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    Old Horizon sheet.

    Name: Neya
    Race: Fallen Angel
    Age: 17

    Str: E
    End: D
    Agi: D
    Dex: E
    Cap: SSS

    Familiars Name: Alexia
    S ranked Divine Equipment with 4 points for name.
    Barrier System + Castle Architect Name
    Personal Ability: Ether Fusion SSS Ranked

    Perk: C ranked First Aid. While having heavily researched and book learned about healing, Neya is so bad at first aid that any attempt to heal someone comes to the effect of a low rank attack. She's also terribly apologetic about this, and the further wounded find it hard to become angry at her. Carries around a first aid kit on her back in a little pack, with extra bandages among the normal assortment.

    Attending the Oxford Academy Neya is an albino Fallen Angel and is enrolled in the healing and support classes, though her grades are beyond terrible, having near zero aptitude for such things. Scoring at the top of the class in theory, she simply could not manage any of the practicals and is near the failing point as the classes progress. Even trying to apply bandages to someone is more likely to inflict suffering than to help them. A pacifist at heart if you were to ask what her fondest wish were to be it would be an end to all war. While perhaps having chosen this path to try and deny her skill at destruction, she does believe in it, and hope to a peaceful tomorrow.

    While Neya wishes to believe that such a thing can be accomplished without violence, she is at shamefully aware that the world does not work in such a kind way, and that sometimes there is no other recourse. Shamefully aware because destruction is her greatest skill, and the only thing that she is actually good at with her abilities and finds it fitting that using her ability causes her harm.

    Out of desperation for some skill that wasn't destructive Neya threw herself into the creation of her familiar devoting almost a full year, using all her skill learned as a technohexen, all those memorized and studied theorys would not go to waste. Long hours every day, she barely slept while working on it, forgetting to eat often. Her creation was to do what she could not, protect and heal.

    Her classmates consider her the reclusive failure, always studying, and always failing at the tests. Her heritage and abnormal appearance add to her fellow students distance. Also, no one wants to let her try and heal them again. It always ends in tears, and usually more than three. Her clumsiness does not help here, and she is something of a walking disaster, even ignoring her ability.

    The end result was James of St George. Her familiar applies her massive capacity towards defensive fields. The normal drive it can access applies defensive barriers akin to small castles between attacks on <objects> that have been designated under her field of control. Setting such a designation takes a small amount of ATELL to designate, and by default is her immediate person. The familiars skill at defense so great that it was given the historical name of James of St George, a minor character, but one responsible for many of the castles that dot the English landscape. With Neya quickly and accurately designating who to defend her familiar can automatically set up the barriers when an attack is coming in. The more simultaneous castles that are active at the same time, the higher the drain, so even with her large reserves and technohexen levels of use the barriers tend to flicker into existence for just a moment before they are needed. Much of her familiars 'coding' is written in the fairy script, England being an abundant resource for research on such things.

    In over drive mode the barrier can be applied retroactively. Even if the attack has already hit, it does not mean that it cannot be protected against. Neya will protect even what has already been destroyed. The ability to protect what cannot be protected.

    Her familiars name boost the strength the barriers and their efficiency, but not enough to warrant the A ranking of the name. The true strength comes from the concept that is applied. To resist that which cannot be resisted. Anti barrier attacks, attacks that are overwhelming in strength. Those that read 'annihilates all that stands in their path' or attacks that penetrate defenses, the familiars barriers become overpoweringly stronger against attacks like this denying their anti barrier ability and gaining strength past this even.

    Neya's affinity shines here. Something that she dreads using and would hold as a last resort. Skillfully manipulating the ether Neya can generate a large explosion with minimal input from herself by use of high speed calculations. However her abilities true potential is by super saturating such a blast with even more of her own ATELL the ether mass collapses into itself and begins drawing more ether from the surroundings. Quickly catalyzing it creates a cataclysmic explosion similar to overloading an ether reactor. More effective in highly saturated areas, even with just her own energy fueling the detonation it is a highly potent attack capable of leaving massive scars in the landscape.

    No one knows of her skill in this, and thought her just a failure at magic-science before the creation of her familiar which brought her a degree of fame, and prevented her from being expelled from Oxford for her terrible grades. It is her dark secret that she doesn't want anyone to know. The ability thrums in her very blood, coming to mind as easily as breathing, offering itself as the solution to any of her problems. It would be so very easy just to unleash it, barely a thought away at any time despite its complexity.
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    Wait, it was YOU that was using the Vatista FC? I remember KT linked the player FCs to me and I praised whoever had the Vatista one for having the most Horizon-like FC.

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    That was me, though I waffled on using her as the FC because of the wings. They didn't seem quite horizony enough, but I liked it still so, ehm.
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    I recently participated in my first RP that super died after about a month.

    Fuck you Kirby number based systems!

    Granted the RP system was pretty unique to include stuff from the game The World Ends With You. For example characters get psychic powers from pins and Momentos were items that were important to the character as well as the medium for a character to channel their ESP.

    Also somehow I picked the exact same FC as Mooncake and instead of choosing a different one we decided to just be dopplegangers. Too bad it never paid off.
    I had a lot of fun because I eventually just became Araragi.

    Beautiful Days (TWEWY RP): Suzunashi Haruto

    Name: Suzunashi Haruto
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male

    Background: Originally from Kyoto, Haruto came to Tokyo in order to study music. His prized electric violin is a gift from his parents and a sign of their support for his passion. He lives with his older sister, Neon, in order to cut down on living costs and chips in by working as a street performer. Haruto is a sensitive and amiable individual who tries to avoid conflict as much as possible. Instead, he tries understanding the viewpoint of his aggressor and adopts a position close to theirs in order to get along with them. Although as a result he tends to repress his true thoughts and hold grudges.

    Cause of Death: Extreme desanguination via gunshot wound. After performing late into the night in one of the parks in Ikebukuro, Haruto was accosted by a stranger in a black hoodie. He was shot in the chest, robbed of his earnings, and then left to bleed to death.

    Entry Fee: Haruto's love of playing music

    Memento: An electric violin
    Black Box (Primary)
    Haruto’s electric violin has a built in effects unit which he can use to modulate the frequencies, add delays, amplify, and add other effects to psychs. While he can distort positive psychs with it, his power is more effective with negative psychs.
    Haruto can store an action and repeat it for a turn at a halved ESP cost. The cost is reduced further for each time the loop is repeated. If the action is a single target, it will target the same individual that it was used against before it was stored. Otherwise the action will have the same orientation in relation to Haruto before it was stored. While the loop is in effect, Haruto can still do other actions. After the loop ends, Haruto can choose to repeat the loop or to store another action. Only one action can be stored at a time. Bonuses gained from looped actions stack.

    Reverb (Secondary 1)
    Haruto can spread the effect of an attack over a wider area by creating multiple echoes with decreased power. A stagger effect is added with a power that is proportional to the area of the spread.

    Pitch Shifter (Secondary 2)
    Haruto can change the frequencies of his psychs to become more effective against enemies. He can also change the frequencies of incoming attacks to decrease the damage taken. However, Haruto can only have one of two effects active at a time.

    Strength - 20
    Endurance – 35
    Dexterity - 50
    Agility - 30
    Intelligence - 40
    Charisma - 25

    Affinities – Light, Thunder, and Wind
    Weaknesses – Dark, Slash, and Water

    Pins – Eyes Full of Light, Lightning Rook

    Edit: Advice/criticism would be appreciated.
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    Posting mine too, since I'm at it.

    TWEWY RP sheet

    Name: Yamanaki Naomi
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female


    Personality: Naomi is a very closed off person. Due to her experiences in life, she has been embittered when it comes to interacting with others, and she avoids such situations whenever she can. A typical NEET in more ways than one, all she desires is to be left alone in her own corner, ignored by the world, to do whatever she wants. She is an extremely cold person who gives no openings to anyone, and who rejects everyone, only showing a warmer side to her elder brother. Due to this, despite being strongly opinionated about most matters, she will always try to show a cold indifference to everything.

    However, part of her longs for company, and she does actually have some friends, both in the net or in real life, despite being a person that is very hard to get along with. She would never admit it, but she is much like a normal girl in that sense, and that contradiction is something she has a hard time sorting within herself.

    She hates her parents with the fury of a thousand suns, and both pities and despises her little brother. The only family member she gets along with is her elder brother, who she loves to the point that many of her friends joke that she is a bro-con.

    Background: Naomi was born the second child of a mid-to-upper class Japanese family. Her father was a moderately successful businessman, her mother a dedicated housewife very popular in the neighborhood, and both expected another male child, having no want for a female one. She was an unwanted child from the beginning, and this was further compounded by the fact that, two years later, her mother gave birth to a second child, who the parents doted on and favored over her. The only one who loved her was her elder brother by 5 years, who happy to have what he called a ‘cute little sister’, doted on her all the time.

    As the Yamanaki family children grew up, the problems inherent in their situation started to become even more noticeable. The youngest child was spoiled rotten, and as his mother did, he started to show abusive behavior towards Naomi, who started to stick more and more to her elder brother. Her father, wealthier than ever, bought what she asked with no objections, maybe seeking to stave off the unavoidable result of it all, and one of the things he bought her happened to be a computer.

    It didn’t take it long for Naomi to use her newly acquired computer to isolate herself from everyone but her older brother. Becoming slowly like a stereotypical NEET, she shut away any sort of social interaction, concentrating in both her net life and her exam scores, in hopes that getting high scores would mend the relationship with her family somewhat, but getting better notes than her younger and older brothers only alienated her family further. She ended her high school studies embittered and alone, feeling like all her efforts had been for naught.

    Shortly after she had a big fight with her mother and her younger brother that ended in a total rupture of their relationships. Her father, deciding to cut things off before they went completely out of control, bought her an apartment in Ikebukuro, where she would live alone from now onwards, despite her young age. She was accustomed to taking care of herself thanks to the neglect of her parents, and she only counted with the help of her elder brother, who, working a profitable job, showered her with gifts and in general took care of her. During that time, his own relationship with his parents started to deteriorate due to their neglect of his sister, and in the span of that one year, they almost ceased speaking to him.

    It was after a furious discussion with them when her elder brother stormed out of his home, and was crossing the street, a cloud of rage floating in his mind, when a car ran him over, seriously wounding him, and leaving him in a coma. Although he was put in the care of one of the best hospitals around, the doctors said that all they could do was to wait and hope he’d someday come out of the coma.

    The day after a visit to her sleeping brother, Naomi, greatly struck with grief, was opening the door to her house, and didn’t notice the thief, armed with a knife, until it was too late. She was violently forced to enter her apartment and simply stood and watched as the thug ravaged and plundered it, in search of valuables. However, it was near the end of the month, and Naomi had spent almost all of her allowance, and had little money there, and there weren’t many valuables things in the first place.

    The thief became frustrated, and enraged, attempted to assault her. Until now, Naomi had made no attempt to defend her home, or any attempt to call for help or even shown any protest, so lost in her grief as to barely care about her surroundings. But the sudden attack of the man made her come back to reality, and she defended herself fiercely, hitting the thug repeatedly, scratching him with her nails and in one occasion, managing to knee him in the groin. However, the man was much stronger than her, and he managed to finally stab, throwing her aside towards the floor, where he repeatedly stabbed her, before running away and leaving Naomi, who bled to death alone in the cold floor of her apartment.

    When the Reaper gave her the offer, she accepted without hesitation, thinking she had to return to her brother’s side. Had she know the entry fee, all the memories she had of she and her brother together, she would have thought it twice, but she had no way to know.

    Sometimes, irony can be a bitch.

    Cause of Death: Murdered when trying to resist a robber in her home. Although she had let the thief plunder her house, when he tried to assault her, she resisted and got fatally stabbed for her trouble.

    Entry Fee: The memories of her brother.

    Memento: The computer mouse that her brother gifted her.

    Extendable Whip (Primary):
    Naomi wields her memento, a computer mouse, much like one would wield a whip, using either the mouse end or the plug end in whichever way suits her purposes. Although a ridiculous choice of weapon, that seems normal… until one takes into account the capacity of the cable portion of the mouse to extend at Naomi’s will to an almost unlimited range. This means she can reach and attack enemies at any range whatsoever, as long as she knows of their presences and their position, and further, due to the kinetic force becoming stronger the longer the whip is, she deals base damage to enemies close to her, while dealing more damage the farther a target is.
    (Will leave bonuses from this up to the GM)

    Overcharge (Secondary 1):
    Naomi possesses the ability to charge up her mouse with the Electric element, making electricity run all over it, adding bonus electrical damage to her physical attacks, and having chances to Stagger the enemy.

    Tricky Entanglement (Secondary 2):
    Given her mouse’s properties, it’s no surprise that Naomi can use them in a number of smart, tricky ways, from entangling her enemy to impede their movements, to tripping them, to touching many of them with the cable to electrocute them, and a long etc of possible actions.


    Strengths: Strike, Electric, Dark

    Neutral: Pierce, Wind

    Weaknesses: Light, Water, Fire


    Strength – 30 (D+)
    Endurance – 30 (D+)
    Dexterity – 40 (C)
    Agility – 30 (D+)
    Intelligence – 50 (C+)
    Charisma – 20 (D)

    All in all it was a pretty low effort sheet for my standards.

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    Since people are posting sheets might as well post these sheets.


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    On my phone and too lazy to adequately grab yellow text, which is now moot.

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    Well, here's my sheet from Fortissimo. Behold Shinji Nakamura.

    Name: Shinji Nakamura
    Codename: Raven
    Weapon: Huginn and Muninn

    Background: Born with a genius intellect, Shinji Nakamura was raised in strict conditions to cultivate his intelligence. From morning to sunset his time was devoted to studying for tests and exams. On rare break days, Shinji would socialize with the neighborhood children and enjoy the day as a somewhat normal child. But as the years wore on the prodigy would grow bored of his life of standardized tests and national rankings. His parents, to their dismay, found their son was failing tests and skiving study periods. They would try everything they could to reignite their son’s drive but their efforts were in vain.

    As it would happen, Shinji’s parents died in a traffic accident and he was given custody to a close friend of the family. Without his parents’ overbearing attitude, Shinji found a new sort of freedom unknown to him. He was free to pursue his desires; problem was: what did he want to pursue?

    After some introspection Shinji found the one thing in the world that appeal to him: knowledge.

    Shinji soon found himself holding information from many different sources. Marital problems, stock predictions, high school crushes, business secrets, etc. It didn’t matter where the information came from, all Shinji wanted was the knowledge.

    And then…Ragnarok happened.

    A simple seeker of knowledge was thrust into this dark world, but rather than shying away he welcomed it. Only if to grant his wish: to know everything this world…no, this universe had to hide.


    HP: 300
    MP: 1500
    WHP: 960
    Regen: 20

    Power: F (10)
    Speed: S (70)
    Range: B (50)
    Vitality: E (20)
    Precision: S (70)
    Mana: S (100)
    Potential: F (10)

    Speed: Certain attacks cannot be avoided by an opponent with lower speed. Gets a free special and high ranked speed based rune. It can be something that enhances your movement even further, allowing you to evade almost everything; or a rune that would provide you with a new method of movement, like flight. It can be related to your magical weapon or it can be an independent spell.

    Precision: x2.0 damage modifier to attacks that can attack an specific part of the body (note this applies to damage only, not attack value). By predicting where the enemy is going to move next, it is possible to ignore SPD in some scenarios and hit him regardless. However, the enemy must be in your range for this to be possible. Modifier currently applies to:
    1. Normal attack (Punch/Kick)
    2. Normal Weapon attack.

    Mana: Value is considered 100. You gain an additional rune slot to be used in a mana based spell or characteristic you have because of your immense supernatural reserves. It could be a magical pressure that weakens the battle ability of those below you; The ability to sense magic in an area; a trait all your spells share or simply a simple mana based spell.

    Huginn and Muninn: Shinji’s magical weapon, an archaic firearm from the Age of Gunpowder. A sleek musket of white and black contrasts: dark metal with silver lining, light feathers in the blackened steel. On its barrel is engraved “Knowledge is power.


    With each successful shot, H&M steals the knowledge and memory of an enemy’s techniques and skills. Not so much as sealing away abilities but merely taking away the know-how and how-to. Also, miscellaneous knowledge and memories will often be stolen as well such as: names, years, family and friends, etc.
    [Passive. With each successful hit, the user steals info from the target. There is a chance that runes, skills and even last resorts will get 'sealed' this way, as the enemy forgets how to use them. If it’s possible for Shinji to perform these skills, he can add them temporarily to his ability set. Effects fade after combat.]

    A Rune that summons a flock of bird-like projectiles that target and swarm appointed foes. Damage taken by this Rune lets Shinji regenerate a small amount of health.
    [AoE. Deal 18 damage that ignores low level passive defenses to every target within Shinji's range each round. Then at the beginning of your turn, restore the same amount of health. MP cost: 24 per turn]

    A Rune that tweaks the laws of probability and chance in favor of Shinji. Enemy attacks are less likely to hit him and Runes will often fail at inappropriate times. Meanwhile his attacks have more success and his magic is more effective.
    [Passive. At the beginning of the battle, pick one of the following effects:
    1. A single stat is counted as being two ranks higher. Attributes of rank A or above cannot be selected.
    2. Enemy Secret Bonus passive effects that target Shinji or hinder his ability to fight are cancelled.
    3. If Shinji or one of his allies fail a luck check, it is possible to redo the roll/toss and keep the most favorable result.]

    A Rune that creates a raven familiar that Shinji can use for reconnaissance and surveillance. Seeing through the eyes of the bird, Shinji can watch over an area without putting himself in harm’s way.
    [Creates a raven familiar with no battle abilities and 36 HP. Can be used to scout adjacent areas. MP cost: 10]

    Lacking any real training with firearms, this Rune that grants Shinji knowledge of marksmanship and how to effectively use his musket.
    [Use 1: Passive. +24 damage to any firearm related attack inside Eyespace. Applies after precision bonus modifier.]
    [Use 2: Passive. Shinji is immune to Precision Debuffs so long as the effects of this rune are not sealed.]

    In Nordic Mythology, Huginn and Muninn would fly around Midgard each day, and later tell Odin of what they heard and saw. To emulate this feat, this spell bestows Shinji with a pair of black wings. Once weak and with a simple purpose, these wings have evolved past their original version and have unlocked part of their conceptual power. True to the legend engraved in Shinji's weapon, this rune recognizes that in knowledge lies power, and does everything it possibly can to protect its owner insight, while diminishing the opponent's ability to learn something about him. A power which reveals his true identity and, at the same time, throws it into the darkness.
    [Use 1: Enables Flight. Those without ranged attacks won't be able to reach Shinji. While in the air, Speed and Precision are considered as one rank higher. MP Cost: 60]
    [Use 2: Passive. While ‘Grímnismál’ is active, should Shinji become the target of a Rune or Skill which deals Mental Damage, it's possible to cancel it or otherwise reduce the extent of its effects. Shinji must pay a cost equal to that of the technique used against him.]
    [Use 3: Passive. While ‘Grímnismál’is active, the effectiveness of Runes and Skills which reveal part of Shinji's skillset are lowered drastically, and Shinji does not have to reveal his actions at the end of each of his turns unless something forces him to.]

    Named after the High Seat from where Odin could survey all nine worlds, Hlidskjaf was originally a rune designed solely to track Magi through their unique magical signatures. However, after taking both Chisato's and Hayate's Magical Energy, it has evolved into a spell which no longer loses its usefulness once Shinji engages in combat. By concentrating, the Raven is capable of a much better analysis of Magical Signatures in the area he's in, allowing him to gain real-time information on the status of both his foes and allies. An ability that's vital for one's own survival on the battlefield, it's true potential still shines brightest when used beforehand.
    [Use 1: Select a character which Shinji can target. Until the end of the scene, their current and maximum HP, MP and WHP attributes become known to Shinji. In addition, place one 'Signature' counter on them (max 1). This counter lasts until the end of the game and can only be removed through specific means. MP cost: 40]
    [Use 2: Pick a character with a 'Signature' counter on them. Their exact location becomes known to Shinji until the end of the scene. In addition, all actions that involve pursuing that character have a higher chance of success. MP cost: 100]
    [Use 3: Passive. Whenever a Magical Conflict occurs within Shinji's range, he will be informed of its location and other factors specific to the situation at hand.]

    Last Resort

    A single blast of black energy with homing capabilities. Encompassing the concept of “imminent death” it seeks out its target and effectively kills them. Bypassing all forms of immortality and life-prolonging skills and Runes it simply annihilates the enemy on contact. A “one-hit kill” technique in its simplest form.
    [Last Resort. Attack value is Mana x5. If it hits the enemy directly (his body), it automatically kills him/her. Ignores all passive defenses like immortality and even severs the connection between magi and magical weapon to get the job done. Otherwise, deals normal damage. MP cost: 250]

    Other Skills

    Information Broker
    Everyone has secrets but everyone wants to know what the other person hides. If information is what you want, you seek out the Forum run by the mysterious “Raven” and his Congress. Almost everything on the island is known to him from gossip to high-class secrets.
    [Use 1: Passive. Access to a variety of rumors. As the story progresses, so does the number of rumors available.]
    [Use 2: Passive. The description and uses of non-mental Skills and Actions used against Shinji are fully revealed if used more than once.]
    [Use 3: Passive. If Shinji becomes aware that a character is a Magi, his or her POT Attribute is revealed instantly.]

    Cunning Strategist
    With his high intellect, Shinji is capable of analyzing a situation and preparing several strategies based on known factors. Using valid information he creates plausible scenarios on how individual parties would react and plans accordingly, adjusting to changes and variables. A highly adaptable fighter.
    [Use 1: Passive. If Shinji does not perform an offensive action during his turn, apply one of the following effects for no cost:
    1. If Shinji's HP or WHP were to fall to 0 during this round, it is possible to reduce said values to 1 instead. Once per battle. Additionally, the next attack performed by Shinji counts as a surprise attack.
    2. Shinji is granted 50% chance to completely avoid an attack until the end of the round. Does not apply to AoE or homing attacks.
    3. Increase or decrease the bonuses and/or penalties of a non-mental skill for the next 3 rounds. Repeated use may cause permanent changes.]
    [Use 2: Passive. Depending on the situation, apply one of the following effects:
    1. Each time Shinji takes damage, Shinji gains 10 damage reduction until the end of the battle.
    2. If Shinji loses a clash, increase the attack value of all runes and Last Resorts by 10% for the next clash only (Does not Stack).]
    [Use 3: Passive. This Skill cannot be upgraded.]

    Hyper Awareness
    A disorder that heightens Shinji’s awareness to high levels, causing him to take in every single detail in his immediate area. Using this raw data Shinji can effectively guess a person’s traits, skills, hobbies, etc.
    [Use 1: Passive. So long as the enemy is within sight, negate their Precision S bonus modifier.]
    [Use 2: Passive. Damage utilizing the environment is greatly increased.]
    [Use 3: Perceives target intent and provides rough information on them.]

    Other Actions

    1. Think: Get hints from the GM on what the best course of action is. The more information on the subject one currently has, the more reliable the advice will be. In battle, it can only be used during a turn one has not attacked or will not attack.

    2. Punch/Kick, etc (Normal Attack): Deals POW based damage to nearby target. Maximum damage is 10. Can be voluntarily reduced if holding back.

    3. Raven Shot (normal weapon attack): Deals MP spent x 10 in damage. Current maximum damage output per turn: 120. This output can be halved to perform an AoE attack (chances of hitting both primary target and nearby targets). However, this has a one turn cool-down.

    4. Road to Victory: Whenever Shinji reaches a critical condition, this action activates automatically. The unique action 'Think' will activate every turn until the battle ends or Shinji takes severe damage. Any negative effects 'Think' might impose upon the user are completely ignored.

    5. Regenerate - Recover HP at the expense of MP. Regeneration rate determines how much can be recovered per turn. Automatically activates if KOed. MP cost: 20 MP.


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    Was doing a quick rummage of my google drive and thought I should post the dead ones here.

    Leo's Short Kantai RP

    Akin to Sin

    Memorable Out of Context Quotes

    <cellorange> 3 hours of sleep is plenty

    <@ Lian|work> I'm a dead fish, I just wait for things to happen to me

    <Reiu> yours is big enough I3uster

    <Reiu> idk ever since the night I3uster stayed over I haven't been sleeping well

    <Ayakashi> I'm not drunk, I just drink myself to sleep D:

    <KnightTurtle> it took me a year to understand that infinite stratos was bad

    <Bloble> HORNY LIVES

    <CruorCruor> but yeah then i just need more flawless dildos

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    Collection of cherished moments
    Quote Originally Posted by Kotonoha View Post
    <Zagrin> I'll kill ya Plue

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    Kirby said it was dead, so here's my Crownless Sheet:

    Rowan Mercury

    “I… I… I’ve got a destination now! I won’t run away from you anymore!”

    Name: Rowan Mercury
    Alias: COURIER (former alias: GANYMEDE)
    Age: 18
    Sex: Male
    Hair Color: White
    Eye Color: Red
    - A slight, lithe young man about 5’10” with skin pale enough to be almost translucent. He wears a sleek, sturdy dark blue bodysuit with black stripes like electrical circuits and specialized silver shoes that allow him to use his Regalia while running jobs as a courier. For casual clothes, he wears smooth loose tan pants, a plain long-sleeved white shirt and a sleeveless light blue hoodie.

    His last accessory is an expression of constant melancholy.

    2072. The Mercury family is a reasonably successful one; they run an antique shop in Outer Alexandria. Husband and wife are happily wedded, if a bit strained in finances. Their pride is their newborn son, Rowan, a bright, lovely, and energetic child. The shop hits a boom, and the family flourishes. They’ve never been happier.

    2081. The shop fails, and the family collapses. Rowan’s parents argue constantly, and many men in suits come to the shop. One night, Rowan cannot sleep. He rises to use the bathroom, and hears a muffled thump from his parents’ room. The moon shines, the light a path to the room at the end of the hall. The door is ajar; with shaking fingers, he pries it open. His mother is on the bed, yet she is too still to be asleep. Her white nightdress is embroidered with a violent rose. His father is on the floor, red seeping from his stomach, his chest, his head. A dark man looms over him, gun shining in the moonlight seeping past the door. He turns, black eyes narrowing as he meets the terrified gaze of the white-haired boy. The gun rises, and the bullet streaks through the air.

    And the boy runs.

    His eyes are burning, his heart is lead, his legs are on fire, igniting, burning away, tearing themselves apart to escape the bullet, the man, the reality. He runs. He runs through the window, glass ripping at his arms, his face, his legs as he crashes to the ground and runs. He tears clods of earth, of concrete, of steel from the ground as he runs, and the ground shifts to dust as the lights of the city fade behind him. Blood stains the earth as he runs himself ragged, as he runs himself raw, but he pays no heed. The moon shines overhead, and light sparkles in the distance. Rowan collapses.

    2082: Rowan awoke in a hospital with a red-haired man by his side. His name was Julius King, and like Rowan, he was an Esper. Julius told him many things: that his parents had been killed by debt collectors, that he had awakened as an Esper and had ran to Greater Cairo in a single night, that Julius had found him lying in a pool of blood in the sand, and that he was willing to take Rowan in. Rowan wept, and Julius gently smiled. Alone in the world, Rowan left the hospital with Julius. And that was how Rowan joined the Empire of the Rose.

    2083: Julius loved Rowan, and this brought him no joy.

    No longer did Rowan learn of history, of technology, of the world at large. Now he learned of the streets: of drugs, of chattel, of murder, of depravity. Once, Rowan complained. Julius tore water from the plumbing of his chateau and lashed Rowan until his alabaster skin became sandstone.

    Julius loved Rowan, but not as a father.

    His nights were no longer alone. Rowan wept, and Julian twisted his tears into the finest ichor. Yet even this was not enough. The sommelier desired the finest nectar from his fruit, and found adequate soil for his bloom. For the first time, the boy ate of another.

    Julius loved the young beautiful boy, stained with tragedy and fragility.

    The years passed, and Rowan learned of the cruelty of the world. In an empire forged on illegal merchandising, he was just one more trophy to be bagged and displayed. Running was forbidden with electric collars, and the boy’s tears were his teacher for his new power.

    Rowan became GANYMEDE, and the once bright young boy cracked and dulled.

    2087: Rowan hunched in the corner of his room, arms clutching his knees to his chest as if he wanted to stab his own heart. He needed to get up, to move to the baths with the cloying, choking odor of roses so that he’d be clean for Julius. His hands shook, growing even whiter as they clutched his legs. Yes, that was what he needed to do; he needed to get, he needed to move and be ready so that he wouldn’t be hurt more than usual. Those booms were his footsteps coming down the hall–


    With a deafening rumble, the marble wall behind Rowan crumbled as it flew away from him before crunching together in midair and crashing to the ground. He fell backward, air leaving his lungs in a ragged cough as his back crashed against the terrace.

    “Hmm. You don’t look like an evildoer. Who are you?”

    As the dust cleared, Rowan blinked eyes flinching from the sudden sunlight and looked up. Sunlight framed a girl staring down at him with shining dark brown eyes.

    “What… ? Who… ?”

    The girl frowned, short black hair and red scarf waving in the wind.

    “Did you crack your head or something? It’s not like I stuttered or anyth–”

    She saw the collar around his neck, and her eyes narrowed. In a single motion, she reached down, tore the collar off of him and hurled it away.

    “Go. You’re free now.”

    Rowan rose slowly, rubbing his neck as he stared into the distance.

    “Oi, WUYA! Target’s over here!”

    The girl started at this, and smiled apologetically at him. “Sorry, I’ve got to go now.”

    She leaped away, and Rowan stood silently, reaching for words he’d never had.

    His heart throbbed, and his legs burned. Leather slippers tore as thick strands of white fiber shot from his ankles, soles and calves to wrap around his feet, forming a pair of sleek silvery-white boots.

    The world blurred as he exploded off the ground, streaking into the desert. As a boom rippled behind him, Rowan coughed, and then choked out racking sobs, his eyes burning as years of emotion tore themselves free.

    2090: He fled to Port Said, and made his living as a smuggler, and then as a courier. The competition he outperformed and the skeptical he convinced, and with the knowledge he obtained from his time in the Empire, he established an office in a refurbished warehouse in the metropolitan district. GANYMEDE became COURIER, the young man who runs for his own purposes in search of the girl who freed him years ago, but still fears the day the Empire may come for him…

    - Quiet and introspective by nature, Rowan has no friends – only connections. Still deeply scarred from the travails of his past, Rowan trusts no one. He lives from mission to mission, running between the three cities and doing his best to keep his head down. About his packages, Rowan asks no questions; about his customers, he makes no inquiries. Save one.

    Have you seen WUYA?
    - Rowan keeps a clear divide between his matters as an Esper and any jobs he happens to get from a human customer. He cares little about the opinions of others, taking any amount of disgust or jeers leveled at him with dull indifference.
    - He hates to be touched, and startles easily when unfamiliar people invade his personal space. On the occasion that someone is attracted to him, he actively ignores their advances.

    - Empire of the Rose (Former)  Unaffiliated

    Free Perks:
    Augmentation: Netlink HoloPhone
    - A chip stored and controlled in the dominant hand, that acts as a media player, cellular communicator, personal digital assistant, camera, transaction manager, ID, and so on, all through a holographic interface. Naturally, they’re still called phones. Most factions have their own private channel that allows for encrypted communication within the faction.

    Main Perks:
    Connections: Courier
    - Upon his arrival in Port Said, Rowan rapidly established himself as a superb courier, capable of even running packages between cities in under 24 hours. As a result, he is acquainted with several underground information and goods brokers satisfied with his services, and thus willing to offer him concessions.
    Equipment: All-Purpose Medical Machine
    - Without access to Julius’s own surgical technology, Rowan was faced to save and steal until he earned enough money to gain his own autonomous apparatus. It is capable of healing most lacerations, contusions, fractures, breaks, burns and other injuries, as well as removing 500 points of Blight at a time. However, it stresses Rowan’s body to the point that he can only use it once every 48 hours.

    As an aside, Rowan has installed an APMM in each of his three safe houses.
    Equipment: Firefighter’s Canteen
    - Firefighter’s Canteen: An outdated lightweight water storage tank strapped to the small of the back. Tubes with valves lead from the tank along the undersides of the arms to small adjustable nozzles below the wrist, allowing for water to be discharged as a fine mist, a wide spray, or a focused jet. The tank contains three gallons of compressed water.
    - Current Level: 13/15

    Stats: 250/250
    STR: 10 (E)
    CON: 20 (D)
    AGI: 100 (S)
    DEX: 10 (E)
    PER: 40 (C)
    INT: 20 (D)
    WIL: 50 (C)

    Health (HP): 2(10) + 5(20) = 20 + 100 = 120
    Stamina (AP): 20 + 100 = 120
    Stamina Regen: 10 + 20 = 30
    Blight (BP): 0/1000
    Blight Resistance: 50 x .8 = 40%
    Initiative: 100 + 40 (+10) = 150

    Blight Effects:
    Light: Arms and legs feel constant pinpricks, like the sensation of blood flowing back into a long-stationary limb.
    Moderate: Water rests listlessly on arms, and does not evaporate or dissipate unless wiped away; Legs are constantly burdened with a dull ache, and twitch constantly unless Rowan exerts conscious effort to hold them still.
    Heavy: Arms are mottled and bruised, skin is speckled with pustules; Legs are capable of higher speeds, boosting AGI by 10 but consistently damaging themselves.
    Severe: Arms are constantly coated in a patina of fluid, blood flows irregularly, causing bulging of veins and arteries; Legs are permanently damaged, muscle tissue is weakened from constant tearing, skin is scarred and marked from constant rips, and ligaments and tendons are frayed, reducing AGI by 20.

    Regalia: Wings of Hermes (Left Leg, Right Leg)
    Running shoes molded from the Acceleration Strains in Rowan’s legs. Not only do they enhance his speed, but their soles morph in order to best accommodate the terrain he is on. No matter the region, no matter the surface, Rowan will always run with the speed of a god.

    Core: Acceleration
    Head: Lv. 2 Concentration
    - Right: Lv. 4 Torrent
    - Left: Lv. 4 Torrent
    - Right: Lv. 8 Acceleration
    - Left: Lv. 8 Acceleration

    - Acceleration
    - Concentration
    - Torrent

    - Active: Aquarius Blitz (Left Arm [Torrent] or Right Arm [Torrent]; Requires an adequate water supply)
    o Water is rapidly swirled into a lethal blade capable of slicing through reinforced concrete and solid steel and extended from the fingertips.
    o Damage scales based on the speed at which Rowan is moving
    o AP Cost: 20
    o Blight Cost: 75
    - Active: Fly Flicker (Left Leg [Acceleration] and Right Leg [Acceleration])
    o Rowan slips past a target with a rapid step and turn, flickering out of their sight with the appearance of teleportation. Primarily an evasive maneuver, but good for positioning and combos well with Aquarius Blitz.
    o AP Cost: 15
    o Blight Cost: 50
    - Passive: Falcon Eyes (Head [Concentration])
    o Vision is naturally improved, boosting PER by 10. Even at high speeds, visual perception remains unimpaired.
    - Active: Aqua Barrage (Left Arm [Torrent] or Right Arm [Torrent]; Requires an adequate water supply)
    o Water is fired at high speed as a barrage of bullets. As the water loses contact with the arms upon firing, the shots cannot home, and only maintain their shape through sheer inertia, making this attack unsuitable for long distances.
    o AP Cost: 10
    o Blight Cost: 50
    - Active: Trident Burst (Left Arm [Torrent] or Right Arm [Torrent]; Requires an adequate water supply)
    o Rowan fires brief bursts of water from his hands to increase speed or make sudden turns. Useful in situations that require midair maneuvering or additional speed when terrain is lacking, but rapidly drains water if applied for long periods of time.
    o [15 BP/20 AP
    o +10 AGI for a moment]

    I was really looking forward to gutting someone at Mach speed after eventually no longer being able to run away. Or killing Verg. Or getting killed by Bloble.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart View Post
    canon finish apo vol 3

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    Here lies Ouro 3's Jun-chan, who never got to eat anything but a paltry cookie.


    Name: Jun Su-Yeon

    Association: Resistance - Fenrir

    Age: 23

    Gender: Female


    Jun Su-Yeon. Bioengineer. Head of Fenrir's R&D department. Dissecting genius. Appropriator.

    A girl seemingly destined to be a star in the scientific field, who had already earned her teaching credentials before graduating high school. Su-Yeon was born of a mage clan whose history stretched back to the early years of the Joseon dynasty, yet had chosen in modern times to mingle with the mundane world beyond the veil of magecraft, and she was already set to inherit a conglomerate spanning across the fields of biomedics, pharmaceutics, and biological research; but her naturally inquisitive spirit refused to settle into the idly complacent life of a heiress, and instead turned her interests towards pursuing and developing her talents in science and magecraft alike.

    Although her family had long neglected the magical heritage of their bloodline, choosing instead to focus on the profitable business in the mundane world, the fact remained that their magecraft still carried the potency of their centuries-old lineage. Thus the ancestral magical foundation Su-Yeon received, as if in reward of her desire to reestablish her family’s place in the hidden world of magecraft, was a magical element dating back to the time of the celestial realms, and rare enough to be considered mythical: the magecraft of Severing Void.

    Taming such a potent magecraft is not an easy task for any mortal; but Su-Yeon’s analytical mind was certainly up for it. Concurrently with her magical studies, her meteoric rise in the biological field drew the attention of important academic cycles, and her papers on the potential of bioengineered transplants were later the basis for new innovations in the development of advanced prosthetics and organ transplants.

    Of course, the achievements of a magus, even if mundane, can never elude the ears of the magical world for too long. As a natural consequence, the premier magi organization soon approached a Su-Yeon fresh out of high-school, and offered her the things she most desired: a position in Yggdrasil, the R&D sector of the Scribes, and a carte blanche for her individual research. With access to innumerable materials and fully enveloped by the environment most suited for her studies, Su-Yeon truly immersed herself in the study of the foundations of the human body, utilizing her mysterious magecraft as the tool.

    In total, she spent 4 years of furious research as a member of the Scribes, and in that time her reputation was subject to great change; though she was admitted into Yggdrasil bearing the laurels of a genius researcher, her academic production during her tenure was nowhere near that of her high-school years. As an organization composed of researchers and academics, the near-recluse greenhorn whose paltry output couldn’t even justify her fame, let alone her position among them, was a subject of scorn and derision. In their eyes, it was yet more proof that those who mingle with the mundane world are no less fit to be called magi than the ordinary humans they associate with.

    It came as a great shock to them, understandably, when Su-Yeon’s tenure at Yggdrasil ended with an emergency raid of her private laboratory by a squad of fully armed Paladins. Even though it had already been vacated by that time, the leftover evidence of her work revealed that the research Su-Yeon had pursued was beyond the expectations of all her peers; and indeed a worthy reason for the arrest that she had barely evaded.

    The magi that the Scribes pursue inevitably gravitate towards the one safe haven against their incessant hunts, and so it was that a person of Su-Yeon’s reputation was quickly snapped up by an organization in constant need of talented individuals. Believers of the old adage, the rival power in Northern Europe saw in the enemy of their enemy a person that could serve as the cornerstone for their own R&D program, and in that way even the field further in the struggle against the Scribes. And so, at age 22, the girl once hailed as the future of bioengineering became the head of Fenrir’s newly created Research and Development Department, Nidhogg.

    But the fact was that Nidhogg’s status as a newly established organization led to its acquisition of magi with the primary goal of manning as many positions and departments as possible, and as a result factors such as personality or past misdeeds were hardly taken into consideration in the face of sheer talent. And as much as Su-Yeon’s mind was deeply rational and analytical, anyone immersed for four years in the exploration of an esoteric magecraft steeped in primal chaotic energy is sure to be warped in ways the human soul was not meant to be.

    By the time news of the Ouroboros spread, Su-Yeon had already spent a year of non-stop experiments as the head of Nidhogg; a title as factual as it was nominal, seeing as all no colleague in her department ever stuck around for too long, a testament of how her methods had long surpassed the conventional concept of human ethics. For the premier researcher of bioengineering, the Ouroboros is a goldmine of data and materials to develop a thesis so perfect as to be considered the absolute pinnacle of her field. On her way to Tokyo, the Appropriator makes up for her inexperience in combat with an absolute willingness to cleave her way through any obstacle in order to claim her ultimate prize: the heart and brain of the Undying Ouroboros.


    HP: 370
    MP: 340

    STR - 50 (B)
    CON - 40 (C)
    AGI - 40 (C)
    DEX - 40 (C)
    INT - 50 (B)
    RES - 30 (D)


    Diamond Scalpel: A diamond dissecting blade, more of a knife than a scalpel, favoured by Su-Yeon in her work with biological specimens, it is actually a catalyst for the direct application of her Severing magecraft, and as such constitutes her primary weapon as well as her surgical instrument. By running mana through the blade, Su-Yeon can utilize the Void’s ability to interact with energy in order to Sever the transmuted energy processed and utilised by a magus on a thaumaturgical level; in essence, the Severing Void is the scalpel that severs the links of ether and dismantles the structures of spells. Like a blade slicing skin, the application of the Severing Void can range from cutting apart products of magecraft to, given enough time, the greatest of ether constructs, the Material Soul itself.

    Category: Magical Artifact

    A catalyst for channeling the Severing Void, any melee attacks with this weapon when it is imbued with the Void are capable of cutting through most protections and defenses as a hot knife through butter. By itself it has little effect, but when used together with the severing Void, the blade adopts a longer, darkish blade of aura, close to that of a proper combat knife.

    1. Normal Mana blade: A white blade of mana without any special properties except the piercing nature of the diamond itself. Deals STR+MAG damage.
    2. Void Blade: A purple blade of void magic that can sever protectional magecraft such as shields or wards/runes or such constructs and render them useless. Deals STR+MAG damage and pierces 10CON and 10RES, but costs 5 mana per attack.


    1) Unmake: A spell of dismantlement, the most primal application of her Void element. Channeling her magecraft through a conduit, Su-Yeon can interact with the energies on the component level in the only way her element allows; the structure of spells and barriers can be sundered, effectively causing them to collapse due to the disruption of the flow of energy. Against the human body, the limits of Severing are only those of time and effort. The most usual application would be stabbing the enemy with the charged catalyst blade, violating the integrity of the closed circuit through with a mage processes mana into usable energy; needless to say, the effect of such a direct application of the Severing Void on the mage’s body and soul can be devastating, and as such an apt analogy would be ‘magical necrosis’.

    Although her specially manufactured catalyst is the ideal conduit for Unmake, lacking a weapon Su-Yeon can use her own body as a conduit for the Severing Void. Naturally, this kind of exposure to such a chaotic magecraft has arguably as much an adverse effect on its victims as on its user herself.

    Category: Void+Disruption Magic

    The Severing Void specializes in cutting through magic ties and stopping them from reconnecting as long as it is in contact. Creates a Void Blade on her catalyst and stabbing with it, it leaves Void energy within the enemy, making their body unresponsive to magical spells and other such effects.

    1. Once a person is stabbed with this, buffs/powerups/regenerative factors/etc become null and void for a single turn. However, this only works if the attack manages to deal damage. This is an enchantment on top of her Void, and only costs 10 mana. Is a free action, and thus can be put ontop of of her basic attacks, or certain spells. Also, if the enemy is enchanting a weapon somehow, it is possible to destroy that enchantment merely by coming in contact, although dice roll is needed.
    2. As long as the Severing Void hits, it also further debilitates enemy body use by actually ‘severing’ the body’s nervous system for a second. It makes the target gain a random status effect or random stat point debuffs, depending on the context and the dice roll.

    Cleave: A variation of Unmake developed to pose a threat from a distance. Dark blades of swirling energy are formed from mana, charged with the usual disruptive capabilities of Su-Yeon’s Void magecraft. The Diamond Scalpel is the necessary conduit used for this spell, as it is along its blade that the severing arcs of energy are formed and launched from.

    Category: Void Magic

    A ranged attack version using her Void, this is a stronger form of attack if not slightly more telegraphed due to its somewhat flashy purple aura. Supercharging her scalpel with Void energy, she slashes through the air, sending a blade of energy blasting towards the enemy. This energy wave is full of the Severing void and thus upon hit deals x2 magic damage, cutting through any low level protection magecraft it meets on its way, and also ignores half RES. May leave status effects and wounds, and can be coupled with Unmake. Costs 50 mana.

    3) Step: A glimpse of the Void’s true potential, before it was degraded in the modern era. With a slash of the catalyst or the wave of an energy-charged arm, the cosmic energy is severed, creating a brief distortion on the spatial axis; point A becomes point B. A highly advanced technique that allows for limited teleportation within Su-Yeon’s immediate vicinity. As the Severing Void is but a fraction of its thaumaturgical ancestor, and Su-Yeon certainly not as adept as the fallen angel Lucifer, a radius of 20 meters around her is all she can manage to move within, and the cost is such that sustained use of Step is sure to empty her magical reserves.

    Category: Void Magic

    A spell that tries to imitate space-magic to move through areas as if teleporting, this is more of a blink than an actual teleport. Since it tries to enter the space-magic area, its costs are high and the strain is rather big. Allows for a quick movement into another area within 20 meters. You cannot attack right after passing through the distortion due to a small bout of dizziness, but it allows you to dodge a single attack perfectly. Does not work against AOE spells however and cannot be used consecutively. Costs 40 mana.

    Pygmalion: Not a spell, but rather a culmination of her research on the human body and soul.

    In her 4 years in Yggdrasil, Su-Yeon performed countless experiments on the human body. Behind the closed door of her laboratory, her single-minded drive to disassemble and study the biology of existence, of magecraft, and of the soul itself, combined with the debilitating effects of dabbling with the Void to slowly but surely remove her ethical inhibitions in regards to her experiments. Thousands of specimens —captured magi of the Resistance, Qualifiers that had outlived their usefulness, ordinary humans of every age— they all found their place on her dissection table, and each inch of flesh and soul alike that was carved apart by her knife only served to heighten her fervor. The question that arose was clear: if the soul of a mage can harness ether into mana, and the soul itself is but an amalgamated mass of ether, is it then possible for a soul to be used as raw fuel and converted into mana?

    With that question in mind, the abundance of access to materials and information on the A.S.M.Program and its methods in the alchemic creation of an approximation of a magus’ soul, and her own magecraft that allowed her to tamper with the very essence of ether, Su-Yeon embarked on a project so taboo that, had she been a bit more slow in her escape, would have sealed her fate in the eyes of the Scribes.

    Using the most suitably receptive body out of her vast selection of specimens, Su-Yeon implanted an artificial soul tinged with her own Magus signature, a fingerprint of her Spirit, into the receptacle, overwriting the feeble Spirit of the mundane specimen with her own. As a weak physical form cannot support a powerful soul, the bioengineering genius modified the specimen’s body above and beyond the limits of the human body: nails and fangs as sharp as a beast’s, bones, muscles and sinews reinforced and interwoven with strands of hyper-flexible, extremely durable alloys, nerves rerouted in order to heighten responsiveness, reflexes and pain tolerance; the new form the dissecting genius meticulously crafted was a temple to house the centerpiece of her work.

    At its core, the Hollow Aether can be seen as an artificial soul itself, and the ways it can manipulate the ways the soul interacts with mana truly earn it its place as the False Primordial. For the price of her soul becoming steeped in the demonic essence of her element, Su-Yeon painstakingly created a soul capable of devouring other souls, and converting them into raw mana. An abomination above all, a soul that cannibalizes others as raw fuel for its engine, growing stronger the more it devours; this Su-Yeon crafted out of fragments of her own soul, and this she implanted into the vessel. A Qualifier only in the most technical of ways: the Magical Cannibal.

    Once Su-Yeon first awakened her child, it devoured her.

    Even she had no way of knowing how her chimera would function, a patchwork of ether and Void as it was. But the Spirit housed in the body was, in the end, a fragment of her own, and the soul housed within it resonated to the pulse of hers too. And thus, as Su-Yeon’s flesh was consumed by the Magical Cannibal, her Spirit took its place in its new container.

    Category: Void+Pseudo-Soul Magic

    Her body being that of a soul/flesh eating chimera, it is different from a normal human, manufactured in order to predate. Can be activated by spending 20/40/60 mp and with a constant 10 mp cost, it is possible to buff 1/2/3 physical stats by 1 rank each. You may also start at 20 mana and then use more mana to unlock the other stats. While in this state, ignore any status effects you get. After 3 turns of consecutive use, you will also lose 10 hp per turn due to strain on the body. After 6 turns of consecutive use, you will lose 20 hp per turn and 10 mana, for burdens on both body and soul. While in this mode, your psyche is more heavily affected by the void and ends up being rather...unnatural.


    Appropriate: The body is the temple of the Soul. Thus, eat your enemy and gain his strength. By consuming the flesh of the enemy, their souls are converted into mana that replenishes Su-Yeon’s mana pool. The replenishment corresponds to the amount of flesh she devours, as well as the quality of the soul digested. Regular human souls are hardly worth the trouble, but a mage-soul is a feast indeed.

    The modified body Su-Yeon now occupies makes her quite a fast eater, but a human being is not exactly fast-food. Thankfully the rumours of Ouroboros have drawn a great number of magi to Tokyo, so there will hardly be an issue of prey when the need arises.

    Even as she sets foot to Tokyo, Su-Yeon still isn’t sure if, were she to claim Ouroboros’ brain and heart for herself, she would rather study them, and unlock even greater secrets of magecraft, or devour them and gain power immeasurable.

    Category: Self-Modification Perk

    By eating a fallen Mage’s body parts - specifically the Brain and the Heart, gain extra GP and with a low chance, actual spells or certain perks. Also, eating after a battle will replenish a certain amount of HP and MP depending on GM discretion, making consecutive battles easier.

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    Here are my Aracadia (last one GMed by Sei) Master and Aide.
    My Servant is... *redacted*.

    EDIT: Have the sheet that didn't make it into Erl's Eternal even!
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    Memorable Out of Context Quotes

    <cellorange> 3 hours of sleep is plenty

    <@ Lian|work> I'm a dead fish, I just wait for things to happen to me

    <Reiu> yours is big enough I3uster

    <Reiu> idk ever since the night I3uster stayed over I haven't been sleeping well

    <Ayakashi> I'm not drunk, I just drink myself to sleep D:

    <KnightTurtle> it took me a year to understand that infinite stratos was bad

    <Bloble> HORNY LIVES

    <CruorCruor> but yeah then i just need more flawless dildos

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    Oh right, Arcadia sheets. Here is my Master and here is my Servant (who was actually a repurposed CaS idea from some time ago).

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    Here is my Otogibanashi sheet. It was fun while it lasted.

    Comments would be nice as I was really excited about the sheet back in the day.

    I've barely been coming to BL lately though, so I probably won't be joining any more RPs.

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    Long time no see same fc sister, your biography part sure is short I guess you can do a lot of different things regarding that. Over all a nice profile, her stat spread makes me laugh, the eyes make me raise my eyebrow (but maybe that's just me) and you use the art and background for nice aesthetics. A focused expression of what you were aiming for or something?

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    Here's my otogi sheet.

    My favorite part about otogi is that even after he showed up as an npc kt ignored him.
    I play hetero every once in awhile
    <~Katie> dude who gives a fuck about girls being gay, sometimes girls aren't gay and that decision should be respected
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