I want to apologize for not answering I was seeing the heaven's feel project in """the correct conversation""" what I understood is that the translation will continue with savepoints and EDreamer, thanks Aya Kurumi for offering you and again I apologize that there was not answered (because I thought they were going to be insults by spam or something), and Draconic again apologize for spamming that was not right and it was desperate but I think I got something now I have to wait to see the results and I hope Do not repeat my actions.

I also saw in a site the chapter 8 of Type-Moon Complex, I think I'll look for it again and hope it helps, it's in Chinese I think.

now I hope to be in "the right conversation"

- - - Updated - - -

ohh damn here is the 8 ok ok ok forget that
fuck this is embarrassing