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Thread: Fate/Grand Order Story and Lore (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

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    So, Lancer Alter is like
    Alcides, who rejected his divinity that made him Hercules
    ? Interesting.
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    @^: Isn't that still a FSF spoiler?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mizukume View Post
    @^: Isn't that still a FSF spoiler?
    Not really considering the Master's actions, but spoilered and removed some anyway.

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    Well, those info are exclusively open in its own thread which was purposefully classified as a spoiler thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Altima of the Gates View Post
    I see how it is Nasu, changing waifus like underwear, right?

    There is no forgiveness for you. Time to reclaim your honour.
    Quote Originally Posted by Koto is living a hard life
    Quote Originally Posted by Kotonoha View Post
    2017 is the year i watch shinji die in 2 different animes
    Quote Originally Posted by GabrieliosP View Post
    Don't forget Prillya 3rei Herz!
    Quote Originally Posted by Kotonoha View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Bloble View Post
    Writing porn also helps.

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    Just trying to work through the long glut where nothing interesting (in my opinion) happens before chapter 4.

    Camelot, Chapter 3 part 2
    Da Vinci: "All right, we're getting past this dune! Everyone, get ready for the force of impact from landing after the jump!"

    Mashu: "Full throttle!
    We're going to jump, senpai!"

    [cut to sky, then burning wasteland]

    Mashu: "------This is...the Middle East of the 13th century……?"

    Da Vinci: "Temperature, 48 degrees, relative humidity, 0 percent, mana concentration in the air, 0.3 milligrams……
    ………A terrible sight to behold. No human can live in an environment like this.
    The sandstorms were bad too, but this is just as bad.
    …………It seems my predictions were right."

    >Your predictions……?
    >What do you mean……?

    Da Vinci: "This is the King of Magecraft's work.
    He created the singularities by unhinging the foundations of human order.
    As a result, human history became unstable, and the King of Magecraft managed to achieve the great deed of burning away everything from past to present.
    To flip it around, it also meant that the singularities were the only places where the flames would not reach……
    With the foundations so unraveled, it is likely that even singularities are not exempt.
    In conclusion, this land will soon burn to the ground.
    That is why King Ozymandias refrains from using the grail.
    It's only natural, isn't it?
    Even without using the grail, this land will meet its end."

    Mashu: "That's…...what on earth happened to this age……"

    [growling sounds]

    Mashu: "……! Senpai, we're surrounded! Those are……"

    ???: "Food……it's food.
    They have water too……and delicious-looking women……
    Heehee……they must have run from the Sun King's man-eating beasts……heehee, heehee!
    Praise be that you survived up till now for me……!
    Kill, kill……!
    It's meat, meat, meat------!"

    Mashu: "No…...these people are human!
    Not Servants, and not phantoms…….!"

    Da Vinci: "......Mashu, Gudao.
    You can use nonlethal force, but only as much as you can.
    …….They have half become ghouls.
    Once someone reaches that stage, there's no way to help them.
    They can live only through hating, envying, and wounding others.
    And not for long.
    That is the kind of place this age has become.
    And we came here to repudiate such an age.
    Take up your sword, Master.
    It is time to discard your innocence."


    ???: "Ugh…….ugh……!
    Dammit, goddamn it all------
    Just when I thought I could have some top-grade meat……
    You shitheads……
    Why won't you just let me kill you all?!"

    > …………

    Mashu: ".......Combat has concluded.
    I have attempted to subdue them nonlethally as much as possible, but…"

    Da Vinci: "While most of them ran from the pain, some of them still attacked us nonetheless, huh.
    This is is what happens when, even with a head able to think, "death" becomes the only way to stop you.
    With such enemies, it's only expected that we too will become merciless---
    And yet I'm astonished, Gudao. Not a single dead in the end.
    Even if they're all groaning on the ground."

    >…...I'm sorry.
    >…...That's hindsight.

    Da Vinci: "Well now, if you've still got the ability to feel that way, that in itself is important. It's not something to be scolded for.
    But we have to move on soon.
    There's no guarantee that there won't be reinforcements."

    >By the way, you don't mind if we leave some food?
    >We still had quite a lot of water, right?

    Da Vinci: "! And that's what he says, Mashu.
    I'm against it, but what do you think?"

    Mashu: "I agree with senpai!
    It's two against one so it's senpai's win, Da Vinci-chan!"

    Da Vinci: "Very well. It really is only enough to give temporary peace of mind, but there are times when a single sip of water brightens one's life!
    Take it, you all who have lost your minds!
    You'll probably have forgotten about it by tomorrow, but hey, here's some resuscitation for half a day!"

    ???: "Oh…...yes! It's water, it's water------!
    Get out of the way, that's mine……!
    I worked the hardest! You all come after!"

    Da Vinci: "All right, retreat!
    Get into the sphinx car while you can!"

    Fou: "Fooou!"

    ???: "………………
    You're going east, huh?
    Don't tell me your intention is the Holy City?"

    Da Vinci: "Yeah, we're going to that Holy City. Is there a problem? That's the only city here, isn't it?"

    ???: "……Yeah, that's right. The Holy City is the only city. A land of dreams that has everything.
    The city of the great Lion King, who killed all of the Crusaders who were attempting to burn the world down……"

    Da Vinci: (……So the Crusaders are all gone, as I thought……
    But the Saracens were chased out, too……?
    And the Lion King, again……I'd thought it was just something the Sun King made up, but it would seem it's for real……
    But you'd think the "Lion King" is……
    Mmgh, it's getting all twisted…)

    ???: "……Be careful.
    The prettier something is, the more terrifying……
    ……Don't get close to the walls.
    If you don't want to die, go back to the desert!"

    Mashu: "I see……!
    Thank you for the advice!"

    Fou: "Fou, foooou!"

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    Great work as always, Reiu.

    Thanks to Camelot, my Frederick and Edward sheets still save!
    Support JP (05/05/2018)
    Tell me if you want a Medb, Tsar or Achilles. Saber will be there forever, deal with it.

    ??? 1st Act = HALFU%
    OP is done tho

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    Camelot, Chapter 3 part 3

    Dr. Roman: "Thank goodness, the connection's finally working!
    Is everyone all right?! Was there some unexpected accident this time too?!"

    >This sure is reassuring.
    >We've managed to get by somehow.


    Mashu: "Yes.
    This is exactly what we expect of Dr. Roman."

    Dr. Roman: "Oh wait, it's not really the time to babble away.
    Anyways, I'm glad you're safe.
    I was able to track Gudao's signals, but our communications weren't reaching you at all.
    I'm sorry for not being able to provide any support for all of those two days.
    What happened on your end?"

    Mashu: "Then I will report on the events up until now.
    After the leyshift, we------"


    Dr. Roman: "So that's what happened.
    B.C. Egyptian territory manifesting in the 13th century…
    No wonder our communications weren't working.
    There's no time to recalibrate; Egypt's going to be difficult from here on.
    And King Ozymandias huh……
    A troublesome one's shown up again.
    But we should have a reliable ally this time around.
    Ozymandias referred to a Lion King right?
    That must be Richard I.
    With Richard the Lionheart on our side, we'll be able to take care of Ozymandias somehow.
    Meet up with the Crusaders and try to convince Richard------what's that face?
    Why are you holding in laughter, Gudao……?
    Did I say something strange……?"

    Da Vinci: "Hahaha.
    Then I, Da Vinci-chan, will take over from here.
    Roman, you wanted to hear about unexpected accidents, didn't you?
    Then rejoice. The Crusaders have already been defeated!"

    Dr. Roman: "What------?!
    Okay, I'm going to say it again.

    >Is it that surprising?
    >Who's Richard I?

    Dr Roman: "Of course I'd be surprised!
    I mean------
    Oh whatever, I'm sending you data from Chaldea!
    A picture is worth a thousand words!
    You'll get it when you see the map of this Singularity!
    Listen up, all right? That Singularity has a large city!
    That is without question the city that the Crusaders conquered!
    So long as that's there, that should mean that the holy land fell to the knights!
    Though it's not proper history, that should be what happened!
    And yet the Crusader have been destroyed?!
    Then, who on earth------
    ------Wait, before that, there are signals of life!
    A powerful Servant is somewhere five hundred meters ahead!"

    Mashu: "……! Understood, I will stop the sphinx car.
    What shall we do, Master?"

    >……Let's hide and take a look.

    [cut to Hassan and a group of civilians]

    Hassan of Smoke Intoxication: "……So this is as far as we get.
    It is impossible to escape with this many comrades……
    ……I regret my blunder.
    All comes to an end here."

    ???: "……How sad.
    I am most sad, Old Man of the Mountain.
    It would be easy for you to escape this alone.
    ……However, you have accepted your fate.
    The people of the Holy Land cowering behind you.
    So you will remain to protect them, the refugees……
    And so something of worth is lost, in order to protect the worthless……
    ……And that makes me grieve……"

    Mashu: "That's……an Assassin and an Archer……?
    The two appear to be in conflict.
    Around 40 civilians stand behind Assassin.
    In contrast, Archer is alone.
    ……Um, Master.
    When I look at that Archer, I can't stop shaking……and I feel this great pain in my chest------"

    >Let's retreat for now.
    >Let's go help Assassin.

    Da Vinci: "---------No.
    We mustn't take a single step. We'll get noticed.
    If that happens, that's the end of us.
    With just us, we'll get killed by that Archer.
    ……That is a Gift."

    Hassan of Smoke Intoxication: "……Of worth.
    You say that I am worth more than they?"

    ???: "Yes. Even with my bow, it would be difficult to catch you."

    Hassan of Smoke Intoxication: "…………I offer you a deal.
    If your chivalry or some such is true------
    I will give you my life.
    In exchange, I want you to let these people go."

    ???: "What nobility.
    ……But what exactly do you mean by ‘let them go'?
    I am not allowed to retreat.
    ……I apologize, but……
    I cannot leave until I apprehend all of you……"

    Hassan of Smoke Intoxication: "……Then, your right arm and legs.
    In exchange for my life, I'll take your right arm and legs.
    For a day from now, you will not move those legs, and your right arm shall be sealed.
    Though my life is a shameful one, it'll be sufficient a price for that."

    ???: "What……what self-sacrifice indeed.
    You must not, that would ……"

    Hassan of Smoke Intoxication: "I take that as acknowledgement.
    ------Then, pardon!"

    [flash of red and blood spatters]

    Hassan of Smoke Intoxication: "Run, my people……!
    The Cursed Arm of the East will surely take you in!"

    Refugees: "Oh……!
    Thank you, thank you!"

    ???: "To think she would cut off her own head……
    That leaves me with no choice but to follow the accord.
    Well done. Well done indeed.

    Refugees: "Huh……?
    Why am I…on the…ground?
    No way……my neck is, moving on its own------
    No, no-------!"

    ???: "Oh, I am most sad……
    I had said that would not do.
    What confidence and carelessness to order me to not move from here.
    My bow, Failnaught, does not go with arrows.
    This is a blade of sound that severs enemies with a pluck.
    Even without moving, or raising my bow------
    To sever baggages of flesh can be done in a single breath.

    Refugees: "Ahhh------no……!
    Save me, save me------!"

    ???: "Foolish one of the mountain. You should have said this:
    ‘Please, do not move even a single finger.'"

    Mashu: "………!"

    >He's slaughtering the helpless……!

    Da Vinci: "Hold it in. If we go right now, we'll be killed too.
    Without exaggeration, that Archer is on a totally different level..
    We have to hide until he leaves.
    ……You two don't think he's an ally either, right?"

    Mashu: "………No.
    It's as you say, surely……"


    Mashu: "……Unable to locate any survivors.
    All of their necks, severed……"

    Dr. Roman: "We've got a hold of your situation.
    That Archer……he sure is merciless.
    They seem to be of opposing factions, but even so, slaughtering civilians like that……
    Did he have a reason for that?
    Or is he simply choosing to indulge in mass murder?"

    Mashu: "…………"

    Da Vinci: "Leave the speculations for later.
    Gudao, what little part we have to play has come."

    [a phantom appears]

    ???: "You……you……
    This grudge, I cannot allow myself to simply pass like this……!
    What naivety------
    To have misjudged my opponent's cruelty……!
    I cannot forgive this-------I cannot!
    Who on earth will avenge this score for me-------?!"

    Mashu: "Something has emerged from Assassin's body------
    A vengeful spirit?!"

    Dr. Roman: "No, it's a Shadow Servant!
    Likely because this land was highly compatible, her deep grudge has remained as residue!
    If we leave it like this it's going to start assaulting people left and right!
    Gudao, before that happens…!"

    >……Understood. Let's go, Mashu!
    >……Let's put her to rest.

    Mashu: "……Yes. As a knight, I shall bring peace to her soul……!"
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    w00t new chapter
    [14:18:48] <Zurv> so who's the most ecchi
    [14:19:40] <Canon> you, zurvan
    [14:19:45] <Canon> you are the most ecchi
    [14:21:06] <Fallacy> .-.;

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    Thx reiu

    Btw why fail-not
    Quote Originally Posted by mewarmo990 View Post
    you don't need to think about it that hard
    Quote Originally Posted by castor212 View Post
    I dont get it
    Quote Originally Posted by mewarmo990 View Post
    nothing makes sense

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    It's the name of the bow
    like it actually is the name. I was surprised too.
    [14:18:48] <Zurv> so who's the most ecchi
    [14:19:40] <Canon> you, zurvan
    [14:19:45] <Canon> you are the most ecchi
    [14:21:06] <Fallacy> .-.;

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    Failnaught means the same, is just a less dumb name in general.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sandstorm77 View Post
    He's just putting the bone of his sword into other people until it explodes and lets out parts of him inside them.
    Quote Originally Posted by AvengerEmiya View Post
    Genderswaps are terrible, but I think I and other people would hate them less if Fate didn't keep ignoring actual heroines throughout history and folklore. Like, why bother turning Francis Drake into a woman when Ching Shih and Grace O'Malley exist?

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    Yeah, but why use Failnot romanization
    Quote Originally Posted by mewarmo990 View Post
    you don't need to think about it that hard
    Quote Originally Posted by castor212 View Post
    I dont get it
    Quote Originally Posted by mewarmo990 View Post
    nothing makes sense

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    Because I, not knowing shit about Arthurian lore, took the first thing I found on Google.

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    420 hassan blaze it
    Quote Originally Posted by Canon View Post
    On You's tombstone it will read
    Quote Originally Posted by You View Post
    That's exaggerating my point.

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    And this concludes chapter 3.

    Camelot, Chapter 3 part 4
    Mashu: "……Spiritual foundation core, destroyed.
    With this, she's……"

    ???: "To think that I'd be so unsightly to the very end……
    ……Thank you for your assistance in ending me, Servant whose name I do not know.
    ……If you still have the good heart to……
    Please, a memorial for my fallen comrades……
    ……So in the end, fighting was the only option……
    Laugh at my immaturity, o Cursed Arm------:

    Mashu: "The situation has concluded.
    ……Master, um."

    >……Yeah. Let's take a side track for a bit.
    >……Tell me how the people here mourn the dead.

    Mashu: "……Yes. Though we can't do it very well by ourselves, even so, I believe there is meaning to it."


    Female Refugee: "Oh, thank you very much.
    We were saved because of you.
    Not only did you chase off the bandits, you even protected us all this way……"

    Mashu: "There is no need for thanks.
    We should be the one thanking you for telling us the way.
    You are all residents of this land, correct?
    Where are you heading in such a big group?"

    Female Refugee: "Where you say? The Holy City, of course……
    That is the only place that is safe to this day.
    With the arrival of the invaders, the land burning, and our Holy Land lost……
    But the Lion King trounced the cruel Crusaders, and opened the Holy Land to us too.
    Though the Lion King is a knight whose origins no one knows, just killing all of the Crusaders is enough for us to be thankful, is it not?
    Well, of course there are people who lament that she shamelessly built her own city on the Holy Land……
    But the divine teachings are unchanging. No matter what shape the city takes, our prayers will not change."

    Da Vinci: (……So the Crusaders were destroyed by the Lion King.
    That most definitely is not Richard I……)
    So you are refugees fleeing to the Holy City?
    Do they take in even those of a different people?"

    Female Refugee: "Yes, of course.
    It is said that Her Majesty the Lion King does not refuse anyone.
    At the Holy City, once a month there is day when they hold the ritual of the Holy Selection, where they take in us refugees.
    We hear that long as we reach the Holy City before that day, we no longer need to worry.
    Though we were uncertain as well, our village burned to the ground, so……"

    Mashu: "So that's what happened……I'm sorry for your loss.
    Then this is the whole village?"

    Female Refugee: "No, only half of us. ……There are those who think ill of the knights who occupy the Holy City, you see……
    Those who refused to go to the Holy City headed for the mountains.
    There are villages there belonging to the people of the mountain.
    But……the mountain regions have long since become barren.
    If one wishes to live in these lands, the Holy City is the only choice……"

    [The refugee leaves, screen fades]

    Dr. Roman: "Good work gathering information.
    Looks like they have gone ahead."

    Da Vinci: "Yeah. We stick out a bit too much to stay together.
    We still don't have the full picture of the situation and everything, so it's better to act discreetly."

    >The buggy can only fit three people, after all.
    >It'll get complicated if we meet a Servant, after all.

    Mashu: "……That is true.
    We still don't know who are our enemies and allies.
    King Ozymandias of the Egyptian territory.
    The city known as the Holy City, and the Lion King who is said to be there.
    And the skull-masked Servants we've seen twice now.
    They all appear to be Assassins……"

    Dr. Roman: "If we're talking about skull-masked assassins in this place and age, then that must be the people of the Old Man of the Mountain, the Order of the Assassins.
    This is right in their territory. After all, the word assassin originated from them."

    Mashu: "The Sun King, the Lion King, and the Assassin Order……
    Perhaps they form a three-way deadlock?"

    >The Sun is weak to the Lion, the Lion is weak to the Assassin…
    >No, I don't think so.


    Da Vinci: "Exactly! Nitocris and Lucius both said strange things, you see!
    Though I'm speculating here, it's clear first off that the Sun King and the Lion King have formed a truce.
    ‘The knights of the Holy City have no reason to abduct Nitocris.'
    So Lucius had said, remember?
    Most likely, the one who rules this land is the Lion King.
    The Egyptian territory is its own independent land.
    From the above, we can conclude that the Sun King and the Lion King are in a truce.
    Though enemies, they do not fight……
    A cold war of sorts, you can say.
    And I think it's likely that the Order of the Assassins, the people of the mountain, did not tolerate that and formed a resistance force."

    Dr. Roman: "I see.
    I've got a rough idea of the situation now.
    Let's seek out the Holy City like the refugees for now.
    We must ascertain the identity of the knights who defeated the Crusaders, and the present situation of Holy City."

    Mashu: "Yes. King Ozymandias said the Holy City was the cause of the Singularity.
    Let us go see whether that is true or false!"

    On a side note, Camelot is roughly 7~8 hours' worth of text, judging by the videos. If it takes me about 10 minutes for each minute of text, that's 70~80 hours of work...

    (and $700~800 if it were a minimum wage job but alas)
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    (charge money)
    Quote Originally Posted by lantzblades View Post
    says the hater, you keep on hating, i'll be around ignoring your invalid, incorrect opinion.
    [18:00] Spinach: Because I don't like Saber's personality but boy oh boy does she make my dick turn to diamonds when I see her getting tentacled.
    [18:01] Leo: feeling superior to EU makes me hard
    [16:16] <Bloble> Drakengard? Is that a rhythm game?

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    Thanks for your work, Reiu.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart View Post
    canon finish apo vol 3

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    I have been convinced to make a Paypal for this, especially since I haven't purchased the FGO material books yet.

    And so rest in good ease that any proceeds will go right back to Type-Moon (and possibly Aniplex). Any contribution would be greatly appreciated and spur me to work faster.

    Chapter 4 is probably coming sometime later today so stay tuned.

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    Linked in OP.
    Quote Originally Posted by SeiKeo View Post
    Look, you can't just call something pedophilliac and expect everyone to believe you.

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    Camelot, Chapter 4 part 1
    Dr. Roman: "Amazing……what a fortress.
    So this is the heart of this age, the place where the Holy Land once was."

    Mashu: "A giant wall of white chalk, seeming to reject the outside world……
    That is……the Holy City……?"

    Da Vinci: "Looks like it.
    It's gotten late and dark now……
    Take a look over there.
    That must be the center of the walls……the front gates of the Holy City."

    [flash to front gates and back]

    Da Vinci: "That sure is a lot of refugees who have gathered.
    Close to a thousand, I'd say?"

    Dr. Roman: "They must be waiting for the ritual of the Holy Selection.
    Perfect timing. Let's sneak in there.
    If we can get inside the Holy City it'll raise the possibility of us getting an audience with the Lion King."

    Da Vinci: "Understood!
    Then, I'll fold up the Ornithopter.
    Riding in a car will attract undue atte------
    Who is it, peeking at us from the shade of that rock?"

    ???: "Hehehe……got ourselves some fine folk here.
    Did you come from the desert? Your clothes look quite luxurious.
    Seems like you've come for the Holy Selection?
    I'm telling you for your own good. Turn back now.
    Of course, after you leave everything you have on you here.
    Don't worry, we'll buy it off you at one-tenth the market price.
    ……Seriously, we sure have to thank the Lion King.
    Just by waiting here, we've got good prey like you coming in!"

    Da Vinci: "I see, it's robber merchants who've come after the refugees!
    Not that I mean anything by it, but it's sure efficient!
    But I won't allow a trade that preys off the weak!
    Gudao, let's teach them a lesson!"

    >Leave it to me!
    >You be careful too, Da Vinci-chan!


    ???: "Argh, I give! Surrender, surrender!
    No point losing lives over some meager money!"

    Da Vinci: "You sure are good at knowing when to quit.
    Judging from your accent, would you happen to be merchants from Jerusalem?"

    ???: "That sure brings back memories.
    There did used to be such a thing.
    A fun gathering of a bunch of greedy bastards!
    We made good business even if our partners were the Crusaders!
    That said, after the Holy City was built, that was soon crushed by the Lion King's adjutant.
    Well, I'm a sensible man.
    I prostrated myself and got my forgiveness.
    I still laugh about how everyone else's head was off by the time I lifted my face!"

    Mashu: "That's…
    I can't believe they slaughtered the local merchants like that……"

    ???: "Hey, now's our chance. You've let your attention drift, miss knight!
    Y'all, run, run!"

    Merchants: "Aw yeah! Mr. Serhan, we're going first!"

    Da Vinci: "Oh, wait up! Give us more information before you leave!"

    Serhan: "If you want info you gotta supply the goods!
    But hell, you lot are scary so I wouldn't deal with you!
    See ya, weirdos!
    ……I was serious about warning you to go back, though.
    Friendly advice.
    Don't get close to that castle if you want to stay human."

    Mashu: "The robbers have retreated.
    Shall we give chase, Master?"

    Da Vinci: "No, there's no need for that.
    Doesn't look like we can catch them, anyways."

    Dr. Roman: "Yeah. What he said sounded ominous, but we have no choice but to jump right into the fire.
    And those were local people just now.
    There was zero detection of Servants.
    Though maybe they mixed in from a different age, like Jekyll in London."

    Mashu: "I see. They were quite strong, despite not being Servants……"

    Da Vinci: "He called himself a merchant, but maybe they were actually soldiers.
    Well, that has nothing to do with us.
    Anyways, let's hurry to the Holy City. Something should happen soon."

    Dr. Roman: "Yeah, be careful everyone.
    Cover yourselves and try your best to not stand out!"

    [cut to the front gates]

    Mashu: "……We've managed to slip in.
    Though this is the edge of the refugee crowd, the farthest from the gates……"

    Dr. Roman: "……I think you've noticed, but I'll report on it just to be sure.
    We detect high concentrations of prana around you.
    It's encircling the refugees.
    Can you see it, Mashu?"

    Mashu: "……Yes. Those are……"

    [flash to knights and back]

    Mashu: "They appear to be knights from the Holy City.
    They are all silently standing guard over the refugees……"

    [surroundings brighten up]

    >It became noon all of a sudden?!
    >Sorry, did I fall asleep?!

    Mashu: "It's not a trick of the eyes!
    What on earth------"

    Refugees: "……What's happening……?
    ……When did the sun come up……?"

    ???: "Be calm.
    This is a miracle brought about by the Lion King------
    ‘May the sun's blessing always be with you.'
    That is the Gift that my king has bestowed upon me."

    Mashu: "Master, a knight has appeared at the gates.

    Refugees: "Sir Gawain! It's the Knight of the Round, Sir Gawain!
    The Holy Selection is beginning! We can get into the Holy City------"

    Dr. Roman: "Has the intake of refugees started?!
    We detected an incredibly strong presence of a Servant!"

    Da Vinci: "………This is the worst.
    Impossible, I did not think such a thing could happen."

    Dr. Roman: "……Leonardo? What's wrong, you don't seem like yourself?!
    What's going on?!"

    Da Vinci: "Gudao, Mashu.
    We need to leave this place immediately.
    We can still make it right now.
    What Holy Selection, that's a joke. They're------"

    Gawain: "I thank you, you who have assembled here in the Holy City of your own will.
    The age of humanity has ended, and this small world too is about to perish.
    The Lord hath delivered His judgment. There is nowhere left on this planet for people to live.
    Yes. Nowhere, except this Holy City of Camelot.
    Our Holy City is the completed, perfect, immaculate Kingdom of God.
    Beyond these gates, an ideal world awaits you."

    Refugees: "Ah…! The rumors were true!
    The Knight of the Round……how awe-inspiring……
    Despite being a knight of a different land, that radiance shines true……"

    Gawain: "Thank you.
    It must have been a long, painful journey here.
    Our king will accept people of all kinds.
    Even those of a different race, or a different religion, with no exception.
    ------However, before that.
    That is assuming you have earned the king's permission."

    Refugees: "There's someone above the gates!
    Ah, that is-------!"

    ???: "------Not all can be led to the end of the world.
    The nature of humans is something that rots and falls away.
    And so I shall choose.
    Souls that will never become defiled. Souls that will not waver no matter what evil they face.
    ------Humans who are born unchangingly, eternally pure."


    Refugees: "------What, what light is this?!-------
    -------It's such a strong light, but it's not blinding?!------
    ------Hey, you, you're glowing-------
    ------Mom, you're all shiny-------"

    ???: "The Holy Selection has concluded. We shall invite in only those three.
    Retrieve them, Sir Gawain."

    Gawain: "……Yes, Your Majesty.
    Ladies and gentlemen. I truly regret this.
    But this too is for the sake of the future of the human world.
    The king has wished for you to be purged.
    And so------let us bring divine punishment."

    Exterminator Knights: "---------."

    Refugees: "Huh? ……No way……right?
    Wait, why are you raising your swords……?
    Stop……no, no, no!
    Please, don't kill me, don't……!"

    Mashu: "It's a state of panic here!
    The knights are all ……!"

    Da Vinci: "The refugees have nowhere to run. They're surrounded.
    The knights intended to do this from the very start.
    But if it's just us, we can manage to escape.
    Gudao. You know what to do, right?"

    >Yeah, we'll open a way for everyone to run!

    Mashu: "Yes! Anywhere is fine, we'll break through a part of the knights' formation!
    Master, please channel prana to me!
    I will not lose, no matter what……!"

    Da Vinci: "Well, well.
    If that's the case, it's clear what happens next.
    I guess it can't be helped.
    Come to think of it, I also happen to just be too good at everything."

    Dr. Roman: "Leonardo……?"

    Da Vinci: "Oh, I was just talking to myself!
    I agree with Gudao as well!
    Even if we can't save a thousand, we'll save a hundred!
    Let's break through that ring of knights!"
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