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Thread: Clarification on who is perma'ed and who isn't.

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    Y'know, this thread has long outlived its original purpose.

    Let's put it out of its misery.
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    Old Quote Crap!

    Quote Originally Posted by eddyak View Post
    99% of all Terminators would destroy John Connor over any other carbon-based life form.
    Quote Originally Posted by RoadBuster
    Why do you think we got all these mods? So I can sit back and do jack shit, obviously!
    Quote Originally Posted by ItsaRandomUsername
    I propose more forumite-based words. Like Darpleosity (adj. a state of existence signified to calmly analyzing and making an argument/case in a way that defuses tensions and makes the participants in said argument look like twats for continuing on with antagonizing and/or being stubborn for the sake of being stubborn while also using good-natured humor to enhance said post).
    Quote Originally Posted by DezoPenguin View Post
    Having been, as I3uster put it, "other clueless dude" earlier today in precisely this fashion, I'm going to have to be in favor of necromancy. Or be a hypocrite. But as a lawyer, I prefer to get paid when I indulge in hypocrisy, thank you, so I'll stick with necromancy.

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    [14:08] <Kelnish> no
    [14:08] <Kelnish> it isn't
    [14:09] <Cruor> how can there be so many bugs
    [14:09] <Cruor> in one mod
    [14:10] <Dark_Pulse> Because quality assurance doesn't exist anymore
    [14:10] <Dark_Pulse> Unless it's Quality Ass, U Rance
    [14:10] <Daiki> ...
    [14:10] <I3uster> oh god dp was funny
    [14:10] <I3uster> apocalypse confirmed
    [14:10] <Wakame> the horror

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    I will repurpose this thread as the "ban clarifications" thread.

    Earlier this month, we banned Draconic earlier on the suspicion that he was a CV sock puppet. Afterwards, our investigation found evidence that proved he's a legit user.

    So now he's unbanned. We're sorry for the mistake.
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    guys CV xD

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