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Thread: The Pun pit.

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    I got attacked by a client at the psychiatric hospital I work for. Dude wanted to get out I gather.

    you might say I was charged by someone who wanted to discharge, because he was an impatient in-patient!
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    The moment the opportunity arises for a pun, the one known as 'Taiga's Knight' will be there to deliver whether you like it or not.

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    A pun thread. I imagine that were I to try harder, this post would drag on for a while longer.
    Okay, that was a bad one. A real dampuner, I'll admit it.

    But none of us can ever be as punny as Tobias. That's just agiven. He is the supreme one.
    Likes attention, shiny objects, and... a ball of yarn?

    I joined two years too late...
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    That makes me think of Rin as a loan shark.
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    Admittedly, she'd probably be the hottest loan shark you'll ever meet. She'd probably make you smile as she sucked you dry.

    Oh dear, that doesn't sound like yuri at all.
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    Not with that attitude.

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