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Thread: Titanomachy (IC)

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    Cyrus Ferdinand
    Location: Sea of UNKNOWN - Field of Ruins (Skeletal Skyscrapers)
    Time: Day 4 – Afternoon

    Angel vs Man vs Devil
    Turn 2

    “This is why cannon fodder will always be cannon fodder.” The light clink of a metal chain being twirled followed the unfeeling words. “Soldier A and Soldier B. Never more than that…”

    The young man took a step to the side, an uncharacteristic pep to his step.

    “Nah, not even A and B. You two are more like J and K.” Time and time again they got in his way. Faceless mobs, nobodies, literal whos. Their lot would never amount to anything, they lacked that something to become somebody. Maybe they were born unlucky, maybe at some point they made the choice to sink into mediocrity. They’re like the nameless police in a crime movie, ineffective and destined to fail. “I’ve seen too many of your kind, but now it’s different. Maybe now-“

    Violet lit up beneath his eyes, a low glow at first that accelerated into a pair of bright stars. Gambling Emperor’s light pulsed as a new ‘game’ was put into place, its ruled layered over the world’s texture.

    “-I can give you a chance. One shot, one opportunity to be a lead actor. The real deal, a somebody.”

    Not a single word betrayed intent. Not a thought, not a single emotion leaked out. The face of Cyrus Ferdinand could be more aptly called a black hole than anything human or holding something like ‘person.’

    Cyrus took another step forward, rotating his wrist deftly. The metal chain wrapped below his palm flicked in tune with his movements. The sight of Amelie spitting up her drink at the sight of that was still fresh in his memory. It made the young man curious; just what meaning did it carry to the people on this side?

    “You just have to walk over here. Walk here, and win. The game is simple, right?”

    Another flick of his wrist, and the red pendant flipped out into view as he caught it in his palm. The gambler was good with his hands, skilled with his fingers. The red pendant flipped between his fingers like so many poker chips had done before it, bouncing along his knuckles in a constant rhythm in plain sight. In a way that would be impossible not to see.

    All the while Cyrus’ entire presence stood unshaken. No emotion registered, he simply appeared as a void. Empty of feelings, empty of concern. An absolute wall, a perfect poker face.

    “If you win, there’s a big prize waiting for you.”

    The purple light surrounded the now-orange figure of the slime, Craps, and its form convulsed in response. Registering an understanding of the rules layered over its existence the hulking ooze began rapidly rushing toward its designated opponent. At the same time, Cyrus stepped forward once more toward his own opponent, the Devil still holding his spear.

    Gamble: Dead End Chicken
    Craps vs Lesser Devil Warrior (Spearless)

    Cyrus vs Lesser Devil Warrior

    Both participants in each game approach each other moving in a straight line on a collision course with their rival. If one participant moves out of the way of the other, the participant who evaded loses. If neither player pulls out before collision, the participant to perish loses.

    Craps wagers the [Slime] attribute, Lesser Devil Warrior (Spearless) wagers the [Flying] attribute

    Cyrus wagers the [Unbound] attribute, Lesser Devil Warrior wagers the [Chaotic] attribute

    HP: 100 SP: 100 Self: 50

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    Johnny Justice
    Location: Sea of UNKNOWN - Field of Ruins (Skeletal Skyscrapers)
    Time: Day 4 – Afternoon
    Angel vs Man vs Devil
    Turn 2

    "Serious?" Johnny rolled his eyes, rotating his arm with a grin. "If you weren't serious already, then why the fuck are ya even here?!"


    All these people, all the talking, all the blab blab, moving lips and empty words, its just like fucking Brooklyn all over again, streets of shitheels and bloodsuckers that just can't get enough of grabbing from the team.



    It's all been done, and there's no goddamn reason to continue, but with blood on his teeth as he opens his mouth, Johnny stares down his demon, and laughs in his face.

    "Callin' me a kid just 'cause we're new speaks more of whatcha think of yourself then anythang fucken else, ya two-bit rip-off of someone with talent!"

    Memory after memory slips past his eyes, and the rage builds and builds as a demon with two axes intertwines with a man wielding two tonfas, a wide grin on his face as he dances in circles around the boy, staring at Johnny with his two fists held high, head bobbing as he looks back.

    "Come on Justice! You're boring! Last week, second rate, just another one of the rats trying to climb up! Me? I'm the creme de la creme, and there's no need for two gangs wandering these streets!"

    The brown haired boy looked at him, and smirked, cracking his hands. "Yer right, yanno? There's only a need for one King in the streets. And it's me."

    Bodies move.

    Attacks are parried.

    A body falls.

    Johnny looked down at his foe with a grin and a fist forming -

    "Be my friend, motherfucker."

    With a blink, he's back in a world that's too interesting and too boring by half, a gauntlet covered hand raising as axes come at him.

    "Y'know Fangs, I've half a mind to take back my offer, 'cause if you've got such elegant suitors like this, you're clearly out of my league!"

    He winks at the girl and laughs, half-maniacal and more then a little bit mad, bouncing on his feet as blood drips from his teeth and he looks at the girl with a smirk.

    "Don't worry, when I win ya can drink aaaaaaall you want! First time's free, but if ya keep coming back, you're gonna have to start payin' taxes!"

    He stares at his opponent and laughs, cocking his arm back with dancing eyes as the demon rushes forward --

    "It's lonely at the top, innit?"

    He grins, a lazy thing covering his face as his opponent approaches.

    "Don't worry."

    The devil approaches as Johnny's arm bursts forward, the might of Godhand blitzing through the air as his other arm braces itself for the incoming blow --

    "There's plenty of room on the ground!"

    [+2 To all physical stats at the end of the round.]
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    Rosary Flowers
    Location: Sea of UNKNOWN - Field of Ruins (Skeletal Skyscrapers)
    Time: Day 4 – Afternoon

    Angel vs Man vs Devil
    Turn 2

    I can’t believe I listened to those idiots, that witch thing is pissed, and people are getting stabbed, and I’d really like to be involved in none of it. Why do I even bother? Everything those two do is a worse shit show than Black Friday in the City. I should have joined one of the other teams, but no, I felt guilty and crap and now I might get blown up or something.

    For the love of God…

    Keep it together, Rosary. Panicking means you die, right?

    Check around. Probably help Jayden from getting stabbed. You owe that much to her and there isn’t anything pressing to do. Yeah, fix her up. Do that. Then, maybe, if the opportunity presents itself, try actually getting the witch this time.

    [Making Jayden magic intangible.]
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    Rita Lin
    Location: Zeus High School – The Usual Spot
    Time: Day 4 – Morning

    “Hey, got a minute of your time?”
    "Better keep it to a minute, doesn't look like we're in the comfy kick back kinda situation here, you feel me?" I pat him on the back as I lead him in the other direction of the people leaving the place.

    "What's up?"
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    Arthur McKnight
    Location: Sea of UNKNOWN – Broken Earth (Northern Border)
    Time: Day 4 – Afternoon

    Arthur's eyes widened for a second, glancing backwards instinctively. There was nothing there of course but that didn't put his mind at ease, rather it made this all the more troubling.

    But he couldn't let the others see that.

    He looked back to Nick, giving his old friend a nod.

    "Suppose it is, there's no point in going back empty-handed is there?," Even as he said those words, something screamed at him from the back of his head that this was all a bad idea, "Doubt it'll be easy but nothing in this place is."

    Folding his arms, he once more gave a confident self-affirming nod to the rest of the group, he had been doing that a lot more recently. A different environment can really change a person and Arthur himself wasn't an exception. Still, there was one other thing that had to be made sure of. Something that shouldn't have happened yet did.

    So now you can talk even when I haven't called you. I don't know if you can hear me or not but if you can, I have only one question...

    What's your stake in all this?

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    Masaki Tomomi
    Location: Dreamscape - Ashen Lands?
    Time: Day 4 – Morning

    “Yes, we’ll keep in touch… at least once or twice a week should be possible.” Nim nodded at you, before her expression became severe. “However… I won’t be able to do the same trick for you if you happen to perish… you see, in the first place, the ‘me’ you see before you is just a mere strand of aura… something you aren’t able to produce as of yet. Maybe if you once reach the category that the humans of this world denominate “Ascendant”, it might be possible for me to coalesce a strand of your aura… but I wouldn’t count on it. There aren’t second chances if you happen to fall.”

    Nim paid attention to what you said about magic, and the wish your swords expressed, and she smiled slightly, the ghost of a smile hanging on her lips for a moment, before nodded, her expression becoming very serious, as she started talking with the tone of a lecturer.

    “We don’t have much time left… I thank you for thinking so highly of me… so to answer the hopes you’re putting on me, it is best to go straight to the point.” She started. “Magic by itself… is mostly neutral. There exist many, many kinds of magic, and listing them is irrelevant at the moment… one could argue types and styles of magic are as vast and infinite as Existence itself. This World, what your kind have come to call the Warped World, could be considered a repository of Eldritch magic and secrets, most of which can be very dangerous. Appropriate precautions must be made when coming in contact with unknown spells and lore here.” She punctuated those words with a pause that made huge emphasis on them.

    “However, the magic and knowledge contained in my grimoires should cause no such effect, although not all of the advanced grade grimoires could be called safe. What Juan Marquez did… the mistake he committed was to forcefully attempt to create a Witch Core and then insert it into his flesh… it was the straw that broke the camel’s back, when it comes to his already disturbed psyche and the fact that both his mind and soul were already strained… it ended up causing both his soul and mind to rapidly rot until his sense of self broke completely, and then…” She stopped. You noticed she was speaking faster and faster, as if she was very conscious of the fact the dream was about to end. “Let’s say that trying to actualize a conceptual phenomenon such as a phoenix’s revival with only his extent of knowledge and ability was a very bad idea.”

    “When it comes to what he saw… my powers of observation in this world are limited only to the carriers of what I’ve left behind, be it grimoires or artifacts… so my knowledge presents many holes. However, I known enough secrets about this world to make a precise speculation… he might have gone through the Twisted Tunnels, past the shrine… towards the Bottom of the World. What his organization, the Golden Dawn is attempting… no, what they’ve become…” She interrupted herself there. “I’m sorry. I don’t wish to scare you, this is something that we may talk about in the future.

    “Returning to the topic of the grimoire, I put a mark upon you that would allow you easy access to the items I’ve left behind, and will aid you when it comes to using them.” She said with an apologetic tone. “The crest marks you as my apprentice, although I’m afraid that in my condition I can’t be of much use to you.”

    “A mid-grade grimoire is not the adequate starting point for a beginner, but… this may be fate. Juan’s notes might be of much use for you to begin comprehending the structure of magic-“

    The dream started to break apart. No, rather, your consciousness seemed to be taken away from the place, as it became fainter and fainter. The last few words Nim uttered reached you as if through a distorted filter.

    “Remember, you must keep your eyes open, and you must seek the remains of the Twelve Greater Magi. If you do-“

    And the dream was over.


    Location: Sea of UNKNOWN – Zeus Approach
    Time: Day 4 – Morning

    You woke up suddenly, finding yourself completely entangled with the twins, who apparently had ended up using you as a hug pillow in their sleep. They were still sleeping, and a few meters away, Lizzie was peacefully snoring on her pillow. You blinked, and the memories of what had happened in your ‘dream’ came all pouring into your brain.

    You noticed that Kaitlin was near the other side of the tent, washing herself with water from a bucket. She seemed somewhat startled and surprised. “Is something the matter, Tomomi?”

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