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Thread: Kotonorris needs some help from BL's most notable "bookworms"

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    Kotonorris needs some help from BL's most notable "bookworms"

    Good day to everyone!
    as typemoon logic is quite heavy and complicated, i'm sorry to burden you guys with some questions so i can understand and THINK a way to put some order with SOME elements of fate numbers.
    if possible, try to use the most brief answer possible to the said question.

    The bases of research i use are Fate / Extra game mechanics(mechanisms?), same for Fate / Grand Order, and information from those Fate World Material books.
    Using the information you can came with to structure a tabletop rpg system; saddly i don't have many time to make a deep research this time; once more, sorry for asking so many questions! but don't need to answer them all in one sweep; take your time (it's not that urgent).
    And thank you very much for your attention.

    STR Q1: What changes with the Strenght attribute for a servant?
    You: Damage and rank of said attack.
    STR Q2: I do remember vaguely some information about STR rank E being equivalent to the sheer force of 10 normal humans. Can someone confirm it to me?
    You: Yes. (linked with BL doc)
    phonedorange: Like yes e is supposed to be superhuman or equal to 10x human but medea is obv not that physically impressive
    STR Q3: Could be correct to assume that STR ranks of servants are equivalent of ten times the values of the same ranks for normal humans?
    You: Use numbers instead of ranks.
    They'll have numeral values, but i'll have to keep the ranks for God Hand mechanics.

    STR Q4: How did STR influence on the damage equation of Fate/Extra?
    AGI Q1: What changes a servant gets with more Agility attribute? what he gets?

    AGI Q2: Is there any information that a certain rank of agility for servants are any different from the same rank for humans?
    (the system i'm using as base uses, for different "powerscales" the only thing affected by that is damage application (10x against human scale and gets 1/10 of damage applied by human scale; agility dice throws weren't affected in the rules, that's why i made this weird question)

    AGI Q3: How did AGI influence on the damage equation of Fate/Extra?

    END Q1: With more ranks in Endurance, what changes in a servant? more lifepoints? more physical damage reduction?

    END Q2: Would be endurance the principal or only factor for lifepoints for a servant? and for a human?

    END Q3: There is some examples of characters in typemoon that withstood once with less than 0 lifepoints? what do you think it happens if you have low ammount of life points? and what happens when you hit 0 LP? (ok, that's somewhat off the edge)
    Battle Continuation
    MANA Q1: The higher the rank in Mana, what changes happens to a servant?

    MANA Q2: What happens when a servant have low mana?

    MANA Q3: What happens when a servant have 0 points of mana?

    MANA Q4: About prana transmition from master to servant, do you think it is usually from little units of prana overtime or it can happen like "LOL I'LL SUCK TONS OF YOUR PRANA IN ONE ROUND!"?
    MANA A4:
    phonedorange:Probably latter
    Judging by zero berserker
    MANA Q5: Do you think is possible a servant using X points of prana from his master and 0 points of prana from himself for a certain action?
    MANA A5:
    phonedorange: Probably
    No reason it couldn't work like that
    Like i feel like master should be providing most of the prana
    Since they seem to be surprised
    Whenever the servant uses their own
    LUK Q1: What changes with luk? only test saves or it influences critical damages/frequence?

    NP Q1: It is safe to assume that NP damage is equivalent to the same rank of STR +2? (ex: STR rank E hits for 10 points, NP rank E hits for 30 points)

    NP Q2: It is safe to assume that the NP costs are USUALLY proportional to their ranks? there are exceptions IF this is a rule?
    NP A2:
    phonedorange: Np costs are pretty
    We don't have hard numbers
    Like gae bolg is supposed to be super efficient and used 8 tines n a row
    Excalibur looks to take a ton but gil never seems to struggle with ea
    You can probably scale with power but nasuverse is built on exceptions

    MISC Q1: Let us say a human shoots a bullet, a rin uses a thaumaturgy, a medea uses true magic(?), heracles uses his fists, kojirou uses his blade, Altria/Arthuria uses her sword and she uses her NP excalibur.
    how would you describe each one of those attacks as type of damage? which ones are physcal attacks? which ones are magic attacks? noble phantasms are in a different category than physical attack or magical ones? true magic and thaumaturgy would cause different type of damages or they are different only for other kind of rules? Kojirou's Monohoshizao and Astolfo's sword does have the same treatment for damage type as saber's excalibur? it is the same type for the excaliblast too?

    that's all for now. Once more, thank you for the attention!
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    Q1: Damage and rank of said attack.
    Q2: Yes.
    Quote Originally Posted by bl doc
    According to Side Materials, normal humans = 1 ("通常値"), E is 10, or 10 times normal human ability.
    Q3: Use numbers instead of ranks.
    Q1. "Speed." Reaction-time. Catch all "nimbleness."
    Q2. See Q2 above.
    Q1. Unknown. However the code in GO calls CON Defense.
    Q3. Battle Continuation.
    Q1. Can handle more magical energy. Does not mean reserve is high though.
    Q2. Can't use NPs and stuff. See Saber in Fate Route after Excalibur.
    Q3: Mana = HP. Run out of Mana = Dead. Mana equals HP and MP.
    NP1. No, it could be a proportion. C rank NP = A~A+ normal attack. Too vauge.
    NP2. Cost is probably porportional to rank and type. However there are exceptions. Better to do case by case.
    Misc: Case by case. That's all up to you. All we know is fire damage exists.
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    Thanks, You! =D

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