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Thread: So I've been playing this recently...

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    Finished Nier Automata a few days ago and got all 5 endings. I still have most of the side content to do and I'll go back at some point.

    Right now I'm playing Yakuza 0. While I'm enjoying it, it's one of those games where I'd advice people to turn down the difficulty because the story is the main draw and the combat for me atleast feels boring and extremely tedious. I'm playing on the highest difficulty and I really didn't like the combat. Everything else was pretty good. Playing on the PC there's an occasional bug here and there. They honestly haven't done a good job porting it.

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    I also finished Nier today. I think I'm going to try and 100% it. I've already maxed all the weapons, minus the extra boss one, got most of the bestiary filled up, and half the fishing index. Taking down Fastwheels might be an issue, but I got him to half on the first attempt.
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    Still playing Rainbow Six Siege. It's very fun, if you ignore the children.

    Also started playing Yakuza 0. It's also fun. The dance battle side quests were probably the highlight so far.

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