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Thread: Matou Shinji and the Broken Chains (HP/FSN CYOA)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malorius View Post
    Actually, Daiki, SL, what was your plan? Going into the office in plain robes and a disposable wand - but with the shiny medal, what kind of image it even aims for? (can we even hide Illuminati outfit under the robes? those are separate options), - speak nicely, reject him, (switch outfits?) and get out?
    The plan was that Shinji was likely going to be pushed to a breaking point and that a peaceful option would break down, making a fight/flight options happen. The idea was that he should be prepared for that moment and have armor. And for some reason we consider the lost fitting robes to mostly hide the stealthed turned off Illuminati outfit, until he needed to activate it. The hope was that it would just look like nothing when off.

    But in thinking more, its feels like it assumes that they are dumb, which they certainly are not. So I am scraped my vote on trying to hide the armor since I doubt it would work.

    But the idea was that shinji would take a fading potion with him, and use it to break out of their trap and not kill everyone on the way out. But on that front, maybe it is not a great idea to take Fading into this given that we do not want to explain that potion if they do find it nor do we want to risk them finding out about it just for this. So another plan that needed to be scrapped, cause you know they will search him hard.

    Also Malorius talking to Alf, it sounds like Zelkova is with Luna to make sure she is safe while pandora gets her father out. Shinji will be unable to fused with his familiar in this fight. It is just him and his dragon nature all locked up with a fully stone room with some poor Aurors. Fusion would have been nice but Shinji already is a powerhouse now without him. Even has now some really heavy spell resistant, not that will mean much against the incoming AKs.
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    So we are combat crippled by the default IC decision (the infamous pride of the dragons, ladies and gentlemen), and aren't even informed about it in the vote. Nice. Well, we can work with that. I hope.

    Then the image takes the second place to survival. We can only escape if we are fast enough to evade AK, Robe of Master Alchemist will not help us survive it. The Illuminati outfit alone won't save us too, unless we are very lucky, but its our best chance.

    Alf, can we expect some help with an extraction from Atlas on such short notice? Some big explosion as a distraction from Mash or something?
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    The ministry most likely won't be throwing around AK spells since the building would be packed with normal employees. The recent recruits that have been training don't have the spell power or strong enough emotion for the AK to be utilized. They would want to subdue Shinji and make him stand trial so people will see that the aurors are strong and they can protect their citizens. We should check if Ayaka has any more of the potion that renders AK spells useless or if it can be brewed with current ingredients just in case as a backup.

    Ofuda could be scattered in multiple locations so we can teleport away. Does anti-apparition wards stop flow-walking or portkeys from functioning? If it does have Mashu and Luna hold on to one and try to scatter some on the way to the ministry so once we get out of the wards we can get away.
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    The instant Shinji gets the scales on his face - which will be at the very beginning of a fight because of our lack of control - Lucius himself, and anyone he keeps as a trump close by, will be justified for any level of force. They can just throw our dead inhuman body in front of the masses to make a point of how far Shinji Matou has gone to betray the glorious Britain.

    Don't underestimate them.
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    Fine, why not.

    [x] Robes of the Master Alchemist.

    Just not in the mood to debate that one and it's not the worst mindset I suppose.

    I truly hope that Shinji isn't forced to fuse in dragon mode, for it will be such a carnage no amount of help from Lockhart - nor good actions in the war - will be able to restore Shinji's image.

    Will be on irc later, if the vote is still open, for discussion.
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    Choice 475: [x] Give a situation report to Mashu, as the local Agent of Atlas needs to know how things stand;[x] Pick up his spare wand and his Order of Merlin medal

    Choice 476: [x] Robes of the Master Alchemist

    Chapter 115. Contemplation and Contracts

    After the rather long dinner with the two youkai, Matou Shinji spent the rest of the evening considering his plans for the future – both during the two days he had left on the island, and afterwards, when he would return to Britain, and no doubt meet with the Minister.

    ‘It’s not like I have a choice to go back or not,’ he thought to himself as he shook his head. No, that wasn’t right – he had a choice, but if he didn’t go back… ‘Other people will suffer.’ And that was unacceptable to him, because whatever else he was, he was a Champion, someone who by definition should be bearing the pain of others. ‘Not that I haven’t endured my share of that…’

    He chuckled ruefully, recalling the many rude awakenings he’d received during the Potions Championship, and how in fighting things like the lindworm, or Stukov, or the bloody echo of the Crimson Moon, he had been fighting on behalf of others.

    ‘Did I do well enough to satisfy you, Sokaris?’ he wondered, as he stood on the wall of the village, his hand reaching out towards the moon, as if to seize it. ‘Am I any closer to reaching your side?’

    The boy hoped so, but it was never easy to tell quite where he stood with the Director of Atlas, given their relative positions, and how often he…made errors in judgement.

    ‘Then again, what is that old saying? Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions?’ he thought to himself, even as he pondered where he’d heard it. Probably from Elesa or something – it sounded like something an American would say – like something that someone who didn’t have to worry about death would say, really. He supposed, going by that standard, he was finally getting to the point where he could begin making good decisions.

    Shinji smiled at the thought, but only fleetingly, the mirth draining from his features as he considered the costs of his bad decisions, like the fact that he was no longer human.

    ‘I mean, intellectually, I know its not that big of a deal, since Fleur and Gabrielle are part Veela and they’re fine, and Hagrid was half-giant but…’ It felt like he wasn’t himself anymore, especially since most of the things that connected him to the Matou Shinji who had once been were just…gone. ‘It’s…just strange, since I’m used to being weak. Unimportant. Less than others.’

    That was how he had been treated for years, as if he was less than the dust on his grandfather’s feet, so that when he finally had the chance to make something of himself, no matter if it was only becoming a practitioner of witchcraft, he’d seized it.

    He’d even had the audacity to pass himself off as a Master of Eastern Arts, some wise, mysterious mentor, despite only knowing how to use two very simple types of ofuda. He didn’t think any of the teachers had been fooled – or Sokaris, really, given who she was – but his fellow students had, with their expressions of admiration and envy, feeding something within him.

    …the desire to be respected – to be seen as someone worthy of attention – to be worthy of even a few moments of someone’s time.

    Sometime between those first days at Hogwarts and now, his pretense of power and skill had become a reality, with Matou Shinji – the present Matou Shinji – being someone who could survive the harshest trials of the current age.

    ‘I did get through the temple, after all…’ Granted, that was largely due to Elesa putting in far more effort than he’d expected to keep him alive despite his foolishness, but he’d done his part too, intervening against an Echo of the Moon to save her, as well as enduring the Trial of Courage. Alone. ‘It was…it was the hardest thing I’ve ever faced, but…I passed that trial.’

    Indeed, the War God himself had recognized his accomplishment, offering him a treasure beyond price – the knowledge of those who had come before.

    ‘And any magus knows that knowledge is in and of itself, a form of power.’

    Not that he was in any way equipped to comprehend the knowledge of a lost age. He might be good at classes, might understand the nuances of charms and curses more easily than others, but he was no genius, no master of intellect.

    ‘I’m no master at all, really. Not even now…’

    Between his ability to use fusion, and his elemental abilities, he could certainly be considered competent in some of the eastern disciplines, but a master…no.

    ‘If I was a master, I wouldn’t have screwed up nearly as much…wouldn’t have needed to rely on the blessing of the tengu king and other things to see me through my challenges. If I was a master…I wouldn’t need to prove myself…’

    The fact that he still did, that he still boldly declared his goals to those who would listen in a bid for attention, that he felt so…warm at the thought of being recognized was a clear indication that he had a very long way to go.

    ‘After all, if it had been Sokaris acting in my place, she wouldn’t have made the mistakes I did. She wouldn’t have lost the Book of Potions, wouldn’t have gotten her equipment destroyed or needed so much help from others…’

    Everything would have gone according to her calculations, much as it had in their first year, when she had obtained the Philosopher’s Stone and faked her death, using the conflict between Quirrell and the Stone Cutters to hide the evidence of what she had done. Or as it had when she had become Director of Atlas, using the resources at her disposal to leverage the position into something more…respected by the rest of the Association than it had once been.

    ‘Was this too according to your calculations? Did I do as you expected?’

    He hoped so.

    It did make him wonder though, what would she do, if she was in his shoes? If she was faced with the choice of returning to Britain or not, after…?

    ‘What am I saying? Of course, she would go back…’

    She had returned to Atlas after leaving it for some time, had she not? Three years, he thought she’d said – and yet, not only had she been forgiven for whatever trespasses she’d committed – she’d been made their leader.

    ‘With that example, how can I not strive to at least do the same?’

    He sighed, shaking his head as he looked out at the wild places of the Isle as they gleamed under the moonlight, and how…peaceful it all seemed. Just looking out upon it, one could hardly believe that just a week ago, he had been fighting desperately for his life – that perhaps he had actually died, only to be brought back.


    How or by what he didn’t know, but it wasn’t as if it mattered. Just that he wasn’t the same boy who had come to this island.

    He had power now, more power than he’d ever possessed – yet certain things that he had so treasured, like his memory partition ability, weren’t functioning as they used to, with his mind, his thoughts, everywhere.

    ‘And what does the future hold for one who is strong in physical might and magical prowess, but whose mind isn’t…as supple as it used to be? Hopefully Sajyou-senpai’s meditation exercises will help, but I have a feeling that it’s not as simple as just meditating and then everything will be fixed.’

    His new nature was rather…aggressive, after all.
    Idly, the boy wondered what that meant for him if he happened to encounter Tohsaka, given how the Trial of Courage had made it evident that he had…certain desires regarding her. With his passions sharper, hungrier, more urgent…would it mean that…

    ‘No,’ he told himself, pushing the thought of her sweet moans and her…body out of his mind. ‘No. Even if I can. Even if it would be easy, I can’t. I…shouldn’t.’

    That would be betraying Luna, after all, and he’d already hurt her enough.

    Speaking of which…

    “Luna, are you there?” he called out into the night.

    Some minutes later, a figure all in white descended from the sky, touching down by his side.

    “Yes? Have you thought about things?” the dreamy voice of Luna Lovegood asked, with Shinji turning to her with a soft smile.

    “A bit,” he said, his expression almost rueful. “For what it’s worth, I’m sorry for causing you so much trouble with my choices. I…I react to what’s in front of me sometimes, without really thinking about how what I do might hurt you, or others.” He shook his head. “I’m…I guess I’m used to not having time to do things. To being in the thick of it.”

    “To fighting for your life.”

    “Yeah. That’s it exactly,” the boy confirmed with a sigh. “When you’re…when so much of your experience is shaped by battle, it’s hard to see past the choice in front of you. But that’s not all…” He shook his head. “I mean, yes, there was the troll. Then Quirrell. Then the spiders, and everything, but…you know how I was raised.”

    “A magus walks with death.”

    “Mhm.” Shinji nodded. “When every choice could be your last, its hard to think in the long term. For the future. It wasn’t until I…it wasn’t until I met two people that I really started to think about what the future might hold.”

    “Your patron is one of them,” Luna said, her voice completely certain.

    “…yes, she is. How could she not be?” He smiled sadly, reaching up towards the moon again, before lowering his hand. “Even if I know that she is as far above me as the moon is…no, the stars are from the world. My great ambition is to one day become worthy of standing beside her, you know, as an equal.” He sighed. “But there’s someone else too.”

    “Yes?” the petite blonde asked, her voice as frail as a reed. “Who?”

    “Well, actually…she’s you,” Shinji stated, with Luna seeming momentarily surprised as she went utterly still.

    “Me?” the girl noted, her wide eyes blinking at this. “Not Miss Delacour, or Miss Lestrange, or…Miss Tohsaka?”

    “…no, none of them,” he said firmly. “It was you. You were the one, who, knowing all my flaws and…how I’m not a good person, still chose to be with me. To love me. Even if I’m bad with…people and things, and…I don’t think sometimes. Sure, someone like Tohsaka might idolize me, but she doesn’t really know who I am – not like you. You’ve always been beside me, helped me so much, just by being who you are. I…I can see a future with you…” He swallowed. “I…I know it will take work. That I’m far from perfect. That being with me is…difficult sometimes. But I’m willing to change – to strive to be better.” He looked at her hopefully. “That is, if you’ll still have me.”

    Her response was simply to take his hand, her fingers intertwining with his as they warmed one another on a cold and lonely night.

    The next day, after leaving a note, so that Luna would know where he had gone, Matou Shinji went to the CAS Archives early in the morning, wearing the outfit he’d gotten from the Americans. He wanted to discuss the American proposal with his former Master, after all, and wanted to be in the right mindset for business, as she certainly knew a thing or two about driving a hard bargain. Indeed, his remembered how much she had charged him for the defenses for his house, defenses which he’d never really needed, really, though who knew, that could well change – and quickly too.

    Sadly, he found that only Tomas was available at present, as Touko was discussing matters with the French Champion.

    ‘That’s right…she has some business to handle too.’

    Still, Tomas would do, especially as the automaton had mentioned that he had read over the preliminary draft agreements sent by the Americans.

    “Oh, and what did you think?” Shinji asked, as they made their way to one of the Archive’s conference rooms. “Kaiduka tells me they seem reasonable, but he hasn’t read the papers. You have.”

    “Yes. And the sworn affidavits provided by the two American Champions,” Tomas agreed readily. “Though…...tell me, did you really admit to having little to do with the Elixir of Restoration?" the puppet asked curiously, closing the door as behind them.

    "...yes?" Shinji said, confused why this was an issue. "I mean, I was on Ramona’s team, but I didn't really brew the potion." He'd honestly felt guilty about being credited as a co-creator of the Elixir, given that he didn't think he deserved it.

    "In that case, what they've set down on paper for that one is a fairly standard agreement," the puppet explained with a shrug. "Joint ownership when there is obvious inequality in contributions is not good practice, after all. From what I can see, in exchange for your share of the ownership - which isn't without its share of legal responsibilities, and may be troublesome for someone in your position—"

    "—my position?"

    "—someone who is legally an alien in the country he is dwelling in, who prefers acting independently to seeking the approval of a co-owner in another land, and likely has no way to monetize this potion or contacts to help you better research it," Tomas summed up. "And with international communications and travel not being particularly sophisticated among the magical community, especially across vast distances, having to consult with the other person who possesses rights to the property would be...inconvenient at best."

    Shinji frowned at that.

    "I suppose I can see that," he admitted, though... "But you said other person? What about Ka'aukai, the third member of our team from the preliminaries?" he asked. "Wouldn't he have a share as well?"

    "He would, had he not already signed over his share, in exchange for a broad, royalty-free license to use, make and create derivative works based on said potion, with license-back clauses similar to the one in yours. As well, he is to receive medical treatment from the Americans, who are among the best in the world at dealing with...the after-effects of corruption," Tomas stated, with Shinji raising his eyebrows, as he had not known that.

    "I see," Shinji noted, though something about what he heard made him narrow his eyes. "So he received something like the license I am to get - as well as medical care?"

    "That is correct."

    "So...I could negotiate for more then?" the boy asked. "Since they gave Ka'aukai medical care and a license?"

    "In theory, yes, though whether or not you should is a different matter," the puppet noted. "The formal agreements filed with us were a document in which Ka'aukai transferred his ownership of the Elixir of Restoration to Ramona Ahgeak, a document in which Ramona provisionally grants of a royalty-free license to use, distribute and modify the Elixir, subject to the agreement of the other joint-owners, and the document in which the terms of this transfer were laid out, in which the medical care was stipulated, as well as the Americans effectively endorsing his skills as a potioneer – which makes it rather easier."

    "Why so much?"

    "Because in his case, there was no guarantee that the provisional license issued would be honored by the other joint owner," Tomas said frankly.

    "" Shinji asked, blinking. But that… "Why would they think I wouldn't agree?"

    "I do not know, and frankly I do not care,” the puppet responded diffidently. “The fact remains that you could have refused to permit the issuing of this license, leaving Ka'aukai with nothing. Not a wonderful state of affairs, given the aftereffects of exposure to...the toxin the Russian Champion used.” Tomas shrugged. “Further, as he did not have a chance to demonstrate his brewing, it would have been difficult for the Centre to justify issuing him a special credential certifying his expertise in potions. We normally only certify Champions following the finals, based on a potion they brewed alone.”

    “Oh, is that how it works?” Shinji murmured. “You don’t count the preliminaries then?”

    “No, because it is difficult to know who made what then,” the automaton remarked frankly. “It’s an interesting system, if not one I necessarily agree with.” He smiled thinly. “But then we all sometimes do things we don’t entirely agree with, don’t we?”

    “…I wouldn’t know.”

    “I’m sure you wouldn’t, Matou,” Tomas drawled. “In any case, with Miss Ahgeak, who like yourself achieved second in the Championship, endorsing him, as well as the American government as a whole, we can make an exception to the usual rules without too much protest.”

    "Ah." Shinji was silent for a moment, before he nodded. "Good for him then." He wasn't just saying that – he really did think it was a good thing that Ka'aukai was going to get what he deserved as a Champion – what he would have a chance to show he deserved if the Russian hadn't decided to go mad.


    "After hearing this, you're wondering how much room there might be to negotiate on the agreement the Americans proposed for your share, hm?" the puppet questioned.

    Wait...was the puppet—

    "No, I'm not reading your mind," Tomas pre-empted, with Shinji's eyes widening in shock. "Even if your barriers aren’t doing so well, due to your new nature. I simply followed a logical train of thought."

    "Oh. Um, that makes sense, I guess."

    Was that really the case though? He never really knew with the automaton – but then, he supposed one never did, given the spirit that had formed the basis of the automaton’s existnce.

    "Given that there would be no potential threat to the license you be offered, you cannot use that to bargain for a better deal, as Ka'aukai did – or rather, as Lady Yamato did on his behalf," the CAS representative explained. "You could however, argue that in the wake of Britain's withdrawal from the ICW, and the likely expiration of any educational reciprocity agreements, you are in a similarly disadvantaged position with regard to actually using your license."

    "Educational reciprocity?" Shinji echoed, having no idea what the puppet was on about.

    "Simply put, if you had achieved an OWL or NEWT at Hogwarts, these would be accepted as a certain mark of competence in a field should you seek employment in another ICW nations, as other, comparable certifications from abroad would have been accepted by the Ministry," Tomas related, with the Japanese boy frowning, as he'd had no idea about this. "In the wake of the withdrawal, however, it is possible that British certifications may not be honored by other nations, and vice versa."

    " what you're saying is..."

    "That your Hogwarts education may well have been rendered worthless by the Ministry."

    Shinji tried to remember exactly what Libatius had said about the Russian, given that he felt a very great urge to curse about now, as invective filled a void that mere growling did not.

    "So, then what?"

    "One route is to seek certification in the country you plan to work in, something which can be very expensive to arrange, especially if one is testing outside the usual windows when students are sitting their examinations," Tomas pointed out. "Another of course, is to have your skills endorsed by another nation – one that is part of the ICW, especially one which runs one – or two, in this case - of the 11 ICW member schools."

    "'re saying that as a condition for signing over my rights to the Elixir of Restoration, I should ask the Americans to...endorse my skills?" Shinji asked.

    "Yes," the puppet agreed. "For obvious reasons, the Centre generally only endorses Potions skills, and those which are related. Herbology, for example."

    "And why not get a certification later, say from Japan, if I return there?" the boy wondered. "I am still a Japanese citizen, after all."

    "You are, and it is a valid option," Tomas acknowledged. "But in my view, you will want to have a certification in hand when you leave here – and not just a CAS certification."


    "Matou, are you aware that those who are expelled from Hogwarts before taking their OWLs can have their wands snapped?" the man inquired, words that brought a chill to Shinji's spine. "Should they find your performance unacceptable, you could well be expelled, and then..."

    "They would break my wand?!" the boy hissed. "What, for not coming in First?"

    "For using the Killing Curse, more like, and for whatever 'dark magic' you employed to kill Slughorn."

    "...what did happen with Professor Slughorn anyway?"

    "He seemed to have died of fright," Tomas stated with an eloquent shrug. "Perhaps his past caught up to him. A nightmare perhaps. Or just the guilt over things he had done."

    “…there’s something you’re not telling me,” Shinji realized, his eyes narrowing as he looked at the puppet.

    “It’s true, but then it really isn’t any of your business, is it?” the automaton questioned, seeming every so faintly amused. “If it makes you feel better, we can let you see the body, and give you a copy of the report.”

    “The report?”

    “Yes. Every time there is a death on the island, the ranking Centre representative – or designated substitute – must document what happened.”

    “…so there are documents saying I killed the Russian and the Indian?” Shinji inquired, frowning.

    “No, that the documents simply say that they died as a result of the Killing Curse. Or at least that the Indian is confirmed to have die from the Killing Curse. With the Russian, we never recovered the body. You wouldn’t happen to know anything about that, would you?”


    “…exploded, you say?” the puppet inquired, raising an eyebrow. “An unusual response to the Killing Curse. I know of no case where the Killing Curse causes something to explode.” He paused. “Well, make that one – two cases, but those involve…shall we say, old magic.”

    “Old Magic?” Shinji asked, intrigued by this.

    “A topic for another time, Matou,” Tomas replied. “Perhaps when you are not trying to figure out what to do with your intellectual property?”

    "Ah…right,” the boy said, shaking his head. “So you think having these endorsements from the American government will help? Will keep them from doing anything...rash?"

    "Unless the Britain wants to declare the entirety of the world their enemy, not simply France and Bulgaria, then yes," the puppet answered with a shrug. "They will assume your home nation is behind you, but they also believe Japan to be small and distant, unable to touch them – and unwilling to put pressure on them for one person’s sake.”

    ‘Well, they’re right about that,’ Shinji mused, recalling his conversation with Kaiduka from the previous night.

    “If you have yet another magical nation endorsing you, however, one that is not say, France – which Britain counts as an enemy – or Japan, which would have ample reason to support its native son if only to spite Britain for their actions towards you, that might give Britain pause."

    "'Might' is not a very strong word there,” Shinji observed aloud.

    "It isn't, but it is the right one in this situation.”

    “Heh.” Whether the sound Shinji made was a laugh or a sigh even he couldn’t have said. “Well, let me see the documents then. I think I know what I want to do.”

    “One moment then,” Tomas noted, as he stepped out of the room. A few minutes later, he came back, bearing two black folders inscribed with the golden seal of the Centre of Alchemical Studies…and followed by none other than Ramona Ahgeak.

    “Ramona,” Shinji said, blinking. “What are you…”

    “I thought I would come by to see how things were doing. I wasn’t expecting to find you here so early, Matou.”

    “Well…you know….” He grunted, gesturing at the folders in Tomas’ hand. “Paperwork.”

    “The deal Rebekah proposed?” Ramona inquired, as the puppet placed the folders on the table and took a step back.

    Shinji just nodded, opening the first folder and perusing the contents, which was the agreement regarding the Elixir of Restoration.

    On a cursory scan, it all seemed in order so…

    “Could I ask you for a pen, Tomas?” he inquired, with the automaton withdrawing one from his robes and handing it to the boy. “Wait, you use pens, not quills?”

    “I rather dislike inkwells,” the puppet replied. “And blood quills have their own disadvantages, so why not a pen?”

    “Fair point,” the boy stated, as he added his signature to the document. “Ramona, you care to sign this? And Tomas too, I suppose, since this needs a witness?”

    “Ladies first,” Tomas drawled, handing the Inupiat girl another pen from his robes.

    Ramona quickly added her signature to the document, with the puppet following suit.

    “One down then – shall we see if we can resolve the other?” the man questioned, with Shinji nodding, as he just wanted this over with.

    He glanced over at Ramona.

    “Since I agreed to the last deal without additional conditions, do you think I could ask for a few things for the Potion of All Potential rights?” Shinji inquired. “Since we both invented it independently and all, instead of working on it together.”

    “That seems fair,” the Champion of Qausuittuq allowed. “What did you have in mind?”

    “Well, both Tomas and my Japanese mentor suggested that I ask for documents from the US government certifying my skills,” he began, with Ramona raising an eyebrow.

    “Britain hasn’t – or won’t, give you those?”

    Shinji frowned at this.

    “It’s…complicated,” he said after a minute. “I don’t really feel like going into it, but…let’s just say that my relationship with Britain isn’t exactly the best.”

    “Ah. Well, since we did something similar for Ka’aukai, that should be doable,” the brunette noted. “Anything else?”

    Shinji hesitated, not sure if he should ask, but…

    “…you wouldn’t happen to know much about the equipment American agents get, would you?” he inquired obliquely. “And how they are adjustable?”

    “You want to be able to customize the outfit we essentially gave you,” Ramona remarked lightly, her eyes noting the fact that he was wearing said outfit.

    “Well…yes,” the boy admitted, with a touch of chagrin. Had he really been that obvious? “…would I have to talk with Rebakah about that or…?”

    “Oh, I can tell you,” the young woman shrugged, walking up to him. “Or rather…” She placed a hand on his back, her fingers coming to rest at the location where the core was located. “Ah, I see, Elesa set this one up?”

    “You can tell?”

    “Well, there’s none of your prana in this,” Ramona noted. “Which there would be if you were registered as the owner.”

    “Registered?” Shinji blinked.

    “Let me do that now,” the Inupiat woman said, her fingers pressing certain spots, as he felt prana flowing into him, as the artificial circuits in the outfit resonated with his nerves, and something appeared in his vision. Some sort of icon? “Do you see anything?”

    “…yes, but…how do I…?”

    “Look at it, but keep your head still.”

    “Hu…oh,” Shinji murmured, as the icon exploded into a full interface as he concentrated on it, allowing him to check enhancements, set enhancements, or shut it down entirely. “Huh, this is…how do you get this to go away?”

    “The red button to the upper right,” Ramona noted. “Look to it and blink.”

    Shinji did so, and the interface collapsed into an icon.

    “That’s pretty neat,” he said. “I don’t suppose you’ll tell me how to register it, though?”

    “No, because this is being given to you. If you allow someone else to use it, that’s fine, but I’m at liberty to tell you that method.”

    “…right, because I’m not an American agent.”

    “Basically. As I’m sure Elesa said, sorry – classified.”

    Shinji smiled slightly, shaking his head.

    “No. I understand. I have things I can’t talk about either,” he remarked, feeling quite eager to experiment with the suit. “Anyway, shall we sign the other agreement?”

    “Sure,” Ramona noted, flipping through the preliminary agreement for the Potion of All Potential’s ownership rights. “Let me write in a clause about the certifications,” she said, proceeding to do so, and initialing next to the change, before signing the document as a whole. “Your turn.”

    “Alright,” Shinji agreed, walking over and signing on the indicated space. “Tomas?”

    “Yes, yes, signed and witnessed by a CAS representative,” the automaton grumbled. “There you have it. I am…pleased that you two could come to an agreement. I trust you two are satisfied with the current arrangement?”

    “Oh, yes, very,” the boy noted, with Ramona merely nodding.

    “Wonderful,” Tomas replied, with a smile that almost looked genuine as he placed the paperwork back into their folders and collected them. “Well, if you excuse me then, I have to make some copies of these, with one copy for our records, and one for each of you. Congratulations on your performance once more.”

    “Thank you,” both Champions chorused, with the automaton bidding them adieu as he left the room.

    “So, you’re on a first name basis with the CAS Rep, huh?” the Champion of Qausuittuq questioned, raising an eyebrow as she looked at the boy. “Is there a story there?”

    “…not one worth telling,” Shinji replied. “I may have ah…dropped in to the CAS party.”

    “Well, that doesn’t—”

    “—literally dropped in, with ofuda, while…inebriated.”

    “…oh, you’re the one Elesa was talking about,” Ramona noted, a smirk gracing her lips. “What a surprise. A child so young is already a drunkard.”

    “…I…never again. Just…no.”

    “If you say so.”

    Choice 477: What does Shinji do for the rest of the day, now the contracts are out of the way? (choose up to three) /人◕‿‿◕人\

    [ ] See what Luna wants to do
    [ ] Visit Gabrielle and Lestrange
    [ ] Talk to the Press
    [ ] Relax in the hot spring
    [ ] Visit Ka'aukai in the infirmary
    [ ] (write-in)
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    [x] Organize a last, private (away from the press), toast / gathering - inviting the surviving champions and their guests to rekindle the spirit of friendship and fair competition.

    I think leaving the island on a good note is important for each representative of the schools involved.

    Some may not be pleased at how well they performed overall, some went through bad experiences, some nearly lost their lives, some others may be left with (physical or mental) scars, but none should leave thinking that their performance was for naught. For all that they went through, they learned as much, and thus can use that to better themselves in the future.

    In the same way, I would want each of them to acknowledge the idea of cooperation, which allowed each of them to make it through the Isle of Thule. For without support from their fellow champions, most would have been unable to reach that point.

    Let them all mingle in peace one last time, without worrying about the eyes of the press over their shoulders.

    I think it essential to have the representatives to bond once more, without the political intrigues, for the sake of the wizarding world, which is going through troubles currently (and may worsen in the future).

    I would also like Shinji, the boy who is in-between (in many ways) to serve as the potential seal of renewal for more positive and fruitful exchanges between Britain and the other ICW nations in the future. Let it be known that not everyone in Britain agrees with the current political climate and some doors for hope are still open.

    Since Ka'au isn't likely to attend in his state, it could actually be done in his hospital room if required (just expand the room with magic as needed). It doesn't need to be a long event either. I think it would also serve as a better visit for him than just Shinji coming alone.

    And finally, it gives Shinji a last opportunity to say goodbyes, congratulate others (like Ayaka, which we haven't done yet) and exchange words in a more relaxed mood with them.

    Tldr; A last meeting that may close things on a more positive note for all champions and the schools they represent.

    Just don't reach for the Russian and Indian parties, which will not be in the mood for obvious reasons.

    And keep alcohol away from Shinji, please.

    [x] Talk to the Press.

    edit: I can see the need for this.

    [x] Relax in the hot spring (with Luna)

    Because Shinji needs a break after all the tension (physical, emotional, political) on the Isle.
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    [x]Organize a last, private (away from the press), toast / gathering - inviting the surviving champions and their guests to rekindle the spirit of friendship and fair competition

    We shouldn't invite the Russian and Indian parties to this event since we killed off their champions. They may hold a grudge and try to cause problems during the party. Most of the champions disliked Mischa actions during the tournament and it will be awkward if the Russian and Indian guest just stood alone.

    [x]See what Luna wants to do

    [x]Visit Gabrielle and Lestrange

    Relaxing at the hot springs can lead to trouble if we bump into any of the female champions with the same idea. This choice seems safer and is better talking to the press where they can twist our words around.

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    I'm scared now. Does that mean that we shouldn't go for 3 options and aim lower?

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    While I love the idea of the party, I thought there is a an official party much like the beach party before we leave. Unless that was the thing that shinji almost got drunk at but Elesa stopped him. Also I am not sure we should invest the time it would take to plan the party, round up the champions and execute this. But maybe if we got another champion to help out it would not be so bad but this seems like a lot of work, when we have so much we need to do.

    Maybe it is not as bad as I am thinking, just try not to have alcohol there or have it on top of tall buildings.

    Meditation training with Ayaka - Does this just happen Alf? Or do we need to budget that in if we want that to happen? Do we need to give it a slot for it to work?

    For now I will go with these unless we need to squeeze Meditation in.
    [X] Visit Gabrielle and Lestrange
    [X] Talk to the Press
    [X] Invite Luna so the two can Relax in the hot spring

    We do need to talk to the Press before we get off the island. Address the international press so that at least the ICW countries have Shinji's side of things to reduce the Russian one. Shinji seems more up for it today than yesterday. And we do own our little fangirl at least some chance to congrat her two favorite champions. Take this as Shinji at least showing that he is out of his slump to Lestrange.
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    [X] Visit Gabrielle and Lestrange
    [X] Talk to the Press
    [X] Invite Luna so the two can Relax in the hot spring

    Solid reasoning. Works for me.

    The Legend of Stone Cutters mk.2 lives on...

    - - - Updated - - -

    Seriously, what's with the Kyuubey face in he end? Warning bells of a trap just don't stop in my head. Are we missing something? Should we act on some pre-decided actions specifically?

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    The kyubey face? Well, Shinji did just make a contract...
    "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A.A. Milne

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    This is not a party that I am suggesting here, but a behind closed doors type of gathering, so people can interact on a more casual level, effectively eliminating the need for individual choices here, since these people would be invited there (champions + guests). Just a last moment so people can discuss freely before going back to their obligations.

    It doesn't need to last much longer than a couple of hour at best (and that's being generous). And no, Shinji doesn't need alcohol to celebrate here. The event probably wouldn't last long enough to get drunk. I wouldn't suggest using a hospital room for a party after all, even with Libatius involved.

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    Well, Shinji did just make a contract...
    That's not ominous at all! And here I thought our main regrets will come from some catch in the second contract.

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    [x]See what Luna wants to do

    [x]Visit Gabrielle and Lestrange

    [x]Organize a last, private (away from the press), toast / gathering - inviting the surviving champions and their guests to rekindle the spirit of friendship and fair competition

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skull Leader View Post
    Meditation training with Ayaka - Does this just happen Alf? Or do we need to budget that in if we want that to happen? Do we need to give it a slot for it to work?.
    It just happens.
    "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A.A. Milne

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    So, Alf, considering that Shinji is a Dragon-ish now, does our prana bonus from Gaia still retain any relevance? Or were the reserves/recovery speed not affected by transformation, only the potency of our casting (seems unlikely, but still possible)?

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    You still retain more prana than you normally would in your state. As you are not a natural example of a part dragon, you don't exactly have a prana reactor...
    "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A.A. Milne

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    So we are still restricted by our measly wizard prana core, only 4x bigger and 4x faster recovering thanks to Gaia. Sounds pretty balanced.I think I was somewhat confused by Shinji's thoughts about him being much more than he was before. Great character moment, by the way. Daiki should be pleased with the increasing humility of our protagonist.
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    Ah thanks for the clarifying Daiki on the totally not a party party.

    It seems reasonable then. Might as well attempt to have it, thought it will be fairly hard to round up everyone especially if Ka'aukai is in the hospital. But given that Shinji was talking with Ramona just now, I guess we can get her on board with it considering that most champions like her should help.

    Change my vote for Hotsprings with Luna with
    [x] Organize a last, private (away from the press), toast / gathering - inviting the surviving champions and their guests to rekindle the spirit of friendship and fair competition.

    Sorry Luna, Shinji is yet again finds himself busy with other stuff. But at least this party includes Luna, so that the two can mingle with the other champions together. That might not be as good for repairing their relationship but I don't think Luna will really mind as long as he includes her.
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