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Thread: Matou Shinji and the Broken Chains (HP/FSN CYOA)

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    Thanks. We can work Touko's help in this as a write-in, right?

    "Let it restore naturally" sounds like a bad deal in our current circumstances.

    [x] Write in: Touko's advanced assistance with spiritual damage healing and Fusion.
    [x] Agree to collect an artifact for her

    What's another fetch quest? We intend to explore the island as much as possible anyway.

    Championship? What Championship?

    [x] Ofuda

    Because our most versatile and second most powerful tool.

    [x] Mental health.

    No need for debuffs, thank you very much.

    Yes, my vote concentrates on getting Shinji into shape as much as possible. Just a thought: as soon as the competition ends, we will most probably have to leg it, as far as possible. We can explore our new and shiny skillset then.

    [x] Suggest a price
    - Black Dagger
    - Catalysts. All the catalysts!

    Our Servant has been determined, for good or ill. But those trinkets hold quite some value, even outside of Grail Wars. Let the power of money guide us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_Trickster View Post
    The underarmor is a little trickier, as I am actually unsure of our current reputation status with it. Would it be possible, Alf, to check if it is actually likely at all that she'd be willing to repair our underarmor if we're already doing a request for her?
    It might be possible. Incidentally, with regards to the Book of Potions, Shinji no longer has it in his possession. It seems to have vanished after his encounter with the Jinn.
    "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A.A. Milne

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    Choice 313: [X] Agree to collect an artifact for her
    Choice 314: [X] See if someone else has a comparable replacement for an outer layer. But sign a geass contract promising future payment of a determined monetary value/or its equivalent in a good for repairing the underarmor with Touko
    Choice 315: [X] Consult with Aozaki Touko about his performance thus far, and ask about the odd sigil around his Command Seals; [X] Spend time with Luna, to put his mind in order; [X] Rebuild his ofuda stash as best he can
    Choice 316: [X] Rachelle Lestrange; [X] Ramona Ahgeak; [X] Elesa Labelle

    Chapter 83. Trial

    For those on the Isle of Thule, the events of the past two weeks had been dazzling, with demonstrations of combat skill, culinary skill, creativity in brewing and more. And since, for most, it was their first time watching (or participating in) the festivities, they expected more of the same from the survival exercises – something to evoke awe and wonder, curiosity and delight.

    …they most certainly had not expected to witness a life-and-death battle involving almost half of the Champions gathered on the isle – a horrifically brutal affair from which none of the participants had emerged unscathed.

    Most had serious injuries.

    Several had lost limbs.

    One had suffered horrific, disfiguring burns.

    One had even lost his life – with the spell drones capturing the very moment when he was struck down by the Killing Curse, with his killer thinking so little of the man killed that “she” didn’t even bother to look at him.

    This last would become the cover photo of quite a few publications in the coming days, at least those which were not celebrating the achievements of their region’s Champions, or had more pressing concerns to focus on.

    Still, none of these things mattered for those at Durmstrang, half a world away (and in a much colder clime) from the isle where the Potions Championship was taking place. After all, it was their honor to host the Tri-wizard Tournament, and with the winter holidays far behind them, the attentions of Champions, Commanders, and common students alike were focused on one of two things: the Capture the Flag games that had been going on since the fall term, and of course, the buildup to the third and final Tri-Wizard Trial.

    While none of the Capture-the-Flag matches had been quite as…eventful as the one in which the British Minister’s son had struck down one of their national heroes,

    The students, regardless of which school they hailed from, all wanted to see their Champion prevail in the first Tournament to be held in two hundred years, though the populations of Durmstrang and Hogwarts were particularly vocal about their Champions’ prospects.

    Durmstrang because with Viktor Krum’s performance in the Second Task, it seemed possible that for the first time in the entire history of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, their Champion would be the one to win Eternal Glory. And Hogwarts, well, because after everything they’d suffered in the past year, the thought of their Champion crushing the other schools - both Durmstrang, which had visited such indignities upon them during their time as guests, and Beauxbatons, which had somehow suborned the British Potions Champion – was something they looked forwards to dearly.

    The Commanders, because when the Tournament was over and their guests returned to their schools of origin, there would be far fewer security headaches to worry about.

    The Champions, well…that was obvious.

    Those who had been selected by the Goblet of Fire to represent their schools hadn’t been chosen on a whim. They had been chosen because of those who submitted their names, they were seen by the Goblet as the most capable, the most worthy, the most hungry of their fellows.

    Whatever their backgrounds, whatever their past accomplishments, there was something in them that yearned for recognition, to be acknowledged as the very best.

    One was already a respected international athlete, whose skills as a Seeker had brought him to the finals of the World Cup, yet he sought redemption for having fallen short on that grand stage. Intellectually, perhaps it wasn’t his fault, yet it was his actions that had ended the game, eliminating whatever slim chance their might have been for his team to rally. If…if he had found the Snitch just a minute or two sooner, perhaps… Well, it was useless to think about the what-ifs, because his hidden shame and self-doubt could not be erased through speculation and reflection – only victory.

    Victory so crushing, so overwhelming, that his name would be spoken of in tones of reverence and adulation by his admittedly very skillful peers.

    One, the daughter of a distinguished diplomat, acknowledged for her grace and beauty by all those in her school – and country, could have had the pick of almost any position she desired. Whether it was a role with the Ministry, with the media, with some French entrepreneurial concern, her charisma and connections would have opened doors for her, allowing her to become whatever it was she wanted. Yet, there was no satisfaction in how easily such things came to her, much as there was no excitement in how easily she could compel most men to do whatever she wished with a coy look or smile.

    She wanted people to look at her and see her true strength and potential, not merely her heritage or her outward appearances. She wanted people to know that she was more than just another (exceptionally) pretty face – that she had brains and brawn to go with beauty.

    Becoming the winner of the first Tournament in two hundred years, while not giving her anything as grand as eternal glory (no matter what might be claimed), would show everyone what she was capable of – and so she wouldn’t be satisfied by anything less.

    And then there was the last of the Champions, who at first glance, wasn’t much to write home about. Unlike the others, his fame did not extend much beyond the walls of his school, as he was not the Boy-Who-Lived, the youngest person to cast a Patronus in living memory, a master of the eastern arts, or even something like the apprentice (and protégé) of Britain’s greatest adventurer.

    Until the events of the past summer, his main claim to fame had been the friends he kept and the adventures they’d gone on together, as he’d otherwise appeared to be an unambitious, average-looking, middle scion of what had once been a poor family. Yet he there had always been a part of him that had yearned to be more, a part that had been overjoyed to receive a power all his own – well, half his own, anyway. He had learned to read the patterns of the world, to see how frail most were beneath the veneers of strength they used to hide their weaknesses, to see the lies most told themselves.

    The weak telling themselves – and everyone else – that they were strong. The strong bound by the strictures of the weak. The wicked believing that they were just, the just that they were wicked.

    Yet sometimes, lies could become truths, and truths could become lies, when one was pushed beyond to the very edge of one’s limits. Sometimes people broke. Sometimes people bent. Sometimes people could transcend.

    ‘Ah, brother of mine, if you could only see me now…’

    Once, people had spoken of the Weasley Twins in one breath, as if they were two parts of one being.

    They no longer did now.

    After all, he had been chosen as a Champion. And his brother, unable to bear being passed over, had broken.

    Still, he found it…amusing that in the trial to come, he alone of the Champions did not seek victory over all else. No – he sought only to test his capacity against his fellows – those others who had been selected by the Goblet.

    And if that meant helping a competitor here and there, that she might achieve her full potential, so be it. There was nothing to be gained from defeating someone at anything less than their best, after all.

    ‘Perhaps Durmstrang’s Council would agree, given the arrangements it has made for the final challenge…’ the Stone Cutter mused as he made his way through a labyrinth hewn of ice, his golden gaze examining everything around him for any hint of what traps or spells or creatures he might have to face in these cold confines in less than a month.

    Sadly, the barren walls were…not exactly forthcoming, and so he continued his wanderings.

    ‘The Cup will be somewhere in this maze, but…where?’ That was the question – or one of several questions, at least. Among the others floating in his mind were where he – and the others – would be entering the maze from, the obstacles they could expect to face, and the conditions the trial would occur under.

    The Council of the Host had not been particularly forthcoming about those aspects of the upcoming trial, even if they had oh-so-generously offered each Champion some time to run through the maze alone, so they wouldn’t be completely unfamiliar with it when the time came.

    ‘What’s their motive for that, I wonder?’

    From the briefing he’d been given, he knew that there were two stages to the final trial of the Tri-Wizard Tournament. The first was an individual challenge, tailored for each Champion based on what had been seen of their skills, the contents of which would be kept from them until they faced it. The second was this maze – which they would be dropped into after completing their individual challenges.

    A maze that was almost completely dark, and which would no doubt be full of obstacles, traps, and illusions.

    …a maze that they, for whatever reason, had been allowed to explore to their heart’s content, as if the Council believed that learning the layout of the space would be no benefit, that preparation was meaningless, or that they simply wanted to make sure each Champion was on an even footing.

    ‘Pity that the minder on duty confiscated my wand before allowing me access,’ the boy noted to himself. ’Otherwise, I would be able to leave behind a few surprises of my own.’

    Then again, no doubt that was the reason why his wand had been taken from him, so that he could not magic himself up some undue advantage.

    Well, it’s either that or they want to see if we’re capable of tricks like wandless casting. I imagine that they have us under observation, after all…’

    And that anything he demonstrated that was…out of the ordinary…would be used to update their individualized challenge, which was why he explicitly had not tapped into the power of the ring wore during these explorations.

    His satori’s ability to read the patterns of the world was a different matter, as he didn’t think that whatever observers they had would be able to note what he was doing, and he did want to be the first to note if there were any spells being laid within the ice, or such.

    …well, and he supposed it was useful stumble around like a blithering idiot in the utter lack of li…

    The red-haired teen froze, realizing all at once that he’d missed something incredibly obvious. He’d been concentrating so intently on finding what was hidden that he’d missed that the maze was utterly devoid of light. It wasn’t as if he had any trouble dealing with the dark since he’d bonded his satori, yet he hadn’t gone out of his way to show that to anyone.
    Until now, it seemed.

    …a clever trick,’ he admitted to himself. ‘Using the satori’s power has become so instinctual that I overlooked some of the advantages I lack without it. Like being able to “see” in perfect darkness. Well…I wonder if my rivals were caught by this little trap as well?’

    In a room in the tallest tower of the Durmstrang Institute, the Commanders of the Host of Durmstrang were discussing just that, on top of the other business and considerations facing a Council that effectively governed an institution of learning in the frozen north.

    “It is fortunate that there have been no attempted murders since the Yule Ball,” the Commander of the Banner of Serpents noted coolly, with the dark-haired, dark-eyed boy seeming rather tired. “Even so, ensuring that tensions to not escalate into incidents has proven quite…taxing to my Shadows.”

    “It is unfortunate that such is the case, Radu, but I can see why it might be,” another replied – this one, a
    stunning young woman whose delicate features were framed with locks of long white hair, and whose figure never failed to draw men’s eyes. The expression on her alabaster face, however, was troubled as she shook her head. “Some of the Hogwarts delegation still believes that we were responsible for the collapse of their Champion’s brother, and many have proven…resistant to the work ethic we of Durmstrang espouse.”

    “They are spoiled by luxury, Sylvana,” Radu commented, shaking his head as he considered the words of his fellow Commander. “Expecting others to wait on them hand and foot, even in the frozen north. They do not learn, nor do they wish to learn discipline. Or to accept the consequences of their actions.”

    “One can hardly blame them for being upset when one of theirs was slain after the Yule Ball,” a new voice interjected. “Especially when they already believed that those who attended Durmstrang were dark wizards, one and all.”

    This was Alleria Theramore, who in the absence of Andreas Tørnquist and Rachelle Sondrol, served as Acting Commander of the Banner of Ravens.

    “Had Britain won the honor of hosting the Tri-Wizard Tournament, we would have followed their rules. The least they can do is follow ours,” Radu commented, his eyes turning to glance at the place on the council chamber’s walls where ancient enchantments continually added to the Long Banner. “Instead, they have defiled our halls with violence time and time again, even as they claim to be the victims. One of their number – their Champion’s brother – even brought shame upon Miss Delacour, and risked causing an international incident. And now they want more…”

    One of the oldest rules of the institution was that those who visited the school, but did not bear loyalty to it, would need to have their memories altered when they left, so they could not recall its location accurately enough to use some unauthorized form of magical transport to reach the school at later date.
    The French delegation knew this and accepted it as a condition of being allowed to attend, but the British – they wanted an exemption, something which had never been granted in the history of the school, not to a single individual, and certainly not to hundreds of foreigners whose country was busy raising an army.
    “I understand your frustration, Radu, but surely you in turn, understand their discomfort with mind magic, following what happened to…the fools who had attempted to murder Krum and Delacour?” the Wolf Commander inquired, with her purple eyes flashing.

    “I suppose you have a point, Sylvana,” the Serpent Commander replied with a grimace. “I have little sympathy for terrorists myself, but I suppose that when those terrorists are sponsored by a rogue state, the citizens of that state may well think them heroes.”

    “Not all of the Hogwarts delegation is sympathetic to those would-be murderers,” Alleria spoke, her dark hair turning white and her dark eyes a shade of violet. “Lieutenant Parkinson, for instance, has been very helpful over the past year, and the Hogwarts Champion has been relatively civil, even if his motivations and abilities are not well understood.”

    “He does seem rather more interested in the Dark Arts than his peers,” Radu noted, shaking his head. Then he paused, raising an eyebrow as he glanced at the acting Commander of the Banner of Ravens. “And did you say Lieutenant Parkinson? You appointed one of our guests as your Lieutenant?”

    “She did help to quell the source of the rumors concerning Miss Delacour by capturing the creature responsible,” Alleria replied mildly, looking very much like the Wolf Commander in that moment. “A shapeshifting creature which once belonged to the Hogwarts Champion’s late brother.”

    “Well, as a metamorphmagus, you would be the most qualified of us to speak of shapechangers, sister,”
    Sylvana allowed, she was intrigued despite herself. “Though I was unaware that Britain had any such creatures.”

    “It doesn’t,” Alleria supplied. “The creature apparently originates from Japan, which both the British Champion and his brother visited over the summer.”

    “…a familiar, then?” Radu questioned, looking rather thoughtful. “Curious. It is no longer active at Durmstrang, I trust?”

    “So, Lieutenant Parkinson has testified under Veritaserum,” the Raven Commander noted. “She has apparently brought it back to Britain, where her…mentor had some use for it.”

    “Naturally,” Sylvana commented, shaking her head. “I don’t suppose she mentioned who her mentor was?”

    “She did not,” Alleria confirmed, “Though I suspect that whoever it is may be of a faction other than the current ruling party.”

    “Raven Commander for less than a month, and you’ve already uncovered a plot of some sort?” Radu inquired, seeming mildly intrigued. “Truly you are the Field Marshal’s disciple – and Andreas’, far more than you are Sylvana’s sister.”

    “I’ve always said as much,” the Raven Commander noted pleasantly. “In any case, her opinion on the matter of the memory alteration seems to be that we should simply refuse to return the students of Hogwarts should their Ministry not agree.”

    “…oh? Is that so?” Sylvana questioned, her eyes looking sharply at her seeming-twin. “She wishes us to…hold most of the British youth hostage, should they not comply?”

    “Not in so many words, but yes,” Commander Theramore replied. “She suggests that a show of force may render certain factions more willing to…negotiate.”

    “…I’m getting the feeling this is a little over my paygrade,” Radu said, only half-jokingly, his smile fading after a few moments. “In all seriousness, we have enough to worry about with the final Task, and arranging for security for the Champions, since their counterparts went to the Isle of Thule.”

    “Heh. Speaking of the Tournament, I have to wonder, why didn’t either of you place your names in the Goblet?” Alleria questioned. “Either of you would have made worthy Champions. Likely with a better showing than Viktor.”

    “Duty before pleasure, sister,” Sylvana replied dryly. “Those of the Banner of Wolves selected me as their Commander, thus their concerns and wishes must come before mine.”

    “And Viktor wanted it more than you, I’m sure.”

    “Is that not obvious? The higher one rises, the more insecure one becomes, especially when that rise happens too quickly. Has a mistake been made? Has someone misgauged what they are capable of? People like my former Lieutenant worry about such things, because they rose too far, too fast, like Icarus.”

    “Hm,” Radu noted. “For myself, I prefer working from the shadows. After all, it is so much easier to do what one wishes when one is unseen, so long as one understands the self. The fleeting glories of competitions and tournaments means little when weighted against what one does when no one watches.”

    “…just as the Champion of Hogwarts has quite a few secrets he has revealed by accident, since we have kept our distance?”

    “Just so.”

    After-Action Report - Overnight Survival Exercise - 1995 World Potions Championship Preliminaries
    Clearance level: General
    Filed by Tomas Peverell, Representative, Centre for Alchemical Studies

    Summary: Four teams successfully passed the Overnight Survival Exercise by successfully completing a potion and submitting it to the judging committee for review, though all but one team had at least one member incapacitated in a skirmish that occurred near dawn (hereafter, “OSE Skirmish”). Potions submitted were generally of high quality. One team failed to accomplish either the survival or brewing objective.

    One Champion showed signs of exposure to [REDACTED], while another demonstrated symptoms of [REDACTED] and [REDACTED], confirming a long held hypothesis about the nature of the Isle of Thule.

    Casualties include one death, and several injured, with details below:

    Casualty Report:

    Parambir Agarwal, Champion of Tamirsthana - DECEASED - Cause of death determined to be "Killing Curse" (incantation Avada Kedavra) cast by Matou Shinji, during OSE Skirmish. Agarwal's wand (recovered) was examined, revealing recent usage of the Imperius Curse (incantation Imperio).

    Mischa Stukov, Champion of Koldovstoretz - Condition Critical, Prognosis Unfavorable - Recovered from the scene of OSE Skirmish by CAS Personnel, following cessation of hostilities, with (non-functional) rune-forged armor melted to flesh. Initial examination revealed amputation of arm and shoulder, and third-degree burns covering 98% of surface area. More in-depth examination revealed multiple compound fractures to limbs, muscle damage, ruptured kidney, liver, spleen, destroyed eye, and punctured lung. Application of healing magic and potions, including "Elixir of Restoration" had no effect on damaged tissues - surgical removal and use of external braces were necessary to stabilize patient. Presence of unknown "curse" suspected, with attempts to remove proving unsuccessful.

    Rachelle Lestrange, Champion of Beauxbatons - Condition Serious, Prognosis Unknown - Recovered from scene of OSE Skirmish by CAS Personnel, following cessation of hostilities. Following resuscitation from hypovolemic shock, and emergency treatment for exposure to [REDACTED], examination revealed damaged prana circulatory system, compromised thoracic vertebrae, punctured lungs, and tearing to the aorta. Patient hemorrhaging prana - has required regular transfusions to remain stable, but healing at rate superior to baseline witch. Appears to benefit from healing attempted on M.S.

    Shinji Matou, Champion of Hogwarts - Condition Serious - Recovered from scene of OSE Skirmish by CAS Personnel, following cessation of hostilities. Right leg amputated by curse, right arm mangled and destroyed by transfigured beasts. Examination of body reveals recent exposure to [REDACTED] and [REDACTED], a heretofore unseen prana circulation system in eyes, and presence of a [REDACTED] spirit seal on upper left arm. Evidence of recent and extensive spiritual damage, and field treatment of such. British Press representative L.L. assisting with healing physical injuries.

    Olu Akindele, Champion of Uagadou - Condition Fair - Returned to village under own power following OSE Skirmish, before collapsing. Severe burns to arms due to electrical discharge. Exposure to rare venom treated. Broken ribs, skull fractures, bruising to abdominal cavity and throat treated.

    Team Results:

    Mischa Stukov & Parambir Agarwal - No Potion submitted for evaluation - both team members incapacitated (Survival Exercise Failed)

    Olu Akindele & Libatius Mueller - Potion Submitted: Elixir of Clear Mind, renders drinker immune to mental or emotional interference (or pain) during period of effect - one team member incapacitated in OSE Skirmish.

    Rachelle Lestrange & Rachelle Sondrol - Potion Submitted: Tonic of Damage Diffusion, crafted with a combination of rare ingredients and odd spellcraft, allows drinker to partially displace effects of injuries into the future, allowing one to take more damage in a fight, so long as damaged received is not immediately fatal - one team member (field-testing potion) was incapacitated.

    Ramona Ahgeak, Ka'aukai Kapule, & Matou Shinji - Potion Submitted: Elixir of Restoration, reverses effects of Dark Magic, repairs spiritual damage - Sample of potion are being used to treat Matou Shinji, who was incapacitated in OSE Skirmish.

    Ayaka Sajyou & Elesa Labelle - Potion Submitted: Tonic of Preservation and [REDACTED], which can be used to preserve a drinker's life, even if they are on the very verge of death, or [REDACTED]

    “…Master, about this report,” a very tired Matou Shinji inquired after looking over the scroll that Aozaki Touko had presented him with shortly after he’d awakened, feeling like the moon had fallen from the sky and slammed into his body. He was very lucky to have survived, it seemed, even if he didn’t feel very lucky at the moment, even with Luna holding onto…onto his surviving arm as she dozed beside his bed. “What’s with all this…[REDACTED] business?”

    “This report is meant for general dissemination, and part of it have been censored because the press does not have a high enough clearance to read such details,” Aozaki Touko replied with some amusement, looking over her former apprentice. “Surely you know that much, Matou.”

    “…yes, but…”

    “But what?”

    “I’m not the press,” Shinji pointed out, wincing as he looked over at his stump of an arm.

    “No, you’re not, it’s true,” Touko agreed, lighting up a cigarette and taking a long drag – to which Shinji only glared, since this was a hospital room! “So? Besides, your lover is in this very room, so this conversation isn’t exactly private.”

    “…she’s asleep.”

    “Is she?” the puppeteer inquired, looking at him evenly.

    “…can I at least know about my condition?” the boy asked with some frustration. “I mean…a prana circulatory system in my eyes? A [REDACTED] spirit seal? What the hell is there a spirit seal on me anyway?”

    “Keeping you alive after you did something as foolish as to summon a heroic spirit into your body,” the puppeteer replied after a moment, with Shinji freezing. “Do you really need to know more than that?”

    “And…who…who could have…?”

    “Why do you think you need to know?”

    “It’s my body, Master. Please I…who sealed me?” He grimaced. “Or at least…who saved my life? I need to know so I can repay them for what they did.”

    There was silence, before the red-haired puppeteer scoffed.

    “You should worry more about how you are going to pay me for new limbs,” the woman noted, taking another puff of her cigarette as Shinji winced once more. “That is, if you want new limbs. Still, I suppose a hint wouldn’t hurt. I don’t know who it was exactly, but I do know the organization the design comes from.”


    “The Illuminati.”

    Choice 317: You have chosen to approach Rachelle Lestrange, Ramona Ahgeak, and Elesa Labelle. But how will this be done? First of all, where do you want to arrange for these meetings to happen? Choose one for each Champion

    [ ] A Conference Room at the CAS Archives
    [ ] His room
    [ ] Their room
    [ ] On the wall, looking out over the scene of the forest
    [ ] The hot springs

    Choice 318: And what does he want to say to the Champions?

    [ ] (write-in)

    Choice 319: In terms of the underarmor and a new outer layer, Shinji will see if someone else has a comparable replacement for an outer layer, as well as sign a geass contract promising future payment of a determined monetary value/or its equivalent in a good for repairing the underarmor with Touko. But how will he provide money to pay Touko?

    [ ] Ask Rin to pay for it
    [ ] Ask Sion to pay for it
    [ ] Ask Lockhart to pay for it
    [ ] Offer something he has
    "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A.A. Milne

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    ​seriously what the fuck

    [X] A Conference Room at the CAS Archives

    [X] Ask Rin to pay for it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haunter View Post
    ​seriously what the fuck
    You have questions?
    "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A.A. Milne

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    “The Illuminati."
    I feel a disturbance in the Force. ...Wait, no, that was my Eagle Vision locking on a target. Quite a few of them, actually! Time for Shinji's life to become even more convoluted.

    Other than that, Touko was pretty unhelpful, aside from the whole "saving you from being a cripple" thing. Magi and their policy on secrets, I guess. Do we get her scathing criticism on our - supposedly - obvious mistakes later? I was really hyped for that part. (Probably because I expected her opinion to convey some thinly veiled hints like "Git gud, scrubs!" from you, Alf.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malorius View Post
    Do we get her scathing criticism on our - supposedly - obvious mistakes later? I was really hyped for that part. (Probably because I expected her opinion to convey some thinly veiled hints like "Git gud, scrubs!" from you, Alf.)
    That is coming up next chapter.
    "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A.A. Milne

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daiki View Post
    [x] Their room.

    You want privacy when discussing.
    That might be true but there are more factors then just that. After all visiting three girls in their own room...what will people say? Seriously I think you might get away with one conversation in their room but more than one is asking for trouble. I can see Elesa talk in her room. But Lestrange should happen at the CAS, and Ramona's maybe the wall.

    [x] To Lestrange - Apologize for not being able to support her properly. Tell her that he intends to pretty much drop the competition in order to fulfill another obligation. Suggests that she should ally with Ramona for the first trial, because she is skilled and is trustworthy. He would feel more at ease if Rachelle had one more person reliable to cover her back, since it is clearly a role he cannot be trusted with.
    Stop being such an apologist for Shinji's actions. He tried. I think you are being way too hard here on this. Get over it Daiki. I consider this write in to be just horrible (no offense meant) as I am not even sure Shinji would even take this large of a tone. Dial it back about a factor of ten. Maybe Lestrange does not actually care about how well he defended her as she is not a weak maiden and stating like she is one is only going to piss her off. I think Lestrange is the one person that Shinji can come clean with in that he had some serious limitations during that fight yet he still did so, even at the cost to himself. I am sorry but that shows he is a better ally than almost anyone. Its easy to guard someone when you are at your best and it costs you little. It is much harder to do so when you are running on vapors.

    [x] To Ramona - Apologize for leaving her and Ka'au selfishly so close to the finish line. Thank her for brewing such an elixir (it helped saving his life). Tell her you have no intention of winning the competition anymore and would rather see someone who deserves it ending up on the podium. Suggests her to form an alliance with Lestrange, who is not only reliable but also trustworthy. Ask of her to speak on your behalf to Elesa, whom he wants as an ally during the first task. Given how Ramona spoke of Elesa, they should be close enough for that.
    Take out that Selfish word...seriouse get over it Daiki. He might apologize for acting without thought, but I do not think Shinji would apoligize for the action itself. Not if its what he considers Sion would want him to do. We built him up to be the one to jump.

    I am also not a fan of this Lestrange-Ramona trying to team them up. The only way that going to work, is if Shinji is involved. Rachelle and Ramona has no way to ally together just on his word alone, not when they have no history together or understand each other powers. Shinji is needed to bridge the two together. So I think this need to be heavily revised. Elesa stuff is fine thought I wonder if Shinji knows the connection of the two for him to do this.

    [x] To Elesa - Tell her that he has zero intent to win anymore yet has an important task to fulfill on the Isle. He would need the help of someone strong for that and Ayaka would not consider going on a fetch quest because her focus is to win. Thus, Elesa, the one who was a match for his Senpai, is the next best thing. Plus, Ramona clearly trusts her, which makes Shinji willing to as well. If she accepts, Shinji will offer his unconditional help as payback, until he truly cannot keep up with her for whatever reason. His death, as he would have realized after the recent events, would be inconvenient for more people than himself.

    Dial this back a step or two. Should be he has little intent of winning anymore not zero. After all he still wants to do ok and not just bomb the whole thing. Winning might not matter at all but he still rather not get a bad showing.

    Remove the part about unconditional help...seriouse you would think that Touko would advised him to never say that word, unconditionally. He might offer his help and what not but not a full ass blank check. Not when he an agent of Sion. Consider adding an part where he might bring up Atlas and his somewhat unofficial role. I am not sure Shinji would also say that last line or so you have. He does not fully know that he can not keep up with her or that she is unkillable. I think that line needs rewrite.

    Those are my thoughts on this write ins. I will see what I can do for a write in based on yours but I been busy.

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    [ ] Ask Rin to pay for it

  10. #4070
    Guys, you remember that we have a bunch of catalysts for Grail War summoning, right? The catalysts we don't actually need anymore.

    [x] Offer something he has:
    - a small fortune made by selling historical treasures (Desk made from Golden Hind Timbers, Books by Paracelsus) on eBay

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    [x] Their room.

    Reputation? Is that something you eat? But, seriously, people don't hold our womanizing skills in that high regard.

    I think.

    [x] Lestrange: Be somber. Make no excuses: even if you were at a fraction of your combat capacity, you surely could have done better if you had played your cards right. But you didn't. Rationally, you understand that that what you did went above and beyond the responsibility of an ally, but it still feels like a betrayal. So, all that remains for now is to learn: will Rachelle hold this tragedy against you? If she does... give her space. Be understanding. Tell her about people you more or less trust in this competition, but allow her to make her own choices.

    Don't have strong opinions about the other two, so I'll leave it to Daiki's vote. Except that "unconditional" bit Skull Leader mentioned, it really needs to go. Incidentally, are you votecrafting as intended, Skull Leader?

    Well. I don't care much about "real politicking" and throwing our momentary allies with each other. Ensuring that our somewhat-friends are still unalienated by our recent actions is more important.

    Is the vote closed, Alf?
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    Open for another 24 hours or so.
    "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A.A. Milne

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    Why yes Malorius I was still planning on doing an attempt at these write ins like I said. I was just busy with RL, work and other distractions to get around to it. It did not help that we had not one, not two large written ins this time but three. But lucky I had a long drive today because of work that let me to ponder out a game plan.

    So here it is. I hope that people can weigh in on this so we can make small improvements/changes to it.


    [X] Their room (Schedule a time with her before hand and secretly Flow into the room and out.)

    [x] Open with asking about her health. Talk about the skirmish, and Shinji's feeling about how it went down. Make no apologizes for the quality of his help as he did help her without hesitation, no matter the cost to himself. And he would do it again. Be frank that fight has made him question the value of winning this competition if that was a sign of things to come. Mention that his patron wants him to explore the island more than winning so he will do so. But if she does well, that its very likely that she will met his patron after all this. So Shinji will help make that happen by offering to help her win this, giving what aid he can to her. In turn Shinji asks that she helps refined his fading potion after showing it to her.

    I disagree strongly with people that Shinji has nothing to apologize in his help. He jumped in without thought and did what he had to do. What an ally does. If that not good enough because he did not performed to their standards, then fine they can reject him, but such a dumb thing for them to do. He proved himself to her. He lost limbs to help her. Shinji might be somewhat feeling down at the moment but darn it I doubt he regrets his actions at all.

    Plan here is to finally come clean with Lestrange. Shinji knows he not a great potioneer, but he not here for that fully. Letting Lestrange know that powerful Alchimst from the very family Lestrang's family learned their skills from is watching her and judging her, is a great tool to show that Shinji is rooting for her and will darn well help her win cause it benefits him and Atlas if she does well. So we continue to do what we need to make sure she does not die and help her win. And we still get a better version of our potion.

    Win Win for the both of them. I think you would be stupid not to do this and back out because oh look how horrible Shinji did in that last fight....we are not worthy crap.


    [X] On the wall, looking out over the scene of the forest

    [X] Thank her for the potion that helped heal him. Express gladness that her and Ka'au were able to avoid that skirmish. Tell them he sorry he had to leave them but he has no regrets and would do it again, as his action made sure that Champions think twice in the future about attacking their fellow Champions with lethal attacks as they quickly will find themselves biting off more than they can chew. The island is dangerous enough. Apologize for any backlash she gets for his actions in her form and offer to give an interview to the press if she wishes for her name to be cleared. Give two Flow ofuda to her, one for herself and one for her to give Ka'au if she choices to wear it for the competition so that if she runs into danger and needs some backup that Shinji can assist her, to lessen the needless death of talented Champions.

    The wall because it a place of reflection about the dangers that lay in the island and its not a secret conversation that they are having here. I have nothing in it that is top secret. I strongly feel that Shinji needs to at least offer about fixing the press issue backlash on Ramona if she dislikes it. She was a good ally, and even if Shinji not fully teaming up with her, he needs to make things right. I am not sure if she will care about this issue as it might help her to have others confused on her skills.

    The ofuda handed out is to me a nice thing to give your temporary teammates, so that they can active it and he might be able to come and help them if they need assistance. After all two champions can take on far more than one. Assuming of course that Shinji not behind some barrier or disabled. It is my hope that this will foster good will with them, and frankly keeping them alive might payoff down the road.

    You do not need to be someone sworn ally to help them or foster good will with them.


    [X] A Conference Room at the CAS Archives

    [X] Thank her for her help the night before the Survival Portion when Shinji was not at his best. He owns her two. Show his tattoo to her and ask if she anything to say Ms Illuminati. Come clean after that on just who Shinji is working for, the Head of the organization that holds up the world. Explain his task in exploring the mysteries of the island. Ask her about teaming up with her to accomplish this even if he might not fully keep pace since well he is inexperience so far. Ask if she has or able to loan him an armor layer so that he might have a better chance of keeping pace.

    Ok I admit there is a big leap of logic from Shinji that might not fully fly with Alf but following me on this. I am fairly certain that someone in the past either Lockhart, Sion, Mashu, or Touko has mention to Shinji about the americas being in control of the Illumanti. Well there are two champions that come from there (three if we count Brazil, but he is a dude and vision was a girl). And I am sure that Shinji heavily suspects that Ramona did not leave the base camp.

    IE it very likely that Elesa is the person that applied the seal since it could have only been done by a champion. She is the logical person, especially in the light that she been doing strange actions in the library stealthy at night and that she not the person that she going around pretending to act an agent would do.

    I find it reasonable for Shinji to put together all of this to jump to this conclusion (even higher chance if he enlisted Luna's help in the puzzle) after Touko giving her clue that the seal is Illumanti. Without that I could not argue this jump of logic. So opening action is to get her to confirm it. Since Illuminati and Atlas has work together in the past (and currently, thought Shinji in not likely to know this) it makes sense for Shinji to come clean with her and open in a large talk about what they are willing to share about their real goals and how to proceed from there.

    The talk is at the CAS because this talk boils down to a meeting of agents (even if Shinji not official one yet) so a room at the CAS just feels right to have it. Small added benefit of being the place of one of said org. I am sure that the room does have options to ensure privacy, and if not that what charm spells are for.

    Edit: Forgot that last vote.

    [X] Offer something he has

    Considering that Shinji is not an official agent of Sion yet (he might have her favor but large bills to her is a bit much) nor is he an agent of Lockhart completely, it seems rather rude to go around sending bills to them. Yes they might pay it, but there is a price to doing that. And Rin, is more joke really. The look on her face when Shinji bills her is just darn as funny to me.

    So Shinji needs to pay this on his own. His actions caused the need of the bill so it only fair that he pays it. Its not like he can not currently afford it, hopefully that won't suddenly change before he can pay her back.
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    ...Trying to avoid apologetic behavior, you went too far in the opposite direction, it seems. You know that we actually were allies with Ramona and Ka'au but abandoned them during the challenge, right? Maybe our alliance was a freeform agreement, but it implied some responsibilities. Which means that now the value of our word is under question - and that's something that should be addressed. Apology is pretty much expected at that point along with some reassurance for future cooperation.

    The public backlash is less important here, imo, but good thinking anyway.

    Something rings wrong about Lestrange speech but 3am is not the best time for formulating thoughts. Probably this
    So Shinji will help make that happen by offering to help her win this, giving whatever aid she needs.
    Doesn't this clash with the earlier statement that our priorities are ultimately elsewhere? How can we provide extensive support if we will need to run in a different direction? A different wording is needed.
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    In my opinion, you can look at Shinji's action as almost a distraction for the team to sneak by like the plan called for. Shinji was the decoy. Well, technically he did in fact do that role. Maybe not the way he was suppose to but it did work out for the two. If they got hurt, absolutely an apologize and begging for forgiveness would be in order.

    I might have gone too far towards that direction but given how much Shinji give the party before that moment, I think this is not the worst offense ever and can be overlooked. I am not ruling out Shinji being somewhat sorry for just up and leaving them, but he paid that price. Its not like he asking for an alliance from her, just hey I would help you like I would help Lestrange or most people.

    If they do not consider his word worth a damn then they can rip the ofuda and that is that. I hope they trust him but if they don't I am not going to lose sleep on that fact. Here is a item that might help you in the future Ramona do with it what you will.

    Your other point Malorius is a good point. I have changed the wording for that part.
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    Yeah, Skull Leaser's version seems more fitting then full-apologetic route. Voting for it, tho I'd offer Ramona small apology for deviating from the plan and not sure if we should name Elesa the Illuminati. Just showing the seals is enough of leap of faith.

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    "I was right, therefore there is no need for apology."

    That's pride speaking, plain and simple. And while I will be glad if Shinji starts to take pride in all the good things he does... He never was the most humble of individuals, but most of the time? His behavior was simply for keeping appearances, for fitting in in this strange and different society around him. Yet, he was always humble about helping people. Ever since that first push from Sion (during Hermione situation in the First book) he helped people because it was the right thing to do.

    But it is really easy for pride to turn into arrogance, you know?

    "What I am doing is right, so your opinion doesn't matter."

    I think admitting that he was objectively wrong for disregarding the plan and leaving his teammates even if he did it for the (subjectively) right reasons - and will do it again in a heartbeat - is a small price to pay to keep Shinji's motivation intact.

    That's my reading of the matter, anyway.


    Eh, better some solidarity than nothing.

    [x] Skull Leader
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    Thinking about it, I think you are both right about apologizing to Ramona. Shinji might be sorry about having to leave them a little. But he had to leave them. His action was not the smartest of actions, but it is who he is. So he might say he is sorry about leaving but then state he would do it again in a heartbeat cause it was the right thing to do, and its who he just is.

    So I did go back and edited Ramona's write in to reflect you guys feedback. As for Elesa's issue on show the tattoo only or confront Illumanti part, I think for Shinji to work with her, he needs at the end of the day know who she works for. Cause then they are on somewhat more even grounds as two agents working for two groups that are semi aligned together.

    That being said, I think that regardless to how we write the vote, Alf will adjust it to what Shinji is willing to do and make it fit (to at least small degree), so this is really a minor issue in my head that could end up written either way. The important part is that Shinji presses her to reveal who she is and who she works for, not how it happens.

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    Choice 320: And so, Matou Shinji goes and steels his courage, requesting appointments with three of the loveliest young women on the isle, all of which will at least deign to hear him out.

    The first he speaks with is Elesa, who he meets in one of the conference rooms in the CAS Archive. The American Champion listens to his words without much in the way of reaction, except to look slightly puzzled, perhaps confused as to why he approached her.

    "I don't recall doing more than what any decent person would do when you...crashed the gathering," Elesa commented quietly. "Though I don't know how you go from there to accusing me of being part of the Illuminati, whoever they are."

    The girl chuckled, with Shinji feeling somewhat odd, as if he'd perhaps overlooked something. Had he been wrong? Or perhaps, had been too direct?

    "And while you say that you want to team up with me to accomplish your goals, well...I have three questions"

    "Ask them."

    "First, given the...performance you put on at the end of the survival exercise, where you killed a Champion while wearing my colleague's form, and how you abandoned your teammates, what guarantee do I have that you won't simply do the same to me? Second, you speak of exploring the mysteries of the island, and seeking my help to accomplish your goal, but what makes you think I have any desire beyond winning the competition? And third..." She smiles, just a bit. "How can you speak of keeping pace with me when you have no idea what I am capable of?"

    How does Shinji respond?

    [ ] (write-in)

    When he speaks with Ramona, on the wall, it is while he is getting used to prosthetics installed by Aozaki Touko - a thoroughly odd experience.

    "When I last visited you in the infirmary, you had only two limbs. I see you've found a way to recover your others," Ramona commented quietly, as she looked out at the moonlit forest.

    "...replace, rather than recover, but close enough," Shinji grunted.

    "Though I must say, if you think that your actions made the others think twice about using lethal force, I think you are mistaken."

    "Eh? How so?"

    "You used the Killing Curse, and demonstrated the ability to destroy a good number of trees with a blasting curse. Wouldn't that encourage others to attack you with lethal force before you can do the same to them? Or rather...encourage them to attack me, since you were wearing my shape? Stukov does seem the type to hold a grudge, after all.."

    "...he's alive?"

    "Unfortunately. I did not think a mere carrier would be so resilient, but..."


    "Not something you need to know," Ramona wryly. "I'll take the ofuda you offer, though I don't think I'll make much use of it, to be frank. You seem to have your own goals for the competition. And much as I appreciate your issue to 'clear my name', so to speak, I don't think it will make much of a difference. At this point, people have made up their minds."

    How goes Shinji respond?

    [ ] (Write-in)

    And when talking to Lestrange, he is surprised by how delicate she appears after her injury, her form seeming rather frail as she sits at a chair on the balcony of her room, looking out at the island. It is a far cry from the alluring seductress he studied with, and he found a part of himself yearning to protect her, wanting to embrace her and reassure her that everything would be fine - even if he knew, deep inside of him, that she neither wanted, nor needed such things.

    "'elp, Monsieur le Matou?" she asked quietly. "Perhaps you can provide such." She paused, raising an eyebrow as she turned to look at him. "And zis speak of ze Eltnam."


    "I see," she notes, closing her eyes. "Zen...what aid can you provide?"

    How does he respond?

    [ ] (write-in)

    If you all amuse me, perhaps after Book 7 is done, I'll have a short spinoff where the final version of Shinji goes to teach DADA at Hogwarts in the canon timeline, due to some Kaledoscope hijinks. Just imagine what the trio would think of him!
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    "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A.A. Milne

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    They will be suitable horrified by the emanations of sheer hopelessness radiating from Shinji-kun, forced to settle down and teach the kids instead of adventuring around the world and saving beautiful and impressionable young ladies in a patented White Knight manner. Obviously.

    Well, our efforts to help were seen as the superficial gestures they were. Figures. And we are definitely not willing/capable to commit overmuch.

    [jk] Smile and back off. Slowly. Then run away from the creepy girl.

    [x] It seems to be the end of your short but fruitful cooperation. Wish her luck and excuse yourself.

    [x] Give her another ofuda. Now she knows what for. Promise that you will come to her aid again if the situation is dire enough. Saving a friend is more important than fulfilling numerous responsibilities, as was established already. In the end, you will find a way.

    Are you enjoying throwing all these write-in opportunities at us, Alf? Because I feel the urge to argue about every word of the oncoming speeches rising, again! Which is definitely not healthy.
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