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Thread: Heaven's Feel Manga Thread

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    Anyways that image of Shirou imagining him and Sakura as kids together was cute.

    And a little dissapointed that Sakura doesn't wear the new dress, but oh well. Not even God is perfect.

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    Justice Jacket made it over because Meme Wizards worked on it.
    The new Sakura dress just didn't have enough Meme Magic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EDreamer View Post
    Well, I took a quick look at the chapter 2 scanlation, and it requires barely any modifications, so I decided to go ahead and do it right away. Here are the changes:

    -The title is “#2–Day 2 / Omen” on page 1 and page 4-5. Ignore all the side text from the magazine version.
    -On page 18 when Shirou is talking to Ayako, the small speech bubble should say “Ah, it’s about Shinji...”
    -On page 23 when Shirou is looking for Sakura, the thought at the end is incomplete. It should say “I’ll just see if Sakura’s feeling any better.”
    -On page 34 when Sakura is recounting the past, there is an incomplete sentence. It should says “and trying again every time the pole fell.”
    -On page 35, there is a missing word in one of Shirou’s sentences, “to”. It should say “The normal thing to do would have been to move the pole down a notch...”
    -On page 36, the first sentence is missing “been”. It should say “he should have been exhausted”.
    -On page 41, in the last sentence, it should be “is it”, not “it is”.
    -On the second to last page, change Gilgamesh’s lines to “Die now while you still can, girl. // Once you become familiar with it, even death will be lost to you—”
    The sentence outside of the bubble in the middle of the page is missing in the magazine version.
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    Ugh cokesakto no no no
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    your ability to be wrong about literally everything you post is truly astounding. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, but you haven't been right once.
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    The gay pics were the most entertaining thing going on in this discussion.
    Heaven's Feel Manga Archive

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    Quote Originally Posted by savepoints View Post
    The sentence outside of the bubble in the middle of the page is missing in the magazine version.
    Put the following there for Shirou’s thoughts:
    ”What on earth’s with her today?”
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