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Thread: Ga Rei: Exodus Nine (IC)

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    'Shine on You I'


    With nothing to say about the scenario, the teacher that locks the door behind him as he goes out of habit, is one that does not seem to act accordingly to the situation. The sky a brilliant crimson, one that bears an infinite number of darker clouds, it is a world that seems to have opened a door or two to hell, as the dead have begun to rise, and the gods have begun to descend, the shrieks of the people drowned out by the sudden advent of supernatural combat.

    It is a scene that certainly would have startled him once.

    Indeed, it is one that had caused him some distress in the past.

    But once again, like many times before, his heart is leading him away from the suffering of the people. In the eyes of many it is a cruel action, indeed, even rationalizing it with the thought that 'others will appear to help' and thus 'it's okay if I don't' can only be called weak at best, and just a front for cowardice at worst.

    He had been a coward many times.

    His introduction to this whole affair had been one tinged in cowardice, after all...

    And that was something he would never forget.

    But not this time.

    Walking through a city that was being torn apart by many different forces, some belonging to heaven, some belonging to hell, most belonging to humanity itself, in these moments, going forward to do what his heart is telling him he must, this man has the most bravery out of every ESPer in the city.

    Even so, it was cowardice that had led to this bravery.

    Thousands of years, no, perhaps millions of years.

    He had lost count a long time ago.

    Even so, he remembers this routine.


    Yoko meets him at a crossroads. Having been silently waiting until now, the two acknowledge each other only with the smallest of nods, before starting off together, side by side, heading for a certain hotel, a certain tower.

    From there, those who remembered, would always watch the world come to it's end.

    While the air is different this time, Yoko does not comment on it, from the start, or rather, over the course of all of these years, she has become the person that understands Nakahara Katsuro the most. Just looking at his face was enough to understand his thoughts, and understanding now that the time has come, the two that had worked together long before all of this had started, continue on without pause, both aware of what awaits them at the end of this path.

    ...No matter how many times this repeated, they had both continued to become teachers. The reason was a feeling he couldn't quite place, but even so, it was something that he had felt he always had to do, to continue to make up for his original sin, no...

    To make up for the sins he continued to commit.

    If you asked him if he was a good teacher, he'd probably say he wasn't. The reality was that, every time before this, all of his students had always been killed; of course, he had tried to protect them each time, but even so, that failure continued to stain his heart.

    Because even though he tried, he never truly gave it his all; in fact, more than once, he had died before giving it his all, telling himself that it was alright, because everything would just start over again.

    And he had tried, even if only a little.

    Justifying it for the greater good, acting as he did because he believed that he must.

    Because there was only ever going to be one shot at this, because if he tried and failed, he would never get another chance.

    And that would be that.

    So he should make absolutely sure that he would succeed before trying.

    However... Was that really the case?

    Or was that just his excuse? His way of avoiding reality, of telling himself that if he allowed things to go on as that woman planned, then in the end, happiness would be achieved for everyone without him taking that risk?

    So that he wouldn't notice that he had given up on any other possibility a long time ago?

    That he wouldn't have to face the fact that he had surrendered to fate?

    Had become the pawn of a God?

    ...Cowardice had been his original trait, so in the end, he was sure it was that.

    Even so...

    Even so...

    Everything was in place now. His hand had been rushed early, this cycle was different from all of the cycles that preceded it, but what had to be done remained the same, had always been the same, and had just been impossible because of his cowardice.

    Or perhaps...

    This really was...

    Just the right time.

    The final time, for the world's last stand.


    He wouldn't have time to give a proper goodbye.

    As a teacher, there were many things he had wanted to say to those kids, not just his daughter, but his students at the school. Some silly things, other serious things, somethings that were in between those other two categories.

    'Eat well.'

    'Sleep well.'

    'Learn well.'

    'Don't be afraid of the future.'

    'As long as you hold onto hope, nothing is impossible.'

    He laughs as he reaches the base of the elevator.

    Yoko laughs to, she was thinking the same thing.

    Even so, that laughter turns to melancholy.

    Even now, he's feeling a little selfish.

    Not getting the time to say goodbye, or even to tell them to watch his back one last time.

    Wanting someone to witness what came next...

    If he had one last wish for himself... That was probably it.

    He didn't deserve it though, so this...

    Quote Originally Posted by Saki
    “Now, that gray future I so frantically tried to paint over with power seems more colorful than I could have ever thought. There are still many things left to sort out, but I see a place for myself in the distance, once I’ve won the Conception.”
    Quote Originally Posted by Makoto
    “Grrrrr you’re the one looking down on me I’ll show yoooou! I’ll show the world that I can surpass it and how it can’t bind me with its icky foods.”
    Remembering those words... Even the silly words...

    Was good enough for him.

    The elevator opens up to a lavish penthouse. Even though the rest of the world is beginning to burn, here, nothing ever really changes. The television set is still on, even the lights and heating continue to work, as if this room, this one room, was in a different flow of time than anything else.

    The reporter and the police officer are on the balcony outside.

    A lavish thing that is far too fancy to be practical, so large that a helicopter could use it as a landing pad without a problem. They turn to face him, him who was one of them, and-

    (BGM off)

    "Yo Chronos-!"

    To his students, that cheerful voice had always promised safety, but here, at the end of the world-

    "Sorry, but I'm here to kill you."

    That laughing voice carries an infinite weight.

    Because they were his friends, he would not assassinate them, however, there were things he could no longer allow them to do, and a certain crime he could never really forgive.

    If they succeed, the future his students wished for would never come true.

    Humanity would become something else, and the world would become a stagnant paradise.

    For the sake of wishes that may very well never come true, for his daughter's future, and the sense of humanity he had thought he had thrown away...

    The man consigns himself to a death-match with a God.

    One that was millions of years in the making.

    Interlude Out
    Death is nothing but a disease.
    But it is one that often comes from all sides.
    An end like that is coming, and yet here you are.

    Tell me.

    Could you kill someone you love for the sake of everyone else?

    What a cynical worldview, Messiah.
    Real heroes would find a different answer.

    Right, right.
    The power to break through a sad reality—
    I wonder—

    Will they be able to show it to me?

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    [Well, worth a try.]

    Jonathan's eerie voice chuckles dryly as the Mist rolls about, mingling with the enemy's power.

    "To be threatened by Amatsu's chosen... Billions of years pass, and yet that fool remains the same."

    "A world of chaos is it? Survival of the fittest?"

    "Do you understand what that truly means? Or are you just drunk on your power? Ignorant to the fact that in the end, you will not be the strongest one?"

    "I suppose it matters not. Foolish human who has forgotten his place, envoy of the end... Come, learn for yourselves whose wrath you have brought down!"
    Jonathan eyes the storm of black lightning approaching him at high velocity, twisting a finger. The mist roils and trembles, oscillating even faster, rising up in high speeds - forming more than a mist, but something more akin of a conductive, black thundercloud. His sickly mist rose into the air completely, leaving behind howling winds - which ripped through the Mist of Illusion. Perhaps it wouldn't disperse it completely, but it would have some effect.

    Back to the main point at hand, the lightning. He wasn't a lightning ESPer, but he knew his science lessons to some level that electricity, no matter what, would always target the more conductive matter. Even if it was magic, nature was nature. Even more so if the enemy was a God, beings sometimes known as the very concepts with which nature was imbued with.

    Of course, his very Self was merged with the water and souls of the thundercloud...however, he wasn't aiming on getting off unscathed.

    [.....Kahahaha - ]

    The lightning pierces the black thundercloud, rumbling within it. Powerful shocks strike across Jonathan's very being, but as the nature of his ESP was, it was spread out and weakened - not concentrated and deadly. It wasn't something he couldn't stand, not with his Reason, not with his newborn power. He was fine....for now.

    [You jest, Izanami-no-mikoto. I know of your legend, as said before.]

    The black lightning was absorbed inside the cloud, rumbling and crackling. Each crack shocked Jonathan to a little extent, but the pain of his Soul was subdued by spreading it across all of the souls he had absorbed.

    [You, abandoned by Izanagi, threatened him to kill 1000 of the living every day upon being released. And here you are, trying to stop me from weeding out the masses. If that isn't hypocrisy, what would it be? Why would you, of all Gods and Goddesses, be the one to stop me from subduing the World into one where the Strong, no matter their status or state, are able to be Free?]

    Smirking, Jonathan drawls on.

    [I never said I was the one to be the Strongest, the most Powerful, the Leader of the Era. All I wish for is to create a World where that is possible for the worthy. I would be glad to let someone else lead, as long as I find someone worthy. I wouldn't mind dying for that, either. Better than a world ridden with maggots and trash, eh?]

    He was getting riled up and talkative now. More akin to his old self, rather than his usual Eclipse state, which was more....calm. Perhaps it was the aggressive impact of his current Reason.

    [So, let me ask you, Izanami - what do you aim for? What is your Reason for stopping me?]

    Smiling thinly, Jonathan encompasses the dark lightning with his thundercloud, and then dropped his finger down. The cloud exploded, fully expanding into a broad raincloud that would again flood the Land - not only with a devouring Sea, but with torrential poison that would keep the water from freezing normally by switching freezing points.

    He hadn't given up on destroying his enemy ESPers, after all.

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    It's a name I don't recognize, but even still, she turns around and says it - and there's a shiver that runs down my spine, like I can feel the bleakness of the name in my gut as it's spoken, and a jagged line draws its place across my face.

    "Rosenkreuz mentioned Amatsu; if it was important enough for her to try to get that information to me, then she must have been referring to Amatsu-Mikaboshi, the August Star, the God that feeds on humanity's negativity, that can twist and control those things to his liking, a Sealed God, but one that could easily bring our ruin."

    A... what? I don't understand. These terms they're... they're meaningless. Just words, phrases that I can't possibly understand.

    "Earlier, you admitted to the Kyuubi infecting you. If that is the case, and I do believe it is, you would fall under his sway relatively easily... If there is a God that could control the Kyuubi, it would be the August Star."

    Weak. Yes. It's true. I'm weak but --

    "There is no problem there, I will not allow it."

    I don't have to be.

    "The Kyuubi's whispers mean little to me. I cannot be overcome by such regrets, if it becomes too much for her, I will reroute that darkness to myself."

    Darkness doesn't seem so bleak when someone is next to you.

    "You say that, but... You..."

    I can't help but glance at Lilith, as she stands, as she lectures and I... I...

    I don't understand what I've unleashed and bound to myself.

    "...The ideal time you're looking for is not going to come, Admiral, This one is bad I'm sure, but I believe it will also be the last. There will be no more retries... That effort you're saving, that unknown factor... If you don't cash it in this time, there won't be another chance for it. This time, everyone has to fight their hardest, there's no room for keeping people back out of worry, if we fail, the future of everything will disappear."

    She says its because its true, isn't it? In the end... everything ends.

    "What's this, shocking my summoner into silence, well done Garden Walker."
    Garden. I look at Lilith.
    "They make a good point, Summoner. All of the theories are coming together, just like you thought, might as well go for broke with everyone."

    A garden. There's only been a few of note in all of human history.
    "Very well. But if you become a liability, I'll put you down myself."

    "And if you stop me, I'll turn your ship inside and out and carve out a place for you in the space in-between worlds."

    Hitoshira Nagi
    Battleship S.L.E.I.P.N.I.R - Rothschild Mobile Base

    It's tense. You can feel it in the air, with every breath, that this place is about to embark on a battle. My fingers wrap and unwrap around my axe, tapping out a rhythm I can't hear, to a beat that doesn't exist. It's the waiting that kills you, not the actual battle - the knowing of what is going to happen, but not having it happen, of waiting and doing nothing and being left with nothing but the thoughts in your head.

    I look up at the Admiral, feel the tendrils of a skill I was only taught once reaching out.

    "...Alright, we're approaching the airspace around Tokyo now. Alex, how have the other groups responded?"

    "Everyone is assuming the worst, and preparing the cities under their protection to withstand God's Thunder. Back up has been sent after us from our base, but it's likely that they will not arrive until the morning, as expected, we will be the first ones on scene. As you ordered, the COMP users are entering the preparatory stages, and will be able to join us within the hour."

    "Alright, that's about as good as we could hope for... I'm going to go over the scanners with the Vice Admiral again, review what we know of the situation with the others in the meantime."

    "Understood Admiral."

    There's no need to listen to the speech. I ignore him because I can feel something occurring - and I turn and -

    The ship moves.
    There's something above the ship.

    "Oh dear, Ananta seems angry."

    "He's not the kindest of summons, is he Lilith?"

    I stare at the face of a serpent of flame and fire with a sneer on my own. It's pitiable, really. Making this sort of dare, this sort of attempt to match us - oh Yagami, how far behind you do you think we are?

    I reach back my hand, holding an ax, and throw. It carves through the air in a second, and I look at the Admiral, a mad, mad grin on my face.

    "You can go on ahead. I'll catch up."

    Crush the world beneath your heel.

    Tear down creation just to see if you can.

    Desecrate everything.

    Ah, but Kyuubi, to do that, I'd have to unleash my arm, and I have no need for that. The stars twinkle brightly in the night sky, and I can feel the coolness of the wind on my skin.


    It's not a question, but a statement.

    I reach out my hand, and reach inwards into my sea of souls, watching the red with a faint eye, and the remnants of seats where a hundred ghosts had once stayed. I don't need them anymore.

    They were a crutch. A way to use the past to gain power that I couldn't understand. But I do understand - just like Yagami understands, just like the Kyuubi understands, just like Nakamura understands --

    An 'Eclipse Diver' and a 'Kyuubi Ascendant' are two sides of the same, blackened coin. And on the side, trimming the edges of the coin, is your power.

    I take a step.

    To 'rip a hole in space' is an easy thing. I've watched Yagami do it, I've watched Mark do it, and I've done it myself. To control the space in between spaces - it is not hard. It is a simple task. It is just what 'is', and humanity is infinite and endless.

    I, Hitoshira Nagi, am a human standing before gods.

    Ananta roars.

    I roar back.

    [Lion's Howl]

    And then I reach into the space in-between spaces, and tear my ax back to my hand. I cannot move myself - it is not as easy as it one was. It requires talent, skill, and training that I do not have the time for. But this ax - I've seen it leap through illusions and time and space to my hand.

    To move it a measly fifteen feet?

    This is a child's game.

    "Tell Ananta that if he desires to devour, then I'll tear down that facade he dares to call existence, and eat what's underneath."

    There's no more time for pretenses, to be anything other then what I am. The clock of a hundred thousand sinners ticks ever-onwards, and when it reaches midnight, everything ends. I am human, yes. This is true. I am also a monster, yes. This is true. So much like Yagami, but...

    Yagami's monster and mine are different.

    He's repeating endlessly to change events that he knows are unchangeable. He's trying to be a hero so badly that he has become a villain.

    It's nature, nature versus nurture.

    By nature, Yagami is heroic. But events have caused him to be a villain.

    I am the opposite.

    By nature, Hitoshira Nagi is the girl Yagami desires more then anything in the world on his side. By nature, Hitoshira Nagi is stabbed in the gut by a spear that once belonged to the king of all Gods, and destroys her city with a smile on her face. By nature, I am a villain.

    It is through events that I have decided to make an attempt at heroism.

    These are things that Elizabeth has no need to know, and yet she does.

    These are things i had to admit to myself, even if I did not want too.

    But Lilith can look into my soul of souls, and read the messages carved into every corner, the ones that I had hidden from the ghosts. And there's vestiges, vestiges of power of ghosts that I once had, skills and talents that I need in order to defeat Ananta.

    I throw my ax again, watching detached as it whirls through the air. And then I pull myself towards it.

    It is a weapon of blood and thunder.

    And I have never desired more in my life to carve everything in my path into pieces.
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