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    Lord El-Melloi II Case Files

    Quote Originally Posted by mewarmo990 View Post
    Lord El-Melloi II Case Files

    "In a way, you could say that the modern magus is in the business of gathering angels."

    The detached castle Adra. [India? Syria? Ethiopia? Spain? none of the above?]
    Like a lone living being, it is a demon castle created by magi who were fascinated with angels.

    The ruler (Lord) of modern thaumaturgy at the Clock Tower, El-Melloi II, gets caught up in a battle for succession over the detached castle. The interior of the castle is adorned with many angels.
    Only those who have unraveled the mysteries of the Angel Names granted them are invited to inherit the detached castle.

    However, it was no simple solution to a riddle. To the high-ranking magi of the Clock Tower, it was the beginning of an excessively fantastic tragedy--.

    Now, the curtain rises on the "Lord El-Melloi II Case Files", which blends riddles and illusions, thaumaturgy and mysteries. [shinpi!]

    Sanda Makoto (Red Dragon, Rental Magica)
    Sakamoto Mineji (The Arms Dealer in a Dress and the Country of War Flowers, Lord of Knights)

    Lord El-Melloi II Case Files 1: case. Detached Castle Adra
    The curtain goes up on
    Comic Market 87

    credit to Deaddrunk for the image
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