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Thread: The Type-Moon Miscellaneous Thoughts Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by GarlandGreene View Post
    Not sure why anyone would consider Mirai Fukuin to be the best that KnK has to offer considering the whole thing came off as a completely pointless side story. I mean it was great to see Mana and all but I'm pretty sure I speak for most folks out there that it would have been better to see her interact with her parents rather than a minor antagonist from the first half of the movie for the entirety of her screen time.
    That's because it mostly WAS a pointless side-story. The Bamboo Diary (and Hen_Ichi's sig, if you catch it at the right time) should have the quote from an interview with Nasu basically saying "So yeah, I was asked to do this by my editor, so I did".
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    Yeah I figured it was something like that. Still enjoy Sudou's overall direction for it though. I've noticed he has a tendency to do close up eye-shots of the characters in his films and he brought that with him for the HF trilogy as well.

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