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Thread: Phearo's Fan Dump Art Camp

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    more wip stuff hooray
    Hamburgers. Also, apparently a wizard.
    (I have a tendency of not finishing things I've started.)
    I hang out alot at my own Discord server, though there isn't really much activity in there. The Art Haus Chatterbox!
    Accepting commissions. Do you want some art done, and do you want it done for cheap? PM me, man, and we can talk.

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    The cross necklace and bow make me think Rin, very cute alt outfit if so.
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    Well if you ever want to make good posts, you know where to start.
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    Canada might be the ideal.
    [11:20:46 AM] GlowStiks: lucina is supes attractive
    [12:40] Lace: lucina is amazing
    [12:40] Neir: lucina is pretty much flawless

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