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  • Saber

    21 20.19%
  • Archer

    27 25.96%
  • Lancer

    9 8.65%
  • Rider

    16 15.38%
  • Caster

    18 17.31%
  • Berserker

    5 4.81%
  • Assassin

    8 7.69%
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Thread: if you were to summon a servant right now? what class would you want?

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    I would want any class, as long as its Gilgamesh.. may he descend as Archer or Saber or whatever.. hes welcome

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    I would choose Assassin. Given what I have seen of the Assassin class, Hassan should have won the Holy Grail a long time ago. If they were in the hands of a competent Master, then they would do just great. Plus, they are the least draining to your mana.

    If not that, then Lancer. Lancers are bros. Karna, Vlad (Apocrypha version; the Extra version was... weird), Cu Chulainn, Diarmuid... Bros, all of them.

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    Funny Vamp-Only one option
    In all seriousness, though, archer

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    Well, there's only one servant I want, Jeanne D'Arc. I guess Ruler class it is.

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    Let's see, if anything, I want a Servant that want to compromise with my tactic. I don't want a Servant like Karna who basically yes sir to my command despite he might be unable to accomplish the task, but not act like all haughty and mighty like Gil and Vlad which ironically ineffective. In this sense, people like Arthuria, Chiron, and Modred is the best since they take their Master opinion into their consideration and also voice their opinion as well.

    However, those medival knights follow some code ethic, most of them wanted fight fair and square, they dislike ambush and assassination. So people like Diarmuid, Cu, and Arthuria is a no to me.

    But those who want to resort to such tactics are Caster and Assassin, which are gimmicky and dependent to their gimmicks. An Assassin with Presence Concealment offline can be taken by some combat magus, or Caster literally a dead man since there is 4 class that automatically counter them.

    However if their NP or skill are powerful enough to compensate their weaknesses, like Kojiro with Knowledge of Harmony or the failed candidate Hassan, I can go with them.

    So yeah Assassin are the best, they might even try modern weapon to kill masters.

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    Tell me if you want a Medb or Quetz for Rider, or...
    ASS : No, can you change the Saber slot with the superior Seibaface pls-
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    Caster. And I would like the servant to be one of the medieval witches from Salem.

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    Im probably going to be a master well versed in the holy grail war & fighting to win.. out of the seven normal classes excluding other special ones. I would prefer Berserker.
    He would be obedient & Im sure I can control it heh. And obviously he would be the strongest of them all.

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