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Thread: Matou Shinji and the Broken Chains (HP/FSN CYOA)

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    [x] Split
    [x] Mischa

    Need to focus instead of looking dumb staring.

    Major threat first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daiki View Post
    Need to focus instead of looking dumb staring.
    Major threat first.
    I agree. Also if we went the route of working on the same works, while it might lead to more indepth knowledge gains, it will also be far easier for others to see that the two are working together.

    [X] Separate
    [X] Mischa

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    [X] Separate
    [X] Mischa

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    We know a lot about Ayaka, so who would she know the best of the people that Shinji doesn't know well? Is that Mischa? She might know much about him.

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    Are these your final answers?

    Remember, she is only trading information on an equivalent exchange basis, so unless there is someone else she is interested in learning about from you, you're not going to get more info.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cassius View Post
    We know a lot about Ayaka, so who would she know the best of the people that Shinji doesn't know well? Is that Mischa? She might know much about him.
    You make a good point there. Sondrol is the only person that she is likely to have good insight on, well other than Shinji. She is not a person I really want info on but level of intel given should match the level received.

    Change my vote to Sondrol

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    Choice 253:
    [X] Split the work

    So, who are you interested in learning about?

    Can we wait on answering this? This should be happening around two weeks after we arrived on the island, but we don't know anything about how the other competitors (or ourselves) did in the challenges or demonstrations since the opening ceremony.

    I doubt that Lestrange has good enough information on any single participant for an equivalent exchange that would match what we know of Sajyou (her knowledge of Sondrol probably isn't as extensive). The only exception would probably be an, admittedly, unusual choice of asking her about herself. This would increase the chances of a pairing as we would have her at a disadvantage if she decided to ally with someone else. Also, if we ally with her then she'll share information more freely anyway.

    Some other options would be to:
    Tell her the information first, then ask for what she considers an equivalent amount of useful information. Reciprocation is an effective tactic and people often underestimate the value of what they know. She also would probably choose who she thinks is the best person for us to know about, with only a small chance of her giving us information about Gabrielle.

    Try to negotiate a better exchange of information (e.g. information on two competitors), since we have extensive information on one of the top contenders (probably number one, but at least top three) and that is going to be hard to match.

    Tell her that you'd prefer to get the information later (when both of us have found more about the competitors).

    Ask her to do reconnaissance to find enough information. While wearing her dress, she could probably get a lot of information from Akindele.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perverse Transcriptase View Post
    Can we wait on answering this?
    You may choose to wait, if that is what you wish. Or to try and renegotiate.
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    If the vote is being called now then:
    [x] Sondrol

    but Id rather wait on this vote

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    You really want to piss off Lestrange by asking secret data on her girlfriend?

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    253a: [x] Split the work
    253b: TIE - see 254

    Chapter 72. Ripples

    For most of the Champions of the Eleven Schools, especially those who had perhaps over-indulged during the afterparty for the Opening Ceremonies, morning came all too soon to the Isle of Thule, and with it, the start of the preliminaries for the Wizarding Schools Potions Championship.

    When the first Championships had been held long ago in 1407, these preliminaries hadn’t existed, as they had served little purpose. Instead, the Champions – only four in those days – had been thrown immediately into the wilds of the island, where their goal, over a two-week period, was to make their way to the grand stage where they would have the opportunity to showcase their brewing skills. All the while, of course, gathering the reagents and ingredients they needed to craft their potions, and trying not to succumb to the dangers of the flora, fauna and…various other threats upon the ancient isle.

    There are few records remaining from those days, with Potions were invented, what the Champions were like, and the features of the island quite unknown, as no entity had established a permanent research outpost. None of the schools would allow researchers affiliated with one of their competitors to gain that sort of advantage, and the idea of a joint mission was pretty much unthinkable, in the absence of some international authority or organization to work out the kinks.

    What is known comes from what little was written by the observers who were invited to judge the creations of these young potioneers, observers who complained about not being able to see more of the competition, as rather than judge a potion in isolation, they wanted to see the thought process of the Champions, and how their decisions were informed by the misadventures and tribulations they encountered on this untamed land.

    This frustration lingered through the years, and with the rise of the International Confederation of Warlocks, which established a framework allowing for less ad hoc cooperation, an outpost was finally established on the Isle of Thule by the Centre for Alchemical Studies, whose expertise and neutrality was respected by the various schools and nations involved in the Championship.

    That outpost, established on the coast and protected with powerful magics, would eventually grow into the village whose facilities competitors and guests enjoyed in the modern era. And with the creation of this bit of infrastructure, the International Potions Committee, which had been tasked, among other things with, overseeing the Championship and other potions competitions, saw an opportunity to build the reputation of their flagship event.

    Thus, to better showcase the skills of the Champions, they restructured the event.

    Instead of throwing Champions into the wilds immediately, they would instead be brought to the village, where, before risking life and limb – and mind, they could showcase their skills through cooking competitions, brewing challenges, and duels with and without magic. In the process, they could better evaluate one another, build alliances, intimidate possible foes, and learn about the hazards of the island by studying the Archives at the CAS outpost (hopefully reducing the mortality rate).

    This, of course, did mean that they could begin charging absurd sums for any who sought to spectate, given not only the ability to witness competition on this high level, but access to the Champions themselves, for publicity, recruitment or whatever else they had in mind.

    With these changes, the Wizarding Schools Potions Championship became much better known, even growing to reach all of the Eleven Schools certified by the ICW, though not all of them competed each year.

    ‘This will be the first year there have been all eleven…it usually is about half that number,’ Ka'aukai Kapule, the Champion of the Pacific Islands School, mused to himself as he waited in front of the CAS’ jet black edifice for the person who he was to meet for breakfast. ‘If only because there are rarely enough worthy of the title of Champion.’

    There certainly weren’t at his intuition, which, alone of the Eleven, was always in motion, as one might expect, given that the name of his school, Nu'utea Kohu, roughly translated to “Ever-Distant Fleet.” Where most schools were housed in great fortresses in obscure corners of the world, Nu'utea Kohu instead consisted of a number of great ships, enchanted so from the outside, they seemed to be shrouded in an ethereal fog.

    Instead of incoming students being sorted into Houses, or choosing a Banner to serve under, they were assigned to one of seven great ships, on which they would serve for a year, before being reassigned, and so forth, with excellent performance leading to the possibility of promotions to an officer role on their new ship – or eventually, in one’s final year, an appointment to a Fleet-grade role, such as captain of one of the ships, or his role as Chief Navigator of the Ever-Distant Fleet.

    ‘Not that we do not do excursions to dry-land, but our focus is more…on the affairs of the waters,’ he thought to himself, only to look up as he heard footsteps coming towards him.

    “Did I keep you waiting?” a familiar voice asked, pitched perfectly to carry in the morning air without being too loud.

    “Not at all, ma’am!“ he said, immediately coming to attention and snapping off a crisp salute. “Admiral.”

    “Relax, Mister Kapule. Neither of us are on duty,” the other directed, even she nodded in approval at his prompt response. “Or, for that matter, even at our respective fleets.”

    “Understood, Admiral,” the Champion of Nu'utea Kohu replied stiffly, as he forced himself to fight down his instinctive response to seeing a superior officer in dress whites – even if the officer before him was not, perhaps in his direct chain of command.

    Well, not at the moment, though as the Commander of the Combined Fleet, which was tasked with ensuring that the protections around the Sunken City remained unbroken and responding to any incursions by Deep Ones or other affiliates of the slumbering entity sealed within R’lyeh, the Admiral had the authority to request the cooperation of any naval forces in her theatre, should it be necessary.

    “It is pleasing to see that Nu'utea Kohu continues to hold its officers to a high standard,” the other noted. “With that said, however, as this is one of the rare occasions when I am not acting as an Admiral, you may address me simply as Lady Yamato.”

    “As you desire,” Ka'aukai Kapule answered with a deep bow. “If I may, ma’am, it is a rare privilege to be dining with you this morning. To what do I owe the honor?”

    “Can I not simply wish to dine with an old acquaintance?” the Admiral noted, her lips quirking upwards ever so slightly.

    Despite the training, however, the Champion of Nu'utea Kohu found it very difficult to maintain his composure, as Admiral Yamato, Commander of the Combined Fleet – made up of elements from Japan, the Polynesian Islands, and even the Americas – for all her power and her wealth of experience, looked every bit like a beautiful young woman.

    ‘She hasn’t aged a day…’

    Luxurious brown hair bound up in a ponytail, rich purple eyes which could see through any deception. Skin as smooth and unblemished as that of any model. Delicate, almost ethereal features, umarred by the countless battles she had participated in.

    So she had appeared when she had first come to the fleet as one of its Captains years ago, as one of Coastal Defense Tsukumogami who had been the nucleus of the Fleet, and so she still appeared today, as the “Old Woman” of the Fleet – and a living legend.

    “Forgive me, Lady Yamato, but I find it hard to believe that you would set aside time simply for that,” the Polynesian Champion noted, with a respectful nod. “I may have been seconded to the Fleet’s animagi division for a single operation, but…” He trailed off. “I find it hard to believe that would be enough for you to do me this honor…even if you are on leave, ma’am.”

    “Well, there may have been something else,” the Fleet Commander said with some small trace of amusement. “As expected from the Chief Navigator of the Ever-Distant Fleet. You don’t overlook oddities. Even small ones.”

    “I do my duty, Lady Yamato. Even if I am…not presently abroad the Hokule’a,” he replied. “Or near any fleet element at all.”

    “Indeed,” the young woman agreed, with a note of finality. “Come. Let us discuss the rest over breakfast. You will have to tell me of the opening ceremonies, as I was not present due to overseeing a most delicate operation.”

    “As you command, Admiral.”

    Unlike the Champion of Nu'utea Kohu, Matou Shinji did not have to deal with the burden of meeting and dining with a living legend (and personal hero) on the morning of the second day. Instead, after a night which he had whiled away under the stars and the moon instead of sleeping, the boy found himself reporting to the small amphitheatre area set aside for the very first of the preliminaries.

    One that he didn’t know if he could manage to do well in.

    ‘…a cooking challenge. Why?’ he asked himself, looking down at the station that had been set up for him, with a basic stove, pots, pans, and knives, along with the large communal pile of ingredients. ‘I was hoping for a dueling competition, or a general melee or something…’

    Something where he could show off his combat abilities, which, unlike his brewing or his somewhat lacking skills in the kitchen, were something he was confident about.

    ‘I know I’m outmatched. That’s not even in question.’

    The question was…could he manage to keep from overly embarrassing himself?

    And that he didn’t know. Granted, he no longer ruined instant ramen whenever he tried to make it, and no longer burned pancakes, waffles or rice when he made them without the aid of a dedicated appliance, but such basic competence in the culinary arts was something every Champion could boast of, right?

    Or so he thought the case would be as he watched the others begin to file in and take their places at the various stations.

    Elesa Labelle, Champion of Ilvermorny, was the first of them, looking quite glamorous in a gleaming chef’s uniform, complete with toque and apron, with her hair bound up in a bun.

    Rachelle Lestrange, Champion of Beauxbatons, was the second, wearing a simple black dress and beret ensemble, accompanied by a loose brown neckerchief and apron.

    Mischa Stukov, Champion of Koldovstorez, was the third, and was dressed in simple brown and beige robes.

    Parambir Agarwal, Champion of Tamirsthana, wore an all-black uniform with a distinctively Indian cut, with a rust colored hat for contrast.
    And of course, Sajyou Ayaka, Champion of Mahoutokoro, appearing in a blood red kimono, with a dark blue apron over it.

    ‘…wait that’s it?’ Shinji wondered, seeing that only half of the others had bothered to show up. ‘Right…it is optional, after all.’

    Well, optional for everyone but him, since he alone of the Champions stood out as the youngest and least experienced, and if he wanted to be taken seriously, he had to show that he could at least hold his own.

    Even, no, especially when it came to cooking, since most saw it as only a hair away from proper brewing, given that one combined ingredients to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

    ‘Still, is anyone even watching?’ he wondered, looking up at the stands. ‘I’d understand a big audience if it was dueling, but…’

    His thoughts trailed off, with the boy stiffening as he saw Luna and Gabrielle waving at him, with the young French girl waving a banner with a small raven on it.

    “Bon courage, Monsieur le Chevalier!” Fleur’s sister called out to him, drawing the eyes of the audience—and several of his fellow Champions—to him as he looked down, cheeks flushed in embarrassment.

    And not a little shame, since the most disapproving of his onlookers was Horace Slughorn, Potions Master of Hogwarts. The man had already been glaring at him before this, but after Gabrielle’s enthusiastic shout?

    ‘…if glares were killing curses, I’d be a corpse right now.’

    Fortunately, however, they were not. So he tuned out the audience, taking a deep breath and focusing himself. Soon, the judges for this round of preliminaries would enter, announcing the theme of the cooking challenge.

    What would they ask him to make, he wondered?

    What great task would they set to him?

    Shinji swallowed.

    ‘I could just…leave now, and not embarrass myself. Or I could, if there weren’t people cheering me on.’ He couldn’t disappoint Luna like that, to say nothing of innocent young Gabrielle. To betray their expectations by not trying at all – that would almost be criminal.

    ‘Ok…I can do this,’ he told himself. ‘I can do this.’

    And then two more figures strolled into the stadium, with the people in the stands beginning to rise and applaud, and the other Champions joining in.

    As well they should, given that one of them was Yumi Suzuki, the reigning World Champion, looking resplendent in a silver gown, with her companion being none other than the young and handsome representative of the Centre for Alchemical Studies named Tomas Peverell.

    She curtsied, and he bowed, as both gestured for the others to take their seats.

    “Wizards and witches, good people and gentlebeings, welcome to the first set of preliminaries for the Wizarding Schools Potions Championship,” the World Champion declared. “Today may simply be the first opportunity of many to witness our noble Champions facing off against one another, but it is the first, nevertheless, so thank you for joining us.”

    “Today, we have a very special treat for you fortunate few,” Tomas added smoothly. “You who have come so bright and early will not only get to see these potioneers work their craft, but will have the privilege of sampling their cooking, should you be interested!”

    A surprised murmur went up from the stands, as they hadn’t expected this.

    “Of course, that is only if we, the judges, agree that the dish is quite palatable, but seeing the quality of those assembled here, I doubt there will be an issue, yes?” the automaton continued, with Shinji feeling like a dark pit was opening deep inside his stomach.

    ‘Oh no…’

    “To explain how this will work, our Champions are free to create whatever dish they think will best impress us, though we, as judges will supply both the theme and the secret ingredient that they must incorporate,” Yumi announced, continuing on from where Tomas had left off. She turned to the gathered representatives of the various schools. “Champions, do you understand?”

    The Champions chorused agreement, as Yumi Suzuki smiled thinly.

    “Excellent. Mister Peverell, the theme and secret ingredient then, if you would?”

    “Of course,” the puppet said agreeably, taking a sealed envelope from a pocket in his dress robes and tearing it open to reveal a single slip of paper inside. “Today’s theme is curry! And today’s special ingredient is shallots! Something simple to start things off, eh?”

    ‘Curry…’ Shinji thought distantly, as he straightened, his eyes widening as the words registered. ‘I can make that. I can make that.’

    For someone from Japan, a simple dish like curry was one of the fundamentals that even primary school children often knew how to make.

    He wouldn’t fail here. He couldn’t.

    He would succeed!

    And so he did.

    Like a madman at work, Matou Shinji chopped vegetables, simmered rice, fried curry powder together with flour and oil to make a fragrant roux, the aroma of it swirling around him. With a sigh, he added the spiced mixture to the vegetables as he stewed them – potatoes, carrots, shallots, and bits of tender coconut, since he didn’t trust himself to cook meat properly under pressure.

    Stirring, stirring, bubbling, bubbling, watching the fire to make sure the rice didn’t burn, he pushed himself to the limit, turning his mind to steel as he sought to prove himself once and for all as worthy to stand on the stage with his competitors – to show that despite everything, he was worthy of the title of a champion.

    Oil sizzled. Flames roared.

    Stew simmered and popped.

    Ladle struck pot, scooped out rice, and a curry like any other was served atop it.

    A simple dish, perhaps, but one with all his heart and soul put into it.

    He would not lose here.

    He would and could not, not while someone believed in him, even in the face of such formidable odds.

    A second plate prepared, and he was done, breathing hard as he fell out of his trance.

    ‘It is finished…’ he thought to himself, stepping back from what he had created, just as time was called.

    Swiftly enough, judgement was handed down, with the two judges sampling the various creations the Champions had made and scoring them separately, their faces betraying nothing of what they thought – or so seemed to be the case until Yumi let out a low, sensual moan after tasting Ayaka’s dish of vegetable curry over rice, accompanied by a deep-fried pork cutlet whose crisp exterior blended perfectly with the tender, juicy flesh within, and a bowl of miso soup to wash it all down.

    Tomas, on the other hand, seemed to be more pleased by Parambir’s koli saaru, a kannada-style chicken curry served over fragrant rice, substituting the usual onion within for shallots, which, drawing from the cuisine of Karnataka, was one of the oldest dishes in the world.

    Both seemed pleased enough with Lestrange’s Seychelles-style Coconut Chicken Curry, though it received no special comment from either of them. Labelle’s Thai-inspired green curry with chicken, served with roti, was treated similarly.

    As for his own coconut curry…

    “…passable,” Tomas allowed after he tasted it, with the boy almost sagging in relief as the judges didn’t declare his cooking to be unpalatable.

    Sadly, the same could not be said of Mischa’s fumbled attempt at making a curried coconut borsht, the pierogis which exploded on the stove, or the curry omelet he’d resorted to throwing together at the very last minute, with the Russian’s face going ashen as the judges declared his cooking unfit for human consumption.

    “In the end, the winner – by a very close margin, is Sajyou Ayaka, Champion of Mahoutokoro, with Parambir Agarwal, Champion of Tamirsthana, just behind. Both of their dishes were an utter delight to the palate, and we had much difficulty deciding which the winner would be. Rachelle Lestrange of Beauxbatons and Elesa Labelle of Ilvermorny performed admirably with their dishes, though not quite to their level. As for Matou Shinji of Hogwarts, his dish, while simple, was filling even so, with the substitution of coconut for chicken being quite an adventurous choice,” the World Champion declared, once the tabulation had been finished. “Congratulations on your efforts, and better luck next time, Mister Stukov.”

    Now, as promised, you in the audience may now come down to partake, if you wish. We may not be masters of transfiguration—”

    Tomas snorted.

    “—but we can manage to duplicate enough to feed all of you, I’m sure!”

    Shinji smiled. He hadn’t been last after all.

    The judges – even the World Champion – hadn’t hated his cooking, had found it acceptable, even if it hadn’t been the best (not that he’d expected to be the best, given that Sajyou-san outclassed him on nearly every level, and had, along with Luna, taught him everything he knew about cooking).

    “After lunch, please join us for somewhat more active sort of competition, with a select group of Champions facing off in duels. Olu Akindele of Uagadou will face Matou Shinji of Hogwarts. Mischa Stukov of Koldovstorez will face Libatius Müller of Castelobruxo. Ka'aukai Kapule of Nu'utea Kohu wil face Rachelle Sondrol of Durmstrang. And Parabmir Agarwal of Tamirsthana will face Ramona Ahgeak of Qausuittuq.”

    At the end of the day, after all was said and done, Matou Shinji was rather tired, as cooking up a storm, followed by a duel – though thankfully not one where either he or his opponent were going at each other with everything they had – was not something that was particularly easy when one was not running on very much sleep.

    ‘Still, I shouldn’t just go to bed – I need to at least eat,’ he told himself.

    It wasn’t as if dinner was as grand a commitment as going to the afterparty had been, as eating in the Champion's village was very much of a do-as-you-wish affair.

    There was no set schedule for meals, really – save for the few special events now and again, with visitors to the isle welcome to go wherever they wished within the areas protected by the walls. The primary eatery in town – the café near the guest housing – was open around the clock during the time visitors were on the island for the Potions Championship, and offered a small, but delicious, array of dishes free of charge.

    (Or rather than free of charge, one might say that meals were included in the price that the various governments had already paid for tickets).

    This fare, of course, included samples of the Champions' cooking from the various culinary challenges, which would, of course, change day after day.

    Of course, there was the possibility of room service, as one could request that food be delivered to their room, where their only company would be whoever they allowed in – something that Shinji found quite tempting, after his long day, though…

    ‘Since we Champions have a dining area in our housing block, I may as well drop by, seeing if any of the others are there…’

    It couldn’t hurt, getting to know his competitors, and he figured that maybe after dinner, he could go spend time with Luna or something, or perhaps finally show Budge his potion of fading, now that he felt…rather competent.

    His cooking had been passable, and he’d managed a draw against Olu, using only his wand – two things that put together made him feel better about his chances than he had in a long time.

    ‘Well, might as well…’

    With a smile on his face, he proceeded to the housing block and to the Champions’ Dining Area within, where the others had already gathered.

    None of them seemed to notice him immediately, and he scanned the room to see just who was there.

    At the table furthest from the door, Rachelle Lestrange and Rachelle Sondrol were sitting together, speaking quietly over simple, but hearty fare about one thing or another in rapid, fluid French that Shinji couldn’t follow.

    At a low table, surrounded by overstuffed beanbags instead of proper chairs, Elesa Labelle, Ramona Ahgeak, and Sajyou Ayaka held court, with a sampler of hors d'oeuvres, some scones and quiches, steaming cups of fragrant tea before them.

    At what appeared to be a bar, Olu Akindele, Ka'aukai Kapule, and Libatius Müller were chatting with some animation as they raised glasses of some evil-looking frothy liquid to one another, with each apparently having something to celebrate, if their smirks and smiles were anything to go by.

    ‘…well, Müller did soundly thrash the Russian, which no one was expecting…’

    Sitting at a dark table by the buffet counter, with a half-empty bottle of vodka beside him, Mischa Stukov was glowering down at his plate of beef stroganoff, only to look up – seeming even more gloomy – as he noticed Shinji walk in.

    And then there was Parambir, who was sketching something in what looked like a journal, or perhaps taking notes, with a bowl of hot soup going untouched in front of him.
    ‘Diligent, I guess…’

    For a moment, the boy considered going to join Elesa, Ramona, and Ayaka at the low table over tea, but he thought better of it.

    ‘They’re good people but…I don’t really want an elegant, serious atmosphere right now.’

    No…he had something to celebrate to, he thought, as he made his way to the table where the three male Champions were toasting one another.

    “Mind if I join you?” he asked, as the three looked at him.

    “You are welcome,” Libatius Müller noted, waving him over, with the German Brazilian seeming more cheerful than Shinji remembered seeing him. “Come. There are enough…chicken wings and nachoes for everyone. And beer!”

    “Heh, I hear you beat the Russian,” Olu said to him, raising an eyebrow – and a glass in salute. “That’s good work. Wasn’t expecting that out of someone like you!”

    “Heh…it wasn’t much, really,” Shinji chuckled nervously, scratching the back of his head. “Just did the best I could.”

    “That…” Olu laughed, wrapping an arm around the boy’s shoulders, with Shinji stiffened as he realized that the older Champion wasn’t entirely sober. “That will get you far! Try your best, and if you don’t succeed, try, try again!”

    “Olu, really? Don’t molest our young colleague, please,” Ka'aukai Kapule interjected mildly.

    “Eh, sorry, sorry,” Olu replied sheepishly, lifting his hands, as Shinji slipped away to sit next to the apparently more reasonable Brazilian. “Just…having a good day, that’s all.” He sighed, a wide smile making its way across his lips. “A really good day.”

    “I hope that’s it,” Libatius commented. “I wouldn’t want you pounding on my door for a hangover cure in the morning again.” The Brazilian snorted. “Not that this alcohol is particularly strong. Almost like drinking water, really.”

    “Heh, only you and the Russian could possibly say that,” Ka'aukai Kapule pointed out, shaking his head. “Don’t see both of you put it all.”

    “Well I don’t have a hollow leg to put it down, if that’s what you mean,” the Champion of Castelobruxo quipped. “But yes, Olu, please, control yourself.”

    “I’ll be fine,” the African Champion replied with a smile that didn’t quite suit him, looking over to the table where the two Rachelles were sitting. “Don’t much need much in the drink to feel happy today. Don’t worry – won’t bother you and Lily in the morning again.”

    Ka'aukai let out a quiet bark of laughter.

    “Oh, is that what happened?” the Polynesian snickered, glancing between the now stiff Libatius and the Russian Champion. “Guess that was what motivated that rather brutal beatdown.”

    “For a descendant of a so-called hero, his hand to hand skills leave something to be desired,” the Brazilian said dryly. “As does his self-control, after a taunt or two.”

    “A risky gambit, all the same,” Ka'aukai pointed out. “And even if you beat him in unarmed, he had the better of you in staff to staff. He even disarmed you. If he hadn’t fallen for your taunt…”

    “The point is that he did,” Libatius countered, a thin smile tugging at his lips. “True. I’m not the best with weapons, but it’s as I said to him, a real man doesn’t need weapons to win a fight. A real man wins with his mind.”

    “True enough,” the Polynesian Champion conceded. “My own performance in the duels wasn’t anything to write home about, but then, I wasn’t expecting Sondrol to be quite so fierce.”

    “Heh, you are joking, yes?” Olu interjected. “The Champion of Durmstrang is the only person on the island even the Russian fears in staff combat. They call her Field Marshal at Durmstrang. Field Marshal, not a title to scoff at.”

    “Well. Yes. That will teach me to look a little deeper next time,” Ka'aukai noted. “Field Marshal, huh? Quite the title indeed.”

    “Indeed. But...what exactly are you celebrating?” Olu inquired, looking at the Champion of the Pacific Islands. “I know why I’m feeling good, and Libatius, and I can guess for Matou here, but what about you?”

    “Me?” asked Ka'aukai Kapule, with a gentle laugh. “Nothing much. Just…someone made me an offer for after all this is over. One I never dreamed I’d hear – and certainly not from the person in question.”

    “A job?” the African Champion asked, his interest suddenly piqued. “Or…?” he trailed off meaningfully.

    But the Polynesian Champion just laughed and smiled a knowing smile.

    “If you become World Champion, maybe I’ll tell you.”


    Choice 254: Who is Shinji asking Lestrange for information about, in exchange for providing information about Ayaka?

    [ ] Rachelle Sondrol
    [ ] Mischa Stukov
    [ ] Will ask her later

    Choice 255: It comes to Shinji's attention that part of the survival part of the competition will include foraging plants/hunting animals for food - and that this is a very dangerous area to do so in, especially given that there are a lot of unfamiliar ingredients. So what does he do?

    [ ] Trust his skills
    [ ] Find a reliable partner who knows how to cook
    [ ] Rely on potions to keep him going
    [ ] Use the Book of Potions to store as much food from the buffet as his possibly can
    [ ] Live off of Mapo Tofu
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    [x] Will ask her later.

    An interesting option, since it would solve the issue of not knowing "enough", that some voters seem to have with picking Mischa. I would ask about Olu since he revealed a lot to her but that would be too meta.

    [x] Find a reliable partner who knows how to cook.

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    Oh, and just to refresh everyone's memory, tomorrow is a day for the media to talk to the Champions! You can count on all the media representatives to be there - except for poor, poor Professor Slughorn, who is currently confined to his room following dinner with one of the CAS reps. In his place, a British representative from the Quibbler will be conducting a private interview with Shinji instead.

    But yes, if you have any questions you would like the press to ask Shinji, please feel free to share!
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    So... Kantai girl, Cthulhu and dreadful cooking challenge

    [x] Will ask her later

    Have to say, giving away information about sempai leaves a foul taste of treason. Could we somehow limit it to the minimum? Explaining the reason to our temporary ally, of course.

    [x] Find a reliable partner who knows how to cook

    When uncertain - expand the harem (c)

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    Quote Originally Posted by neophyte View Post
    Cthulhu isn't exactly new to the Nasuverse. After all, the existence of Prelati's spellbook, translated from the Chinese translation of the R'lyeh text (Retrieved from the Sunken City) would seem to imply it. I mean, one of its spells of summoning is literally "Cthulhu fhtagn." As for Lady Yamato (who here, is an admiral in her own right), well, it only makes sense for a fleet meant to defend against the threats posed by denizens of the Abyss (Cthulhu, Deep Ones, et al - all classified as Abyssals) to exist, no? Especially as I've made some reference to using whales and such to keep Cthulhu asleep before.

    Have to say, giving away information about sempai leaves a foul taste of treason. Could we somehow limit it to the minimum? Explaining the reason to our temporary ally, of course.
    If you give away minimal information, expect just as little back.
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    I am not sure I completely understand people's hesitation on giving Lestrange intel on Ayaka. Sure I can understand that we do not want to annoy Ayaka or piss off our Japanese allies. But I think people are making it a bigger thing than it is. Maybe if Shinji informed the american faction about Ayaka's true abilities (even if they likely around have a very good idea), I can see Shinji pissing off the Japanese faction.

    Simple fact is Ayaka is several factors more OP than Lestrange is. Lestrange is the better brewer (maybe) but she does not hold a candle to Ayaka's fighting abilities if she was motivated and unleashed her fury. Most of what Shinji can share is the same stuff that Lestrange knows about Shinji only amplified to 11. Telling Lestrange that Ayaka has a familiar, can fused and use ofuda to teleport but has never done so against Shinji because she does not need it to win, is not some giant ass secret but one that can save Lestrange from making a mistake with her. It clues her in at just how strong Ayaka really is.

    Andf it's not like Lestrange is going to go after Ayaka directly people. Not her style. But if Shinji clued her in on Ayaka's ability to decompose practically everything, I think Lestrange would understand the full danger that ability is and would seek other methods for her to reach the goal of winning or impressing the CAS. Ayaka powerhouse abilities are so overwhelming to almost every other champion (barring Elesa) that the intel becomes almost useless because simply knowing about them does not began to remotely bridge the gap.

    Heck informing her of Ayaka's abilities is likely to work for us in pushing her into working fully with Shinji to combine their potion skills (IE Shinji's Eastern knowledge) to find a way to win.

    Also I suspect that intel can consist of more than just someone's abilities. Shinji knows Ayaka personality better than any other champion at this point. He might not be super close with her but he has been around her enough to give insight and a good rundown on Ayaka's personality beyond surface appearances.

    [X] Wait
    I just hope that this will not turn out to be another instance where we get nothing in the end, just like when we waited on asking that question to Lockhart.

    [X] Trust his skills
    Eating someone else's food seems like a bad idea or at least someone that not allied by our paper contract. Especially since we did build our ability to be resourceful by way of Ayaka's boot camp.

    The book storing food might be a good idea, provided that it does not piss the book of. Is the survival portion the team portion? If it is, then pulling the book to eat would be a bad idea since that would expose the book.
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    Survival portion is not the mock trial preliminary - it is the actual two weeks in the wilderness you will be going through as you navigate the island and gather your ingredients
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    Don't trust Shinji to make rations/prepare meals on the field with unknown ingredients when he could barely manage to avoid a red card using a dish he was familiar with, on top of already having the proper materials to work with.

    Budge will be pissed if you use the book to store food again, so it's also out for me.

    I'm willing to swap for the relying on potions choice though, even if I expect that to require extra brewing sessions before the first trial. Since I'm pretty sure we will go with a partner, I don't mind them cooking. Mock trial will have Ramona with us, who was trained to survive in different settings, so it's not an actual issue to rely on her.

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    [x] Wait
    [x] Find a Reliable Partner who knows how to cook

    Choice 256: What are some questions you believe the press would be interested in asking Shinji?

    [ ] (write-in)

    Choice 257: How will Shinji answer the French reporter's question about his plans after the Championship, and the future of his relationship with Miss Delacour?

    [ ] (write-in)
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    [x] As their representative, does he have a message for the Britain community. Does he feel confident for the competition. What is the most precious lesson he expects to learn from such a big event. Name three champions that, according to him, are likely to come on top at the end.

    [x] There are matters to address in Britain so he will have to go back. Whatever his fate is after that, it is likely that his performance in the potions championship will play a big role. The press misunderstood his relationship with Fleur. They get along but there is nothing intimate about it. His one and only love is Luna Lovegood.
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