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Thread: Fate Prototype Fragments of Blue and Silver - Fan Translation

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    Welcome back Phoenix! Thanks for the translation as always!

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    Thanks for a quality translation as always.

    Is anybody else getting yandere vibes from Brynhildr, or is that just me?
    Nasuverse in a Nutshell
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    Quote Originally Posted by asterism42 View Post
    Alright. Now what does Brynnie actually mean there? 'Oh, the brave heroes who have been to France' doesn't seem right.
    The kanji under Neustri is the earth.
    I think that might be a sakurai mistake.
    Austri's kanji is wind
    refers to this
    Quote Originally Posted by Canon View Post
    On You's tombstone it will read
    Quote Originally Posted by You View Post
    That's exaggerating my point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balthizar View Post
    Thanks for a quality translation as always.

    Is anybody else getting yandere vibes from Brynhildr, or is that just me?
    She always was.

    'You give me to another man? I shall kill you and then burn myself alive.'
    Quote Originally Posted by Sandstorm77 View Post
    He's just putting the bone of his sword into other people until it explodes and lets out parts of him inside them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by asterism42 View Post
    In which Brynhildr is sad in the rain. But there is no senpai to share his umbrella with her. Also:
    Anyone have any idea what Neustria and Austri mean?
    In Norse Mythology, Austri is one of the 4 dwarves that support one of the 4 cardinal points, and he represents the east wind. So he's something similar to Zephyrus, Boreas from the Greek myths.

    Whilst Neustria is like ancient northern France, it was a small country that made up a part of the Frankish Empire according to wikipedia. And its famous for marches that occurred in 861 and 911 so maybe she's referring to that.
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    Hi guys!

    Merry Xmas. this is a belated xmas gift, but here is Part 2 of Fate/Prototype Fragments of Blue and Silver Arc 4 Act 4.

    Part 2-A

    On a Certain Day in February, the year is 1991.
    3 days after, the decisive battle at the temple on top of Tokyo Bay.

    ???: “Lancer. Your observations were very interesting in its own way.”

    In the midst of the pouring rain―――――
    A man stood there.

    In a corner of Akihabara, in the Chiyoda Ward of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area.
    It was a scene on top of a certain 5 storied residential building roof.
    Under the February sky that was still marked by the presence of winter, the man’s words echoed, more coldly than the temperature of the pouring rain.

    And cold.

    It was an expression that suited the man well like that.
    With a gaze that was like sharp, glistening blades coming out his sunglasses, he turned to the woman who was cowering before his eyes.
    A man and woman soaked by the rain.
    Still not moving the man looked down at the woman, while the woman just trembled without looking up at the man.

    Was it a quarrel related to a type of lust?
    Was it the end of their honeymoon, or a mutual breakup?
    Either way it was the sort of troublesome thing that occurs between a man and a woman?

    That’s not it.

    There weren’t any people gazing at this spot which should’ve been called the city’s dead space, but even if there were observers there probably wouldn’t be any misunderstandings.
    This, peculiar distance.
    Even if the man had extended his hand to her, it wouldn’t reach the woman.
    Perhaps if he wished to touch her, then it wouldn’t be granted unless the both of them extended their hands.
    If I were to speak further on it, the presence that covered the man was not one of a normal person――――

    Arriving at the woman’s figure, she had a level of perfection to the point that a person would lose their sense of reality.
    It was like a supreme work of art that was personally handmade by a god for example, regardless of if all of the parts that were created with the goal of being shaped like a human were clearly human body parts, they were still a beautiful creature that had subsequently acquired superhuman looks.

    A physical doll that embodied an illusion in itself.
    You could say that her wet porcelain nape, as well as her amethyst eyes that were wet and tinged with sorrow, and even the rain drops that were falling off of her well-formed chin were in the domain of mysteries.
    While afflicted, and fighting against something, she was holding her own body with both arms while trembling.

    It was just like――――
    She had changed into the embodiment of the concept of woman in bloom.
    In a sense she was an accurate representation of it.

    Not having a life where she lived as a proper person, she, fell from grace whilst born as a mythical existence.
    Her tearful fate being determined, even if she was a mere shadow of a Valkyrie that lived in Old Norse legends, she was a woman who was recorded on the Throne of Heroes later on as she met her death as a person.
    She was something like a woman.
    If the legends spoken of her even now in Scandinavia were real, in the moment that she chose to be a human herself, it could’ve even be said that she would’ve turned into her current form.

    The 4th ranked Servant.
    The class given to her into the Holy Grail War was Lancer.
    Her true state, was this.

    She wasn’t a banshee, but she was a woman who cried joyfully lamenting her cursed love.
    Indeed, her figure suited the soaking rain very well.
    Was it all of the drops that were trailing down her cheeks incessantly pouring from the sky, or was it something that overflowed from her purple eyes?
    Either way Lancer’s figure was very intensely attractive.

    Specifically, right, males.

    If she who was continuing to grieve like this had completely seen it even once, how much of a reaction would she show?
    It’d probably be wide-ranging according to her individual nature, but he wouldn’t get just no response.

    This man, was different.

    Man: “You may cry. You can also grieve. I don’t particularly mind that, since it’s the right response.”

    The man――――
    Nigel Sayward didn’t show one shiver.

    He didn’t hold any interest in the woman’s beauty as she truly finished enduring just the tears and sorrow.
    He didn’t have any occurring feelings.
    As such he couldn’t show any reactions to it whatsoever.

    The feeling that he carried from birth, obsession, was just one thing that should be called a type of origin that appears surpassing even his own magical properties.
    At least, Nigel could perceive himself as such, and all of his words and deeds could be supported by his own awareness.
    Without love, compassionate good will or sympathy, he was just, cold-hearted.


    Acting meticulously he continued to watch reality unconcerned.
    If it was this moment, his words…..

    “Your tears, even your cries, are the manifestation of the emotions that are surely derived from love. It’s fine. You are fostering your emotions. Your growth rate isn’t a problem, and the results are exceeding my expectations.”

    It was an assessment that he was talking about with a cold voice.
    There was no gratitude in it.

    Nigel: “Love. One of the major reactions that toys with letting an intellectual body called a human to even control their life at times, it truly strengthens your Noble Phantasm as it increases. If there were an unmatchable Heroic Spirit somehow, if there was just one they wouldn’t be our enemy. If you truly pour your love into it――――”

    It was an appraisal of its worth at the time she used her weapon/armament.
    That delivery…..

    “It can easily be destroyed. But if your love deepens, you can kill a god with it.”

    The Magus’s words were right.

    The huge mythril lance that Lancer held was not her Noble Phantasm, truly, it was her personal Noble Phantasm equipped with traits that allowed that force to change its target according to the level of love that brightly burns in the owner, therefore, she could kill the female giant of the underworld, Hel if she met the conditions for it.
    Her lance was raising the power of her deadly blow, to the point she could love if she loved them.

    It was literally a deadly blow.
    It was a fierce illusion that is only made possible, by her lance.
    To kill someone with her cries, anguish, and her ultimate love.

    It was nothing but the embodiment of Lancer who was at the same time a demi-god and a Heroic Spirit.
    The miracle drug refined by Nigel, was truly, something that complied with her Noble Phantasm.
    Tristan and Isolde, the Ring of the Nibelung, a Midsummer Night’s Dream, etc――――they were a type of perfected alchemy that was laid out as a model for the miracle drug that appeared in myths and legends all over the world, the controlled emotions and the operation of the miracle drug brought the taker into a state of “forced love.”
    He didn’t mind small chances.

    Or, kindness.
    Or, refined strength.

    The miracle drug will change, a bit of good will, sympathy, and compassion into love.
    Against their will.
    Without hesitation.
    It corrupted, distorted, and rewrote them.

    Perhaps if that taker had just a bit of love still remaining towards another person, the miracle drug would greatly respond by taking in that smoulder of a flame.
    If it was a person then they could momentarily control all of their mental functions in the limbic area of their cerebrum.
    If it was an especially magical being, they’d probably remember the illusion that penetrated very deeply into their spiritual core.

    They couldn’t defy it.
    No, they wouldn’t even have a consciousness to defy it with.
    When you strangely fall in love, people die by their own madness――――
    It, was his conclusion at the end of his experiments and observations as the magus Nigel.

    In his words from his experience, it wasn’t natural.

    Nigel: “You’ve recovered a lot. Cry. Tremble. It’s the manifestation of your favourable emotions. But…….”

    The man said, while taking off his black shades

    “You won’t permit insolence.”

    Right, Lancer spoke of her rebellious spirit to this man who was her Master.
    It was about 20 minutes before this.
    On the 4th floor of the same residential building, the man was in his hidden base.

    Nigel’s reply was simple.
    Without scolding her or even being angry or dejected at her, he only, just, instructed her to take more of the miracle drug.

    Nigel: “Your words are truly interesting. But, that’s enough for now. Although you have a temporary body composed of aether, you are a creature that has a brain and mental functions as an intellectual body, but surely you’re not trying to defy the miracle drug, are you?”

    She was refusing to take her supplements.
    She was trying to escape like a normal woman and not a Heroic Spirit, however she was unable to get away, as she was crouched whist trembling on the roof in the unending rain like this.
    There were no others to do so, so it must be a supernatural item.

    Having finally taken off his sunglasses she could see the 6 black winged design that floated in Nigel’s right eye ――――by using his master’s degree he could force her to comply, but Lancer was changing into a powerless woman.
    The master’s degree twinkled for a moment, as the 6 feathers that had brightly formed on the man’s back rose to the surface.

    The 2nd ranked Master - Cherubim.
    He who had a figure that showed off his power like that told this, to his Servant.

    Nigel: “Quietly drink down my miracle drug.”

    He was forcing her to feel, the love that she was feeling probably to the point of physical violence.

    Lancer: “I don’t need your concerns.”

    Without being aware of it, her aroused passionate body was whirling in her mind.

    Lancer: “Acquiring the Holy Grail really must be your earnest wish.”

    Without guessing, would she have to crack and break to achieve this?

    ――――Please stop it――――

    Still in pain, Lancer shouted it to the rainy sky.

    I shouldn’t be doing things like this.
    Why, did I appear in this land in the Far East?

    “For your love.”

    Was it for the blue silver knight?

    Nigel: “To take the life of your beloved. You are here just for that purpose.”

    His icy words, coldly pierce through her reality.
    While carrying wings of light on his back Nigel proceeded to take a step forward.
    He narrowed the distance.
    In that moment…..

    Lancer: “No…….”

    The woman said.
    It was her heartfelt word as she defied the order to take the miracle drug brought on by his Master’s Degree.

    Lancer: “No, No, No, No, NoNoNo. I devoted all of my real love, my sorrow to that person in my past all of it!”
    Nigel: “You just have to do the same thing.”

    The man’s tone didn’t change.

    Lancer: “I, devoted it to him. The moment I stole my beloved’s life. In the middle of that tragedy, as I completely murdered all of his followers, I swore to myself and my father. It’s because, I swore. No, I won’t, not in that manner, it….troubles me.”

    Together, with her squeezed out voice.
    Her lance.
    Not being aware of it herself, she materialised her lance that was her Noble Phantasm in her hand.
    Her huge lance.
    If she compared it to that time when she had crossed blades with Saber at the foot of the Ikebukuro skyscraper, it had swelled to twice its size.

    It was also the height of a human in only the sword part.
    Already that weight had exceeded 1800 kilograms.
    If it differed by the object of love then it’d function as some hundredfold weight.

    Yet the lance was growing by itself.
    Its weight, 1900 kilograms.
    In 2 seconds into 2000 kilograms.
    More, each time Lancer grated on her molars as she was reflecting.

    And again.

    Nigel: “Behold. Your love, is swelling like this. It is you. You yourself.”

    ――――No, no, no――――

    From screaming for a while.
    Lancer determinedly, strongly hugged herself with both arms.

    Lancer: “…….That’s right, he’s not that person.”

    ――――Saber is, different from him――――

    Lancer: “He will never be “that person,” and he is not the one that I gave my love to. That name, is of my beloved who was even a heroic dragon slayer. Betraying my father, he held this body which had been robbed of all of its divinity, and he is the one who I swore my love to.”

    ――――Just my one and only Sigurd, my, my, my, my――――

    Her screaming voice was being sucked into the heavens.
    The rain, was drowning out everything.
    Who knew?
    Certainly this cry, was a sign that her flames had risen to their utmost limit.
    Certainly this pain and rejection, this expression of madness etc. was Lancer/Brunhilde’s ultimate love.

    Lancer: “……..Fuu.”

    Something broke in her to a lethal point.
    Like that, another something came to the surface.

    Lancer lightly stood up, smoothly holding her giant lance that was continuing to exceed 2300 kilograms in weight with one hand.
    Just by rubbing the tip of the blade a bit, the super heavy lance that had been accumulating mass and prana to an impossibly hidden degree could tear the roof of the residential building into pieces.
    If she had loosen her grip, just a few centimetres, she probably could’ve cut the building itself into two.

    Trembling like a puppy just before her demeanour was like a lie, as Lancer elegantly stood.
    She pierced through the atmosphere with her lance, with a spin.
    There was not a bit of frailness etc. as a woman left in there.

    As an incarnation of beauty, she had completely regained her dignity as a goddess.
    As a cruel soul, she had to ascertain the chosen heroes’ final moments.
    As a ferocious blade, she couldn’t give way to the person that she had loved once.
    It had been completed.
    As she was apt to do, even if her tears and cries were like that, it was a working journey until she had reached this point.

    Lancer: “Yes, Master.”

    Somehow she had changed in the way she’d exchanged words by several degrees so what happened to her?

    She smiled to the male magus, who was standing stock still; unable to understand 10% of it.
    She was being extraordinarily gentle and calm.
    It was definitely, the smile of a goddess.

    Lancer: “…….I, shall kill Sigurd. Is that alright with you?”

    Part 2-B

    In the darkness somewhere.
    There were people talking.
    A girl of proudly blooming flowers, and a sage who served her with closed eyes.

    In a certain spot underneath Tokyo.
    It was a darkness that couldn’t be seen by someone’s eyes, and the depth of it couldn’t be touched either.
    Continuing to sleep whilst swaying to and fro, was a huge “cup” that impatiently awaited the time of its awakening.

    ――――It was, the Saint Graph.

    It was an item that could be completely activated by devouring all 7 “virtuous souls” as its sacrifices.
    Was it the embodiment of a miracle as believed by the Cardinal?
    A crystallisation of people’s modest wishes?
    Ah, or was it ⬛⬛ itself?

    Sage: “Lady Manaka. While I’m concerned, I have a report.”
    Manaka: “What is it, Caster? Ah, might it be about Lancer?”
    Caster: “Yes, my surveillance network caught her. She’s travelling long distance at high speeds. And she’s probably planning on looking for Saber…….but she’s already starting to lose control.”

    Manaka: “She’s acting strange.”
    Caster: “It’s 10 to 1, but I’m refraining from declaring it with my lowly life. She’s unnecessarily released her spirit form as she’s moving long distance, and there’s no sign that she’s trying to conceal her form. It hasn’t become a public disturbance yet, but she’s probably gonna be talked about as a city spread rumour on a radio program, tomorrow night.”
    Manaka: “Hmm….”

    Ca ster: “It’s an act where she’s not conscious of concealing her mysteries. If that’s the case, Master……”
    Manaka: “Oh no? Lancer, hasn’t killed her own her Master though.”

    Caster: “Excuse me. Of course, you would’ve seen everything by now. If so, what should we do? I can quickly eliminate her Master, but…..”
    Manaka: “Let’s greet her. I’ve been wanting to meet her, just once.”
    Caster: “It’d be my pleasure.”

    The sage, bowed his head very deeply to the girl.
    In that situation, it was an act that was just like a demon that had completely, defeated God.
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    Poor Brynnie
    Quote Originally Posted by Sandstorm77 View Post
    He's just putting the bone of his sword into other people until it explodes and lets out parts of him inside them.

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    Sorry I'll add 2-C here cause some people might've read 2-A and 2-B while I was adding this.

    Part 2-C

    It had already stopped raining.
    It was late at night, but early in the morning.
    It was by chance that a fiercely blowing amethyst wind had chosen that route.
    In the darkness of a corner in the downtown high rise area.

    At the base of Sunshine 60 which was a prominent Tokyo high-rise building that soared beside the Shuto Expressway overhead structure a little bit separate from the JR Ikebukuro Station, in a plaza that was comprised with several loose stairs.
    Like a park built with fake bricks.
    Like some counterfeit ancient items, you could well meet some subtle fakes in this far eastern city.
    Championing the cause of the sacred chalice, or was it a gloomy cauldron?

    A hero that wasn’t a hero.
    Another person who resembled her beloved well.
    And, a woman who had appeared in this alien world, having died whilst living in a world where she was a god and a person once.
    The thing that was a wind changed into a shadow that carried a large lance in her hand.

    Its feet stopped.
    The shadow was a woman.

    A Servant.

    The entire gross weight of the lance on this occasion was 2400 kilograms.
    The lance had been altered/changed/evolved until it was at a state where its units should’ve changed into tonnes.
    If she tried to turn it twice with just small movements of her wrist and fingers, spinning, and spinning, then the tip of the huge lance could easily tear through space.
    The vacuum generated from this space not the atmosphere that’s suddenly generated, would blow away all of the earth from each of the thick surrounding trees, and pulverise the street lamps that have just finished being repaired.

    Lancer: “…….haha.”

    Lancer smiled.

    It must've been her mouth that was charged with some sort of delight, but it was terribly, warped.
    Whether it was an expression that was guided by some kind of emotion, it was very difficult to recognise.

    She was crying while smiling, angry whilst crying, smiling whilst being angry.
    Animosity, hatred, resentment, it was both near to it.
    But it was also far from it.

    Sorrow, grief, regrets, it was both far from it.
    But it was also near it.

    If I were to speak frankly――――
    This woman, was now, definitely breaking right from the inside.
    There weren’t just flames in her heart, the core that formed herself could be marked the same as her spiritual core.

    Lancer: “heehee, hahahaha.”

    With her deepening smile.
    The flames enveloped her surroundings.

    The flames that burned her soul was flowing out of her body, being exercised with the name called the “Prana Burst” skill.
    The abnormal prana flames were like a sacred flame from the Age of the Gods, as they continued to burn by ignoring the laws of physics.
    Suddenly, the area around the base of the Sunshine 60 building was engulfed by a sea of flames.
    The glass of the uninhabited stores that faced the stairs were melting in 2 seconds.

    Lancer: “It’s burning, burning, ahh…….”

    Lancer smiled.

    Whilst reflecting on memories of her distant days, in her eyes.
    Her own self continuing to sleep in a hall of flames.
    There, magnificently, a lone hero was entering without suffocating or having any sign of fear.

    Whoever it was, he is dear, dear, dear to―――――

    ???: “How pitiful, Lancer. You’re causing your own collapse.”

    A calm voice resounds, through the night sky.
    The presence of ice that was mixed in his words resembled the athymia of Nigel Sayward’s.
    The flames, disappeared.
    The atmosphere that was scorched by the prana flames, had been quickly cooled by a single word of his continuous spell chants.

    Heat control.
    High speed chants.

    Did he invoke a great magic of the 4 main elements with an utterance that was close to a single action roughly, or was he a magus from the age of the gods?
    If so, then the voice’s owner was a magus that greatly loved his gadgets.

    “Let’s, see?”

    She tilted her head with an fwah――――
    Or, perhaps Lancer was looking, while bending at such an angle that it seemed like she was breaking.
    Looking up.
    She could see that the voice’s owner, was a magic user.

    Lancer: “……..hah, I found you. I found you. Heh I see, you can fly in the sky, can’t you?”

    There was one, no two shadows in a place about 80 metres in the sky above her.
    The black haired male who wrapped his body in a long, white robe, was Caster.
    The masked female who wrapped her body in black silk, was Assassin.

    In this era, people weren’t granted the ability to walk through the skies.
    If so these two could be seen as being suspended in space by some type of levitation magic.
    If it was in a time where she had lived as her father’s daughter she would’ve also owned a Mystic Code that she could conquer the skies with, however as Lancer’s body had materialised as a Servant’s one, some scheming was required if she wanted to try the same deed,
    It wasn’t impossible.
    In other words, she could kill them without a problem if she underwent a process like her enemies in the sky did.

    Lancer: “I, must kill Saber from here on. Don’t stand in my way.”
    Caster: “I see.”

    Caster nodded.

    Lancer: “I take it that you understand?”
    Caster: “Yes I do. But, you’re being too hasty if you want to win your way through the Holy Grail War. Shouldn’t you wield your Noble Phantasm, against the last remaining Servant by using it efficiently?”
    Lancer: “Ahh……”

    Caster was right.
    Surely, it’d be easy to imagine that Nigel was being especially strategic like that too.
    But, Lancer couldn’t truly grasp his words thrown at her.

    She wanted to hurry back to her beloved’s side.
    She wasn’t going to take a break.

    Her own mark on calling the Holy Grail her own had already vanished.
    Her orders came flying at her telepathically and with no reinforcement from a Master’s Degree, from her Master who was still seated in his base in Akihabara, but she was repelling all of them.
    To she who was smeared by her mad love which even had conscious regrets and atonement towards her lord, to she who had resolved herself by manifesting all of her abilities, it could be granted.
    Let’s state it clearly.
    She wasn’t omnipotent, but you could say that her current state having released the functions that restricted her was all-around almighty.

    Lancer: “……..I, can also, fly in the sky too!”

    By putting just words on the ground.
    Lancer emerged at a spot 80 metres in the air.
    She was fast.

    It was a high speed combat action that she brought about by temporarily amplifying her parameters.
    Her figure was there at Caster’s back, brandishing her great lance.
    She was setting up an all-out attack on the presumption that he would invoke a defensive barrier.
    The super high speed 5 lance strikes that she carried out with her exceedingly heavy lance, probably could quickly pierce through the physical defences brought by his magic circles――――as well as the Sunshine 60 high rise building that stood before her.

    She’d mow them down.
    She started her attack.

    Caster and Assassin shattered instantly.
    They weren’t the real ones.
    They were virtual images.

    However it was of no concern to the huge lance whatever the target of destruction was.
    It only just gouged them.
    It would equally hit the magical images, as well as the high rise building that had been constructed to attract the best of modern civilisation.

    ???: “O’ Heavenly Stars, Macro Cosmos”

    A voice came, from further above her.
    Just now when she had pierced the Sunshine 60 with an attack that resembled a “gigantic claw” with Lancer’s 5 swinging lances, 5 shining flickering colours covered the surface of the wall.
    An instantaneous activation by just one count.
    The fivefold barrier derived from the 5 elements that included aether in the 4 elements of earth, wind, fire and water, completely dispersed the kinetic energy created from the super heavy weight of her lance and her ultra-high speed movements.
    On the plane of the faint prana “wall” made by the barrier, a ripple like power scattered.

    Caster: “Good grief. Even though all things in this world must be Manaka’s property no matter what. It’s not good to easily smash it according to your whims as such, Lancer.”
    Lancer: “heehee, ahahahahahahaha!”

    She was laughing loudly.
    Laughing loudly.
    Laughing loudly.

    Lancer: “So you were further above me!”

    Like she was flying through the air, she soared by kicking her way through the atmosphere.
    Lancer resumed her movements without hesitation, approaching the real Caster who remained at his spot in the air.


    This time it was an attack stance.
    Still preparing her huge lance which reached 4 metres in overall length if she included the blade, she changed itself into a superior blow.

    Assassin: “I won’t let you――――”

    The white death mask pulled out a dagger.

    Lancer: “You’re in the way!”

    She lightly kicked, Assassin who had commenced with a drop attack to intercept her.
    For Lancer who had continued to stare at the skills of the many heroes as a Valkyrie, there in her short fencing and her very refined martial arts, was just one of the foreign skills recorded on tens of thousands of battlefields.
    While avoiding the clash first, in the air, all of the attacks that had been manoeuvred back and forth as they passed each other at high speed were being handled with one arm and both legs.

    Next, she waved her hand blade.
    Assassin whose brown left arm had been severed, tragically fell.

    The dark fresh blood that burst forth from it, if some of it happened to fall on her by chance it might’ve brought some sort of effect onto her, but since the high heated flames that were pouring out from inside of Lancer were functioning as a passive defence, all of the fresh blood evaporated before even one particle reached her.

    Lancer: “hah, you’re next.”
    Ca ster: “Aqua.”

    It was a chant that was being spun like her obstructing smiling words.
    The ones that were guided, and appeared from it were giant elementals that resembled humans.
    Its attribute was water.
    Whilst shining like gems, they increased their mass by absorbing the moisture in the air bit by bit, pressing down from right above Lancer.

    It was similar to not being impacted by its weight, but water was formless.
    She warded off every attack making them ineffective, snatching at them――――
    If they were a creature, they’d be finished if she caught them.

    Servants were not proper beings, but they could carry out pulmonary respiration as a land type endoskeleton life form.
    Therefore they were magical beings who do not get energy from oxygen, and probably could endure more than a human, but since they can obtain a form similar to a life form that can inhale air, they can halt their prana cycle if they’re suffocating.
    Eventually they’d reach their limit because they were made into a substance.

    Lancer: “Pwahh…….! Ah, it feels so good, heeheeheehee, haha!”

    A splash scattered across the skies of Ikebukuro.
    Lancer slipped out, with a pop, from the Undine’s body.

    If she was completely drowning then she shouldn’t have be able to leave through the surface of the elemental crystal barrier twice, could it have been made ineffective by her having a compositional strength that is suitable for an endurance type Servant?

    How did she do it?
    She just, drew something with her fingertip like she was carving it――――

    Caster: “Are those runes?”
    Lancer: “Hahaha, I wonder……..!”

    She swung her lance mid-air, along with her laughing voice.
    As expected, he couldn’t understand how she could cut through the intangible water being as it shouldn’t mean anything even if she cut it.
    As for, Caster who had sensed some sort of crisis transformed its shape into an all-out attack stance.

    He didn’t use magic.
    And it didn’t take one decimal of a second.

    The water mass that had already increased its volume to 5 metres in size, had further doubled, swallowing up Lancer whilst expanding to 10 metres in overall length.
    Given the Undine’s attack form, it wasn’t having a slow death along with the failing functions of its internal organs.

    It froze for a moment because it had captured its target.
    If it was a creature, it would’ve forcibly, stopped all of the moving molecules in its cells.

    Was it a so called water casket?
    If it dragged her in, then she’d just attack her unescapable death from 360 degrees.

    Lancer: “………!”

    He didn’t know what kind of words Lancer gave off.
    But a roaring sound occurred at the same time.
    It was a world-destroying conflagration.
    The fire which was due to her Prana Burst skill had unimaginable sweltering heat, as it completely erased the crystals.

    The light of the flames coloured a portion of the Ikebukuro skies.
    It was a reproduction of a myth.
    With fierce flames.

    Laughing loudly while still gently floating in the air Lancer’s chest, had one light seal.
    If she revealed her power perfectly, then her rune magic which is what modern mages use could reach it millions of times roughly!

    Caster: The Rune of Origin――――”

    Caster’s voice was coloured by unease.

    Lancer: “Haha, ahaha! Yes that’s right, this is the skill passed down to me from Odin!”

    Lancer told him proudly.
    The one here wasn’t the woman who was just solely insane.
    It was a mad demigoddess.

    In the previous era where the laws of physics controlled the world, they were a pillar of old ones that controlled the world like it was them themselves, as a concept, as nature.
    She was one of the Valkyries a chooser of souls who waited for the time of destiny, and was even a daughter of Odin who was spoken of in Norse myths.
    Originally, elegantly fallen, divine spirits couldn’t be summoned as Servants.
    Certainly it was――――

    ???: “Brunhilde. You’re so strong, aren’t you?”

    A voice.

    It was a sound that gave of an impression of a clear gentle breeze.
    The calm person that let you feel warm, had no cold ice in there.

    Even so.
    Lancer felt chills until they were fierce.
    Her eyes that should’ve been dyed with perfect insanity, open widely, in that instant.

    Focusing on a part of the roof of the Sunshine 60 building, a high rise that boasted a surface height of approximately 240 metres.
    She could see a small shadow of a girl, standing beside a metal lightning rod.
    Born as a human, it, had the shape of a lovely girl.

    Lancer: “A Drachen.”
    *Drachen is German for dragon.

    Her lips, leaked the description of a dragon that spread controlling a life or death struggle with her beloved.
    She had never seen one before.
    However, certainly at first she couldn’t recognise that her huge presence rivalled a dragon’s that reigned over the earth with its evil, as she was paralysed.

    Even so.

    Lancer changed her trajectory towards the girl by automatically kicking the sky halfway.
    ――――While at the end of her madness, she cried with what was left inside her.
    It was a fragment of her remaining consciousness at its very end.
    This fragment that barely stopped at, that, was her pride as a supporting heroine――――
    She recognised in that moment the possibility of a “tragedy” being carried out in modern-day Tokyo.

    7 Servants and Masters.
    The Underground Greater Grail said to exist somewhere in Tokyo.

    The Cardinal.
    The Holy Church.


    With a vortex the fragile and fleeting thoughts of people, were being gathered into the Holy Grail.
    What was the thing sleeping at the end of that?
    The thing that was sleeping, dozing, and awaiting the time of its awakening.

    Lancer: “A, ah…….”

    Why did father’s rune activate before, or, was it no more than chance that it happened?
    Lancer, was clearly cognisant in her madness about whether she herself who wasn’t even an anti-hero or a proper hero had chosen to be in this Holy Grail War, or why?
    At this moment.
    Was it her father’s divine protection, or a curse, or was it because of her atonement for the many sins that she had her built up during her lifetime?

    At any rate.
    There was one thing that she had to do.
    As the wife of a proud hero, as the daughter of a great god, she absolutely couldn’t overlook it.

    The wicked dragon that had the form of a girl, was here――――
    ――――She had to slice it in two.

    If she did that then, ah, Saber, I won’t have to kill you!
    The Gnome instantaneously called out to Caster who was just with his dangerous Master, as she severed the magical shield and its physics which boasted the strength of a diamond without mistakenly aiming twice.
    Severing roughly everything the huge lance which had now reached 3000 kilograms, had continued to complete its transformation, enlarging itself while working together with her flames of love that had risen in heat by getting excited about her chances,.


    The huge blade of the Noble Phantasm wielded by Lancer, couldn’t take the girl’s life.

    “Too bad, it looks like it’s a little too light.”

    It was just one fingertip.
    The girl’s white finger, stopped, the tip of the lance.
    If she shook it at an opponent that she deeply loved, her lance of destiny would give off a shot similar to a disintegration ray, her Noble Phantasm would also show its effectiveness as a super heavy armament to an opponent that she shallowly loved, but, there was nothing but the soul of a silver devil there in this place!

    Girl: “Is it possible…….that you don‘t like me?”

    The girl smiled.

    Girl: “You love heroes. The water, the earth, you love Tokyo too. But you don’t like me. If that’s the case, then it’s no use. I can’t even feel the weight, of your Noble Phantasm.”

    She was similar to a brilliant flower.

    Girl: “But, you’re amazing. You feel so much for him. If that’s so….”

    She was a single beautiful flower, that mustn’t show itself in the hall of warriors.
    Without being burnt even as she scattered flames.
    Without wilting as it gulped down water.
    It wouldn’t break even as it got caught in the winding wind.
    A flower, that’d bloom proudly, even as the earth dried.

    Girl: “Just for a bit longer, I’ll let you love him okay?”

    ――――As she said it.
    The girl smiled at her pale self, from beyond the blade.

    (To be continued)

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    Thank you for the translation, Phoenix. And Damn, Bryn is mad OP. I can't help but love her. Even if her NP has stupid rules.

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    mythril, not missile.
    Quote Originally Posted by Canon View Post
    On You's tombstone it will read
    Quote Originally Posted by You View Post
    That's exaggerating my point.

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    mythril, not missile.
    Sorry fixed.
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    Oh, so technically Servants can suffocate, lethal actions that are equivalent halt prana flow.

    Paracelsus has some nifty magic and wow for Brunhilde's Prana Burst Fire.

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    I feel sad for Bryn.

    Quote Originally Posted by Altima of the Gates View Post
    I see how it is Nasu, changing waifus like underwear, right?

    There is no forgiveness for you. Time to reclaim your honour.
    Quote Originally Posted by Koto is living a hard life
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    2017 is the year i watch shinji die in 2 different animes
    Quote Originally Posted by GabrieliosP View Post
    Don't forget Prillya 3rei Herz!
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    Writing porn also helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GundamFSN View Post
    I feel sad for Bryn.
    Being Brynhild is suffering though, so no surprises there.

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    She's a Lancer. It is to be expected.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sandstorm77 View Post
    He's just putting the bone of his sword into other people until it explodes and lets out parts of him inside them.

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    You know, just for once I'd like a Lancer to appear that isn't super unfortunate and that doesn't have to go through so much crap and suffering...Just once...Like, why do they all have such rotten luck anyway? Cu, Deermud, and now Bryn...make it stop, I feel so sorry for them. ;_; Lancers want to be happy too.

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    his name is Karna
    he flew away like the butterfly he was

    - - - Updated - - -

    also extra Vlad had it good

    - - - Updated - - -

    oh and Elizabeth as well she has it great
    Quote Originally Posted by Canon View Post
    On You's tombstone it will read
    Quote Originally Posted by You View Post
    That's exaggerating my point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by You View Post
    his name is Karna
    he flew away like the butterfly he was

    - - - Updated - - -

    also extra Vlad had it good

    - - - Updated - - -

    oh and Elizabeth as well she has it great
    Those are from Apocrypha was it? Hope it gets adapted some day then...I can't into light novels...

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    Karna does alright in Apocrypha, but he gets stuck with Jinako in Extra, and that's textbook Lancer Luck right there. Also the world kinda crapped on him when he was alive.

    The Extra Lancers did do alright for themselves, though.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sandstorm77 View Post
    He's just putting the bone of his sword into other people until it explodes and lets out parts of him inside them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rokudaime View Post
    Those are from Apocrypha was it? Hope it gets adapted some day then...I can't into light novels...
    extra and CCC which are games
    Quote Originally Posted by Canon View Post
    On You's tombstone it will read
    Quote Originally Posted by You View Post
    That's exaggerating my point.

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