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    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart View Post
    canon finish apo vol 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafflesiac View Post
    Pictured: A Cute Anime Girl


    I went through enough 2 years ago
    The Manhattan Project: Is it a sin to kill for your country? In an age of nationalism, where do you draw the line between right and wrong? In the 1960s, eight people seek peace amidst war and tragedy.

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    Well if you ever want to make good posts, you know where to start.
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    Canada might be the ideal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Five_X View Post
    I enjoyed writing it, for sure, but that ended up being mainly for myself, and taking on something that huge - I wouldn't ever do it again.
    Yeeeeah, it's not catching my interest much less my curiosity.

    Quote Originally Posted by John At Dawn View Post
    Fic where Shirou summons Lancer Artoria when?
    There's a OT3 R18 epistolary fic of that in the Lemon Fic Exchange thread if that tickles your fancy.
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    A world where tragedy is the only measure by which a narrative holds value is not one I am going to live in even where the circumstances in a particular work are tragic.
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    If an adult themed work can have graphic slaughter and the like, it can have sex. Just do it competently if you want to go explicit.
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    is it cheating on your gf if you have a waifu
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    You know you love it.
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    How dare you she's a married woman
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    You think people would just do that, say stupid things on the internet and claim victory when they're told that's stupid?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raylen Cypher View Post
    So what's MPII like aside from the one liner in Five's sig?
    It's a forty(?) person grail war set during the 60's with ostensibly between The USSR and NATO, with the winner using the wish to be THE Super Power, where everyone says "Fuck that nationalism shit, I want a wish."

    Includes a recreation of the Trojan War on the National Mall, Blackbeard sailing down the Delaware, And a Reality Marble based war between all servants who can summon armies. And a bunch of likeable Assholes.
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    I'd like to give a belated +1 to Dullahan's Demimondaine.

    Faced with a Clocktower sealing designation a couple years before KnK, Touko begins the search for a secure and magically suitable workshop in her home country. She meets an unexpected and unwelcome acquaintance along the way.

    What makes the story so brilliant is not so much its premise but its execution.

    The setting ('90s Kyoto) bursts with particularity, OCs are consistent with Nasuverse lore, and Touko's dialogue is worthy of her intellect. Better still are her expansive thoughts and reminiscences. Hers is the mind of an artist, a keen observer of human nature, and a ruthless mage, so naturally her thoughts will run the gamut from, say, the true purpose behind Reien Academy's hierarchical structure to obscure magical research conducted in fin de siècle Scotland. Dullahan has painted a vivid portrait of a mind both entrancing and appalling; I can't praise it highly enough.
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    - - - Updated - - -

    As a sticky thread, it should be the first thing you see going into the fanfics subforum.

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    I am looking for good ShirouXrin or any fics that happens on fate stay night routes any suggestions?

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    Looking for: Emiliya Saga doujin (Might be called gattai) By limit break. Japanese (not english) Sword Dancers Doujin

    Recommending: Lunatique.. Sword Dancers (en)..

    Suggest following: [Worm/FSN] Essence of Silver and Steel, [ToAru/FSN] A Certain Heavenly Feeling

    Scorned: Thaumaturgical Awakening, Fate/Revelation Online, From Fake Dreams
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    Anybody else read "In the dark" yet? Just completed on

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    ^thanks for the rec, I'll second this

    here's the link for all

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