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Thread: What are you reading/watching? AKA Anime/Manga General

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    Speaking of Toji, I started Toji no Miko yesterday. I actually like it! And that scares me, because this show has trainwreck ending stamped all over it, and it's 24 eps long.
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    Watching Kimi ni Todoke

    Thoughts: so far it's very reminiscent of Fruits Basket to me, except Sawako seems slightly more realistic than Tooru (as far as saintly shoujo heroines go)
    Thoughts after a bunch more episodes: man, this went into full soap opera mode fast
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    Read the first two Volumes of "Getter Robo Devolution: The Last Three Minutes of the Universe". Aside from being a solid reboot of an old classic manga (being written by the guys that do the Ultraman manga), it bemuses me how much this reimagining reminds me of F/GO.

    Cosmos in the Lostbelt Spoilers
    The big twist in thd second volume is that the alien monsters aren't just copying the heroes... they are the heroes from failed alternate timelines that failed to evolve and thus were pruned.

    Pretty solid so far, hopefully it can keep it up.

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