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Thread: Matou Shinji and the Broken Chains (HP/FSN CYOA)

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    [x]Ask if anything unusual happened lately

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    I thought Shinji would at least remember the fight against Mischa. I understand that Elesa wouldn't want him in the know but that completely erases his good action with the bros (who were likely mind wiped too). No manly picnic V2 (alcohol free) then.

    [x] Ask if he can be brought to Lestrange

    But yeah, a good opportunity as any to enjoy the company of the valkyrie.
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    [x] Ask if anything unusual happened lately

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    Choice 444: [x] Ask if anything unusual happened lately

    Chapter 109. Fear and Other Things

    Not for the first time, Matou Shinji found himself floating in the darkness, alone. This time though, it wasn’t a darkness formed by the mere absence of light and everything else, as when he drifted in「 」, but a more comforting darkness, if something of a smothering one.

    It was more akin to the darkness within the bowels of the earth, really, given how it seemed to close in on him on all sides, squeezing, melting. In this place, he felt so…heavy, like all he wanted to do was sink, like all he wanted to do was sleep and close his eyes, falling into the song of the ages, the distant melody of the planet, of life.

    Do re mi fa so

    How did it go again? Matou Shinji had never really been a singer, with the few times he’d actually performed anything being decidedly a…group endeavor, like when he’d sung Ode to Joy as part of a huge chorus.

    That day, so long ago, had been so heady.

    Hearing all those voices joined as one, all those people coming together for one purpose – it had been mesmerizing to see how something as mundane as sound waves and words could become something far more: something that lifted the soul to dizzying heights, created wonder and purpose, evoked hope for a better tomorrow.

    ‘A song is good, no…?’

    Someone had asked him this, and the boy thought that finally – finally – he understood what that person had meant.
    Everything, on some fundamental layer, was woven of music, of vibrations blended together for a common purpose. Consonance, dissonance…euphonic, cacophonic.


    Different depending on the time one heard it, the place, on the performers, on the audience, as was the wont of live performances, as these were never things in isolation, but part of a whole, a dynamic interaction of everything, of melodies interlacing with one another, point and counterpoint, of so many voices blending into something…more than the sum of its parts.

    And so he slipped away, his consciousness fading, even as the song of songs rose to a crescendo and swallowed him whole, singing of rebirth and renewal, of what was, what might be – of all things remembered, of things lost…and things found.

    Sometime later, the boy found himself becoming…aware once more, his consciousness groping for something familiar and finding the song – a song. A song that he thought he found familiar, even though he was sure he’d never heard this particular voice sing it before before, not with his ears – and not in…English.

    Still, it resonated with him, like a half-remembered fragment of who he was – what he had been, like one of the ocean’s grey waves, seeking life on a shore that was ever out of reach. Was this some kind of strange technique? Or…perhaps he had died, and was hearing the voice of angels?

    ‘No, that can’t be it.’

    He dismissed the thought as quickly as it came. If he admitted to that, he might as well admit that the Church was right in its stance against practitioners of the arcane arts, which since he was one such, was not really an option.

    Besides, would an angel be singing about a burdened heart sinking into the ground, and veils falling away without a sound? A song of silence and blood…

    ‘Where have I heard it…? Where do I know this from?’


    His mouth shaped words unwillingly, a line of something buried. Lost…yet found again.

    …Waga mi o dare ga shiru ya…

    A song that came to him sometimes, when he was lost in his thoughts, even if he could never sing it properly. And as he recalled it, the boy felt his awareness returning, awareness of his body, resting half on spongy soil, and half against living wood. Of how heavy his limbs felt, how tight his chest, how…how there was no pain, considering what had happened just before.

    Wait…what had happened just before? He remembered choosing to warp from the labyrinth to the place on the map where a shrine had vanished, and after that…just the song, the melody of ages.

    Something had happened, had transpired between the two, and yet…he couldn’t remember.

    'Did someone alter my memory?'
    he wondered. Or had he simply forgotten after some kind of trauma – which didn’t seem entirely unlikely, given it wouldn’t be the first time?

    More importantly though...

    'Where am I?'

    The boy opened his eyes to find himself propped up against a tree, with his breath nearly stolen away by the sight of a beautiful young woman perched in the branches, wearing something that might have been armor, only it didn’t clink as she moved, her voice almost as hypnotic as the swaying of her fiery hair in the pale moonlight.


    Something about that stirred him, resonated with his memory and was just out of reach.

    "Ugh..." he groaned, feeling his head throb as he noticed something else. The smell of alcohol. Not fresh either. Old, as if he'd spilled it over himself.

    "You're awake then?" the woman called down to him, her voice an odd contralto that seemed most pleasing. At his answering grunt, she slipped from the tree with an effortless grace, landing soundlessly. She reached out her hand to the earth and a length of it rose to her hand, shaping itself into a spear of burnished bronze.

    "Valkyrie..." he whispered, his mind supplying the word as he looked up at her. Was she one such, or…

    He blinked, figuring he might as well get formalities out of the way. "Am I dead?”

    "Would you like to be?" the other asked reasonably, with the boy twitching at that.

    “N-not particularly,” he responded, his voice rusty from disuse. “Are you here to kill me?”

    “Not particularly,” the other echoed. “Valkyries do not kill, after all. They merely choose warriors from the honorable dead.”


    “I never claimed to be one such, did I?” the statuesque redhead inquired, with Shinji realizing that no, she had not. “Tell me, do you know who I am?”

    “I…” the boy began, but the woman cut him off.

    “Or perhaps a better question is do you know who you are?” she stated. “There are all manner of things in these lands, after all. Rare reagents. Items of powers – some of them imprinted with echoes of the past. Strange and wondrous creatures. And of course, mortals who have lost their way. Which are you?"

    "I'm..." he began, groping for words in his mind. "My name is...I am...Shinji.” Yes, that felt right, if not entirely so. “Matou Shinji."
    It didn’t quite fit, but it was close enough.

    For now.

    But the Valkyri—the woman, didn’t seem satisfied.

    "So you claim," she stated, her voice almost musical, though he couldn’t place the accent. "Do you have proof?"

    The boy blinked. What did she mean...proof?
    “Huh?” he croaked.

    "You look like him, admittedly, but that means nothing in these lands,” the....Valkyrie noted. "After all, your outfit is not that of the Matou Shinji I know. Nor do you have the strange marks on your arm he had.”

    "Uh…" was the boy's eloquent reply. "I..." He looked down, finding himself wearing a simple set of tunic and trousers, in black and silver. A gift, these had been, to replace…what? Charcoal grey...something? Robes had it been? “I lost them. My old clothes."

    “Lost them?” she echoed. “How…?”

    The boy opened his mouth to answer, only he couldn’t quite recall exactly how he had lost them. Just that there had been…light.
    He said as much, hoping that the woman before him – the armed – woman before him, would accept the answer, as incomplete and unsatisfying as he knew it to be.

    "Is that so?" the Valkyrie questioned, raising an eyebrow. "Well then, what is in the bag?"

    "The bag...?" he echoed.

    “Yes, the pouch at your side.”

    The boy looked down to find that, indeed, there was a slightly singed black bag at his side, and the charred remnants of what might have been another. "I…potions ingredients," he said, his mind settling on what he thought was the right answer. “And…some potions.” There was something else too. Wisdom, he thought, but that would sound ridiculous.

    "Prove it then," the redhead stated. “Slowly, mind you. Nothing…hasty, if you don’t mind.”

    The boy, having no desire to offend someone with a weapon who was likely more powerful than he was, who might know something more about him, did as she requested.

    Inside the pouch, there were indeed potions ingredients.

    A red tuber of some kind – Witch’s Ganglion or some such.

    Leaves of beaten gold.

    Some kind of warty bulbous plant, oozing blue liquid.

    And several stalks of a magical plant that seemed to glow with azure light.

    “Thaumatagoria,” the boy – Matou Shinji – said as he withdrew the last ingredient. “That was this one’s name.”

    “Thaumatagoria?” the redhead questioned, her voice sharp all of the sudden. “The mythical plant? What will you use it for?”

    But Shinji only shook his head.

    "It's not for me,” he said with quiet conviction, his voice more certain than it had been for the rest of the conversation. “It’s for her..."

    "Her?" the other echoed.

    "The greatest alchemist in the world."

    "Ah," the Valkyrie spoke. “I see.” There was a beat, and then the world shifted, with the boy finding that he recognized the Valkyrie before him – that she was in fact Rachelle Sondrol, of…of Durmstrang. Yes, that was the name of the school she represented. "Well, you're definitely Matou Shinji, with that response,” she continued. “Sorry about all this. Couldn't be too careful – there are doppelgangers about."


    "Shapechangers, who peer into thoughts and take face and image of a friend or acquaintance to prey on prey on their victims," the Champion of Durmstang explained. “You are not the first Matou Shinji-shaped thing to appear before me during this trial," she stated blandly. "Though you were the most vulnerable and helpless.”

    “Well, that much is only the truth,” Shinji admitted, shaking his head. He supposed it was only reasonable, given that himself had some experience with hostile shapechangers. Mostly in the form of the tanuki named Maeve. No, wait, it was Hilde now, wasn't it? “So, anything strange happen lately?”

    The statuesque Sondrol only quirked a slim eyebrow at his question about strange happenings as she dissolved the spear and crossed her arms, the gesture emphasizing her ample chest. Funny, he'd never noticed how...attractive she was before, how effortlessly she seemed to make every action, how piercing her green eyes seemed in the darkness.

    For a moment, he felt an almost overpowering urge to leap up and embrace her, but the moment passed, with the boy feeling puzzled at just what come over him.

    "Sorry about that," the Marshal of Durmstrang said a moment later, her expression softening. "I just had to be sure."

    "Of...of what?" Shinji asked, blinking. "That I'm not a doppelganger? I thought you’d already…"

    “Well, if you had been one and I’d been mistaken before, you would have let your guard when I said I believed you, wouldn’t you?”

    “…you’re not very trusting, are you?”

    “One doesn’t become Marshal of Durmstrang by being gullible, Matou Shinji,” Sondrol said, though not with any rancor. “Now, you have questions?

    “Yes…” the boy stated. “Aside from if anything strange happened…how did I get here?”

    "You don't know?" Sondrol asked, genuinely curious. "Are you experiencing memory loss?"

    "...probably?" Shinji answered, trading a question for a question. "I mean, the last thing I remember is..." He trailed off, not sure of how much to say. "...I was investigating the ruins at the center of the island." That seemed safe enough to say. Vague enough that it didn't reveal anything he didn't really want to share, or was oathsworn to keep secret, yet providing something of an answer. "I..."

    Flashes of something came into his mind then.

    An armored figure, surrounded by whirling barriers of steel.

    Ground shot through with dark threads.

    "Ugh!" the boy cried out, lurching sideways as his head throbbed with pain, as if someone had poured molten metal into his ears. Sondrol made no move to help him, even as he curled up into a ball, his fingers digging into his palm as he squeezed, his slitted pupils constricting as he hissed in half-remembered fury...and then the moment passed, leaving the boy utterly exhausted. "What...what was that?"

    "You tell me. This isn't the first time you've done that," the redhead spoke quietly.

    "Huh?" Shinji asked blearily.

    "You wake up, you ask some questions, you have a fit like the one you just did. I prop you up against the tree, and you go unconscious. It's repeated itself a few times now," she explained. "Though this is the first time I managed to confirm who you were. At first, I wasn't sure if you were a creature that was feigning this, but after this many times..." The valky--Champion shrugged. "Well, you're probably you, and not one of those mud dolls. Or one of those other shape-changer types."

    "Huh," the boy replied eloquently, even as something she said sounded almost familiar. A term really. Mud doll. "Mud doll...thing of dirt..." he recited, his eyes widening as the image of something vast and terrible - JINN - rose to the forefront of his memories. He looked down at himself, at his body, as if he could hardly believe he was alive - that he was anything close to whole. Not after he'd...he'd...

    A ring of Saint Quartz gleamed on his finger, something he was sure he'd spent on...spent on...he was missing something.

    "Tell me, what odd things have happened...other than the doppelgangers?" the boy insisted.

    "Are you talking about how the island seemed to go mad about a day ago? Or how all the spirits on it seemed sharper? The land more alive?" Sondrol asked. "You don’t remember that?”


    “The birds of shadow flying aloft and the columns of fire and light that tore apart the sky?"

    “…that happened?”

    Rachelle Sondrol blinked. “Maybe you got caught up in whatever that was.” She gestured off somewhere behind him. "You can't see it from where you are, but the sky is...glowing, in the wake of what happened."

    "Huh." The boy tried to remember, tried to reach back to something he knew was there. Something about a golem and...the Polynesian Champion? No…it was more than that. Something...darkness? Was that it? There was more, but the pieces just wouldn't come together. Pride, fear, revulsion, rage, fragments of things. But what? Who knew really... "You...weren't hurt, were you? By...any of…that?"

    "No. I stayed well out of the way." She smiled then. "I'm rather hard to find, as you might or might not know. Even if you know I'm there."

    "Oh, I'm sure that's not true," the boy replied, forcing power into his limbs as he forced himself upright, fighting a surge of dizziness as he did. "I don't think anyone would ever overlook you. Not..." he grasped for words, even as his eyes traced her generous curves. " you are."

    "Heh. And yet, I think of all the Champions, I have attracted the least attention," Sondrol stated. "Certainly, I wasn't the one your eyes were following all through the preliminaries."

    "'s not like that! It's not what you think!" Shinji stammered, only for Sondrol to chuckle.

    "Well, it doesn't seem like you're going to pass out again, and by now I'm pretty sure you're not some shapeshifter pretending to be Matou Shinji, since the fakes were never this awkward. Or patient," she murmured. "I expect you'll be wanting to see the Champion of Beauxbatons then? Since you want to give her your sample of Thaumatagoria and all?" The expression on Sondrol's face turned rather sly.

    "...fair is fair, and she gave me something first," the boy grumbled.

    "I suppose that's true," the Champion of Durmstrang conceded, not seeming curious at all about what Lestrange had given him. "Though I'm surprised you managed to follow through on your end of things. No offense, but you are the type who...overreaches."

    Matou Shinji let out a bark of laughter, something which quickly turned into a painful, hacking cough. He waved away any concern though, shaking his head as she approached.

    "I'm fine. I'm fine," he said, shaking his head as he panted. "I was just thinking that...that you're right. That I do. Overreach, that is. But...isn't that how people become more than they are? By reaching beyond their capacity?"

    "Sometimes, yes," Rachelle Sondrol agreed with a sigh. "Other times, Monsieur le Matou, curiosity kills the cat."

    "Well, that's why cats have nine lives, right?" Shinji joked, poking a bit of fun at himself. "I mean, I've maybe used up what...3 of mine so far? I mean...matou in french means 'tomcat' right?"

    "Heh. I don't think it works that way," the Marshal of Durmstrang countered, with some amusement. "And look, even some people call you a cat, that doesn't mean you should be reckless. Well, more reckless," she amended. "All...well, most of us have only one life to live. And even if you by chance did have more..." She shrugged in a way reminiscent of Lestrange. "There are worse things than death. Though perhaps you have yet to learn that."

    Shinji shuddered at her words, remembering, remembering VIOLATION viOLATion ViOLaTION and--

    "Matou. Matou! Snap out of it!" a voice called, with the boy jerking back to awareness to find that he was on his feet, with his fingers having turned to claws, his limbs covered with scales of razor-edged stone. He lurched backwards, horrified, as stone once more returned to flesh, claws to fingers.

    "What...what am I?" he whispered, trembling. He reached out towards Zelkova for reassurance, only to find that the kodama's presence was still...muted. "What...happened to me?" If he seemed hysterical - well, that was because he was as his skin shifted from scaly to smooth to scaly, his eyes flickering between shapes as he began to breathe faster, faster, faster...!

    "Drink this," Sondrol ordered, tossing him a vial. The boy did so, and as he did, felt a sense of peace wash over him, his breathing slowing as the energy bled out of him. "You're confused."


    "You're afraid."

    "...yes," Shinji admitted, shaking his head. "I...don't remember. I...why am I like this? How?"

    "I do not know for sure, but I believe that whatever the reason, it was something you chose."

    "Wha--why would you say that?"

    "Because of how stubborn you are, Matou," Sondrol stated, with a tiny snort. "You might not be the strongest person here, or the bravest, or the most clever, but when you set your mind to something, you see it through to the end, no matter the cost."

    "That...that doesn't—"

    "Take things one step at a time, Matou. That is all you can do, especially if you have been...changed by something. Even--especially if you are afraid and lost."

    "...have you ever been like that?" Shinji asked. "Lost and afraid?"

    “I have," came an admission the boy hadn't expected.

    "What...what did you do?"

    "I faced my fear. I allowed it to pass over me and through me," Rachelle Sondrol murmured, looking off into the distance. "And when it passed, I looked upon the path it took with my inner eye, to find that there was nothing. That when fear had passed, only I remained. That I alone could choose my course." She glanced over at the boy. "Perhaps that sort of meditation will help you."

    "...maybe," he admitted, shivering despite himself.

    "Come on, I'm sure the other Rachelle has a fire going."

    "'re together?" Shinji asked, not knowing quite how he meant that. "Are in partners for the competition or..."


    "...that doesn't really answer anything."

    "I know."

    Choice 445: You come before Rachelle Lestrange, who seems as radiant as ever, with hair of gold, silver eyes, and an enigmatic, Mona Lisa smile that sends shivers down your spine. In a good way, a way that makes you want to posses her, to be possessed, to be...

    "You 'ave somezing for me, Matou?" she asks gently, and you wordlessly, because you don't trust your words, you offer her a sprig of the rarest magical plant in the world.

    "Thaumatagoria," you say, to which she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

    "I 'ad not zought to zink I would see such a plant in my life, but you are...a surprising one."

    "As long as you're happy."

    "Mm. Je suis très heureuse," she says, and though you don't know her language, you feel a sense of peace nevertheless. "Merci beaucoup, Matou."

    "No, thank you," you reply, bowing as you imagine one should in a situation like this. "What will you make for the final, do you think?"

    "Mm. Somezing of blood..."


    As you repeat the word, something else comes to mind - another potion that once involved blood.

    Choice 445: What do you do next, knowing that you will be staying with them for the rest of this phase of the Tournament, as Sondrol is somewhat worried about your...lapses, and wishes to make sure you get back alive.

    [ ] Offer to work together with her, as you have a potion recipe that needs work
    [ ] Offer to trade for some of her resources
    [ ] Offer to trade if Sondrol will teach you some of her arts
    [ ] Offer Sondrol a gift to make up for the trouble you've caused - perhaps this jade scarab you found in your pouch
    [ ] Wish them both well and try to stay out of the way - it's not right to ask for more, as they are, after all, competitors
    [ ] (write-in)
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    What the fuck.

    Did se really give her our Sample of Thaumatagoria?.

    Fuck my life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skulkidcachi90 View Post
    What the fuck.

    Did se really give her our Sample of Thaumatagoria?.

    Fuck my life.
    You have more than one samples.
    "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A.A. Milne

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    Well yeah we had 2 samples of Thaumatagoria.

    Well at least the last one of for Sion, so at least we didn't fail there.

    All my hopes to brew the POAP to the garbage.

    [x] Wish them both well and try to stay out of the way - it's not right to ask for more, as they are, after all, competitors

    Well better try to for the Bronze medal at least.

    Fuck my life.
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    I find myself in agreement with you, skulkidcachi. The hell? Seriously, what if we went to her in more vulnerable state? Would we give her everything, including the Ring, or what?
    You have more than one samples.
    Since when? We chose 1 sample. The plan goes as this:

    Belt of physical perfection
    A small geode in the hand of one skeleton, resembling a crystalline eye
    Cloak of Lindworm

    Circlet of Mindsight

    Necklace of Netted Stars

    Thaumatagoria samples X 1
    Ring of Saint Quartz
    Then, suddenly, there were 2 after the Moonfall. Which seems like a mistake to me.
    Remaining items from original loot:

    A small geode in the hand of one skeleton, resembling a crystalline eye
    Circlet of Mindsight
    Thaumatagoria samples X 2
    Ring of Saint Quartz
    Understandably, IC, Shinji's mind is pretty scrambled, but we did choose to harvest ingredients for the competition as one of our priorities on return - which obviously means that we do intend to brew a Legendary Potion still. Well, whatever. Fading it is, as long as you judge that Elesa magically procured another sample for us (despite her lack of interest to the plants).

    Well, since we promised to help Lestrange, - even if she has an ally already - might as well finish it.

    [x] Offer to work together with her, as you have a potion recipe that needs work

    Not sure we can convince them that we don't intend to compete for the win (well, I certainly don't), but desire to make use if the unique opportunity this island presents to develop as many potion recipes as possible.

    Two Rachelle's, huh? The beauty of the blossoming lilies is just too great~
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    It happen all the way back to when Elesa give the bag to Shinji, and they go grabbing stuff. It was not thrown in your face and broadcasted as much as say the Robe of swords was but it did happen. It was a part of the bonus of a job well done from Elesa, NPCs can give us loot to without our asking for it. It is mentioned before in that chapter, I remember catching the line and asking Alf about it.

    No one bitched when Shinji was able to throw a vial of Sunlight that was previously lost in the Mischa fight and it was given at the same time in the bag by Elesa.

    What the hell is the big issue here? Shinji is currently has blood of echo, a goddarn wish ring, the crystal of knowledge from the First Age to give to Sion...I think he is doing ok on that ground. She already has this plant, one more is not going to do much. Not like if you had grabbed several of them.

    Sion does NOT need the darn Thaumatagoria after everything he has already done for her and got for her. She never requested it. Its value is far less than the Legendary Potion that he can make for her. So use the last one and brew PoAP again. The plan is not sunk Skulkid so I think you are overreacting.

    Just calm down people.
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    Ok, I reread the chapter. Looks like I was wrong, Elesa did collect as much Thaumatogoria as possible, along with Shinji's assistance. But, uh, this line right here?

    Here. Bigger on the inside,” the American Champion explained. “Could help with getting enough Thaumatagoria to matter.”
    Doesn't really indicate that we had a lot of samples. I read it like "Enough plants to count as one sample for cultivation". And since the focus was taken by two items she has explicitly given us, the Robe and Geode, it's kinda obscure.

    Well, as long as we didn't give Lestrange our last sample of Thaumatogoria, we can work with the rest. Hopefully, without using precious Echo blood as an ingredient. We are more or less safe for the rest of the challenge. No pressing time limit, no Mischa to hunt us, and everybody else are not as inclined to exterminate our guts as long as we don't pose a threat. Well, as safe as we can be on an island with occasional horrors from the previous Age. We can take our time to harvest something to replace Blood, I think.

    Btw, Shinji's decision at least ruins the plan to make a Restoration for war effort/clearing Shinji's name. Granted, I didn't know we actually had an opportunity to pull it off after all, what's with very limited resources, but "Always save the girl, even if she doesn't need it" strikes again, I guess. Still, I'd say, there are some undeniable reasons for frustration here, SL.
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    Enough negativity tho. Onto more pleasant topics then...

    How big is our Bag of Holding, Alf? I don't intend to cheese it, I swear. Boy scout's oath!
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    I thought there was a bigger line than that one, but I might be wrong. But it was around that point that I knew we had two samples (thought it would have not been hard to slip another when he was knocked out by the Dreamer as a reward).

    Not saying that some frustration is not warranted here, just that people need not be acting like the sky is falling down but just moderately annoyed.

    You have to love Bags of Holding. The hardest thing is to keep that bag from being destroyed. It is a small miracle that it survived the rebirth of Shinji.

    [X] Offer to trade if Sondrol will teach you some of her arts

    Shinji has the tools to make his potion, he could work with Lestrange and share his end result. But this is Sondrol, the best fighter of the entire war school. She is their commander. I think we can learn a lot from her. Shinji needs to grow, so let's focus on her as it will not cause issues with Shinji as much if he spends time with Lestrange.

    This is not me abandoning winning or doing good in the championship, it is me taking the opportunity to develop staff skills with the best trainer for that skill. Teach me Viking Senpai!

    The Lestrange work together does not sit right to me as he would basically be butting his head into Lestrange's work almost like a spy would do. Sure he might want her help on his own potion but that should be a seperate deal verses the let's work together to help both of ours. Lestrange does not need Shinji's help. We gave her the good ingredient already. She is good to go.
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    I think you guys missed this line;

    And several stalks of a magical plant that seemed to glow with azure light.

    It seems that Alf decided to add (at least) one thauma to the two we already had in the bag (like Elesa gratitude). There is no need to panic.

    Wait at least until the GM confirms or denies that before getting your pitchforks.


    [x] Offer to trade if Sondrol will teach you some of her arts.

    Shinji wouldn't gain much by trading at this point, he also should probably save his brewing tests for the transition period between first and second (brewing) trial - away from competition, if he aims to win. Heck, he is likely to cause an accident during brewing because he would be staring at Lestrange too much.

    Right now he needs to focus on something in order to fix his unstable shapeshifting and we haven't yet interacted with Sondrol in a meaningful way. Perfect opportunity. More training and less staring can't be bad.
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    Training what exactly, Polearm wielding? Wand spells? Do we want to learn another skill tree now, to add with all the other skills we will inevitably drop in the future for the sake of better specialization? Skills decay pretty fast and we can't support them all, remember. And we are enough of a jack-of-all-trades already, methinks.

    Unless she offers some improvement to our own fighting technique (that is, Fusion/Earth-Movement-ofuda-Scythe-Reinforcement), we shouldn't just jump on it. We wanted to create a complete Fading Potion, let's get to brainstorming.

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    It's mainly for the sake of refocusing his mind but more staff training (our main weapon) can never hurt.

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    As Daiki said.

    Sondrol is THE staff fighter of a school of staff fighters. I think she can help train him up in staff skill and meditation, so that she can help pull him back together. If you just give her a chance to do so. She has experience training recruits.

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    [x]Offer to trade if Sondrel will teach you some of her arts

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    One sprig, out of the several you've gathered, isn't really a deal-breaker. It's like you've given her a portion of one of your samples - not the whole thing.
    "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A.A. Milne

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    Well, there you go.

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    Did you know Tha you need a Sample to make the PoaP right?

    Now we have only one complete Sample AND some sprig, Sion need a complete Sample.
    So Is give the Sample to Sion le make the POAP, se can't make both.

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