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Thread: Nasuverse eschatology discussion [SPOILERS]

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    Nasuverse eschatology discussion [SPOILERS]

    There’s a pervasive background element which connects virtually all Nasuverse works, and that would be the idea that the end of the World, as we know it, is imminent.

    Each work ties into this in a different way, and many of the relevant tidbits are scattered around in throwaway lines, spin-offs, glossaries, side materials, etc. which makes it really difficult to ascertain the whole picture (but that’s part of the fun!)

    As an introduction of sorts, these are some of the main sources concerning the matter:

    Notes. (May 1999)
    A long time ahead in a planet close, close by...
    The Earth died long ago (humans killed it), and all ordinary life with it. That includes ordinary humans, of which only a handful live on by clinging on to technology (by the end of the story, only one is left, and he’s said to die shortly after).

    However, humanity lives on through the Liners (artificial post-humans) and the A-Rays (other, less humanlike artificial life forms). Also, a certain Six Sisters [No.1 savig system to earth]* (sic) lead the A-Rays.

    Although they used to be enemies, they have made common cause against the Aristoteles (the ultimate life forms of each other major planet in the Solar System; being 1999, this included Pluto) who came to Earth. As it turns out, they came to fulfill Earth’s dying wish of having all of her children die along with her. It is implied that post-Humanity doesn’t stand a chance, but we don’t get to see how it ends.

    The Ultimate One of the Moon, Type-Moon, is somewhere around too, although his relationship to the main plot is unclear.

    The apocalyptic event is placed around the year 2000. Hence the term “over count 1999” – mankind has been outliving its natural lifespan since then.
    Kagetsu Tohya (August 2001)
    Includes a short story, Crimson Moon, which explains stuff about Crimson Moon (Type-Moon) and how it was the first alien being contacted by the Earth to keep humans in check.

    …Also includes a surprising amount of lore in the random startup messages, of all places.
    Melty Blood (December 2002)
    Introduces Atlas alchemists (magi with super intellect who can predict the future). Turns out, all of them eventually predict an unavoidable end of the world. Some of them create super weapons (one of these weapons appears in Notes). Another of them, Zepia Eltnam Oberon, becomes a vampire in order to try and stop it. He’s the bad guy.

    (Also, all of the Melty Blood games have relevant info in places such as winning quotes, pre-fight speeches, etc. The various versions of Arcueid and Wallachia are the two main culprits.)
    Tsukihime Dokuhon Plus Period (October 2004)
    Includes a short story, tale (Shingetsutan Tsukihime Prologue), which elaborates on True Ancestors, Crimson Moon and the relationship of Earth and humans. It’s written in a more poetic, fairytale-like style.
    Character Material (August 2006)
    Elaborates on Notes and the inexistent Tsukihime 2 (The Dark Six). Which would seem to involve vampires trying to enact a ritual in Aylesbury with the potential to end the world. That is, if it existed.
    Melty Blood Actress Again (September 2008)
    Deals with Zepia’s successor, Dust of Osiris, who has more proactive plans regarding the whole “end of the world” thing. Also, doesn’t have an actual story mode. Introduces Archetype-Earth, an usually hidden facet of Arcueid, who cheerfully tries to start the apocalypse with her planetary avatar powers, before being stopped by Arc's usual self.
    Fate/Extra (July 2010)
    A near future (2030-ish) story. It seems like the ritual alluded to in Tsukihime 2 was completed ahead of time (1970-ish) and the Earth died, kind of? But so far, only the supernaturals seem to have noticed this fact? Also, stasis/stagnation/death vs. flux/strife/life. Also, aliens.
    Mahou Tsukai no Yoru (September 2010)
    Not fully translated but probably relevant. Aoko and the True Magicians may be deeply involved in the end of the World. Also modern vs old Humanity, consumerism.
    Tsuki no Sango (December 2010)
    An alternative universe post-apocalyptic far-future (year 3K) tale involving a technologically advanced but spiritually dying Humanity and an artificial Moon goddess.
    Fate/Extra CCC (March 2013)
    Lots of stuff about Humanity, the Ages of the World, Gods, aliens, etc. The Gilgamesh routes being the main source of stuff. Not fully translated.
    Garden of Avalon (March 2015)
    More stuff about the Age of Gods, the Age of Man and the Backside of the World. Also Camelot seems to be a model a silly place a nexus of the old world order. Not fully translated.
    Fate/Grand Order (Summer 2015-)
    Fate/Extra Last Encore

    We've been talking about all of this stuff time and time again since... the very beginning of BL, actually, but considering how more and more new stuff keeps tying into this, I think now's a good time to create this thread. Also there have been some good recent discussions about this in the Questions thread; gotta strike the iron when it's hot.

    tl;dr let's talk about the end of the world
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