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    Ga Rei: Exodus Nine (OoC)

    Death is nothing but a disease.

    Created at the end of World War II, when the restless spirits of those killed in battle began to flood the land as monsters, the Supernatural Disaster Countermeasures Division has always been tasked with the extermination of supernatural monsters. Staffed with humans who were born with an innate sense for the spiritual world, it is a hidden agency, that as far as the public is concerned, does not actually exist. Yet with the existence of this society, the negative effects of the vengeful spirits on the world could be kept to a minimum, and the general public would continue on into the modern day in mostly blissful ignorance of the supernatural.

    This would not last.

    Eight years ago, on the eve of November 13th 2000, an ancient being by the name of the Kyuubi appeared in the skies of Tokyo Bay. A spiritual being of unimaginable destruction, it's power was so vast that all humans, even those who were spiritually unaware, could comprehend it's existence. Merely touching the creature was enough to be instantly disintegrated into nothing, and with the threat of complete and total annihilation hanging over them, the citizens of the city devolved into chaos, and the SDCD, facing a monumental threat, one that was capable of completely altering the nature of reality, and that had not been seen since the Muromachi period, threw all of their resources, all agents, even the heirs to the ancient exorcist families at the monster in order to slay the beast.

    Victory was granted, but at a devastating cost.

    By the morning of November 14th, the Kyuubi was no longer present in the city of Tokyo, however, a large chunk of the city, the space formerly known as Aoyama, had become an empty ruin, it's inhabitants, as well as every agent dispatched to battle the Kyuubi, had completely vanished. Even those who had been on the edge of the fighting, close enough to be pinned beneath the aura of the monster, spoke only of "red lights, shaped like spears," that had appeared with the rise of the sun.

    Such reports were buried by the end of the day as symptoms of a mass hallucination.

    The world exploded into a Kyuubi craze for months after the incident, public theories on the nature of the monster were varied, with some claiming correctly that it was some sort of spirit, while others merely thought of it as a mass hallucination caused by a gas leak. The "gas leak," explanation was the one pushed by the government (and there were a lot of explosions that day, admittedly) but in the end, it was simply thought of as a "great fire," that had claimed the lives of all those who lived in Aoyama. Treated as a site of a tragedy, a memorial was built in the destroyed area, and while it was difficult for some, the mourning city would eventually move on and recover. Even though rumors began to appear about people with strange abilities, superheroes or monsters that stalked the night, the city's citizens slowly but surely began to move back to how their lives had been before the "tragic accident."

    For you, it has been eight years since that day.

    The day the Kyuubi attacked...

    The day Aoyama disappeared...

    The day you were struck unconscious by a red light, shaped like a spear...

    The day you awoke to your new found existence as something above humans.

    Faster and stronger than others, with an impossible supernatural power, and a body that could recover from most things if given enough time, the appearance of the monster had affected you far more than most.

    Whether you embraced this new power or ignored it, there is no doubt that eight years have passed since that day, and for one reason or another, you have found yourself drawn back to the city, back to where it had all happened. Perhaps you came to visit the memorial with your fellow students on a class trip, perhaps you still live in the city and just got curious, or hell, maybe your parents were among those lost in the incident, and you visit the city in their memory.

    This will prove to be a mistake.

    Trapped in a city that will soon be dominated by supernatural beings, with monsters in the streets, and rumors of the world's end in the air, chaos will inevitably ensue. Will you protect those weaker than yourself? Dominate everyone you see? Ally with others like you in an attempt to escape the city lock-down? Perhaps you will simply hide away and protect yourself until everything ends?

    Tell me...

    Who are you in the dark?

    Ga Rei: Exodus Nine
    A Ga Rei x Shin Megami Tensei Role-play

    Listen well, those who have awoken~

    The fated time is fast approaching.

    A final warning from God, or a curse from the King of Demons.

    Call it what you will~

    The fact remains that your peaceful life is over.

    I am your judgement.

    As it was written...

    This world that was created in Seven Days...

    Shall be destroyed by the sounding of seven trumpets.

    There is no escape for you.


    It has always been the role of humans to defy fate.


    ...Airen, what the hell?

    Yeah I'm kinda surprised that this exists too.

    No really, what the hell are you doing?



    By that I mean it's shonen, nothing more. Sorry :P

    Unlike DC, I can and will stomp you into the ground if you mess up in a fight regardless of how shonen you think you are so yeahhhhhh (Of course, getting up and punching me in the face afterwards is perfectly acceptable and in fact encouraged, but shonen alone will not carry you)

    You're wanking Ga Rei too hard man

    Not nearly hard enough in all honesty. It has to keep up with SMT somehow >.>

    Anyways, character creation!

    Following the template below, you will send me your character and I will fine-tune it to the system/yellow text/smack it a few times with the nerf bat. (HP/SP values, costs, etc) When creating a character, keep in mind that the RP is not just a constant boss rush, and that Slice of Life scenarios will make up a good portion of the RP, at least at the beginning, (think about it like Persona, information gathering by Day, beating the hell out of eldritch abominations by Night) so rather than focusing solely on power, it would be best to create someone who you believe to be interesting. (Of course you can be strong and interesting at the same time, but powerlevels being powerlevels I don't think I need to encourage anyone to search for the 'strong' part.)

    While I wish I could accommodate everyone, I have been a part of the RP section for a long time, and GM overwork is one of the main killers of RPs, so as of this moment I feel comfortable with handling about six players. Depending upon how the future develops before the IC thread goes up I may take one or two more, but it's probably not going to happen.

    Because I don't agree with first come, first serve, this means that entrance to this RP will be based more on sheet merit, as well as how active a poster you have proven yourself to be in the past. (New guys shouldn't be afraid to try out though, I would love to extend the RP Section's player-base.)

    Character Information

    Name: Self-explanatory. This is the name that your peers will know you as, however, if you possess a nickname of some kind, feel free to include that as well.

    Age: How old your character is. May have an effect on available Social Links.

    Gender: Feel free to lie to other players if you want. (I could even help with that.) Just don't lie to me.

    Background: A brief history of your character, or rather, everything we need to know about your character. Personality, back-story, looks, etc. Because of the nature of their powers, it is necessary for your character to have been in Tokyo at the time of the Kyuubi incident, but other than that, go wild.


    The statistical abilities of your character, they range from E (10) to A (50).

    E - Human Average
    D - Well Trained
    C - Peak 'You just dodged a bullet so are you sure you're a human' Human
    B - Low Superhuman
    A - Superhuman

    All stats must be at least E (10) and you have 200 points to distribute among them.

    HP: Strength Value x 2 + (Vitality Value x 12)
    SP: Spirit Value x 10
    RP: Resistance Points. Could be compared to battle stamina, and are consumed when pushing yourself through the use of guard commands. Everyone starts with 100 points. And they are recovered through taking rest actions.

    Strength: The pure physical strength of your character. Determines the amount of damage you can deal with physical attacks, as well as the ease with which you can break out of physical bindings, or perform strenuous physical tasks, such as breaking down doors, through walls, etc.

    Vitality: The general physical health of your character. An important factor in initial HP, as well as determining how long you can remain in an effective condition without rest.

    Agility: The stat that measures speed, reflexes, and general coordination. At higher ranks, it becomes easier to avoid enemy attacks, as well as escape from battle when things aren't going your way.

    Dexterity: The stat that measures hit rate and accuracy, important because no matter how powerful your attacks are, they won't mean anything if they don't land.

    Resistance: If Vitality is the measure of one's life force, then Resistance is the measure of one's natural ability to defend that life. Reduces both physical and magical damage to some extent, determines resistance to status effects, and increases the effectiveness of certain guard commands.

    Spirit: The measure of one's capacity for spirit energy, which is the 'power source' associated not only with psychics, but all beings capable of supernatural phenomenon. Also referred to as excess Life Energy, one’s natural spirit energy flows outside of the body, and has effects on the things around it, strengthening the body’s abilities, and causing those with high spirit stand out amongst their peers, drawing both positive and negative attention.


    The Special Abilities/innate characteristics/equipment of your character that represent them as a person, and help define what is possible for them in the upcoming trials. While stats are a guideline to what is possible, and are important in their own right, the things found in this section are perhaps the most important part of your character, and will have a dramatic effect on their performance.

    Perks are divided into two tiers, Major and Minor, and while the same type of ability can fall under both tiers (things like Martial Arts for example) the main difference between the two is mainly power/effectiveness. In terms of skill type perks, Major perks are considered to be things that your character is greatly familiar with, something with which they have some great measure of expertise, and thus are more powerful than similar Minor Skills. (Major Martial Arts > Minor Martial Arts would be a good way to put it.) Similarly, equipment-type Major perks would be of a higher quality than Minor Perks, and someone with a Magus Perk could have 3 spells with a Major, while a Minor would be one spell, etc.)

    You get one Major Perk at Character Creation.

    Minor Perks are similar to Major’s, but are simply less powerful, things that your character is good at, but by no means is something that can be called their “Signature.” Still, they provide a considerable bonus, and are by no means weak.

    You get two Minor Perks at Character Creation.

    Psychic Power/ESP (Extra-Sensory Perception)

    A power that awoke in you the day following the Kyuubi's appearance. A form of psychic ability, it is thought to be a side effect of being touched by the "red light.” Different from person to person, there doesn't seem to be any specific trend as to what kind of powers are possible to manifest through ESP, (walking through solid objects, pyrokinesis, clairvoyance, teleportation, super-speed, etc are fine) although purely conceptual "reverse causality" type stuff will not be allowed, you can kinda lean on concepts a bit. (But they'll be under more scrutiny.) Arguably your most powerful ability, it is something that you became skilled with not just through practice, but because it also feels like a natural function of your body, like moving an arm.

    Notable Mechanics

    As a spiritually aware human, you are an attractive vessel for malevolent spirits; however, your own natural spiritual power protects you from being invaded by foreign spirits. Because of this, possession is only something you have to worry about when your SP reaches 0. If this happens, you will be invaded by foreign spirits, and a variety of effects, both positive and negative in nature, will occur. While possessed, you generate a certain amount of spiritual power each turn, and your ESP gains considerable buffs, but the presence of foreign spirits will continually damage your body and deplete your HP. HP cannot be recovered in this state.

    The main method of countering possession. Utilizes one's own spiritual power in order to 'flush' the spirits out of someone else, or banish a spirit to the afterlife. Can be used to both help others, and hinder those whose power relies on the presence of spirits. Requires physical contact, and cannot be used by those under the effects of "Possession."

    Defensive Commands
    While offense is important, the wise person puts just as much thought on their defense. At the end of every turn, after your attack/action/whatever, you are also given the option of choosing how to defend against the inevitable counter-attack.

    There are three defensive commands, each with their own usage:

    Evade: Put everything into evading the opponents attack, increasing your evasion rate on the opponent’s turn. The ideal defense, as it results in taking no damage at all, it is still risky, because if you are hit, the damage may be more than you’d like... Consumes 20 RP if used alongside another action. If no actions but this are taken, the cost is 10.

    Neutral: Let the cards fall as they will. You place no real emphasis on either Defense or Evasion, and just let things come as they come. When taking this stance, you gain no bonuses to evasion, however, incoming damage is reduced by half of your Resistance value. No Cost.

    Defend: You’re probably gonna get hit, and you know it. Abandons evasive actions completely for the purpose of directly defending against the enemy attack. Reduces incoming damage by your Resistance value, and prevents stun and stagger effects. Consumes 20 RP if used alongside another action. If no actions but this are taken, the cost is 10.



    A relatively new type of spiritually aware human, whose members are all witnesses of the Kyuubi incident. While they are called ESPers because they possess innate supernatural abilities, they are not only naturally capable of bringing about supernatural phenomena, but possess bodies that are not only naturally superior to that of normal humans, but heal at an incredibly accelerated pace from injuries, to the point where, so long as they don’t die instantly from an attack, they will be able to completely recover from any sort of wound after only a few hours. As all confirmed ESPers were present in the city at the time of the Kyuubi incident, it is thought that their powers and unnaturally sturdy bodies are a side-effect from being exposed to the creature, but while there is a lot of evidence for this, it was not officially confirmed before the disbandment of the SDCD. Regardless, ESPers are often referred to as “Children of the Kyuubi,” by exorcists.

    All known ESPers are listed as B-Class threats, however, because they tend to attract spirits, and consequently, are the ones who often get rid of them, the government seems content with simply allowing ESPers to exist, so long as they keep their powers and abilities a secret to normal humans. Known ESPers who are caught breaking this rule often ‘disappear,’ after a few ‘incidents.’


    A large monster the size of a city, whose unimaginable power made it possible for even normal civilians to witness it. A mindless avatar of destruction, no one knows why the Kyuubi exists, or how it was created, however it’s absolute strength is undeniable. Driven by uncontrollable emotions of hate and fear, it’s mere touch is enough to reduce anything in this world into nothing, and the more it destroys, the stronger it’s already completely overwhelming existence becomes.

    The Kyuubi requires a host to exist, and it’s power is great enough that it can fulfill any desire it’s host has, no matter how impossible that desire might be. However, the Kyuubi cannot be controlled by humans, and although it has granted wishes in the distant past, the personality of the host was always completely destroyed afterwards.

    Vengeful Spirits and the Reimyaku

    The Reimyaku (Spirit Pulse) is a sea of souls that exists far beneath Japan. When people die, their souls retreat to that place, where their memories are cleansed, and they are eventually reincarnated as someone else in the future. This is the normal flow of things, however, those who die with lingering regrets, or feeling a particularly strong negative emotion, such as hatred or fear, cannot see the Reimyaku, and thus cannot (or will not) return to it. These souls wander amongst the living, and if left alone long enough, become twisted by either their own negative emotions or the emotions of the people around them, and begin to act aggressively towards humans. (Throw things, push people down stairs, etc.)

    These angry spirits draw weaker spirits to them, and eventually things that resemble monsters in both appearance and ability are born from the unions. These spirits are dangerous and will kill or possess humans, thus creating more spirits, who will then be absorbed or become malevolent, and so on, and so on.

    A vicious cycle.

    It is important to note that spirits cannot be seen by normal humans. Things they cause are often labeled as “accidents” officially, and even a few natural disasters such as earthquakes, are not always because of natural causes, but are actually the result of thousands of spirits shaking the landscape in a (mostly futile) attempt to murder everyone on it.

    The amount of spirits making up the Kyuubi was not possible to measure.


    A government agency that once fought the supernatural under the command of the Ministry of Environment. Formed after World War II, the agency had large amounts of experience with fighting the supernatural due to many of it's founding members being members of exorcist families, such as the Tsuchimiya and Isayama clans. However, despite the large amount of talented members they possessed, their manpower was notoriously low due to their agents requiring a certain amount of spiritual power to be effective, and they often had to hire mercenaries or independent exorcists to help deal with large scale cases. Always interested in new personnel, they would even hire teenagers with spiritual potential for part-time, small scale jobs, with the benefits of the job often being enough to keep them around when they were older.

    Members of the SDCD had the unofficial name of “exorcists” as they utilized their own spiritual power, or holy/enchanted/spiritual weapons in order to banish ghosts, although other types of youkai were also under their jurisdiction. Known as the signature weapon type of the SDCD, spiritual weapons/armaments are either items that are can channel some form of their user’s spirit power, bringing about an engrained effect. Or weapons or weapon materials that have existed for long enough (100 years) that they possess their own soul, and consequently, are just as capable of harming spirits as a spiritually aware human. The latter type of spirit armament is more powerful, as they all possess powerful unique abilities that can touch on concepts, and lay separate from their master, but they are more picky than the former, as they only recognize their master, and even for them, the more powerful weapons will often outright refuse to work until a certain ‘condition’ is met. (A time-space cutting sword that can only be drawn in defense of a loved one, etc.)

    Such ‘living’ weapons are rare to the point of being virtually nonexistent in the modern world (Aka. Can’t have one through character creation) but the SDCD was said to have a few smiths capable of forging them...

    While officially disbanded now, there was a common system created by the SDCD that is still used to determine the general destructive capability of Youkai or enemy forces.

    Threat Level E
    Almost no destructive capability. Non malevolent wraiths are placed within this category. Can be handled by even a single, weak exorcist, and are basically a nonexistent threat to even normal humans.

    Threat Level D
    Little destructive capability. Low level but malevolent spirits fall here, and while the damage they can personally cause is low, the fact that they tend to wander and congregate means that their existence is considered a 'warning sign' by exorcists.

    Threat Level C
    Most common threat level. Inherently malevolent, spirits of this class have ceased to be individuals, and have instead begun to combine with others like themselves. For safety purposes, these are often approached by a group of lesser exorcists, although an exorcist of average power is also considered to possess this level of destructive capability.

    Threat Level B
    An uncommon threat level. Youkai of this class are deemed significant threats, and are capable of some intelligent thought. They have been known to tear apart city blocks, and should not be approached without at least one expert exorcist.

    Threat Level A
    Formerly the highest ranking given by the SDCD, spirits of this level have condensed into Legions of hundreds of souls, and are capable of spreading mass destruction and chaos on par with that of a natural disaster.

    Because a human body can only take so much power before breaking down, singular individuals reaching this level is rare, however, while embedded with a shard of a cursed artifact, the elite exorcist Isayama Yomi was given a ranking of this level not because of overwhelming force, but because she retained her intelligence even as a pseudo-evil spirit, and was capable of slaughtering entire teams of expert exorcists by herself.

    Threat Level S
    Highest threat level, and only ever assigned to a single being before the disbandment of the SDCD. At this level, the enemy existence is something that can not only destroy several cities with ease, but even tear through countries, and is considered to be an enemy that the SDCD "cannot efficiently handle." The Kyuubi was given this designation not only because of it's sheer destructive capability, but because it was almost completely invincible to all form of attack, and able to control things on a molecular level in its host’s brief moments of clarity. Approached with nothing less than overwhelming force, all elite exorcists, and even the current director of the SDCD were dispatched in a desperate bid to destroy the creature before Tokyo was destroyed, although even that attempt was still openly considered to be a suicide mission by pretty much everyone who took part in it.

    Order of Eden

    A cultist group that first became publicly active in 2007, it’s base of operations lies in Tokyo City, and it’s members all tend to wear light blue, seemingly ceremonial robes. Firm believers in their faith, they believe that an ordeal will soon be unleashed upon humans, and that only the strong and devout will be able to “reclaim the lost paradise.” They are notable for performing ‘miracles’ in front of crowds, showing off legitimate supernatural abilities under the guise of “holy power,” and while most pass it off as the work of street magicians they have still attracted enough members that their existence is monitored.

    They seem to be aware of the Kyuubi’s true nature, and refer to it as “The Black Beast,” claiming that the creature was a warning sign for an upcoming trial from God.

    As nothing resembling a trial has happened in a year, these claims are mostly dismissed by the populace.

    If you have questions (and knowing me, I probably failed to explain QUITE a few things here, or just straight up confused people) just drop the question in the thread and I'll do my best to answer.

    As for why I posted this thread so late at night (late for me anyway) it's because I believe in following my impulses.

    Also, thanks to KT/Race for letting me bounce ideas off them. Nice work guys.

    Also hero.

    True bro.
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    Death is nothing but a disease.
    But it is one that often comes from all sides.
    An end like that is coming, and yet here you are.

    Tell me.

    Could you kill someone you love for the sake of everyone else?

    What a cynical worldview, Messiah.
    Real heroes would find a different answer.

    Right, right.
    The power to break through a sad reality—
    I wonder—

    Will they be able to show it to me?

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