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Thread: TM Fanfics Index: Recommendations & Discussion. Updates never

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    I also offer +1 to Man off the Moon. I'm enjoying the crossover with Mass Effect and the characterization feels good.

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    I'd love it if you could add Rejuvenation of a Bloodline to the index.

    I know it's somewhat gauche to promote my own story here, but I'd love to get some more feedback.
    The story follows Matou Shinji as he becomes a magus and takes part in the Fifth Holy Grail War, following a life-changing encounter with Kariya in 1994. I currently have a prologue and five chapters out and I've just gotten to the beginning of the Grail War. If the premise sounds familiar to you, it's because I was inspired by Kariya's Legacy. It was abandoned by its author, and I did get his approval on my story. Also, the two stories diverge pretty quickly, so I'm confident in calling it my own thing, not a spinoff or a rewrite.
    I can't exactly post a review, as this is my own work, but I'd love to see some opinions from people on here.

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    I found a neat one this week, Swords and Sorcery. A post UBW True End Shirou is helping Rin with the Jewel Sword when he gets zapped to a Harry Potter world. Turned into a child (because of course he would be), he tries to find the Clock Tower but only finds Diagon Alley instead. Basic Harry Potter plot points follow, but substituting a Fem!Harry. What I like the most about it is how paranoid Shirou is. He tells no one he's from another world, fearing he'll get some sort of Sealing Designation and vivisected. Pulling swords out nowhere? Accidental magic. There's no instant exchanging of magics and histories like you get in most crossovers, and is less about Shirou trying to get home (but he still is always looking) or attempting to start his life over again (Because Rin is still out there and probably pissed off) and more about how his being around changes the normal canon events.

    I wouldn't say it's great, but it's competent and entertaining. And after going on a dive looking for new fanics, it's probably one of the best of the bunch.
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    -1 for swords and sorcery.

    god I wish to erase it from my memory, what a waste of time.

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    Hah. Iíve read all three of these recs.

    -1 to S&S, I went through the whole thing and felt bored

    +1 to man off the moon, though it is flawed, as spirit hacking is completely broken. And itís way too long - I donít know how recursive anathema will handle ending such a long fic

    rejuvenation of a bloodline has so far been decent.

    note that none of these fics are finished

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    Right, it's been ages and I've basically given up on it.
    If anyone cares to pick this up go talk to a mod.
    Start from

    I just want to get rid of this tab from my browser. It really has been sitting there for 21 months.

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