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Thread: Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua] PC version Mirror Moon TL insertion project

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    Quote Originally Posted by XerBlade View Post
    That... actually sounds like a good idea. There's really no reason an installer shouldn't be able to do that. Also, the saves should still be compatible (or so I've heard), so the installer should be fully capable of migrating just your saves from the renamed folder to the new one....
    As long as nobody is changing from krkr2 to krkrz the saves should be fully compatible. It would be relatively easy to actually just have the installer move any file with the extension *.xp3 out of faterealtanua_savedata and move it into a backup folder.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jacktheinfinite101 View Post
    I have at least one confirmed report of managing to fix that issue of the game not even opening up. Thanks to Anonamous for that last post, I was able to obtain logs of one person's attempts. I noticed the game was trying and succeeding at accessing the patches from the previous version, which are stored in a different directory than this one, basically causing the crash on the merit of being incompatible code.

    While the sender of the log has yet to test removing the patches, one of the other two has, and now has it up and running. I can't thank you enough Anonamous, I would never have guessed something so obvious. Funny enough, the main reason I was spared from this problem is because I'm operating off a different computer from the one I had back when I was working on the older RN builds.

    TL;DR backup and/or delete your older RN patches before you try to open this one.
    As for Fate.exe I did some poking through .rsrc and the defaults for the following debug-type settings are as follows: debug=no, forcelog=no, logerror=yes, movie_reg_rot=no

    That being said they can be overridden at anytime by specifying otherwise when launching via command line. (movie_reg_rot allows you to use GraphEdit in the DirectX SDK to debug movie related issues.)

    Unfortunately it looks like an actual debugging tool isn't going to fly. My knowledge of c++ isn't yet good enough. Going to have to trace function calls the hard way. (Just now realizing the logs do that too. Why the hell was I bothering with it again. Should have listened to Quibi when he said it's a waste of time)

    PS: Most of what I say regarding any issue is nothing more than speculation because if I can find the issue I can fix the issue. And if I can fix the issue than I wouldn't be speculating anymore lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by XerBlade View Post
    Also, the saves should still be compatible (or so I've heard), so the installer should be fully capable of migrating just your saves from the renamed folder to the new one....
    I can confirm that the old save data is still compatible with the new patch. I have played the game for a few years and just recently booted it back up with the ultimate edition patch installed. (Really needed to refresh myself on Hanafuda rules thanks to watching Summer Wars...) No issues that I found regarding save migration at all though I didn't rename anything beyond deleting my old patches and transferring in the new ones.
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