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Thread: Random Thoughts Thread

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    You are perfectly entitled to tell, in those exact words or whatever other form, people who want to tell you how to do your shit and live your private life to go fuck themselves.

    I'm a mod so you know I'm right about this and speak with maximum authority.

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    You dont worry, the moment she started to talk about how is wrong that my girlfriend earns more money then me i hung up on her face.
    My mom actualy called after to give the whole "i am scolding you because its my job, but i am actualy proud of you right now"

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    The point is that she's disrespecting your girlfriend presumably by suggesting that she doesn't deserve to make more money than you. Personally I feel as though it's entirely possible that she might have a point, but taking the time to call a relative just to tell them to be ashamed of themselves isn't okay by any margin either, so even if she were right, her method for going about solving the problem is wrong. How often do you even see her that she feels it's her business to talk about how much money your girlfriend is earning?
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