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Thread: Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail

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    This is why you talk with your servant rather than go full suffering boner and shut them out

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    Here's the translation for this month's chapter. We've finally reached the end of this long flashback arc, with only perhaps an expansion of their meeting BB/Kazuradrop left to cover. By the way, is it just me, or does Fionn's brief description of his Master remind you of a certain Romanian magus, who was his Master in the Third Holy Grail War in Fuyuki? Probably won't be expanded on, but it wouldn't surprise me if the author decided to leave a little Easter Egg like that for fun.

    Foxtail Magazine Chapter 58
    Page 1:
    Tamamo (thought): Fionn mac Cumhaill. // One of the great Celtic heroes. // —It really is sad. // This natural narcissist is essentially saying, // “Even if I leave these two to their own devices, they won’t be able to gather all the Triggers in time. // I lose nothing from giving my true name to enemies who won’t be able to participate in this round’s match”—
    Saber: …I didn’t ask that…! // …Why would the mighty knight chief help his opponents like this…?
    Fionn: Quite simple, really. // I came here on orders to attack our opponents this round, // but unfortunately, the spear I wield isn’t one // that I would point at those who shine brightly even in the midst of hardship.
    Text: Fionn’s true intentions in saving them are—

    Page 2:
    Fionn: However, if I return without accomplishing anything, I won’t be able to justify myself before my Master. // So I took down an attack program that just happened to cross my path. // I don’t require words of gratitude, but I’ll accept any praise you deem fit to give.
    Saber: …! // …I can’t call myself a woman if I don’t say thanks for being saved… // Haa… // So I’ll say it regardless of how you feel. // Haa… // —Thanks…!
    Fionn: —Despite how you look, you’re unexpectedly serious at your core, Suzuka Gozen. // Even with your spirit origin so weakened, // your stubborn resolve to remain strong before your enemy is praiseworthy.
    Kazuhito: …Guh… So you were watching us… // this whole time…!
    Fionn: My Master is quite cowardly. // He’ll use any means to win, apparently. // He’s the kind of man who’s skilled at scheming and trickery.

    Page 3:
    Saber: Then why did you go against your Master’s orders and save us?
    Fionn: If my Master isn’t present when something unexpected happens, // I have no choice but to make my own decisions on the spot, don’t I? // Don’t worry. // I am the man who led the Knights of Fiona, after all. // I’m not so foolish as to misjudge the strength of my enemies.
    Saber: …In other words… we’re so weak that we’re not even in your sights…
    Fionn: Please, don’t misunderstand. // I could never look away from a beautiful woman like you… // Hoh. // —Are those Mystic Eyes of Charming you have there?
    Saber: !
    Fionn: …It seems I’m fated to encounter those with such abilities. // What a troublesome fate I have…

    Page 4:
    Saber: What? You want to be charmed or something?
    Fionn: Hahaha. // That’s a fine joke. // Right now, it’s hard for you to even increase the power output of your Mystic Eyes. // Well then, I’ll take my leave now. // The young Master there. // In terms of trust received from your Servant, // you’re definitely the winner here.

    Page 5:
    Fionn: As you can see, I’m so beautiful that I went through many troubles with women when I was alive.
    Saber&Kazuhito: —That’s why // the healthy relationship the two of you have forged is a bit dazzling to my eyes—
    Kazuhito: …!
    Fionn: Treasure that bond till the very end. // Farewell.
    Kazuhito (thought): —In the end, we didn’t manage to obtain the Trigger today.

    Page 6:
    Kazuhito (thought): Saber managed to recover on the final day, // and thanks to that we managed to obtain the Primary Trigger, but… // We were just one day // short of the time we needed.

    Page 7:
    Chapter 58: Sakagami Kazuhito VIII
    Text: Two girls hanging out after school. Is this what they call matching outfits?

    Page 8:
    Saber: …I’m sorry. // It’s my fault.
    Kazuhito: You… // did well…

    Page 9:
    Kazuhito: I too… // won’t run from my fate… // That’s what I decided…
    Leila (flashback): I’m the one who decided… to not run away and use Ushi-Gozen, who you hate so much, anymore…
    Kazuhito: I decided… // that I won’t run away…!!
    Saber: … // …In the end…
    Kazuhito (thought): …I’m sorry, // Fumika… // I wasn’t able to save you,

    Page 10:
    Kazuhito: nor make you smile. // I’m sorry—
    Kirei: —So you failed to gather both Triggers. // Those who lack the qualifications to participate in the round’s match // cannot set foot into the coliseum.

    Page 11:
    Kazuhito (thought): —We lost…
    Kirei: Farewell. // Young wizard.
    Kazuhito (thought): Losers are immediately deleted by the Moon Cell. // Just like the opponents I defeated—
    Kirei: …No, I suppose I should call you a magus. // Someone who wasn’t acknowledged on Earth // will be buried within the digital moon. // It makes sense, I guess.

    Page 12:
    Text: Their battle ends—
    Saber: It’s my fault… // You must be scared… // I’m sorry… // …I don’t want this… // I—wanted to spend so much more time with—
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    Meanwhile real Extra players forced their half-dead Tamamos to clear the whole floor after getting ONE PUNCHED by Li.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart View Post
    canon finish apo vol 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafflesiac View Post
    Meanwhile real Extra players forced their half-dead Tamamos to clear the whole floor after getting ONE PUNCHED by Li.
    Like Saber, if I remember right, Tamamo chooses to go. They both worry about their masters safety not their own. Thank-you for the translation EDreamer. I see one miss type on page one when
    (Fionn: Quite simple, really. // I came here on orders to attack our opponents this round, // but unfortunately, the "speak" I wield) I think you meant spear. Other then that it looks great as always. I was right about one thing though knowing what they said did make it sad.

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