

    They are a very, very difficult Heroic Spirit to be the Master of, and even moreso when it comes to getting along with them; and yet, if their loyalty can be earned, they might well become one of the greatest friends that their Master will ever know.

    “ does not matter. I’ll win the Grail for you, Master. My wish is irrelevant. My desires are irrelevant. For you, my Partner. I will destroy everything in our way. And then, we can both be happy.”

    Chara Dreemurr (although that is not their true name; the original has been long since discarded, and is utterly lost to history) is the human heir to the Dreemurrs, a family of hybrids between Phantasmal Beasts and humans; the royal family of an entire kingdom of lesser Phantasmal Beasts, who relinquished their longevity and power so that the world of man might welcome them even after the end of the Age of Gods. The history of that “Kingdom of Monsters” is long, often dull, and remarkably obscure; all that matters now is that Chara’s story the parts of it that are still remembered begins when they fell into a hole in Mount Ebott, beneath which the Kingdom of Monsters had been sealed.

    They were adopted by the Dreemurrs, in hopes of creating a new age of peace between man and monster, and flourished— for a time. Alongside Asriel, the biological descendant of the King and Queen of Monsters, they lived in relative peace for a year, before falling ill and dying. Asriel, wracked with grief, took the remains of Chara’s Soul into his own before it could depart for 「 」 and used it to pass through the Barrier, the impossibly powerful Bounded Field keeping Monsters sealed underground; he delivered Chara’s corpse to the village they had been born in, and was assaulted by the villagers, who feared him in the form he had taken with Chara’s Soul inside his body. He did not fight back; he merely smiled, fled, and later died of his injuries in his parents’ arms.

    In truth, Chara killed themself in an attempt to save their family, slowly poisoning themself with buttercups from the Dreemurrs’ garden and succumbing to the illness over the rest of the day. Asriel was to take their Soul and use it to cross the Barrier, then slaughter the village to use their Souls to generate enough Magical Energy to break the Barrier, becoming the savior of all Monsters. Unlike Chara, Asriel had a conscience; this plan backfired horribly, spelling doom for them both and sending Chara to their death for a second time.

    The three Servants that can be summoned bearing Chara’s name are three aspects of their legend. Assassin, who awoke in the body of the last child to fall into the mountain, and eventually helped them to shatter the Barrier; Berserker, something of a ‘Lostbelt Chara,’ who slowly corrupted the child's mind and massacred their old kingdom over the span of a single week; and Avenger Lily, who has yet to return from death at all. Their powers differ, but their personality is not much different between the three; it is only a matter of what comes to the forefront. This can make them easier to handle — Avenger Lily’s internal dubiety can make them much more receptive to kindness — or harder — Berserker needs no explanation.

    Regardless, the ultimate outcome of summoning them is always the same: a lot of blood.

    This thing was around ten pages long in Google Docs. Without the faceclaim. Most other Servants I write barely reach six, maximum. It should therefore probably go without saying that Chara is my favorite UNDERTALE character. Like, period.

    Now, I am slightly iffy about both their stats and their Skills; I can't tell if any of them are ranked appropriately, or even (in some cases) if they should be there at all. (As an example, Avenger Lily Chara actually had Mental Pollution for a really long time, but I removed it in this last version that you're reading now.) But I can't see any way to improve them, so I've decided that they're basically finished. It'll have to do, I guess.


    I really, really need to finish that Beast/Savior duo instead of doing miscellaneous Servants. Ah, well. Might consider doing Asriel later; the dude named his attacks, so he clearly has potential. I won't need to reach a bit to figure out good Noble Phantasm names, at least.

    EDIT/DISCLAIMER?: Also, the Aptitude for Slaughter Skill, to my knowledge, was originally devised by RoydGolden. I just used it because, well, it's already there and it already does everything I needed it to do. If that's a problem, uh... I guess I can swap it out? Eh. Either way, special thanks to them.
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    Does creepypasta qualify as modern fiction?

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    Leysritt needs more screentime and love

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    I have an idea of a Slenderman or Jeff the Killer servant. The Jeff one is entirely non serious, tho.

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    Given that Lethildiren created a psychotic Servant from an indie game, I've decided that I'd post this one that I've been sitting on for a while. But I fear that I've given him a little too many skills and Noble Phantasms.

    "So, you're the one who summoned me... My class is Assassin. Tell me, Master; how do you feel about killing children?"

    Class: Assassin
    True Name: William Afton
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

    Strength: D (A+)*
    Endurance: D (A+)*
    Agility: C (D)*
    Mana: C
    Luck: B
    Noble Phantasm: A++

    Class Skills
    Presence Concealment C
    Hides one's presence as a Servant. Suitable for spying. The rank of Presence Concealment drops considerably when preparing to attack.

    Item Construction A
    The Rank of this skill comes from how skilled Assassin was in the field of animatronic design. Likely because of this, Assassin is unable to produce anything that isn’t an animatronic.

    Territory Creation B
    Creation of a “Workshop” specializing in animatronic construction becomes possible.

    Personal Skills
    Charisma D
    Assassin is able to put up a façade of being a kind and charming man. However this is merely just a façade and underneath it, he is a twisted, psychotic man. When this façade is dropped, Charisma is temporarily sealed.

    Mass Production C
    In life, Afton was in charge of creating animatronics for the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria franchise and had created a myriad of different animatronics. However, only a small number of animatronics were produced for one location, denoting the moderate rank of this Skill.

    Double Summon B
    A rare Personal Skill possessed only by a few select Servants, it permits a Servant to simultaneously possess Class Skills from two distinct classes. It is limited only to some of the extra classes, the cavalry classes, and “modern classes” like Gunner.
    In this case, Afton possesses Class Skills from both the Assassin and Caster classes.

    Mental Pollution B
    A Skill where due to possessing a distorted mentality, it is possible for one to shut out any mental interference thaumaturgy. However, at the same time, it becomes impossible for one to come to a mutual understanding with individuals who do not possess an equivalent rank of Mental Pollution.

    Noble Phantasms
    Animatronic Construction “Twisted Dreams of Children” A
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 1~50
    Maximum Number of Targets: 1~100
    In life, William Afton was the designer of the several generations of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza animatronics. Animatronic Construction creates one Animatronic for each child murdered by Afton, but a total of only up to five Animatronics can be created at one time. Fifty Animatronics overall can be created to patrol a given area. Overall, there five different types of Animatronics; Classic, Withered, Toy, Nightmare, and Funtime. When Afton’s Springtrap Noble Phantasm is activated, a sixth type of Animatronic can be created; the Twisted Ones.
    An Animatronic will patrol a designated area affected by Afton’s Territory Creation in patterns that differentiate between each specific type of Animatronic. This rule does not apply to the Twisted Ones, however, as they can leave the area, but they must bury themselves to avoid exposure to sunlight. Any intruders spotted by the Animatronics will be pursued until they either escape or are caught and stuffed inside a Freddy Fazbear suit. Except for Nightmare Animatronics, Animatronics do not recognize children as intruders, oddly enough, and will simply ignore them. Funtime Animatronics and Twisted Ones, on the other hand, will attempt to lure the children towards them and kill them.

    Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria “Where Fantasy and Fun Come to Life” A
    Type: Anti-Team
    Range: 1~25
    Maximum Number of People: 1~10
    A Reality Marble that generates a replica of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria’s 1987 location or 1993 location. This Noble Phantasm automatically either five animatronics in the 1993 location or eleven animatronics in the 1987 location.

    The animatronics are not the only ones those in the Reality Marble will need to watch out for; Afton himself is running around, looking for those caught in it. If the animatronics spot anybody, they will try to catch them and stuff them into a Freddy Fazbear suit.

    Springtrap “My Name is Springtrap, and I Am Here to Do the Devil’s Work” EX
    Type: Anti-Unit (Self)
    The Spring Bonnie Animatronic is unique in that it has springlock mechanisms that allow it to function as either an animatronic or a suit for a person to wear. Unfortunately, one wrong movement will cause the springlocks to break and cause the suit to collapse in on the wearer and crush them to death.

    This suit became William Afton’s coffin after he hid in it in an attempt to escape the vengeful souls of his victims. If Afton dons the Spring Bonnie suit, the suit will collapse on him shortly afterwards and seemingly kill him. However, he will immediately be reanimated as Springtrap. His Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Noble Phantasm changes to Fazbear’s Fright and he can create a new type of Animatronic using his Animatronic Construction; the Twisted Ones.

    Fazbear’s Fright “Twisted Legacy of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria” EX*
    Type: Anti-Team
    Range: 1~25
    Maximum Number of People: 1~10
    William Afton’s Reality Marble Noble Phantasm changes shape after he uses Springtrap on himself. The Reality Marble generates a representation of Fazbear’s Fright, a haunted house based on the mysteries of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.

    Fazbear’s Fright will eventually begin to be engulfed in fire and the only way to escape alive is to kill Springtrap before the fire gets to you. Unfortunately for Springtrap, if the fire gets to him, he too will die. To make matters worse, this Noble Phantasm contains qualities of Animatronic Construction and will randomly spawn Phantom Animatronics to attack. While the Phantom Animatronics are completely intangible and non-lethal, victims attacked by them will blackout. Even if this blacking out only lasts for a single second, a single second is all Springtrap needs to ambush you.

    *Applies to Springtrap

    William Afton was the owner of the company Afton Robotics and founded the children’s pizzeria chain known as Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria with his business partner Henry Emily. But, he was secretly a sociopath who used these positions to his advantage to go on to murder several children. He was never caught by the authorities, but he would still eventually receive his comeuppance. The vengeful souls of his victims possessed the animatronics at Freddy’s and began seeking revenge.

    One day, after the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria franchise had shut down for good, he ambushed and dismantled the animatronics, unwittingly releasing the souls of his victims. The souls cornered Afton in a hidden safe room and, in a last ditch attempt to hide, he donned an old costume that was lying in there. Unfortunately for him, the springlocks in the suit broke and the suit collapsed on Afton, killing him.

    But this wasn’t the end. Nearly thirty years later, the Spring-Bonnie Suit was found and brought to a haunted house based on the unsolved mysteries of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, Fazbear’s Fright. Afton’s soul was possessing the Spring-Bonnie suit. Calling himself Springtrap, Afton began trying to kill the night guard at Fazbear’s Fright but the attraction eventually went up in flames.

    And yet, Afton survived. He eventually happened upon a new Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria location. But this turned out to be a trap and Afton, along with every surviving Fazbear animatronic, was incinerated, ending the Fazbear legacy forever.

    Ryunosuke Uryu: Ryunosuke and Afton are a possible Master-Servant pair that would have extremely good compatibility with each other. Unfortunately, this is only because they are psychopathic murderers that take sick joy from killing people.

    Holy Grail: The Holy grail? That grants wishes, doesn’t it? I don’t need it. I can already get what I want out of life as is.

    Gilles de Rais (Caster): “Bluebeard and I are quite alike. We both take pleasure in butchering children and had some involvement with the supernatural in life. Well, more like UN-life, in my case. Still, his obsession with Jeanne is kinda freaky…”

    Atalanta: “That woman is the bane of my existence. I swear, she’s always watching me. I can’t even breathe without her getting suspicious. Reminds me of that damn puppet..."
    Afton and Atalanta have a mutual hatred of each other. Afton is a psychopath who delights in murdering children while Atalanta wants nothing more than the safety of children. Really, they will never be able to get along.

    Atalanta (Alter): The sight of Atalanta under the affects of Agrius Metamorphosis causes Afton to run for the hills whenever she enters the area.

    Jack the Ripper: “Jack the Ripper…was a little girl? My, that’s surprising. Perhaps I can teach her a thing or two about murder.”

    Medusa (Lancer): "A little hard to believe that the Gorgon monster of the Shapeless Isle started off as a small fry like this. But, children are children..."

    Nursery Rhyme, Jeanne Alter Santa Lily: Afton seems to have an ominous interest in them. Luckily, Atalanta constantly watching him like a hawk prevents him from being able to hurt them in any way.

    I hope that this was decent enough. I've got a few more Servants on the Word document that I'm making my modern fiction Servants on. I'm planning on creating a Foreigner-class Servant version of Fuminori Sakisaka from Uta no Saya (Song of Saya). The problem is that I have no idea what either Existence Outside the Domain or Insanity does. Would anyone happen to have any clues as to what those Skills do?

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    Afton: Four NPs does seem a bit much for the guy. I'd recommend folding the first two together and making it so he can only summon the animatronics inside Freddy's.

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    Big question: what class do you think Slenderman would be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red2Grader View Post
    Big question: what class do you think Slenderman would be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zikari8 View Post
    Except no. Foreigner, despite the name, isn't actually a Class for eldritch beings but humans who are possessed by/can channel the power of eldritch beings. A "pure" eldritch being like Slendy shouldn't qualify, though I suppose the various people he brainwashed into being his proxies possibly could. (Even then, part of being a Foreigner is you're able to resist being corrupted to some extent, so that might not work either)

    Personally, I'd just make Slenderman an Assassin, Berserker or possibly Caster, unless you want to stretch his legend enough to make him a vessel for some more powerful otherworldly being.

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    It depends on the interpretation. I mean, I made my own Slender Man sheet an Avenger, and it worked out fine. If you can finagle the lore properly, he can work in a surprising amount of classes... but he's still only really inherently suited for Assassin or a particularly sneaky Caster.

    Still not Foreigner, though. Really, no. At face value, that's not how the class works, and Slendy's general gimmick makes him very hard to fit into it on principle. No amount of lore-finagling is guaranteed to make that come close to working.
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    Warning: This one will most likely suck.


    Class: Assassin.

    Identity: Hahn Sho Lobo (roughly translated from Khund as ‘He who Devours Your Entrails and Thoroughly Enjoys It’).

    Titles: The Main Man, The Ultimate Bastitch, Killer of the Cosmic Royalty.

    Basic Stats:

    Alignment: Chaotic Evil.

    Strength: A ++.

    Mana: D.

    Endurance: EX.

    Agility: B.

    Luck: A.

    Noble Phantasms: B.

    Class Skills:

    Presence Concealment: F (Trust us… Don’t ask. Okay, it’s actually E, but he said he’d kills us if we didn’t give him an F, pleasedonttellhim).

    Unusually for an Assassin, Lobo never made a point of carrying out his murders in secrecy, and unless bound by wording on a contract he’d rather kill his prey as noisily and with as much collateral damage as possible, all to increase his infamy as a troublemaker and sate his bloodlust. However, while he eschews making his own involvement into assassinations a secret, he has no real interest on divulging who ordered him to commit a hit, and can be persuaded on the subject with relative ease.

    Independent Action: EX. (See also From a Single Drop of Blood…)

    Lobo has been banned from the afterlife, as Heaven, Hell and Purgatory have all declared him persona non grata. This, coupled with his amazing regenerative properties, has rendered him functionally immortal, and he can remain in this world indefinitely even after the death of his Master. Besides, Lobo is fully willing to consume human souls to sustain himself in case of need, and odds seem likely even the Throne of Heroes doesn’t want him around and will pawn him off on Earth at the slightest chance. It’s unknown what could ever kill Lobo and send him to the Throne of Heroes in the first place. Probably the heat death of the universe, but in any case it’s for the best not thinking about it.

    Personal Skills:

    Battle Continuation: A.

    Lobo is a stubborn son of a bitch who will not surrender in battle until his opponent is dead, no matter how maimed, mutilated or wounded he may be. Even when overwhelmed by superior numbers or force, he is a natural born master of clean getaways, which he often uses to set up ambushes and counterstrikes.

    Animal Dialogue: C.

    Lobo, for all his many moral flaws, genuinely loves a species of space dolphins he’s sworn to protect, and he’s fond of Earth dolphins as well. In general, while he cares little to nothing about other animals, they still seem to attach themselves to Lobo, and at various points a gorilla, a bulldog and a flock of vicious Frag Penguins have been drawn to him as his pets.

    Noble Phantasms:

    From a Single Drop of Blood…: A.

    Lobo’s miraculous healing factor, inherited from his Czarnian species, allows him to regenerate destroyed or missing parts of his body in seconds to minutes, depending on the seriousness of the wound. Even regrowing his whole head after having it exploded will only take him a few hours at most, and in the meanwhile Lobo’s headless body can keep functioning, although blind and erratic. Lobo can revive eventually even if all that’s left from him is a single drop of blood; in life this ability used to be even more fearsome, allowing Lobo to create clones of himself from each drop of spilled blood, but thankfully it was neutered by Vril Dox, commander of cosmic law enforcement organization L.E.G.I.O.N.

    Space Hawg 666: B.

    Lobo’s ride through the spaceways, a sleek, dark rocket motorcycle able to fly unscathed through black holes and loaded with all manners of deadly weaponry. While Lobo is a master at riding this vehicle, that doesn’t give him the Riding ability, as he tends to destroy most other vehicles he takes and to kill all animals he mounts, space dolphins aside.

    Honor of The Main Man: C.

    While Lobo is crude, callous, vulgar, careless, selfish, amoral, unhygienic, indecent, repulsive, cynical, greedy, abusive, inconsiderate, gluttonous, perverted, envious, aggressive, mean, loud, petty and cruel, he’s a man of his word and once sworn to do something he’ll do it no matter the odds against him. However, Lobo only follows the strict wording of what he’s promised, and attempts to fool him into acting against his will tend to backfire horribly, as he’ll find loopholes to turn unwanted orders against those who issued them, something to keep in mind when using Command Seals on him.

    Lobo hates pretty much everyone, but a few individuals have gained his good graces: downtrodden cosmic driver Space Cabbie, Lobo’s favorite diner owner Al and his waitress Arlene, vitriolic best bud Etrigan the Demon, and the members of superhero team The Authority. Should you join this short list, this Noble Phantasm’s effects will keep you from suffering serious injury during Lobo’s rampages, although humiliation and affronts to your dignity and self esteem will invariably happen.

    Summoning: “This crap again?! Feetal’s gizz! Oh well, I’m Assassin! But I’d rather go with Lobo! Th’ Main Man! Numero Uno primo mass killer f’r hire, atcher service… ‘s long as ya can pay wit’ lotsa sweet mana prisms an’ quartzes an’ medals, of course!”

    Liked things: “Of course it’s booze! An’ broads! An’ lotsa an’ lotsa carnage an’ bloodshed! Those are the things a real Main Man craves! An’ then there’s my fishies, naturally. Th’ only creatures in this fragged universe you can call noble an’ graceful an’… Don’t laugh now! Even if you’re my Master I’ll blow yer stinkin’ face off!”

    Disliked things: “It’s gotta be pansy do-gooders like Supey an’ Goldstar, that creep. I can’t stand them goodies who do things without expectin’ fer a fair reward! What are they, idiots? They make things harder f’r the rest of us hard workin’ fellas!”

    Birthday: “Happy birthday, Clyde! Let’s start early an’ go hit the nudie bar already! What? You don’t know any? Dat’s okay, we can start our own!”

    Event: “Wuzzat? Some kinda party? Awright! Let’s go there, dweeb, on th’ double! The Main Man never misses on a party he can crack up ta twelve!”

    Holy Grail: “A wish? I already gotta all I want from life! I’m free, strong, feared, smart an’ incredibly handsome! But I guess I coulda wish fer a few million credits or sumthin’!”

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    Okay, this is actually quite funny, but:
    1) Why is his Strength higher than Heracles'?
    2) The third NP could perfectly be a skill

    - - - Updated - - -

    Okay, nevermind. I forgot there are Servants with A++ in Strength
    Leysritt needs more screentime and love

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    I struggled (in the short time I had left to write this anyway) with the strenght issue. Lobo can trade more or less even punches with Superman, who even in his weakest incarnations is way stronger than FSN Heracles (although Superman is also stronger than Lobo if he goes all out), and there's the further problem, being a comedic character, he's as strong as the plot needs him to be. But I'm way open to lowering the rank, yeah.

    Also, good point about the NP/Skill.

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    "This scent... Is the scent of an enemy!"

    Identity: Hashizawa Ikurō
    Also known as: Baoh, The Visitor
    Height: Same as an adult person
    Weight: Same as an adult person
    Chaotic Good
    Attribute: Human
    Origin: Japan
    Armament: None
    Likes: Violets
    Dislikes: Scent of murder
    Talents: Smelling emotions
    Natural enemy: Doress

    Agility: B
    Luck: C
    NP: A

    After suffering a car accident in which his parents died, Hashizawa Ikurō was chosen by the boss of the organization Doress as a test subject for his experiments. Ikurō was injected the parasyte called Baoh, and became a super-soldier with the capacity to turn into a creature of unimaginable might. However, Ikurō didn't become a subordinate of Doress. Thanks to a little girl called Sumire, he was able to escape from the claws of the evil organization. In order to avoid that the experiment was revealed to the public, several men were sent to kill Ikurō, but thanks to the power of Baoh, he was able to defeat all of them. Eventually, Ikurō was able to dismantle Doress, but at the cost of lying unconscious for several years at the bottom of the sea.

    A teen that doesn't speak much due to having forgotten about his past, Ikurō is friendly despite his quietness. He is a good person with a kind heart that makes him want to protect his friends, and would resort to do illegal things, like stealing, only if he can survive with that.

    When he turns into Baoh, Ikurō is unable to communicate properly, his vocabulary being limited only to "BARUBARUBARU" and groans. He displays the typical behavior of a Berserker under the effects of Mad Enhancement, but even so, his heart is the same as when he is just Hashizawa Ikurō.

    Class skills
    Mad Enhancement C
    The only class skill of Berserkers. Parameters are boosted depending on the rank of the skill, but the same proportion of mental sanity is deprived in exchange. As a result, the Servant may not only lose the ability to speak and think properly, but also see some of their skills, techniques, and even Noble Phantasms sealed.
    At C rank, all the parameters exceot for Luck and Mana are augmented one rank, but the Servant loses the capacity of rational thought. In the case of Ikurō, he is able to talk and think as a normal person. When he turns into Baoh, however, Mad Enhancement triggers, and he loses that capacity.

    Personal skills
    Powerless Shell A
    Makes a Servant difficult to be perceived as such, reducing parameters and suppressing skills. While Ikurō isn't Baoh, there isn't any sign of him being a Servant. His parameters are declined, his personal skills are sealed, and his presence is felt as that of an average human. As a result, when he turns into Baoh, his parameters skyrocket in a similar way to a recoil. This skill is very valuable in normal Holy Grail Wars, as the Servant can move freely without being detected.

    Mana Burst (Lightning) B
    Also known as Baoh Break Dark Thunder Phenomenon. One of the several abilities possessed by Baoh, magical energy is transformed into electricity, giving weapons a lightning effect. Baoh's body is able to generate currents of 60,000 volts (same as an electric eel), enough to power a laser cannon on his own.

    Battle Continuation A
    Capacity to keep fighting even after sustaining severe damage and, sometimes, being at the verge of death. It's not only the nature of having a resilient body, but also that of someone who never gives up no matter what. Transforming into Baoh, Ikurō is able to fight while ignoring most of the damage received.

    Self-Modification C
    Baoh Reskiniharden Saber Phenomenon
    , and Baoh Shooting Bees Stinger Phenomenon. The ability to remold one's own flesh and blend it with foreign body parts to make the body specialized towards combat. One's status as a hero will decrease in proportion to the rank. By using the two aforementioned attacks with this skill, Baoh can harden his skin tissue to produce removable blades on his arms, as well as shooting hair needles.

    Noble Phantasm

    Baoh Armed Phenomenon
    Baō Busō Genshō

    Type: Anti-Unit (Self)
    Rank: A

    The transformation into the bioweapon Baoh, produced thanks to the parasyte with the same name. By lodging in the brain, the worm accelerates evolution artificially and unlocks the concealed power of living beings. Whenever the host body is attacked, the maximum destructive power of Baoh is released, turning the individual into a never-seen creature.

    While transformed into Baoh, Ikurō obtains a superhuman degree of strength and healing, ranking-up his Strength and Endurance. The healing rate of injuries accelerates greatly, enabling Ikurō to recover from minor wounds in a matter of seconds, although larger injuries will take much more time to heal. His skin and hair can harden and be remodeled to act as weapons, and his body produces hazardous chemical substances that act as potent corrosive acids (Baoh Meltedin Palm Phenomenon) or extremely inflammable materials that burn upon contact with the body heat. Electricity can also be generated.

    Another feature granted by Baoh is the capacity to track people by the "scent" of emotions like sadness of suffering, even if they're several kilometers away. This also allows to recognize people as enemies by their scent, even if their presence is concealed.

    Of course, even super-human-weapons like Baoh have major weaknesses. The most effective way to dispose of Baoh is by destroying the brain and burning the body. Other methods, such as direct disintegration, are valid, as long as the brain is destroyed and the body is unusable. Another disadvantage is that, since the Armed Phenomenon only activates when Ikurō is attacked, he can't activate it willingly. This can allow the enemy to kill him before he can transform.
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    If Mars OST kicked in, you know what to do, restart your gamefile.
    And now, it's come full circle.

    Uesugi Kenshin

    "If you value your life, please leave."

    Class: Alter Ego
    Origin: Rance Series
    Gender: Female
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Attribute: Man

    STR: B MGI: A
    AGI: A LUCK: C
    END: B NP: A

    Class Skill

    Riding B+++

    Most vehicles and animals can be handled with above average skill, even vehicles that did not exist in the time period one was alive in, for they are no exception. However, cannot ride the likes of Phantasmal Species such as Monstrous Beasts.

    But the Skill has a hidden modifier to increase her stats if she rode a certain adventurer clad in all green. Wait, what?

    Independent Action A
    The ability to remain independent even when rejecting the Magical Energy supply for a week from one's Master. It is possible to activate her Noble Phantasms, but she may risk herself disappearing exercising them.

    As the head of the Uesugi Clan, she tends to assist other Clan in dire situations for her own personal belief of justice. Her subordinate already gives up on this matter too. Instead, they assist her to ensure her survival.

    Personal Skill
    Bravery B
    The ability to negate mental interference such as pressure, confusion, and fascination. It also has the bonus effect of increasing melee damage.

    In The Continent, this was mostly known as Commander Charge.

    Protection of The Faith A

    "Bishamonten, give me your divine protection."

    A Skill possessed only by those who have sacrificed themselves for a religious view. Despite being a form of divine protection, it is not a blessing from a higher existence. It is the absoluteness of one’s body and mind that was born from their beliefs. Thanks that her religious practice is not very well spread in the continent, her view of it also doesn't take to the extreme. But the member of The Tenshi Sect or AL Church, on the other hand...

    In The Continent, this was mostly known as Protection of Bishamonten.

    Mana Burst B

    The increase in performance caused by infusing one's weapons and body with Magical Energy and instantly expelling it. Simply put, recreating the effect of a jet burst by expending large amounts of Magical Energy. Her Noble Phantasm is also an extension of this ability.

    In The Continent, this is an innate talent known as Swordsmanship Lv.2.


    Kuruma Gakari no Ken
    Cartwheel Sword

    Anti Army
    Rank B+

    The cartwheel tactic usually falls under the realm of Military Tactic, but in her case, it's a mystic sword art. By charging her Magical Energy around her and performing four-slash at the same time, she creates a violent vacuum that pulls her enemy or flung them away from her. As she charges from one enemy to another, she looks like a tornado wreaking havoc in the battlefield.

    She can increase the slash up to seven, and the vacuum it produces become more intense.

    Gunshin no Iko
    Authority of The God of War

    Anti Army
    Rank A

    A special 'pressure' that Kenshin sent on the battlefield, reminiscent of her title as the Goddess of War. In this setting, it is translated into borrowing Bishamonten's Charismatic Authority. Every time she engages in a battle, the force from the pressure caused the enemy to roll a Fear Check, failing one will decrease their overall performance by 1 Rank, resetting every enemy's battlefield advantage to 0, while increasing ally's performance by 1 Rank.

    True Nature

    The famed warlord Uesugi Kenshin's popularity is one of the highest in Japan, it's something inevitable that various fiction started to depict her. One of the most popular is perhaps, this iteration of Kenshin.

    This Uesugi Kenshin is hailing from the land of JAPAN, earning her title as the Goddess of War. She was one of many JAPAN's warlords aiming for dominance during the 5th year of Demon King Little Princess's reign. Due to her immense skill, talents, and high-level cap; she becomes one of the most powerful warriors on The Continent.

    Normally, a completely fictional existence like her is not able to be summoned. But due to some weird circumstance, she is summoned as an Alter Ego type Servant.

    There is also a story about her falling in love with the certain adventurer in green, but does it matters?

    True Nature (Alternate)

    On a certain HGW...

    Tsuru: Say Kenshin-chan, you are an actual and real-life human being right?

    Kenshin: Is this another of your weird jokes? I'm in no position to listen- There!!!

    THROB!!! Kenshin reflect fully thrust Tsuru toward a warrior trying to sneak attack her. She immediately able to realize she deliver a fatal wound to him.

    Soldier #1: Please... please...!!! Forgive me! I'm fighting for my-


    But the man can't be spared.

    Kenshin: I bet you have your own sympathetic reasons, but so do I. I'm sorry, this is not the time where I can hesitate.

    Tsuru: Whoooaaa, dude, ice cold as always...

    Kenshin: If you do your job as a Noble Phantasm PROPERLY, I think I can avoid killing the man.

    Tsuru: Point- point taken!

    Kenshin: So, what's with me being real again?

    Tsuru: So, earlier, I heard some guys talking about this 'Goddess of War.' I was under an impression they were talking about you. But then, she can do
    some weird stunt like whirlwind tornado slash or some other weird stuff, I think you can't do those.

    Kenshin: Yeah, I don't.

    Tsuru: I was like, "maybe another Goddess of War?" I mean, it's not like the epithet is super inspired right?it kinda obnoxious tbh. Last time, we met that girl with a popsicle as a weapon, I think she totally destroys you lmao.

    Kenshin: I think someone will get shortened tonight.

    Tsuru: DON'T!!!

    Tsuru: Ahem, anyway. I turn into my human form for some reconnaissancesearching for a new prank. Then, I see this girl that can create freaking typhoon that pulls and throw enemy around like paper. So, I approach her by acting as a civilian and she brings me to our enemy headquarter. She was surprisingly niceunlike certain someone, I was treated with onigiri and stuff, but the foods she given to me just immediately gone!!! Oh my god, she is so hungry, I can't- Ahahahaha!

    Kenshin: Can you get to the point? I don't need to learn this poor girl having a big appetite only for you to ridicule.

    Tsuru: Now, this is the most interesting part. One of their lackeys suddenly barged in and screams "KENSHIN-SAMA!!! There is this crazy girl rampaging on the battlefield like crazy!" Now, that, I know!

    Kenshin: ... *death glare*

    Tsuru: Anyway, this girl is called Kenshin too. I was quite surprised by how different you two are, so I immediately go to library researching her. I found out she came from this game called Rance or something.

    Kenshin: A game, now I'm interested. What kind of game?

    Tsuru: *giggle* Well you see, I have not tried it out yet. So let's find out together! *obviously lying*

    Finished playing the game

    Kenshin: ... *lost for words*

    Tsuru: *giggle* Your face red as fuck. *giggle*

    Kenshin: This is no longer about the HGW anymore. This is about my dignity as a Heroic Spirit. That Kenshin needs some private lessons.

    In the battlefield

    Soldier #2: Kenshin-sama!!! The crazy girl is back agai-!


    Kenshin #2: !!!

    Kenshin #1: You are Uesugi Kenshin, correct?

    Kenshin #2: *nods* This is your last warning, please leave, or I'll be forced to hurt you.

    Kenshin #1: That's my line. You are fucking dead!


    The participant of Holy Kenshin War:

    Uesugi Kenshin
    She kinda cute, but she hates me for some reasons.

    The Holy Sword Nikkou???

    Uesugi Kenshin (Hermes's totally not canon male Kenshin from Arthur's Timeline)
    I'm a woman, I think.

    Uesugi Kenshin (Basara)
    Are you a woman??? (unable to understand the beauty of his flamboyance)

    Uesugi Kenshin (Samurai Warriors)
    ????????????????????????????? (too intense even compared to the other male Kenshins)

    Kenshin Himura
    Every Kenshins: GO HOME!

    No, I'm not gonna do all of them lol
    Support JP (05/05/2018)
    Tell me if you want a Medb, Tsar or Achilles. Saber will be there forever, deal with it.

    ??? 1st Act = HALFU%
    OP is done tho

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