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Thread: Fate/Grand Order General Discussion (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

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    I had a strange dream we had a "Fate/Stay Night" Anniversary Gatcha, where the original Servants had Higher-than-normal Rate-ups.

    The Day in my dream featured Gilgamesh Rate-up to 4% and he and Artoria had a Buff. Gil's NP had a large damage increase to servants with Reality Marble Noble Phantasms. It was a strange dream

    The average part was me getting my Gil in my dream to NP 2; while trying to get Artoria.

    For the record... Artoria's buff/SQ were;

    Charisma B ---> Briton's King of Knights A - "Increase Allies ATK - 3 turns; Increase [KotRT] ATK - 3 turns; Increase [KotRT] DEF - 3 turns;"
    Mana Burst ---> Invisible Air - "Increase Buster Performance 2 turns; Increase Star Drop rate - 2 turns; Increase NP Charge Rate - 2 turns;"
    Instinct A ---> Blessed Sheath A+ - "Gain Critical Stars; Cast Taunt on self - 1 turn; Gain "Avalon" Invulnerability (Special invicibility that bypasses Invul Pierce) - 1 turn; Restore HP for self - 3 turns; Grant Damage Cut - 3 times - 3 turns;

    The last SQ was like Angra Mainyuu's though. You had to have Bond 10 Artoria to do it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by manafusion View Post
    1-2 less talisman per drop means more AP per 100 talisman quest. And I'm pretty sure 2LB Ox King CE grants 11 less lotus per drop, which stacks massively.
    +8 is the main breakpoint for talismans. Going beyond 8 doesn't do all that much for you except maybe getting you a free run after 12 or so talisman battles.

    You have a better point for Ox King, but the main draw to fast farming is that it's fast, not necessarily the best for drops. I don't really care for a good chunk of the shop (no point buying Nightingale CE for a second Max LB CE, horns still being worthless, and mana prisms not having much value when I already have 12k of them). I'll go with speed over efficiency so that I can do other things during the day.
    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart View Post
    Then I will ask that you pay closer attention
    Quote Originally Posted by Mcjon01 View Post
    So if I'm reading this right DP is saying that the feature almost everybody hates that is bad and makes the forum objectively worse will never go away because that would negatively impact another feature that nobody has ever used and most likely never will use just in case someday, someone wants to use it. Is that right?
    Quote Originally Posted by You View Post
    It's like if someone told me "make me a milkshake" and i was blind and they gave me the ingredients and I made a milkshake because milkshakes are good, but it turns out that milkshake was a bomb.

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    Sucks that you can't repeat the Xuanzang quest. No real good reason for that either.
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